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Realizing Beauty the blog was launched as Perilously Pale back in 2011 and has evolved into »

Hi! My name is Rachelle Young, but please call me Chelle! I live in Toronto, Canada and I'm »

Jane, otherwise known as Daly Beauty, began her blogging journey back in 2010. This super-mom »

Foundation Fairy is a trusted resource where people can come and learn about beauty, skincare and »

Shayna Wiwierski is a magazine editor by day, fitness instructor, freelance writer/editor, and »

Hi I'm Jaime. I'm a 30-something, mascara-addicted, jeans and t-shirt wearing, classic »

My name is Jennifer. I grew up in the outskirts of Toronto where the ideal vision of beauty was »

Beauty blogger based in Vancouver Canada with informative reviews on makeup, skincare, and »

A blog about any and everything related to beauty products and one woman's downright »

News and reviews about beauty products, visit the latest salons and spas, and talk about the »

I love makeup and skincare products and most importantly, being honest about what I think about »

Face to Curls is a Canadian Beauty blog by Ann-Marie Cato with a passion for all things beauty, »

Montréal-based premier beauty blogger with a serious passion for all things beauty. Eugenia »

Hi, I’m Jodi – Welcome to A Brash Attitude! I’m a Canadian Beauty Blogger, based in »

I'm Renee from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! This blog features my love of makeup, beauty, »

Hi! I'm Amanda. I'm 24, a Canadian grad student, and a lover of makeup, skincare, »

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