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William Lamont Astrologer by William Lamont - 3w ago
I will endeavour to lay out some significations on Toliman and its constellation of Centaur by the astrologers Robson, Brady, Hoffman, Coder, Ptolemy and Valens. Then ponder the star names meaning as many star names mythology appear to be significant in the stars signification and at very least worth taking into consideration. I will then explain my own research and give some conclusions.
Achillies was the student at the feet of Chiron
Toliman is currently at a longitude of 29'25 and declination of 60S49 Scorpio its astronomically known as alpha Centaurus and is the closest of the fixed stars to earth with light only taking 4 years to reach us. It’s of a white to yellowish nature and is a binary star with magnitudes 0.01, It’s the fourth brightest in the night sky. And is found on the left foot of the Centaurus constellation and many in the southern hemisphere would recognise it as the left of the two pointer stars below the southern cross also known as the constellation Crux.
The constellation Centaurus
Ptolemy says of Centaurus. The stars in the human part of the figure are of the same influence as Venus and Mercury; the bright stars in the horse’s part are like Venus and Jupiter.
Toliman is in the horses part or lower hoof of the constelation Centaur, and it is also interesting to note that some depicted the lower half of the centaurs as a goat, and the top half carrying a water jug and animal. As this next astronomical reference from Valens will validate the symbolism of both these.
Valens says of Centaurus It has … stars. According to the Sphaerica,
In the south the rear of Centaurus set <while Capricorn is rising>. The Goat
In the south the rest of Centaurus set <when Aquarius rises>. The Water Bearer
Name Meaning and Mythology
Toliman is also known as Bungula and Alpha Centaurus, the meaning of Toliman is heretofore and hereafter while the meaning of Bungula is unclear some speculated it means hoof while Alpha Centaurus is to be the first or dominant centaur or couple of centaurs a creature that is half horse or goat and half human. Mythology tells of Pholos removing a poison tip from Chiron the wise teacher and centaur, who had been in eternal agony from the arrow as he was immortal, while doing so Pholos pricked himself and died as he was not immortal. Chiron chose to give his immortality to Prometheus and died relieving his agony, and they were both arguably placed in the sky as the Centaur. Taking into account Valens and Ptolemy’s observations, the myth and nature of a centaur and the fact it has multiple names, it soon becomes clear that there is an element of benefit through hard work, sacrifice, and duality associated with Toliman.
Important References
Bernadette Brady
Bernadette says Toliman can be used on the MC, AS, DS, and IC between latitudes of 29° South and 29° North. Further than 29 where it never rises it lessons the effect and further south where it never sets it is strengthened.
Ebertin Hoffmann
Bungula has a Jupiter Venus nature, but there is an added peculiarity that relationships with females often seem spoiled or an existing happy relationship with females is stricken by exceptional circumstances. Well placed Bungula may help the native to gain a position of honour and power.
Erol Judd Coder
Erol mentions the existence of artefacts showing the likeness of centaurs on Mycenean jewellery that shows two centaurs together. And in some cases he says they were shown as half goat and half man.
Bungula, It gives beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honour.
Robson also gives delineations of conjunctions with the various planets and it would appear the Venus, Jupiter connotations that Ptolemy wrote are agreed with by Robson in general.
In an assessment of 85,000 birth charts, I have narrowed the top ten AA rated charts with the closest conjunctions with Toliman and the Ascendant in order of accuracy. I do this in order to shed some light on how this aspect may affect the natives actions, personality, reputation and in general who they are or were. All of the below charts have conjunctions with less than 1 degree of orb.
1 – Murderer, Male taken from Gauquelin data
2 – Military personnel, taken from Gauquelin data
3 – Dorgeres, Henri (D’Halluim)
A leader to peasants prior to WW2 sacrificed himself on there behalf and was incarcerated during the war only to be released upon the liberation of France for his hard work with the French resistance. Born at a declination of 50 N 40.
4 – Actor, taken from Gauquelin data
5 – Military personnel, taken from Gauquelin data
6 – Buchner, Herman
Austrian born pilot become fighter pilot trainer and during WW2 Luftwaffe fighter ace was awarded knights cross of iron cross at wars end for bravery and battlefield leadership he was shot down 5 times during the war only to return to the sky’s each time. At wars end he founded the Berlin aeroclub for the allies before returning to Austria where he continued teaching pilots. Born a at declination of 49 N 27.
7 – Roy Patrick
Canadian born ice hockey player and goal tender, initially playing for a team he disliked and become well known for his captaincy and playing under pressure. Left the national league to become administrator and coach of national junior team. Born at a declination of 46 N 47.
8 – Feutrier Alain
French born 2 time Olympic skier that didn’t win a medal, he left the sport and started a ski school business where he is the key instructor. Born at a declination of 45 N 14.
9 – Eydoux Henri Paul
French born author who wrote and taught the history of archaeology. Born at a declination of 43 N 13.
10 – Chapelan Maurice
French born journalist ,essayist and scriptwriter. He was an academic who focused on the French language, reading and writing and was best known by his pseudonym (Aristide) from a column he wrote about the usage of grammar in newspapers and not his real name Maurice Chapelan. Born at a declination of 44 N 56.
As Conclusion
We can see from this sample that there is an element of sacrifice, teaching and success present in all the known famous cases. And while we cannot speculate to much about the other 4 we can assume without much risk that the two military personnel would have undoubtedly had some level of sacrifice training and leadership present in there life. Also, worth noting is the fact that Toliman would have never risen in the sky at there latitude of birth for any of the top 10 or where they lived most of there life, and yet its conjunction appears overwhelmingly significant. I am not discounting Brady’s work or observations with parans, as I noted in my research on the fixed star Vindemiatrix in an earlier blog, It did seem to make the effects stronger when in a Paran relationship. What this does seem to indicate is if the conjunction is close no matter if the star is visible in the sky or not the effect is still significant to the native. The only other point I wish to make, is the reference that Ebertin Hoffman makes in relation to stricken or strained relationships with women doesn’t appear to be to visible. Although I would agree that in a few cases male masculinity appears to be strong.
In an assessment of 85,000 birth charts, I have narrowed the top ten AA rated charts with the closest conjunctions with Toliman and the Midheaven in order of accuracy. I do this in order to shed some light on how this aspect may affect the natives carer and how they are viewed to the broader world. All of the below charts have conjunctions with less than 1 degree of orb.
1 – Mathieson Muir
Scottish born James Muir Mathieson become the most famous and prolific conductor of music on radio and film during the 30’s 40’s and 50’s after he was educated at Stirling high school and the royal college of music in London. His wish was to see British talent spread throughout the world. He was a mentor to the well known film composer Edward Williams and chose to chose conduct and direct others music rather than his own.
2 – Musician, Gauquelin data
3 – Seabrook’s Sherri
American homicide victim Sherri Seabrook’s was, stabbed over 50 times, 40 of the wounds obtained while trying to protect herself and their baby, November 1992. Her husband Sean's fury was aroused during an argument during which Sherri threatened that he would never be allowed to see their son. Sheri is Japanese and Irish.
4 – Sports champion, Gauquelin data
5 – Caron Stephan
French born academic and Olympic swimmer who left swimming to pursue business, he speaks about making many sacrifices in early life to pursue his carer and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Another French swimmer also followed him into the business field.
6 – Hydman–Vallien Ulrica
The Swedish born artists rose to prominence as a sculpture and sketcher but was persuaded by the Swedish glass industry to lose her independence and work for a glass company, it is though she did this for the greater good of her community. Her inspirational and unique way of painting on glass using mythology made Kost-Boda synonymous with her name, she began freelancing late in her career when she began teaching and travelling.
7 – Nolte Jeff
Ohio Born Jeff Nolte received a BA in fine arts in 1975 and an MFA in visual arts in 1979. He creates doco’s and is a Photography instructor and teaching assistant at York university.
8 – Lisi Nicola
Italian born writer and journalist, and a founding member of the catholic frontespizio an Italian magazine that taught Catholic scripture and art.
9 – Multatuli
Dutch born poet and writer Eduard Dekker, who adopted the name Multatuli which is Latin for” I have carried and suffered much” He had two wives and was said to be a womaniser.
10 – Norwich Billy
American born Billy Norwich is a women’s fashion and gossip columnist who lost both parents at a young age his mother was sick for many years and past when he was twenty. He used pseudonyms at times in his career and has also written two novels.
