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Show us one human being who wants to age fast. Aging fast is one of those things that people despise to the maximum extent. Many among us take painstaking efforts to make ourselves look young at all points of time. Let us have a look at these Anti-aging skin care tips you need to start using today.

Every passing day takes a toll on our mental and physical health. It takes huge efforts from our side to keep looking younger defying the age factor. We can make our age a mere number when we safeguard our skin from aging in a dedicated manner. It is never too late to start taking care of your skin.

1. Dieting Is The Key To Anti-Aging

The food items we consume play a crucial role in our aging. Avoid eating food items that are low in nutrient value. 

Consume more of fruits and vegetables which provide your skin the complete nutrition it requires at all points in time.

Increase your intake of greens making it a regular item in your everyday routine. Greens add immense value to your health making your skin look glowing and attractive inside out.

2. Food Products That Encourage Anti-Aging

Adding certain food products in your day to day diet will make your skin look young and supple. 

Some such food items are Peas, Cucumber, Lettuce, Cabbage, Ginger, Dry Grapes, Red Beans and leafy vegetables.

Consuming these items regularly vanish the wrinkles on the skin surface making you look young every passing day.

3. Make Your Own Anti-Wrinkle Face Scrub

Face Scrub plays a crucial role in cleaning your face. When you clean your skin with a quality scrub, it clears off the dirt and dust accumulated on the pores in the skin surface. This gives a rejuvenated look to your skin making it look fresh. Many good quality face scrubs are available in the beauty market for this purpose.

You can prepare an effective scrub at home with the help of ingredients that are commonly available in all households.

Mix 3 tablespoons of honey to 3 tablespoons of Lemon Juice and one tablespoon of sugar. Apply this mixture on the skin. Massage the skin in circular motions. Clean the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

This DIY face scrub will also help you to get rid of wrinkles in your neck and face region which actually project you as aged.

4. Keep Your Skin Clean

You can make your skin look young if you maintain it in a clean manner at all points of time. 

Clean your skin regularly with suitable cleansers available for your skin texture.

 Cleansers ward off all evil settlements on the same giving it a youthful look.

5. Honey Makes You Age Proof

Honey is one of the natural products that help humans defy their age in a very easy manner. Consuming a tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water first thing in the morning gives an immense glow to your skin.

The skin cells get rejuvenated due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties Honey possesses. This prevents the skin from aging quickly.

6. 30’s Is The Age Your Skin Needs Pampering

Your skin is at an utmost vulnerable position when you are in your 30’s. Your skin experiences the maximum wear and tear during this period.

This is the stage when you need to safeguard your skin from the damages that the external and internal factors cause.

Keep your skin moisturized using the right kind of moisturizer and Body lotions available for the purpose.

Ensure you clean off your make up before you go to bed every day and rejuvenate your skin with a good quality night cream. Use under eye creams to get rid of the puffiness.

7. Natural Oils Nurture Anti-Aging

Nature has gifted us with many oils that are highly skin friendly. The high levels of nutrition that these oils have in them provide the best possible richness to our skin.

Choose any one of the natural oils like Sandalwood oil, Rosewood Oil or Almond Oil for your skin care.

Make it a habit to apply them on your skin every day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Take bath in lukewarm water. Your skin will relish this treatment so much that it will remain your pride throughout your life.

8. Vitamins Vitalize The Skin

Ensure you consume enough vitamins every day since vitamins vitalize your skin.

Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin F and Vitamin K are the key nutrients that safeguard your skin from aging.

9. Get Rid Of Puffiness With Less Water Retention

When your body stores more water it makes you look puffy and you may face stomach bloating as well.

So it is very important that your body does not store an increased level of water and so you can look slim and more youthful.

Reduced water retention also makes the skin looking toned, and your cheekbones are more in appearance.

To get less water retention, you need to drink a few lemon drops in half or a glass of water. If you can arrange cranberries then half of a glass everyday can help you very much.

Avoid any foods that contain excess amount of sugar and salt

10. Hydration Helps Your Skin Breathe Freely

Drinking plenty of water helps your skin retain the moisture on its surface. This projects the texture of the skin in a perfect manner making it look rich and shining.

This is the simplest formula to provide you with a youthful skin. As our bodies are made of water at maximum, it is vital to keep it hydrated.

Simple, to see the proof, do not consume enough water for a day when you feel thirsty, and by the end of the day, your skin will be rougher, lips drier, and less activeness.

