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Hayley Stevens is a paranormal researcher who doesn't believe in the paranormal. Instead »

Daily paranormal news, articles, reviews, and exclusive reports. Real ghost stories, UFO, aliens »

This is a community to discuss and share personal paranormal experiences, thoughts and theories

The Horror Movies Blog provides the latest info about unexplained mystery, paranormal, aliens, »

Established in 2010, this blog is for all those who love escaping into novels filled with »

Welcome to the Ghosts of Mississippi YouTube channel. Here you will find the most haunted places »

A travel site dedicated to paranormal tourism, dark tourism, Halloween, and horror. Basically if »

Theresa is a paranormal investigator and Historical Research Manager for Huntington Paranormal »

The official blog for the author, paranormal investigator, and YouTuber, Alex Matsuo. Check out »

Fright Fans we LOVE all things horror. So, we conjured up Kings of Horror to bring you some of »

Your Encounters with the Supernatural. My Haunted Life Too - the best site on the web for true »

Ghost Hunting Theories is about exploring the unexplained, gathering information and sharing »

This is a blog to chronicle my journey as a paranormal investigator. During my paranormal career »

Paranormal Romance writers share their thoughts, works, and anything random that comes to mind

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