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WordPress is the ideal choice for a blogging platform as it allows anyone to set up and run a blog within minutes.

To edit and publish your articles, you can just use the WordPress editor or scribble your piece on a notepad or other text app and paste it into the WordPress editor.

If there is no internet connectivity, then? 

How about using the WordPress offline? Surprised?

I was too when I heard about it for the first time.

Well, you can also use an offline app or editor to edit content in WordPress.

Before, we get to these apps; let’s find out the benefits of a WordPress offline editor.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Offline Editor?

Editing is the most critical task while running a successful blog. Everything you write and publish must be accurate. Besides the grammatical errors, you must also be on the mark with the accuracy of the data you are posting.

If you’re reporting a live event or running a travel blog, you must scribble all the data at every point as it is the time when the data is fresh on your mind.

Whether you have an internet connection or not, you need to make sure that the post is ready to publish instantly. Here’s where an offline WordPress editor comes to play.

Benefits Of An Offline WordPress Editor

Earlier, I used to edit directly from the blog’s editor dashboard but later when I realized that I am risking the content as the whole idea of writing online relies on the live internet connection. 

Then I began to use offline editors such as Notepad and MS Word application.

However, I felt that it would be better to utilize a dedicated WordPress editor. I was searching for a useful application and started using the suitable one.

Here are some of the few benefits of using a dedicated WordPress editor to edit content offline!

1. It’s A Desktop Application

Unlike the WordPress default editor, the offline editing tools don’t rely on a hosting server. An offline WordPress editor is a desktop application, and editing on it wouldn’t put any extra load on the server.

No need for any unwanted HTTP requests while saving or drafting your articles. Just write the posts, add them to the editor, and upload whenever you need to the blog.

2. Backup Is Always Ready

The best advantage of using an offline WordPress editor is the fact that it’s backed up your articles. As the content is written and saved on your local machine, there’s a backup always ready for all your content.

Due to an unforeseen event, if your blog gets corrupted and you lose all the data, the backup would let you stay relax.

3. Dedicated WordPress Settings

You can always use a Notepad application or an MS Office Word application to write articles. However, they don’t feature any WordPress specific settings or formats.

With offline WordPress editor, you get WordPress architecture, and there’s no need to change or format the article over and over again while it gets uploaded to the blog. You get all the necessary WordPress settings in an offline editor.

4. No Internet Connection Is Required All The Time

For a travel blogger or someone who is always on the go, there’s no guarantee of internet connectivity. Offline WordPress editor is a boon in disguise for these bloggers.

They can merely pen down their articles on the editor and hit the upload button when there’s an active internet connection.

5. No Extra Codes Get Generated

When you use the regular offline text editor like Microsoft Word, unessential extra codes will large when you copy and paste the content to the WordPress editor.

It is not the case with the offline blog editor. You can copy the written text without any additional codes. 

4 Best WordPress Offline Editor Tools

I have compiled a list of best offline blogging tools to ease your WordPress posting load and improve your productivity. Let’s check them out.

1. BlogDesk

BlogDesk is all you need as a WordPress offline editor. This fantastic desktop application comes with a lot of features besides the simple editing tools.

You can easily edit your article on BlogDesk editing wizard and let it publish it for you.

Features Of BlogDesk

  • A simple user interface to draft the posts and get published late
  • Update the schedule dates and time for the next release
  • Photos, MP3 or PDF files, are automatically uploaded when you hit the upload button
  • Dictionaries in 14 languages have been integrated to avoid the typos or spelling errors
  • The published posts can be edited or deleted from the server
  • Distraction free workspace with the reduced view
2. MarsEdit 

MarsEdit is a perfect desktop blog editor for Mac users. It allows you to Archive, Write, Preview, and Publish the content from your Mac machine.

The latest version of MarsEdit has some improved qualities and needs macOS 10.12 or higher to work. You can download this WordPress offline app for free to test the features and buy the premium version later.

Features of MarsEdit

  • Clean interface with a new set of Toolbar icons
  • Rich text editor with typewriter mode and live image size editing 
  • Preview filters for Markdown and lightning-fast speed
  • Automatic preview template generation
  • Availablity of Safari app extension to make the new posts when you read on the web
  • Able to download the history of published posts and pages
  • Settings for the featured image, post format and editing the authors are available
3. BlogJet

You are getting the ability to write the posts offline with the help of the dynamic blog editor and manager of BlogJet 3. It is a standard editing platform with good speed.

When you are on the road, you can draft your blog posts without opening the browser. This WordPress offline editor is also available in free and paid versions.

Features of BlogJet

  • Excellent post management and super fast access
  • Insert images to resize or create thumbnails
  • Live word counter and blog posts stats 
  • Allows to create and edit the pages
  • Modern interface with spell checker and right typography
  • Group posting on different blogs in any languages
  • The ribbon interface, Flickr upload, Post statuses, Auto drafts and much more fresh features

4. Blogo

Here comes last offline WordPress application, Blogo for the Mac and iOS users. It is available for free and earned good star ratings till now (3.1 – 37 ratings)

This powerful blog editor can offer a pleasurable blogging experience for the users and hence it has been featured on the large tech websites like Engadget, Softpedia, and MacWorld. 

Features of Blogo

  • Distraction-free interface with full-screen mode and shortcuts
  • A complete featured editor that supports rich text mode, inline HTML, and elegant formatting
  • Built-in image editor with featured image settings
  • Live preview in offline mode
  • Works well with social media accounts
Over To You!

An offline WordPress editor will ensure that your blogging doesn’t stop whether you have a steady internet connection or not.

Especially, when you need to publish the posts on the multiple blogs, then it can be done with a single click by switching one blog to the another. 

Writing articles is all about the right mood, and there’s no set time for that. If you travel a lot or there’s no reliable internet connection at your residence, you may use WordPress offline app on your PC or Mac. 

So, you came to know some of the best offline WordPress applications for non-stop blogging. I would like to listen to your thoughts, share them in the comment section. 

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I would like to appreciate your interest in knowing the ways of reducing the server response time of your WordPress website. I’ll help you with some useful tips on this blog post.

I hope you aware that the Google is suggesting you have the server response time less than 200ms so that your site will be loading fast.

Do you know the valid reasons for having a fast loading website?

Let’s come to the point now!

How to make my WordPress site load faster – it’s a million dollar question!

Because the page load speed of the WP site gets reduced when the third-party resources are added. Moreover, there are several other reasons for the slow site performance.

Thus, the users like you want to make their website load under seconds and get high rank in Google search results.

I have seen a few of them switching over to the fast loading WordPress theme but missing to work on the basic WordPress speed optimization.

Getting a lightning fast template is good, but they should understand that the server response time is one of the significant factors for how the search engines rank your website.

Therefore, I took a nice opportunity to talk about the importance of reducing the server response time and how to do it!

If you already know, what is server response time and benefits of improving it, then you may skip the essential details and jump into the factors that can minimize the WordPress server response time.

Let me start with the basics!

What Is Server Response Time?

Server Response Time (SRT) is the amount of time taken by the web server to respond to the browser request. In other words, it is the total time consumed by the server to load the HTML files so that the visitors can access the page.

The SRT can also be called Time to First Byte (TTFB). I.e., the network latency between the user and server.

The average TTFB values are 

  • 100 milliseconds is excellent
  • 200-500 milliseconds is ideal
  • 500 – 1 second is ok
  • More than 1 is worst (You Must Work On It)

If the server takes more time to load the HTML documents, then the response time will be high, and it would be a significant roadblock for your website


Yes! You should know the importance of having the minimum server response time of a site!

Why Should The Server Response Time Be Low?

1. To Impress Your Readers

The lower the server response time, the faster your site can load. You can impress the first time visitors with a fast loading website, and hence they will come back for sure. Keep it in mind the server response time has a major impact on the user experience and bounce rate.

