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Organized Classroom is dedicated to those teachers who are or wish to be more efficient and »

Pre-K Pages is a resource site for Pre-K and Preschool teachers offering activities, printable »

Hands On As We Grow is all about learning to do hands on activities with your kids and Jamie »

This site will make it easier for you to prepare hands-on learning activities and fun things to »

Find out what students are learning in the iLab and around our school! Our cover photo changes »

Welcome to the 3 FI blog! We are going to be your grade three French Immersion teachers this year »

We think together, we act together, we work together. We collaborate. Still nothing beats the joy »

Welcome to LA14's blog. Here you will find links to the students' blogs and news about »

I have 21 years of experience in a fifth grade classroom. I prefer the kinds of projects that »

This is where we show what we have been learning and doing in Language Arts and Math

Passionate about being a 4th grade teacher, techie, knitter, scrapbooker, avid exerciser and 12 »

I am passionate about about learning, enjoy planning new and exciting ideas for my students, and »

each Starter provides high-quality teaching resources which can be easily downloaded and printed »

Resources and ideas to enhance your classroom instruction. I am an elementary teacher, who is »

Monica Burns writes about technology. During her days as a classroom teacher, she used iPads to »

The Cool Cat Teacher Blog helps you be an excellent educator everyday with advice, ideas, and »

Grade 2 Teacher: Asking, Answering, Always Learning. Tweets #AMDSBlearns blog posts. Retweets »