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15 Reasons To Let Go Of Your Soulmate: Number 9 Is A Must

“Quote: Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.”

Soulmate relationships are tough and letting go of a soulmate relationship is especially hard.  When you love someone you want to be with, and for no reason you just don’t understand or agree with, they end it.  The longer you have been in the soulmate relationship, the more difficult it is to let go.  

When soulmate relationships are formed, letting go can be devastating.  When you love and care for a soulmate beyond this physical realm, the intense and deep feeling to hold onto the connection can be destroying for the other soulmate.   

A lot of people seem to believe that soulmate relationships are destined to last forever.  Just because someone is your soulmate, it doesn’t mean the relationship journey will be easy.  In actual fact, soulmate relationships require more work than any relationship. More than anything, soulmate relationships are meant to teach us lessons.   

There is a common myth that most people think that soulmates cannot be broken and there is no reason for a soulmate relationship to end because of this strong connection between the two.  

In this article, we have identified 17 reasons to help you let go of your soulmate.  

1: Soulmate Runner

When your soulmate does a runner, don’t chase them.  Chasing them will only lead them to withdraw further, and delay the return time.  

When you let them go, you give them the chance to think more, and create the space to miss you.  

Giving them space and breaking the soulmate connection doesn’t mean that they won’t return.  

In order for the soulmate relationship to grow, allowing good space will only help the healing process.  Once the two of you are both in a clear space and willing to engage in a relationship again, divine timing will bring the two of you back together again.    

Meanwhile, you should look at ways to rebuild and empower yourself – take on activities that help you heal and grow as a person, things such as personal development courses, empowerment books, taking on some yoga classes, develop the mind and start taking care of yourself.  

Still struggling? Seek guidance from a love psychic or soulmate psychic reader who can guide you through this process.  A love psychic can see what the future holds between you and your soulmate.  Seeking soulmate guidance through a psychic reading online or soulmate tarot reading online can often bring more peace and understanding into the current situation and help clear up any confusion you may have.  

2: The On and Off Soulmate Relationships

Does your soulmate come and go? On and off soulmate relationships are doomed and destined to fail.

When the relationship with your soulmate is on and off, this is a clear sign that you may need to let them go for now.  A relationship won’t work in the long run when you are trying to make one with in those conditions.

No one wants to be in an on and off relationship and if your soulmate wants to be in this relationship, it is time for you to end it.  

3: Soulmate Trust Issues

Having trust issues can cause a lot of caos when your with a significant other.  Once the trust has been lost, it takes a lot of time to repair and for the trust to be regained.  

Reinstating trust has to be done through action and not words.  If your soulmate wants to regain the trust back in your relationship, you should do this through action and not words.  Make sure that your soulmate is aware of this intention.

However if actions are not working out, it maybe time to let go.  As stated, soulmate miss trust can take a lot of time, so if your soulmate is willing to try to regain the faith, go for it.  If it becomes an issue and causes drama, it maybe time to let go.

Before you decide which way to go, you might want to also seek clarification from our soulmate psychics who can make it a more easier process to guide you through it.  

4: Soulmate Jealousy

Does your soulmate get jealous when you hang out with your friends? Or when you choose to see your family for dinner?  Does your soulmate complain that you never make time for them, when you just about have time for them every other hour?  

Jealousy is fear.  It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in.  Family, friends, Coworkers, etc it all comes down to fear.  

A fear of loss, losing your soulmate.  When your soulmate is jealous, it can be hard situation to control, like anything, just because your in a soulmate relationship doesn’t mean you have to bend down low to meet their standards.  Your soulmate needs to make changes to make the relationship better.

5: Soulmate Love Triangles

If your soulmate relationship is caught up in a love triangle, it maybe a sign to end it.  No relationship is destined to work out in the long run when there is a third person in the equation.  

No one wants a relationship with a third wheel and if you are currently in one, it maybe time to end it.

Soulmate love triangles can often start out as fun, but as feelings start to grow, someone is bound to end up hurt.  

6: Soulmate Holding Onto An Ex

If your soulmate is still holding on to an ex lover, or previous partner, it maybe a sign you need to let go of your soulmate for now to allow your soulmate time to run the relationship to its cause.

The soulmate connection should enable you to leave a bad situation, however sometimes in most cases it works the other way around and often leaves us in bad situations.  This is not a good way to honor your soulmate connection. When it comes down to it, you will be forced to put a stop to it to enable the other relationship to run its course.  Some soulmates feel the pain of rejection when they are in this situation.  

7: Soulmate Puts You Last

Does your soulmate treat you like an option? Do you feel alone in the relationship?  Does your soulmate care if they disappoint you?