2. To Get High Search Engine Rankings

I know that the purpose of reading this post is to please the search engines with a quick loading site. Google also hates the tortoise speed website and may skip indexing the pages that take more time to load. Don’t forget that the WordPress speed optimization is a part of on-page SEO to rank top in search engine results.

3. To Make High Conversions

There is no doubt that you can make massive conversions with a super fast loading website. If you are an affiliate marketer who relies on the sales income, then you should fix the low server response time otherwise your reputation would get spoiled and readers get frustrated as well. At last, they never show interest to buy the products/services that you recommend.

Improving the response time of the server satisfies the search engines & your site visitors, and thus your web performance will be tweaked.

Now, let’s see some helpful strategies to lessen the server response time.

How To Reduce Server Response Time?

 Before getting into the details, you should know the factors that affect the response time of the server.

  • Unreliable Web Hosting
  • Traffic Hike At Times
  • Poor Cache & Server Configuration
  • Old PHP Version
  • Bloated Pages

Not only these, but there are also others things that can influence the server response time. So, how to improve it? 

Let’s discuss the helpful tips in detail! 

1. Get A Steadfast Hosting

When the visitor makes the request, the files and resources are downloaded by the server and should give the instant response to the request.

If there is a delay in responding the user request, it will affect the overall performance of the site loading speed. So, it is essential to get the sophisticated server from the reliable hosting service.

I would suggest you purchase managed WordPress cloud hosting because, in cloud server hosting, the resources get split into the several servers to handle the traffic hike and avoid the bandwidth problems.

Moreover, you don’t need to work anything with the technicalities as everything will be managed by the hosting company itself.

I highly recommend the cloud hosting service, Cloudways for the following features that support to fix the server response time issues.

  • All the servers are pre-installed with PHP7
  • Server software is the combination of NGINX, Varnish, and Memcached
  • Scale up the server resources in 1 click
  • Worldwide data centers to choose the closest location of your target audience

Avoid using the shared hosting as they don’t allocate the dedicated resources to your site.

Also, the less CPUs and RAM in a server, the fewer requests it can respond. Therefore, the shared hosting cannot offer a good server response time for your website.

Just think, how could a single shared server handle too many requests? The requests will be queued and make your site slow.

Go with the free trial of the Cloudways, do the migration task by yourself and test the TTFB of your site.

2. Optimize WordPress Database

Cleaning up your WordPress database is one of the helpful strategies to get a better server response time.


The MYSQL database of WordPress stores all the data in the table format. If your site is new, then you don’t need to worry about optimizing the database.

However, if your site has been live for long years, then the WordPress database might have huge information. The massive data stored in the database, the more time the server will take to get the relevant data for the user.

You should understand that the post revisions are stored in a database and increase the server load. So, how to make the WordPress database clean and get improvements in the server response time?

I have written a detailed post about optimizing the WordPress database, please check it!

Also, I would suggest you optimize the Database Queries because the slow queries are the leading causes for the server to respond slow.

How to find and fix the slow database queries in WordPress?

Read this complete guide by CSS-Tricks.

3. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The CDN is nothing but the content distribution network that uses several servers in multiple geographical locations to provide the high uptime and performance.

In simple words, the content delivery network reduces the distance between the visitor and website server.

If your targeted audience does not belong to a specific country and spread globally, how could you choose the nearest data center in your hosting service?

Here is where the CDN comes into the action!

  • As the servers are globally distributed, the CDN allows the visitors connect to the closest data center instead of connecting them to the origin server. The lesser the distance, the faster the server response.
  • In CDNs, the load balancing is efficient. Moreover, the SSD hard drives let the data reach your audience faster.
  • CDN protects the data through file mirroring. It can also compress the data files for the quick data transfer.

CloudFlare is the trusted CDN company that offer a FREE plan for the start-ups, blogs, and personal websites. It gives shared SSL certificate as well.

If you have decided to go with Cloudways hosting for the better server response time, you can get the premium CloudwaysCDN service ($1 for 25GB and then 0.04$ per GB) instead of configuring the CloudFlare for your site.

They have collaborated with StackPath (previously call MaxCDN) and offering the CDN service. CloudwaysCDN caches the static content of the web pages and serves them from the nearest geographical server. 

The installation is simple, but the performance is heavy. I would say that it is an ideal add-on that tweaks your site speed and global reach. Just get it and target the wider audience with a better performance.

4. Limit The Scripts

Optimizing the homepage scripts in order to leverage the server response time is another way to ensure that the pages have been loaded quickly without any lag.

The internal and external scripts of your WordPress website can reduce the loading speeds of the whole site.

The web page script includes CSS files, JavaScript files, and various third-party plugins like live chat, widgets, Facebook like buttons, and YouTube embed players will also contain specific scripts that can make your website slow.

Excluding these scripts embedded to your webpage can improve your page load speed and hence increase the number of visits to your blog.

The ways to reduce server response time caused by scripts include:

  • Keep the CSS And JS External: It is better to keep the ambiguous CSS and JS files as external hence it could be easier to cache them and making the website to load faster.
  • Combine CSS Files: The heavy CSS files can be combined to keep external and make fewer resource calls per page. Put the CSS files at the top of webpage document to make the render easier.
  • Put The JS files At The Bottom: Combine the javascript files and insert them before the tag thus to load the scripts in the background. It will reduce the HTTP/S in WordPress. 
  • Making Inline CSS And Javascript Files: If the CSS and JS files are tiny, then it need not be included in an external document. It can be put along with the HTML file as Inline to reduce the time lag.
  • Use Keep-Alive Technique: The Keep-Alive method can retain the same TCP connection for HTTP signal for all new requests. So, make sure that you have enabled it. Don’t think that this tactic is enabled by default. The shared hosting providers might disable the Keep-Alive feature for server performance. If it is disabled, just add the below code in your .htaccess file!
          <IfModule mod_headers.c>
          Header set Connection keep-alive
  • Minify The JS And CSS Files: The javascript and CSS files can be made minified or reduce the size by eliminating the unnecessary comments, whitespaces, tab spaces, and other unwanted characters to decrease the overall file size. Lower the file size will make the server to load the webpage quicker.
5. Optimize the Images

Images make the blogs beautiful and informative, but these digital graphics can make your sites load even slower. You should compress and optimize the images to remove unessential file information.

The problem can be easily recovered by optimizing the image size using the plugins for the WordPress users such as WPSmush and EWWW image optimizer which are the leading ones.

It scans the whole website of yours and reduces the large unoptimized images to quickly loadable size. The plugins even ensure any significant loss in size of the image file doesn’t diminish the image quality.

You may also lazy load your images to improve the page load time. It is a JavaScript technique that makes the pictures come into the users’ view after they start scrolling the page. 

Lazy Load or BJ Lazy Load are helpful plugins to lazy load the images and reduce server response time in WordPress. 

6. Use Lightweight WordPress Theme

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress website is another major game changer that affects the server response time. Avoid installing FREE or NULLED theme as it will decrease the overall performance of WordPress website. 

It is always better to use lightweight themes since they load much faster and try considering other features such as responsive, HTML 5, which in turn help to reduce the server response time.

Try the established popular themes with efficient customer support so that you can be reliable of its performance.

I would recommend you my favorite WordPress theme, GeneratePress, which is fast, powerful and easy to use.

The theme has lowest server response time, available in both free and premium versions. GeneratePress WordPress theme provides frequent updates and the customer supports includes documentation and support forum.

How To Check Server Response Time?

Measuring the server response time is an essential task so that you can fix the issues that cause your site load slow.

Apart from the usual tools GTMetrics, Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights, you may use the following sources to perform the server response time test.





Search engines penalize the slow loading sites and yes, the server response time is one of the factors that affect the loading speed of the site.

