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World's preeminent destination for movie criticism, commentary and community. We »

The world's most beautiful film magazine. Film reviews, features and interviews »

Unravel mysteries and insane twist endings of movies that left us baffled. »

SacTown Movie Buffs is a channel dedicated to Movie Discussions and Film Reviews. Jason »

The Life and Art of Vern Vern's Reviews on the Films of Cinema. Documenting badass »

Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time. Alternate Ending was formed when »

Philippine cinema, world cinema; strange foods, people, places; my passions, thoughts, »

The Ace Black Movie Blog was established in 2007 and features reviews of current and »

My take on movies from classics to new releases. Movie news, trailers, and updates

A film review site, now with over 2,600 movies from all around the world. It's not »

Movie Reviews 101 is a place where we look at films, top 5 lists, trailers, stars and »

For those who like their movie reviews short and sweet. A blog by Mark Hobin. Online »

Collider is the ultimate source for impactful entertainment news. We deliver the »

A glorious mecca for Independent films from around the world. We will be posting »

Explanation to all the complicated, hard-to-get films across the globe. If a movie »

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