Often they don’t if you are not a priority.  Deep down, we often know the relationship is over when you are feeling lonely and like you have already been dumped, but this is a valid sign of where you are on the list of what matters.  This should be a clear call to end the soulmate relationship. When you put yourself first, you will not settle for any of this kind of behavior.

8: Soulmate Narcissist

Narcissist behavior can be hard to see or tell when you are fully invested in the soulmate relationship, especially with a connection so deep.  When your in a relationship with a narcissist they can use variety of emotional manipulation tactics to hook you and re-hook, and then string you along.  

Narcissist can be hard to live with, they can destroy your confidence and make you feel worthless.  It is important to understand that a lot of narcissist behavior stems from low self esteem, and is often pointed out to be a mental disorder.  

Letting go of a soulmate who is narcissist isn’t easy, and the soulmate relationship is likely to leave a serious dent to your self-esteem.  However, you need to not accept this kind of manipulating behavior, and firstly recognise that the relationship needs to end right quickly.

Turning this around has to start with an end to the behavior, and sometimes means letting go of the relationship completely in order for the soulmate to learn the hard lesson.  Soulmate relationships are already hard, but one with a narcissist can be worse. :

9: Soulmate Relationship Rejection

Rejection from a soulmate can really hurt, and if we allow our ego to deal with the situation we can whined up losing the soulmate completely.  Rejection doesn’t come down to who you are as a person, and only reflects the soulmate who is doing the rejection. So it is important to under the rejection that takes place.

One of the very reasons soulmate rejection occurs is because of the overwhelming flood of emotions that come with encountering ones soulmate.  You are never really prepared for a soulmate relationship and hence why when you are single it is important to prepare and use the time to prepare.  

10: Soulmate Sabotage

If your soulmate likes to sabotage your relationship all the time, by picking up fights with you for no reason every time, it maybe time to walk away.  

Creating the space between the both of you may give your soulmate the wake up call that is needed.  Allowing space can often help bring the soulmate to their senses, and when they are ready to be an adult, the relationship will be at a better place to rekindle.  

11: Soulmate Toxic Relationship

If your soulmate shows raw signs of toxic relationships with their friends or family, this is a total red flag, and you need to let them go.  

If your soulmate is allowing this kind of toxic relationship into their environment, it is sure to enter into your relationship, and is best to step down until the relationship with their family and friends has gained some control.  

12: The Soulmate Commitment

If your soulmate is struggling to commit or give the relationship with you a fair go, it maybe time to let go.  Your soulmate may possibly be seeing someone else, or could be holding back because they want to keep an open relationship.  

Either way, this won’t allow you the time to build a solid relationship.  If you are allowing or enabling your soulmate to do this, it is time to cut it.  Your soulmate may only be doing it to take advantage of your good intentions.

13: The Soulmate Manipulation

There are multiple signs to spot soulmate manipulation, however when it comes to soulmates being manipulated whilst in the relationship, due to the strong connection we often let it slide.   This is not a way to accept behavior from a soulmate and needs to end.

When you hear the words: “Well if you really loved me.” This is one of the worste and most common forms of soulmate or relationship manipulation.  The manipulation works to make you prove to your soulmate over and over again by giving them what they want.  Bow out.

This kind of relationship is not something that can be sustained and needs to be cut.  Allow time away, in order for you soulmate to come to this realization. Either way, something has to change with this dynamic.  

14: The Soulmate Closed Off Emotion

If your soulmate is always closed off, and doesn’t want to open up their emotions, then it maybe a good time to end it.  This can often lead to signs that the soulmate is using you for a booty call, or friends with benefits.

You may have a gut feeling that your soulmate feels the same way about you, but are too scared to face their true feelings.  This is a sign that you need to end it with them, until they are ready to admit their true feelings.

15: The Soulmate Dead End Relationship

A lot of people seem to believe that soulmates are destined to last forever.  Just because someone is your soulmate, it doesn’t mean the relationship journey will be easy or in fact last forever.  Again, soulmate relationships require more work then any other relationship and most often don’t last because of the work that is required.  When they realize this the soulmate relationship wears itself out and becomes dead end.  Coming to this realizing can be difficult, and make you feel miserable.

So how can you tell if your soulmate relationship is at a dead end?
  • You may find that you try to fix one problem, and another problem will arise.  
  • You met your soulmate, but timing has made it difficult to bring the two of you together because your both holding onto other relationships
  • Break up after break up and on and off relationships are a sure sign.  Always getting back together and ending the soulmate relationship
  • Your soulmate may not be ready emotionally
  • Your soulmate cheated, and therefore the trust has broken between the two of you, and can never be repaired
  • Your soulmate puts you last
  • Your soulmate won’t make any effort

Letting go of a soulmate can be tough ride to go through on your own, reach out to a love psychic or soulmate specialist who can give you the guidance you need to proceed forward with peace and confidence.  A Psychic reading online is also available at the click of a button via phone reading or chat.   Seeking answers through a tarot reading can give you insights into how you can conquer life in its troubling times.