Making your WordPress site fast not only pleases the search engines but also offers the best user experience for your readers.

Most of the WordPress speed related troubles can be solved by updating your WordPress Core, theme, plugins and widgets installed in your server space.

Also, consider buying the high-quality managed hosting service like Cloudways and implement the other tactics to improve the response time of your site server. 

So, have you learned why and how to reduce the server response time of the WordPress site? Do you have any other better idea to solve this speed issue? Connect with me through the comment section, we can discuss! 

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I understand! Any best services would be costing high. But, I suggest you not to limit yourself by using such best features considering money.

Especially when it comes to hosting, it becomes the foundation for your website or blog’s success level.

At the start, the type of cloud hosting was costly, and only big players can utilize it. Nowadays, cheap and best cloud hosting services are available with promising speed, secured and quality.

If you are looking for best and cheapest cloud hosting providers, then you are at the right place as I am going to list such cheap cloud hosting services, those are excellent too in ensuring maximum uptime, speed, and reliability.

Before getting into the details of 6 fantastic yet economical cloud server providers, let me tell you the benefits of purchasing the cloud hosting than shared hosting. 

Cloud Hosting Vs. Shared Hosting

In cloud hosting,

  • Multiple numbers of servers located at various locations are interconnected together to form a unified system.
  • You can have better speed, performance, and flexibility as if a server has any hardware issue then your data can be migrated to any other stable server.
  • It ensures higher bandwidth with enough storage and database.
  • The pricing plans of Cloud server providers may be comparatively higher than traditional hosting. But don’t bother, it is worth paying, and you can make double the money spent.

There are companies in the market providing cheap cloud hosting packages for its user’s best in offering stable performance to have your site or applications to stay live with no flaws or hang.

Especially, when you go to the managed WordPress cloud hosting, you can stay away from the technical headaches. 

On the other hand, shared hosting!

  • It refers to acquiring your space on a server that has multiple sites hosted and sharing resources like space, bandwidth, database and so on.
  • There are chances if any other sites traffic goes high, then your hosting site will have a more significant impact on its speed and performance.
  • Security threats or risks are high in shared hosting whereas cloud hosting has control over with its encrypted algorithms to secure its user’s data privacy or data loss.

With all its highlighted benefits, I have already switched over to cheap and best cloud hosting service, Cloudways managed to host and could see organic results.

If you read my detailed Cloudways review, you will come to know how worth buying the hosting is!

Hence, I strongly recommend you to move on with latest and innovative technology that is nothing but cloud hosting and preferably choosing optimal and cost-effective cloud hosting service enduring speed, performance, storage, stability, features, security, and bandwidth.

As mentioned above that I have recently upgraded to cloudways managed hosting I have researched in-depth in picking such a superior cloud hosting service.

With that experience, I am sharing the knowledge to choose your best cheap cloud hosting service similarly.

Top 6 Cheap Cloud Server Providers For WordPress 

Now, let’s get into the pool to discover such best cheapest cloud hosting providers! 

Cloud Hosting ProviderCost/mo (Basic Plan)Buy Hosting
Cloudways$10Buy Cloudways
Use Code - CLOUDWAYS10
Digital Ocean$5Buy Digital Ocean
HostGator Cloud$4.95Buy HostGator Cloud
BlueHost Cloud$6.95Buy BlueHost Cloud
A2Hosting VPS Cloud$15Buy A2Hosting Cloud VPS
DreamHost Cloud$4.50Buy DreamHost Cloud
#1. Cloudways

For any size of business, bloggers, developers, website designers or e-commerce, cloudways would be the superlative one being the best and cheap cloud hosting provider which is of a managed type. 

Its basic plan comes for $10/month comprising 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, with 25GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth. Cloudways never fails to offer 99.99% uptime for its users.

Along with that, you can have access to use it with unlimited apps and comes with cloudwaysBot alerts. CloudwaysBot alerts help you to optimize your sites and applications on servers in an efficient way.

You can get alerts on various activities like receive recommendations, tips for your applications on the server, server health and stability, backup updates, and more.

Cloudways as an enterprise solution join hands with popular IAAS providers like Vultr, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Google, and KYUP through allowing you access its 25 data centers located all over the globe.

Let me further drop down few highlights and features of cloudways hosting for your clear and straightforward reference.

Best Features Of Cloudways

  • You can launch an unlimited number of business applications including PHP based applications (also switch between multiple PHP versions in just a click)
  • Option to switch between applications that work best on various DB as cloudways supports even latest versions of MySQL and MariaDB
  • Deploy multiple CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and so on a single server just with 1-click
  • Reliable and 1 click hassle-free SSL installation with its built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL improving your site security with a trusted certificate
  • Comes with multiple advanced caching tools works on Redis, Memcached, Varnish and Nginx results in boosting server performance in total and seriously improves site loading speed
  • Using SSF/SFTP, access your servers, manage your applications files and folders transfer hassle-free
  • The migration process is simple through 1 click which was never that easy before, and cloudways offers free migration support at no additional cost to you.
  • One-click Cloning feature makes a copy of each site, files, and database to restore it on new staging URL’s
  • Dedicated platform level firewall monitors the servers for any malicious activities to keep out of intruders or hackers, protecting your data safe and secure.
  • You can assign your team members to access server or applications regardless of their locations
  • GIT integration to auto-deploy your updates in the live server whenever there are changes in the code in the remote storage area.


  • Flawless support regarding communication, availability and user-friendly via chats and tickets
  • The pool of knowledge source through FAQ’s and forums all related to hosting, server and website problems
  • You can launch 10+ apps with 1 click feature
  • Choose your space closer to your target audience among 60+data centers
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model allowing you to pay for what you are using
  • 1-click backup and restore option to your data either automatic or on-demand
  • Cost-effective pricing plans suiting any business requirements with promising features


  • No domain registration service where many other hosting providers do offer
  • Paid email account

#2. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a well known hosting service provider which makes cloud computing easy for all. It has its reputation receiving positive feedback from its happy customers for its hosting service empowering millions of websites by its stellar cloud infrastructure.

This cheap cloud server hosting offers around twenty pricing plans on different categories like standard, optimized and flexible droplets.

Droplets are the name of their servers; each droplet you create is a new server. You can create a droplet easily and promptly less than a minute.

Its basic plan comes for $5/month or $0.007/hr which includes 1 GB memory, 25 GB disk space, 1 TB bandwidth. If you need additional storage, then you can pay extra per GB for what you want.

With its minimal costs, this low-cost cloud hosting never fails to offer 99.99% server uptime, fast and stable performance to its customers. 

As we seen in the cloudways hosting review, you can set out your droplet on any DO data centers in multiple places like San Francisco, New York City, Toronto, London, Singapore, Bangalore, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Best Features Of Digital Ocean

  • Enterprise level pricing plans that suit any level of business needs
  • Simple installations of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Horizon and more with just a click
  • Comes with a built-in firewall to protect your data and you can replicate your data on multiple droplets to avoid data loss
  • Load balancers to spread or distribute your traffic to other droplets (at an additional cost of $20/month)
  • API integration option to deploy multiple droplets or simply you can do with few clicks from its control panel
  • KVM hypervisors to improve performance and security level.


  • Flexible pricing slabs to meet every webmaster or enterprise needs
  • Scalable storage space even choosing a basic plan (at an additional cost per GB)
  • An easy-to-use and user-friendly control panel
  • Trusted hosting service provider by most popular business names
  • Incredible support and fast response rate to the tickets


  • Need some technical stuff or coding knowledge for successful set-up
  • No support facility through live chat. Only ticketing support system is available
  • Does not offer managed server as well as Windows server

#3. HostGator Cloud

Hostgator as an enterprise is always determined to bring reliable and cost-effective hosting services to its users.

