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Indie Game Bundles - bringing you all the news about pc game bundles, free steam keys and other »

Small independent games. Indie Game Alpha and Beta tests. Alpha Beta Gamer brings you hundreds »

IndieWatch blog does not let any great indie game go unnoticed. Find articles related to steam »

Indie Game Reviewer (IGR) is a truly independent opinion site that offers tips on getting into »

Heya! Nice to meet you! I'm Magi also known as MagiWasTaken or Dan. I blog over here about »

We cover games of all shapes, sizes, genres, platforms and the like. But only indie games

Hello and welcome to IND13, the magazine for people interested in independent games development. »

Indie Game Mag is a gaming community, where game lovers can find useful information about the new »

Warp Door interests include computer art, glitches, small and strange games, cute pocket »

Hello there, My name is Chris and I'm a curator of indie games. I like to showcase stuff that »

Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat is a gaming website aiming to provide friendly, honest content with a »

I mainly want to talk about indie games, because I want to give attention to more niche stuff and »

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