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Charity is a self-care coach from St. George Utah. Over the years she started and stopped many programs in college, never quite figuring out what exactly she wanted to do with her career and life, but she just knew she wanted to help people.

When she decided to be a self-care coach everything in her life aligned. She found her life purpose.

I love this interview because it really shows that you can literally go from having NO idea what your purpose is or what your career could be to having paying clients (more than 10) in just a few months!

We dive deep into how Charity was able to overcome her fears of investing in herself, of putting herself out there and sharing her new business, to how she was able to get 6 new clients in ONE week. Aha Moments:
  • You just have to be a few steps ahead of the people you want to coach
  • How quitting her job and traveling the world helped her find her purpose
  • The best sales method to land your first couple paying clients
  • How NOT to be “sleazy” during sales conversations
  • The biggest hurdle to overcome is your own limiting beliefs
  • Remember that it takes time (SO MUCH) to grow your business and this is OKAY
  • Why investing in yourself is the best decision you can make and how you can find the courage to do it
  • Be brave and be vulnerable…that’s the key to happiness

Punchdrunksoul.com/soulbiz – come up with your soul aligned coaching idea in 4 days!
Punchdrunksoul.com/pathtofreedom – start your soul aligned coaching biz and land your first paid clients in just 6 weeks!
Charity’s Instagram: Instagram.com/coachcharity33
Charity’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coachcharity33


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Alignment is scary if you’re being honest. Curiosities are your soul speaking. How I stay healthy to avoid getting sick again. Shame around being a coach. Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of the Punch Drunk Soul podcast, I’m your host, Ali Daniel.

So this episode is very near and dear to my heart because I wanted to share my story with you all, as open and vulnerable as possible. It was also recorded on my 30th birthday, so that’s cool. I asked my good friend Jessica Thomlinson to interview me for it and she just blew me away with her questions.

Her and I met on Instagram last year actually and we’ve become great friends. She’s a wonderful person and I just LOVE how this interview turned out. She’s great at asking deep questions and really helped bring out some of the juiciest bits of my story for you guys.

Listen in to experience my highs and lows, how I got in alignment with my purpose and my tips for you, how I got started in my business, the fears I overcame and how, my top 2 tips for getting started, how to heal yourself, what my mission is, and some of my proudest moments.

It’s by far one of the favorite interviews ever and I’m so excited to share it with you, so let’s just jump on in! In this episode you’ll learn…
  • Why what I thought I wanted…wasn’t really what I wanted and how you can figure out the difference for yourself
  • My top tip to get in alignment with your soul and your purpose when you feel like you don’t know what you want or what you’re meant to do with your life
  • How you can get clarity on your purpose BEFORE your body breaks down
  • The difference between action and inspired action and how to follow inspired action you can explode your growth and results
  • How the name Punch Drunk Soul came into existence and looking back on my undefeated boxing past…
  • How I got over my insane fear of failure, where I put my attention instead of on myself
  • What my Core Purpose Values are and how they help me stay inspired and motivated in my business
  • There is SO much opportunity for people to make money by pursuing their passions as a career
  • How I shifted from thinking I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur to being a successful one in less than a year
  • Being honest with yourself is the most important thing you can do in your life and lean into what you find, no matter how scary
  • How I stay healthy so I don’t get stressed and sick again by feeling into my body’s physical sensations and paying attention
  • The magic bullet for healing and freedom is THIS
  • How to overcome the shame and embarrassment of being a coach when you are starting out
  • What my big vision is for my business
  • Some client brags at the end, showing off what a few have accomplished!



The post #6 Alignment is scary if you’re being honest. Curiosities are your soul speaking. How I stay healthy to avoid getting sick again. Shame around being a coach. appeared first on Punch Drunk Soul.

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So I am back and bigger than ever with this podcast.

This is my COMEBACK episode where I share how I pretty much died and came back to life, what I’m up to in my business now, how I grew my blog into a coaching business with $20K online launches without any certifications and how I help women like you run a successful online coaching business.

Cue the lights and dramatic music…I wanted to use this episode to fill you in on what happened to this podcast, where I went and why I’m back, and then tell you a little bit about what to expect from me and the show moving forward.