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Even if you think you have found your soulmate, there are always going to be bumps in the road large enough to throw you temporarily off course.

Relationships aren’t always perfect.

Getting back together with a soulmate or ex partner is always a tough situation and something that you are considering doing, you should read through these 9 essential steps before you consider getting back together with your soulmate.  No matter where you left of in your relationship, it is never easy to pick up and move forward and address those awkward situations.

You might split up for a time but find yourself getting back together later when you both have changed and grown through the soulmate process.

If you are thinking of rekindling an old flame, make sure to do so using these crucial steps if you want the relationship to stick this time. Remember, there is a reason, no matter how big or small, that you broke up the first time. You don’t want to make the mistake of getting back together just to fall right back into bad habits.

Take Your Time

Getting back together can be exciting and emotional at the same time. Don’t rush into a physical relationship right away or let yourself be swept up in emotions that blind you to what is going on. Just because you were together in the past doesn’t mean you need to speed through the stages of a relationship to pick up where you left off. You both need time to adjust to the rekindled relationship.

Don’t Treat This Like A Brand New Relationship

Unlike when you first met, you are walking into this relationship with your eyes wide open. You already know each other so this time go deeper. Get to know them in a new light, see them for what they have become while you were apart. Share with them the differences in yourself as well.

Be Honest About The Gap

Depending on how long you’ve been apart, you or your partner might have moved on or at least tried to move on while you were broken up. While your rational mind accepts the fact that your soulmate dated while you were apart, it can still be shocking and hurtful to hear about it. Be upfront about the dating you did while the two of you were apart. It is better to know now and get it out of the way so you can build a new relationship together.

Know Why You Want To Get Back Together

Some relationships aren’t worth rekindling. If you felt betrayed, abused or neglected in your old relationship it might be best to let the past be. If you broke up for a small reason in the heat of the moment, you might regret your decision to split up. Don’t get back together with an ex just because you are lonely or haven’t had any good dates since breaking up. Get back together for the right reasons.

Talk About Old Issues

If there were specific things that upset you before breaking up the first time, now is the time to talk calmly and rationally about those issues. You were probably too upset during the breakup to have a civil conversation but now that you’ve had time to cool off, make sure to communicate how you felt about what ended your past relationship.

Let The Past Go

Once you have completed step number 5 (talk about old issues) let them go. Do not carry old baggage into the relationship. Do not use arguments you had during your first relationship against your partner now that you are back together. You’ve talked about the issues in your past, now it is time to move forward.

Avoid Old Habits

You and your soulmate broke up for a reason. If that reason was being blind or negligent to your partners needs, make sure not to fall into old habits by taking each other for granted this time around. Don’t repeat old patterns of being late, skipping out on plans, flirting with other people or anything else that drove you break up before.

Don’t Try To Change The Other Person

Only get back together with your ex once you have changed and grown as a person. Use the time between relationships to grow stronger and work on your own issues. Do not take your ex back and expect them to change. You cannot control another person’s actions. You need to realize that going in. If you have changed and they haven’t, maybe it’s not the right time to get back together.

Build New Memories

Now the fun part. Build new memories with your soulmate. Go on dates to places you’ve never been before. Eat at new restaurants and go on new adventures. Build happy memories that symbolize the personal growth you both have achieved that allowed you to get back together with new strength.

If your thinking of getting back together with your soulmate and need insight into the relationship, try one of our soulmate specialists for an online psychic reading.  Seeking psychic advice online is easy, fast and secure at Zenory.

A psychic reading with a love psychic can give major insight into potential love outcomes with your soulmate.  A soulmate psychic reading can provide honest and non-judgemental guidance into the future of your soulmate relationship.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out:  Are You Truly Ready For A Soulmate Relationship?

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Are You In Love With A Narcissist?

People tend to use the term “narcissist” when they are upset by a person’s selfish actions or behaviours.

A true narcissist, however, is a mentally unstable individual with a serious personality disorder confirmed by the National Institute of Mental Health and defined in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Metal Disorders).

Narcissism not only causes delusions of grander but also the inability to have empty for others.

They are often competitive, driven individuals who can also be highly successful in business, but personal relationships are very difficult for them to maintain.

A narcissist is the centre of their own universe, you and your needs will never be their main focus.

A narcissist rarely recognises or admits there is anything wrong with them and there is no cure.

Intensive therapy is the only way a narcissist can live cohesively with another person as a spouse.

It is easy to fall in love with a narcissist because they are confident, successful people with a huge gravitational pull.

If you find yourself in a relationship with one, however, you will quickly notice that in private they are a different person.