However if you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day you are to nurture your skin excellently. Remember that drinking water will not help alone, but it works with other remedies side by side.

11. Learn How To Use Skin Care Products

Using skin care products in the right order ensures your skin gets the best of the nourishment at all points of time.

Use the cleanser first to clean the dust accumulation on the skin and then use the toner to tone its texture.

Use the day cream or moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. Apply an under eye cream to get rid of the puffiness and wrinkles. Use the night cream when you go to sleep during the night time.

12. Use Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids help effectively to keep your skin plump and hydrated.

Make sure you consume enough it these acids. Mainly, these acids stay in fishes like salmon and tuna which are readily available in market and superstores.

Make sure you buy a fresh one and refrigerate it for extended use.

Omega 3 fatty acids work by providing strength to cell membranes that are responsible for functions in your body such as nutrition absorption, waste removal, and similar others.

You can also refer to omega 3 capsules but natural resources hold their own value.

13. Use Retinol Based Skin Products

Retinol is directly proportional to less wrinkles, firm skin, and increased collagen. 

Retinol is always used in anti-aging products, but it is the amount you should look for. A face cream, face wash or any skin product having a string amount of retinol will make you see more benefits than normal retinol solutions.

Vitamin a is a great example for this purpose and that is why vitamin a capsules always help in issues like wrinkles and stretch marks. Get a night cream that contains retinol and apply it 30 minutes prior or as directed before you go to bed.

14. Make Use Of A Humidifier

If you always dreamt of waking up with that supple skin then humidifier is the solution.

You don't have to go for a costly one and any bedside humidifier will work fine.

So, make your purchase for a humidifier and wake up with the hydrated skin everyday.

Our skin needs extra moisture in winters and that is when the humidifier works as a blessing. However, it works as a wonder in summers too or if you have a drier skin.

This way, other than hydrated skin you get help in wrinkles too and as a health benefit you get a better nasal passages.

15. Take Care Of Your Hands

Just like your face, your hands also get the sign of aging. In fact, your hands are first to notice the sign of aging and they get wrinkles all over and that look filthy.

So, just like your face you need to take extra care of your hands too. Those harmful uv rays are mostly responsible for aging, so it important to apply a sunscreen or spf on your hands before you step out.

At night, make sure you sleep after applying that anti-aging cream on your hands and everywhere you get sign of aging like your neck and chest.

16. Use Silk For The Pillow

If you haven’t noticed it yet, then it is time to because pillowcases made of other fabrics than silk may be hard on your skin.

Whereas silk treats skin gentler and keep your skin smoother than scratched.

Silk helps you to slide on the pillow with ease and your skin gets less rubbed against the pillow. This is the reason you wake up with less fine lines on your face when you use silk pillow.

Always remember to wash off your pillowcase time to time as it gets greasy and may contain bacteria that harm your skin. And you also get less frizzy hair when silk case is your choice.

17. Do Not Smoke Ever

Take it as a mandatory thing that you need to follow as long as you want to look youthful.

Smoking can flush all the years of efforts in just a cigarette, weed or whatever it is. 

While making serious danger to your lungs and heart it snatches the beauty and suppleness of your skin. Also, it give you stained teeth, wrinkles, and overall more aging signs.

In order to look youthful, you have to avoid smoking completely and save your blood vessels from choking that results in aging.

18. Get Enough Sleep

We all sleep when it is night but do you sleep enough. By sleeping enough, it means do you really wake up all fresh and no thoughts running in your mind. If yes, then you are going fine but if no then it is a sign of lack of sleep.

Every human should take sleep of at least 7 hours and less than that affects your overall health and productivity. Also, no matter how many anti-aging products and tips you use, lack of sleep makes all the efforts useless.

So, sleep tight and make it for 7 to 9 hours and then you wake up with that fresh look on your face.

18. No Alcohol At All

Just like smoking, say a big no to alcohol as well. Alcohol may seem stress reliever but it directly works on dehydrating your body and hence more cracked and dried skin that eventually increases your aging process.

It makes your overall skin look dull and creepy and it does the same harm in your vital organs.

You can drink a glass of red wine daily and that is all, do not cross this limit.

Do not go for white wine that is ruder as it contains a strong acid that is responsible for teeth staining and damaged enamel.

19. Start Yoga Or Workout Right Away

If you are more like a person who always chooses lift over stairs and car over bicycle then you need to start yoga or workout right away.

Start with a small session of yoga for beginners and gradually increase it as you start to feel that flexibility in your body.

