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I'm a former veterinary hospital manager turned writer. During my twelve years of working in »

Kitties helping humans see the world through a cat's perspective. I'm Summer, an award- »

Katzenworld, the place for all your cat needs! We cover cute stories but also more serious cat »

Give only "the best for your beast" with our blog. We travel the world with our adopted cat and »

Cat Wisdom is the official site of holistic cat behaviorist and award-winning »

Your destination for all things feline. Here you'll find articles and editorials on a variety »

Articles feature advice on cats, cat food, cat litter types, accessories, how-tos, and more. »

The blog of Cats Protection, the UK's leading feline welfare charity. Read cats and kitten »

Here at Your Cat, cats are our life! We love our feline friends, and we know that you do too. »

Cattitude Daily is a website dedicated to all things cats. From cat news stories, cat behavior »

A French Kitty's Opinions on Just About Everything. A French cat's comments on life, »

Books feed my mind. Cats feed my soul. Cat and book blogger; proud mommy of Mudpie the tortie. A »

KittyNook, a small but motivated team specializing in affordable items for cat lovers. Follow the »

Covers all the high points of cat caretaking including Food, water, litter, training, »

An impressive collection of daily news from cat bloggers around the web. Cat news, events, humor » is a community for bengal cat lovers and owners with informations, videos, pictures »

CatnFriends is a blog dedicated to the most adorable and fluffy pets of them all. It is run by »

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