Moody, prone to outbursts and tantrums, paranoid and even delusional.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation where you have already fallen in love with a person who turns out to be a narcissist, you must quickly determine if your own safety or mental health would be at risk by staying with them, even if they seem like your soulmate.

A few questions to ask yourself to determine if your partner is a narcissist:

Are they overly self-absorbed, to the detriment of all others around them?

Are they consistently putting their own needs before yours?

Do they become irrationally angry at imagined slights?

Do they seem to be unaware that their actions hurt people?

Do you feel safe alone with them when they are having a breakdown or tantrum?

Keep in mind, someone with a real case of narcissism will never admit they have a problem as it is beyond their capability to see or sense it.  A true narcissist without extensive therapy may be incapable of fully loving another person.

Once you come to peace with these truths, you can decide if this one-sided relationship is worth trying to preserve.  As with any mental disorder, the severity can be a range from mild to extreme severity.  A person with mild narcissism might be able, through therapy, to participate in a normal healthy relationship in time.

With higher levels of severity, the person you love might simply be incapable of loving you back.  Seek therapy or talk to an online psychic or online tarot reader at Zenory for some insight on how you can go about dealing with a partner who is a narcissist.

You can ask a psychic through a psychic reading if your loved one’s disorder is having a negative effect on your own mind and ways to cope with this moving forward.

Some key questions you may like to ask a love psychic:

Is my partner playing games?

Is my partners behaviour going to get better? Will they seek help with this to better the relationship?

How can I talk to my partner about this unacceptable behaviour?

How do I deal with a narcissist?

Do I stay or should I walk away?

These are general questions, and most peoples situations are also different, so understand that the above are only general questions.  A good idea would be to take a piece of paper and write down some questions you would like to ask your psychic to clarify, this could be “words” that your partner uses.

This could be a situation, event that has happened in your relationship for you to notice some of the signs that are showing the behaviours of a narcissist.

Either way, you need to take the time for yourself to identify how to cope or how you are going to move forward in confidence with this.

If you found this article helpful, you may also like to read: Signs Your Relationship Wasn’t Mean’t To Last

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The truth is, soulmate relationships are difficult.   So how do you know if your soulmate ready?

Soulmate relationships require work from both parties to prepare for a life long journey that the universe has planned from the spiritual realm.  What is a soulmate?  When we think or hear of the word soulmate, we think of the person we desire the most to be with in this life time and live happily ever after.

The true definition of a soulmate is someone whom we have a past life and spiritual connection with or karmic relationship.  These connections are like no other and when we reconnect in this life time, the connections are felt from a deeper level of spiritual essence.

When you meet your soulmate.  You connect instantly.  The feelings are that you have met this person before.  The likely hood for this meeting is from a past life experience.

A soulmate will show up in your life when you are truly ready from the soul level.  When the soul recognises another soulmate, they often have similarities on a spiritual level, which leads to difficult lessons that need to be shaped here in the physical realm.  Soulmates are meant to teach us a lesson, and often meant to help us grow in life.

The lessons from a soulmate can be painful, and often lead to soulmate heartbreak.

How do you know if you are truly ready for a soulmate relationship?

It can be frustrating when you see family and friends around happy in love with their soulmate  while all you find are quick sparks of love that never build to a solid relationship, let alone soulmate connections.

Hollywood movies and romance novels make it look far too easy to find your soulmate these days, which often leads to disappointment.

The first thing you need to do to bring forth your soulmate is to let go of the expectations from yourself to find “the one”.  You must release this energy and work on yourself first and foremost.

(How To Manifest Your Soulmate: Download This Step By Step Guide On How To manifest Your Soulmate)

Comparing yourself with others, also needs to go.  Comparing yourself with expectations that just don’t exist can leave you feeling worthless and make you feel hopeless.

To find love and the right type of love that is best suited for you, you must think and create good thoughts in your mind to bring this person into your life.

Most people want to be with someone who is happy, and positive – most of the time.

Not with someone who carries negative energy around and constantly bringing the relationship down.

So firstly, you should engage in becoming a positive force within yourself.

In a nutshel, the best way to bring a soulmate into your life, is by working on yourself.

There are many ways you can go about working on yourself, you can take a course on personal growth, get to know yourself and read books on how to manifest soulmates.  Learn about meditation practices.  Sign up to that yoga classes.

Take a walk in nature – anything to enhance area of self-development and personal growth, will help you draw your soulmate to you.

How Do You Know When Your Ready?

Your soul knows when the time is ready to meet your soulmate.

There are first and foremost important lessons that you need to learn before the soulmate enters your life.

You should use this opportunity to work on yourself.  When the soulmate enters your life, you are more than ready.

This will sound counter-intuitive but people spend too much time searching for love.

They hang out at bars, or search apps like tinder or jump to dating sites endlessly scrolling.

Your Soulmate will enter your life when you least expect it and are not actively looking for it.