HostGator.com is a global version to give you flexibility in choosing if your target audience comes from across the globe. To assist Indian business targeting audience from the same region, HostGator.in would be a prompt solution.

HostGator cloud hosting service plans comes under three major categories like the hatchling, baby, and business.

The basic hatchling plan is for single domain costs $4.95/month including 2GB memory, 2 core CPU, with no limitations on storage and bandwidth. But, use it cleverly.

For unlimited domains, then you have to choose between either baby or business plans. Hostgator cloud hosting service more advisable with its baby plan offering 4GB RAM, 4 core CPU with unlimited domains, bandwidth, storage.

Each affordable cloud hosting plans comes with eye-catchy and user-friendly cpanel. If you are lenient working on cpanel, then it will be your favorite as it comes with additional tools and add-ons allowing you to easily customize your websites, installing applications like WordPress (just by one-click) and more.

On the other hand, you cannot avail dedicated IP in its primary (hatchling) plan. You have to approach baby plan for dedicated IP at additional cost ($2/month), it is available by default in the business plan.

Other common feature, say free shared SSL in hatchling and baby plans and free private SSL with its business plans to secure your passwords and credentials.

Auto cache option for static content automatically boosts your site loading speed and overall performance. Let me sort down few other features of this best cloud hosting for WordPress. 

Best Features Of HostGator Cloud

  • Intuitive and eye-catchy dashboard to monitor the real-time status of page downloads speed, traffic information, server uptime, resources utilization and more
  • Unmetered storage, bandwidth, and emails on choosing any cloud hosting plans
  • Comes with free website building tools, loads of website templates, and unlimited MySql databases
  • Domain transfers or migration at free of cost
  • Easy installations of popular applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla and so on
  • Web-based file manager for quick file and folders transfer and to keep your data out of junk
  • Data mirroring to replicate data in multiple servers to avoid data loss
  • Data migration to another stable server in case of any hardware issues or failure


  • Promising 99.99% uptime
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Affordable cloud plans
  • 24/7/365 support available through live chat, emails, ticket system


  • Customer support level is to be still improved
  • Supports only Mysql database
  • Data backup and caching is to be further optimized

#4. BlueHost Cloud

Like HostGator, BlueHost is a well-known player as we think about hosting. Mainly, BlueHost is famous for its cloud and WordPress hosting.

An outstanding company in supporting Windows, Linux hosting and offering other services like domain registration, reseller domains.

This cheapest cloud provider is strived to keep up its promise to ensure 99.99% server uptime. Like other companies, it has its inexpensive pricing plans under three major categories to serve different level of users.

The basic starter plan ($6.95/month) of BlueHost Cloud comes with a single domain, 2 GB RAM, 50GB storage, Dual core CPU and unmetered bandwidth.

The most popular pricing say Performance offers its best to serve users with better performance including Quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM along with unlimited storage, domains, and bandwidth.

If you are using shared hosting and willing to switch over to cloud hosting, then BlueHost assists you to migrate easily at no additional cost. Let’s get into its features for clear understanding.

Best Features Of BlueHost Cloud

  • Data mirroring to make a copy of your data in 3 places on different servers to free from data loss
  • Automated failover – In case of hardware failure in your server, data from either of the other 2 locations will be active hence no downtime, buffering or struck
  • Specializes in WordPress hosting as its server are specifically optimized for WordPress
  • Scalable between plans and storage when your traffic hits the peak
  • Simpler dashboard to see real-time metrics like speed, traffic level, performance, server uptime, and more
  • Pricing plan includes marketing credit and local cache feature where you don’t bother about page loading
  • Varnish caching layer and global CDN for auto-caching your static content to process dynamic requests fast


  • Recommended one for WordPress hosting
  • Domain name registration and domain resellers programs available where few others are failing in this case
  • If you are going for domain registration, seasonally, they would also offer domain registration and domain name free for one year
  • Preferable for any types of hosting as popular for Windows, Linux, shared, WordPress and cloud hosting
  • Scale up your CPU and RAM anytime you wish without any reboot
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Unbeatable customer supports – 24/7/365 days a year through Live chat, emails, and ticketing system
  • Do posses stack of video tutorials in helping its users for hassle-free setup and on-go


  • No free SSL and dedicated IP while choosing starter and performance plans
  • Not recommended for start-ups as pricing may be bit costlier
  • Not much popular for cloud hosting compared to WordPress hosting

#5. A2 Hosting Cloud VPS

I feel odd to mention A2 hosting in the list of cheap cloud hosting service providers as its pricing is at the higher end. Regarding best cloud hosting provider, I don’t love to ignore it as it is always before its service and performance.

What A2 fails regarding pricing, it is superior in its features like best SSD driven servers for easy scalability of storage promising 99.99% server uptime. There are keen lovers of A2 hosting as you can customize your plans and account whenever your requirement or traffic fluctuates.

Its basic plan costs $15/month comprising 512 MB RAM, 10GB HDD storage, 2 cores, 600 Mhz CPU speed, and unlimited inbound transfer. This is quite costlier for any beginners.

However, there is an option to keep your cloud VPS ON or OFF or either way, pay for what you use. This kind of flexibility adds its value among the users. Let’s see how it is predominant in serving its customers with its features.

Free SSL certificates while choosing any plans, but you have to pay extra for private SSL. Let’s encrypt feature comes free; you can make use of it as its plan comprises of dedicated IP too.

Best Features Of A2hosting Cloud VPS

  • Optional SwiftServer platform ensuring 300% fast loading servers with blazing and optimized SSD than other drives
  • Quick Start Cloud to design or customize your pricing or account plans to get started easily
  • Option to add cpanel license as an interface for secure transfer of files, folders, database, emails and more
  • More customizable cloud hosting account to operate with Linux OS and you can even turn ON your cloud VPS or OFF as per your need
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery option to restore the previous version (auto back-up) of your site or coding without losing your data
  • High Availability Failover ensuring reliability with 99.99% server uptime during malfunctions in your server, switching your data and account to another VPS Node
  • A2 Quickinstaller lets you to easily install your CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and any other web development frameworks


  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Guru crew support team for more responsive and faster support over technicalities
  • User-friendly cpanel to manage easy set-up and file transfers
  • Pay as you go and as you use
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use cpanel for developers
  • Turbo server offering double times faster-hosting experience


  • The even basic pricing plan is expensive
  • Not at all suitable for beginners
  • Don’t have domain name registration service

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How is Cloudways better than other well-known WordPress Cloud hosting providers? As I have been using this cloud server service, let me tell you its valor through this blog post!

Launching your WordPress website to the online arena with the best hosting server is a predominant task because you have to satisfy your readers and search spiders through the fast loading and reliable server.

So, you have to be cautious while buying the excellent hosting service for your website.

I always recommend the best products and services for my loyal readers like you, and hence I would suggest you get the managed WordPress cloud hosting to perform well on the web.

Yes! It will make you free from technicalities like Security, Speed, Backups, Software upgrades and so on. You can just sit back and relax!

Moreover, the cloud features will let you scale the sources when your site grows with lots of traffic.

Out of all, you can get the maximum uptime (99.99%) since the resources get splits on multiple servers to tackle the potential failure.

If you have decided to purchase the Cloud WordPress hosting with the managed features, then you are on the right path to reach the success.

Look at the image to support my viewpoint where I have taken from the blog post of WPEngine!

Let’s come to the point now!

Cloudways is offering the incredible service for their customers, and we are one among them.

As we are using this best managed cloud hosting for WordPress, I have written a detailed Cloudways review by sharing our 8 months experience with them. They are just amazing!

Cloudways Hosting Vs 6 Best Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers

I have done a detailed analysis to make this Cloudways vs other well-known cloud hosting companies! 

Moreover, I’m using few of the cloud hosting services like Digital Ocean, InMotion VPS Cloud and HostGator Cloud for my other blogs.

