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Hi I’m Mark. The main focus of Sharpologist is traditional wet shaving, but there will also be »

Since opening in 1998, aspires to offer the most comprehensive collection of online »

I own a community called Wet The Face (WTF). A place to share news, reviews and encourage others »

This is a community for discussions, reviews, and general sharing of thoughts or ideas about wet »

You guys are going to be my audience as I go through my wet shaving journey. I'm going to try »

We are a community focused on traditional shaving (Straight Razors, Double Edge razors, and »

The Shaving Shack Blog offers the latest men's grooming, shaving and skin care tips, hints »

That perfect moment caught between lather and blade;the little breathing space where it's you »

Welcome to Geofatboy's ShaveNation YouTube Channel. Watch How-To Videos on Straight and »

I'm all about the old-school wet shave--using a single blade razor, lathering shave soap or »

The Executive Shaving Company is one of the largest shaving and grooming suppliers in Europe. Our »

This channel is dedicated to my passion for Straight Razors Wet Shaving, my videos are for »

Jayaruh describes his experience with his new found love of wet shaving

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