MC Conclusion
Again, with Toliman conjunct the MC in these top 10 samples we don’t really see conclusive evidence regarding difficulties with women, however there is in at least two cases womanising themes. The difficulty in finding evidence for this is of a personal nature and not always made public, so I would not rule this out entirely but use caution in delineation. Once again we can see themes of teaching and sacrifice also duality as a few of the above took on proteges the main theme differences appears to be things take on a more visual nature in there work and they appear to be very keen to inspire others in their fields to do the same.
Overall Conclusion
The fixed star Toliman is in most, but not all cases benefic in nature as it lends to sacrifice if malefic planets are aspected, this could lead to malefic sacrifices by the native. But when free of Malefic by hard aspect weather in aspect of benefic or not, it gives talents in the areas of athleticism and the arts and honoured positions. It manifests duality like in mentor roles or multiple responsibility’s in the fields of teaching and responsibility’s for the benefit of others. In many cases inspiration is at the very core of Toliman.
Robson, Vivian. The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology (Kindle Locations 2328-2332).
American Federation of Astrologers. Kindle Edition.
Brady, Bernadette. Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (Kindle Locations 1716-1720). Kindle Edition.
Vettius Valens, Anthologies, Book 1,Page 5, Public domain
Ptolemy, Claudius. Tetrabiblos (Kindle Locations 796-798). Heraklion Press. Kindle Edition.
Coder, Errol. The Constellations: Myths of the Stars . Kindle Edition.
Ebertin Hoffman, Fixed Stars and their interpretation, ISBN 978-0-86690-091-1
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When starting out a career as an Astrologer there are many things to consider, apart from just learning the craft itself. Although initially it is not a real concern it is important to know where you stand legally once you go beyond just reading charts for your friends and family in Australia. This is mainly to do with insurance issues however knowing your legal requirements is necessary not always just to know your within the law. It is also a useful tool to know the in’s and outs of the legality’s to protect yourself from slanderous, malicious or un informed attacks online or in public. Understanding the law and being confident in your knowledge of the facts will snuff out slander or opposition early if you know where you stand and give you a more professional reputation in the public eye.
Public liability insurance
To carry out Astrology as a business or hobby in Australia it is a requirement to have public liability insurance for street stalls, markets or working from a room within another business, this is generally required by space providers to the value of 5-10 million in cover. If your practise is operating 100% independently and solely from a single and nominated space the cost of public liability insurance is substantially lower. This can also be integrated into your business insurance cover by many providers. The other hurdle is that many of the mainstream insurance providers either do not insure Astrologers or have excessively high premiums so you will need to shop around. There are some groups that will offer public liability as part of a membership plan this is providing you can provide compliance of certification by an accredited teacher etc.
Below link to frequently asked question on public liability insurance in Australia
Within the states of QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, WA and the ACT there are no offences within their act’s pertaining to Astrology. However, there are in SA and NT and I will outline these below as they do not necessarily prohibit Astrologers but those who defraud others on the pretence of being one.
Northern Territory consolidated act
section 57
Any person who: pretends to tell fortunes, or uses any subtle craft, means, or device, palmistry or otherwise, to deceive and impose upon a person;
Shall be guilty of an offence penalty; 1,000 dollars, or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.
South Australia offences act
Part 8 – Fraud, unlawful possession ect
Act 40
Acting as a spiritualist, medium etc with intent to defraud A person who, with intent to defraud, purports to act as a spiritualist or medium, or to exercise powers of telepathy or clairvoyance or other similar powers, is guilty of an offence.
Maximum penalty: $10 000 or imprisonment for 2 years
Case Law
Evidence by Astrologers cannot be given in court ruled by Murray CJ in 1921 in the case Smith v O’Sullivan
The last case where a perceived astrologer was convicted in court was in Victoria in 1986 and the above law and fact he called himself an astrologer are irrelevant. As he was clearly not practicing astrology at all and was tried for fraud and not for practicing astrology at all.
Astrology is the study of the movements of the planets, sun, moon, and stars in the belief that these movements can have an influence on people’s lives. (Collins Dictionary)
An Astrologer is a person who uses astrology to try to tell you things about your character and your future. (Collins Dictionary)
Looking at the definitions of being an astrologer and studying astrology it would seem that if one has belief in what they do and are of good intentions, there is no real threat to the practicing astrologer within Australia. I wold only ere on the side of caution in NT and SA that not to undertake the craft before mastery. In fact, the offences act may be an actual thing to embrace if they were to be more defined and Australia wide. As they are more geared to removing charlatans and novices from practicing in the public domain which is a positive step forward for professional astrology.
It should be noted that I have no legal training and you should seek professional legal advice on individual matters. This is a general guide built from personal experiences and source documents cited below. To keep up to date with legal matters in regard to Astrology worldwide contact or become a member of AFAN you can find a link below.
Reference link
AFAN https://www.afan.org/
Find Law Australia http://www.findlaw.com.au/articles/5163/is-fortune-telling-a-criminal-offence-.aspx
NT Consolidated acts http://classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/nt/consol_act/soa189/s57.html
SA Summary offences act https://www.legislation.sa.gov.au/LZ/C/A/SUMMARY%20OFFENCES%20ACT%201953/2005.06.30/1953.55.AUTH.PDF
Collins Dictionary https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english
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William Lamont Astrologer by William Lamont - 3M ago
I first intend to lay out some significations on Princeps and its constellation of Bootes by Robson, Ptolemy and Manilius. Then add a definition of the word meaning from the encyclopedia britannica as many star names mythology appear to be significant in the stars signification and at very least worth taking into consideration. I will then explain my own research and give some conclusions, so please hang in there as there are some revelations.
Princeps is a giant white to yellow star with a visual magnitude of 3.46 and can be found under the reference number HR5681 in the Yale bright star catalogue or HIP74666 in the Hipparcos catalogue.
Vivian Robson named the fixed star Princeps in 1923 he noted it to be of the signification of Mercury and Saturn, and said (It gives a keen, studious and profound mind, with the ability for research. If rising good fortune, but troubles, discontent and fear occasioned by own temerity rather than circumstances, Star 82, chapter 5, The fixed stars and constellations in astrology)
Princeps, (Latin: “first one,” or “leader”) the unofficial title used by the Roman emperors from Augustus (reigned 27 bc–ad 14) to Diocletian (reigned ad 284–305). Thus, this period in Roman history is known as the principate (principatus), whereas the government of the empire under Diocletian and his successors is known as the dominate, from dominus (“lord,” or “master”).
The title princeps originated under the Roman Republic, when it was held by the leading member of the Senate (princeps senatus). Thus, Augustus’ use of the title lent plausibility to his claim to be the restorer of republican institutions vitiated during the civil wars of the 1st century bc. In fact, he had replaced the oligarchy of the republic with his own autocratic rule. Under his successors principatus soon did come to mean autocracy. This usage gave rise to the medieval title “prince.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)
Constellation Bootes
Ptolemy says the constellation Bootes signifies Icarus, the one who reached great heights only to fall, after not listening to his father’s warnings and flying to close to the Sun. He says the constellation is of the signification of Mercury and Saturn although the bright star Arcturus is of Jupiter and Mars and there is desire and prosperity from work.
Manilius speaks of either the Star Arcturus or the constellation Bootes (as Bootes was once known as Arcturus) due to translation we cant be sure, however the description given is much like the Mars Jupiter signification of Arcturus the star more so than the constellation Bootes. Most stars like Princeps in the constellation have more of a Mercury Saturn signification this is Manilius interpretation (True is the name men have given him, threatening like he presses forward as one does over a team of bullocks. To those born under Arcturus, fortune herself makes bold to entrust her treasures, so that the wealth of monarchs and temple finances will be in there keeping. They will be kings under kings and ministers of state and charged with the guardianship of the people or, as the stewards of grand houses, (Manilius, Astronomica, book 5, page 329)
To be clear there is approximately 8.5 deg of longitude between Arcturus and Princeps so although they share the constellations influence they are not going to be sharing a close conjunction with a planet or light in anyway.
I first give points to score how strong Princeps is in a chart that being the following and must be within a 1 degree orb of conjunction and multiple indicators are tallied. 1st house cusp 5 points, 10th house cusp 5 points, Asc 10 points, MC 10 points, Sun 15 points, North Node 15 points Eq Asc 15 points, I will call this calculation Strong Princeps herein.
I have then taken the A and AA birth charts of 562 people of Nobility and Royalty such as Kings & Queens, Sultans, Emperors, Czars, Princes, Duchesses etc, I will call this group the group of Nobility herein.
