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Cars are quite a valuable asset to have. No one likes going through the hassle of public transport. Having a personal vehicle allows you to reach your destination on your own terms. Are you thinking of getting a car but you are finding the new models to be beyond your reach? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy the perks of having a vehicle. All you need to do is look at the right place. And that is the second-hand car market. You might have negative associations attached to second-hand cars. Many believe that used cars don’t drive well and hence are a poor investment. Well, this is not always the case especially if you follow the proper ways to purchase a second-hand car.

Here is how you should go about the process.

  1. Ask yourself why you are getting a car

You might think that this is such an obvious question. You want a car because you want a medium of transport. Well, this answer is just the beginning. You must pinpoint the exact reason why you are getting a vehicle. Are you looking for a family vehicle for school runs? Or do you need an automobile for your road trips?

The purpose that you want the car to serve will form the basis of your search. It will allow you to narrow down your search to include only a given type or model of automobile. Just like brand new cars, the second-hand car market is quite vast too. To purchase one, you must begin by narrowing down your options by identifying your needs.

  1. Set a budget

The chances are you are opting for a used car because you can’t afford to buy a new one, or because you are not willing to make the hefty investment. Since price is an essential factor for you, make sure you set a budget before going into the market. Ask yourself, what is the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the purchase? Then, relay your budget constraints to the vehicle seller. This way you will only see cars that you can afford to buy. This also helps in streamlining the car buying process.

  1. Decide who to purchase it from

Once you know your needs and budget constraints, you are ready to begin your search. There are various ways in which you can buy a used car. You can opt for the conventional route of buying it from a car dealer. Or, you can eliminate the need for middlemen by directly buying it from private sellers. Moreover, you can also invest in online car buying and selling services.

All of these options have their pros and cons. Research on them and decide which method is best aligned with your needs. For instance, if you value convenience, online services might be a good option for you. If you wish for a risk-free investment, car dealers are known to be the less risky option of the lot. But, if you want a comparatively low-priced deal, individual buyers are your best bet.

  1. Look beyond the appearance of the car

When you find the vehicle you like, don’t rush in. Before sealing the deal, make sure you carefully assess the condition of the car. Don’t take the automobile at its face value. Sometimes a vehicle may look seemingly perfect but might be in poor condition from the inside. It is best that you get a third-party opinion before purchasing a second-hand car. Get a mechanic to assess the various internal components of the car. Ensure that the brake, clutches, accelerator, speedometer and mileage recorder, etc. are in good condition. Ask the seller for service records to verify whether the car has been well-maintained in the past or not.

  1. Take it out for a spin

A test drive is one of the most critical steps of purchasing a second-hand car. Sometimes even if a mechanic verifies that the vehicle is in good shape, it might not be the perfect vehicle for you. This is because it might not drive well on the road. Everyone has different preferences on how a car should be when driving. Only a test drive can let you know whether a given vehicle is indeed the one for you.

So, always take the car you are interested in buying for a test drive. Drive around your usual route, highway, bumpy roads and your neighborhood. Be alert of any indications of poor performance. This can be something as simple as a vibrating wheel which can signify that the engine is not working correctly.

  1. Negotiate

If you want the best price for second hand cars, you must always negotiate with the seller. Never accept the offer they place from the get-go. Most sellers tend to price their vehicles more than their actual worth. This is done to leave room for negotiations so that they don’t end up selling the car at a loss. In other words, most sellers expect you to negotiate. So, always haggle with them for a better deal. Some might stay firm on their price while others might lower it. It is still worth the hassle to at least try and get the price reduced.

  1. Seal the deal

Once you are satisfied with the offer, you can now proceed to close the deal. Decide how you will pay for the transaction. Make sure to add the vehicle to your insurance before you start driving it. Get the title and other required paperwork of the car. Ensure that the seller signs it properly for transfer of ownership. Decide whether the car needs sprucing up before you take it out on the road.


There you go! Now you have a car that you can travel in. Take good care of your used car to gain the most benefit out of it. Second-hand cars might be slightly more challenging. But, if you are wise about it, you can end up with a great deal.

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You don’t buy a car every other day. Even if you are purchasing a second hand car, it is still a hefty investment. This is why you shouldn’t rush and buy just any car that you find in the market.

