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Fencing.Net is the leading online news source, guide and community to the world of Olympic/Sport »

Academy of Fencing Masters is a new concept fencing club and academy. An academy is where »

CyrusofChaos is a library of videos from fencing tournaments that my teammates and I have filmed »

USA Fencing was founded in 1891 as the Amateur Fencers League of America (AFLA) by a group of New »

The CFF is a non-profit, amateur sports association and is the national governing body of fencing »

US Fencing, formed in 1891 to promote and grow the sport, is recognized by the USOC to select U.S »

J. Christoph Amberger is a native West Berliner. As a member of two German student Corps, he »

A martial arts channel run by the two instructors and co-founders (The Thomas Brothers) of the »

The Australian Fencing Federation (AFF) is the National Governing Body of Fencing in Australia »

Scottish Fencing is the governing body for the sport of fencing in Scotland. It has »

North Carolina Fencing provides support, programing, events and organization for fencers, schools »

The Fencing Coach is a great resource for fencing training, philosophies, and leadership ideas