After this I calculated the average points or strength in each chart indicating the group’s overall strength or prominence of Princeps within the group. The group of Nobility scored an average of 7.45
I then decided to test Fixed star Arcturus using the exact same model to the same group according to Robson, Ptolemy and Manlius Arcturus should score even higher, but it didn’t actually Arcturus strength in the group of Nobility scored and average of only 3.61 so a strong Princeps is more than twice as likely to produce Nobility than Arcturus. This is statistically significant at the .05 level 95% probability.
I then calculated strong Princeps in other various groups for further confirmation and evaluation. The groups are as follows all A or AA charts and scored the following averages. If I mention they are statistically significant the probability that the Strong Princeps in the group of Nobility being True is either .05 = 95% accuracy .01=99% accuracy .001 = 99.9% accuracy.
20,000 Famous People 4.69 ave statistically significant .05 level 95%
37,340 Gauquelin Data & Famous people 2.49 Ave statistically significant .01 level 99%
1,445 politicians 4.31 Ave statistically significant at the .05 level 95%
1,134 Business people 2.54 ave statistically significant at the .001 level 99.9%
3,648 Scientists 5.22 Ave
6,730 Writers & Authors 5.38 ave
632 Clergy & Occultists 4.39 ave
2,570 Visual Artists 6.38 ave
So, looking at the data we can draw a couple of solid conclusions.
Princeps aspected in the chart was clearly most notable in the charts of people of Nobility.
Princeps is far more likely to indicate Nobility than Arcturus.
In most group cases there was a clear statistical anomaly pointing to Princeps being overly accidentally dignified in the charts of people of Nobility.
Compared to all 37,340 A & AA charts there was a huge anomaly at the .01 level that comprehensibly states this is likely a present factor with such commonality in the charts of Nobles only.
The only group to score close at all was the visual artists.
Robson was correct in saying it gives a studious and profound mind with ability for research. As these traits are notable in the groups were the statistical anomaly wasn’t profound. But it doesn’t appear to be the overwhelming influence.
Visual Artists, Princes Eugene & The Senate
Why did visual artists score highly are there any correlations? fun fact, Princes Eugene has Princeps conjunct her Equ Asc and she is both royalty and a visual artist who works in a museum of fine art, coincidence? Finding the significations in common between visual artists and royalty will be part of the key to understanding Princeps better, bearing in mind Princeps is a little more like royalty than visual art. We must also consider Augustus used the name Princeps which was given to the head of the senate to give his Authoritarian rule legitimacy and that rule after time became autocracy anyway. The fact that clearly something visual is significant and it appears that it must be accepted by others bearing both groups in mind, Venus must also be a significator.
Princeps is the star of Nobility of Kings & Queens, Sultans, Czars and Emperors, and in common folk figurative and symbolic people, it is of the nature of Saturn with Mercury & Venus. It gives opulence, reverence and discipline to figureheads who don’t wield power but have it. Who lend service or display as examples to those they serve. Natives may show signs of discrimitive aptitude and disciplined in fields of research writing and mental ability.
Vivian E. Robson 1923 The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology
Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.329
Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, chapter 10
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I am heading into my 7th year of study as an Astrologer in 2019 and although this seems like a long time to study, its actually not in reality. I have taken my time as I have full time employment and Astrology is my muse by night and weekend light. I have found my Astrology is aided not by constant courses, retreats or lectures but by using a break between them to implement past teachings aids in the development of what I have learnt so far. I have now reached a point in the past 12 months where I feel the need to share some of my experiences with others as I believe this too is part of my development as an Astrologer and hopefully will assist yours.
I would have to say I did plan my Astrological study in a minor way from the get go. I remember thinking I would like to be an Astrologer but was overwhelmed by its complexity. So, my first plans were verbal I was to learn the Astrological glyphs It was a simple step but from big things little things grow. Each year around February I would set new goals it was in year three I started writing things down and purchased my first Astrology software that’s when things got serious. I would jot down 3 to 5 points or goals and save them to my desktop, then revisit them later in the year. We must always remember words are thoughts that have been taken seriously. And words become actions and actions become things. It’s just our will to remain steadfast that brings them to full manifestation.
Below I am giving you an example of how I now do my yearly plan, it was influenced heavily by the Astrologer Anne Ortelee a few years ago after reading her chapter in OPA,s The Professional Astrologer. I will put a link below for anyone wanting to read that article and I highly recommend the publication. My few changes are simplifications and personalisation’s to suit my situation as a fulltime employed person and part time astrologer. I set a review period of quarterly mainly because a monthly review for someone working full time and studying isn’t practical. The omission of objectives and the enhancement of the dream or mission statement for the year. And the slower transits noted by house this is to remind me that plans should concur with the astrology of the year. Of course, the full chart and solar return are required to be looked at but by adding this it reminds me while I am writing it to be compliant and is a good reference when revisiting it later.
(make you goals juicy, delicious, and motivating. Something you aspire too! Anne Ortelee, The Professional Astrologer, chapter 5)
You can find the book here https://opaastrology.org/store/books
I believe ones yearly plan may, should and will become more sophisticated and critical as you proceed in your studies, at least I can vouch this has happened in my case. Up to this point there has been no marketing or financial components to my plans, this is a logical next step but for now I am keeping it simple and continuing solely towards personal development and professionalism. I believe it is important to be clear in what you are seeking when you define your plans pen to paper. Where I can honestly say I have had the most success is when I was less muddled and more defined in my plan but also when I reviewed it appropriately, it is easy to get side tracked in Astrology so let’s not forget what our original goals were that’s why we have the plan.
Below my example yearly plan…
I should note this is an example depending on person and circumstance we can add and subtract content such as multiple strategies or plans and you can go crazy with adding transits as reminders with catch words or phrases, but I like keeping it simple so go to your chart if need be.
Astrology Plan 2019
Slower and notable transits 2019
Uranus transits 1st house Creativity genius surprises in appearance reputation
Jupiter Transits 8th house Fortune in the Occult, Loans & inheritance
Saturn transits 9th house restrictions and routine in law religion and astrology
Mission statement 2019
To become a more proficient and well rounded astrological writer
1. Re-evaluate personal astrological strength and weakness
2. Commence writing monthly Blog
3. Join course of study in area of weakness
4. Develop website.
5. Integrate spiritual practice
Example: use the written word as it’s a strength, evaluate feedback from past clients and teachers
Example: carry out a creative writing course, undertake new astrology course in area of weakness
Example: blogging, form or find Astrology group
Example: Above I mentioned that I would write my plan around February each year, and hence the timing of this article as it is said month. The reasoning for this is Astrological in nature. In general, without taking in Natal chart factors the Aries ingress is a fine time to instigate your plan for the upcoming year. Using AEDT in 2019 it occurs at 6:58am Thursday 21st March. Another good way to instigate your plan would be to use the suns ingress to your natal 1st house each year which gives you a revitalising and personal reboot to your plans. The main aim however is to plan ahead and instigate with intention if you keep these thoughts at your core you can do no wrong.
Review period
Example: Quarterly review setting reminders in phone or calendar
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I would like to give my thoughts on learning chart calculation, why should you understand something that is no longer required to draw up a chart. Below I give my personal view in point format of 6 reasons in no particular order of preference on why you should. All of the below subjects are brief explanations I am not explaining chart calculation or the process here. The below reasons make up part of calculating a chart and knowing how to calculate them and why brings a richness and depth to your astrological understanding that can’t be found using computer software.
1) Time zone’s
Pictures paint a thousand words they say, so when we look at how time zones are broken up into increments on a map using lines of longitude every 15 degrees. These longitude lines mark 1 hour of time from Greenwich in either an easterly or westerly direction, it gives a thorough perspective on the vast amount of different time zones and also there various and surprising geography. The Ascendant or Suns rising point moves 1 degree of longitude every 4 minutes and if calculated you will realise after 15 degrees this equates to one Earth hour and is why time zones are calculated like this and is caused by the Earths primary motion. Because it is of such importance for a correct time in a natal chart or election chart ect, a deeper understanding of how and where time zones are affected is critical in finding or avoiding errors in charts.