Instead, when purchasing used vehicles, there is a lot to keep in mind before you seal the deal. Here are 5 key factors to consider before buying a second-hand car.

  1. Decide on your budget and needs

Before even beginning your search, the first thing you must keep in mind is your budget and requirements. Setting a budget from the get-go is crucial. If you don’t set a minimum and maximum limit, you might end up falling in love with a car that is beyond your reach. It will also widen your search for no reason. This is why you must keep in mind your budget before going into the market to purchase a used car.

Make sure that the budget you set is reasonable. Don’t set it too low. If you do, you might not find any vehicle in the price range. And even if you do, it won’t perform well on the road. At the end of the day, you should choose a car that functions well. So, keep that in mind when setting a budget.

While you are at it, also think about what you want your car to fulfill. This will also help in filtering down the options. For instance, if you require a vehicle for your family, minis and convertibles will become invalid options from the start. This way you won’t have to look at options that have no use to you. Similarly, try to think about the specifications you would ideally want in your car. However, you must not excessively narrow down your needs. If you do so, you will find it challenging to find a vehicle, to begin with.

  1. Dealing options

You must consider how you are going to buy second hand cars. There are various options you can explore. Here are the most common avenues through which you can purchase a used automobile.

Car dealerships

The most common and risk-free way of purchasing a used car is through a car dealership. Apart from selling new models, many car dealers also sell old used vehicles. The good thing about opting for car dealerships is that you are likely to get a car that is in excellent condition. On the other hand, the prices car dealers may charge might be higher than what you would get elsewhere. This is because car dealers also include their margins in the deal.

Individual sellers

You can also purchase vehicles directly from other individuals. Since there are no middlemen involved, this method allows you to get a better deal. However, some might find this mode to be risky since you cannot be sure about the credibility of the individual. Also, they might gloss over the problematic parts of their vehicle, and you will have to invest in a mechanic to verify the condition of the car.

Online Car selling services

There are multiple online car buying and selling services operating in the country that allow you to purchase used cars online. Compared to individual car sellers, this method is less risky. Also, if you invest wisely, you can easily find well-reputed services that are known for delivering reasonable prices and high performing vehicles.

  1. Buying a newer model

You might want to get a newer model within the second-hand car range. Generally, the older the car, the lower the price you will have to pay for it. However, this comes at the cost of a poor car condition and a high mileage. At the end of the day, you must invest in a car that drives well on the road. If you don’t, there is no point in getting a car in the first place. Also, an old vehicle which costs less might end up costing you more in the long run due to the repairing it might need.

So, within the second-hand cars, choose relatively newer models. Find the right balance between the car condition and price.

  1. Inspect the vehicle

You can get a car checked by a mechanic if you purchase the car from an individual seller. The same might not be the case if you buy from car dealers. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inspect the car.

Before purchasing it, check the car by yourself. When doing so, make sure there is no mismatched bodywork or fading. The engine should be smooth, and there should be no resistance when the vehicle accelerates from a standstill. Look at the chassis and bodyline to ensure whether the car has been in an accident or not. Check the tires for indications of wear and tear. This can illustrate poor maintenance.

Ask for the service history to gauge how often the vehicle has been serviced. This will help you decide whether the car performs well or not.

  1. Go for a test drive

Before purchasing a second-hand car, always take it out for a spin. Spend 30 minutes driving the car in your neighbourhood, on your usual route, on bumpy roads, and on the highway. Sometimes a vehicle can look great at face value but can turn out to be problematic when it hits the road.

Therefore, test drives are necessary. Use this opportunity to check whether the brakes and clutches of the car work fine. Also, see if the mileage recorder is indeed doing its job. If the steering wheel vibrates during the test drive, this might be an indication that the engine is not working correctly. Test drives can help identify problems about the condition of the car and hence should be taken before purchasing it.


Consider these 5 factors before purchasing a second-hand car. This will allow you to make the best decision.

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Selling a vehicle is not as easy as purchasing one. Are you confused about how can I sell my car? We are here to make the process easier for you. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to sell your vehicle. Follow it to reduce the hassle and effort involved in the usual car selling process.

