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Keystone Aviation welcomes Scott LaForge as the new Vice President of Flight Operations.  Scott’s daily responsibilities will consist of providing oversight for the operation of the flight department and its safety standards.

Scott LaForge did not start in aviation by accident. At 13 years old he met a friend in school who worked at the airport and who was also taking flying lessons. Interested, he went with his friend to the Cape Cod Massachusetts airport, instantly falling in love with flying. He immediately got a job building banner tow signs and washing aircraft at 2 dollars an hour and paved his own way up through to becoming an Airline Transport Pilot. His dedication to aviation would eventually turn into 20,000 safe flying hours with several type ratings and multiple high level positions managing aviation businesses.

Scott’s love for aviation doesn’t end in the sky, when asked what he liked most about aviation his answer was “all the nuts and bolts” of the bu

siness. His ultimate success is to create an extremely safe and satisfying experience for customers. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Scott has found himself immersed in the diversity of the entire aviation industry, more specifically, the diversity of operating an aviation business and maintaining the highest level of safety. He mentions, in the heat of battle operating an aviation company, safety is always at risk if the proper systems are not in place. Scott adds, “The safest way to fly an airplane is to tie it down and go home and don’t fly it at all. Therefore a responsible aviation team manages risk every moment of day”.

Scott’s expertise and background in aviation makes him a sure fit for his new position at Keystone Aviation. His main internal goal is to “create, motivate and move together in unison as a team”. When not focusing on Aviation inside the office, Scott’s hobbies include playing the drums, hiking with his wife Kye, horseback riding and feeling the freedom of flying.

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Into-Plane Technician

TAC Air – Salt Lake City

Position Title: Commercial Airline Fueler (Into-Plane Technician)

Reports To: Into-Plane Duty Manager

Expectations for All Employees:

Supports the organization’s mission, vision, and values by applying the principals of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment. Must adhere to company’s culture by following all company guidelines with regard to safety, security and compliance.

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the Into-Plane Duty Manager. To provide fueling services for commercial airline aircraft in the most efficient, safe and effective manner possible with the highest regard for customer service.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  1. Fuel – Responsible for moving fuel, maintaining quality control of fuel, receiving fuel, disposing of fuel and completing applicable paperwork.
  2. Customer Service – Responsible for assisting passengers and pilots in any way possible giving direction and constant support; always offering additional services and exceeding customer expectations.
  3. Promotion of Services – Maintains a good understanding of all services provided by company and promote these services to customers.
  4. Attitude — Always work with a cooperative attitude and the ability to work well with co-workers. Have flexibility in all assigned duties and job assignments as given by supervisor or manager.
  5. Facility – Responsible for keeping work areas, hangars and ramp clean and neat.
  6. Equipment – Operate equipment safely, understand and utilize all safety equipment. Report all maintenance issues to your supervisors.
  7. Performs physically-demanding tasks effectively using the safest and most efficient method possible.
  8. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by periodically attending training sessions and taking proficiency exams.
  9. Cooperates with fellow employees.
  10. Maintains flexibility with job assignments.
  11. Remains alert to safety and security issues at all times.
  12. Annual recurrent training.
  13. Maintain safe work habits and measures at all times.
  14. Understand that this position may expose the employee to hazardous noise levels, chemicals, fumes and machinery.
  15. Understand this position requires outside work in all kinds of weather conditions.
  16. Understand the position is entry-level requiring operation of motor vehicles.


Must be able to lift 75 pounds.

Must have a basic understanding of mathematics.

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Job Description: Performs a variety of duties related to the general servicing of aircraft, aircraft crews/passengers and baggage/cargo. Provide outstanding customer service by working as a part of a customer service oriented team; responsible for performing duties related to the general servicing of aircraft (oil and gas); communicating, interacting with and assisting customers; assisting in general upkeep of line service area, lobby and refreshment bar area; must adhere to the company’s culture by following all company guidelines with regard to safety, security and compliance.

Preferred: Prefer candidate that will be a team player, has a passion for outstanding customer service, exhibits good communication and interpersonal skills, has good problem solving abilities, is dependable, has the ability to multi-task, is able to take instruction and work well independently and has a general knowledge of various aircraft servicing and experience with aircraft ground equipment.

Additional Information:

  • Full Time / Part Time position
  • Will work as GSE Mechanic with line duties as needed

Basic Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Valid driver’s license
  • At least 18 years of age

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Teresa Grant spends her days traveling the world, going on African safaris and seeing Broadway shows in London. Teresa’s exciting lifestyle is attributed to being an international flight attendant for Keystone Aviation. This interview is a glimpse into Teresa’s world and details her favorite trip yet.

KA: What made you want to be a flight attendant?

T: I don’t want to give you the standard answer of ‘I love to travel,’ but I always wanted to be a flight attendant when I was younger. My father was in construction and after college I became a general contractor. After I left construction, I started working at a winery for fun – pouring wine and meeting people from all over the world and it started bringing that feeling back of wanting to be a flight attendant. The people who came to the winery encouraged me to pursue it.

KA: What is it like to be an international flight attendant?