2) Hemispheres
When we look at a Natal chart, we must realise that not everyone lives in the same hemisphere, so it’s important to realise in the northern hemisphere where most of the population lives the Sun is predominantly to the south towards the equator or more precisely the ecliptic on a 23 degree slant. So, the top of a natal chart indicating the day sect is the South. However, in the Southern hemisphere the Sun is predominately in the north sky towards the equator or more precisely the ecliptic again. So, when we look at a natal chart for someone born in let’s say New Zealand the top of the chart or day sect is the north not the south. This is extremely important to understand for Horary, Natal or Electional astrology for instance.
3) Declination
While calculating a chart one of the processes is to calculate the declination of the planets. This is the degree north or south of the ecliptic and brings an awareness to the position of particular planets that may be beyond 23.5 degree south or north of the ecliptic, and is known by many as the term out of bounds. Chart calculation also explains the astronomy of declination, parallels and contra parallels which are all aspects of declination and are also useful in the delineation of charts, all of these are useful in judging the potency of planets in particular.
4) Directions
In the course of learning chart calculation we gather astronomical information that can benefit our understanding of nature and why the sky appears the way it does. The primary and secondary motions of the Earth are at the core of this. Primary motion being the Earths rotation on its own axis, and secondary motion being that of its rotation along the solar ecliptic around the Sun. This gives an understanding of why the Stars rise and set the way they do and makes astronomical observations easier. Along with the understanding of declination, hemispheres and the ecliptic plain being 23.5 degrees we can observe the wandering planets and find their location easier by narrowing our possible area to scan in the night sky.
5) Speed
While calculating a natal chart, solar arc or progression we are constantly going to the ephemeris to find the midnight hour daily planet positions, as well as the positions of the mid heaven and ascendant. Then using logarithms, we calculate more accurate positions and by doing this we attain an understanding of the speed of the angles, cusps planets and lights. This is most useful in delineation as simply looking at a chart and seeing what planets are retrograde or moving forward is easy but understanding the nuances like a slow Mercury or Moon may give a different perspective that is not always obvious. This will have you using your ephemeris at every opportunity once you fully understand the comparative speed variations.
6) Our Predecessors
Astrologers are not people who just look at charts and make statements of probability printed in your favourite magazine or splashed across a novelty website. We need to understand our predecessors before us were Mathematicians, Astronomers, Philosophers, Advisers, Physicians, Alchemists, Poets and students of Nature. If not all they were certainly most of the above and to these wise folk they gave one name, they were to be known as Astrologers. For to be an Astrologer is to be well rounded and versed in many disciplines and two of those disciplines are encompassed in chart calculation in mathematics and Astronomy.
Astrology is ruled by Uranus the planet of mechanism, and like when a good driver understands how his car works, and is able to avoid mishaps, breakdowns and improve performance, a good Astrologer must understand the mechanics of his craft, for the same reasons.
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Astronomy of Vindemiatrix
Vindemiatrix or Epsilon Virginis within the constellation of Virgo can be currently found at 10’11’51 of the tropical sign Libra as of 20/10/18. This 2.83 magnitude white to yellow giant star can also be searched for under the catalogue names HR4932, HIP63608 and HD113226 and is located 102.25 light years from earth. It is the 3rd brightest star in the constellation Virgo the brightest being Spica.
Vindemiatrix Effects
Vindemiatrix was given its name as it was the star that was rising in the morning just before the time of vintage. It is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury and Saturn and Venus and aides concentration, structure and communication in disciplined ways, there is passionate affection bestowed by others on the native particularly in maturity and while if undisciplined or a risk taker It may create problems in these areas. It is a star that manifests its full potential over time, as it represents the harvest of the grapes or harvest of the fruits of ones labour if you will, either for good or ill, a well disciplined fortitude would bow well for the most positive of outcomes.
The Myth of Vindemiatrix
Ancient legends say Ampelos was the son of a nymph (a goddess of nature) and a Satyr (a animalistic human with the tail of a horse, a pug nose, receding hair and erect members they represented fertility, dancing, drinking and music) he was given the grape vine to care for by the god of nature and fertility Bacchus, who adored him from above in the chain of being that stretches to divinity. Ampelos was said to be killed when he fell from an elm tree picking a grape vine and broke his neck, in another myth he died while riding a wild bull in both myths the grieving Bacchus transformed him to the star Vindemiatrix or as he was known by then Vindemiator, the Latin meaning being the gather of grapes ,and placed him in the constellation Virgo, so he could adore him for eternity.
The Constellation Virgo
This constellation was chosen to symbolically represent the Feminine, Earth, Mutable or Common, sign of Virgo during the creation of the tropical zodiac due to its position on the ecliptic at that time. According to the ancient authors Virgo the virgin was once know as Astraea, who lived in the golden age of mortal men the first humans created by the gods. A race that lived in abundance on a fertile earth that produced goods effortlessly. She was a daimon of the heavenly spirits of justice and her emblem being the scales, were placed beside her in the night sky, which we know as the constellation Libra.
Vindemiatrix conjunct the MC
In an assessment of 85,000 birth charts the top 10 closest conjunctions to Vindemiatrix and the MC all had less that 0.02 of a degree orb the following 3 famous people in order had the tightest conjunction. Pat Tillman (NFL & US Military) https://www.biography.com/people/pat-tillman 197041
Rita Levi-Montalcini (Scientist during War, 1986 Noble Prize) https://www.biography.com/people/rita-levi-montalcini-9380593Andre Donjon (scientist, Astronomer, Military service) https://www.britannica.com/biography/Andre-Louis-Danjon
A total of 5/10 being scientists 3/10 being Military 1/10 being writer 1/10 being an Actor.
This data analysis although only small is potent, as it does agree with both the Saturn Mercury & Saturn Venus influences, not all astrologers had agreed on the Saturn Venus influence. The three above famous people certainly were adored or gained financially over time through a studious mind, some of Donjon’s work was in fact in studying Venus! It should also be noted they all were affected directly in some way by the military remember the military is regimented much like study.
Vindemiatrix conjunct the ASC
While the same model conjunct the Asc had the following results 2/10 Scientist 1/10 alcoholics 1/10 painter 1/10 delusional 3/10 military and the famous people. It should be noted that there carrers are not so relevant as the people that have it conjunct the MC.
James McKenzie (Military Service, Actor, Producer) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_B._McKenzie & Yves Roumajon (French, Psychiatrist) The Asc in this sample has some similarities with types of job roles in common. The theme is of the mind once again however it appears that themes of elusion of the mind in various forms positive and negative is more prominent with the Asc people, and more scientific and professional with the MC people.
Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto
The third conjunction I want to look at is Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto this is because I simply haven’t seen anyone give reference to it, most don’t reference the outer planets much at all Vivian Robson does (The fixed stars and constellations in astrology 105) give a delineation for Vindemiatrix conjunct Uranus and Neptune but they don’t appear to reference Pluto anywhere. Bernadette Brady does speak of a possible reason the outer planets do not get referenced. The ancients used the parans that refer to fixed stars rising, culminating and setting and planets that co rise or set at the same time, this doesn’t necessarily mean a conjunction in latitude made the star visible and so its effect would be diminished if not visible if it never set then it may have been more prominent (Planets & Orbs, Brady’s book of fixed stars) Vindemiatrix was commonly within 1 degree conjunction of Pluto from the 20th September 1975 to 9th September 1976. Effecting a large majority born in that twelve month period. So globally what happened within these dates? here are a few things. The Vietnam war ended, the Lebanon civil war began and the Space race ended. All of these brought conflicts either to the table or to rest and transformed them in some way through healing or and exertion of power. The other thing to note is Pluto is currently just past its square to this position, so I feel that some change would have occurred and it’s a good time to look to see what that change has meant.
Here is a list of 10 well know people that made up the top 10 closest conjunctions of Pluto and Vindemiatrix for your further investigation, and 3 famous personalities that where in the top 20 all within 0.58 degree of orb. The star Vindemiatrix was visible in France and Scotland constantly and rose and set in the USA during this period, I have not look at individual cases of Paran in this exercise. However Drew Barrymore's is close and is more reflective of the exact myth this corelates with the belief Stars that are Paran and not just conjunct in longitude manifest more literally.
