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Vape juice and vape equipment are ruling the roost as more and more people are choosing them as the alternative to smoking because of their unprecedented benefits. Hence, it comes as no surprise that a great number companies are coming forward to sell their products online.

Vape industry constraints…

They are investing in creating high-quality and responsive websites to sell products and attract as much customers as possible. However, when it comes to online promotion and marketing; they often lag behind and fail to hit the bull’s eye because of certain constraints.

Inflicted restrictions…

In fact, the whole vape juice and vape equipment industry is under pressure as they are unable to compete with the top players because of the restrictions inflicted by the Google under its prohibition policy of not promoting or supporting “products designed to simulate tobacco smoking, including electronic or e cigarettes”. As a result, the industry is under trouble to improve their growth and accelerate their revenues.

Consistent increase in the volume of keywords…

However, people are significantly searching Vape juice and vape equipment online, which is consistently increasing the volume of related keywords or key phrases. In fact, it must also be noted that at this juncture the industry cannot claim the health benefits of vaping, which is also a huge setback.

So, now the question is, is it impossible to promote a business dealing in Vape juice and vape equipment or electronic or e cigarettes. The answer is, there is a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. All business owners need is stay calm and patient and believe in the unprecedented power, potential and robustness of the SEO industry, which is one of the most effective medium of website promotion.

Power of SEO…

It has its own unmatched advantages that cannot be challenged at any cost. Firm believes in SEO as well as online marketing evangelists understand the limitations of the industry, but still hopeful that they can make it happened and with the help of SEO tools, techniques and broad strategies, they can bring the industry in limelight.

They also understand that PPC cannot extend its help towards the industry, but still they can utilize the power and efficacy of SEO to achieve the set objectives. That is why, they recommend using both long-tail and short-tail keywords to optimise the content and attract as many people as possible to their online stores. In fact, proper use of link building tactics can also make a huge and noticeable difference.

So, if you have a website, you must look to invest your time and efforts in SEO. You also need to focus on devising a well-planned strategy, execution and efforts to achieve huge gains that cannot be even imagined.  According to a report, SEO has the ability to increase website’s visibility, rank, traffic, conversion rates as well as overall sales of an online store, which is a big advantage for the  electronic or e cigarettes industry.

Optimisation is the key

As it clear that Google’s advertising policies will not help the industry anymore, now the next best and effective option is SEO, which is mandatory to improve business growth.

The vape industry is also growing at an unprecedented rate, which is showed by the consistent rise in the searches, which is expected to rise even more by the end of this year – 2017.

Hence, in a nutshell, as a vape business owner, it is more than important to properly optimise your website to gain success.

If you have thousands of products, you need to optimise almost all pages to make them look relevant.

Next, you also need to optimise images, URL as well as make them static for unprecedented gains.

Develop irresistible content…

As we cannot harness the potential of Google advertising for vape business, it is prudent to use content marketing as a weapon. AS a vape business owner, you must focus on creating quality content, description and other promotional material.

Arguably, content is one of the most incredible component that can help a business to achieve success. According to a study, businesses that blog attracts and engages more customers as well as improve their ROI. 

Write useful and informative blog posts …

Hence, you should endeavor to write useful and informative blog posts as well as vape product descriptions to educate and inform your customers. You should also make your content rich in facts and figures (industrial statistics) to increase authority of your business.  

In short, as a vape business owner you must endeavor to engage with your audience, the content has to be relevant, and maybe even descriptive. If you’re stuck for ideas, think about what makes your business/products unique and what would appeal to your audience as a whole.

In fact, constantly ask yourself questions like; what do my customers want, would this blog post work? and you’ll see a stronger return on your investment. 

Next, for better results, you also need to focus on commercial keywords because they lead to revenue as well as improve business image. Note – The key to success is always having the right content to engage your widely distributed audiences.

Go for Email Marketing…

After producing and distributing content at a wider level, you also need to focus on , which is yet another game changer and take your content marketing to a new level of excellence.

No doubt, email marketing is the finest method to generate and nurture leads specially if you are into vape business. It is not only cost-effective means of direct communication, but also allow business owners to exhibit their product features in an interactive as well as personalised way. However, there are still some business owners that believe that it is of no use, but reality is something different.

