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Have you decided to enroll in our esthetics program at Xenon Academy, or are you still trying to choose? Regardless of where you are in your beauty career journey, receiving our esthetics kit is one of the things our students look forward to the most about enrolling at Xenon Academy.

The student kit for our esthetics program is built with one big objective in mind: we want our students to be as prepared and professional as possible to help them be more successful after school. The kit contains many of the basic and advanced tools and items that a professional esthetician would need in their day-to-day line of work.

Digitally Integrated Education

As with any of the programs at Xenon Academy, our education is supplemented with the Pivot Point ® curriculum. This includes online educational materials through the Pivot Point Learn About Business program, and enables our students to take their education with them anywhere they go. For this reason we require our students to have a tablet dedicated to their coursework. The tablet can be included as part of the esthetics kit, or if a student has their own dedicated tablet they can opt out of buying a new one.

Uniforms & More

It’s important for professional estheticians to look the part and be equipped for success, so our student kit includes many of the essentials an esthetician might need. The student esthetics kit includes:

  • 1 – Student Smock
  • 1 – Name Tag
  • 1 – Safety Goggles
  • 1 – Manicure Kit
  • 25 – Cosmetic Spatulas
  • 5 – Piece Tweezer Set
  • 1 – Box Vinyl Gloves
  • 1 – 12pc Makeup Brush Set
  • 1 – Handheld Mirror
  • 1 – Makeup Cape
  • 2 – 8ct Foam Sponges
  • 1 – Brush Cleaner
  • 1 – Xenon Bag

Quite the list, isn’t it? We don’t want our students to feel unprepared, so this part of the kit is focused on helping them feel equipped to take on each day. This kit full of essentials will be a daily part of life for the student, both while they are in school and when they are working as a licensed esthetician. This is why we make the kit as robust and useful as possible!

Mirabella Essential Artist Kit

Facials, peels, and waxing are often what comes to mind first when talking about esthetics, but makeup is just as important. Makeup is an integral part of the esthetics education at Xenon Academy, so we want our students to be set up for success. This is why we partner with Mirabella to provide all of the necessary essentials to learn and refine makeup skills while in our esthetics program. The Mirabella Essential Artist Kit includes:

  • 1 – Perfecting Concealer
  • 1 – Blush Colour Duo
  • 3 – Pure Press
  • 1 – Lip Definer
  • 2 – Velvet Lip Pencil
  • 1 – Colour Luxe Lip Gloss
  • 2 – Colour Vinyl Lipstick
  • 1 – Brow Pencil
  • 1 – Lash Luxe Mascara
  • 1 – Eye Definer
  • 12 – Eyeshadows
  • 1 – Kabuki Brush, Blush Brush, Contour Brush, Foundation Brush
  • 1 – Dual Pencil Sharpener

The makeup part of the kit is exciting because it gives students everything they need to learn the basics and explore what kind of makeup looks they may enjoy creating for their clients. Beauty school isn’t just about learning, it’s also an opportunity for our students to try new and exciting things!

Dinair Pro Airbrush Kit

A huge part of the esthetics world is makeup, and today’s makeup artists would be nowhere without their tools for airbrushing! We’ve partnered with Dinair to provide a spectacular airbrush makeup system that is provided in our esthetics program kit. Our student kit includes all of the essentials for performing professional airbrush makeup, whether it’s for editorial work, television and movies, or for bridal makeup. The kit includes:

  • 1 – Airbrush Compressor
  • 4 – Airbrush Foundations
  • 1 – Moist & Dewey Moisturizer
  • 1 – Airbrush Facial Tanner
  • 1 – Makeup Travel Case
  • 1 – Eyeliner
  • 1 – Shimmer
  • 1 – Shadow/Brow
  • 1 – Blush
  • 1 – Corrective Concealer
  • 1 – 3-in-1 Brow Stencil

Airbrushing is an exciting part of the esthetics program because airbrushed makeup is becoming more accessible and widely used than ever. The makeup applies evenly and seamlessly, creating outstanding results that can’t be replicated with traditional makeup application. It’s a great way for our students to differentiate themselves from other makeup artists and can give them an edge over their competition!

How Will You Use Your Student Kit?

The esthetics program at Xenon Academy can be several months shorter than our cosmetology program, so we want our students to dive in and get started right away once they’ve enrolled. We spend the first few weeks reviewing the kit and going over fundamental education to prepare our students to start working in the spa environment. The student kit is used from the very first day, which helps our students develop a familiarity and muscle memory for their tools long before they’ve even finished the program. Our instructors take special care to teach the students how to professionally use and care for each element of the kit to ensure students can use it throughout their careers.

Sign Up For Your Own Kit!

Are you eager to begin your esthetics adventure? We’re excited to welcome you to the Xenon Academy family! To learn more about our programs, visit our esthetics or cosmetology program pages. If you’re ready to learn more from a member of our admissions team, fill out an enrollment application to begin today!

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At Xenon Academy, we’re dedicated to excellence in education. To continuously provide that level of excellence, we’ve partnered with Sam Villa®, a brand focused on innovation and education. This partnership allows our students to work with professional quality tools while they’re still in cosmetology school. We are proud to be partners with a brand that is dedicated to preparing future cosmetologists for careers in the industry.

Who is Sam Villa?

As the current Global Artistic Ambassador and former Education Artistic Director for Redken, Sam Villa has an inspiring legacy in the beauty industry. Known for his dynamic presence, progressive teaching approach, and technical expertise, Sam knows how to get other people excited about beauty. Sam joined Redken in 1998 and has over 30 years of teaching experience. He shares his skills and passion for beauty at in-salon programs and in trade shows across the globe.

Passion for Education

Sam is also the co-founder of the Sam Villa® brand, which provides educational videos to professionals across the country. This virtual education is a great way for beauty professionals and students to learn Sam’s tips, tricks, and techniques on a wider scale. Sam Villa® education is an ideal learning platform for licensed professionals and students alike. Through full-length videos and educational blogs, the Sam Villa® brand works to build long-term, successful careers in beauty.

