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My 8 years of blogging journey is just awesome

It has taught me so many life and marketing lessons that are letting me earn a consistent growth!

GROWTH? Yes, in terms of FAME & MONEY!

I’m an SEO freak; I would always like to keep myself updated with the latest search engine algorithms to play well in the search results.

Therefore, if you want to improve your keyword search ranking, then this long piece of content is for you!

Don’t get panic with the extended guide; it is easy to understand and never bore you

Let’s come to the topic!

I have often been asked by the bloggers,

My keyword ranking is dropping, what should I do?

How to boost search ranking for a specific keyword?

How to get my blog post first page on Google?

How to rank for a keyword fast?

And so on..

Thus, I took an excellent opportunity to reveal some useful strategies that I follow.

The primary aim of creating my every blog post is to drive the organic traffic through which I’m bringing the focused audience to my content.

Even though I’m not an SEO expert, I have understood the techniques that could please the search engines in a better way


Getting people from the search engine results to your site is not rocket science.

The concept is simple!

You have to perform the keyword research process professionally and find out the rankable keywords.

Grabbing the low competition keywords is a kind of easy task with the premium keyword discovery tools like Long Tail Pro, KWFinder, and its alternatives.

However, you should understand the fact that the SEO does not work, as we want!

Not only researching the keywords, but the ranking of the best search engines also depends on lot of factors like

  • Domain age of your site
  • Quality of links that you have built
  • Value of the content that you have written
  • Loading speed of your website
  • Content CTR in search engines
  • How long the visitors stay on your page
  • Level of Social media presence
  • Number of semantically related keywords in your content

And much more!

You have to focus on everything that I have mentioned above, and thus you could stay authoritative to the eyes of Google and other search engines.

On the other hand, I should admit if you choose a very low competition niche, then it is more likely to rank on top with high-quality content and perfect on-page SEO practices. (Yes, you don’t need to build the backlinks)

Now, let’s come to your requirement, how to improve the keyword ranking in search results?

I used to do several experiments to perk up the keyword ranking of my blog posts. 

There is no fixed rule to be followed!

You may implement the suggestions that I’m going to reveal and keep watching the progress.

Before getting into the helpful keyword search ranking boosting tips, let me tell you a few thing that you need to avoid.

Things To Be Avoided To support Your Organic Ranking

1. Do not stuff the keywords in title and content; instead, you may use keyword variations

2. Do not focus much on commercial keywords; rather you may target INFORMATIONAL keywords

3. Do not build irrelevant dofollow backlinks

4. It’s better to ignore Profile creation/Directory submission backlink strategy

5. Stop using the HTTP Version, free WordPress theme, and low-quality hosting server 

If you want to stay 100% safe from Google search ranking drop, check the reasons why the Google will affect your site rankings!

Now, let me walk you through the 8 steps of keyword search rank improvement practices.


I have already mentioned that the organic ranking depends on several factors and hence the following strategies may not work for you.

Anyway, I’m advising you to follow the below approaches to improve your page rank for a particular keyword.

8 Must Follow Tactics To Boost Your Keyword Search Ranking 
1. Keyword Re-Research

Re-Research? Are you hearing it for the first time?

I know that you have already done the keyword research task before writing the content.

Now, I’m asking you to do the keyword research again!

How to do Keyword Re-Research? 

Find out the current ranking of your blog post and the keywords (you want to improve) that you are driving little traffic.

For Example:

Let’s assume your blog post holds a position on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google and thus you will definitely be getting the organic keywords in both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

I hope that you have added GA and GWT to your WordPress site.

Visit Google Analytics > AQUISITION > All Traffic > Channels > Organic Search

Visit Google Webmaster Tools > Search Traffic > Search Analytics

From the list of keywords, collect the keywords related to the blog post that you wish to rank top.

Why Gathering The Search Phrases From GA & GWT?

Including these keywords would help to achieve high TOPICAL AUTHORITY (depth of expertise) and fill the gaps in your content.

2. Make Your Content Better Than Before

After collecting the most appropriate LSI keywords for the second time, write and add some informative piece of material to get better rankings for keywords. 

Do not edit the article too often!

Just keep everything ready (keywords + some fresh content) and update the post.

How To Make Blog Post Better? 

Here are the 5 quick tips!

1. Add keyword variations in H2 & H3 tags and use Table Of Contents Plus WordPress plugin (TOC) to get displayed in SERPs.

2. Make sure that you have followed the Best On-page SEO Strategies and keep the keyword density around 1%.

3. Ensure that you have written Attention-Grabbing Title to improve the click-through rate by the searchers

Here are some SMART yet Attractive Titles

# Top-Notch SEO Tools To Buy in 2018 (Don’t Miss To Check #2 Tool)

# Best Cheap Managed Hosting For E-Commerce (#3 Is Most Reliable)

# Excellent Alternatives For Long Tail Pro (Check The Bonus Tool)

4. Outbound Links (External links) are considered as one of the search engine ranking factors, and hence you may link some valuable resources of the industry influencers.

Don’t miss to reach them and tell that they got mentioned/featured like this

You will get social reshares by the mentioned expert, and sometimes they may be interested in linking your blog post to their upcoming articles.

5. Write a Resourceful Meta Description (155 characters) by keeping the search users in mind and include a call-to-action along with the primary keyword.

If possible, use the keyword variation there as well. Here is an example

3. Internal Links & Anchor Text

So, you have collected the semantic keywords and updated the blog post that you wish moving forward top on search engine results.

Now, it’s time to focus on Internal Linking & Anchor Text as they both play a dominant role in improving the keyword search rank!

(Anchor Text – The text you use when you link the post)

When you interlink the posts, use the specific keyword phrase that you want to rank for. Also, do not use the same keyword as Anchor text for several internal links; instead you may use its close variations.

For Example

WordPress Block IP is the target keywords needs to be boosted, you may use the exact phrase as Anchor text while interlinking the posts at relevant places.

You may also use the LSI keywords like “Block IP in WordPress“, “Ban WordPress IP” & “Blacklist WordPress IP

How To Do Internal Linking Effectively? 

Internal linking can be done in 2 ways!

1. Look at your old blog posts and take the related ones to the content that you have just updated with new data and semantic keywords. 

Add the post URL (that needs to be enhanced) with the right anchor text.

** PRO TIP **

 While adding the URL (the post you want to rank top), make sure that you’re inserting at the BEGINNING of the old posts to pass more LINK JUICE 

2. Writing the new blog posts as the supporting articles to the content that you try to rank for is also a wise move when it comes to the keyword search ranking improvement. 

Create informative blog posts (2-3) and naturally link the post that you want to boost the search engine position. Here also, try to add the URL at the STARTING of the new content.

Adding the target URL to the old & freshly made posts through the internal link will enhance your keywords ranking.

4. Get Social Presence

It is well-known that the SEO & Social media are correlated and hence it can increase your keyword ranking. 