This way, you will have a controlled weight plus more blood circulation that helps in looking youthful and diminished aging signs for longer.

A workout is beneficial too, it makes you stronger and improves blood circulation if you want muscle mass.

20. Get Cool Showers

Even if steamy ones feel relaxing, they don't help you with slowing up the aging process.

Instead, get cool showers every day because the steam takes away the moisture off from your skin and promotes the aging process in the long run.

So if it is a hot bath or shower, learn to avoid it and choose a cool bath that soothes your skin and makes you more active throughout the day.

Think cold water everytime you take a shower because it is an antiaging agent in itself from the ancient era.

It helps you by flushing the toxins, increasing blood circulation, and increases the growth of the circulatory system.

21. Go Micro Needling

Micro needling may not seem cool to get done, but it has its huge effects that are specially related to anti-aging other than relaxing your body. 

It is unpleasant to imagine, but it is pain-free always, and it helps you to look younger by increasing the collagen production.

For fine lines, it works as a filler and takes away acne too.

Micro-needling gets done by the professionals by creating wounds in the epidermis.

You don't have to be extra anxious as epidermis is the upper layer of the skin, so the process doesn't mean any harm.

22. Make Regular Visits To Your Dermatologist

As the last tip, you should always visit your dermatologist regularly. Your skin care doctor suggests you the best products, diet, and routine as per your skin and so it is essential to make your bookings there.

Also, you stay up to date with the latest anti-aging products that are effective and give you more desired results.

Your doctor helps you with deciding the routine even in your busy schedule and suggests you necessary changes whenever required. This way, you always succeed in managing your skin better than ever.

Make sure you perform some research before deciding your ultimate dermatologist.

23. Try Lasers Occasionally
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Perfect Skin Ahead
5 Amazing Skin Care Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Who doesn’t dream of having a beautiful glowing skin? Well, every woman in the world craves to get or maintain the beauty, health, and radiance of her skin. By taking good care of our skin, we all can look much younger than our actual age.

However, call it irony or the twist of life that the growing pollution combined with a hectic lifestyle is leading to various skin problems and constantly reducing the beauty of skin too.

Moreover, it’s a reality that we actually cannot run to a spa or for facial to get every skin problem removed, every time. Thus, the best solution is to take care of your skin through simple tips that can be applied easily and without getting worried about the involved cost.

We strongly believe that no makeup can match a naturally glowing skin. If you are fortunate to have a young beautiful brilliant skin, believe us, you will look stunning even without a single stroke of makeup!

And if you think that you do not have a beautiful radiant skin, just do not get disappointed because what are we here for?

Of course, to help you out! In this article, we tell you about 5 amazing skin care tips that help you get a glowing attractive skin naturally.

So set your eyes on the skin and read on with full concentration.

1. Drink Lot of Water 

Water, water, and water!

This is the first tip to add a glow to your skin. If you are fond of facials and thinking that facials are always there to help you out with glowing skin, just think again.

No matter how expensive or effective facial we get at a reputed and expensive beauty parlor, we all know it in our hearts that the effect of such facials lasts for a very small time.

So why not do something that gives you a glowing skin for a longer period of time?

Well, and this where water comes to your rescue! By drinking enough water, you get to hydrate your skin. This simply means that your skin gets the required moisture content.

The more water you drink, the better you are doing to your skin.

 And if you do not believe us, just read about the skin care regime of any Hollywood or Bollywood celebrity. We bet, all of them give lots of significance to drinking ample water on a daily basis for a naturally glowing skin.

2. Include Lots of Fresh Vegetables & Fruits in your Diet 

Your skin tells a lot about your lifestyle and what you eat! After all, you are what you eat!

The point is to eat something healthy and that ‘something’ definitely consists of fresh vegetables and fruits. Just take a look around you.

Mother Nature has gifted us so many things that can be simply eaten in a natural form. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat red apples and citrus fruits. By the way, do you know that citrus fruits are full of vitamin C and do a lot of good to your skin including the main role of adding a glow to your skin?

Instead of munching on burgers or pizzas in your office lunch break, try to eat fresh fruits that are easily available everywhere. Instead of gulping down packed fruit juices, prepare a healthy and tasty mixed fruit chaat at your home. Replace your fast food with vegetables. Just follow this simple habit and see the BIG glowing change in your skin.

And yes, by saying so we do not want you to completely say goodbye to your fast food. Well, just limit yourself and enjoy these tempting delights only occasionally.