So, I can easily compare the features and share my hosting experience with you!   

Cloudways Vs SiteGround

Like Cloudways, SiteGround also offers the scalable, fully managed cloud hosting through its ultra-fast SSD servers.

However, what makes Cloudways better than SiteGround? Let’s see!

  • #1. Inexpensive Pricing Plans 

Choosing the best yet affordable hosting is the desire of every website owner. So, when it comes to cheap cloud hosting, Cloudways win the race as it has inexpensive monthly plans than SiteGround managed cloud hosting.

The entry cloud plan of SiteGround is $80 (with 5TB data transfer) is too high when compared the basic plan of Cloudways which is $10 (with 1TB data transfer), and you’re forcing to buy the expensive plan in SiteGround.

If you’re a budding blogger or business startup, I feel that that Cloudways hosting is the right choice. 

  • #2. Trouble Free Site Migration

When you look for the superior in the website transfer, Cloudways is the best. You can do the job through the migrator plugin or get help from the expert to move the files with zero downtime.

I have seen that the SiteGround has bad reviews about the long process of site migration that was sluggish and may bother you a bit.

  • #3. Global Data Centers 

When the data center locations of both cloud hosting services are compared, Cloudways has more choice when compared to SiteGround. Keep it in mind, for the quick content delivery, you have to choose the closest data center for your target audience.

SiteGround doesn’t have the data center in South America, Africa, Australia, India, and Japan whereas the Cloudways has around the globe. 

Other Better Features Of Cloudways Than SiteGround
  • Breeze – It is a free Cloudways cache plugin for WordPress
  • CloudwaysCDN – Instead of configuring CloudFlare CDN, you may use CloudwaysCDN
  • PHP 7 ready servers – SiteGround has only PHP 5 version
  • CloudwaysBot – The smart AI assistance to send real-time notifications and helps you to optimize the server
Pricing (Basis Plan)$10/mo (DO Plan)$80/mo
RAM, Storage & Bandwidth1GB, 25GB & 5TB4GB, 40GB, 5TB
Uptime Guarantee99.99%99.99%
PHP 7 ServersYesNo
CDNPaid ($1 per 25GB)FREE
Free MigrationYes Yes
Tech Support24 X 7 Live Chat & Ticket24 X 7 Live Chat, Phone & Ticket

After having a look at the comparison Cloudways vs SiteGround, I hope you would like to purchase Cloudways managed hosting for WordPress!

Grab the Cloudways Offer through Coupon Code – 10% Discount For 3 Months

Cloudways Vs ServerPilot

The ServerPilot is the fantastic cloud hosting service to host WordPress CMS on Digital Ocean server.

However, do you know its inferior qualities than Cloudways?

When I made an analysis of the best WordPress cloud hosting, I came to know that the Cloudways is the best alternative to ServerPilot.

Let me tell you the advanced features of Cloudways than ServerPilot, and hence you can decide to get the best server.

  • #1. No Technical Tasks

If you’re a non-tech savvy person, then the ServerPilot is not for you because you need to handle the technical undertaking like setting up the username with the root password of the server.

When it comes to ease of use, you can set up the app much quicker with Cloudways in just a few clicks.

  • #2. Blazing Speed

Cloudways has several inbuilt advanced cache settings on the server like Nginx, Redis & Varnish for WordPress speed optimization. There is no such improved speed feature available in ServerPilot, and yes, you have to install & configure Varnish cache by yourself, which is an overwhelming process.

If you care about the loading speed of the site which is a Google ranking factor, then go with Cloudways hosting without any second thought.

  • #3. More Applications

If your priorities are 1-click server deployment, free managed migration, add-ons, auto-scaling and single monthly billing, then your choice should be Cloudways as these qualities are not present in ServerPilot.

Cloudways is a complete managed service, and you can focus on the site development with no worries about the technical chores.

Other Best Features of CloudWays Than ServerPilot
  • Managed backups and the hourly backup feature is available
  • Live chat support to connect with the technical experts anytime
  • Team collaboration feature for assigning different roles to the team members.
Pricing (basic plan)$10/mo (DO Plan)$10/mo
PHP 7 ServersYesYes
CDNPaid ($1 per 25GB)No
Free MigrationYes-
Tech Support 24 X 7 Live Chat & TicketEmail

Actually, the ServerPilot is the free remote control panel that can be installed on Ubuntu server to create a DO droplet for the WordPress site, but it involves several technical aspects.

Thus, I would advise you get Cloudways managed WordPress cloud hosting to enjoy the peaceful hosting experience.

Grab the Cloudways Offer through Coupon Code – 10% Discount For 3 Months

Cloudways Vs Digital Ocean

First, you should understand that there is no point in comparing the Cloudways and Digital Ocean because you are going to use the Digital Ocean server (Or Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud Or Kyup server) through Cloudways and yes, you have to spend a few extra bucks for it.

If you’re not a good server admin, then installing the server from scratch is a big pain!

There are many technical assignments involved in Digital Ocean, and hence the Cloudways is taking the opportunity to make the things more accessible through the managed cloud hosting concept.

Have a look at the features supported by Cloudways Digital Ocean Cloud platform; you will come to know the benefits of buying the DO server through Cloudways managed hosting.


In Cloudways, it takes just less than 10 minutes to deploy the PHP CMS or development app on the DO servers.

In simple words, Cloudways is one-click cloud management for the non-technical persons where you can get the managed security, unlimited staging, Git workflows and SSH & SFTP access.

  • Cloudways – Managed Digital Ocean Cloud hosting
  • Digital Ocean – Unmanaged Cloud Hosting (You have to set up everything)
 Cloudways Digital Ocean
Pricing (Basis Plan)$10/mo (DO Plan)$5/mo
RAM, Storage & Bandwidth1GB, 25GB & 5TB1GB, 25GB & 5TB
Uptime Guarantee99.99%99.99%
CDNPaid ($1 per 25GB)No
Free MigrationYesNo
SSL CertificateFREENo
Tech Support24 X 7 Live Chat & TicketTicket & Contact Form

When the price of both cloud hosting services are compared, Digital ocean is cheaper ($5/mo) than Cloudways.

So, if you have a limited budget and ready to involve in the technical aspect of setting up the cloud hosting, then make Digital Ocean as your choice.

Otherwise, get Cloudways and finish the server set up in few clicks.

Grab the Cloudways Offer through Coupon Code – 10% Discount For 3 Months

CloudWays Vs InMotion

InMotion has launched its Cloud VPS service in the year 2016 and it could handle 10X more traffic with optimized configurations for WordPress.

Both Cloudways and InMotion cloud hosting can offer the best performance and uptime for your website.

If you want to get the cloud server with the control panel option and root access, then you have to choose InMotion hosting only!

The cPanel of Cloudways is different, and you will not get the root access to install any software.

Besides, the Cloudways can beat the InMotion cloud VPS hosting through price, speed, and security features.

  • #1. Low Price

The digital ocean plan of Cloudways is $10 for 1GB RAM, 25GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth, whereas the starter VPS plan of InMotion Cloud charges you $27.99 for 4GB RAM, 75GB storage and 4TB bandwidth.

Both the plans are almost same (if we consider the RAM & Bandwidth) for the price, but you are forcing to choose an expensive pricing plan in InMotion cloud hosting.

If you look for the cloud-based managed hosting for your start-up website, then the Cloudways is the best selection because you can afford $10 per month instead of paying $28 per month.

  • #2. Great Server Response Time

There is no doubt that you will get an excellent server response time in Cloudways through its server level caches and HTTP/2 supported servers. Moreover, the pre-configured PHP FPM dramatically boosts the loading time of your site. 

Getting the speedy cloud server at the inexpensive monthly plan with reduced response time is the greatest thing of Cloudways.