In this episode you’ll learn…
  • Why being out of alignment with your purpose will cause some health problems or WORSE
  • What’s new in the Punch Drunk Soul world
  • What to expect from the show moving forward
  • How endless scrolling through Instagram actually helped get me where I am today
  • If you value family time, you most likely hate working a 9-5 job like I did…




The post #5 I was so sick I wanted to die but now I teach women how to find their purpose and run successful coaching businesses. What happened to my podcast? What happens when you’re out of alignment? How to find yourself. Finding freedom and purpose. appeared first on Punch Drunk Soul.

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2 Ways To Powerfully Overcome Your Fears

I have been getting a lot of emails recently from women who say that the biggest thing holding them back from living the life they want to live is fear, fear, fear, fear. FEAR. Big fat FEAR.

So today I wanted to share the two methods to overcome your fears that I also share with my clients and go into a lot of depth in my group mentor mentorship program, Path to Freedom.

These methods will help you reframe your fears in a way that allows you to work WITH and through them instead of have them work against you.

Method #1: Is this fear real or imagined?

The first method to overcome your fears is to ask yourself a simple question – is my fear real or imagined? When we feel fear, most of the time it’s imagined fear. We are projecting a future outcome or making up some outcome that we think is going to happen, but we really have no clue what will play out.

We’re just playing out these scenarios in our head. They are completely made up stories that we’re just telling ourselves about what we think is going to happen. Why do we do this to ourselves?! Why can’t we think of cool stories that will happen instead? Can’t we think of things that we WANT to happen instead?

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Most of the clients I work with, when they have moved through their fears and done something scary, like announce on Facebook what their new businesses is or started an instagram, think that others will comment and say “what are you doing with your life?” or “this is dumb”  or they think others are going think it’s stupid and judge them for it.

But none of that actually happens! I’ve never once had a client come back and tell me someone made a negative comment. Not once.

What happens instead is people actually show them encouragement and support and they often even land their first clients through this tiny act of courage!

So these worst case scenarios we always think are going to happen pretty much actually never happen. And instead we actually get some pretty cool results.

So ask yourself next time you’re feeling afraid, is it real or is it imagined fear? Most likely it’s all just in your head, so stop running away and hiding and get out there and do some epic shit and overcome your fear!

If there is a giant lion chasing you for its dinner tonight though, well that’s real fear, and you should probably start running.

Method #2: It’s just a feeling

The second method to overcome your fears is understanding it’s just a feeling. The funny thing about fear is that people always think they’re afraid of a circumstance or situation or result of something. But the truth is we’re not afraid of what happens. We’re afraid of how we think we’re going to FEEL when that thing happens.

Let’s say it’s public speaking as an example.

Are you actually afraid of getting up in front of a crowd and speaking? You might think you are, but really that’s just a circumstance, a simple fact that has no inherent meaning attached.

What you’re really afraid of is feeling embarrassed or humiliated or judged if the talk doesn’t go as planned.

So next time you’re feeling fear, remind yourself, it’s just a feeling. It’s always just an emotion. And emotions can’t kill you. And they certainly don’t stick around forever. They’re fleeting. It’s only temporary.

So if we can understand that all we’re really afraid of is an emotion, then we really have nothing to be afraid of.

As soon as you simply feel an emotion fully, it moves on surprisingly quick.

You’ve embarrassed yourself before, right? You can do it again, I promise.

I know you’ve felt rejection, humiliation, embarrassment, shame, guilt before. So think back on a time when you felt some painful emotion and ask yourself, did I get over it? Did I survive? Am I here now? Did I get through it?


So…there’s nothing to be afraid of. If all you’re scared of is an emotion and emotions pass pretty quickly, then it’s time to put on your big girl pants and keep moving along, sister. #AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHATFEAR

So two simple ways to overcome your fears… 1. Is it real or imagined? 2. It’s just a feeling.

Remember these two ways to overcome your fears next time and you’ll be golden.

Let me know which one resonates most with you that you want to use next time!

Want to get aligned with your soul self and start living your best life, full of passion and purpose? Download my free Soul-Aligned, Confident Queen Handbook below!

The post 2 Ways To Powerfully Overcome Your Fears appeared first on Punch Drunk Soul.

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The Easiest Way To Start a Coaching Business and Replace Your 9-5 Income

I want to talk about the reasons why creating a low-end/cheap course/product or digital product is the absolute worst way to start a coaching business.

