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I am a woman who happens to have a male body, but I am not going to let that little handicap »

Crossdresser Heaven is your crossdressing home on the Internet. Stories, advice and photos. »

This subreddit is a safe space for cross-dressers of all genders, as well as their family and »

Celebrating Crossdressers and Transgendered women. Follow to get articles on crossdressing »

Our website has the best indian crossdressing stories available on the web. We are dedicated to »

Accept yourself as you are - create yourself as you desire. Follow this blog to get crossdressing »

A New Generation Enfemme Blog. Cross-Dressing And Androgy All Is Here. This Website Is Place For »

Hi! My name is Hannah McKnight and I identify as transgender but I prefer the term T-Girl. Over »

Hi all my name is Susan Miller and I am a crossdresser in my late 40's. I am not a woman »

Established in March 2002 by Andrew Maggs Translife has become one of the UK's leading »

Rantings from a Crossdresser. On my page you will see mostly updates from my blog, which »

This blog is dedicated to my husband and to all men who like to wear women's clothes. We must »

Place for transgender crossdresser girls, hope this channel can inspired for all who like to »

I am a hetero sexual cross dresser who was introduced to this years past by my ex girlfriend. it »

Hello and welcome to my channel. I am YoyaFabulosa (or Gio). My channel is a still try to find it »

This is a page about a man who escapes the pressures of mortgage repayments, of fixing the »

A crossdressers collection of thoughts. Well Jess is not my real name for privacy reasons. I am »

Sami has been a part-time crossdresser for about 5 years. Although she still has a lot to learn »