  1. Begin by doing your research

Always go into the market prepared. If you are rigorous with your initial research, you are bound to get the best deal for your vehicle. Surf the internet and ask around about the current market of automobiles in the country. Does your car has a high demand in the used market? If so, you will find it easier to sell your vehicle compared to instances when your vehicle isn’t a hot commodity.

Here are some of the questions you need to answer during your research:

  • What type of car do you have and what is the current market demand for the said type of automobile?
  • What are the popular ways of selling your car online? For instance, are the online car buying services well-reputed in the area?
  • What is your geographic location and how does it affect the value of the vehicle?
  • What is the book value of your vehicle as per the listings?

Do our homework and learn about the market beforehand. This will allow you to get an idea of what to expect when you try to sell your vehicle.

  1. Learn the price of your car

The second step to selling your car is finding out its worth. You can’t expect your buyer to foot their price. Why? This is because even if you sell your car to dealerships, they are going to offer you a price that is best suited to them. Your goal should be to get a value that is genuinely the worth of your car. After all, you wouldn’t want to undersell your car, would you?

Now, to learn the price of your vehicle, there are various things can you do. Either you can rely on the price listing provided by guides like Kelly Blue Book. Or, you can opt for a thorough car valuation service. The latter is a better way to learn the correct value of your vehicle. This is because listings only relay the book price of your vehicle.

Multiple other factors come into play when finding the right worth of your vehicle. This includes car condition, mileage, vehicle color, your reputation, the value of the add-ons and the overall demand of your used car in the market.

Even if you invest in car valuation, you might find that the market price of your vehicle might be different. It will fluctuate from the value presented by the service. Always be prepared for slight discrepancies. A great way to negotiate a deal is by asking for a little high price than what you are ready to accept. After all, people love negotiating. So, if you ask for the right price from the get-go, they might ask you to settle for less.

Moreover, use tactics when setting the final price. You might have noticed that all the big companies always end their prices in “999”. This is because consumers often tend to see the first digit and not the last when looking at a price. So, if you tell them something is worth $12999 rather than $13000, you will get more sales. It is incredible how the human mind works!

  1. Invest in your car

Cars are a high involvement product. This is why people wish for their vehicles to look great. Here, first impressions matter. This is why you must invest in repairing your vehicle to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Do so even if your car operates flawlessly. Your vehicle must have the curb appeal to be sold quickly.

Here is what you can do to make it look better in front of potential buyers:

  • Vacuum and wash the car from inside as well as from outside
  • Ensure its mechanical soundness. The vehicle shouldn’t feature any dents, scrapes or sounds
  • Remove any junk that may be present inside so that your customer isn’t appalled by the vehicle during the test drive
  • Apply tire gloss on the tires to make them look new and unused
  • Clean the windows and different mirrored surfaces
  • Maintain a record of all the repairs and maintenance you did to show potential buyers

While you are at it, get a mechanic to check the car to guarantee its functionality. Make sure all the components are working before you start accepting offers.

  1. Decide who to sell

Various entities might be interested in purchasing your car. Decide who you want to sell to. There are pros and cons attached to all of the potential car buyers.

Individual buyers

You will find various private buyers willing to purchase your vehicle. To reach them, advertise through newspapers, social media, and similar communities. Private buyers mean interacting with a lot of people and allowing them to take your car for a spin. This can get hectic. However, you are more likely to seal a reasonable deal since private customers don’t haggle much.

Online car buying services

Multiple car buying companies are operating in the country. Through them, you can sell your vehicle without stepping out of your house. However, some might find this method to be risky if they don’t invest in the right service.

Car dealerships

If all else fails, you always have car dealers who will be willing to purchase your vehicle. This is the safest way to sell your car. However, you might not get the price you want since car dealerships tend to offer low prices for used cars.

  1. Complete the deal

After you have found the right buyer, verify your paperwork and complete the transaction by handing over the vehicle. In return, the decided amount would be transferred to your account or will be handed to you by the buyer.

Final thoughts

Voila! Your car is sold. Your worries have been solved.

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When you are thinking about how to sell my car then the most critical steps in selling a used car is knowing its worth. Before you decide who to sell it to and how you will go about the process, you must know the value of your vehicle.