How To Improve Your Organic Search Ranking With Social Media?

1. After editing the blog post with better keywords + content and linked to the old & new posts, earn some social signals from the major networks like FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus.

2. Verify that you have optimized your social profiles for keyword searches. Include the target keyword in your headlines, bios, and links to your social media profile. 

3. It is clever leveraging the powerful platforms like Medium, and LinkedIn by publishing new content and link the post naturally from there.

4. Bizsugar and Klinkk can get the dofollow backlink for your blog post, so make use of those blogging communities.

5. Repurpose the content you want to tweak through a visual presentation and upload in the SlideShare (Insert the URL in the presentation).

5. Guest Blogging

Contributing the guest posts on ACTIVE blogs is one of the best strategies that would work like a charm in perking up the performance of your target keyword or content.

Please note that I have mentioned the word “ACTIVE” blog.

Yes! It would have a good reader-base and supporting community.

I have seen that the bloggers make mistakes in choosing the blogs to contribute their guest posts. They always look for the DA of the blogs.

According to my point of view, looking at the DA of the blogs for guest blogging will not be much help. Instead, you may search for the blogs that have loyal readers even though their DA is below 25.

And the reason for this is, your blog post (with the post link that you want to rank) will get read by those devoted audiences and it would tweak your organic ranking.

How To Choose The Blogs For Guest Blogging?

** PRO TIPS **

 1. Do not pick the blogs that have thousands of dofollow backlinks and yes, they might be built through spam methods for the quick results. 

Use AHREFs tool the check the dofollow backlink count of the site that you would like to guest blog.

In the below image, you can see what am I exactly talking about! Is it possible to build 5K+ dofollow links?

 2. When you get chance, link your guest post to your blog post or on when you contribute articles for other blogs. It will pass the link juice to your guest post that has your target URL to be improved. 

How To Write The Guest Post?

Here, the purpose of guest blogging is to advance your keyword search rankings.

Therefore, after choosing the active blogs, select the topic related to your high rank aiming post.

1. Read their guidelines

2. Write the useful piece of content with excellent resources.

3. Craft error-free post through a proof-reading tool

4. Show your expertise but assure that you’re writing the facts (Do not use “I Think” “It May Happen”, etc.)

5. Add your blog post with proper Anchor text (you can use the exact keyword that needs to be moved top in SERPs and try to embrace the link to the earlier paragraphs of your guest post)

6. Include a CALL-To-ACTION and Avoid inserting affiliate links.

6. Speed Up Your Blog

In the year 2010, the Google has officially confirmed that it is counting the site speed as one of the ranking factors. It expects the site pages load under 2 seconds or less.

This rule is to offer the best results to the search users, as they are impatient and would bounce off your site.

When you care about the user satisfaction and happiness through a fast loading website, Google and other search engines will be blessing your site with the higher search rank.

Why Your Site Speed Is Slow?

Poorly coded design, Unreliable hosting, Uncompressed images, Post revisions, Numerous Ad banners, Unessential scripts, and redirects are some of the frustrating reasons for slow loading website.

I have written a lot to increase the WordPress Speed!

Just have a glance at them

Essential Tips To Speed Up WordPress

Advanced Speed Optimization For WordPress

How To Optimize WordPress Database?

I have also listed some fastest WordPress themes that would make your site load under very few seconds.

7. Have Your Eye On Dwell Time & Bounce Rate

It is good that you have recognized the importance of making the site fast to lower the bounce rate.

But still, if you have an unpleasing design with poor site navigation and most horrible content readability, then the readers will skip your site for sure.

They may also hit the back button of their browser without taking any action if they did not get what they have precisely needed for!

This, in turn, increases the Dwell time or bounce rate of your site and may affect your keyword ranking in search results.

What are Dwell Time and Bounce rate?

Dwell Time – The amount of time elapses between the search result click of a user and then come back to the SERPs

Bounce Rate – Bounce rate is a single page session metric. When the readers didn’t perform any actions like hitting other pages or read more button, you will get high bounce rate.

According to Google RankBrain Algorithm, you will be upranked when your page satisfies the visitors who are landing on your site to get a specific solution.

View the images below, you can understand easily!

Image Credit: Backlinko.com


How To Reduce The Dwell Time & Bounce Rate?

Encourage the visitors to stay longer on your site and offer what they are precisely looking for!

1. Get a good site design with simple navigation and mobile responsiveness

2. Ensure your content is more accessible (Breakdown the paragraphs and use bullet points).

3. Do not use annoying pop-ups and advertisements

4. Interlink your relevant blog posts for further read/reference

5. Increase user engagement through useful videos, images, and infographics

6. Include a clear cum convincing Call-To-Action.

Where To Check The Bounce Rate Of A Page?

You may use the Goole Analytics tool to understand the user behavior (Behaviour > Overview)

8. Blogger Outreach

Building a meaningful relationship with the co-bloggers and the industry authorities for a specific purpose can be called Blogger Outreach.

You may use this “Reaching Technique” to get a contextual backlink for the content you want to improve your keyword search ranking. 

How To Do Blogger Outreach To Acquire Backlinks?

1. Identify the active bloggers related to your niche; Use Alltop.com or Buzzsumo.com

2. You may also set a Google alert for the keyword that needs to have a peak presence so that you will get the announcement when someone has published the relevant content from where you can get a backlink.

3. After collecting the list of bloggers or getting notifications in the Google alert, build a respectful relationship by sharing their content, leave comments on their blog posts and pinpoint the broken links/outdated data (If any). You may also feature them in your blog post. This long-lasting relationship matters!

4. Direct approaching method for your link building campaign wouldn’t be fine because most of them might refuse to respond when it comes offering the Dofollow link

5. After making a successful relationship with the passionate bloggers, shoot a polite outreach email by praising their work.

How To Write An Outreach Email?

Here is a helpful format

Subject: Add Value To Your Resource Page

Hey (NAME)

I’m glad to say that I’m regular on your blog. While reading one of your blog posts, I came across your resource page about (Topic).

I would say that it is an impressive piece of content that helped me a lot. The..

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As the Google is forcing you to get the “HTTPS“, Do you wonder “How to get a free SSL certificate for my website?” 

If yes, then this post will help you get the best one! 

I have already insisted my blog readers to get the SSL certificate by explaining its basics and benefits and I keep on getting messages to mention some of the free trusted SSL certificate providers. Thus, I have decided to craft this post. 

Earlier, only e-commerce websites were supposed to use SSL or HTTPs to ensure secure processing of payment transactions.

However, that changed with time and today you can witness a shift towards HTTPs even for regular niche blogs and small business websites.

Privacy is a huge concern for internet users today!

While visiting a blog/site or submitting a form online, a user needs assurance that all the data submitted remains safe.

Even Google understands this concern and hence, the most popular search engine on the web has added SSL certificate as one of the ranking factors.

