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In this blog Kate shares her knowledge of Tarot card reading and also inspires you to use your »

Nicholas is a seasoned Tarot reader based in Southern California. He is naturally empathic and »

Theresa Reed have been reading professionally for over 25 years, combining the use of Tarot Cards »

Benebell Wen is an Author and also an Independent Metaphysician. This is her website on her »

Ethony is the Headmistress at the Tarot Readers Academy, mistress at the Tarot Readers Academy, »

Tilly's readings are inspired by use of the Tarot. She connects with my spirit guides and »

Lori Lytle is a Tarot reader and the founder of Inner Goddess Tarot. She is the official Tarot »

Tarot readings by Nina Fox B. Tarot is a tool to access your intuition.esire and the grandparents »

Yogini Tarot will help you get guidance and inspiration from the uploaded tarot readings. Tarot »

International Tarot isa Tarot reading channel by Jane. Every month she post readings for each »

Joana films monthly video tarot readings both regarding Love and General tarot readings. She is »

A blog about tarot reading and tarot cards and deck by TABI (Tarot Association of the British »

Don is a respected member of the Tarot community, attending International Tarot Conferences in »

Vix is a Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader. She is a huge believer that you don't have to be »

Beth is a master Tarot reader as well as a highly trained intuitive. She offers her readings in »

Through the use of traditional forms of divination, Mónica Laura is a channel of messages for »

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