Being a vape business owner, all you need to do is to provide complete information about your vape flavors, refills, etc. in order to improve the awareness of your customers. You can also use it to announce new products or communicating a new business information.

The power of Email Marketing and its ability to increase conversion is huge and can’t be neglected. In fact, it has enormous possibilities for vape businesses.

However, for better yields, it must be noted that these are more elements that can improve your efforts, such as:  

Design quality Opt-In Forms – For the desired yields, you need to insert an opt-in form and link it to a mailing list. Whether you use an automated email marketing software or perform it manually, you need to make use of attractive and sensible opt-in forms that can attract and convert users. It is one of the most productive ways to engage users and establish long term relationship with them.

Keep your customers happy – If you want to consistently grow your email list and keep your customers cheerful, you need to give decent discounts, printable coupons and exciting offers. It is a good way to retain customers and enhance their interest in your product and brand.

Of course, there is no thumb rule, however, it is always better to provide your own products in order to promote them in a health manner. The best thing it will not cost you fortune, but improve your relationship nothing else.

Offer something valuable– If you want to reap long-term benefits, you need to provide something invaluable to your subscribers. It could be any industry news, product related news or update or even analysis, which can improve the overall understanding of users and influence their decision making capacity.

In fact, fresh content, crisp images, sweet subject lines as well as embedded videos can help you to win the race.

Whatever the method you choose, increasing brand awareness and building positive relationships should be your top priorities.

Video marketing…

Believe it or not, videos are gaining huge momentum across the web and engaging people like never before. That is why YouTube has become one of the most significant search engines. Means, if you are not using it for your business promotion, you are missing a great opportunity.

Fortunately, video marketing doesn’t always require a huge budget or deep technical expertise. It is easy to use, which means it’s a cost effective as well and can convey your message to audiences in real time.

As a vape business business owner, you should use video marketing to gain benefits.

The best thing is you can produce a channel and share videos on social media for utmost visibility as well as brand image.

It will eventually build up your brand’s visibility as well as authenticity, which is a primary factor when it comes to gaining top rankings on search engines.

However, if the quality of your video is poor, it may end up doing your business more harm than good.

It also wipes out the confusion that the business or brand is fake or generating profit from unfair means. Hence, you must take initiatives to improve the visibility of your website as well as kindle interest among vape users with the help of  video production.

Social media

Social media is the need of the hour and the life blood of businesses. It has the ability to improve the overall communication process and augment it with better and advanced features that were not possible previously.

As a vape business owner, whatever the products you have, you must promote them on different social channels.

Next, you need to create content according to the channel and share relevant images.

You should also promote your brand through story telling, which is a great way to engage users.

It must be noted that an effective social media campaign can take a website to a whole new level of excellence. It will not only redefine your brand image, but also help you to establish relationship with customers. 

So, if are into vape business, you must promote your products on social media channels. And if done right, multiple social platforms can offer a big way to engage with your audience.

It also helps to increase brand awareness and ultimate exposure as people like to share interesting stuff. 

However, you need to devise a strong strategy for each channel for critical advantage.

Bottom line:

Easier said than done. Unquestionably, vaping industry is extremely tough and compe

titive, and it could be a huge challenge to strike the right balance; however, if you keep your approach steady and measurable, you may win the game.

It is also advisable to focus on quality over quantity. And evaluate success at each step. Online channels are measurable, you can track traffic, page reads, open rates, etc. so, take advantage of these elements to stay ahead…

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According to tech terminology, web design is the process of creating websites. It involves numerous aspects, including webpage layout, content production, as well as graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably; it must be noted that web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development. With that in mind, it can be concluded that web design is all about configuring different elements together to create a fully functional website.

However, today, many experts have different views, when it comes to web design and its overall impact on internet marketing. Some evangelists say that it cannot impact rankings as well as traffic of a website, because it is all about designing.

However, there are some, who believes that it has a vital role in affecting search engine rankings, traffic as well as the overall conversion rate of a website. Let’s discuss this in details. However, before delving deep, it must be understood that the importance of web design is significant and cannot be neglected. And it has the ability to attract users and covert them into loyal customers.