Not only it boosts your ranking in Google, but installing the SSL certificate has also several other benefits, let me talk about them!

Benefits Of Getting SSL Certificate

Using an SSL or HTTPs on your domain has plenty of advantages even if you are not processing any payments through your website.

Here are some benefits of adding an SSL certificate to your domain as follows:

1. Increases The Credibility Of Your Site/Blog

HTTPs add a layer of trust and credibility. The green padlock ensures the modern day user that the site is completely safe and secure to access.

2. Protects Sensitive Data Such As Passwords

Accessing any HTTPs website ensures that user’s data isn’t compromised in any way.

3. Future Proofing As SSL Is Becoming A Trend

It’s a growing trend and there’s no denying that when you don’t follow the positive trend, you may eventually fall behind.

4. SEO advantage

Google has officially declared that HTTPs is considered as a ranking signal which means that adding SSL to your WordPress blog will ensure some boost in rankings.

How To Add Free SSL To WordPress Site?

Adding SSL on a website or blog was a headache earlier but with WordPress and the new players in the industry, the whole process of taking your blog from HTTP to HTTPs is simplified.

You don’t require any ultra technical skills to set up HTTPs for your blog. Also, there’s no need to invest a lump sum amount to get the SSL certificate either.

There are plenty of ways that you can try and get SSL on your WordPress blog for free.


Getting a free SSL certificate for WordPress has become easier today!

You may go to either Free SSL providers or the hosting company that offers the SSL certificate for free. 

Top Free SSL Providers

Let’s check out some of the legit free SSL certificate generator sites to get the job done easily.  

1. Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is currently the best free SSL provider which is gaining popularity every single day.

The popularity of Let’s Encrypt can be gauged by the fact that top hosting providers today offer free SSL for every domain hosted via Let’s Encrypt.

Basically, Let’s Encrypt is an open source, automated and open certificate authority provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

You can either choose a web host from the list of hosting companies having Let’s Encrypt SSL integrated within their set up.

Else, you can also try the manual method, if your hosting provider doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt for now.

2. WoSign

WoSign is another free option that you can try for an SSL certificate. To enable SSL on your domain via WoSign requires no code at all.

The free SSL certificate provided by WoSign is a fully functional Domain name validation SSL certificate issued by the root named “WoSign CA SSL Certificate”.

While you can set up SSL on multiple domains at a nominal fee of $1.99 per year for each domain, you can get the first SSL for free.

The automated SSL setup is currently under development but you can always sign up with WoSign and get your free SSL installed using the instructions here.

3. SSL For Free

SSL For Free uses Let’s Encrypt to provide free SSL through domain validation. With SSL for Free, you can set up SSL for your domain within minutes. Simply verify your domain via FTP, File Upload, or DNS.

Adding a text record or uploading a text file are the best ways to verify the domain as providing FTP credentials can be a bit risky. Try it now if you are looking for a simple and faster way to add SSL to your domain.

4. Open SSL

OpenSSL, as the name suggests, is an open source SSL provider that offers a secure, commercial-grade, highly functional toolkit for SSL protocols.

Being licensed under Apache-style license, you can use OpenSSL for both commercial and non-commercial reasons until you follow the simple license conditions.

You can find all downloads and installation guidelines over here for OpenSSL.

5. CA Cert

CA Cert is an open source Certificate Authority that serves its community with free SSL. The whole idea behind CA Cert is to raise awareness for computer and internet security and push the community towards the use of encryption technology.

The certificates provided by CA Cert can be either used to digitally sign or encrypt emails or authenticate users connecting to websites and ensure secure data transmission. Simply register and join the community to get the free certificates offered at CA Cert.

6. CloudFlare Free SSL

For those, who don’t wish to go through the hassle of downloading and setting SSL on their domains or servers, there’s another simpler option. Using this option, you can hit the two birds with a stone.

CDN services can help speed up your content delivery to the end users via peer to peer cache storage on different servers owned or managed by the CDN provider.

Currently, CloudFlare is one of the leading CDN providers which also offer a free plan.

You can register with CloudFlare and set up CDN on your domain and use their Free SSL service without any coding or setup required from your end.

For WordPress users, the whole process gets simpler as CloudFlare offers an integrated solution for WordPress sites.

You simply need to install and activate the WordPress plugin offered by CloudFlare or in the WP repository to activate SSL for your WordPress site.

Best Web Hosting Companies That Offer Free SSL Certificate 

As explained earlier, many web hosting companies are offering Free SSL for either all domains or a single domain hosted on their servers.

The best part about using such service is the assurance that the complete setup will be handled by the hosting company.

Have a look at the excellent web hosting services for WordPress and try to register with any of them to enjoy free SSL service.

1. CloudWays

CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform where you will find managed hosting solutions from Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Server, Kyup, Google Cloud, and Vultr.

Cloudways actually helps you manage your cloud hosting via a user-friendly interface. With built-in applications support, you can easily set up WordPress or any other applications you need.

It has also integrated Let’s Encrypt within its ecosystem to help the users to add free SSL to their domain. I would say that this cloud hosting is a great platform if you have no experience with server management.

If you are looking for a cloud VPS for your WordPress blog with SSL support, then choose CloudWays and opt for Digital Ocean hosting. It’s simple, easy, and quite cheaper than others.

Note: I have moved this blog, WPGlossy from InMotion to Cloudways to perform well and get excellent server response time.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost is undoubtedly one of the premier and renowned hosting companies across the web today.

It’s one of the most sought-after shared hosting providers and many fresh, as well as established bloggers opt for BlueHost as their reliable hosting partner.

If that’s not enough, then you can also activate the free SSL that BlueHost offers for all WordPress sites hosted on their server.

Remember that it will work only for a hosting plan with a cPanel. If you already have one, then simply follow the instructions to activate free SSL to your WordPress blog.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround may be a bit expensive than the other hosting providers on the list here. However, considering the security elements and reliability factor, SiteGround hosting is one of the best hosting services for WordPress and it is worth every dime.

With unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on board, you can get free SSL on all your domains hosted on SiteGround. It is also easy to setup and activates on your domain, thanks to the user-friendly interface offered by SiteGround.

4. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is a recent entry in the web hosting industry but it has gained wide popularity over the years offering tough competition to the big players as it is one of the leading green web hosting providers

The main reason why many bloggers and digital marketers  choose A2Hosting could be the free SSL support it offers for each affordable hosting plan.

5. WPX Hosting

If you’re a prolific blogger or a serious business owner who owns a WordPress site, then your hosting choice should be WPX Hosting. It is previously called “Traffic Planet Hosting“

The company offers the fasted managed hosting for WordPress with remarkable features to skyrocket the SEO of your site. This high-performance hosting service is providing the Free SSL certificate for its clients. 


Note: If you are signing up for a new host, make sure that you check for the free SSL or it is paid.

How To Redirect HTTP To HTTPs After Installing SSL Certificate?