Click the images below to read a few of Sam’s instructional blogs:

Why Does Our Partnership Matter?

By working with Sam Villa®’s award-winning tools, our students get to use high-quality products as they learn and grow at our school. These tools are ergonomically designed to increase their lifespan. An important part of the Sam Villa education system is using these tools effectively. While higher end beauty tools are typically more expensive, investing in quality tools is essential for beauty professionals. High-end curling irons, straighteners, and other tools are made of quality materials like ceramic and tourmaline. They also have temperature settings to protect the hair, which many cheaper tools do not. At Xenon Academy, our students are taught the proper way to work with professional products and tools from the get-go.

Sam Villa YouTube Channel

For even easier access to beauty education, Sam Villa® created a YouTube channel that now has over 600,000 subscribers. This channel has an extensive library of videos that are short, sweet, and to the point. Sam is just as engaging and informative in his videos as he is in real life, which makes this a great way to learn techniques quickly.

Here are a few examples of Sam Villa®’s educational videos!

Simple Face Framing Technique: Front Twist Cutting Technique - YouTube

Cutting an Undercut - Where to Place the Parting - YouTube

Join the Xenon Academy Family

Want to choose Xenon Academy for your beauty education? Learn about our cosmetology program here!

Curious about what tools and products you’ll be working with? Get details about our cosmetology student kit here.

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Have you decided to take the plunge and begin your beauty school education? We are so excited that you have made that critical decision! As you prepare for your new journey you likely have heard about the awesome things in store for you. Besides the exciting education you’re about to receive, one of the most exciting parts about beginning your new beauty school education is receiving your student kit. It can make you feel like a true professional, and really sets the tone for the program you’re about to start. Xenon Academy takes a lot of pride in the quality of the tools and products in our cosmetology kit, so let’s answer the big question: what’s in it?

Xenon Academy’s Cosmetology Kit is RAD

The reason all our students receive a beauty kit is to help them practice the skills they’re learning in their courses. They also use their new tools on real clients in the student salon*. Typical kits contain basic beauty tools like shears, clippers, clips, brushes, styling tools, and more! However, each school’s kit is different, and the quality of the tools in them can really make the difference for a student.

Our students are also lucky enough to have many of our courses and topics online. We offer Pivot Point® curriculum and online courses through LAB. This means that our students can continue their education at home, and we do require that every student have a tablet so they can access the courses. You can purchase your tablet along with your student kit, or you can provide your own.

Xenon Academy is proud to supply our students with products that support the beauty school industry. All of the brands in our student kits have partnered with beauty schools to train them how to use their products. We never purchase our products off the shelves, and we strive to provide our students with the knowledge of how best to use their new tools.

Our Product Partnerships

Before you begin your schooling you can look up the following brands to learn a little more about their products and tools. They are each salon-quality brands and you may find that you become loyal to one or more of these brands even following graduation.

Do you recognize these brand names from salons you’ve been to? That’s because the best salons know they that to provide clients with superior services they should use superior tools.

Category #1 – Brushes & Combs

Who knew there were so many different kinds of brushes and combs? You should know that each of these has a different use, and during your time with us you may find that you use each of them on a regular basis!

  • 12 – 7” Styling Combs
  • 1 – Vent Brush
  • 3 – 7 Row Nylon Bristle Brushes
  • 2 – Hair Picks
  • 2 – Stainless steel Tail Comb
  • 1 – 8” Clipper Comb
  • 1 – 7” Dual Purpose Comb
  • 1 – Paddle Brush
  • 1 – Thermal Round Brush
  • 1 – Oval Paddle Brush
  • 1 – Styling Brush
  • 4 – Carbon Cutting Combs
  • 1 – Taper Comb
  • 1 – Basin Comb 8 ½”
  • 1 – Rattail Comb

During your time in our cosmetology program you can find that you use each of these combs and brushes more often than you think! Keep an eye on them so you don’t need to replace them.

Category #2 – Texture Rods & Clips

If you’re not sure what these are, you might want to do a quick search and see how various clips and texture rods can be used. We always have a fun time when using these tools to create specific textures and hairstyles!

  • 1 – Smooth Magnetic Roller Set
  • 2 – Pack 2” Butterfly Clips
  • 1 – Pack Duckbill Clips
  • 1 – Pack Single Prong Clips
  • 1 – Pack Double Prong Clips
  • 1 – Gator Clips 6pk
  • 27 – Dozen Permanent Wave Rods

It can be difficult to keep track of your clips. While Xenon Academy will provide you with a metal-locking rollabout to keep all of your tools in, you may want to use extra bags or containers to organize everything.

Category #3 – Essential Tools

This is everyone’s favorite category! When you see yourself working in a salon you likely have envisioned yourself masterfully curling and styling a client’s hair, and there’s no better way to do that than with these high-quality essential tools.

  • 1 – Shear 6”
  • 1 – Thinning Shear
  • 1 – Styling Razor
  • 1 – styling Razor Blade 10pk
  • 1 – Blow Dryer
  • 1 – Finger Diffuser
  • 1 – Flat Iron 1”
  • 1 – Professional ¾” Marcel Iron
  • 1 – Manikin Shear
  • 1 – Hand Mirror
  • 1 – Service Timer
  • 3 – Color Bowls
  • 1 – Spray Bottle
  • 1 – Tint Bottle
  • 1 – Box Vinyl Gloves
  • 1 – Professional Manicure Kit
  • 1 – Nail Brush
  • 1 – Protective Eye Goggles
  • 1 – Children’s Cutting Cape
  • 2 – Adult Capes
  • 1 – Stylist Apron
  • 1 – Oster T-Finisher Trimmer
  • 1 – Oster classic 76 Clipper
  • 1 – Crochet Hook
  • 1 – Manikin Stand
  • 5 – Color Brushes
  • 1 – Name Tag
  • 1 – Shoulder bag
  • 1 – Shear Case
  • 1 – Comb Rollup Case

Can you believe how awesome this is? We’ve really tried to set you up with everything a professional cosmetologist uses in a typical work week. We can’t wait to watch you use these in the student salon*!