Here, it must be noted that misleading web designs can become havoc overtime and reduce the overall conversion rate of a website. In fact, according to some studies there are certain things that deter users instead of attracting them, such as:

  • Complex layouts
  • Irritating advertisements
  • Gaudy ads
  • Small font
  • Boring web design/lack of colour schemes
  • Slow website load times

From the above discussion, one thing is clear that designing plays an essential role in attracting customers and cannot be easily neglected. According to surveys, more and more people want see beautiful and attractive web designs to improve their browsing experience. While there are some people who pay high attention to website’s content rather than its designs. However, as a business owner, you need to balance out both web design elements as well as content in order to establish your brand image in the market and enjoy a dominant position.

Here, it is important to know and understand that web designs have the ability to impact branding efforts. A clear, consistent and beautiful web design can help a business to establish its brand in the market. In fact, in practical terms, it is can influence rankings, conversion rate as well as traffic of a website as well.

Now, the question is how web designs affect conversion rates? Put it simple, you need to pay attention to the following elements: 

  • Navigation – It is a well-known fact that a website should have a clear navigation to improve its accessibility as well as usability, which can eventually improve conversion rates. Websites that are complex, often force visitors to leave, while intuitive/logical site structure encourages people to continue browsing and take required actions.
  • Wording – According to a study, the words/language you use in calls-to-actions (CTAs) have a direct impact on conversion rates. For specifically speaking, if you include the word ‘free’ when asking people to sign up or download something or take any particular action, it may increase conversions.
  • Colour – Of course, colours matter a lot in attracting customers. According to certain researches, big, red, and bold can play a vital role in conveying messages. So, use them according to your business objectives.

Hence, it’s essential that you know and analyse the impact of web design on different aspects of marketing and branding. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Are you looking for ways to grow traffic, get quality backlinks, and go on top of the target audience? Blogger outreach is the ideal approach that can help boost your SEO. Here, we will tell you all about blogger outreach, and how it is can help you boost your business. The guide will give you a perfect plan and give you the right shortcuts and help you run outreach campaigns.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

At first, you need to know the basics of blogger outreach. It is a process of identifying influencers and if you can benefit by making a relationship with them. You can leverage a relationship to get an audience with the help of guest blogging. It helps you get a link back from another person’s site. You can grow the audience, increase engagement, make people spread about your website, and more. Blogger outreach is a step ahead than just communicating with an influencer. Know all about it below!

How can the process of blogger outreach help you?

Suppose you are working with a team of bloggers and ensure the best demographics of your client’s products and services. You will come up with questions like – “why is it good to work with bloggers?” The answer is simple – they market you to people and make them aware of you. It is more like word-of-mouth marketing but in digital terms. Outreach helps tap influencers reach communities and get right niche of people to talk about business and how it impacts a product or service. It also reflects the consumer’s buying attitude. You have to be a smooth talker to convince a client to go ahead with blogger outreach. Many people are still unaware of the benefits it offers.

  1. You need bloggers that are influencers

An indirect gain of having a blog with traffic is that you influence people. Suppose you started a blog only to tell people about a particular niche. When your blog kicks off, you actually influence a lot of people with what you write. People with more than average reach have an impact on the marketplace. Influencers can be anyone from the girl-next-door to a celebrity. As per reports, 86% of influencers have a personal blog and 88% of influencers write their own blog. When consumers want to know more about the products they purchase or want to purchase, 61% of them search online. Almost 31% of shoppers online take ideas from blogs, vlogs, and so on.

  1. You need a blogger partnership

Blogger partnership is either earned or paid. Earned media helps gain free coverage through promotional efforts and differs from advertising. When you apply this to blogger outreach, it means bloggers promote your client without paid sponsorship charges or post fees. There is no guarantee that links can generate a ranking. This form of outreach reflects a type of PR.

The paid media is when you want a blogger to be a brand ambassador and pay for the posts they publish. They charge money for such appearances.  Google and Bing have no part to play in such algorithms until people try to trick their way through it. The method helps you reach out to people depending on how much the influencer reaches out to people.

There are different types of campaigns laid down by influencers. One of the best and attractive platforms for such marketing is Instagram. It has a smart way of conveying short and crisp content with images or videos. You might have come across terms like ‘paid partnership with…’ when an influencer shares a post. It is also a way of outreach and is gaining popularity day by day.

  1. How to help clients with blogger outreach

Two aspects that disappoint influencers when there is are unsuccessful brand partnerships is the expectation of too much time and irrelevant pitches. One thing that really lacks in branded partnerships is relevancy to the blog or audience. For example, if you talk about a technological gadget in a beauty blog, it will leave less impact on people compared to a technical blog.