What should do after installing the SSL certificate for WordPress?

Well, getting SSL certificate isn’t enough. If you are integrating SSL on an existing WordPress blog then chances are that your blog is already indexed by Google and other search engines as HTTP.

The first step you need to take after activating SSL is to redirect HTTP to HTTPs for your domain. You can easily do that by simply following these methods.

1. Via Settings Page On WordPress Dashboard

First and foremost, go to Settings > General on your blog’s WP dashboard.

Change the WordPress Address and Site Address to your HTTPs URL and save the changes.

2. Via .htaccess File

You can also redirect HTTP to HTTPs by editing your .htaccess file. You can edit this file using the Yoast SEO plugin or manually via the FTP connection.

To add the redirect, all you need is to add the following code either at the beginning or end of the .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

Once the code is added, your blog will be automatically redirected to the HTTPs URL even if someone tries to access the HTTP URL.

3. Via Plugin

If you want to ensure that your WordPress blog is totally redirected from HTTP to HTTPs, then you can also use the WordPress plugin called Really Simple SSL.

If you already have an active SSL certificate configured on your domain, you can simply redirect all the HTTP requests to HTTPs as well as configure your WordPress blog to run over HTTPs with a single click.

But, wait. You still need to update all the URLs as HTTPs within your blog such as internal links, images, etc. Well, you can do this using WordPress plugins like Better Search Replace or Velvet Blues Update URLs.

Both these plugins are capable of searching for the old HTTP URL within your database and replace it with the new HTTPs URL.

You can search and replace or update anything such a text, URL, change of path, etc. using these plugins.

Over To You!

That’s it! Website Security Certificate is essential to stay authoritative to the eyes of the search engines and clients. 

Yes, SSL certificate is important for every website as Google considers HTTPs as a ranking signal. Try out any of the above methods to activate SSL on your WordPress blog.

You can either choose from the free SSL providers for WordPress or buy any hosting plan that offers free SSL.

Also, it is important to test your domain for active SSL by using this online SSL checker tool to ensure that HTTPs is configured on your WordPress blog.

I hope you have come to know how to get SSL certificate for free and that too from the trusted resources. So, are you ready to move your site to “HTTPS”?

From where would you like to install the security certificate? Share your viewpoints in the comment section.

The post 6 + 5 Best Free SSL Providers For WordPress You Must Know appeared first on WPGLOSSY.

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So, you are looking for the best KWFinder alternative, right? 

Through this blog post, I’m sure that you will get the excellent keyword finder tool in the almost same price and with better features than KWFinder. 

Let’s get into the matter!

I hope you aware of the importance of researching the keywords and find out the profitable ones. 

Yes! Finding the right keywords is the key to dominate the search engines with your blog or website.

While there are free options to analyze trending and popular keywords within your niche, they are limited to some extent.

Here’s where paid keyword research tools come into play.

I have recently bought KWFinder tool; let me say a few words about it! 

A new entrant in the search industry, KWFinder exactly does what it’s named.

Yes, it finds the keywords based on words you feed in.

The best part I like about this tool is that you can get regular suggestions as well as autocomplete and question specific keywords based on your primary keyword.

You can also check the top 10 results for the list of keywords as well as the Keyword Difficulty percentage

Each search result will be detailed with DA, PA, MozRank, Backlinks, as well as a list of Facebook shares.

KWFinder provides all the needed information about your competition for the list of keywords you have shortlisted. It is the best keyword difficulty checker as well. 

Let’s have a look at some of the excellent qualities of KWFinder keyword research tool.

Features Of KWFinder

  1. Long tail keyword search
  2. Filter high competitive and low-traffic keywords
  3. SERP Analysis and SEO Metrics 
  4. Uses Google Suggest as keyword source
  5. Offers best keyword difficulty metrics


  • Great and easy to understand user interface
  • Allows search for keywords in 40+ languages
  • Lets you narrow down keywords by preferred location
  • Export/Import keyword data with ease
  • Great customer support with chat and email

Everything is fine!

But when it comes to


The number of keyword suggestions per search?

Researches in multiple tabs?

Strict refund policy?

On these aspects, KWFinder is lagging! 

 KWFinder Downsides

  • A bit too pricey for just a keyword research tool
  • Sometimes shows inaccurate results
  • Not suitable for heavy users
  • New search will replace the old data
  • can’t save the projects like the long tail pro
  • inflexible refund plan

Considering the pricing and other limitations of this premium keyword generator tool, you can easily find some great KWFinder alternatives.

Best 8 Tools That I Recommend As Alternatives To KWFinder

These following tools are also popular in the search industry and at times have even fared better than KWFinder! 

However, you should understand that every tool has its own pros and cons! So, you may purchase the suitable tool for your keyword research process. 

1. Long Tail Pro

The reason behind the massive success for this premium keyword tool is that it was developed by a renowned affiliate marketer Spencer Haws.

As I’m using the LTP platinum for the past three years, I have written the comprehensive Long Tail Pro Platinum review and recommend it as the best KWFinder alternative. 

Long Tail Pro uses Google’s Keyword Planner API, and it helps you generate a good list of long tail keywords that are easier to rank compared to the short ones.

The team is working hard on improving its features, and they have launched some new features in their cloud version.

You may check the Long Tail Pro Cloud features so that you would like to get it without any second thought.

Best Features Of Long Tail Pro

  1. Determines the keyword ranking difficulty
  2. Displays the Majestic metrics for every keyword Calculates keyword profitability for Adsense or Amazon niche site
  3. Real-time filter by number of searches & words, competition, and KC
  4. Sort, Track, Save, and Export the results (You can download but can’t save the results in KWFinder dashboard)


  • Trusted by industry experts and featured on favorite websites like MOZ, Forbes, Search Engine Land, etc
  • 10, 000 keyword searches per month (in the Basic plan)
  • Affordable pricing plans + 7 days free trial (Basic plan of LTP is cheaper than KWFinder)
  • Works well on Mac device
  • Anytime Cancellation/Refund request
  • Excellent customer support through ticket system and email


  • Desktop version needs Adobe Air software to work
  • Sometimes, the keyword competitiveness calculation takes much time when you do for the bulk of keywords.
Long Tail Pro Discount (Special Coupon Code)

As you are my reader, you can get an exclusive 39% discount for Long Tail Pro Platinum!

Use the coupon code – WPGlOSSY39 

2. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a right KWFinder replacement tool with which you could find the long tail keywords that your target audience are searching for.

It unlocks the search terms by the real users from the Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and eBay in a short period.

You will be admiring the simple procedure of identifying the long-term search phrases to narrow down your keyword research process.

Getting the long tail keywords is just a piece of cake with Keyword Tool Dominator, and thus more than thousands of web freaks use this application.