I know a lot of people are gonna give me crap for that because that’s how a lot of people have started their coaching businesses, I get it, it works for some people. But I want to tell you why this is an unsustainable, frustrating, and painful way to start an online business, especially a coaching business.

The plain and simple truth: creating and selling a course or digital product takes a long time. Since it’s a painstakingly slow and long process, most people end up quitting before they even see a single dime from the product they’ve created.

GAH, stop the madness!

I see so much entrepreneur burnout and my heart goes out to these amazing people who are trying so hard to make an impact but seeing so little results.

Many new and aspiring coaches think that before they start a coaching business they need to sell an e-book or some other digital product or an affordable course because they don’t feel secure enough in being a coach yet, either with one on one coaching or group coaching.

They don’t feel they are experienced enough, so they try to get that experience through making an ebook or a cheap course.

In other words, they’re hiding.

And I totallllyyy get it because, hey, I hid too.

I WAS this person.

I was the aspiring coach who wanted to work with women, impact the world and help people – but I thought I needed more experience first.

I thought I needed more credibility, I just didn’t feel…ready yet.

So I thought I would put together a quick course or a book – THEN I would be more legit, more official…more credible right?

Wrong. The problem was, I never actually did it. I kept thinking about it and worked on growing my audience and blog traffic in the meantime.

I even did write an ebook but I was too chicken shit to charge for it!

The truth is, I worked SO hard on building an audience so I could sell a product to them that I got burnt out before I actually sold anything to them.

Oh the irony.

And this didn’t just happen to me. It happens to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

They get so focused on content, on building an audience that they often don’t even reach the point of selling anything before they get sick or burnt out and quit.

Or they finally do create something to sell and offer it to their thousand person email list and they get crickets. Or maybe if they’re lucky 10 people buy. But the problem is, they’re selling such a cheap product they just made maybe $1,000 for a years worth of work and hustle. Worth it?

I think not.

I could see this gloomy future ahead of me.

So I switched tactics.

I found an easier way to start a coaching business fast.

And I’m going to fill you in on my secret in this post.

But first, please just do yourself a favor and agree not go create a cheap digital course, do not go creating some ebook or other downloadable product and try to sell it for $7, $17, even $97. You’ll be going about your new business the wrong way.

I get why most people think that this is the best way to start your biz – because SO many online entrepreneurs out there are boasting about how they made six figures in their online course and how you can do it too! I know you see that out there, I do too.

First of all, they are just sharing the tip top of the iceberg. They are not sharing the years of trial and error, the years of building a huge list and a huge following. So all we see is this glimpse of the perfect part of this selling of course. The part that says “oh I sold my $97 course to five hundred people and I’m making bank.”

OR there are the coaches out there trying to convince you to build your ascension model – start with a cheap product to pull people in, THEN sell them into your coaching package THEN sell them into your mastermind.

Ok, fine, that’s all great when you already have an engaged list of thousands upon thousands of people.

But what if you’re trying to build your list at the same time, as most new online business owners are?

Sometimes, I think those types of coaches forget what it’s like to be either 1) broke 2) in debt 3) feeling your soul sucked out of you in corporate life. They’re off in la-la-land with their 6 and 7-figure businesses and they forget that NEW coaches really need to be focused on MAKING MONEY FAST.


Because you want OUT of debt. You want OUT of your circumstances. OUT of your job.

You cannot afford to be slinging $97 courses to every Tom, Dick and Harry. #AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT.

Long story short? I want you to stop listening to these people because:

1) they’re trying to convince you that you CAN get rich quick (spoiler: no such thing unless you win the lotto), and

2) there is a much easier way to start a coaching business so you can replace your 9-5 income

No, it’s not “easy” of course there’s work involved but it is EASIER than this courses-and-digital products-nightmare and it will prevent a lot of burnout that I see running rampant in the online business space.

Look, I know why you want to be an entrepreneur. It’s the same reasons I want to be one too. You want freedom, you want flexibility, you want fulfillment.

Those things are not going to come as fast as you’d like if you’re spending all your time and effort growing a list big enough to sell a $97 product to replace your 9-5 income. You will get overwhelmed and quit, probably before you even start to sell something.

Before I tell you what worked for me and how I was able to generate $17,000 in sales in one launch over a two week period, I want to dive a little deeper into the evidence for you.