If you have clients and you need to help them sort out their blogger outreach, you need to have these basics cleared. If you need blogger outreach for your website or product/service, you need to know how to approach.

You have to figure which influencers or high-ranking blogs can help promote what you do. You need to contact them and know if they allow you to post in them. You then need to frame content and come into a partnership with the blogger. To effectively ace blogger outreach, you need tools, strategies, and a systematic approach. We will help you get there too, so keep reading ahead!

What is the systematic approach to blogger outreach?

If you are planning to incorporate blogger outreach, you need to know how to work at it like a pro. The following points will help you frame out the correct way to do so:

  1. Plan your endgame

You need to think why you want to go ahead with blogger outreach or what you want in return. Do you want a share? Is it because of a link? Is it a guest post? You need to address your aim in order to take the next steps that come along. You might want to build new relationships or connections, but you need to know your target.

  1. Make a hit-list

Figure out who you want to target. For example, if you own a blog about fitness or you sell protein shakes, you need to contact fitness enthusiasts. They will help you, promote you, and also get you relate-able audience.

  1. Get on their radar

You can’t expect to cold pitch and get a response. People need to know who you are, what you do, and examine your genuineness. You might interact with them by sharing their content or comment on their post. Social media is the freest and easiest form of communication right now.

  1. Know the people you’d approach

Try to know as much as you can about the people you will approach. You need to know their hobbies, send them personalized emails, learn about them, and more. You will get many ideas from their social media profiles and also examine their popularity depending on the news.

  1. Help them get better

If you help the influencers in any way you can, they will be there to help you back when you need. For example, backlinks are a nice way to promote people or websites or blogs. Suppose you found an error on their blog and quickly reported it for a change. Following their advice might also make them feel important.

  1. Ask for help

After you have crossed all these phases, you need to get to what you want. You also need to know how to ask for it. Most people do it through mail outreach. Nowadays you can also use social media as a platform for communication.

  1. Keep in touch

If you think you are getting in touch with an influencer for a one-time thing, it will be more like using them. You need to keep in touch with the people who can build you and who you can build. More than the monetary aspects, it is about building contacts and have good public relations. You must keep in touch with the bloggers and come to each other’s benefit. This not only aids your business but also improves relationships at a professional level.

Best blogger outreach tools you must use

Apart from going through the manual aspects where you need to build contact and connect to people, you need tools. In this case, there are tools for blogger outreach that can ease out the process you work in. Check out the following tools that can help:

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo helps you research good titles for blog posts, checks how well your content is performing online, and more. It is also one of the tools that help you concentrate on a niche – for example, content marketing. Once you search and find a popular content, you can reach out in the right way and introduce yourself to make a pitch. It can be guest blogs or links, and so on. It helps you filter types with brands, influencers, location, content, social shares, and more. You can use it easily and find the right approach to communicate with influencers.

  1. Traackr

Traackr helps you build a strong public relationship with bloggers and influencers. It offers an Influencer Management Platform where you can discover the right influencer, manage a relationship, check their impact on your business, and more. Traackr reduces the time blogger outreach might actually take you if you don’t use such tools. It lets you get ‘to the point’ really quick. It helps you track a conversation, helps import contacts, and give you various filters to reach to the right people.

  1. Tomoson

It is pretty obvious that you need some time to reach the top of your space. Tomoson works for you if you want to reach heights in less time. It isn’t one of the traditional tools for blogger outreach but still helps communicate with influencers easily. You can simply find the type of influencer you need by searching at the ‘Find Influencers’ tab. You will redirect to a page that allows you to start off with your search. You can type ‘beauty’ and you will get people who talk about beauty and influence people. It gives you complete details about the influencer’s reach in terms of social media, website, and so on.

  1. PitchBox

PitchBox helps you eliminate the finer details that slow down your blogger outreach process. It helps you cater to the right time, energy and lets you create connections and discuss partnerships with best influencers in the world of the search engine.

PitchBox comes with many features like:

  • It helps you target your niche
  • Gives you the possibility of scalable outreach with the help of templates
  • It automates follow-up and you don’t need additional tools for that
  • Integrates email clients and helps manage all that through PitchBox. This keeps the process and approach organized.
  • Provides you a relationship manager who bring all the information together and gives you the total record of activity
  • It also reports about the improvements

You will take some time to get used to PitchBox, but it might be all that you need! The features are great and will give you quality results with time. It maximizes the process of guest blogging, influencer searching, and aids blogger outreach in an overall.