Best Features of Keyword Tool Dominator

  1. Offers separate keyword discovery tools for Google autocomplete, Amazon, YouTube, eBay, Bing, and Etsy Assigns “Keyword Rank” for every keyword in the range 1-10 to know its popularity
  2. Keyword suggestions are getting updated regularly
  3. Keyword list feature is available to save the essential search phrases that you want


  • Unlimited real-time keyword suggestions and daily searches
  • Preferred keywords can be downloaded
  • You can purchase the exact keyword generator tool according to your requirement (one-time purchase)
  • The Keyword suite is available at the discounted price (One-time purchase)
  • Lifetime updates and knowledgeable customer support


  • Unavailability of “Search volume” for the keywords (As they feel that it is an inaccurate metric)
  • You have to install the KTD Google chrome extension for the application to work
Keyword Tool Dominator Coupon Code

Ready to buy Keyword Tool dominator?

Here is a KTD special discount for my readers!

Use the coupon code “WPGLOSSY30” and get 30% discount on the one-time purchase of KTD.

3. KeySearch.co

KeySearch.co is another fantastic alternative to KWFinder!  You could find the low competition keywords in any niche through this easy-to-use tool.

It is a lightning fast keyword finder tool; you don’t need to install any software. Having an efficient keyword difficulty checker is a remarkable feature of this application.

You can perform a full SEO competition analysis and spy on your competitor through its incredible powerhouse of tools.

Not only as a keyword research tool, but the KeySearch can also act as an SEO expert by offering the tips, tricks, and tutorials for its users.

Top Features Of KeySearch.co

  1. Rank tracker to track your rankings and Page Analyzer to improve your site
  2. Link Analyzer to check the backlinks
  3. 200 – Daily searches and 20 – Daily super searches (Basic plan)
  4. YouTube competition research


  • Locates profitable, long tail keywords with search volume, CPC, and PPC data Keyword difficulty score in different colors to analyze the competition
  • Get LSI keywords through the in-depth analysis feature
  • Difficulty checker Chrome extension is available (no 3rd party accounts needed)
  • Low price and caring customer support
  • Regular feature & maintenance updates


  • Daily searches are limited
  • Interface is not precise
KeySearch.co Pricing

4. Keyword Revealer

Keyword revealer is the cheap and best KWFinder alternative website. It claims that it is the intelligence app for discovering the low competition keywords.

You could get hundreds of long tail keyword ideas in few seconds and evaluate the ranking difficulty for each of them.

It has affordable pricing plans when compared to KWFinder, and you may cancel the subscription anytime when you don’t need.

The team is keenly interested in improving the features and functionalities of the tool, and hence you will often get the updates for free.

Best Features Of Keyword Revealer

  1. Easy-to-use and accurate tool for doing the extensive keyword research tasks
  2. Keyword brainstorming allows you to discover the specific context in which your keywords are being used within the search engines.
  3. Explore new niche ideas Automatic rank tracker to check your keyword position on Google on daily basis


  • Unlocks the easy-to-rank terms with low difficulty score
  • You can save projects and keywords
  • 100% secure with 30 days money back policy
  • Exact match domain finder is available
  • Knowledgeable support team


  • Daily search count is limited
  • You can save only three projects in the basic plan
Keyword Revealer Pricing Plans


SERPSTAT is a similar site like KWFinder, but it is a complete growth hacking tool for marketing and SEO that has been featured by the tech biggies Forbes, Entrepreneur, Search Engine Journal, etc.

You can have an insight on search questions and get ideas to craft the traffic-driving content. You can also grab all search phrases that are semantically linked with the quired keyword.

Thousands of internet marketing professionals are using SERPSTAT for doing the competitor research and backlink analysis along with the keyword research.

Using the advanced adaptable filters, you can set your parameters and get the exact terms what you are looking for. I would say that it is a far better tool than KWFinder as you could perform the detailed competitor and backlink analysis along with the keyword research task. 

Best Features of SERPSTAT

  1. Discovers the long-tail keywords and keyword variations to determine their value
  2. Easy to understand graphs to analyze the keywords’ trends
  3. Displays a full list of search results for every keyword along with extra data like organic keywords, the number of Facebook shares, and the potential traffic score for each page.
  4. Reveals your direct search engine competitors and their rankings.
  5. Batch analysis up to 200 domains is also possible
  6. On-page audit feature will let you know how efficient separate elements of your website are and shows the optimization errors


  • A big team is working behind this all-in-one SEO tool
  • 300 queries per day and 100 results per report (In Basic Plan)
  • Tree View to see all the ranking keywords for the URL
  • Advanced filters to track the universal search results
  • Economical Pricing plans (Basic plan is cheap when compared to KWFinder)
  • User guide, Video Tutorials, and Chat support are available


  • Does not offer the keyword difficulty metrics
  • Not extending the Google Indian database
SERPSTAT Monthly Plans

6. Jaaxy

Jaaxy has been made for the affiliate marketers with exceptional qualities superior to KWFinder. It can offer accurate metrics and untouched keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns. 

Once you enter the primary or seed keyword, the tool will fetch a list of suggestions with metrics such as Average Search Volume, Expected Traffic once on the first page, Keyword Quality indicator, and SEO score.

You can use these metrics to identify the right set of keywords. You can either choose multiple seed keywords at one go or use them one by one to find your list of keywords.

Jaaxy is not explicitly designed to suggest long tail keywords, but it gives you suggestions based on your seed keyword including three or four phrase long tail keywords.

Remarkable Features Of Jaaxy

  1. Excellent keyword data to find long tail keywords
  2. Alphabet Soup to dig deeper and find more keywords
  3. Rank tracker to check where your website/blog stands in SERPs
  4. Brainstorming tool to identify keyword ideas for a new blog
  5. Suggest affiliate programs relevant to your keyword data


  • Free trial for 30 keyword searches
  • Uses search data from all the three major search engines
  • Get accurate competitor data
  • Lets you use domain name availability tool
  • Training videos & Excellent support


  • No options to choose the Global or Local search
  • Few useless features 
Jaaxy Pricing Details 

7. SpyFu

It is quite evident from the word “spy” that SpyFu is another competitor keyword research tool that could be an excellent substitute for KWFinder. 

While you can directly enter your competitor’s URL and spy on the keywords they are targeting, you can also start fresh with your seed keyword using the Keyword Research section.

The best feature about SpyFu is the ranking history as you can identify the changes in rankings throughout the history of algorithm changes.

With this impressive application, you may take advantage of insights that Google can’t share and you will come to know the profitable terms that your competitors are buying.

Features Of SpyFu

  1. Organic keywords finder from competitive URLs
  2. Keyword searches to get strongest long tail keywords
  3. Track ranking history up to 9 years
  4. In-depth SEO Audit reports
  5. Export Data Unlimited backlink results


  • Lets you track the ranking history Spy on competitor websites and track their organic keywords data
  • Allows spying on competitor’s PPC campaigns with possible budget and reports
  • Fine tune your search with improved operators


  • Web-crawl data is not extensive Ad metrics can be..
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Are you looking for GreenGeeks discount offer or searching for the GreenGeeks hosting promo code to buy this Eco web server for your website?