1: Tautou Audry (French, Actress) 2: Richard Baldwin (USA, Killer) 3: Jason Jarret (USA, Race Driver) 4: Christopher Mae (French, Pop Singer) 5: Nicholas Brusque (French, Rugby) 6: Justin Walsh (USA, Reality TV) 7:Marion Jones (USA, Track N Field) 8:Oliver Sarramea (French, Rugby) 9:Anne Alassane (French TV Chef) 10: Joe McFadden (Actor Scotland)
Sean Lennon
American born has Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto in the 3rd whole sign house representing his neighbourhood, siblings, early education etc. Sean was brought up by his farther John in the Dakota building New York for the first 5 years of life. He was doted on by his farther John but restricted in his diet from commercials or seeing his brother Julian. After his father’s death everything changed as his mother didn’t nurture him in the same way he had nanny’s and went to boarding school in Switzerland as a young teen for 4 years. On his return he found his own way to interact with his community his own way to write and over time he has created a special bond with his brother Julian that has healed wounds between the Lennon’s.
Drew Barrymore
American born has Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto in the 5th whole sign house representing her childhood, children, pleasure and creativity. She was a child star who gained drug and alcohol addictions due to her mother taking her to nightclubs from age 9, she went to rehab at age 12 and fell out with the public. After leaving rehab she couldn’t find work, she started her own company and would only take on “good girl roles” in her late teens. She kept an honest wholesome lifestyle and made a good home for her family and shields her children from the limelight.
Nicolas Escude
French born has Vindemiatrix conjunct Pluto in the 11th whole sign house representing his friendships, groups, aspirations and success. Escude was ranked as high as 17 on the ATP world tour. However, he had a forced retirement from the tour due to an ongoing shoulder injury. He returned as a professional tennis coach after some time off and as the ambassador for Brest Cancer awareness within tennis tournaments.
Now I recognise some people may say Pluto in these houses alone would represent the healing in the above cases,but there is a distinct Saturn mercury, Saturn Venus theme that represent the fall from grace. In Sean’s case his farther restricted 3rd house significations of communications and love. In Drew’s case it was much more like the myth and this may be because at her visual location 34N Vindemiatrix was close to the co rising at 30N her 5th house restrictive addictions led to the demise of her career. In Escudo’s case his lingering injury restricted his income and travel in groups only for him to re invent his career in a more mature role. If only Pluto where involved the theme of restriction hard lessons and maturity would not be so present in these cases. It would need further investigation however if you look at the ASC results and that of Barrymore who was close to the rising Paran there is an ongoing theme of the illusion, alcohol etc. My future investigations will most likely look at Pluto and Vindemiatrix culminating Paran in conjunction to see if the scientific, professional theme that occurs with Vindemiatrix conjunct the MC occurs in the transformational way it does when Paran the ASC like in Barrymore’s case. If it does then this really does point to Pluto in conjunction to Vindemiatrix is arguably a benefic aspect and one that manifests as a change of direction in an area of life that deeply effects the native in a positive way. Overall its safe to say this star can be both benefic and Malefic and all of the above factors need to be looked at carefully in each individual case.
Robson, Vivian. The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology (Kindle Locations 3420-3423)
William Ramesey, Astrologia Restaurata ISBN-9781169334212
Errol Jud Coder, The constellations, Myths of the Stars ISBN-10 1475030789
Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars ISBN 0-87728-886-0
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William Ramesey Astrologia Restaurata Astrology Restored 1653 Kessinger Publishing Whitefish Montana $62.55 AUS Book Depository pp.345 (Hardback) ISBN 9781169334212
Reviewed by: William Lamont
William Ramesey biography:
William Ramesey was born on the 13/03/1626 in Westminster England, his father was Scottish and his mother of English descent. William changed the spelling of his name from Ramsay to Ramesey, under the pleasant delusion that he was a descendent of the Ramesses of Egypt. He studied in Scotland at St Andrews and Edinburgh college but later returned to London. Ramesey took a degree in medicine at Montpellier and was physician to Charles II. He spent his remaining days in London and wrote on such disparate subjects as poisons, the origin of the soul, eclipses, worms, and the qualities of a true gentleman, he was a devoted believer in the validity of astrology
William Ramesey Quote:
By the secret working of the Anima Mundi, or Soul of the World...a subtle or spiritual quality known to the Wise...all Inferior Things have their dependency and government from the Superior.
William Ramesey
William Ramesey traditional and whole sign charts below
The publisher:
Kessinger publishing started in 1998 and is based in Whitefish Montana USA and specialise in publishing public domain and niche titles. The publisher issues a printing statement in its introductory pages, citing the books age and scarcity and apologises for its original blurred print and possible missing pages. Because of the works importance they believed it was best reproduced in its original form. The book is available in paperback ($52.00) Aus as well as the pictured hardcover ($62.55) Aus and can be purchased through amazon although prices fluctuate. As explained above the original text can vary greatly from elegant to illegible much like William describes the pains and labours of his work there are some pains and labours in reading his word. However, the majority of it is legible and the footnote positioning in the column are of practical use and add authentic richness and value to the text.
Hard Cover
Ramesey’s book three text provides the most complete set of rules for electional astrology surviving in English. The philosopher Aristotle & Hermes where richly quoted by Ramesey’s as well as the astrologers Bonatti, Haly, Ptolemy, Agrippa & Alkindi he references many others but not as often as the above. In particular the astrologer Haly appears to have been a major influence in his electional text. There are a few Haly astrologers and I am unsure of which Ramesey refers to however it is likely to be, either Haly Abenragel a court astrologer to the Tunisian Prince in the early 11th century who had text translated into Latin that influenced such astrologers as Bonatti, Abenragel also wrote de judicious astrorum which was William Lilly’s first book or possibly Haly Embrani a 10th century astrologer from Mosul Iraq who wrote Kitab ikhtiyarat (Book of Choices) later translated to Latin as the (Book of Elections) that become very popular in the 16th century. He was also a well known teacher, one of his students being the famous Alchabitius. During the time when Ramesey’s was published the most prominent contemporary of his was William Lilly, who was born in the Leicestershire village of Diseworth on 1st May 1602. Lilly wrote prolifically during the mid-1640s, Lilly died of paralysis at about 3 am, 9th June 1681. Lilly’s greatest work Christian astrology was published in 1647 and is regarded as the greatest and most complete surviving traditional horary text. This all was carried out with the civil war and unrest going on in the background from 22 Aug 1642 when Charles the 1st raised his standard to his surrender on the 24th June 1646 by his capital at Oxford. Charles the 1sts was executed on the 30 Jan 1649. And Cromwell's Commonwealth was formed and offered a Protectorate (1652-1658) when the relaxation of censorship allowed Ramesey and Lilly to write freely Ramesey publishing the Astrologia Restaurata during this period. The royalist returned to power during the Restoration of the monarchy in England in 1660 and marked the return of Charles II as king (1660–85) The bishops were restored to Parliament, which established a strict Anglican orthodoxy and the restriction once again to astrological literature.
Book overview:
Ramesey’s introduces the series of 4 books within the Astrologia Restaurata with a dedication to his patron James Stuart the Duke of Richmond, and outlines his work as natural philosophy, physics and astrology and that the interaction between the microcosm and macrocosm reacts to the celestial bodies above that are next under God alone. He then embarks on a further introduction to his judicious readers (that’s me and you) that gives you further understanding of the man himself his passions and over arching themes of the time and place he lived. Ramesey’s on multiple occasions mentions his defence of astrology and the labour and pains of his work, and that he does it to ensure others learn and pass on the knowledge. At first it seems he goes overboard stating these things in his writing. However, a glance at his chart reveals Mars trine an early stage disseminating moon and Square Mercury. He was obviously keen to change nah Sayers views and had plenty of physical and emotional drive to pass on what he had learnt to the next generation and his passion to that is echoed in this book. Ramesey’s was also renowned for his text on gentlemen like behaviour and moral and ethical principles. Within the introduction he touches on this in a foray of life from birth to death and through its trials and tribulations. His religious manner shines through during the discourse citing biblical verses and referencing God and the celestial sphere above all and under only him.
Book 1
A vindication of Astrology, this book has smaller print than the other 3 while its only 38 pages it’s probably the equivalent to 60 pages in a modern book. As I stated in the above passages Ramesey’s is staunch in his admirable defence of astrology and ruthless to its detractors. Hence book one is entirely devoted to the subject. On one hand there are some week arguments he makes where he refers astrology and astronomy as the one study being proof of it being a science and validated and that astronomy has no use without astrology. He sites various philosophers and authors that note it to be the one and same craft, such as Bonatti, Aristotle, Hermes etc of course this may have had some merit in the 1600’s but today of course its not a valid argument. However comically he brings up the procession of the equinox in a way like he is tired of defending the same argument about it over and over and states that their argument is based on ignorance then explains the tropical zodiacs true meaning, wow this sounds familiar hey. His arguments to Doctor Holmes and other various letters to the editor of publications are conceptionally tackled with his understanding of natural philosophy and biblical scripture and not technical astrology or astronomy. He tells a tale of his physical pursuit of a critic and one of slander of his farther among others. William Ramesey’s book one A vindication of astrology not only sets the scene of the time and place he lived, the critics and controversy that surrounded him but his obvious ruthless passion for God, his fight against vanity, and the inspiring truths of the universe.