  1. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is yet another place where you get influencers, get relationship managers, and so on. It is not unlike the other tools you found on this list. However, it has a comparatively large customer base and more and more people rely on this.

You can browse the search engine, get fresh bloggers, go onto their social media platforms, and know about them. It is an effective option that saves times and lets you get through to the right people.

BuzzStream is much automated and works well for people who are not much tech-savvy. It scours every website, discovers and records contact information, checks social traffic and metrics, and more. If you have spent hours on blogger outreach but couldn’t find anything fruitful, you should turn to BuzzStream.

There are many blogger outreach agencies offering blogger outreach services. You can also turn to them and not waste more time online. They are experts who can help you reach out to the right people, curate your content, and post them in places that’ll give you recognition. Choosing this will help you concentrate more on other aspects of your business.

The requirement of blogger outreach is increasing every day and you will need such an aid at some point. It is a smarter way of promoting what you do or what you sell and saves money compared to advertisements. You simply need to have the right approach, connect to the right people, and spread the right words. We hope this post has helped you clear all your doubts about blogger outreach. Now you can start off with this approach and gain quality consumers for your products and services.

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You cannot ignore the power and potential of content, especially in today’s aggressive marketing landscape. Basically, content marketing is the process of creating as well as distributing valuable, relevant, high-quality and useful content to attract and retain targeted customers. In fact, it is one of most efficient and proven way to earn backlinks, which is a corner stone of search engine optimisation. However, the crux of the matter is, unlike Google Adwords or any other paid form of marketing, it focuses on long-term results.

According to marketing experts, content marketing has always been a favoured method of attracting audiences, lead generation, improving revenue as well as establishing leadership position in the market. In addition to that, it also increases the overall reach of your brand; however, marketers use it as their weapon to obtain high quality backlinks for their campaigns.

However, it must be noted that content is not only limited to blog posts or articles, but also includes videos, e-books, tutorials, podcasts, presentations, and much more.

Supporting facts:
  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content strategy.
  • 42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing.
  • 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day.
  • 61% of consumers are influenced by custom content.
  • 88% of B2B marketers currently use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

Hence, it is clear that content marketing is aimed at creating helpful content that attracts the right audience to your business and encourage them to share your content. Now the question arises, how to create content that can the maximum number of links? So, here is the answer, let’s start…


It is a known fact that research-based content is highly powerful and helps to build authoritative links. However, it must be noted that you should have a clear plan of action to syndicate your content in a careful manner, so that your content can perform well and earn an expected number of links from the desired channels.

But how to carry out research?

All you need to do is to analyse your top competitors, their online marketing strategies, their backlink strategies as well as the content there are promoting. Of course, it needs time and efforts, but the result would be fabulous.

You also need to utilise certain all-round powerful tools to analyse backlinks. This will eventually help you to devise an action-packed strategy to develop content.

No doubt, if your content is share worthy and designed to improve the overall understanding of customers, it will swing and automatically attract links and provides instant exposure to your content.

Industry trends

Of course, if you are in digital marketing, you cannot remain an island. You need to keep your eyes and mind open all the time to grab a hidden opportunity. If you want to outrank your competitor, you need to follow the trend.


For greater benefits, you need to study industry verticals and approaches they are following to gain an edge. You also gain an insight into the publishing network of top brands in order to shape your own.

However, if you want something specific and precision oriented, you must go towards surveying techniques. All you need to do is to:

  • Conduct consumer survey
  • Use internal and external data
  • Conduct industry survey
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Examine published blogs, documents, reports and whitepapers

Content marketing works really well when it is planned and executed carefully. Remember, your content is not just enticing visitors, but also encouraging them to share. If your content is designed to address and solve the problems of customers, it will easily carve its niche and provide you backlinks in an effortless manner.

Benefits of producing high-quality content:
  • Improves traffic, rankings and conversions
  • Obtains links
  • Improves business’ image
  • Augments domain authority
  • Boost exposure
  • Lessen total marketing cost

However, these are many things that need to be considered besides developing meaningful content, such as audit. Yes, marketers still believe that it is a time-consuming and exhaustive task. However, it is the best way to improve the overall effectiveness of your content. Of course, it is complex, but can deliver better results.