Category #4 – Manikins

Our final category is the manikins. These are an essential part of your cosmetology training, because not only do they provide you with a head to practice on, but you can easily carry them around to show people your work. You may find that you appreciate your manikins more than you think!

  • 2 – Male Manikins
  • 1 – Female Manikin
  • 1 – Quadrant Hair Color Manikin

You may be wondering why we provide one more male manikin than female. The reason is that at Xenon Academy we believe men deserve just as high quality of hair services as women do. Not many schools take the time to go into depth about men’s hair services, and we want to counter that by taking the extra time to train on this skill. During our cosmetology program we cover straight-razor hair trims, beard trims using clippers, and men’s styling!

How Will You Use Your Student Kit?

During your time at Xenon Academy you will find that you use your tools almost daily! It’s important that you keep your tools safe, clean, and well cared for. Our students have found that they love to use their shears, hot tools, and clippers the most, so be aware that you’ll use them a lot.

Each of our tools are introduced in our Pivot Point® program within the first four weeks. Our students are expected to be able to handle them with ease by the end of their program, and we do our best to help them reach this goal. Because each of the products we’ve listed here are so durable and high-quality many of our graduates still use them once they begin working in a salon. That’s just one of the ways that we show our students we care about them.

Are you excited to begin your cosmetology education? We look forward to seeing you in class using these awesome tools! Not yet a student? That’s fine! We have several start dates throughout the year that you could make it in time for. All you have to do is reach out to us and set up a tour of our school. We would love to see your name on the list of new students, and you could begin using these tools soon enough!

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We love our students! Here at Xenon Academy, we love that learning is near and dear to the hearts of all of our students and staff. Education is a personal journey, and it’s one that requires a support system. To strengthen our ties with our current and past students, we wanted to start highlighting people who we think have gone above and beyond the expectations for any esthetician or cosmetologist.

Our very first feature in an alumnas from a few years back who is making waves in her local beauty community. Please celebrate join us in celebrating Ms.Kylie McGowan!

Kylie’s Story

Kylie attended Xenon Academy’s Grand Island location for the first time in September of 2014. She was a cosmetology student and a passionate one at that. It was clear that she had big goals and dreams and that she was willing to work hard to achieve them. After putting in her time, putting her nose to the grind for several months, and graduating in December of 2015, Kylie went to work at The Personal Touch salon in York, Nebraska

Though she was happy with her experience, she felt that she could flourish further with additional education. She had a love for skin care. So she made the decision to attend Xenon Academy again! This time she enrolled in our esthetics program. After graduating in May of 2017 with an additional education in skin care, Kylie decided to return to The Personal Touch.

Xenon Academy, a Place of Learning

We asked Kylie why she chose to learn with Xenon Academy not once but twice!

“I moved to attend Xenon Academy. I picked it not only because of its location but because it just felt right. The education was great, and I’d heard a lot about them before I went. The education itself was amazing and the staff was wonderful. I wouldn’t have picked any other school!”

Kylie started her journey with Xenon Academy with one little supporter by her side: her two year old son. Our campus proximity was important to her. She wanted a place where she could go and better herself for her and her son’s futures, but she also wanted a place that she could stay near her loved ones.

We asked her to share her experience of coming in for a tour and the process of choosing a beauty school.

“There were people on the salon floor when I went in for a tour. You’re in school, but you’re doing everything you want to do after school. They were happy, smiling, talking to real clients. You get the feel of working before you even leave the school. You learn a lot after school, but you make the connections in school. After school you don’t have to go out there alone. I still ask my peers’ advice! The personal connections are great.”

Kylie in 2018

Kylie learned a lot in her years of working at The Personal Touch, but she knew that she needed something more. She had always been a risk-taker, and she wanted to do something crazy.

“I’m a risk-taker. I just never stop moving. I take whatever life throws at me. Because I am so passionate, I knew I could do more than just work for someone. It’s hard to be in a salon that’s already established and trying to innovate. Trying to grow within someone else’s brand is hard. It’s harder to bring in new services and stuff. Someone’s always uncomfortable.”

Kylie decided to open her own salon in York. Impulse Studio is now her love, passion, and driving force to continue to improve herself.

“I am always five steps ahead, and I don’t know why I do that! I’m always thinking of what I can do next. I am on Instagram like crazy. I am always looking at other people’s stuff. I am in such a small town, but you can’t limit yourself to that! You have to make it happen. You have to branch out.”


You can tell by Kylie’s drive, personality, and love of beauty that she was meant to do great things. If you find yourself saying the same things, dreaming the same dreams, and working as hard as Kylie, you might find a future in beauty!

“I get so excited for the future. That’s why I am always five steps ahead. I’m always motivated to try new things. As I was working under someone, I knew I had what it took to run a business. I strive every day to prove that to others.”

Kylie shared with us that it is now her dream to expand her salon over time. We think it was an admirable goal to launch her own salon so early in her career, and it’s even more impressive to want to go bigger and better!

Why Beauty?

There are so many reasons to pursue a future in beauty. Whether you love helping others or you’ve always had a comb in your hand, hair, skin, and makeup might be your perfect match. We asked Kylie to share her reasoning behind pursuing a future in the beauty industry.

“I went to beauty school right after highschool. When I decided I wanted to be in the industry, I knew I wanted a career that I loved and that’s always changing. As a stylist, we’re always changing. Being able to be creative with every client is a blessing.”

Many students love the flexibility and creativity that a career as a cosmetologist brings. Another common favorite is working with people.

“Making people happy is my favorite. Everyone has a story, and it’s inspiring to get to listen to them every day. You’re there for them.”