Your willingness to better yourself will let the universes know that you are ready for your soulmate to find you.

As you learn more about yourself, the universe will naturally start to bring you and your soulmate together.

Finding your true soulmate takes time and teaches you patience.

Manifesting true love or your soulmate is not in your control.

Give up control to the universe, focus on self-care and self-improvement in order to open the door to your one and only life partner.

Dealing with relationship loss of a soulmate, and then trying to manifest a soulmate relationship can be difficult without guidance.

At Zenory Psychics, we make this journey easy by offering love psychic readings for those seeking soulmate advice.

Our psychics readings with accurate tarot readers and spiritual healers are here to guide you with confidence and peace when it comes to dealing with matters of the heart.

Soulmate relationships take time, and require a lot of preparation, changed habits through personal growth to name a few.

Our psychic blog also has a lot of resources and articles around love and relationship psychic readings that you can turn to for free psychic guidance.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out:  Are You Getting In The Way Of Manifesting Your Soulmate?

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Reasons Why Men Pull Away In A Relationship

But why do men pull away?

Many women have had the experience of having a man they were in a relationship with swiftly withdraw and pull away.

You may have been spending a lot of time together and calling and texting each other into the wake of dawn,  often when suddenly, he goes silent.

It’s easy to start replaying everything in your mind over and over looking for clues and reasons why he might be acting the way he is.

Here are 7 common reasons why men pull back in a relationship, and steps you can take to identify a man who is pulling away and withdrawing.


You might be seeing signs of a cheating man when he starts to avoid from intimacy.  The number one thing women worry about when a man pulls away from them emotionally is that he is cheating.   Cheating would cause him to be less available to you and be more guarded over where he is spending his time.  He might also be feeling guilt from his actions.

Anger Over a Fight or Misunderstanding

If you recently had a fight, even if you have made up, there could still be hurt feelings or misunderstandings diving you. Men sometimes have difficulty expressing their feelings and that can lead to silence on their end.

Feeling For An Ex-Lover

If your man recently ran into an ex-lover, ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, this could cause old feelings for that person to resurface and no matter if he is planning to pursue these old feelings or not, it could cause him to pull back from you for a while. Confusion over old feelings is a common reason for withdrawal.

Spooked or Flooded With Emotion

Remember that men have difficulty expressing their emotions and if they feel overwhelmed with strong feelings for you, even if those feelings are of love, it could frighten him into becoming more distant as he struggles to figure out what he is feeling and how to express those feelings to you.

The deeper he falls in love with you, the more he faces a fear of rejection as well which is also stressful.

Fear Of Commitment 

It’s perfectly normal for both men and women in relationships to have a fear of commitment.

Especially if the relationship is new or one of you had a bad relationship in the past. Some people just have a hard time settling down until they are 100% sure they are in love.

Personal Life Events

It is possible that the reason for the withdrawal has nothing to do with you or your relationship. If your man is going through tough times economically or with their family they could simply be busy processing the stress in their life.

Be a shoulder to cry on and give him the space he needs to resolve these issues that do not have to do with your relationship.

Settling In

What you might read as withdrawal could just be the natural course of a relationship that has become comfortable.

When a relationship is new, there tends to be a lot more dating, texting and attempts to impress each other.  As the relationship grows, you no longer have the urge to check in with each other 24/7 because you are confident in your love.

Are you seeing signs that your man or the guy your involved with might be pulling away, becoming distant or withdrawing from you?  Contact our accurate love psychics for an online psychic reading today.  Get the answers and clarity you need to move forward in your life.

Through a psychic love reading, our soulmate psychics and tarot readers are able to pick up and see your situation clearly, and therefore can give you the insight and tools to steir you onto the right path.

When he pulls away, be sure to gain the tools and insight to deal with these situations at ease, understand why he pulls away without worry or stress.  The guidance and insight from a psychic reading at Zenory is always given with compassion whilst delivering your messages with truth.

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Are you too available for him? Emotionally Unavailable Men simply put, can be tough!  He’s not available to spend time with you, yet he makes it a point or a priority to see a friend, Friday night after work drinks, breakfast with his mother, but makes no fuss about completely writing you off?  

When he starts to disengage in the relationship, he will make no plans in setting up an alternative date with you.  

Dealing with emotionally unavailable men can be frustrating and ultimately confusing.  When you have invested your time, your heart into the relationship, then he pulls the rug  from right under your feet, can leave you feeling devastated.

Anyone who has been in a situation with emotionally unavailable men will know how frustrating it can be.

Dealing with emotionally unavailable men can leave you feeling as if you go above and beyond to do things for the one guy, but this ass wipe doesn’t return the favour.