Essential elements to consider:
  • Understand your audience before developing your content.
  • Share your content on leading social media sites.
  • Use high quality content writing tools
  • Use powerful analytical tools to measure ROI.
  • Repurpose your content
  • Create podcasts and videos.

In a nutshell, one absolute method of earning links through content is to create something valuable and useful for your industry as well as customers. You can write anything that has the ability to create long-term value, such as a whitepaper, research paper, e-guide, or e-book – and promoting it to the leading publishing networks.

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SEO is a discipline that cannot be ignored. It has its significance; however, when it comes to its integrity, it can be further divided into main categories – white hat and black hat. Some people choose black hat SEO because it is one of the fastest ways to achieve search engine rankings; however, white hat SEO is all about conforming the standard guidelines of Google.

In fact, according to online marketing evangelists white hat SEO refers to any practice that improves search rankings of a website on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the overall integrity of your site and staying within the search engines’ terms of service.

In other words, white hat SEO is a strategic term that is not a single term, but a comprehensive umbrella term that includes providing relevant and quality content and services, improved loading times of a website and mobile-friendliness. In fact, it also involves usage of descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags. In addition, it also encapsulates making a website as easy as possible to navigate. All these terms describes only one thing that the website should be both user and search engine friendly.

However, here, it must be noted that white hat link building in SEO is somewhat hard and tough to evaluate. It is done in a tactical way, which businesses can’t afford. But it produces amazing results that cannot be matched or challenged.

But if you want to build links by using white hat link building, you should focus on various aspects that are the integral part of SEO. One of the finest aspects of white hat link building is Blogger Outreach.

The basic concept behind Blogger Outreach is to reach out to blogs in your specific niche. Of course, it is somewhat time consuming and exhaustive task, but can result in absolute success; however, for that, you need to write a relevant, factual, informative as well as valuable article that can improve the overall knowledge of the users and should be worth enough to get published on a blog. It is a great way to build a solid backlink for online marketing professionals.

Of course, besides getting a solid backlink, there are many other benefits, such as –

• A great in-content link
• Organic traffic
• Better search engine rankings.

Of course, this may sound critical, but reaching to quality and authoritative sites can make a huge difference and can produce unmatched results. This type of work and results are liked and appreciated by clients of almost all types and industries alike.

Now the question is how to do it- right? So, here is the detailed explanation that can improve your knowledge as well as skills as well. Let’s keep it in bullets to help you understand more deeply.

This process is not only critical, it is crucial to the overall online success.

• Develop a relevant and factual piece of content.

It is a great part and can produce results in an effective way. Besides that it is much more faster and easier. All you need to do is to create a research based content that is link worthy and can attracts the maximum number of eyeballs. Remember, it should be valuable and improve the knowledge of visitors.

Here are a few examples –

• 21 Ways to create epic content.
• Guide to Google penalties.
• History of Algorithms and there protocols.

• Find potential targets

At this time, you are required to find the potential targets. Of course, you need to invest your time in manually searching for the targets.

You can do this by manually googling and using the following search operators:
keyword + “guest blog”, keyword + “guest blogger” , etc.

• Check a Domain Authority

Today, there are many tools to check Domain Authority; however, you can use the best – Moz Domain Authority from Open Site Explorer. Of course, you also need to apply your own mind and check out the DA10, DA20, etc as per your requirements.

• Contact the editor

Now is the time to contact the editor after deeply analyzing the website. Also make sure it is credible and authoritative website rather than a piece of mess. You need to read terms, conditions, protocols, website’s content and also focus on the overall UX of the website.

After that, it is time to contact the editor of the website so that they accept your request and get your blog post or article published on their website. Make sure they agree with you invite your posts.

• Write a relevant article and include links

Here it makes sense to understand the requirements of the site owner and make an article accordingly. You’ll can add relevant sources to make it look good and credible at the same time. But make sure, it should be spammy in any sense.

Some editors never entertain article that are SEO driven; hence, make sure your article is perfectly fine and up to date. Also make sure you add natural links across the website. There is no need to waste your time in adding unnecessary details to create an authentic article.