With every new face in the salon comes a new story. It’s something that we find interesting and intriguing about the industry, too! Our love of helping others is what makes Xenon Academy a great place to hone your skills and learn to love your future career!

You can catch Kylie in the local spotlight! Check out her feature on the York News Times.

Kylie’s Advice

We asked Kylie to share advice to students who want to open their own salons in the future.

“Be risky, but be smart. Think about your decisions. Have patience. Once you graduate from school it will be super exciting, but be prepared to learn a lot. Always learn more.”

She also wanted to add, “Stick through it even in the hard times. Even I had doubts in school. You sometimes get mad and frustrated, but just know that people are there for you. You improve from your mistakes.”

Be Like Kylie

If you want to add to your educational skill set, or start one, contact Xenon Academy today! We would love to be the school that helps you launch your dreams! To keep up with Kylie, check out her Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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Cosmetology is your passion, but it’s more than just cutting, coloring, and styling hair. Cosmetology is about helping others feel and look their best, while exploring your creativity and inspiration! With all of the hard work you put into achieving your dream career, you shouldn’t be held back by forgetting to renew your license. Doing so could cost you your job or worse, your credibility! There are only a few things you have to do to renew your license, so get a jumpstart on it today!

Four Steps to Renew Your Cosmetology License in Nebraska

Each state has different requirements for getting your cosmetology or esthetics license renewed. Lucky for you, Nebraska’s process is fairly simple! You’ve already completed the schooling and work you needed in order to get your license the first time, so keep it in mind that you will need to get a renewal every few years depending on which license you’re renewing. Here’s a quick reference:

  • Cosmetologist & Cosmetology Instructors: licenses expire on December 31st of even-numbered years.You will need to renew your license every two years in December, but three years if you received your license on an odd-numbered year.
  • Esthetician: licenses expire on September 30th of even-numbered years. You will need to renew your license every two years in September, but three years if you received your license on an odd-numbered year.
  • Nail Technician: licenses expire on December 31st of odd-numbered years. You will need to renew your license every two years in December, or three years if you received your license on an odd-numbered year.
Complete Eight Hours of Continuing Education (CE) Classes

Even practicing cosmetologists are required to take continuing education courses during their career. The purpose of these courses is to ensure that you are using best practices, learning new techniques based on the industry, and keeping you up-to-date if you’ve taken any breaks during your career. There are two continuing education courses approved by the state, and you can sign up for them based on your preferred schedule. Make sure you sign up for them well in advance of your license expiration date so that you can renew before it’s too late!

There are only eight hours needed for a license renewal, and they are designed to test your knowledge and skill level. The curriculum will vary depending on what you sign up for, and you can find the CE class schedule here.

Pass the Online Exam

The renewal test is provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and can be found here. It is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions and is open-book. You cannot sign up for the test without having completed your hours, and those hours should have prepared you for this test. You must pass with at least a 75% to renew your license.

The best way to study for this test, besides paying attention during your CE hours, is to practice! If you’re still working in a salon or freelance, just ensure that you’ve got a few basic client appointments scheduled before your exam. These basic appointments can be things like both a male and female trim, a full color, and simple skincare techniques. Having these fresh in your mind can help you fly through the exam!

Send in Your Certificate of Completion for Grading

Once you’ve completed the online exam you need to print and send the result to the following address:

Licensure Unit
301 Centennial Mall South (PO Box 94986)
Lincoln, NE 68509

If you have any issues with sending it in, email DHHS.Helpline@nebraska.gov. Be aware that either this address or the provided email could change at any time. Visit http://dhhs.ne.gov for additional information and to see if you’re up-to-date on the renewal process.

Show Proof of Renewed License to Employer

Whether you’re working in a salon or as a freelance artist you will still need to prove that you have a current license. Once you’ve received your license you can bring it into your employer, or if you’re freelance we suggest displaying somewhere visible in your salon! This provides that much-needed credibility and after all, it’s the law. From there just make sure you’re on your toes about new practices and requirements and you should be ready for anything!

Get Started with Xenon Academy

Obtaining or renewing a license doesn’t have to be a difficult process! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to turn your passion for makeup, hair, or even fashion into a real career, cosmetology school might be the answer. A cosmetology program can teach you all about skin care, hair styling and theory, as well as a number of other things about business and managing your career!

You’ve seen how easy it can be to renew your license, and a license in cosmetology or esthetics can be far quicker to obtain than a degree from a university. Turn your passion into a rewarding lifelong career by starting the process with Xenon Academy. We offer innovative and exciting programs in cosmetology, and esthetics! Check them out, or fill out our form for more information. We would love to help you achieve your dreams in beauty!

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Are you looking into a career in the beauty industry in Nebraska? If you are, you likely have wondered how long cosmetology school can take to complete. To obtain a license as a cosmetologist in Nebraska, at least 2,100 program hours used to be required, but the licensing board will be switching over to a 1,800 hour requirement instead. This can cut several months off of the time it would take to become a licensed cosmetologist!

What you learn in that 1,800 hours can vary from program to program, but you can generally expect to learn about:

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair coloring
  • Texturing services
  • Hair design
  • Basic skin care
  • Basic manicuring & pedicuring
  • Men’s hair services
  • Salon marketing
  • Client management
  • Business basics
  • And more

As licensing requirements are adjusted by the state licensing board, additional topics can be added or removed from cosmetology programs in Nebraska. To find out more about what you can learn at Xenon Academy, contact our admissions office for more information!

If you’re interested in our esthetics program, the program hour requirements are likely different. Visit our program pages to learn more!

More Time For YOU

A shorter cosmetology program allows you to spend more time with the things that matter to you. Many cosmetology students have to balance things like work, family, and more. If you’re worried about trying to juggle all the important things in life, this new change can help you manage everything while building your career at the same time.