Book 2
An Introduction to the Judgment of the Stars, this is the smaller book of the four astrological texts within it he sets out the natural philosophy behind the divisions of the heavens, the nature of the signs and houses, dignity’s and debility and triplicity’s etc. His honesty on the meaning of the nodes is surprising as he admits he is unsure on their true nature, as all his ancient sources disagreed or conflicted with each other with their opinions. He asks the reader to come to their own conclusion after gathering experience. The most interesting although simple part is he has within it a chapter on explanation of astrology terms that was full of thoughtful and explicit explanations. A section on 366 fixed stars in total divided into sign with there planetary nature and magnitude is a vast catalogue indeed. And at the books last breath, he attempts writing instructions on scribing a chart by hand as of course everyone did back then. However, it is only partly what is needed to do this correctly, I was slightly disappointed he had not completed the instructions although I can understand why, as it is much easier done visually.
Book 3
Rules for Electing all manner of Work, “Never before made public in our mother tongue, but now by the blessing of God for the benefit of lovers of knowledge sent abroad”, Ramesey’s first few words in the title of book three and the short verse from the book of Solomon Eccles 3.1 shortly after, “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens”, deeply set the tone for this historic book of astrological recipes the oldest surviving English book of elections. Up till this point many English scholars had only written this ancient knowledge in Latin. The astrologer Haly is prominently referenced as a source for Ramesey during his discourse however Alkindi and Bonatti are mentioned multiple times also. He makes good points that the ancient had different views about house considerations, and that we may need to adapt their interpretations as he has had to, and cautiously I say from we must also do this from Ramesey’s time to the modern era also. He includes tables with explanations on the mansions of the Moon and aspects to the Moon. These are most definitely critical in elections and makes a point to say to his readers that one can not simply read his discourse then apply his methods effectively, that great caution and experience is a key to success. There is an odd transgression in this book that makes it frustratingly interesting. And a dash of humour although moderate allows his playful side to shine in moments like in the election for drinking wine and other drink, where he allows creativity into the election process also. Ramesey points out that some elections are for historical and academic reasons only and not moral unto his personal beliefs or the times. Apart from this the most interesting election in book three for me was the election for taking a bath! imagine spending an hour drawing up a chart to take a bath, times have certainly changed.
Book 4
Astrologia Munda, Ramesey’s work with mundane astrology revolves largely around the revolution of the year, what we generally these days simply call the Aries ingress chart. This fourth book is substantially larger than the first 3 books within the Astrologia Restaurata and goes into great details on delineation of conjunctions, eclipses, comets, sect, fixed stars etc within the revolution of the year. The main referencing revolves around Kings, castles, politics and weather, these subjects can be easily translated to modern thinking in most cases. The nodes as I mentioned earlier are also given some detail as to there meaning within the revolution however in much more detail than in earlier text. His confession again regarding them in this section around the nodes in houses is refreshing as it gives more weight and value to his opinion on other areas of his astrological knowledge for me.
This book although a little blurry and often in tiny scribed print of old English. Grows on you as you read it, while you may struggle to begin with you quickly gain accustom to the print. It’s not just the recipes and knowledge of the renaissance but a foot hold into his world and thinking of Ramesey. His strong personal views and passions are reflected in his work in a way I have not read before. I can honestly say I am a better astrologer on reflection of this trestie not only for its wisdom but its historical value.
Astrologia Restaurata - William Ramesey - ISBN 9781169334212
http://www.skyscript.co.uk/ - Deborah Houlding -
Biography’s by David Plant & Benjamin Dykes
A History of Horoscopic Astrology – James H Holden - ISBN-10: 0866904638
Encyclopedia Britannica
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The Transit
Admetos transits Gemini approximately every 561 years, on average a transit through a sign for Admetos is approximately 47 years. Admetos began its ingress into Gemini on the 16th July 2016 and will continue to transit it until the 3rd January 2069 completing the transit in 53 years. The last time Admetos transited Gemini was during the age of exploration from the 2nd of March 1402 to the 3rd March 1455.
The Glyph
Admetos is a Uranian hypothetical point its glyph is a globe of the earth within it a cross being that is the astrological glyph of the Earth, above it is the crescent Moon with the horns of the Moon facing up. Admetos is at home in Taurus and you can see the Taurus glyph within the Admetos glyph also. The cross upon the earth within the glyph is also symbolic of the manifestation of Admetos as there is always a cross to bear and the burden of that cross is taken by one individual or entity. The crescent Moon horns up symbolises a bowl of emotions that weighs heavily upon the individual or entity.
The Myth
Admetos was the benevolent and kind hearted ruler of Pherae that gave shelter and protection to all Including Apollo and Hercules at one point. Apollo came to Admetos near his death and wanted to save him as long as someone would take his place. His wife Alcestis agreed to take his place after no one came forward. Admetos despondent remained steadfast in his love for Alcestis long after her death. Hercules completed the 12 labours thanks to Admetos kind heart, so he returned Alcestis from the underworld for Admetos as favour for his benevolence to Hercules. I believe the moral and principle is that through kindness and persistence what we may lose will come back to us.
Ingress charts
Here are the key indicators I am looking at in the below Ingress charts and why. A key factor in Admetos ingresses charts are simple, look to see what blocks Admetos and what aids him as in the mythology an opposition would be a blockage but over the time of the transit compromise benevolence and diplomacy brings success in particular with Saturn. Conjunctions are an aid, but I haven’t gone into them in this blog to save time there were generational effects in the early chart only. Look to the ruler of the ingress and its position for understanding what aids Admetos in his quest. And look to the Asc to see the sign modality which indicates the longevity of Admetos longing, I have used fractions to calculate the time periods due to the ingress explanation of the Suns transit in the example below being 12 months and Admetos transit in the below cases 47 and 53 years respectively. (A general rule in traditional astrology is that if the ascendant of the ingress chart is in a moveable (cardinal) sign the chart remains valid for three months only, and it is necessary to draw further charts for the Sun's entry into Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If the ascendant is in a common (mutable) sign the chart remains valid for six months, and the Sun's ingress into Libra should be used for the remaining half of the year. If the ascendant is in a fixed sign, however, the chart remains valid for the whole year, Deborah Holding, Sky script, Sun Ingresses explanation) I take into consideration the terms planets reside in that indicate how a planet is implemented and its actions. (The rulership level called bounds or terms seems to be a low level or localised responsibility. If the exalted planet is the owner, and the ruling planet manager, then triplicity is the management team, and the term lord is the immediate supervisor. This is the level that dictates how things are actually carried out. Charles Obert, Page 67, Term Rulers, Introduction to traditional Natal Astrology) Of course there are other things we can look at, but I believe these are the key factors for Admetos ingress charts.
The Age of Exploration
(what happened last time we had this transit)
Lisbon was the significant location capital of Portugal
European countries were having trouble trading with the far east as many Muslim countries blocked trade from Europe only allowing trade to pass through the port of Italy. This was typical of Admetos in Taurus the Italian ports were a manifestation of the steadfast burden of one who carries the burden for many. However, when Admetos made its ingress to Gemini in the 8th house of loans and contracts and opposed Jupiter in Sagittarius there was a renewed optimism about traveling a great distance due to finances as Jupiter was in the terms of Venus and the 2nd house. The ruler of the ingresses house being Mercury was in the 4th house of homeland and capital in Aquarius and in the terms of Jupiter. Lisbon was to expand its education system to tackle the problem. The Asc was in Scorpio a fixed sign this indicates that it would take the entire transit before Admetos would receive what he was longing for. Now Admetos in Gemini becomes awkwardly detached from its profound routines and social interactions are forced upon him. He becomes less steadfast or devout to others and small or short experimentations to find solutions or resolutions are made. In all of this he is kind generous and benevolent. During the age of exploration there was a lot of transformation and idealism around learning and implementing many small solutions to fix problems on a grand scale. The Burden to find new trade routes to the east was to be carried out by the Country Portugal and the man they called Henry the navigator. He put in place many different schools that taught different sciences like Astronomy, Navigation, Mathematics and shipwright schools and was instrumental in the resurgence of the ship they call the Caravel. They also invented the Sexton and printing press which were revolutionary during this transit period. The Portuguese produced lots of Caravels to make lots of short passages marking each new discovery with a stone Cross monument again this is a manifestation of Admetos as he wears the cross to bear.