Never ignore proofreading since it is the final step that must be taken before a document can be considered complete. Here are a few things to consider – When proofreading, first read the stuff carefully to identify whether or not it communicates its message. If the introductory sentences do not clearly signal the intent or do not have natural flow, rewrite those parts.

• Get the post published

Here is the simplicity; submit your stuff to the editor. Make sure there could be several revisions that need to be made in order to make it perfect.

Bingo, this is all about the process to have a solid backlink. In this way, you can improve the credibility as well as ranking of your website and make it a real asset. It will also attract extensive traffic to your website as well, which will eventually improve your business growth and profitability.

This process could be the key component of your campaign; so take it as an opportunity to improve your site’s authority and traffic and make it competitive as well.

At the end of the day a website need backlinks that serve as an enabler to the overall online business transformation. It may gear up your business for unbridled success.

Happy backlinking…

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Email marketing is not just a buzzword. It is a powerful driving force for any campaign. According to a study, more and more business owners around the world are suffering from high bounce rate and shopping cart abandonment rate as well as losing their game. That is why, it is more than important to devise a strategic marketing approach to achieve targets, attract customers and establish better relationship with them.

Now the question is, what to do? So, the smart answer is adopt , which offers a huge opportunity to businesses or almost all types. Now the question arises, is it possible for everyone to formulate an email marketing strategy and reap benefits instantly, so, the answer is no. Because it needs a lot of efforts, research, time as well as knowledge to understand and devise a brilliant email marketing strategy.

First and foremost, is it is essential to write impressive promotional emails for your readers. Of course, it is bit difficult, but can accelerate the overall marketing efforts. It can bring drastic change as well as reduce the overall attrition rate of customers. 

No doubt, promotional email marketing has become the key to success, let’s discover how…

Write emails that aim to foster relationships – Today, people have no time to invest their time in reading lengthy emails that aren’t even specific to them. That is why, it is essential to write and send personalised emails for subscribers to attract their attention. It will also help you to establish a relationship with them. It also fosters a human relation with them and make them feel good.

  • Focus on the tone of your email. 
  • Establish relationship with readers.
  • Provide premium quality content.
  • Add a personal touch to your emails.
  • Always be grateful to your readers. 
Provide value –

If you fail to offer something value to your audience, you may lose the grip. Means, you should always write relevant, informational and specific mails that can improve the decision making of customers. You can offer coupons, discounts, deals, etc. to efficiently promote your product/service/brand.

  • Create email to educate and inspire readers.
  • Explain product features.
  • Embed explainer videos in your emails. 
Attention arresting mails-

It is true that emails have their own limitations. That is why, it is advisable to adopt a clean and clear technique to Capture Attention of your audiences. Try to write short and convincing mails.

  • Create short and sweet subject lines.
  • Offer unique value to readers.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t exaggerate content or product features.
Create easy to read emails –

According to a study, most people scan mails rather reading them completely. Hence, it is vital to create easy to read emails that are organised and formatted.

  • Never write difficult to read emails.
  • Never compel users.
  • Make mails that are easy to skim.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Use quality pictures, and create specific sections, or paragraph breaks.
  • Create clean and easy mails.
  • Use quality and relevant templates.
  • Provide detailed information.
  • Use call-to-action links or buttons.
Bonus tips:
  • Understand customer’s behaviour.
  • Design a strong email marketing campaign.
  • Most importantly, use best email marketing tools.
  • Focus on timing.

Whether you want to improve your brand image, reach your target audiences, or establish relationship with your customers, improve branding efforts or enhance marketing efforts, you must use the power and potential of promotional emails. No doubt, email marketing is a direct communication channel, so use it wisely.

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Digital marketing has become a ubiquitous force that is transforming the global economy and impacting businesses. It is not only changing the traditional scenarios of business processes, but also shifting the mindsets. Today, businesses have understood that they need to embrace digital marketing in order to empower themselves and accelerate their rate of growth.

As a result, they choose digital marketing firms to attain their objectives; however, only few digital marketing firms can offer concrete and strategic solutions to businesses to help their cause. Of course, there are many companies that trap their clients and deliver unorganised services, which yields nothing but setbacks. That us why, it is more than important to choose a company that can offer sure shot services and helps to improve the overall visibility of a business.

Here are a few tips to consider before choosing a digital marketing agency:
Are they are experts?