3. Use the Home-Made Masks  

Moving on to our skin care tips for getting a glowing skin naturally, we now tell you about interesting and easy-to-make face masks. These face masks act as a treat for your face.

You just have to spend few minutes preparing them and then sit and relax back. Rest of the work will be done by your awesome homemade mask.

Here, we tell you about three amazing homemade masks for a glowing skin.

Fresh milk cream-Turmeric mask – 

This one is the easiest of all face masks that are used for achieving glowing skin. Take 2 teaspoons of fresh milk cream. Add a pinch of turmeric in it. Beat the two together.

Apply the paste on your face with occasional rubbing in circular motions. Wash your face in just 5 minutes and you’re done and ready with a glowing beautiful facial skin.

Cucumber-Honey face mask – 

Take a green fresh cucumber and peel it. Cut it into small pieces and blend finely. Now let the blended cucumber pass through a clean cotton cloth. You will get pure cucumber juice.

Add two tablespoons of honey in it and your face mask for a glowing skin is ready. Apply the paste on your face and let it sit there for half an hour. Wash off and get a smooth shining skin.

Banana-Milk face mask – 

Take fresh and ripened banana. Peel it and cut into small pieces. Add a bowl of cold milk to it. Blend the two ingredients together to get a fine paste. Apply the banana milk mask on your face by taking a little quantity each time. Rub the paste in circular motions. Keep doing this for just twenty minutes. Later on, just rinse off the paste and check the instant glow in the mirror!

4. Exfoliate your Skin Weekly  

All of us know that our skin keeps on producing new cells. So what happens to the previous cells?

Well, they turn into dead cells and are known as dead skin. While skin cell production reduces with age, it becomes quintessential to remove the dead cells so that new cells can come up easily.

If you will not remove the dead cells, they will pile up on your face and will make your skin look very dry and dull. The best way to move dead cells is to exfoliate. You should exfoliate your skin once a week.

This will soften your skin and will help generate new cells too. And do not think that it is only your face which needs exfoliation. Well, you should take out time to exfoliate your body too.

You may use a good quality loofah for exfoliating your body or you can also try a home-based scrub for exfoliating the dead cells on your body.

5. Get a good massage

This is the most enjoyable tips for getting a rich glow not only on your face but the entire body. Get a good massage on your body at least once a week.

While facials act as a massage, you can also try to massage your face using natural oils like olive oil or almond oil. Just take a cotton ball and dip it into the oil.

Apply the oil on your face with that oil-dipped cotton ball. Gentle massage your face in circular movements. Remove the oil with a clean cotton ball. Rinse off with plain water and dab your face with a soft towel. 

Actually, massage enhances blood circulation in your body and a good blood circulation helps create glow in your skin.

Try these lovely tips and get a beautiful and rich glow on your skin.

5 Amazing Skin Care Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally
Sehba Jalal

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Perfect Skin Ahead
Cleansing Sensitive Skin – A Definitive Guide

A healthy skin reflects the physical and mental wellness one enjoys. Healthy skin is a clear indication to the outer world about the good habits you practice in your life.

The high levels of discipline you follow in your food habits and exercising regimes have a positive impact on your skin. In the same manner, indiscipline and non-systematic approach towards health show out through your skin that is witnessed by the external world.

For this reason, it is essential that every one of us take all possible efforts to maintain our skin in the best possible manner.

Despite proper maintenance and discipline, many among us suffer from sensitive skin. Different types of internal and external factors play a crucial role in making our skin highly sensitive. Right from allergic reactions to disorders, varying medical reasons causes sensitive skin.

Many a time skin that is injured loses its control over protecting the nerve endings making the skin highly sensitive. Exposing the surface to excessively hot or cold environment also makes the skin sensitive over a period. Irrespective of the reasons that make the skin sensitive, managing the same is a Herculean task.

Cleaning our skin is a significant activity that helps to manage its sensitivity. Cleansing the skin is not a simple activity but needs to be done logically.

Logically sequencing the skin cleaning activity will help us efficiently achieve sensitive skin. Cleansing is another word for cleaning. Cleansing the skin is vital for all skin types more so for Sensitive skin.

Cleansing helps in the management of breakouts the sensitive skin is prone to experience frequently. It relieves the skin from the dirt and dust accumulation making it clean and soft.

Let us have a detailed look at Cleansing Sensitive Skin and the various aspects attached to the same.

Objectives of Cleansing Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin gets cleansed for various reasons primary among them being to protect the same from further damages. Understanding the objective behind cleansing the sensitive skin will help you focus on the same with clarity.