The age of space exploration
(what may happen this time)
Los Angeles is the significant location and headquarters of Space-X
As I look to the future and the themes the current transit may produce I see similar issues around learning sociability travel etc, but there is a difference, the ingress chart this time around has the Asc in a cardinal sign this indicates that what Admetos longs for may come to him within the first quarter of the transit in this case that would be approximately 13 years. Now Admetos in Gemini in another opposition this time it was Mars in Scorpio and the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. This signifies to me that we were squarely looking at Mars as a roadblock to space exploration due to the underlying anger of expense of it, and a roadblock to the global expressions of freedom regarding space travel remembering Saturn in Sagittarius divides us on this expression and Saturn rules the cold and dark of space as it is the furthest constant visible planet from the Suns warmth. And the Moon is our routines and orbits the earth as do space stations satellites ect. The ruler of the ingress Mercury is in the 11th house of coalitions and aspirations and Mercury is in the term of Saturn again this indicates Travel in coalitions or groups etc implemented in a cold dark place or restricted like space etc. Mercury is semi sextile, so the coalition or groups may be already allies but don’t recognise each other yet. Also Remembering this was the time a plane was shot down over Europe the Brexit was decided on and Space X was testing the world’s first reusable space rocket. Space-X in case you didn’t notice has not only an X in its name but a bold or profound X upon all its ships- rockets etc, here again we see a similarity much like the stone crosses the Portuguese left on islands and coastlines will space-x leave there calling card on other planets? Below are a few quotes from Elon Musk that resinate the same themes from the age of exploration and Henry the navigator’s Portuguese fleet.
“If one can figure out how to effectively reuse rockets just like airplanes, the cost of access to space will be reduced by as much as a factor of a hundred”
The first invention, Space X successfully tested the world’s first reusable rocket March 2017
“The future is much more exciting if where a multi planet species than if were not”
Speaks of small colonies on multiple planets this is the energy of Gemini
“to have a smaller vehicle it’s not very big but one that can serve that can do everything that’s needed in the greater earth orbit”
Elon Musk speaks of scrapping his bigger rockets to build a smaller lighter cheaper one that can multitask, much like Henry the navigator did with the Caravel.
Quote from Space X website, With BFR, most of what people consider to be long distance trips would be completed in less than half an hour. In addition to vastly increased speed, one great thing about traveling in space is there is almost no friction. Once the ship leaves the atmosphere, there is no turbulence or weather. Consider how much time we currently spend traveling from one place to another. Now imagine most journeys taking less than 30 minutes, with access to anywhere in the world in an hour or less.
If space X successfully tests and deploy this system, it would be a resolution to safe travel during global conflict that I mentioned above, will it happen? I think so…
Greek Mythology.com
Encyclopedia Britannica
Technology in the age of exploration
Space X
Sky script
Charles Obert
Introduction to traditional natal astrology ISBN 978-0-9864187-0-9
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Considerations when interpreting the fixed Stars
The following orbs may be allowed for conjunctions and oppositions depending on magnitude of fixed star.
1st, 7.30 2nd, 5.30 3rd, 3.40 4th, 1.30 however for precision use a 1 degree orb for all stars.
Aspects activate fixed stars when they are conjunct or in opposition to an activated light or planet.
The magnitude of a fixed star and weather it is cadent succedent or angular aides in referencing its strength in a chart.
Fixed stars are given influence from combinations of planets generally given by there magnitude, colour and myth.
Cygnus was the pet of Cassiopeia or son of Poseidon or Orpheus the musician.
The fixed Star Deneb is found in the tail of the Swan or the northern cross in the constellation Cygnus.
Deneb is a magnitude 1.25 Star
Deneb is a brilliant white star
Deneb has the influence of Venus & Mercury
Deneb's procession through the tropical zodiac is currently
@ 5'34 Pisces
Point Interpretation for Deneb( Alpha Cygnus )
Planet Position and Motion
Longitude = 05°¬34'31"(335.5754°), Latitude = 59.9054°, Tropical Zodiac
Longitude Travel = +0.0000"/day, Latitude Travel = +0.0000"/day
Right Ascension = 20:42:02(310.5118°), Declination = 45.3463°
Azimuth = 211.7059°, Altitude(visual) = -71.7079°
Gauquelin Sector = 28(+)
Rise, Set and Transit times for Deneb( Alpha Cygnus ) on 12 February 2018
Using Visual Positions for RST
Using point's RA and Declination for RST Calculation.
Rise Time = 08:24:02
MC Transit Time = 12:02:22
Set Time = 15:40:42
IC Transit Time = 00:00:24
Deneb Influence
It is favourable for artistic and scientific pursuits that are carried out for aim or gain. Lady Gaga has this star conjunct her MC, Alexandor Bethor founder of the first German astrological journal (Zodiakas) had it conjunct his ASC, Leonardo Da Vinci had it conjunct his Moon, George Washington had it conjunct his Sun, and Michael Cain has it conjunct his Mercury.
Deneb Mythology
The myth is most easily understood by this statement of double meanings, (Deneb is the star in the tail of the swan) meaning fame due to a story or let’s say beauty that follows grace it could even mean an actual star or bird. The actual mythology has more than one tale or truth and that can also be used literal or metaphorically in delineation. Some myths, for instance, state the swan was once the pet of the Queen Cassiopeia. Other versions state that the swan was Cionus, son of Poseidon, who was wrestled to the ground and smothered by Achilles. To save his son, Poseidon immortalized Cionus as a swan. Another story says the swan is Orpheus, who was murdered by the Thracian women while under the influence of Bacchus. Upon his death, For the use in Michael Cains chart we will use the tail of Orpheus and Eurydice.
The most famous story about Orpheus is that of him and his wife Eurydice. Eurydice was having a stroll, when a satyr tried to rape her. She tried to avoid him, but she fell into a nest of vipers and she was fatally bitten. Orpheus found his wife's body and due to his grief, started singing the most mournful songs. The nymphs and the gods started weeping upon hearing Orpheus' songs, and advised him to go to the Underworld and bring his wife back. Orpheus indeed followed their advice and met with the god of the Underworld Hades and his wife Persephone. But to get there he had to cross the river only dead men cross that was guarded by Cerberus. He pleaded to let him take his wife back, and after singing to them, their hearts were softened so much that they agreed. However, they told him not to look back until they had reached the surface. They started walking towards the surface; when Orpheus reached the opening of the cave with his wife following, he looked back, anxious to see if Eurydice was behind him. As she had not yet reached the opening though, she disappeared back into the Underworld forever.
Michael Cain Natal Chart
As many would know Michael has a very distinct voice that has made him quite famous. His natural ability to tell a story and make it sound good is shown in his natal chart below as the fixed star Deneb is conjunct his natal Mercury in the 10th whole sign house.
Alfie Released
When Michaels progressed Moon in the 12th house work behind the scenes and I might add the house where stars rise, sextiles his Natal Mercury conjunct the fixed star Deneb. He is discovered in America predominantly because of his unusual accent. The progressed Moon was in a waxing crescent phase indicating successful new beginnings and the sextile aspect indicates communication, travel, action and creativity. These factors where all under the influence of Deneb. E.g. here was an actor who had been in many movies but been unseen until now the aspect highlighted what had been unseen by others. I would also note the progressed Moon is exalted and with the 12th house ruler so is very dignified with great support. The fact Mercury is in fall within natal chart only ads to the story telling ability of Michael to alternate his voice and appearance to others.
A Bridge to Far released
On the release of the movie Michaels transiting Sun was conjunct transiting Deneb and the two conjunct his natal Mercury, the fundamental manifestation was of a tail of a star to follow a bird and to sound good. And in his 10th whole sign house it represents how he is seen to the wider world. Michael Cain played the role of a Lieutenant colonel (he wore a single large star on his berate) that lead the Irish armoured cavalry, whose job it was to follow many planes (birds) in a large formation to capture bridges. At the second last bridge he had to give cover to American soldiers that had to cross a river in boats much like in the tale of Orpheus who had to cross a river only the dead can cross. Many men died in the crossing, but they managed to secure the bridge due to Michaels smoke and tank fire creating a mist of cover. However, much like in the tale of Orpheus Michael turned back before the mission to save his comrades was complete just before the final bridge and operation market garden was to eventually fail.