#1 Reason You Shouldn’t Start A Coaching Business With A Low-Cost Course or EBook

The number one reason why a digital product or a cheap course is the worst way to start a coaching business is because it’s not as easy as it sounds to build a big email list – and yes, you need a big email list in order to sell enough cheap products/courses to people if you want to replace your 9-5 income.

I know so many people out there are saying it’s easy (they are trying to sell you their program on HOW to sell a cheap course!!).

But the truth is, it takes time, it takes effort, and it takes money. It’s not an overnight thing, it’s not a quick, one-and-done, get-rich-quick thing. It takes a long time to not only build your list but also to create a relationship with those people.

You are not just getting people onto your email list, you have to nurture them as well; you have to build a relationship.

It’s not like you would go out on one date with someone and then ask that person to marry you.

That’s essentially what you’re doing if you think that you can get someone on your email list and instantly sell them something.

You’re basically asking them to commit to you on date one!

They’re not ready for that. The same applies to the people you get on your email list. It takes time for them to get to know, like, and trust you, just as it does with any good relationship.

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I want to go into some numbers with you guys to really show you the comparison of what I’m talking about.

On average just 1% to 10% of people on your email list actually buy from you. This is a pretty big range.

I would say typically, 1% to 5% percent is actually more accurate, unless you have a really really engaged audience and you know exactly what they want, which also takes time.

Most people don’t get that right even in their first year or so. It develops over time.

However, for simplicity’s sake and just to be generous let’s say that 10% of your list will buy from you.

If you want to make $1000 a month that means you need 10 people to purchase a $100 product from you.

That means that you need 100 people to be added onto your email list each every month.

So if you have 100 people each month seeing your offer, that means 10% are going to buy, so that’s 10 people.

However, $1k a month in earnings is not bad but it’s not enough to replace your income.

Let’s be real here. You guys are doing this because you want to be an entrepreneur, you want to start making an income online because you want to leave your jobs, you want to find freedom, and flexibility, and fulfillment in your life by doing your own thing.

So $1,000 a month just isn’t gonna cut it.

Let’s say a good average for the US would be a MINIMUM of $3,000 a month (remember it isn’t ALL profit, some goes to taxes, some goes to your website fees, subscriptions you need, etc).

That means you need 300 people added onto your list each and every month to send to your offer. Again 10% will purchase from you.

So you need 30 people to buy a $100 product to make $3,000. It takes so fucking long to get 300 people CONSISTENTLY on your email list each and every month, please trust me! You need good SEO set up, you need good opt-ins, you need to figure out a way to consistently drive traffic to your site or your offers!

So I’ll say it again, list building takes a lot of time and if you want it done fast, it requires money and a lot of effort and even then it’s not easy.

It takes time to tweak things, it takes time to improve it, it takes time to grow that relationship with your audience.

Now I want to tell you the easier way to start a coaching business fast so you can replace your 9-5 salary.

The way that I finally found after my own trial and error.

What I did instead was I packaged up my knowledge, passions, and experience that already existed in my head and laid it out into my own signature system to sell as a high-end service.

I recommend you do the same.

When you do this you are creating your own process for getting results. Essentially you are going to go teach, guide, coach, or lead someone to the results that you can offer through a step-by-step method. It’s quite simple!

Take something you enjoy doing or you’ve been able to help people with and think about how you can walk someone else through that same step by step method.

That is the gist of it! You don’t go sell a product, you sell yourself as a service provider. Service providers automatically will make more than course creators, just for the simple fact that services demand a higher price point.

You are getting that one-on-one attention and accountability, and on top of that if you offer your own proprietary method, your own signature system, your signature step-by-step process, that you can charge a premium for because it’s your OWN system.

You’ve developed intellectual property that is different from anyone else’s process out there. That is how you can separate yourself from everyone else out there who are doing really similar things to you.

You create your own system to get results and it automatically demands a higher price point.

Instead of charging $100 or even $300 you can charge $1,000 or $5,000 even $10,000 or more.

Now, I know those numbers probably feel scary to you, and I admit, when I figured this out, I did NOT immediately jump to $5K or $10K services. I didn’t even jump to $1K…because I didn’t think I was good enough to charge that price. But that’s another blog post for another time about pricing psychology!

But I jumped to $1K in about 6 months, and I jumped to $2.5K in less than a year, and soon I’ll be up in the $5K range. So it’s ok to gradually build yourself up to those higher numbers as you increase your confidence.