Let us look at some of the goals of cleansing the sensitive skin.

  • check
    To safeguard it from dirt and impurities
  • check
    Treat possible skin breakouts in the future
  • check
    Minimize the Acne from flaring up in the days to come
  • check
    Drive away the dryness in the sensitive skin to make it look normal
  • check
    Prevent the spreading out of breakouts all through the area surrounding the ones with the same
  • check
    Safeguarding the pores from getting clogged
Types of Cleansers that affects Sensitive Skin

Care must be taken to select the right kind of cleansers when you decide to go in for the same to clean your sensitive skin. Ensure you keep the following in mind while choosing the cleanser for your sensitive skin.

  • The cleanser you choose to cleanse your sensitive skin must be free of fragrances
  • star
    It must be a mild cleanser that will not further aggravate sensitive skin related issues
  • star
    The cleanser you choose for cleaning your sensitive skin must not have excessive soap content in the same
  • star
    Do not use Gels to cleanse your sensitive skin since they may wipe off the healthy lipids that are usually found on the surface of the skin
  • star
    Avoid using cleansers that are non-creamy since they tend to clear off the total oil present in the surface of the skin worsening the sensitivity levels of the skin It must be free of alcohol
  • star
    Avoid any cleansers that contain ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid
  • star
    Avoid using any cleanser that aggravates general dryness and Rosacea since people with sensitive skin are prone to be hit by these too
  • star
    Avoid cleaners that form huge quantities of foam since the chemicals responsible for the same may cause harm to the skin aggravating its sensitivity
  • star
    Avoid having too much of anything, and this includes natural products like Chamomile, Aloe and Green Tea which are considered as good for Sensitive Skin
  • star
    Use cleansing milk and lotions that are gentle by formulation helps in managing sensitive skin to a great extent
Types of Cleansers effective on Sensitive Skin

Look out for the following ingredients when you go in for choosing cleansers to clean your sensitive skin.
Consult with your Dermatologist and understand about the cleanser that is creamier. Such cleansers help in replenishing the necessary lipids on the surface of the sensitive skin.

Use cleansers that are high in Occlusive Emollients since they protect the surface of the skin by forming a protective barrier for the same.

In Consultation with your Dermatologist, go in for high tolerance or tolerance extreme gentle skin cleansers. Soft cleansers for Sensitive Skin are also available in the form of gentle hydrating cleanser and Ultra-sensitive cleansing lotions.

Milky lotion cleansers can help you manage your sensitive skin in the best possible manner by exhibiting the maximum extent of gentleness on the same.

Precautions to be Followed When you Have Sensitive Skin

Following the below-given precautions will help you
ceanse the sensitive skin not more than twice a day maximum. 

Try any new product you plan to cleanse your sensitive skin with on other parts of the body before using the same on your face.

The sensitivity of the skin is not the same in all parts of the body. The sensitivity of the skin tends to be high in the face region most of the times.

Try new cleansers on your forearm or inner portion of your wrist before using them directly on your face. These body parts have sensitive, tender skin similar to the face

When you try any new cleanser for the first time based on recommendations, do not fall to conclusions immediately after using the same. Use the same for 4 to 5 days and look out for allergic reactions.

When the cleanser does not cause any negative reactions on your sensitive skin, you can safely proceed with the same.
Many a time, cleaners may worsen the sensitivity of the skin irritating even after the pretesting period. This becomes unavoidable. Particularly, body parts like cheeks tend to be highly sensitive owing to the increased number of blood vessels present in the area. In such cases, discontinue using the cleanser as soon as you experience the allergic reaction.

Regions around nose and eyes are the other parts of the face that are highly vulnerable to allergic reactions caused by poor quality cleansers. Take enough care to clean these parts completely since dirt and allergy-causing products tend to accumulate in these regions easily

5 Homemade Cleansers for Super Sensitive Skin

Skin cleansers play an important role, particularly when it comes to handling sensitive skin. They play multiple roles on skin that are super delicate.

A good gentle cleanser plays the role of moisturizer and exfoliator over and above performing its action on the skin. The homemade cleanser helps in handling sensitive skin with the extra care it deserves to be handled with.

Let us look at some methods for producing gentle skin cleansers at home using natural products that do not cause any harm to the same.

Natural cleanser 1 – Coconut Oil/Honey and Baking Soda

Mix 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil with one teaspoon of Raw Honey and one teaspoon of Baking Soda. Store this mixture in a clean container.

