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The premiere community of current and former flight attendants on Reddit. A place where stories »

I got my Wings almost 13 years ago once I joined an International airlines as Cabin Crew,I have »

The Cabin Crew Career Center is a springboard platform for the youth to discover and develop »

Lifeasabutterfly is a website intended to provide ambition, inspiration, and motivation »

Boh Tong was a Cabin Crew Executive (CCE) with SIA before his retirement in 2003. He rose from »

Hi, I'm Sarah Foster! I'm a New York City based Flight Attendant and I have a degree in »

Hey Guys I'm Stella! A New York based Flight Attendant, exploring the world and taking you »

Blog by Anita, and I'm a Spanish former flight attendant based in the UK and obsessed with »

I'm Francesco A Miami Based Flight Attendant who is obsessed with DISNEY! Follow me as I »

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