You have landed at the right place to get 70% OFF on GreenGeeks hosting! 

Yes, during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday season, this best green web hosting company has offered a huge deal on shared hosting. 

Now, for the New Year festival, GreenGeeks has activated the Super Sale Holiday Offer and let’s check the details! 

GreenGeeks Discount (New Year Sale)

As a year-end holiday sale of 2017, the GreenGeeks has thrown a stunning deal!

You can signup GreenGeeks shared hosting for just $2.95 (buy for 3 years) and yes, it is a nice opportunity to save your hard-earned bucks. 

This special offer is valid from December 30th, 2017 to January 15th, 2018, so act fast and grab the GreenGeeks Newyear sale before gets over!

You don’t need to enter any GreenGeeks Coupon code to get the deal!

Just click the below link to obtain the maximum discount!

Why GreenGeeks Web Hosting?

Even though you are seeking for the GreenGeeks coupons code, you might be in the dilemma whether to purchase this green hosting service or not. 

I should admit that you would like to know the qualities of GreenGeeks web host!

I have already done the GreenGeeks review in a detailed manner but let me summarize its valor through this New Year discount post. 

1. Free domain and site migration

2. SSD storage, CDN and inbuilt caching for super fast loading performance

3. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee with 30 days money back policy

4. Custom security strategies and 24 X 7 real-time monitoring for advanced security

5. Free tools for SEO and Marketing

6. Scalable platform with easy upgrades

7. Supports E-commerce features with good security

8. Affordable yet eco-friendly hosting plans to reduce the carbon footprint.

9. 1-click CMS install and super fast account activation after placing the order.

10. Excellent tech support by the specialists through the phone, email, and chat.


I have been using GreenGeeks web hosting for the past 1 year and it didn’t let me face any troubles till now!

I’m completely fulfilled with the server performance and customer support service. 

The only downside of this green host company is that the SSL certificate is not available for free and yes, we have to purchase it by paying the extra fee. 

Its other qualities are good and helpful!

I would say that the GreenGeeks is the cheap WordPress hosting that wouldn’t allow your site down at any cost!

Final Words On GreenGeeks Deals

There is no doubt that the GreenGeeks is one of the high-performance green web hosting providers that has a dynamic infrastructure for the improved security.

In the war, GreenGeeks Vs InMotion hosting, GreenGeeks is leading in several features since it offers a complete & stress-free hosting solution to the thousands of customers.

So, you don’t need to bother about the potential this green web server service.

Just grab the GreenGeeks discount through the New Year sale and enjoy saving your money!  

So, have you acquired the GreenGeeks best deal through this post? If you need any other help, please reach me through the comment section.

The post GreenGeeks New Year Discount (No Promo Code Required) appeared first on WPGLOSSY.

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BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY 2017 – The Most Awaited Time Of The Year for the WordPress bloggers & digital marketers to buy the valuable premium resources like hosting server, themes, plugins and tools at VERY LOW price.


It is really an exciting opportunity for them to save MORE money because the internet companies offer the GRAND Yet UNBELIEVABLE deals during this Thanksgiving Day Season.

I used to buy the paid tools for my WordPress blogs during this carnival and insisting you to do the same as it is a nice chance to cut down your website expenditure.

Through last year Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, I have purchased Long Tail Pro Platinum (Lifetime Version) for $120, MTS Theme for $19 and 65% OFF HostGator Cloud hosting!

These were HUGE deals that helped me to save some serious cash!

When we use the Premium WordPress products, we get the ability to sharpen our skills and continue to grow as a professional.

So, don’t hesitate to go with the advanced applications and now let’s come to the matter!

If you’re searching for some fantastic WordPress Black Friday discounts to manage your budget, then you may have a look at the deals given below!

Note: I RECOMMEND only the WordPress tools that I use on my blogs.

Since I’m satisfied with the following products & services and getting good improvements, I would like to suggest you get them through the Black Friday Coupon codes.

Let’s have a look at the Best WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers of this year 2017!

10+ Best Black Friday Deals For WordPress Users

The hosting server is the backbone of your website! First, have a look at the web hosting sales.

WordPress Hosting Black Friday Discounts
1. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the leading web hosting service that follows the eco-friendly rules to make the web green. If you also want to reduce the carbon footprints through your website, then GreenGeeks web host server is the ideal choice.

You will get a better hosting experience with the SSD servers optimized for CDN & Cache technology. Since it is the HTTP/2 and PHP 7 Enabled feature, you could enjoy its fastest performance which is one of the Google ranking factors.

You don’t need to bother about the security and tech support response; they are just amazing! If you want to read its full qualities, then you should read my in-depth GreenGeeks Review before getting its Black Friday Deal.

This Year 2017, you will get Maximum OFF ($2.95$/mo for 3 years) through the GreenGeeks Black Friday Discount. Grab it now!

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the high-powered web hosting to meet your requirements. It has the best speed and security settings with 99.9% Uptime commitment. Affordable pricing plans and anytime money back policy are the best qualities of A2 Hosting.

Even the shared hosting service is fine-tuned for the excellent reliability & performance, and thus it is more likely to boost your conversion rate. Just get relief from the slow loading site.

Free SSD, Free migration, Free SSL, and Free SSH are the top freebies that you get from this 20X fast Turbo server hosting.

A2 Hosting has announced the Black Friday discount deals and activated special coupons for the WPGlossy readers like you.

The price cut details and coupon codes are given below!

Hosting TypeDiscountCoupon CodeLink To Purchase
Shared Hosting 67% OFF HUGE67Buy Shared Hosting
Managed & Core VPS50% OFF CMVPS
Buy VPS Hosting
Reseller Hosting 40% OFFRSL40 Buy Reseller Hosting
3. Rose Hosting

I just wanted to give a try on Managed Cloud hosting for my niche blog and thus chosen the Rosehosting. Their 100% uptime guarantee and positive customer reviews nudged me get this Ultra-fast SSD hosting.

They have migrated my blog for free without any mess and offering FREE weekly backup. With the plethora of available tools, it is more likely for you to build a dynamic website within few minutes.

As a Black Friday deal, Rosehosting gives

# 10% Lifetime Recurring discount on all expect dedicated servers

Use the Rosehosting coupon code – WPGLOSSY10

# 50% Off the First Month on all expect dedicated servers

Use The Rosehosting coupon code – WPGLOSSY50

WordPress Themes Black Friday Deals

With the best WordPress design templates, you could make a stunning site with excellent user experience! Have a look at the amazing Black Friday Deals for the top WordPress themes!

4. StudioPress Genesis Themes

Genesis themes from StudioPress are well-liked by the passionate bloggers and small business website owners because of their SEO-friendly responsive designs and air security features.

You can get several custom widgets and layout options in the StudioPress themes with which you could make a unique WordPress website for your business and create brand awareness with it.