I love sharing this because it’s simple. And the crazy thing is, people WANT this. People want to pay more, they want the high-end services and products. Because they’re more accountable, they commit to themselves and they see a greater transformation.

And that is what I want for you. I want you to help people. I want you to make an impact. I want you to transform lives.

Trust me, a $100 course that most people end up never finishing anyway, is NOT transformative.

Selling signature coaching services is the easiest way to start a coaching business and replace your 9-5 income fast. It’s a win for you, getting to earn enough money to live the life of freedom you want, and it’s a win for your clients who get to commit to themselves and make a big change in their life.

Realizing this simplified everything for me.

You have SO much value to offer, you have so much to give, it’s just a matter of putting it together in a way where people will see that value. Don’t discount your knowledge and experience and try to hide behind a cheap product. The effort and heartache isn’t worth it!

Getting back to the numbers here, let me prove to you how much easier selling a signature service priced at $1,000  is than selling a course for $100 to start a coaching business.

Let’s say if you want to make a bare minimum of $1,000 a month.

If we are going with the same 10% conversion rate so that means you only need 10 eyes, 10 new leads each month.

Because 10% of those people will buy, so that is $1000 each month from one person, which means you only need to get one person to know, like, and trust you. You only need to develop that relationship with one person to make $1000 a month.

Now if you wanted to scale it and actually make, let’s say $3000 a month then you need 30 fresh leads because 10% of 30 is 3.

So 30 people added to your email list who you can contact and say “hey I’ve got this service, sounds like something you need,  let’s chat.”

10% of those 30 people is 3. You need 3 people each month to buy your $1,000 service. That’s it!

How much easier do you think it is to bring in thirty new leads per month and sell to three people than it is to bring in 300 HUNDRED new leads and sell to THIRTY!?

You are also offering this amazing transformation to them. You’re not selling something that they do not need. You are reaching three people who have a problem that you are able to solve. Three people who find value in what you do and want to work with you.

Think about it for a second. Do you think you can bring in 3 people per month to work with you? You bet your fine ass you can.

I just want you to see building that relationship, finding those 30 new leads is so much easier than trying to find 300 new leads and getting 30 people to find value in what you do in order to purchase from you.

When you start with a low-end course or a digital product like an ebook, you are not going to be able to quit your job any time soon.

Sure, there are people that do it in the long term (or they already have a massive email list to start with) but like I said it takes a lot of time and there is just a much easier, much more efficient way to do it .

You already have that knowledge in your head that people need, so get it out of your own way and just create a system from that knowledge and sell it as a service.

It does not have to look like anyone else’s coaching program, it does not have to look like an hour-long coaching session, once a week. It can be a course, coupled with group coaching, or maybe a few 30 minute check in calls as accountability.

Whatever it is, create your system and go out and sell it and offer your coaching support and guidance with it!

It can be whatever you want to make it, however you want it to look. That’s the beauty of having an online business.

Just remember that people value what they pay for. By charging a premium for your services you are inviting people to transform. You are holding space for someone to say YES to themselves, to fully step into the person they want to be. You are giving them a space to commit to themselves and the transformation they want.

Charging a premium isn’t sleazy. Charging a premium is charging your worth and it’s enabling people to have skin in the game, invest in themselves, and make a huge transformation.

People who pay more show up more, they are more ready to do the work, they are more accountable – I have seen this with my own two eyes in my coaching business over the last year

I cannot tell you how many people I know who have invested in cheap courses and they never finish them. They don’t even go through half of them. The number is around 80% of people don’t finish the courses they buy.

I will tell you from experience I have a 95% completion rate with my services.

I know for myself I even paid for a $500 course and I only went..

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3 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself

*In collaboration with Sleep Advisor*

It’s so very easy to get lost in this modern fast-paced world of ours. Every hour we’re awake our self confidence seems to be under attack. We are either bombarded with advertisements intended to make us doubt ourselves or we’re scrolling through ‘friends’ social media posts feeling like failures at life.

One day you wake up and suddenly you can’t actually remember who you are anymore.

It often feels like we are running at full speed just to stay still. Sometimes you just wish you could pause it all. That you could press a button on some kind of cosmic remote control and the world would stand still long enough for you to gather your breath and just catch up.