Apply the same in required quantities on your face and neck regions. With the help of your fingertips, make circular movements in the applied areas. Clean with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.

This mixture exfoliates and moisturizes the sensitive skin in a gentle manner moisturizer adding immense value to the texture of the same.

Natural cleanser 2 – Yogurt

Yogurt which is rich in Lactic Acid and Protein is by itself a natural cleanser. The gentleness with which Yogurt treats the sensitive skin offers it the maximum possible protection.

Apply fresh Yogurt on the surface of your skin and exfoliate the same with your fingertips in a circular motion. 

Yogurt adds immense value to your sensitive skin by clearing the dirt accumulation on the same. The gentle manner in which Yogurt treats sensitive skin softens the same reducing the sensitivity to a great extent.

Natural cleanser 3 – Lemon and Honey

Mix equal portions of Honey and Lemon and apply on the skin using a spatula. Make circular motions with your fingertips and massage the skin for a few minutes.

If your skin is super sensitive and reacts negatively to Honey or Lemon, add two portions of Yogurt to the mixture. This will soften the tendency of the mixture to aggravate the sensitivity of the skin.

This three in one mixture cleans the skin in the best possible manner exfoliating the same in the process.

Natural cleanser 4 – Olive Oil

Mix ½ a cup of Olive Oil with a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply this paste to the face and neck regions. Massage the skin surface in these regions gently with your fingertips for 3 to 4 minutes.

Clean off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean white towel. This will tone down the texture of your sensitive skin, giving it the soothing relief it deserves to experience.

Natural cleanser 5 – Natural Oils

Natural oils understand the stress your sensitive skin faces due to various factors more than any other cleanser. Mix equal quantities of Hemp Oil, Rosehip Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Safflower Oil. 

Apply this oil to the face and neck areas and massage the skin gently for 4 to 5 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Another variation is to mix Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado oil and Wheatgerm Oil in equal quantities. Apply this mixture and massage the sensitive skin gently to clear the unwanted accumulations from the same.

Clearing off the pores on the surface of the skin safeguards it forms infection-causing bacteria. This reduces the sensitivity of the skin ridding you of the irritation and pains the same causes.

Tips for Cleansing Sensitive Skin 

A sensitive skin remains calm when it is not disturbed time and again. Let us look at ways to cleanse your sensitive skin, so the sensitivity does not get aggravated due to undesirable practices.

Avoid meddling with your skin for cleaning the same again and again. Sensitive skin remains good when left untouched.
Avoid scrubbing your sensitive skin hard since such scrubbing may deprive it of Sebum, the natural oil produced by your body for giving it a glowing look

Heavy scrubbing damages your sensitive skin further causing more distress to you. Find gentle but highly potent skin cleansers and apply them on the skin in a soft manner. Sensitive skin demands more care and soft handling than the other types.

Using face wipes that are generously available in the beauty market may increase the sensitivity of your already sensitive skin. One of the main reasons for the same is the fact that face wipes contain high levels of alcohol and chemical contents for preservation purposes.

Remember, not all cleansers, natural or artificial, suits everyone with sensitive skin. Choose the one that best suits the sensitivity levels of your skin. Choosing cleansers is the key to handling sensitive skin.

Any wrong choice may aggravate the sensitivity levels of your skin causing more distress to you. On the contrary, choosing the right kind of cleanser will add immense value to your efforts for toning down issues caused by your sensitive skin.

Go in for the best cleanser that would multitask on your skin exfoliating and moisturize the same over and above cleaning it.

When you choose the right cleanser, you maximize the results of your sensitive skin maintenance putting in minimal efforts. 

Cleansing Sensitive Skin – A Definitive Guide

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Perfect Skin Ahead
Does Masturbation Cause Acne? Fact Check

Age is actually nothing but mind over matter. In reality, age is more of feelings than a number of years we are residing on this earth.

It is always better to live our life focussing on every moment and forgetting our age since remembering that will automatically kindle certain feelings.

Think deeply and you will accept that we never age from a mental perspective. Only our physical body and the ailments it experiences remind us of our age from time to time. While women are highly allergic to aging, men become Vinegar as they age along.

Men start feeling sexual desires right from the early part of their life and such feelings last in them till they get old enough. During their early life, they vent out their sexual desire by helping themselves physically.

This is mainly because our societal norms prevent them from having a physical relationship with another person too early in life.

However, the personal help men resort to provide themselves leads to problems that are many a time secretive in nature.