InMotion hosting still needs improvement in providing the lower server response time for its users by widening the server level caches and PHP 7 ready servers.

  • #3. Excellent Security

Comparing the security features of InMotion and Cloudways, the proactive security practiser – Cloudways is the champion as it provides the managed security through the dedicated Firewall, Auto-healing servers, two-factor authentication, and consistent security patches to avoid the vulnerabilities.

Keeping your valuable data safe is a wiser thing rather than frustrating yourself with the data loss episode. I’m not saying that the InMotion security features are bad, but when they are compared to Cloudways, they look mediocre and needs to be developed. 

Other Best Features of Cloudways than InMotion
  • An active community where the experts share their knowledge.
  • IP Whitelisting for easy team collaboration
  • Git integration to get the updated code deployed on the servers
Pricing (Basis Plan)$10/mo (DO Plan)$27.99/mo
RAM, Storage & Bandwidth1GB, 25GB & 5TB4GB, 75GB & 4 TB
Uptime Guarantee99.99%99.9%
BackupPaid FREE
CDNPaid ($1 per 25GB)No
Free MigrationYesYes
Tech Support24 X 7 Live Chat & TicketLive Chat, Phone & Contact Form


Before moving to Cloudways, we were on Cloud VPS of InMotion hosting, and it was good. However, we want to perform better in terms of speed and scale our resources affordably. Hence, we have shifted to Cloudways hosting.

As we didn’t have any bitter experience with InMotion, I’m recommending both managed cloud services for you.

CloudWays Vs WPEngine

WPEngine is a great player when it comes to managed hosting, no suspicion in that! To make robust WordPress site, WPEngine has combined with Google Cloud Platform.

But still, Cloudways can beat the WPEngine through some best qualities!  Let’s check those features!

  • #1. World Class Support

The technical support accessibility round the clock is essential for the customers to get assistance for the common troubleshooting issues or to solve any other technical concerns. In Cloudways, you can reach the experts anytime through the 24 x 7 Ticket system and get the job done.

However, the start-up pack of WPEngine Cloud hosting does not endow with 24 x 7 ticket/Phone support. If you need all-time support through the ticket system, then you have to purchase the higher plans of WPEngine cloud hosting.

  • #2. Highly Affordable

Cloudways follows “Pay As You Go Method” and therefore you need to pay only for the resources that you use. Also, the basic plan is inexpensive which is suitable for the startups. 

The starter plan of WPEngine cloud hosting is $35/mo that is quite expensive when weighed against Cloudways hosting ($10/mo).

Moreover, the overage charges are high! You may have a look at bad experiences of industry experts, Harsh Agarwal and Brian Jackson with WPEngine.

  • #3. No Restrictions

When the WPEngine is evaluated with Cloudways hosting, you will come to know the constraints of WPEngine. Yes, it has a list of prohibited plugins and imposes the limit on the number of WordPress sites that you can install.

Moreover, the setting up of the Cache is somewhat a big task in WPEngine.

If you want to get away from these restrictions, then your pick should be Cloudways cloud hosting service.

Other Better Features Of Cloudways Than WPEngine
  • Real-time monitoring and new Relic integration to track your server and apps
  • Cloudways has more server resources when compared to WPEngine
Pricing (Basis Plan)$10/mo (DO Plan)$35/mo
Uptime Guarantee99.99%99.95%
CDNPaid ($1 per 25GB)FREE
Free MigrationYesYes
PHP 7 ServersYesYes
Tech Support24 X 7 Live Chat & Ticket24 X 7 Chat support

Grab the Cloudways Offer through Coupon Code – 10% Discount For 3 Months

Cloudways Vs HostGator Cloud

I’m using the Hostgator Cloud service for my very first blog, mymagicfundas.com since last year; I’m quite satisfied with the ease of use and price.

But, when comes to the performance, scalability and customer support, Cloudways is the real winner.

Let’s start the war Cloudways vs HostGator Cloud hosting!

  • #1. Superior Performance

Cloudways will never let your site down at any cost! They have sophisticated qualities for the customer requirements and satisfaction. Till now, I didn’t get any server down issues for this blog, wpglossy.com.

It is maintaining 100% uptime even during the traffic hike at times. In addition, our blog is loading fast, and we are also glad to perform well in search results.

I experienced a few downtime issues with Hostgator Cloud (in minutes to hours). My blog is slowing down for no visible reasons and I’m not satisfied with the server response time as well.

Even though they have a user-friendly interface to manage all the stuff in one place, they have to implement the advanced features like Cloudways to provide the optimal performance for the users. 

  • #2. Great Scalability

1-click seamless vertical scaling is a foremost upside of Cloudways where you can scale the CPU, Memory, and Disk without affecting the customization.

The scalable resources are precise; just you need to hover the mouse for the vertical scaling and pay for the increased server size.

In Hostgator Cloud, it is tricky to get the information regarding the scaling, and I’m not sure that you could handle the high-traffic bursts.

  • #3. Customer Support

Reaching and lending a hand from Cloudways support is trouble-free as you can reach them anytime. You may also get the help through the community forum where the experts are engaging with the users.

Recently, the Cloudways has decided to go to the Facebook WordPress community to find out their pain points.

On the other hand, the tech support of HostGator is an exhausted one!

I have to wait in the queue every time to get assistance from the support staff. If something needs to be solved urgently, then you would be in the trouble as their support is slow and might not be helpful at times.

Other Better Features Of Cloudways Than HostGator Cloud
  • You can install free SSL Certificate
  • You will get hack-free hosting experience
  • The Varnish cache settings are custom based
  • You can control your site through commands with the help of Pre-Installed WP-CLI
 CloudwaysHostGator Cloud
Pricing (Basis Plan)$10/mo (DO Plan)$4.95/mo
RAM, Storage & Bandwidth1GB, 25GB & 5TB2GB & Unlimited..
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Suddenly, there’s a new trend of managed WordPress cloud hosting gaining moment among the bloggers & marketers across the globe.

Most of the WordPress users are moving out of the shared hosting ecosystem to a managed cloud hosting for a secure, swifter, and reliable hosting platform.

While managed cloud hosting is a bit costly compared to the shared hosting packages available out there, it is wise to invest in it to ensure security and better performance.

To understand this, you must know how managed cloud hosting for WordPress work in real life.

What Is Managed Cloud Hosting?

As the internet world is evolving, the hosting companies are coming up with better solutions to speed up websites and upgrade the overall user experience. One such evolution is cloud hosting.

When put in comparison, cloud hosting surely beats the tradition hosting solutions such as shared hosting, VPS, or a dedicated server hosting regarding security, performance and price point.

So, What is Cloud Hosting?

The Cloud hosting allows you to configure the server which is highly scalable and reliable. Here the resources are spread across the several web server, and thus the Downtime is almost NIL.

In simple words, the cloud hosting is

  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Customizable

However, the DIY cloud hosting services like Digital Ocean & Linode can be a bit too complicated for someone without the technical expertise because they need a third-party tool like ServerPilot to configure the server. 

Even though the DIY cloud hosting is an ideal and secure environment, it is not a viable solution for a blogger or an online publisher with little to no knowledge of server configuration.

Well, here’s where Managed Cloud Hosting solutions come into action!

  • You don’t need to bother about the technical matters & upgrades
  • You will get flexible scaling features to handle the massive traffic at times
  • You can stay safe through improved security and complete backup

Different managed cloud hosting providers have emerged in the recent times at quite reasonable rates to help you with the technical side of managing a cloud VPS. 

In a more extended context, managed cloud hosting will save your time, human resources, and most importantly comes with a bunch of quality features.

It is a stress-free hosting environment where you can stay away from the technical glitches. Here, there is no doubt in taking your site to a new level regarding performance and user experience.