Understanding the concept of book value

Two terms are often attached to the worth of a car. This includes book value and market value. Book value is the price that is listed in guides like Kelly Blue Book. Here, the trade and retail prices of various cars are listed. You can find the book value of your vehicle easily in such listings. The values listed here include some of the many factors that are integral to price valuations. This includes external factors like economic growth and trends in the automobile industry.

Another important term in the world of automobiles is the market value of your vehicle. This is the actual amount that will be offered to you when you sell your vehicle. It generally is not the same as the book value. And this is why it is advised that you opt for free car valuations to get a better idea of the worth of your car.

Can I sell my car for the amount I bought it for?

Want to sell your vehicle for the price you got it for? Well, you can’t. Do you know that the price of your vehicle depreciates by 11 percent or more the moment you take your vehicle from the car dealership? So, you can expect the amount of depreciation your vehicle will undergo after years of use. One thing is for sure; you won’t get the same price as the one you paid when you purchased the car.

How can I sell my car at book value?

Do you wish to ensure that you get a value close to the book value? While the exact price may be hard to get, you can get a close value if you do the following:

Don’t drive it much

The mileage of your vehicle is one of the various factors that affect the worth of it. Mileage refers to the total distance that has been covered by the vehicle. The higher the mileage, the lower will be the worth of your vehicle. Why so? This is because the more a given vehicle is driven, the more it would have undergone wear and tear.

Sometimes even though the car’s components are working, they might not be in the best shape due to excessive use. So, if you wish to get the book value, it is advised that you don’t drive the said vehicle often. This is very hard to ensure since at the end of the day the whole point of having a car is to use it. You can only control the mileage of your vehicle if you buy it as an investment and not as a way of commuting.

Repair your vehicle

Does your car feature a lot of dents and scrapes? If so, its value will automatically go down. After all, potential buyers wish only to purchase cars that are in the best condition. Put yourself in their shoes. Will you ever buy a car that doesn’t work suitably? There is a high chance you won’t. The same goes for potential car buyers. This is why you must ensure the condition of your vehicle by investing in repairing it. Get it checked from a mechanic and they will tell you what repairs are necessary. For starters, you must make sure that the various components of the car including its brake and lights, work properly.

However, this isn’t the only type of repair you need to invest in. Instead, try to improve the visual appeal of your car. First impression matters in the case of automobiles as well. Even if it works perfectly, if it doesn’t look nice, you won’t get a good deal for it. Therefore, improve the appearance of your car by:

  • Removing all junk items from within. Your potential car buyers shouldn’t be appalled by it during their test drives
  • Clean all the mirrored surfaces as well as the windows of your vehicle. A sparkling clean car always looks better
  • Remove the dust from the brakes and accelerator to make the car look new
  • Apply tire gloss on the tires to make them look unused
Have your service records sorted

The resale value can get close to the book value of your vehicle if you maintain it well. However, there are certain aspects of servicing a car that cannot be visible to the naked eye. For instance, you can’t check if all the inner components are serviced. At such times, you might think that people will rely on your word and believe that you have serviced your car. However, most customers tend to be distrustful and skeptical of car sellers. So, make sure you have all your service records as proofs. This will amplify the value of your vehicle.

Don’t paint your car in odd colors

Do you have an eccentric personality? Do you like having your possessions to be an extension of you? If so, you might have painted your car into colors that are unconventional. Well, we hate to break it to you, but car colors also play a part in the final price that you are offered. And mostly, people don’t like bright colored cars. Instead, they like primary shades like black, grey, white and silver. So, if your vehicle features bright hues like maroon, green or yellow, its price will go down. To increase its worth and bring it close to the book value, consider repainting it.


With the help of the ideas mentioned above, you might end up bringing the worth of your vehicle close to the book value. This is the finest deal you can get for your used car. Sell it off for cash and get your hands on the latest models instead.

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Are you looking into buying a car? You are clearly not the only one. In 2018, car sales increased to a whopping 81 million. While you might want to buy a new car, it is not financially feasible to do so. This is when you should consider buying used cars instead.

However, the process of buying a used car is more complicated than purchasing a new vehicle. There are various mistakes you can make along the way. Here the 3 most common mistakes people make when buying used cars.

  1. Not knowing your needs and limitations

When you go to buy an old car, you must know what you want and what you can afford. One of the most noteworthy mistakes people make when buying a used car is not setting a budget. Think about it. Buying cars are a high involvement purchase. You are spending quite a hefty amount even if you opt for used cars. If you go in without setting your budget, you might end up loving a vehicle that is beyond your financial standing.

Know how much you can afford to offer as a down payment if you can’t make the purchase upfront. For instance, if you are thinking of purchasing a car in installments, set a monthly installment depending on what you can afford. Don’t make the mistake of trying to bite more than you can chew. You wouldn’t want to take on the stress of agreeing on payments you can’t deliver.

At the same time, you must also recognize what you want. Not knowing what your needs are with regards to an automobile is another mistake you might want to avoid. List down the main features you want your car to have. However, don’t narrow it down too much. Don’t get fixated on car color, model, year or specifications. This is because you are choosing the used car market for your purchase. It can be hard to find the car of your dreams here.

  1. Not getting the car inspected and not taking a test drive

There are two things that you must do when purchasing an old car. Take it for a test drive and check it. It is surprising how many people skip these crucial steps. Remember, never take a car seller for his/her face value. You might think that they are trustworthy. However, you can never be sure about the credibility of others. Especially when such a high priced product is involved.

Therefore, rather than believing your car seller when they say that the vehicle is in excellent condition, always get a full inspection. Even if you are opting to buy a car through car dealerships, make sure to get a mechanic to verify the condition of the vehicle.

A mechanic can help in detecting any fluid leaks and under-the-hood problems. Make sure that all the constituents are in good condition. Check the tires and brake pads. If they need replacement, you can ask for a low price since the vehicle is not in the best condition.

While you are at it, always go for a test drive in the car you are interested in buying. After all, you are buying the vehicle to drive it. You must know how comfortable it is on the road. It is possible for the car to be in a flawless condition but not fare well on the road for you.

Looks are not the only thing that matters in an automobile. Performance on the road is equally essential. So, take it on a test drive for at least 30 minutes to gauge its performance. Do so on local streets and your usual routes. Never skip this step. If you do, you might end up with a car that doesn’t offer a smooth driving experience on the road.

  1. Not negotiating the price

Do you hate negotiating with car dealers and private car sellers? Do you rush in to say yes to the deal made to you? Well, this is yet another common mistake that you are making. Remember, every car dealer and seller are out to satisfy their interests. It will rarely happen that you are offered a price that is indeed the worth of the car.

Most car dealers and sellers price their car at a higher amount than its actual worth. This helps them in ensuring that the final price is not lower than the value of their vehicle. This means they are expecting you to negotiate. So, don’t miss this opportunity. Always negotiate with the car seller and see if they budge from their initial offer.

If they don’t, make sure that you assess that the price of the vehicle is indeed reasonable. This can be ensured by asking for servicing receipts. This allows you to see if the car is truly in good condition and has been invested in. Similarly, look for add-ons and equipment and see whether you are willing to pay the extra price for them. If you prefer original unaltered cars, the fact that there are add-ons in it might provide you with room for negotiation.


The car buying process is not easy. If the car you are buying is an old used one, the process becomes even more challenging. Don’t blindly trust your seller to offer you the best deal and a vehicle in the ideal condition. Make sure you do your part and research about the vehicle’s condition, and worth along with your needs.

Don’t make these common mistakes when purchasing an automobile. Avoiding these mistakes will improve your car buying experience tremendously. You won’t end up with a vehicle you don’t like.

You don’t buy cars every now and then. So, when you do, make sure to make it count.

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Cars get old and damaged. Sooner or later, you are bound to look for a replacement. At such times, you will wonder, “How to sell my car”? And you will find that the process isn’t as straightforward as purchasing a vehicle. There are a lot of questions you must answer, and a lot of factors you must consider.

Professionally speaking, here is how you can sell your car.

Check its condition

Before you hit the road to look for potential buyers for your old vehicle, you must first begin by assessing your car’s condition. If your car has been unused for a long time, there are only two things that can happen. Either your vehicle works, or it doesn’t.