Women are not exceptions to Masturbation too. Acne is considered as one among the issues caused in men and women who are involved in Masturbation.

So now, the question is, does Masturbation really cause Acne? If yes, what are the factors involved in the same?

What happens when people masturbate?

With the advancement in technologies and access to every corner of the world that Internet facilitates, everyone knows what Masturbation is all about.

It is one of those subjects that have remained an open secret all across the globe from early days till date. So, instead of getting deep into what it is all about, let us venture in detail as to what exactly happens when people masturbate that causes Acne.

When people masturbate, it causes huge amounts of stress in them which they experience in the form of pleasure.

This is mainly due to change that human brain experiences owing to increased Dopamine levels. Dopamine which basically acts as a neurotransmitter functions in unique ways.

Neurons or the nerve cells that are released by neurotransmitters like Dopamine are responsible for passing communication to other nerve cells in the form of signals.

Masturbation impacts the different nerve cells that interact with each other by passing signals. The resultant neuro modulations create an imbalance in hormones. Hormonal fluctuations cause many types of health issues one among the same being Acne.

The norepinephrine released in the blood vessels due to changes in Dopamine functioning gets locally synthesized affecting the cells that are in the nearby regions.

The skin being the vulnerable most aspects of the human body faces the wrath of such changes leading to many issues like Acne

Testosterone is one of the hormones released when people Masturbate. Indulging in Masturbation leads to DHT. This is the scientific terminology for the combined effect caused by various hormones namely Dopamine, Adrenalin, and Testosterone.

Testosterone gets converted into DHT which in turn triggers outbreaks in the surface of the skin one of them being Acne.

Sexual exhaustion is one of the stages of the sexual activity, probably the final one. When people masturbate, they reach this stage which is nothing but the highest point of an artificial sexual pleasure. It is at this point that the outbreak of Acne reaches its highest levels too.

As the pleasure and exhaustion drop down to reach a trough at the end of Masturbation, due to the prolonged stress experienced, Acne outbreaks happen.

Women experience Acne outbreaks when their menstrual cycles are due and they experience an increased desire to masturbate. This is mainly due to the hormonal changes that happen in their body during this time.

Young women who have just attained puberty tend to indulge in masturbation owing the hormonal fluctuations that happen in their body. In both cases, hormonal changes cause Acne.

No doubt masturbation causes Acne in men but in an indirect manner. Androgen is one of the hormones that get triggered in Men when they masturbate.

These hormones cause fluctuations in the other hormones aggravating the already existing Acne breakouts in men.

One more reason that causes Acne in men is the nutrients that they lose when they reach elation during masturbation. The semen ejaculated by men medically contains Selenium, many Vitamins including Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium. Vitamin E and Zinc are directly related to skin health.

 Zinc particularly has been proven to have a strong relationship with Acne. Frequent or regular masturbation discharges men of these vital forces and necessary nutrients.

Skin which depends on such essential nutrients to a great extent becomes easily affected when they are deprived of the same. It tends to get affected by many issues pertaining to breakouts including but not limited to Acne

When women masturbate, their Uterus tends to get infected due to a particular type of Bacteria termed as Propionibacteria.

Though this appears to be distantly related, the bacteria have the capability to cause Acne in people. Propionibacteria are capable of aggravating existing Acne in people who have the habit of Masturbating.

Irrespective of the fact whether masturbation causes Acne or not, indulging in the same happens to be an individual’s choice.

People who do not have a partner or who tend to satisfy their sexual urge in their own manner tend to masturbate regularly.

Regardless of the fact if they do so without a choice or as an extra option, Masturbation needs moderation. While ‘excess’ is dangerous, ‘too much excess’ is deadly.

Final Note

Remember, even if nectar is taken in excess quantities, it leads to results that poison can cause.  After all, life is all about balance. Excessive indulgence in anything causes chaos.

Masturbation is no exception to this global phenomenon. While Masturbation may be a natural way to vent out one’s sexual desires in a secretive manner, understanding one’s limits are absolutely important. 

Your skin does not deserve to be filled with Acne. Protect it from all possible evils in every possible manner.

Does Masturbation Cause Acne? Fact Check

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Perfect Skin Ahead
Myth or Fact? Does Coconut Oil Cause Acne?

Beautiful skin is never a miracle. Every person who flaunts a healthy glowing skin puts in conscious efforts to maintain the same that way. Nothing comes without a cost in this world and so is glowing skin too.

When someone looks beautiful with a radiating skin, it shows the high levels of efforts they put in and the vast expanse of time they spend to pamper the same.