Now, let’s have an in-depth look at the advantages of getting the best managed WordPress cloud hosting server! 

Benefits Of Buying Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting 

A lot of members of the blogger community on Facebook and other community platforms are either making or recommending a switch to a cloud cum Managed WordPress hosting.

These recommendations mainly came from Probloggers who saw the benefits of a managed cloud hosting for WordPress.

After witnessing a curve towards this advanced hosting platform and realizing the true meaning of a fully managed hosting solution, I have also decided to make a switch to a Managed Cloud Hosting for WordPress blogs.


This blog (wpglossy.com) is hosted on the fastest Managed WordPress hosting company that offers cloud features, CloudWays to perform well through its exceptional qualities.  

Here are some of the excellent benefits that I experienced after I switched to a managed cloud hosting platform for WordPress. 

1. Instant Setup

With a managed cloud hosting setup, there’s no need to configure anything. Everything is already installed on the server

All you need is to add your domain and update the nameservers or DNS at your domain registrar and choose the WordPress package. That’s it!

Through the accessible setup features, your WordPress site can be live within few minutes!

Most of the managed cloud hosting providers offer the free SSL certificates that you can quickly register and set up on your domain

2. High Performance

A fully managed WordPress cloud hosting service guarantees high performance compared to other hosting solutions since it uses the latest technologies like PHP 7, NGINX, etc. and offers the newest architecture. 

WordPress is integrated and fine-tuned to the server to deliver more excellent performance and better loading speeds.

Yeah! For speedy service, they enabled server level caching and supports CDN as their part of their package. Thus you can avoid installing the unessential plugins for the Speed optimization

All the essential applications relevant to WordPress are also up-to-date, and there’s no need to pay for them separately while on a managed cloud hosting platform.

As I mentioned earlier, the resources get split in the multiple servers, and yes, it can provide the 100% Uptime for your website which in turn tweak your reputation with all-time site availability.   

3. Globally Distributed

If your blog is targeted towards a specific country or continent, then having your site hosted within the region can help cut down network latency and improve the page loading speed.

Most of the managed WordPress cloud hosting providers have servers located in different regions such as USA, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

Simply choose an ideal location and ensure quick delivery of content to your valuable readers.

4. Fully Scalable

With the managed cloud web hosting service, you also get the flexibility to scale up or down as per your preferences. The hosting provider will charge you depending on the resources you utilize for the month.

If you are expecting a lot of traffic during the festive season and not so much during the offseason, you can merely upscale your resources accordingly.

It is quite difficult in a shared hosting scenario where the hosting provider will naturally prompt you to opt for a dedicated server.

The DIY cloud setup can fit perfectly for scalability at will. However, it may be tricky.

On the other hand, a managed WordPress hosting will monitor the resource usage and notify you when you are about to reach the pre-defined limits.

5. Top Notch Security

Security is the main feature why many WordPress users are switching to a managed cloud server. As the internet is growing, so are the hackers. Without the proper security strategies, every website is vulnerable to malware attacks.

In shared hosting or DIY Cloud setup, the hosting providers don’t take responsibility or provide the technical support for a security breach or malware attack.

On the other hand, you can get the complete technical assistance from your managed cloud hosting provider during such malware attack if there is any.

A lot of managed cloud hosting providers have prime security features and firewall installed in their ecosystems. They monitor your site 24 X 7 and keep the intruders at bay!

There’s no way anyone can breach it or attack your sites. Even if they do, the technical support will help you recover from that.

Just have a look what the experts are doing for the WordPress security

6. One-Click Staging 

Whether you are testing a new feature on your blog or setting up a whole new website, you need to check it before going live.

Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting is the best option for most of these hosting providers offer one-click staging environments. Using this feature, you can quickly setup a clone of your application with a single click.

Try and test the new plugins or other development changes on the testing site. Once convinced with the tests, just push the changes to the production site right from the admin dashboard. It’s as simple as it gets.

7. Regular Backups

Backing up and restoring data is one of the leading concerns for the website owners today. Typical backup features are available in premium shared hosting packages but it will cost you more.

For a DIY cloud setup, you need to configure your backup system and opt for VPS snapshots, which again would dig a hole in your pocket.

Well, the automatic backup feature is already built into the managed WordPress cloud hosting and it is available for free.

Whenever you face a problem or feel the need to restore the backed up data, you can just use the one-click restore feature available on your hosting account.

You can access multiple backups for WordPress at any given time depending on the hosting provider. You can also backup data manually at any given time.

8. Top Notch Support

Besides offering a fully managed WordPress hosting solution with a scalable feature, you also get 24/7 full customer support.

Whether you are looking for technical assistance, billing information, or desire to talk to a sales representative, you get full support at any time.

Most of the associates in the professional assistance team are well versed with WordPress. In addition to that, most managed WordPress cloud hosting providers also offer resources and tutorials to help the users.

Just follow the step by step instructions to troubleshoot any problem or opt for the technical assistance, and they will help you with that.

Over To You!

If you don’t want to get frustrated with the technical management of your WordPress site and wish to stay productive for your business growth, then you should buy the best managed cloud hosting server.

I admit that the shared hosting is a cheaper option today, however, for the long run, it is wise to invest some more money in the web hosting server.

If you Google for the cheap WordPress cloud hosting, then you can get a reliable host provider that never let your site down at any cost. 

After considering these benefits, it’s high time that you should switch to a managed WordPress cloud hosting to skyrocket the performance of your website.

Now, it’s time to listen to your opinion! 

Do you like the advantages of Managed cloud hosting for WordPress? Which type of hosting server are you using? Share your priceless thoughts and experiences in the comment section. 

The post Why Should You Get Managed Cloud Hosting For WordPress? appeared first on WPGLOSSY.

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As the Google is forcing you to get the “HTTPS“, Do you wonder “How to get a free SSL certificate for my website?” 

If yes, then this post will help you get the best one! 

I have already insisted my blog readers to get the SSL certificate by explaining its basics and benefits and I keep on getting messages to mention some of the free trusted SSL certificate providers. Thus, I have decided to craft this post. 

Earlier, only e-commerce websites were supposed to use SSL or HTTPs to ensure secure processing of payment transactions.

However, that changed with time and today you can witness a shift towards HTTPs even for regular niche blogs and small business websites.

Privacy is a huge concern for internet users today!

While visiting a blog/site or submitting a form online, a user needs assurance that all the data submitted remains safe.

Even Google understands this concern and hence, the most popular search engine on the web has added SSL certificate as one of the ranking factors.

Not only it boosts your ranking in Google, but installing the SSL certificate has also several other benefits, let me talk about them!

Benefits Of Getting SSL Certificate

Using an SSL or HTTPs on your domain has plenty of advantages even if you are not processing any payments through your website.

Here are some benefits of adding an SSL certificate to your domain as follows:

1. Increases The Credibility Of Your Site/Blog

HTTPs add a layer of trust and credibility. The green padlock ensures the modern day user that the site is completely safe and secure to access.

2. Protects Sensitive Data Such As Passwords

Accessing any HTTPs website ensures that user’s data isn’t compromised in any way.

3. Future Proofing As SSL Is Becoming A Trend

It’s a growing trend and there’s no denying that when you don’t follow the positive trend, you may eventually fall behind.

4. SEO advantage

Google has officially declared that HTTPs is considered as a ranking signal which means that adding SSL to your WordPress blog will ensure some boost in rankings.

How To Add Free SSL To WordPress Site?

Adding SSL on a website or blog was a headache earlier but with WordPress and the new players in the industry, the whole process of taking your blog from HTTP to HTTPs is simplified.

You don’t require any ultra technical skills to set up HTTPs for your blog. Also, there’s no need to invest a lump sum amount to get the SSL certificate either.

There are plenty of ways that you can try and get SSL on your WordPress blog for free.


