Frequently Asked Questions

​​Is RSS Combiner tool free?
No. You require a Feedspot subscription to use this tool. You can choose a plan from this page to upgrade your account.
How is the RSS Combiner tool different from the Feedspot Reader?
Feedspot Reader lets you follow multiple blogs, podcasts or news websites from one place. Feedspot's RSS Combiner takes multiple RSS feeds from different sources and creates a new combined version of all those feeds. You can also access RSS feed of Individual folders and favorite posts.
Output Combined Feed will be in which format?
Output Combined Feed will be in RSS format. Most feed readers support RSS.
What will be the update time?
Combined RSS feed updates in near realtime.
How many source feeds are allowed in a mix?
You can merge upto 2500 source feeds into one combined feed. Limits vary based on the plan you subscribe to.
How many nodes/posts will be there in the output combined Feed?
We support upto 150 nodes in the output combined Feed. Limits vary based on the plan you subscribe to.
Can I have my feed output in other formats?
At this time, RSS is the only format we support. If that is not compatible with your application, please email us: and we will work to support those formats that are in the highest demand.
Why won't Feedspot add certain source URLs?
There are a number of reasons why a source feed URL may be deemed invalid: too long to load, bad formatting, false-positives, and more. If your problem persists email: