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Latest news, stories and analysis to inform readers about hard-hitting issues that »

Mother Jones is a leading independent news organization, featuring game-changing »

Focusing on political events and the news coverage of them. The mission of Crooks and »

Bringing you news, political commentary & analysis from a liberal point of view. »

We cover commentary on policies that Democrats oppose, strategies and solutions »

The magazine covers hard-hitting independent journalism on civil liberties, politics, »

A daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman »

Dedicated to political news in the state of New Jersey. InsiderNJ is a nonpartisan »

Covers humanitarian issues and special interest articles

Covers latest articles about politics and policies, nations, civilizations, learning »

Covers articles about politics, technology and history from a liberal perspective, »

Provides liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news. TalkLeft was »

Focuses primarily on local Delaware politics, but also on national politics and »

The blog covers progressive political articles by 2 Political Junkies, which is widely »

Your source for progressive news and commentary. The mission of The Oklahoma Observer »

Covers articles about Arizona's and America's Politics and Culture from a »

The Daily Blog Unites Top Left-Wing Political Commentators and Progressive Opinion »

Truthdig is back. Our staff is cutting-edge and dedicated to digging for the truth. We »

Democracy for Iowa is a progressive political action grassroots organization that seeks »

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