An excellent way of assessing how well your vehicle works is by getting an inspection from a professional. This will allow you to know the faults of your car. It, in turn, plays an integral role in the final price that you can set for the vehicle. In case your vehicle doesn’t work at all, your buyers will be different. Then, you will deal with scrap dealers who would only give you an amount that reflects the worth of the metal parts of your vehicle. Even then it is a much better deal than watching your investment get wasted completely as it sits in the backyard, unused for years.

Size up the market

There is both a right time and a wrong time to sell a car. To get the best deal, you must sell it during the good days. Now, this can differ from vehicle to vehicle. This is why it is important to size up the market for your given car when you decide to sell it.

For instance, if you are selling a convertible, know that the demand for the product only peaks during summers. This is when you are likely to get the best deal for it. So, if you are trying to sell your convertible in winters, know that the market size would be very small. On the other hand, cars that are used by families tend to feature stable demand throughout the year. They have a vast market, and the chances of finding a suitable buyer at a reasonable price are high.

Know your worth

Never approach potential buyers without knowing the worth of your vehicle. If you do so, you are likely to be manipulated into accepting an unfair deal. Therefore, before you strike a conversation with buyers, know the worth of your vehicle. Make use of car valuation services for this purpose.

These services take into account many factors. The aspects include demand, the current market value of the car, mileage, car condition and add-ons to give you an estimate of your vehicle. The assessment will give you a fair idea of what you should be demanding from buyers.

Decide who to sell

Depending on the condition of the car and your convenience, there are various avenues through which you can sell your car. These include the following:

  • Used car buyers

Just like you are looking for potential car buyers, there are many individuals out there who are looking for used cars. If you don’t mind negotiating directly with private buyers, you can quickly sell off your car to them. All you need to do is ensure that your vehicle is in good shape. Fix a price for your car and guarantee that the price you demand is reasonable. Then, advertise about the sale on communities, social media platforms, and the neighborhood. This way you will find a buyer eventually. However, be warned that all potential buyers will ask incessant questions and will take your car for a spin to check its condition. So, be prepared for the hassle.

  • Car dealers or Mechanics

If you don’t want to undergo the trouble attached with selling a car to a private buyer, you can always go down the conventional route. This means selling your vehicle to car dealers or mechanics. Mechanics are generally on a lookout for used cars to take different components from them.

Even if your car isn’t in the best working condition, you can get a mechanic to buy it from you. They either extract the usable parts or sell them to the automobile industry after repairing them. If your vehicle is in perfect working condition, you can sell it to car dealers. While this is the most convenient way of selling a car, it might also lead to getting a lower price than justified. This is because car dealers are trained to be hagglers who know how to negotiate.

Get the paperwork sorted

Since selling a car means transferring ownership from one party to another, there is a lot of paperwork and documentation involved in the process. Your buyers will require you to present various documents during the final stages of the transaction. This includes car ownership document, V5 logbook, your ID and other vehicle-related paperwork. If you have recently gotten work done on the vehicle, show the receipts as well to showcase your honesty and transparency.

Transfer money

You have found the perfect car buyer. Your car condition has been verified, and you have presented all the required documents. The final step to complete the transaction is to transfer money. You can make the deal in cash or bank transfer. Just ensure that the payment is quick and timely.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to do when you decide to sell your car. The process might be hectic, but if you do it right, it won’t be a hassle. Know how to sell your car. Rather than watching it wear down in your garage, sell it off for a reasonable price when the time comes.

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Selling your used car segment is an essential part of the auto industry. It contributed 51 percent to total car sales in the UK alone in 2014. While many purchases used vehicles, it isn’t the only time you negotiate with car dealers. Instead, a lot of us sell our old cars from time to time as well. Whether it be because your old ride bores you or because it is damaged, a time will come when you would want to sell your old car for a new one.

There is a lot that you must consider when doing so. Why? This is because the used car selling process is vulnerable to fraud and scams. You will find hundreds of people who have been scammed into accepted a deal lower than the one their vehicle was worth. You must be cautious when selling your car and proceed wisely. Here are the key factors you must consider.

Research about price

Car buyers can only take advantage of you if you allow them to by walking in without doing any homework. It is human nature to want the best for yourself. And in the case of buying a used car, the best for a car dealership is cutting a cheap deal.