Fewer Hours, Same Education

Some students may be concerned that fewer program hours could result in less education, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! This isn’t the first change in hours we’ve experienced at Xenon Academy, and it probably will not be the last. Regardless of what the state requires, our dedication is to our students, and we want our graduates to feel prepared and confident to enter the world of beauty.

Check out our blog about the hours change for more information.

Fewer hours does provide some advantages for students as well. The new requirement reduces program time by 300 hours, which can take as long as five months to complete as a full-time student! That’s almost half a year! That’s five months of rent, utilities, transportation, and other expenses that you don’t have to put into schooling. That’s also five months of work you could be doing in a salon, spa, or your own business. The lower hour requirement allows us to get out of your hair so you can help other people with theirs!

Begin With Xenon Academy

Your future begins with today, so stop putting off your passions! If you have an interest in cosmetology, there’s no time like the present to at least learn a little more about what your career could hold. Contact us to learn more about our cosmetology program and how it can help you prepare for a lifelong career!

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Stereotypes can be funny, but they can also be hurtful.

There are plenty of stereotypes out there about many professions. From the very attractive firefighter to the pencil pushing rocket scientist, several careers suffer from stigmas.

The beauty industry doesn’t escape hurtful stereotypes. We’re sure you’ve heard of the “beauty school dropout”.

There have long been misconceptions about cosmetologists and other beauty professionals. Most of these misunderstandings are translated into negative emotions and feedback when it comes to choosing to pursue a career in beauty. We’re here to address the five most common misconceptions, stigmas, and stereotypes that exist the beauty realm and why they can be so hurtful.

1: The Industry is Only for Women

This misconception is totally outdated. Years ago male hair stylists, makeup artists, and skin care professionals were sparse. Now they’re out in the beauty industry making waves. From hairstyling legend, Sam Villa and our very own founder, Xenon, to the newest men on the scene like Patrick Starr, there’s plenty of room for everyone in the beauty community.

In fact, brands like ASOS and MMUK Man are going out of their way to make sure that males are aware of the cosmetics available and created to cater to them.

10 Men Who ROCK The Beauty Industry - YouTube

How is This Harmful to the Industry?

You may be asking yourself, “How does this misunderstanding affect people going into the beauty industry?” It’s simple: young males are being told that they should choose a different career path, even if makeup, hair, or skin care is their true passion because the field is only for women. We believe that everyone should feel confident in pursuing a career that they are good at, that they like, and that will bring them joy for years to come!

Xenon Academy Fighting Stereotypes

Here at Xenon Academy, we believe in crushing this misunderstanding and others. We encourage anyone who loves the beauty industry to pursue it, no matter who they are! Here we promote diversity and uniqueness!

2: You’re Not Smart If You Want to Go to Beauty School

Before the complexity of hair cutting and skin care was understood, many people thought these jobs to be easy. When a job seems easy, people tend to assume that you don’t have to be smart to do it. This couldn’t be further than the truth when it comes to beauty.

Facts About Beauty Educations:
Cosmetology and Barbering

  • You can learn anatomy.
  • You can learn chemistry.
  • You can learn biology.
  • You can learn about hair/skin disorders and diseases.
  • You can learn color theory.
  • You can learn math.
  • You can learn to run your own small business.

This list rounds out just some of the subjects that many people didn’t know came into play in cosmetology and barbering. Beauty professionals must know how hair and skin will react with products, they have to measure and be precise when it comes to mixing hair colors, and they need to understand how colors work together to complement a client’s personal style.


  • You can learn anatomy.
  • You can learn chemistry.
  • You can learn biology.
  • You can learn color theory.
  • You can learn math.
  • You can learn about skin and nail disorders and diseases.

Again, these are just a few of the more traditional types of topics that estheticians can learn in a program. They must understand how the details about skin in order to properly care for it. Knowing how skin will react to products will prevent allergic reactions and help you treat conditions.

How many careers do you know that incorporate not only sciences but creative skills, too? Not to mention the amount of people skills that go into building out a healthy, reputable book of business.

How is This Harmful to the Industry?

No one likes being told they’re not smart. Each job requires a skill set, talent, and drive to make it a career. Being unsupportive of any professional or implying that a job doesn’t require any specialized knowledge is rude and downright wrong!

Xenon Academy Fighting Stereotypes

Because we know this industry requires a certain level of knowledge and passion, we help our students learn real-world skills. In our programs we teach marketing, time management, business management, and more. Our students are smart, and we want them to feel empowered with the knowledge they learn here!

3: If You Go to School, You’ll Drop Out

Thanks to the movie “Grease”, everyone assumes that any beauty school student is more prone to dropping out than the average college student. According to the National Student Clearinghouse, “57% of students enrolled in college are not done after six years. Of that 57%, 33% of them drop out entirely. . .”

If that statistic doesn’t help reframe your mindset when it comes to dropping out, then we don’t know what will. It’s clear that traditional college students have high statistics of dropping out.

We believe that beauty school students are not more likely to drop out than any other student. In fact, we think it’s more likely that they won’t drop out for a few reasons.

  1. They have a true passion for their craft. You won’t find students learning general education that won’t be applicable for their jobs later on in a beauty school classroom.
  2. Their schooling doesn’t require as much time. Beauty school programs don’t often require more than a few months to a little over a year to complete. It depends on the program and the schedule you take it in.
  3. Trade educations, like beauty, are made for people who want to get their education done and move onto a rewarding career. The curriculum and educational environment are tailored to people who learn better in hands-on way. Much different than a college lecture hall!

While we can’t speak for all beauty school students, we can speak to the experiences we have had as a beauty school for many years.

How is This Harmful to the Industry?

Perpetuating the idea that someone who is in beauty school is more likely to drop out creates a scary story. Essentially, it creates the idea that beauty school isn’t for anyone who is dedicated to their education. It is dangerous for people who are looking to go into beauty school because it sets them up for a mindset that dropping out is acceptable and expected of them.