Yes, we can’t help who we fall in love with.  However, we can learn from these experiences on dealing with emotionally unavailable men and moving forward we are more aware of the kind of relationships we want to avoid in the future. (easier said then done) 

New love can be powerful and emotional at its best but also it can be overwhelming and depressing.  That is because the people we fall in love with don’t always return that love, or they are unable to love due to facing their own personal problems.

Some women make the mistake of thinking that the man they love will change over time or will come around if she just wait for him to change and making excuses to justify the changes.

They make themselves completely available and open to a loved one that might never be ready to join them, which always ends up leading to heartbreak.

How can you tell if the man you are in love with is emotionally unavailable?

Here are a few things to look out for:
  • He drops in and out of your life, with no explanation.  Everything seems to be going so well, and then out of know where poof he drops the rug from right under your nose.
  •   He takes forever to answer texts or calls, if he answers them at all
  •   He isn’t interested in meeting your family or friends
  •   He never asks you on a date, you only meet for sex (the “hookup”)
  •   He never talks about his feeling and starts to act uncomfortable if you talk about your own feelings or ask him what he is thinking or feeling.
  •   He is already in another relationship (he’s married, separated, recently divorced or in love with another women he’s can’t have)

For your own happiness, it is important to realise that not every man you fall in love with will love you back or put in the same amount of effort.    It is said that we always look for that one person who is a mirror of their own father.

It’s OK to walk away from a relationship that is hurting you.  Trying to force them to change or waiting for them to change never works out the way you expect it to and they could end up resenting you for it.   Above all, protect your heart and start putting yourself first.

If this is a new relationship or one that has been leading nowhere for a while, it’s time to move on.

Start by deciding what you want.

Do you want an exclusive relationship?

Do you want to move from friends to lovers?

After you know what you want, set some ground rules with yourself.

Decided to let him make the next move, or simply to stop rushing to answer his texts when he makes no effort to communicate with you unless it’s on his terms.  Talk to him about what you want and about your ground rules, simply and clearly.

If he makes no effort to open up to you, don’t chase him down, simply take your heart and move on.

The soulmate you’ve been looking for is still out there waiting for you.

Feeling too available of an unavailable man or lover can get us down, and by consulting a love psychic for a love psychic reading about your situation can guide you through the answers that you seek.

Reach out to one of our online psychics at Zenory. 

All psychics and tarot readers can guide you through your next step.  

Should you move on and let go? Or should you wait it out?  Is it worth waiting?  

Or should you drop it once and for all.

The answers might not always be pleasant, but the guidance through a psychic reading will be delivered with compassion and empathy to move you into a position of power.  

You don’t have to feel stuck any longer consult our psychics for some quality psychic advice.

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Crystals are often used by many psychics during psychic readings.  Many psychic readers use different tools and special gifts they possess for each psychic reading. Psychic readings with crystals are another way psychics can gain insight and information.

They can then pass this along to clients and can be quite useful to them.  Many psychics even use their crystals on their alters. Some psychics use crystals in jewelery they wear and to assist them in meditation.   Some psychics even have crystal balls!

Some psychics have wands and pendulums with crystals they use for psychic readings.  Psychic readings can include the use of such crystals as quartz, rose quartz, tigers eye, citrine, amethyst, and so many, many more.

During a psychic reading a reader may recommend to a client that they purchase certain crystals. A reputable psychic will only suggest inexpensive ones that the client can buy at a store or online.

These can be used for protection, healing and for other various reasons that will be helpful for the client. Each zodiac sign also has a crystal to go with it. Some say that purchasing crystals should be a very hands on experience.

Some suggest you should pay close attention to what you are drawn to, and feel free to touch each one and get what feels right to you. People that need to feel more grounded, want help in manifesting or meditation, or wish to change or balance the energy around you often buy them. Many crystals have multiple healing qualities but some are better than others.

Topaz for instance, is a great for those in need of strength both inner strength and physical strength. Citrine has been said to be a great manifesting crystal. Lapis can be great for meditation purposes.

Psychic readers make sure to keep their crystals clean, and so should you. Simply running them under water will do the trick. Psychic readings and a Tarot Reading with crystals can help one regain balance, strength and a sense of well being back into their lives.

To start this process, you can try one of our qualified psychics from the comfort of your home wether you are based in California and looking for a psychic reading, or New York,  Australia or New Zealand, our psychics and tarot readers are available to you at just a click of a button.

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Are you getting in the way of manifesting your soulmate?

Many people want to attract someone into their life, at most times we long for a deep desire to connect with someone on a spiritual level, such is our soulmate.  However, during your time alone, before the universe will bring this soul into your life, you should know these 5 common factors that could be preventing you from manifesting your soulmate.

Relationships are like food to the soul, essential for its growth and invariably necessary for our sustenance as a person.

If the soul is happy, the individual regardless of the prevailing societal and physical setting is happy; it’s the reason why people who have found their soulmates; that final piece to the Jigsaw puzzle that is their lives radiate nothing short of a blissful aura.