Rather than relying on them to offer you the best price (which they will always try to get out of), research the worth of your car. Find the current market value of your vehicle. Take into account any add-ons that you have made to it. At the same time, keep in mind the condition and mileage of your car.

The best way to get a reasonable price for your car is by using independent vehicle valuation systems. They might not be entirely accurate, but they will give you an idea about what to expect. Once you have done your homework, see what a potential buyer is offering you. Tell them your expectation and stick to it.

Check the car buying party

Another important thing you must consider is the party involved in the transaction. Even if they are offering you a reasonable price, don’t rush the deal. First, do some research on their background. For instance, if you are selling to a dealership, see how long they have been operational and whether they have had any complaints about not coming through with their deals. Reading independent testimonials and getting in touch with their customers is a great way to gauge the credibility of a car buyer. The same exercise can be done for online car buyers as well. In the case of auctions, facts can be hard to verify. Still, a background check must be run.

Look at what the company offers

How does one car buying service differ from another? It does so in terms of customer service and business model. These are essential considerations when selling your vehicle because the smoother the experience is for you, the better.

Make sure that the company you choose to sell your car is known for delivering customer satisfaction. It must provide an easy and convenient way of selling your vehicle. There is more to selling a used car than giving it to a party and getting paid for it. Instead, there is paperwork involved. You have to remove the car plates and deal with documentation. A quality company should take care of it all for you.

Have your documents ready

There are multiple documents you will have to present at the time of the transaction. Before you embark on the journey, make sure all your documents are in order. Regardless of which platform you use to sell your car, you will have to present these documents to the buyer for inspection and verification.

The paperwork you must deliver includes a service record, a log book, and an owner manual. You will also have to show your ID card and proof of ownership of the car. In case you are selling the car on behalf of a relative, you must have their written consent to do so. It is a good practice to store all the receipts of the money you spent on your vehicle. For instance, if you purchase new tires or driving lights for it, keep a copy of the receipt. This will help you in justifying the demanded price.

Be ready to be questioned

Just like you ask questions about a vehicle when you go to purchase it, you will be faced with the same. Since it is a used car, you must be prepared to answer a lot of questions. After all, there is a much higher risk involved in buying a used car than a new one. Here are some questions you are most likely to come across:

  • Why are you selling your vehicle?
  • Has the vehicle suffered damages from any accidents?
  • What are the mechanical problems that exist in it?
  • Does it leak?
  • Has it ever not started when you required it to?

Don’t get overwhelmed with the queries. Answer them as calmly and confidently as possible. Remember, any transaction requires forming a bond with the other party as well. You must gain their trust and be transparent, and upfront will help you in doing so.


Selling your used car for cash is not impossible. It is just slightly more complicated because of all the considerations involved. Whenever money is involved, one should always be careful. And this is precisely what you must do when selling your used car.

Keep an eye out for frauds and scammers. Proceed with caution and do your research before agreeing to any deal. Choose your car buying service carefully. Try to find one who offers it all- convenience, value and the best price. Yes, such services are out there. You just need to find them.

Stay safe from scammers. Know the worth of your vehicle, and you are good to go.

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Are you thinking of buying second hand cars? If so, you are likely to find the process more grilling and complicated than purchasing a new vehicle. This is because there are multiple things you must consider when buying an old car.

Do you wish to make the car buying process comparatively hassle-free and smooth? If so, follow these tips.

  1. Go for old models

If you are purchasing an old car to reduce the financial burden of the transaction, then you might want to opt for older models of your desired vehicle. This is because the older the car, the lower its price will be. For instance, a new vehicle that is priced at £28,500 is likely to reduce to £21,000 by the end of its first year. This is because mileage and age both combine to reduce the cost. Make use of this car price depreciation for your benefit by choosing cars that are old. However, this might come at the expense of the car condition. But, if you search hard enough, you might end up with a reasonable deal where the price is low, and the performance is satisfactory.

Know that this tip will not work for vintage cars. If you are a car enthusiast who wishes to collect old vintage cars, you will find it the other way round. The older the classic vehicle, the higher will be its price. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a Porsche or Mercedes, you won’t find much of a price difference.

