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We provide global insurance plans for individual expatriates and global employers around much of »

Living in New Zealand and travelling the world, expat Rhonda Albom takes you on a vicarious »

Hi! I'm Peter. I've been living & traveling in Thailand for 12 years. I'm here to »

Americans abroad are required to file US taxes, reporting their worldwide income. The Bright Tax »

I'm Annie the founder of Londoner In Sydney. I have started Londoner In Sydney to help those »

Expats in Mexico is The Expat Guide to Living in Mexico and is designed for both expats currently »

Tripsget is a blog for young adventurous professionals and expats. We both work full-time and »

Molly began writing about Spain in 2011. Based in Andalusia. Molly is passionate about the »

Practical information about travel to historical and cultural sites for independent, inquisitive »

Dubai Expat Blog covers an expat's perspective of living in Dubai, Business in Dubai, »

Hi I'm Laura Bronner, AKA the Eternal Expat. In the last seven years I've lived in »

Expat life, family and travel with teens and a cat and a dog. UK to South Africa to Dubai

HI, I am Sami, Portuguese, born in Mozambique, I have also lived in South Africa,Germany, »

The world is too big to leave unexplored. Truly Expat The world is too big to leave unexplored »

Discover and re-discover Mexico's cuisine, culture, and history through the recipes, backyard »

Want to know all about migrating to Perth? Want to see what this awesome city has to offer? »

Jerry and I get around. In 2011, we moved from the USA to Spain. We now live near Malaga. A »

Ours began as the classic ex-pat story in 2012. Darling husband got an overseas post; I went from »

Hi, I'm Kathi, a 30-year-old expat, journalist and traveler. This is my own little space on »

Hello and welcome. My name is Cosette and I'm the writer here. I blog a lot about being an »

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