For those who are yet to find this perfect complement to their lives, life can be lackluster and fleeting. If you fall into this category, here are the top five reasons as to why manifesting your soulmate has been a fruitless endeavor so far.

You’re Not Yourself

Your soulmate is the one who loves and cherish you for the person you are, irrespective of your flaws and perfections. How then can you connect with such an individual if your real persona is constantly veiled?

Granted, life forces even the most resilient of us to create an emotional blockade in a bid to prevent the reoccurrence of previously less than pleasurable experiences.

The realisation that such a barrier effectively transforms you from a being capable of infinite love to one with a constrained view of life is critical to the furtherance of your journey towards finding a soulmate.

Your soulmate is attracted to your real persona. If you exude anything other than this in your day to day life, you are most likely to attract the wrong set of individuals; who are bound to waste your time and potentiate further emotional scarring and invariably the building of even taller blockades.

You’re Not Putting In The Right Amount Of Effort

Inasmuch as finding a soulmate is often described with the cliché ‘they will come to you’ phrase, it is imperative to note that in most instances this is far from what is obtainable in reality. Locating your treasured missing rib takes effort, it takes commitment, and sacrifice.

The saying ‘nothing good comes easy’ comes to mind; the right soulmate, the perfect fit, do not come easy.

For sure they are not delivered on a platter of gold if anything you’ve got to fashion out the golden platter on which they’d land when they come; in other words, you’ve got to take the necessary steps to accommodate your soul mate when they do arrive. Many an instance where individuals have lost their prospective soulmates due to negligence.

You’re Not Emotionally Ready

It takes an emotionally sound mind to locate and abhor/accommodate a soulmate. And while most singles (including you) identify themselves as emotionally matured, in the real sense they are not.

Emotional maturity is not centred on how many relationships or experiences you’ve had in the past, it is more of how capable you are at dealing with relationships and their accompanying issues.

A matured individual in this sense is one who is ready to take up responsibilities; one who is willing to forgive and also keep an open mind. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in all ramifications; it just means that you have to invest more time in developing yourself.

Picture yourself as your partner, and work on those qualities you require your dream soulmate to have.

You’re Isolating Yourself

Maybe due to past experiences or perhaps because of your very nature you’ve made a habit of separating yourself from everyone including those that love you.

This psyche aptly described as being a loner isolates you from experiencing the feeling of being loved; a feeling that is critical to finding a soul mate. It is when you’re loved that you can love back and it is in this atmosphere of mutual love and friendship that soulmate relationships thrive.

You Are Hanging On To Someone In The Past

It’s a tough and mentally demanding task to let go of the past, especially when it is filled with pleasant memories made with someone whom we once loved dearly.

Reliving those memories and wishing things returned to the way they were, clouds your sense of judgment and ultimately shuts the door of healthy relationships in your life.

If you’re going to find your soulmate, you have to let go of the past, no matter how difficult it seems; realize that if that person were indeed your soulmate, he/she would still be here by your side in the present.

Talking with a online psychic can help you weed through the struggles you might be facing when it comes to love.  Our love psychics can guide you through a soulmate psychic reading, or a online tarot reading to help you find the factors that might be preventing you from manifesting your soulmate.

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Has Your Soulmate Lost Respect For You?

You feel as if you’ve been waiting your whole life for your soulmate and the attraction you feel for them is sudden and strong. So what happens if the person you love loses respect for you over time?

Most relationships start off in a honeymoon phase where both partners are on their best behavior, sharing their very best version of themselves with each other.  Respect in a relationship means that both partners see value in the other person.

A respectful relationship is based on honesty and makes you feel safe and loved. Sometimes, however, one soulmate can start to put their own value above their soulmate partner and this is where a perfectly good soulmate relationship can turn toxic.

A toxic relationship can make you feel depressed and unworthy.

You could start to physically have low energy and withdraw from family and friends. If you sense this is happening to you, look for these clues in your relationship that will help you determine if your soulmate has lost respect for you.

Top Three Signs of a Toxic Relationship
  • Unreliable

    your soulmate doesn’t call for days, is frequently late to dates or reschedules at the last minute often. You cannot count on them to be there for you when you need them most.

  • Disrespectful Words or Actions

    they are no longer polite, they call you names, belittle your dreams or talk badly about your friends and family. They may talk to you as if you are inferior, less intelligent or beneath them.

  • Manipulative

    your partner tries to start arguments, makes you feel like you are to blame for everything negative that happens, turns friends or family against you or often lies to you.

When you are intensely attracted to someone or love them deeply, it can be easy to ignore or explain away the early signs of disrespect in a relationship. It is important for you to remember that you are not at fault and you deserve to be treated with respect at all times, especially by your lover.

