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View recent articles in Deaf News is an online community for people whose lives are affected by hearing loss. We »

Want clear honest advice on hearing aids? We offer no-nonsense, easy to understand advice on »

There are many distinct Deaf communities around the world, which communicate using different sign »

The BDA is the UK’s leading membership organisation and registered charity led by Deaf people, »

Most popular, free public forum for the deaf and hard of hearing. Come share your thoughts and »

Living With Hearing Loss, a blog for people living with hearing loss. She is active as a hearing »

Silent Grapevine's aim is to serve their viewers by providing reliable, valuable, and »

This is my story about my experience of sudden sensorineural hearing loss and how it affects my »

Services for Deaf people in Cambridgeshire. Deaf and Hearing people are equal and should receive »

This blog is for those who are hearing to ask any questions they may have about deafness and Deaf »

Find daily insights, observations, challenges, and frustrations faced by families with both »

I'm Sherrie. A Deaf woman who is passionate about advocacy, Deaf rights and travelling

The 121 Captions blog has news, thought-provoking articles, useful tips and advice from the »

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