Xenon Academy Fighting Stereotypes

At Xenon Academy we uplift our students. Our staff is dedicated to supporting our students in every way that they can. Whether it be helping them set goals or plans or just being someone to talk to, we want to be a shoulder to lean on and count on throughout school.

4: You’ll Never Have a Real Job

The most common pushback that we hear about students starting beauty school is that they will “never have a real job”. This is often a concern of parents, and we totally understand where it comes from. It can be scary thinking about your child entering an industry that you know very little about.

Here’s what you should know about the job outlook for cosmetologists:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for Barbers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists is growing at a rate of 13% between the years 2016-2026. This is a rate that is faster than average compared to other careers.
  • The careers for licensed cosmetologists are plentiful. They are not limited to working in a salon. Careers they may choose to explore include: salon owner, salon manager, brand ambassador, product representative, platform artist, social media influencer, freelancer, beauty writer, and many more! The days of “just being a beautician” are gone.
  • This career choice is resilient. During the Great Depression as well as the recession in 2008, beauty professionals continued to thrive. It proves that even when times aren’t looking up, people want to feel pampered.
  • According to Statista, the beauty and personal care market has been increasing year over year since 2013. In 2017, the industry reached 86 million dollars in the U.S.

Looking to explore more career options for cosmetologists? Click here.

It’s clear that the industry is growing faster and stronger than ever. If you have a passion for beauty, now’s the time to jump on board!

How is This Harmful to the Industry?

The idea that there is not a real job out there for someone in beauty is inaccurate. There are so many things to do in this field! Being unaware of all of the opportunities available can be discouraging for someone who is looking to make beauty their everyday job. Some people just weren’t meant to work a desk job.

Xenon Academy Fighting Stereotypes

Here at Xenon Academy, we believe in helping our students get real jobs. That means assisting them in their educational journey. We include not only practical and theoretical instruction in each of our programs, we also include education in management, marketing, and more. This means that you can walk away with skills that are applicable in a variety of careers, making you that much more marketable!

5: You Can’t Make Any Money

This is probably the most common concern we hear when people come in for a tour. Especially from parents. You want your child to be successful and independent, and it can be scary to think of them in non-traditional job.

What we want you to know is this: if you work hard, put in your time, and learn to be strategic in what you do, you’ll make money. Just because this job is creative and fun doesn’t mean it doesn’t take hard work and perseverance to find success. Here at Xenon Academy, we teach our students the value of hard work and doing their best. Without learning these important elements during their education, their work would suffer.

How is This Harmful to the Industry?

It’s pretty clear how this misconception can be harmful to people who long to do hair for a living. The idea that they will never be successful isn’t a happy one. We urge doubters to take a look at some of the most famous and popular people in the beauty industry and tell us they aren’t successful.

Xenon Academy Fighting Stereotypes

We uplift our students. We teach valuable skills for any beauty pro. Whether they be the hands-on our theoretical elements within their field of choice or the business of beauty skills we include in our curriculum, we want to make sure our students see both the creative and strategic side of their future careers.

Be Empowered

Don’t let these five misconceptions stop you from pursuing your dreams. Now that we’ve totally dispelled each of them, take your new found knowledge and make your decision. Beauty school could be your calling! Contact Xenon Academy today to learn more about our cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering programs!

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So you’re ready to start beauty school. Yay! An education in cosmetology, esthetics, or barbering can lead you down a path toward a creative future full of success! Before you grab your shears, tweezers, or clippers, you’ve got to do a few things. The first step in your journey to a future in beauty is an education!

Here at Xenon Academy, we’ve taken our years of experience to perfect the admissions process in our school. We’ve created a step-by-step journey for you to follow to make things as easy as possible! We’ve even laid it all out when it comes to financial assistance options. Follow the steps below to learn how to become a Xenon Academy student!

Step 1: Contact Us

We want to hear from you, and we make it easy to get in touch. You can contact us in four different ways.

  1. Call Us. Give your nearest Xenon Academy a call! Our helpful staff members will be there to speak with you about the next step. GRAND ISLAND: (308) 210-3257 OMAHA: (402) 216-0978, or AURORA: (720) 251-2498.
  2. Drop In. We’d be happy to see you whenever we’re open! Just drop on by. You can find us at 804 N. Webb Road Grand Island, NE 68803 or 8516 Park Drive Omaha, NE 68127, or in Colorado at 2231 S. Peoria Street Aurora, CO 80014.
  3. Fill Out a Form on Our Site. Our homepage has a purple form you can find easily. Just submit your information, and we’ll do the rest!
  4. Fill Out a Form on Facebook. Once you’re on our Facebook page, contacting us is easy! There’s a blue “Contact Us” button right at the top!
Admissions Tip: Not sure what’s going to happen once you submit a form or get in touch with us? We will give you a call (if we don’t have you on the phone already) or we’ll email you. During this time we’re going to give you more info about your program of interest, but the most important element of this call is setting up your private tour. Step 1.5: Book a Tour

This step will happen while you take step one. When you get in touch with us we’re going to take the time to setup a private tour of one of our campuses. Tours are the most important step in the admissions process! Seriously!

Tours allow you to come in and check out our campus in person, learn more about the programs, meet students, get introduced to instructors and staff, and even sit down with a financial advisor. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you, and be ready to learn!

How to Prepare for a Tour

To get the most out of your beauty school tour you’ll need to ask questions. In addition to the buddy you bring, you’ll want to bring a list of questions to ask. Here are a few example Qs to get some As on:

  • What schedules are your programs offered in?
  • Do you have financial assistance?
  • What does a day in the life of a student look like?
  • How long can I expect to be in school?
  • What does the student kit include?
Admissions Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the tour! The more info you seek the better we can help you get to know Xenon Academy! Step 2: Figure Out the Financials

You don’t have to do this step alone! We have a Business Office that specializes in helping students figure out the financials of going to school. This part can be intimidating, but have no fear! Our staff has been doing this for a while, and we want to help you explore all of your options.

What Financial Assistance Options Does Xenon Academy Offer?