T: I have to pinch myself that I’m doing it. I really do. I have gotten to see places all over the world. Places I didn’t even know existed, that I have to look up on an atlas to find out where they are. This job has definitely made my geography better and my family’s geography better. It’s interesting too, when I read or hear about world news, it means more to me now than it ever did before because I have been there, I have met those people.

KA: What is your favorite trip so far?

T: Probably the Africa trip we just completed. I had to keep reminding myself that ‘you are here in Africa’ and ‘you are doing this.’

KA: Tell me where you went in Africa and what it was like getting there?

T: Well this trip was amazing altogether. We first started in New York and from there went to London. And I told myself that this time in London I would see some shows. So I bought myself tickets to the Lion King, went to the show the first night and it was amazing. So I caught the fever, and bought a ticket to see Mama Mia as a matinee the next day. Then it was time to get ready for the trip. We flew from London to Tanzania which is where you fly into to go to Kilimanjaro.

KA: Which is the tallest mountain in Africa?

T: Correct. We flew into Tanzania, but we were staying in Arusha.   After we arrived, we got our customers on their way and then cleaned up the airplane. Then we had a driver take us to our hotel in the city. Driving from the airport to the hotel, there was a distinct smell. That’s something I always appreciate – every country has its own smell.

KA: What did it smell like?

T: Barbeque. Not like Texas barbeque, but we couldn’t quite figure out what the locals were burning. We thought they were burning coal or briquette. What we finally figured out is that their kitchens are outside, so it was a group housing situation and they were cooking dinner outside.

KA: What was the hotel like?

T: The hotel was clean and we had running water, but the power is not reliable in that part of Africa. They are constantly having outages and nobody seems to be phased by the power going out for minutes at a time. In one hour, it probably happened 10 times. It just goes to show that we take power for granted here.

KA: What did you do the next day?

T: The next morning, our driver for the safari came to the hotel and picked us up, in one of those safari Jeeps. The preserve was about two hours from our hotel.

KA: What was the first animal you saw?

T: A baboon. We were so excited when we first saw the baboon, but by the end of the next day, we were just like ‘oh yah, it’s a baboon’ because there were so many of them.

KA: What other animals did you see?

T: So driving through the preserve, animals can come and go so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see anything, but we saw hippopotamuses, baboons, and giraffes in the distance.

KA: But no lions?

T: Not on the first day. We stayed the night in a safari camp. It was like elite camping. I had my own bungalow which had a full bathroom with a fire place and running water. That night, we had a 7 course dinner.  Our guide ate dinner with us and it was fun getting to ask him questions. We woke up when it was still dark out and started to drive into the next preserve. It was actually a crater, the second largest crater in the world where there once was a volcano. These animals are all living in this crater. I mean, it was just like the Lion King.

KA: Almost exactly as you would imagine?

T: It was idyllic.  So we drove up up up and once we got to the top, we looked over this vast crater and our guide said ‘we are going to drive down into this and you will see all the animals.’ So we drove down in there and we started seeing water buffalo and hyenas, and zebras – thousands of zebras. We also got to see lot of baby animals.  Buffalo were actually dropping their babies right in front of us. It was like watching the circle of life.

But our goal that day was, of course, to see lions. I had binoculars and saw two female lions in the distance.  The guide said ‘let’s move on – they will eventually be moving onto the watering hole and we will catch them as they move.’  Sure enough, the female lions come walking over. We park our Jeep, and another Jeep shows up and the lions walk right over and lay in the shadow of that Jeep.

KA:  So no male lions yet, just the female lions?

T: A little bit later, I saw through the binoculars what I thought was a male lion. So we drove towards the lion as fast as we could – it was a male lion but he was walking away from where we were. Our guide said ‘just wait a second, see those water buffalo over there, a buffalo is going to challenge that lion’ and right after he says that, a buffalo turns and challenges the lion and the lion turns around and starts walking towards us. Closer and closer to the point where I asked ‘are we ok to stay here.’  He just walks right over and lies in the shadow of our Jeep. I haven’t been that close to a lion in a zoo. And all I could think was ‘I can’t believe I’m here doing this.’ We also saw elephants, but they were off in the distance.

KA: So after Tanzania, where did you go?

T: We went to Ethiopia which has its own smell as well. It smells like burnt coffee.  The people sit out on the road side roasting their coffee beans. We didn’t do as much in Ethiopia because we were recovering from our safari adventure.

KA: What about the rest of the trip?

T: After Ethiopia, we went to Rome.  We were only there for a day so we decided to get up early to go see the Colosseum. We tried to see as much as we could in the time we had.

KA: Last question – where is your dream destination that you have yet to go?

T: I would love to go to Austria. My dream has always been to experience Switzerland, and I have been there, but the weather was terrible at the time. So I would love to go back and see Switzerland, Austria and Germany. There is a hike I have been told about in Switzerland where you walk from town to town in the mountains and you actually end up in three different countries. The funny thing with this job is we get to go to these countries because our clients want to go, but we are limited to what we can do because we have to make ourselves available and have time constraints. So we don’t always get to see exactly what we want to see. When I retire, my husband and I plan to travel the world…on our own schedule…

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