There are many digital marketing firms that claim that they are authentic and provide absolute services. However, in real terms, it is not always true. That is why, it is important to explore the mechanics of their companies.

One of the finest and easiest ways is to sign up to their , delving deeply into their blog, insights provided them on their websites. You can also throw a random question about your site’s bottle necks; in this case, they should be able to provide some insights for improvements (technical and non technical) and also deliver worthy insights that can improve your website’s visibility. This clearly shows that if a firm is able to understand critical digital concepts, then it can help your business to elevate its performance.

Do they believe in evolution? This is quite complex to predict or perceive unless you’re an industry leader and know every aspect of the marketing. You can carry our your research by observing their online infrastructure or you say website.

You need to:
  • Inspect their blog
  • Study their business insights as well as guides (if available)
  • Look at their ‘About us’ page
  • Check their social media profiles

This will clear your views as well as understanding about the company.

Choose industry specialists

Today, most digital marketing agencies have a ‘clients’ section; hence, you need to analyse their working techniques, approaches, methodology, way of communication as well as expertise in handling clients. In fact, it acts as a trust signal. One most important thing, if you’re looking for a specific service or skills, just look at their ‘meet our team‘ section to find out more.

Are they providing scalable insights?

Most digital marketing agencies provide a dedicated manager who assist you at every step. They not only report you regarding the work processes as well as the results. If you find a digital marketing agency with friendly staff, you can go with them.

If possible, count on meetings

If possible, you should arrange face to face meetings with your manager to discuss about ongoing activities or clarify any doubt or research any solution.

If you can find an agency with all such features, just give them a shot.

Understand terms and conditions

If you have a clear cut campaign strategy on your mind, you can directly appraoch to a digital marketing agency; However, if an agency compels you to choose a long-term contract, then stay aware and discuss this in detail. Make sure you ask about their terms and conditions before making a decision.

In a nutshell, selecting a right digital marketing agency depends on your objectives. If you explore a friendly and professional agency, just do it.

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Digital marketing is no longer a buzzword. It is a powerful tool to advertise and market a company. Its tools and techniques are highly effective that can transform any business and improve its bottom line in real-time. Today, more and more businesses are embracing digital marketing to mitigate risk, improve their ROI as well as enhance their online visibility and online singers are no different. They also choose the most powerful digital marketing tools to expand their visibility in order to earn more.

Now, the question arises, how to devise the best and the most efficient marketing plan that can help to achieve success. Let’s find the answer in detail…

Preliminary market research

First and foremost, it is quite essential to identify the market demand and perform an in-depth research and analysis of market scenario, industry norms, opportunities, challenges, online and off line competitors, their strategies and above the core objective of a singer.

Here, it must be noted that, the researcher should involve almost all the facets of marketing and should focus on qualitative and quantitative market research, technology, business design, and online strategy, etc.

Launch a Website

One of the most important things is that, a well designed, focused and balanced website should be made, which should have every possible detail of the signer, including, Singer’s name, address, phone number, audio files, video files, biography, hobbies, contact details, free tracks to download, special offers, additional information about the industry and much more.

It is no secret that a website is the most powerful medium to promote a product or services. All you need to do is to create a compelling and flawless website that can have the ability to attract visitors. It should have a clear-cut navigation with complete set of information for the users. In fact, it should comply with the search engine guidelines so that it can achieve high ranks as well as traffic.

Pro tips:
  • Keep consistent theme across the website
  • Incorporate testimonials and reviews
  • Provide event’s photos
  • Exhibit portfolio
  • Establish a blog and a news section
Modern audio and video channels

Besides that, it is important to concentrate on the modern audio and video channels that are not only trusted and user-friendly, but also reliable and efficient too. Here, efficient means, channels must be able to convert visitors into loyal fans and customers. On in other words, media channels should be able o generate leads/business for a singer.

  • Upload all songs
  • Provide complete transcripts
Social marketing

It is a well-established fact that social media is rising like never before and it is the best way to promote any business or event or a sole entrepreneur like a singer. All you need to do is to create an engaging profile on the top social media sites, such Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and many other sites that have the ability to attract customers.

  • Provide complete details
  • Engage visitors
  • Answer their queries
  • Build relationships with users
  • Initiate discussion

Hopefully, all these elements will help a singer to gain success and carve a unique niche in the industry.


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