If you’ve ever felt the way I’ve described above then take a deep breath, or six, go make yourself a nice glass of green tea (don’t forget the slice of lemon) and then come back and read my 3 ways to reconnect with yourself below.

Prioritize sleep above all else

Human beings are the only creature on this glorious green planet of ours that will deliberately deprive themselves of sleep. Researchers have found that the only way you can persuade any other animal to go without sleep is to starve them. Only then will a survival instinct kick in that forces them to go without their slumber.

Humans on the other hand will go without sleep for any one of a thousand reasons, to party, to scroll through social media, to watch seven back-to-back episodes of whatever ‘unmissable’ Netflix show has been released this week.

The impact of this blatant disregard for sleep is huge. Good rest plays an essential role in everything, not just our physical well being. It also governs our mental wellness too. Insomniacs are twenty times more likely to suffer from anxiety, five times more likely to be depressed and tragically even more likely to commit suicide.

Individuals who sleep well are more emotionally grounded, more empathetic and even more optimistic. Basically, everything really is brighter in the morning. This is not just me saying this, every claim I’ve made above is backed up by mountains of scientific research.

If you can do one thing today to massively improve how you feel about yourself, it’s prioritize sleep above everything else going on in your life.

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Go say hello to Mother Nature

Saying “sayonara” to your desk, goodbye to your office, or just “seeya later” to your smartphone and talking a walk in the park is an amazing way to unwind and reconnect with yourself. If time allows, and it does, getting into nature for a weekend or longer has a proven ability to improve mood, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and increase self-confidence.

If for whatever reason you’re unable to take yourself of to the woods for a weekend then bring nature to you. Buy some seeds or a some seedlings and care for them at home. The process of nurturing something to life then caring for it has helped many people learn how to care for themselves better.

Known as ecotherapy, the practice of healing oneself with nature is well-known and much studied. Keep an eye out for ecotherapy events or retreats in your area. Or simple do your own, all you need to do is take off your shoes and feel the earth between your toes. Soak in the wonder of nature and remind yourself how lucky you are to even exist.

Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening

Nothing feels better than just letting loose and dancing your cares away. If you’ve ever been to a music festival you’ve likely experienced that joy of moving your body without a care in the world. It’s a completely different sensation to dancing in a club, there’s no ego attached to it, you don’t care what other people think. You just feel the music through you and you let go.

Now, of course you can’t really go to a music festival every weekend. You can however certainly close the blinds put on your favorite track and dance in your own living room. You might feel silly but who cares, feeling silly is better than feeling blue! Just do it, what do you have to lose? Not as much as you have to gain. If it makes you feel better turn off the lights.

When we exercise our bodies are flooded with a cocktail of happy hormones, endorphins swirl around our system washing away our worries and cares. Dancing is the purest form of exercise there is. You don’t need a bat, a ball or a uniform, all you need is a beat.

Once you’ve got a taste for it have look around your area for ecstatic dance classes, these will often take place in darkened rooms with deliberately curated tribal music, starting slow and building to a rhythmic climax.

After one of these classes you will sleep like a baby. And as we’ve already seen, the better sleep you get the more connected with yourself you’ll be. A win-win.

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Hi there, I’m Sarah and I’m a sleep junkie. I can’t get enough of the good stuff. In fact, I’m so addicted to sleep that I actually turned it into my day job at Sleep Advisor. Now when I’m not starfishing away on my bed I’m at my desk researching and writing about all things slumber. Better sleep changed my life and it can do the same thing for you too! 

The post 3 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself appeared first on Punch Drunk Soul.

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The #1 Mistake New Online Entrepreneurs Make That Cause Them To Quit

Hi friends! Ok, it’s been a while since posting on the blog. I’ve been in launch mode with my new group coaching program, Path to Freedom, that teaches women how to quit their jobs by starting their own online businesses in as little as 6 weeks…and now I’m letting the dust settle and getting revved up to serve the awesome ladies in my new group! Today I want to talk to you about the biggest mistake new online entrepreneurs make that cause them to quit before they really get any traction!

So before I jump in, I want to let you know that I did a FB Live video about this topic recently; you can check it out by clicking the image below.

Ok, so let’s just dive in! The BIGGEST, aka the #1 mistake new online entrepreneurs make is this: they start an online business before they take the time to connect with their souls or true selves.

This is a huge mistake. Actually, it’s the #1 mistake new online entrepreneurs make!