The StudioPress Genesis Themes Black Friday Sale is available for both new and existing users. 

Yes, 25% OFF for fresh clients and 50% OFF for old users. The Deal is LIVE Now!

If you’re a newly purchasing the Genesis theme, have it in mind that you should pay money for the Genesis Framework as well. Buy your preferred Genesis Theme now!

5. MyThemeShop Themes

MyThemeShop has amazing themes that could give a visually appealing yet professional look to your WordPress website. As the template codes are lightweight and built with the latest HTML5 & CSS3 markup, the themes have the ability to load blazing fast.

Customizing the theme is a piece of cake with MTS themes; you are getting the helpful options like Shortcodes, Unlimited color & background options, built-in Ad management, Google fonts, contact forms, social sharing buttons and much more.

I’m sure that you can reduce the bounce rate and get better search engine rankings for your site with these ultra responsive designs. If you have a glace at my opinion of MyThemeShop Themes, you will come to know its entire features.

MyThemeShop Black Friday Discount is exciting as they offer an enormous cut-rate through which you can grab all the themes and plugins @ $19

6. Admania WordPress Theme

If you want to buy the WordPress theme specially designed to add the Adsense ads and the Affiliate banners at the commonsensical places to improve the CTR, then your choice should be Admania – Ad-optimized WordPress theme from ThemeForest.

It is the best SEO-friendly WP template that loads fast and supports Schema.org. Front-end Ad live editor, Ad-blocker detector, exclusive mobile ad layout, one-click auto update, RTL Support and eye-catching layouts are the impressive features of Admania.

We are glad to say that it is our product launched last year and feel good that it is listed under the best-rated WordPress themes. As a Black Friday discount, you can purchase the Admania theme at $29.

Keyword Research Tool Black Friday Deal

Keyword Research helps you drive a TONS of traffic from the search engines! I use and recommend the best SEO keyword research tool Long Tail Pro Platinum. 

7. Long Tail Pro Platinum

I have already discussed the importance of doing the keyword research, and yes, it helps you drive TONS of organic traffic.

I admit several tools are available to perform the long tail SEO keyword research, but the Long Tail Pro Software does the job simple with the metrics “Avg KC” (Average Keyword Competitiveness) through which you could grab the rankable keywords.

You can filter the keywords in real-time and determine the metrics of your competitors. If you want to know about its in-depth features, then check my Long Tail Pro Review where I have entirely explained its features.

Not only me, but the industry leaders are also recommending this long tail keyword research tool. The Black Friday discount deals of Long tail Pro are given below!

This year, Long Tail Pro Is offering Their Biggest Discount Ever!

50% off on ALL Long Tail Pro plans – Including monthly!

That means customers can get plans as low as $18.50/month, or up to $269 in savings on annual plans.

This offer is applicable for all recurring payments on the selected plan:

Monthly Starter: $18.5 (Regular Price $37)
Monthly Pro: $33.5 (Regular Price $67)
Annual Starter: $148.5 (Regular Price $297)
Annual Pro: $268.5 (Regular Price $537)

Black Friday WordPress Plugins Deals

Plugins do wonders for WordPress! Check the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for some of the best WordPress plugins!

8. BlogVault

BlogVault is one of the best WordPress security plugins that keep the hacker attempts at bay. It has daily automatic scans, one-click malware removal, and Auto clean function to get rid of the malicious codes.

You don’t need to configure anything; your site will automatically be synced to the BlogVault when you simple subscribe & sign-in.

Auto restores option, tracking the updates, managing the user roles and the setup staging for extra safety are the remarkable characters of this WordPress Backup & security extension.

Since 2011, BlogVault is the most reliable WordPress backup, staging, migration & security solution trusted by over 200,000+ websites.

It can backup or migrate a 300 GB site without overloading your server. It has the fastest website recovery tool (< 5 mins). 

Here is the Black Friday Deal of BlogVault.

BlogVault is offering the biggest ever Huge 35% off all new purchases (across all plans) and on all plan renewals and upgrades.

Date – November 24th – 1st Dec 2017

9. Under Construction Page

Are you fixing something on your WordPress website? Or want to put it in the maintenance mode for the routine checkups?

Whatever you do, just create the attractive designs with the personalized message for your site audience and therefore they will be pleased with your notification and return at the right time. How to do it?

Here comes a handy WordPress plugin UnderConstructionPage to get your done easily. It is a lightweight plugin that has stunning layouts for the “Coming Soon” Or Maintenance mode page.

You can add the Title, description, content, log in and social button on your preferred design. You should know the other useful features of UnderConstructionMode WordPress plugin.

Check the Black Friday Offer of UnderConstructionPage Plugin!

# 30% OFF

# Grab the exciting offer and have UnderConstructionPage PRO for 30% off the regular price. It will help you create the perfect coming soon, maintenance or under construction page that you always wanted

# Offer valid from 11/24/2017 to 11/28/2017

10. GMapsWidget

Do you want to install an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to create the Google map on your site? If yes, choosing the GMapsWidget from Web Factory Limited is the wiser choice.

Yes, you can generate unlimited fast loading Google maps & pins in minutes. The options that you’ll need for the map like direction, street view, lightbox and bubbles for information are offered by this application.

Here is my GMapsWidget WordPress Plugin Review to understand its excellence.

For this year Black Friday, GMaps Widget is offering

# 30% OFF

# Follow the link to get 30% off on any Google Maps Widget PRO package and create beautiful maps with the unlimited number of pins and 50+ extra features.

# Offer valid from 11/1/2017 to 11/28/2017

Wrapping Up

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are really profitable for the web enthusiasts like you since it is the right time to invest in loads of useful plugins, themes, and web hosting server.

In the USA, the Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day, and it is the holiday season before the Christmas.

The online companies take this time of year as the sale opportunity and promote their products/services with considerable discounts and yes, at incredible cost.

Why don’t you make use of this splendid money saving chance and start using the premium WP tools to tweak your web presence?

As this exciting money-off season happens only once in a year, it’s better to grab the Black Friday WordPress deals without any second thought.

I hope that I have shared the some impressive Black Friday offers for the WordPress users. Would you like to get any of the premium tools that I have above mentioned?

What’s your plan and budget for the year-end sale? Have you been waiting for the breath-taking offers of WordPress Products?

Share your viewpoints about the price cut period and Coupon based deals in the comment section!

The post 10 Exciting WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discount Offers appeared first on WPGLOSSY.

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Why should I buy premium WordPress tools and when to buy them?

It is a frequently asked question by the site owners who have a tight budget!

Do you too have this question in your mind?

If yes, then this blog post explains the benefits of getting advanced WordPress tools and would help you to get the best deals at the right time to save your money!

First of all, I would like to appreciate your keen interest in buying the paid products for your WP site.

It is really good that you don’t prefer the WordPress freebies to carry out your online career.