We’ve dedicated a lot of time to being able to offer a variety of payment options. Our staff can help educate you on all of the options that are available to you!

  • Financial Aid*
  • Cash Pay
  • Payment Plans
  • College Saving Plans
  • Scholarships
  • Grants

Financial Aid*
Financial aid is available to students who qualify in all of our cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering programs. If you’re interested in learning about financial aid, we can sit down and talk about it on your tour. We can help you fill out the FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) if you haven’t already, we can help you create an FSA ID, and we can help you pull applicable tax information. After the process is completed, we’ll sit down and go over what you may qualify for.

Cash Pay
You do have the option to pay up front and in cash. We know that this isn’t the most common way to pay for your education, but it is an easy way to get it done and not have to worry about it throughout the school year!

Payment Plans
If you’re interested in paying in cash throughout your time here, we can help set up payment plans for you. These will vary based on your ability to pay, your timeline for payments, and more. You’ll need to spend some time in our Business Office to figure out what’s best for you!

Financial Tip: If you’re considering using financial aid* to pay for your education, there are a variety of benefits. Not only are interest rates low, but loans don’t have to be paid back until six months after you graduate! This can give you the chance to improve your credit!

College Saving Plans
We accept all types of college saving plans! If you’ve been saving up for your education, we can accept what you’ve squirreled away. You don’t have to spend a college savings plan at a traditional college or university, you can use it at Xenon Academy!

We accept outside scholarships and we offer internal travel scholarships for students who are commuting to Xenon Academy. You’ll want to come in and speak with us to learn more about using your scholarships at our school!

If you’ve received a grant, congrats! Grants are a type of funding that you don’t have to pay back. They may come from a variety of sources. Check with our Business Office to find out more about using your grant for one of our beauty programs.

Who Can Apply for Financial Aid*?

Anyone who wants to find out if they qualify for financial aid* can go through the process! Yes, the amount you qualify for will vary, but don’t let that deter you. You might be surprised what you qualify for!

Admissions Tip: We try to make it easy for students who are traveling to Xenon Academy. Talk to us about your commute to school!

Step 3: Sign Contracts and Enroll in Orientation

After you’ve figured out the most complicated step (financials) the next step is to actually enroll! If Xenon Academy is where you choose to pursue your education, you’ll need to sign a contract with us to get started.

We have a contract to help keep you and us committed to our relationship. This goes over all the logistics of financials, attendance, and more. Take your time to read before you sign so you know what’s expected of you. Don’t feel intimidated, this contract is good for the both of us!

Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, you can get enrolled in orientation! Your orientation day will set you up for your first day of classes. Orientation days are held two weeks before your actual start date.

Step 4: Show Up For Your First Day!

Orientation day is sure to get you excited for your real first day! Don’t forget to bring any supplies or materials given to you at orientation, be on time, and get ready to learn. This is the first day of your future, make it count! Here are a few extra things to keep in mind that will help you feel prepared:

  • Come dressed the part. Wear the appropriate clothing. This includes your uniform (if you receive it at orientation), removing any jewelry that can get in your way, and making sure you have comfortable, closed-toe shoes.
  • Be excited! If you want a career in beauty, we want to help you make that happen. This will take dedication from both of us.
  • Find a friend. Beauty school is much more fun with friends. Get ready to make friends, work together, and collaborate.
Admissions Tip: Stick to your appointments! Set a precedent for your education, try your best not to miss any appointment dates that are set, and always follow directions. You’ll be more successful if you make sure your first few interactions with education are good ones! Your Next Step

What are you waiting for? Follow our step-by-step guide and get going! If you need a reminder of how to contact us, we’ve listed our contact info again below. We can’t wait to help you throughout your journey to a career in beauty!

Xenon Academy – Grand Island
804 N. Webb Road
Grand Island, NE 68803
Phone: (308) 210-3257

Xenon Academy – Omaha
8516 Park Drive
Omaha, NE 68127
Phone: (402) 216-0978

Xenon Academy – Aurora
2231 S. Peoria Street
Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: (720) 251-2498

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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Back to school season is coming up quickly, and it’s not just for kids! If you’re prepping to go back to school in cosmetology, esthetics, or barbering, you’ll need to get your essentials, too. Whether you’ve just graduated high school or haven’t stepped foot in a classroom for years, the way you prepare is important for your overall success. This is unlike any other back-to-school shopping you’ve ever done before; it’s time to get back to beauty school!

Essential #1: The Basics

Really, this isn’t just one essential item. You’ll need to get some of the basic back-to-school stuff you’d get for any other type of education. You’ll need notebooks, pens and pencils, colored pencils, and any other tool that helps keep you organized. Beauty school does have hands-on elements, but you’ll also spend some time in the classroom learning the theory behind the science. You’ll want to take notes and keep track of what you’re learning.

Another essential to consider purchasing is a backpack or bag. You’ll want to put all of your school supplies in your bag. At school you’ll be receiving a kit that has all of the professional tools you’ll need to learn, and that will likely come with its own travel case. Of course, that depends on your school. However, don’t bank on everything you need fitting into the case after all your tools have been packed away. Get yourself a backpack to keep your notebooks and other supplies in!

Essential #2: Back to Black

Have you ever noticed that most professional stylists, barbers, and estheticians have a dress code? Have you noticed their uniforms are usually made up of all black? It’s on purpose! When working with dyes, hair, makeup, and skin care products, you’re likely to get at least a little bit on yourself. Black helps disguise stains and keep you looking professional all day long. This habit starts in beauty school. We recommend buying some black pants and shirts, and make sure to ask your school if they require a special t-shirt to wear while you’re in class. Some schools provide shirts and others may allow plain black tees. Don’t be afraid to go cheap on your shirts or pants. You’ll want to make sure you invest in another piece of outerwear…

Shoes! Black, closed-toe shoes are all important in beauty school. You’re going to be on your feet all day, so you’ll want something that is comfortable that you can wear for a long time. Look for no-slip shoes. Waitresses and waiters often wear them to avoid slips and falls from spilled liquids, and beauty pros can benefit from that element, too. You’re going to be washing hair and using liquid product, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You’ll also probably want shoes that are easy to slip on and off. We know that open-toed shoes are easy to put on, but definitely avoid anything with an open toe because you’re working with products and hot tools! Laces that come untied easily can also become a safety issue, so be aware. We know that plain black velcro shoes can be seen as unattractive, but your feet will thank you. We promise.