Why? Because if you don’t connect with your soul first, then chances are your business will not be sustainable.


Because motivation, drive, and inspiration comes from a place of alignment. If you’re not aligned with your soul, everything is going to be so much harder, you’re going to need to put in more effort, more hard work, more stress, more force, more willpower to get anything done. Does that sound like fun? Does that sound like the business you want to run? Does that sound like it’s a long-term sustainable plan for your future?



That’s my point!

Don’t start an online business – in fact, you really shouldn’t make any big decisions in life – from a place when you’re not feeling aligned with your soul.

One of my favorite spiritual/personal growth teachers is Jess Lively. Her signature catch phrase is “alignment before action.” What does this mean? It means if you take action from a place of alignment, everything flows with ease, inspiration, joy, and abundance. You don’t need to exert force to get things done, you don’t need willpower or discipline because you’re so inspired to act, you’re so motivated, and you’re so aligned with your purpose that everything comes effortlessly.

What happens when you start an online business when you’re not aligned with your soul?

  • Limiting beliefs like “I can’t do this,” “I’m going to fail miserably,” “I’m not cut out for this,” “No one is going to pay me!” “Who am I to be doing this?” are left on repeat in your mind causing you to lose faith quickly…and quit before you really even get started!
  • You don’t know WHY you are building your business and you have a vague or unclear vision that isn’t enough to  motivate you or keep you inspired so you lose motivation quickly…and quit
  • You end up relying on your logical brain (aka monkey brain) to tell you what’s possible instead of trusting the greater existence and plan of the Universe. This makes everything harder, seem impossible, and you end up impatient and lose faith…and quit
  • You end up spending countless hours working on a business that doesn’t light you up, instead it drains your energy still just like your old job. After a while it gets old and too difficult so you quit!

So I know right now, there’s a lot of people online saying, “Start your online business”, “Find your freedom”, “Create passive income streams!” And that is all awesome. I 100% agree that starting an online business is the way to go if you want to live a freedom lifestyle. There is so much liberation, so much possibility, so much enjoyment and personal growth in this journey, it’s a wonderful experience. So I’m all for it. But like I said, there is a big difference between starting any business or a business based on what other people are doing or what’s in demand and starting a business that aligns with your soul.

If you start your business without first connecting with your soul you are making the biggest mistake that new online entrepreneurs make – don’t do this! It’s a rookie move!

Essentially if you start just any business you’re going to find yourself working another job. One that doesn’t really fulfill you. It’s not anything special. You don’t really care about it that much. And I think we all know what happens when you don’t care about something, you lose interest, you lose motivation, you get burnout, so it might be successful for a year, or maybe it won’t. Either way you’re probably working your ass off, for a year, two years and then you find yourself getting burt out, losing motivation, losing steam, and then quitting.

Ready to start your own Soul-Aligned Online Biz? Download my Soul-Aligned Biz Guidebook below for my complete process!

So how do you not make this mistake as a new or aspiring online entrepreneur? What should you do instead?

It’s what I teach in everything I do: with my clients, my freebies, with my programs, etc.. And that is to start everything by aligning with your soul FIRST. Here’s what makes the difference. When you’re aligned with your soul you will be energized. A soul-aligned business is something that fuels you. It’s something that excites you everyday. You wake up feeling motivated, passionate, and eager to learn and share your gifts with everybody.

A soul-aligned business is sustainable long term, essentially. When you start all action from a place of alignment, and a place that really lights you up you’ll notice a huge difference in your motivation, your vision, and your clarity and just your energy and excitement. And, this is something I’ve said before, but when you align with your higher self and your soul, the Universe aligns WITH you to give you more of what you want and help you on your path.

So align with your soul first. Find out who you truly are. Find out what you’re passionate about. Find out why you want to build a business and what that business is for and THEN build your business.

So like I said I’m super, super passionate about this soul-alignment work going into your business and that’s partially why I’ve created a soul-aligned biz guidebook for you guys. You can download it below. It outlines the exact steps you need to take in order to create your own, your very own soul-aligned online business. I’ve included a bunch of resources that I use in my business as well. And my favorite part about this guide is there’s also a jumpstart soul alignment guide to help you figure out what lights your soul on fire, who you really are and what you truly want.

Ready to start your own Soul-Aligned Online Biz? Download my Soul-Aligned Biz Guidebook below for my complete process!

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