If you have low funds to spend on your site, then you don’t need to get worried. I’ll tell you some good ideas to keep your hard-earned cash with you!

Before discussing the money saving tips for WordPress, I want to talk the benefits of getting the improved outfit for your WordPress site.

4 Valid Reasons For Buying WordPress Resources (WordPress Premium Vs. Free)

I DO NOT recommend the users to install or use the free WordPress tools!

Yes, you should go with the Premium hosting server, themes, plugins, keyword research & email marketing tool!

I admit there exist a plethora of free products for WordPress but trust my words; they will not help you in any way and never let you take your site to the next level.

You may read the valid reasons to go with the paid stuff.

1. Establish Your Brand Name

The memorable brand name for your business could be created by using the reliable hosting server as it never let your site down at any cost.

100% site availability is the key to develop the brand awareness! Here is the recent server uptime of my blog, WPGlossy (I Use Cloudways Hosting)

If you use the free hosting server, then I’m sure you will face serious downtime issue which is a bad SEO and dislike by your audience as well.

Likewise, the rich features of the premium templates would help you get a unique design for your business site with which you could create a significant HYPE and get the sales & leads.

2. Work Like A PRO

Through the improved features of the superior products, you will learn and practice to work as a professional which is indeed needed for your site’s growth.

For example, when you buy the best premium WordPress theme, you will get a lot of customization options to make a unique design like the experts do.

Similarly, the advanced keyword research tool nudges you learn & perform the competitor analysis and grab the profitable keywords to rank higher in SERPs.

Moreover, they keep on adding the future updates to improve their product. Have a look at the recent mail that I have received from Long Tail Pro

In simple words, I would say that every feature of the first-rate products will help you nurture as a specialized person in your niche.

3. Say NO To Security Vulnerabilities

Security is always a concern for the WordPress users!

There is no doubt that the safety of your site will be lost with the complimentary stuff as they might contain the hidden malware that could break your server.

Of course, the infected themes and nulled or cracked tools will ruin your data files. Finally, you will be beaten by the hackers and lose your site that has the ability to earn $$$ in the near future.

This is not the case with premium stuff because of 24 X 7 security and backup features availability to keep the scams at bay.

4. Excellent Customer Support

In general, the premium WordPress products have excellent tech support to solve your difficulties and help you get the personalized stuff.

Let’s assume that you’re buying a steadfast web hosting service and when your site will have increased traffic, you can use the scalable feature to expand the limits without the need of switching to higher pricing plans.

This flexible assistance is always missing in the free hosting, and yes, their customer support is not obliged to your support queries.

In the same way, when you unable to customize the paid WordPress theme of your choice, you can get help from the technical support to get the job done as per your requirements. Don’t expect such kind of lending hands from the free WordPress themes.

So, you have come to know the advantages of purchasing the high-class WordPress products and now, let me tell you the best premium resources that I use for my blogs.

Premium WordPress Tools That I Use

CloudWays – Leading Managed Cloud Hosting Provider For WordPress (WPGlossy)

HostGator Cloud Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting With Scalable Resources (MyMagicFundas)

Digital Ocean – Top Cloud Hosting Provider For WordPress Developers (My Niche Blog)

KnownHost – Fully Managed VPS Hosting (ThemeForest theme demos)

Long Tail Pro – Excellent Long Tail Keyword Research Tool (Read My Long Tail Pro Review)

Ahrefs – Best Tool To Spy The Competitors And Analysis Their Backlinks

Grammarly – Awesome Proof-Reading Tool To Create Error-Free Blog Posts

GetResponse – First-Rate Email Marketing Software To Send The Newsletter

Genesis StudioPress Themes – Secured SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes (Read My StudioPress Themes Review)

MyThemeShop – Fast Loading WordPress Themes With Inbuilt SEO Features (Read My MythemeShop Themes Review)

WPRichsnippet – Best Review Plugin for WordPress With Star Rating To Increase The CTR In Google Results

Now, you might think, how to purchase the paid WordPress Tools at MASSIVE discounts to cut down expenses?

I will walk you through the money saving WordPress tips now!

How To Save Money On WordPress Tools?

I should admit that every site owner would not be getting the opportunity to invest money in the paid resources.

If you are also on a tight budget or want to reduce the outflow for your website, then you have to get the exciting offers available during the year-end seasons and all-time discount coupons.

1. Black Friday & New Year Sale

Black Friday sales and the Cyber Monday deals during the Thanksgiving Day season are the best shopping time for the webmasters like you to save HUGE money.

Almost, the entire internet marketing companies give their best discount during this biggest sale of the year.

This year 2017, Black Friday falls on November 24th and the special discount offers from the internet marketing companies will be getting over on the Cyber Monday 27th.

Some exciting offers will get extend up to the end of November, and few retailers tend to grant Christmas and New Year sale with unbelievable discounts.

Have a look at the amazing Black Friday deals for WordPress users!

Pro Tip To Save Money Every Year

During the stimulating Black Friday Season Sale, you have to buy the “Annual Pricing Plan” so that it will expire at the same time next year and hence you will get the discounts on your every renewal.

It is the main benefit of taking the Black Friday offers & Christmas deals. 

Just have it in mind, this year-end discount sale happens only once in a year.

Instead of regretting later, you should go with the end-of-the-year discount and obtain the suitable wares for your website.

2. Get Coupon Codes

If you miss the carnival deals mentioned above, then you may search for the discount coupon codes for the premium WordPress resources that would like to buy.

Most of the WordPress product companies activate the special coupons for the affiliate marketers to boost their sales and hence, you may make use of those exclusive vouchers to reduce your payments.

For Example, have a look at the special discount offer for my blog readers created by the fastest hosting company, InMotion

Who doesn’t want to buy the best yet cheap things?

Just prioritize which ones to obtain and check if they are really the best treaty.

Wrapping Up

The success of the website depends on the appropriate tools you are using!

Even though the WordPress is the flexible content publishing software, it would get the security vulnerability when its functionalities get extended.

Specifically, choosing the FREE products will voluntarily invite the intruders and be ready to give your site control to them.

You should keep in mind that the paid tools are the investment for your WordPress site which would help in boosting the traffic and take it to the next level.

Yes! Premium WordPress Sources have been created by the professionals to tweak your online presence. They always come with quality, functionality, and security along with the great customer support.

Do you still want to get the freebies to WordPress?

I hope that I have well-explained the valid reasons to buy premium WordPress tools and yes, they would let you rock on the web and skyrocket your site’s performance.

If you’re a prolific webpreneur with a meager budget who can’t afford the Pro products for WordPress, then grabbing the Black Friday sales and special coupon codes is the wisest choice to lessen your expenditure.

I hope that the savvy WordPress users always go with the premium stuff and save some serious cash for this Holiday season! Do you have anything to say?

The post Why & When Should You Buy Premium Products For WordPress? appeared first on WPGLOSSY.

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