Right from their food intake to the discipline they follow in life pertaining to sleep and other habits, everything is focused towards having a healthy skin.

Particularly when we live amidst dust, grease and huge levels of pollution, it is all the more important we take extra care beyond the required levels.

Many natural products are available for taking care of the skin in the perfect manner. While some of these natural products can be consumed as edible food items some of them must be used only as external applications on the surface of the skin.

Regardless of whether people consume certain natural products internally or use them on their skin in an external manner, natural products enrich skin tone.

One such natural product that is believed to safeguard the skin from various harms that internal and external factors cause is Coconut Oil.

However, there is a widespread doubt in many minds if using Coconut Oil on the skin causes Acne in the same.

Is it true?

It is important to understand the science of oils so we get the answer to this question in a clear-cut manner.

Science of Oils

Oils have acted as the base ingredient of many beautification products that are natural and artificial in nature.

Modern beauty products take the help of natural oils to get the skin their actual tone. Have you ever wondered how the oil we apply on the surface of our skin penetrates into the same providing it the nourishment it requires?

Let us look at what happens when we apply natural oils on our skin.

When we apply any type oil on the surface of our skin, it penetrates into our skin in two ways. One is through inhalation and another is through the massage we do on the surface of the skin.

When essential oils are inhaled, the many receptors in the Olfactory Mucus Membrane at the top portion of the nose immediately experience sensory stimulations.

The nervous system works in an autonomous manner kindling many memories associated with the smell. While this is a psychological impact created by oils, the physical aspect tends to respond in a different manner.

The Limbic System that controls the impulses of the nerves initiates the act of regulating body functions. It also starts secreting various types of hormones.

Such hormone secretion starts within a few nanoseconds and as soon as you inhale the oil.

The second method through which your skin absorbs the oil is termed as dermal absorption.

The outer most layer of Epidermis on the surface of the skin is termed as Stratum Corneum. All essential oils are made up of molecules. These molecules are absolutely minute in nature.

The permeability of the human skin to substances that are fat soluble in nature makes the minute substances enter the skin quickly.

The molecules travel fast through the Dermis and mix into the bloodstream via the capillaries. On the outer surface, the sweat ducts and hair follicles act as the gateway for oils to get into the skin.

Does Coconut oil cause Acne?

Coconut oil is not an exception to what has been discussed in the Science of oil section.

When we inhale Coconut Oil through our nostrils, the immediate reaction it triggers on the many aspects of our body causes Hormonal fluctuations. When excess levels of hormonal fluctuations are caused in human body, the stress experienced by people causes Acne

The hair follicles on the surface of the skin are termed as Pores. Sebaceous Glands are individual glands that are connected to the inner end of every hair follicle. These glands produce an oily substance termed as Sebum. When the Sebaceous Glands produce Sebum in excess quantities, the hair follicles get blocked. When this condition prevails for long periods of time, it leads to bacterial infection. The resultant bacterial infection leads to many skin conditions, one of them being Acne.

The name of the Bacteria that causes Acne is Propionibacterium. When bacteria get stuck in the hair follicles, inflammation is caused. Unattended inflammation leads to Acne.

 When you apply Coconut oil on the surface of the skin, it adds to the Sebum p​​​​roduced by the Sebaceous Glands making the skin surface oily.  Excess oil on the surface of the skin leads to many harmful skin conditions including Acne

Some of the fatty acids that are found in Coconut Oil are Caprylic Acid, Caproic Acid, and Capric Acid. Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid also. The good news is that Lauric Acid is capable of killing Propionibacterium. However, when combined with Retinoic Acid, another acid that Coconut Oil contains, the combination tends to cause Acne.

When Coconut Oil is maintained at room temperature it becomes fractionated. Fractionated Coconut oil lacks Lauric Acid thus losing the capacity to kill Propionibacterium. This makes the skin vulnerable to Acne attack.

Coconut Oil is considered to be Comedogenic in nature. This terminology means that it is capable of clogging the pores. When pores get clogged, Propionibacterium causes Acne on the surface of the skin.

One of the basic things that every one of us must know is our skin type. When we know our skin type, we will understand clearly what suits the same. We will avoid using ingredients that do not suit our skin type. This is one of the crucial things that will safeguard our skin from evil effects that many unsuitable ingredients cause from time to time. When you fall in love with your skin and take good care of the same, it repays you back projecting you in a beautiful manner.

Myth or Fact? Does Coconut Oil Cause Acne?

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