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Ukulele Underground was created with the purpose of helping to grow the next generation of »

Ukulele Hunt is the number one Ukulele website. Ukulele Hunt is all about Ukulele Tabs, Tips, »

Got A Ukulele is a leading ukulele reviews blog including beginners tips, chords and clear advice »

For uke players and enthusiasts, Ukulele captures the playful spirit of a vibrant community. »

Mainly simple cheat sheet videos that helps you learn a song in no time. Ukulele tutorials, »

This is a community that comes together over their interests in the ukulele and their progressing »

Welcome to the EASIEST way to learn how to play the ukulele on YouTube. You WILL come away from »

Leading ukulele and musical instrument review blog including beginners tips, chords and clear »

Educational and inclusive content on ukulele. Dozens of Ukulelists take part in the country

Free advice and videos on how to play Ukulele, play Guitar, record music in your own house. The »

Stuart Fuchs (aka "Stukulele") is an endorsing KALA Ukulele artist and a renowned performer & »

Uke Like The Pros is an online instructional channel that offers premium ukulele lessons and »

Videos of arrangements and original compositions for fingerstyle Ukulele players. Colin Tribe has »

Jon's Ukulele is all about campanella fingerstyle ukulele, celtic uke and more

Argapa Ukuleles is not a manufacturer comparable to bigger and well known brands. This is my »

Griffin Ukuleles is really a one man band. Just one old guy who loves woodworking and discovered »

Vic retired in the Spring of 2015. His free time is spent with his family, playing the ukulele, »

Don't know anything about playing the ukulele? don't worry, I'm here for you. Here »

I am Danno. I'm a uke player, uke lover, and uke teacher, with special place in my heart for »