Essential #3: The Little Things

We know that wearing all black all day long can seem boring. Especially for creatives like hair stylists, barbers, and makeup artists! That’s why it’s important to show off your creativity in a different way. Grab yourself some unique and colorful hair ties, necklaces, belts, and even makeup. The best way to set yourself apart from the sea of black uniforms is to make yourself more vibrant. Don’t be afraid to show off a little personality. Just make sure to check with your school on dress code before you get too crazy.

Our favorite go-to accessories to add flair include:

  • Big false lashes
  • Colorful eyeliner
  • Bold colored mascara
  • Bright lipstick
  • Chunky necklaces
  • Jeweled hair pieces and barrettes

Just remember to steer away from any accessory that could get in the way of you providing a service or learning a new skill like dangling bracelets or super long nails.

Essential #4: Product, Product, Product

You’re going to beauty school to learn how to create stunning hairstyles, mind-blowing hair colors, beautiful makeup application, and sharp men’s looks. Why wouldn’t you show off your skills on yourself? Make sure to dress the part! That means doing your own hair and makeup and maintaining a certain level of beautification. No one will trust a stylist who doesn’t do their own hair, and a barber with untamed facial hair won’t be allowed near a face with a straight razor.

In addition to looking professional, you can help build trust with your guests by showing them what you can do. If your hair is perfectly on point, they may just want to copy your style. Show everyone just how much you love what you do!

Feeling Prepared?

We hope this list helps you prepare for your first day of beauty school! You’re on your way to an exciting future. If you’re still in the midst of deciding which school is right for you, we invite you to come take a tour of Xenon Academy in Nebraska or Colorado. We’d love to show you what we’re all about. We’d be happy to help you prepare to go shopping with this essentials list and more!

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Are you passionate about hair, nails, skin care, makeup artistry, and everything else beauty related? Here at Xenon Academy, we are too! Cosmetology is the field to pursue if you want to have beauty as a real life career. It’s not all just hairspray and balayages, though, it takes hard work and determination to go through school and into licensure.

Can’t wait to get started? Here are our resources on taking your first steps and beyond!

Getting Prepared for School

There’s more to preparing for beauty school than loving hair and makeup. You’ll want to find out all the prerequisites for getting into school AND getting your license. We’ve got the details.

Does Cosmetology School Required a GED?

Many young people intend on enrolling in cosmetology school as soon as they can. You might be tempted to think that it requires a high school diploma. You’re on the right track with that thinking, but you can also hold a GED or equivalent of a high school diploma. That does vary by state, though, so you’ll want to check out your local laws.

In the blog above we talk about the difference between a diploma and a GED and more!

How Long is Cosmetology School in Colorado?

Different states require different amounts of training and education in order to be eligible for licensure. One of the very first questions aspiring beauty professionals ask is how long their education will take. This blog answers that question for our Colorado people!

Cosmetology Over the Years

Cosmetology school isn’t the same way now as it was portrayed in “Grease”.

How Cosmetology School Now Differs From in the Past

There are a lot of things that your grandma may have learned in beauty school that are no longer taught in today’s curriculum. Read this blog for a fun blast from the past and an outline of the innovative changes beauty schools in this day and age, like Xenon Academy, are making in their educational plans.

Careers & Career Prep for Cosmetologists

There’s more to being ready for a future in beauty besides education (though it is the first and most important step). You’ll want to be prepared for a real job once you’ve graduated.

Career Opportunities in Cosmetology

The career opportunities for licensed, hard working cosmetologists are vast. There is so much variety in what jobs are available now! Read our blog to learn more about some notable careers that are out there.

The Ultimate Resume Building Guide

An accountant’s resume is bound to look different than one of a landscaper. It’s no surprise that each career requires different skills and experience. Cosmetology is no different! This creative career can be hard to summarize in your typical resume template. Click here to get your beauty resume template and learn about how to create a stunning resume yourself!

The Cosmetologist Guide to Creating a Portfolio

After you’ve put together your resume, you’ll want to show off your stuff. Portfolios are super important to cosmetologists, just like they are for architects and artists. Our blog can walk you through out to create a visually pleasing and impressive portfolio.

The Cosmetologist’s Guide to Interviewing Well

Interviews can be scary, but there are a few things you can do at your salon interview to make a lasting impression. Our blog outlines the best way to prepare and approach an interview as a cosmetologist. You got this!

The Legalities of It

As you may have gathered, there are some legal rules surrounding a job in cosmetology. It’s OK, you don’t have to memorize them! We’ve got resources.

A Change in Hours for Nebraska Cosmetology

Did you know that the state of Nebraska changed the required amount of hours that students will have to spend in cosmetology school? You’ll want to know how it impacts your education.

Colorado License Renewal

After licensure there are other things to worry about. Renewing your license is just a part of the job. Click here to learn more about licensure renewal in CO.

This is Cosmetology

Are you excited to begin your journey? We can’t blame you! We love it! For more information about any of the topics above, don’t be afraid to call us. We’d love to discuss any of the topics addressed on this blog on the phone or in person.

If you’re ready to start your cosmetology school journey, book a tour with us!

To Book Your Tour With Xenon Academy
1. Request Info
AURORA: (720) 251-2498
GRAND ISLAND: (308) 210-3257
OMAHA: (402) 216-0978
2. Pick a Tour Day and Time
3. Show Up, Ready to Learn!

We can’t wait to have you!

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