Vivian E . Robson, B.Sc
(The fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology)
Errol Jud Coder
(The Constellations Myths of The Stars)
Ebertin Hoffmann
(Fixed Stars & their Interpretation)
Above Translated from Elsbeth Ebertins
(Sternenwandel & Weltgeschehen)
Prometheus software
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Firstly I want to be clear that the below views and opinions are ones that I have gathered through my own personal experiences and witnessing others over the last 6 years or so of Study. I can only speak for myself but to define the actual moment I decided to take Astrology seriously as a student is difficult to pinpoint. There was a process of enlightenment that leads to the realisation of how grand it really has the potential to be. And in that enlightenment, there is your first spark of true understanding. This for me lead to needing to know more but as I quickly realised, it was so vast a subject it soon became overwhelming. This is an important moment for anyone that finds themselves in this situation. It's at this point you need to take a breath and relax for Astrology is a lifelong study and all Astrologers are students. What is important is to break things down into the initial building blocks of study. Like setting any good plan you need to look at some small short term goals of understanding before getting into anything serious. These consist of basic building blocks of Astrology that I would suggest you look at first before studying with anyone or if self studying before getting into something more complex. Now this is not because a teacher won't go over these things its because If you go in with a bit of an understanding already like knowing how to draw and recognise Saturn or Aquarius's Glyph and knowing what a teacher means when they say a Square or the midheaven then you will be able to absorb other things more easily and be a little more comfortable in the learning process. Paul Kelly sang from little things big things grow, I can vouch for that theory. If you break it down into mastering small things one at a time your persistence will be greatly rewarded. I would suggest gaining a basic understanding of the below groups first.
Planet, Sign & Ptolemaic Aspect Glyphs
In my mind, the glyphs are a fun and easy way to start learning Astrology they are like learning the letters of the alphabet and without them, you are lost. I plan on writing a future blog outlining in depth about all the major and minor astrological glyphs.
The Elements, Modes & Polarity's
This is the single most important thing you should learn when starting out. Astrology has so many combinations its impossible to just remember everything. Signs like aspects have a mechanical formula, understanding the formula makes it easy to understand the signs and the aspects they make to each other so you need to remember the mechanics of the elements, modes and polarity's. This means you won't have to memorise so much Uranus rules Astrology it also rules mechanical concepts. Memorise the formula and apply it rather than your memory this will give you a richer understanding as well early on and long into the future.
Chart Angles & Houses
A basic understanding of the four primary angles and the house divisions derived from them are vital. Firstly recognising there are many house divisions and knowing the names and be able to recognise the main ones in use today. And have an understanding of the various name's and meanings of the four chart angles or points of the chart.
Basic Astrology Terminology
There are a lot of Astrological terms some having the same or similar meaning as others, some modern some ancient. It is helpful early on to go thru these terms much like learning the glyphs it will help you understand the language and others Astrologers more easily. If you learn these early on it will make things far less confusing, as many of them sound strange or complicated but they aren't or have the same meaning as others knowing this will also take away confusion. I plan on writing a blog on these later also.
The single most important thing I feel I need to pass on to anyone who reads this blog is the following. Remain open to as many forms of Astrology, and as many different views and concepts as possible. Avoid one mentor's view as gospel and develop your own over time. If you want to create the richest possible experience in practising Astrology then this is truly the key in my opinion. As there are many different formats and ways you can now learn Astrology. I am going to list a few of them and give some pros and cons for you to think about, remembering these are from my personal experiences and depending on your learning style you may have different experiences.
Self Study
Self study is obviously where many start out and it has benefits such as maximum flexibility in pace and direction of learning. I believe it also helps your intuitive ability to read a chart as there is less rigidity to it. However, the issue is you may spend a lot of time looking for answers in the wrong places or you may start using sources that are bogus or of low quality without realising. In hindsight, I feel I studied alone far too long (3 years) at first, this method for me is best used after some initial study or in unison with direction from a credible teacher.
Correspondence is not as popular as it once was since the development of online webinars and meetings. Although we now have email and video formats rather than post so it is still a feasible format. The benefit for me again is flexibility as you study when it suits you. There is a little less pressure than a live class so would suit the more introverted person, and someone who is driven because self motivation is required and the ability to work alone with good time management.
Live webinars are great because they have an interactive element to them. And you can usually focus on a specific topic you have interest in. However, if you're in the southern hemisphere as is the case with myself, many but not all are on at very inconvenient times. Often you can get a recording to watch when it suits you but you lose the interactivity of the webinar.
Astrology Schools
Learning with an astrology school has a few advantages, multiple teachers while having one format to follow gives great direction and structure to the learning process. And as above being influenced by multiple teachers from a different genre of Astrology is very beneficial to find where you truly fit into the community in style and philosophy you want to follow. Schools also offer certificate programs that are recognised throughout the Astrological community. On the downside, the curriculum may not always suit your philosophy so you will need to do some research before committing. They will generally have fixed times for classes so be aware of this and set time frames to complete homework. Another plus is that you will receive plenty of motivation and support from classmates and teachers so if motivation and drive are issues for you then this could be the correct path.
Astrology Teacher
Above I have mentioned I would suggest not to have a single teacher, I am not against having a single student-mentor relationship, however, I do feel this is best later in your studies. As in an Astrology school, many individual Astrology teachers but not all will have certificate courses or apprenticeship programs that are recognised in the astrological community. A benefit in some cases would be more personal attention to your work and bonding experience. However, the biggest benefit would come if you were deciding to mould yourself in the philosophical and applicational image of the astrologer in question.
I have found reading columns or horoscopes to be a help although only minor. At first, it may help in the identification of terminology and glyphs. Later on, reflecting on horoscopes you will see the methodology they have used to come to there conclusions, this in itself is useful much like watching a replay or a rewind of some well performed sporting feat you see how it was done.
Astrology Associations
Many Astrology associations have routine meetings this is helpful in finding like minded souls. Some associations give discounts to members on software, books, webinars or subscriptions etc.
I would strongly recommend joining one early on to get the greatest benefit from them. However, I won't mention them here as there are so many. They will keep you in contact with the astrological community at large and be a good source to answer questions that you can’t find the answers for. Some organisations also teach or do accreditations that are recognised globally.
I have only attended one and looked at and considered others, what I have found is they are a little expensive once you add up all the costs compared to say a course of study. So bang for your buck as far as learning I don’t believe there a good option. However, they do have other very important benefits such as networking with other astrologers and exchanging ideas. They are also very enjoyable and if you are a hard taskmaster in your studies then a retreat may well be a good option to avoid burn out while still absorbing knowledge.
YouTube, Facebook, social media
I have come to realise over time that social media platforms are the main form of disinformation regarding Astrology, now, of course, there are some useful groups and pages but they are outnumbered vastly by a lot of very ordinary ones. My advice for learning Astrology is to take nothing from them until you are good enough to realise the wheat from the chaff so to speak. The other thing is social media takes up a lot of time following various threads and you can get lost on a tangent that in the end is not relative to your development. So, however, fun they may be there not a good place to start and they can distract you from more prosperous work.
Podcasts have become more popular in the last few years and in learning Astrology, I have found them truly helpful in many ways. Conversations between Astrologers often bring up topics you haven't considered and are a good way to begin to understand Astrological terminology and references. They are also a good use of time management as you can listen while you drive or exercise. I haven't found many podcasts of low quality not saying they're not out there but the quality is generally high.
Well, books will always have a place and if you're serious you will need them for citation and reference. Personally, my collection is still expanding. The one thing I will say regarding authors is to know who your reading first there philosophy and techniques do they fit where you're headed. E-books and Kindle etc, I use both paperback and digital books they really both do have advantages. In using citation and referencing nothing beats a digital book when saving time and with the newer version of windows and the read aloud function I have found that having a book read to you first while multi tasking and then reading it later yourself allows it to really sink in on a much deeper level. While a paperback doesn't give you the above options they are easier to follow and read generally and you can have many bookmarked at once by your side.
While there are many other topics to reflect upon I believe this is a good time to finish. I hope my experiences may have been of some help to those of you that are just starting out on this wonderful journey of self enlightenment.
William Lamont
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