Getting a free SSL certificate for WordPress has become easier today!

You may go to either Free SSL providers or the hosting company that offers the SSL certificate for free. 

Top Free SSL Providers

Let’s check out some of the legit free SSL certificate generator sites to get the job done easily.  

1. Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is currently the best free SSL provider which is gaining popularity every single day.

The popularity of Let’s Encrypt can be gauged by the fact that top hosting providers today offer free SSL for every domain hosted via Let’s Encrypt.

Basically, Let’s Encrypt is an open source, automated and open certificate authority provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

You can either choose a web host from the list of hosting companies having Let’s Encrypt SSL integrated within their set up.

Else, you can also try the manual method, if your hosting provider doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt for now.

2. WoSign

WoSign is another free option that you can try for an SSL certificate. To enable SSL on your domain via WoSign requires no code at all.

The free SSL certificate provided by WoSign is a fully functional Domain name validation SSL certificate issued by the root named “WoSign CA SSL Certificate”.

While you can set up SSL on multiple domains at a nominal fee of $1.99 per year for each domain, you can get the first SSL for free.

The automated SSL setup is currently under development but you can always sign up with WoSign and get your free SSL installed using the instructions here.

3. SSL For Free

SSL For Free uses Let’s Encrypt to provide free SSL through domain validation. With SSL for Free, you can set up SSL for your domain within minutes. Simply verify your domain via FTP, File Upload, or DNS.

Adding a text record or uploading a text file are the best ways to verify the domain as providing FTP credentials can be a bit risky. Try it now if you are looking for a simple and faster way to add SSL to your domain.

4. Open SSL

OpenSSL, as the name suggests, is an open source SSL provider that offers a secure, commercial-grade, highly functional toolkit for SSL protocols.

Being licensed under Apache-style license, you can use OpenSSL for both commercial and non-commercial reasons until you follow the simple license conditions.

You can find all downloads and installation guidelines over here for OpenSSL.

5. CA Cert

CA Cert is an open source Certificate Authority that serves its community with free SSL. The whole idea behind CA Cert is to raise awareness for computer and internet security and push the community towards the use of encryption technology.

The certificates provided by CA Cert can be either used to digitally sign or encrypt emails or authenticate users connecting to websites and ensure secure data transmission. Simply register and join the community to get the free certificates offered at CA Cert.

6. CloudFlare Free SSL

For those, who don’t wish to go through the hassle of downloading and setting SSL on their domains or servers, there’s another simpler option. Using this option, you can hit the two birds with a stone.

CDN services can help speed up your content delivery to the end users via peer to peer cache storage on different servers owned or managed by the CDN provider.

Currently, CloudFlare is one of the leading CDN providers which also offer a free plan.

You can register with CloudFlare and set up CDN on your domain and use their Free SSL service without any coding or setup required from your end.

For WordPress users, the whole process gets simpler as CloudFlare offers an integrated solution for WordPress sites.

You simply need to install and activate the WordPress plugin offered by CloudFlare or in the WP repository to activate SSL for your WordPress site.

Best Web Hosting Companies That Offer Free SSL Certificate 

As explained earlier, many web hosting companies are offering Free SSL for either all domains or a single domain hosted on their servers.

The best part about using such service is the assurance that the complete setup will be handled by the hosting company.

Have a look at the excellent web hosting services for WordPress and try to register with any of them to enjoy free SSL service.

1. CloudWays

CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform where you will find managed hosting solutions from Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Server, Kyup, Google Cloud, and Vultr.

Cloudways actually helps you manage your cloud hosting via a user-friendly interface. With built-in applications support, you can easily set up WordPress or any other applications you need.

It has also integrated Let’s Encrypt within its ecosystem to help the users to add free SSL to their domain. I would say that this cloud hosting is a great platform if you have no experience with server management.

If you are looking for a cloud VPS for your WordPress blog with SSL support, then choose CloudWays and opt for Digital Ocean hosting. It’s simple, easy, and quite cheaper than others.

Note: I have moved this blog, WPGlossy from InMotion to Cloudways to perform well and get excellent server response time.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost is undoubtedly one of the premier and renowned hosting companies across the web today.

It’s one of the most sought-after shared hosting providers and many fresh, as well as established bloggers opt for BlueHost as their reliable hosting partner.

If that’s not enough, then you can also activate the free SSL that BlueHost offers for all WordPress sites hosted on their server.

Remember that it will work only for a hosting plan with a cPanel. If you already have one, then simply follow the instructions to activate free SSL to your WordPress blog.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround may be a bit expensive than the other hosting providers on the list here. However, considering the security elements and reliability factor, SiteGround hosting is one of the best hosting services for WordPress and it is worth every dime.

With unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on board, you can get free SSL on all your domains hosted on SiteGround. It is also easy to setup and activates on your domain, thanks to the user-friendly interface offered by SiteGround.

4. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is a recent entry in the web hosting industry but it has gained wide popularity over the years offering tough competition to the big players as it is one of the leading green web hosting providers

The main reason why many bloggers and digital marketers  choose A2Hosting could be the free SSL support it offers for each affordable hosting plan.

5. WPX Hosting

If you’re a prolific blogger or a serious business owner who owns a WordPress site, then your hosting choice should be WPX Hosting. It is previously called “Traffic Planet Hosting“

The company offers the fasted managed hosting for WordPress with remarkable features to skyrocket the SEO of your site. This high-performance hosting service is providing the Free SSL certificate for its clients. 


Note: If you are signing up for a new host, make sure that you check for the free SSL or it is paid.

How To Redirect HTTP To HTTPs After Installing SSL Certificate?

What should do after installing the SSL certificate for WordPress?

Well, getting SSL certificate isn’t enough. If you are integrating SSL on an existing WordPress blog then chances are that your blog is already indexed by Google and other search engines as HTTP.

The first step you need to take after activating SSL is to redirect HTTP to HTTPs for your domain. You can easily do that by simply following these methods.

1. Via Settings Page On WordPress Dashboard

First and foremost, go to Settings > General on your blog’s WP dashboard.

Change the WordPress Address and Site Address to your HTTPs URL and save the changes.

2. Via .htaccess File

You can also redirect HTTP to HTTPs by editing your .htaccess file. You can edit this file using the Yoast SEO plugin or manually via the FTP connection.

To add the redirect, all you need is to add the following code either at the beginning or end of the .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

Once the code is added, your blog will be automatically redirected to the HTTPs URL even if someone tries to access the HTTP URL.

3. Via Plugin

If you want to ensure that your WordPress blog is totally redirected from HTTP to HTTPs, then you can also use the WordPress plugin called Really Simple SSL.

If you already have an active SSL certificate configured on your domain, you can simply redirect all the HTTP requests to HTTPs as well as configure your WordPress blog to run over HTTPs with a single click.

But, wait. You still need to update all the URLs as HTTPs within your blog such as internal links, images, etc. Well, you can do this using WordPress plugins like Better Search Replace or Velvet Blues Update URLs.

Both these plugins are capable of searching for the old HTTP URL within your database and replace it with the new HTTPs URL.

You can search and replace or update anything such a text, URL, change of path, etc. using these plugins.

Over To You!

That’s it! Website Security Certificate is essential to stay authoritative to the eyes of the search engines and clients. 

Yes, SSL certificate is important for every website as Google considers HTTPs as a ranking signal. Try out any of the above methods to activate SSL on your WordPress blog.

You can either choose from the free SSL providers for WordPress or buy any hosting plan that offers free SSL.

Also, it is important to test your domain for active SSL by using this online SSL checker tool to ensure that HTTPs is configured on your WordPress blog.

I hope you have come to know how to get SSL certificate for free and that too from the trusted resources. So, are you ready to move your site to “HTTPS”?

From where would you like to install the security certificate? Share your viewpoints in the comment section.

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