Once you have recognized one or more of the red flags above, it is time to turn things around quickly before it gets worse.

Set clear and specific boundaries with your soulmate.  Let them know that continued disrespect will no longer be tolerated.

Stick to your guns, do not let your love for your soulmate cloud your judgement and keep you in an unhealthy toxic relationship that will harm you mentally or physically in the long run.

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How to let go of control and expectations in a relationship

Letting go of control and expectations in a relationship is one thing.

It is impossible for humans to exist without any type of relationship.  All humans are in one form of relationships or the other. Examples of this include family relationships. Some are also in a relationship by virtue of living in the same neighbourhood or working together.  There’s also the aspect of being in a romantic relationship. Specific threads run in all these different types of relationships. The threads have to do with gaining control and having expectations.

It’s normal to have expectations in any relationship that you’re in.

It is also normal to have some sort of control over any relationship.

Some people share their expectations with those they are in a relationship with. Other people keep their expectations to themselves. Similarly, some people are not afraid to show that they are in control while others hesitate for fear of not being seen as too overbearing. Striking the balance between these situations is a problem for many people. That explains why many people would like to know how to let go of control and expectations in a relationship.  Firstly, it starts with yourself.  If you are open and willing to accept that you maybe pushing people away or even your loved one as a result of your own controlling behaviour and high expectations take a read of our article on 21 reasons why you are pushing people away.

When loved ones cannot meet your expectations and you lose all control, anger takes over.

Again, that shows the importance of learning to cede a bit of ground.

Failure to let go can put you in serious problems. It can leave you struggling with pain when everybody else thinks you are happy. It can destroy friendships that took ages to build. It can destroy families that have been a long time in the making. It can turn your heart cold because you believe the other person you’re in a relationship with does not care. Failing to let go can mess your life.

So, here is what you should do to let go of control and expectations in your relationships.

  • Approach Relationships with Zero Expectations

First, make sure that your need for controlling others and the expectations you have are:

  1. Built on solid foundations
  2. Realistic
  3. Attainable

Therefore, have zero expectations. This doesn’t mean you should go through life – and your relationships – with a laissez faire attitude. No, it simply means you are open enough and ready for whatever life throws your way. Live life with an open mind. Determine to go with the flow. Relationships are not based on what one party only does. They depend on what the two – or more – people who are in the relationships do.

Go through the relationships with the clear understanding of the unpredictability of humans.

Humans are not machines. Humans are not robotic. People wake up each morning with a fresh set of fears. People go through emotional rollercoaster. Do not be shocked – too shocked, that is – when the person you left yesterday feeling happy and excited about you suddenly shows up not wanting to speak with you. All these confusing habits are part of what it means to be in a relationship with another human.

  • Avoid Trying to Control Everybody or Everything

Secondly, it’s impossible for a single human to be in complete control over everything.

Any person who tries to control everything will soon burn out.  Such a person will not be helpful in the relationship. Ironically, such people end up losing the control they wanted to display in the first place. They end up disappointed to notice other people not giving as much as they do. They begin comparing themselves with others and realize that the relationship is not 50/50 as it should but only one party seems to be doing all the work.

At times, it is better to accept that your way is not the only option.

There are times when you will be better off accepting that another idea could just be as good.

  • Be Flexible and Open-Minded

Third, flexibility is crucial for the success of any relationship.

Be flexible in all your relationships. Don’t just stick to one way of doing things.  Be open to the idea that the other person also has feelings and thoughts that differ from yours fundamentally.  Flexibility also involves a bit of detachment from the outcomes. Some people end up suffering greatly in relationships for the simple reason they have an unhealthy attachment to outcomes. If you are such a person, it will not be long before you begin suffering.

Open your mind to all the possible outcomes.

Do not be afraid to experiment.

Find a way of making yourself capable of adjusting where necessary.

For example, appreciate the fact your partner can cancel a dinner date at the last minute. Your partner does this – not out of disrespect to you – but probably because something more urgent came up. Do not throw a tantrum because somebody now asks to meet you later than the time you agreed on previously. Instead, use the additional time that’s now in your hand to do something else.

Effect of Letting Control and Expectations Go

Anybody who takes any of the measures prescribed here will soon begin enjoying healthier relationships all through. Taking the measures highlighted above is the first step to repairing a friendship or relationship that has been on the rocks for a long time. While following this piece of advice, remember not to appear or act indifferent. It is so easy to make the situation worse even when your intentions are sincere and pure.

Therefore, stop expecting others to think or behave like you.

Stop thinking that you are too superior to everybody else.

Forgive those who hurt you. Do not hold grudges in your heart towards anyone.

Remember to live open-minded. Approach all your relationships with an open-mind.

After all, life is not a series of straight lines. It is replete with interruptions, twists and turns.

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