  1. Lesser known brands are a good investment

When you think of vehicles, you might only consider the leading brands. You need to expand your consideration set to include other lesser known brands. In the world of used cars, you might not have a lot of choices. After all, you need a car that is reasonably priced and is in excellent condition.

If you limit your search to premium cars, you will find it harder to find the right vehicle. However, if you expand your search to include models made by Suzuki, Kia or Mitsubishi, you will find a better deal.  You can find many quality automobiles out there being offered at low prices due to the weak demand. Rather than being fixated on premium luxury cars, try to look at the bigger picture. Do you want a used car that is a burden on your wallet or a well-performing vehicle that is cost-effective and efficient?

  1. Learn to research

You see a car. It seemingly looks good enough. Is this enough information for you to seal the deal? Absolutely not! The appearance of the vehicle is just one of the many factors that you must look at. Even the price isn’t an indicator of the vehicle’s performance and condition. Instead, you must thoroughly research the car’s mileage, history, and performance. The best way to go about it is by getting an independent mechanic to check it. This will allow you to identify any underlying problems that might persist with the car. Ask about the number of previous owners. Research whether the vehicle has been in an accident. You can find dealers who will provide all the information via reports.

  1. Compare prices

The chances are you won’t just approach one car buyers to purchase a car. If you are planning to do so, don’t! Instead, broaden your horizon to include various car dealerships, private sellers and car selling services. Then compare the prices offered by them all. This will help you in choosing the best deal from the lot.

  1. Go for a test drive

A lot of people tend to skip the test drive. Never do that. The test drive is one of the most important parts of buying used cars. Even if the car is seemingly in good condition and passes all the tests, it might still not drive well on the road.

Everyone has different preferences for car performance. It can be hard to pinpoint the type of feel you want from a car. Only a test drive can tell you whether or not a given car is the best one for you. So, always take the car for a test drive. Make sure this drive lasts for 30 minutes. Drive it on your usual route. Hit the bumpy roads and highways alike. See how the vehicle fares well in all of them and then decide whether you want to purchase the car or not.

  1. Set a budget and be reasonable

You see the vehicle of your dreams. Your heart and mind are set on it. However, when the car dealer tells you the price, you realize that you can’t afford it. You are bound to feel bad about the process. The chances are you will get demotivated and not be interested in all the other vehicles that are shown to you. This is why it is advised that you set a budget from the get-go. Also, make sure you are reasonable when doing so. Then communicate your financial limitations to the seller. This way you will only see cars that are within your budget. This, in turn, will guarantee that you don’t feel miserable about the entire process.

  1. Ensure the vehicle

The chances are your second hand car won’t come with an insurance plan. If so, the first thing you must do after you purchase your vehicle is to get an insurance plan. Do so before you start driving it. Just like brand new cars, you must protect your old used car from accidents. The investment might not be as hefty, but it is an investment nonetheless. You must protect yourself by getting it insured.


Use these tips and tricks to get the best second hand car in the market. Just because you don’t have the cash to purchase a new automobile doesn’t mean you will get stuck with an ill-performing vehicle. Know how to cut a good deal, and you are good to go.

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One hundred forty-five thousand cars were taken off the road in 2016 from the UK. Why? Because they were driving illegally. What made them illegal? The fact that they didn’t have the essential to get a car insurance.

Most countries and states require you to have car insurance after you buy a car and hit the road. Apart from that, there are various other reasons why it is essential to get car insurance. After all, in a world where 1000 cars are damaged due to accidents per week, it can’t hurt to be cautious. Here is why you need car insurance.

Protecting yourself from the burden of damages

Let’s say you have gotten your teenager a car. You might feel that investing in a teenage car insurance policy is a hefty investment. You decide that you don’t want the extra burden. After all, your teenager can drive your car occasionally without one, right?

Well, teenagers are more likely to total a car than an experienced driver. By not getting car insurance in their name, you are inviting future damages into your lives with open arms. Getting car insurance allows you to protect your teen and yourself from unnecessary expenses in terms of car repair.

If you are worried about finding affordable packages, know that there are many affordable coverage options available. Do your research and compare the premiums offered by different companies. Choose one which best meets your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

You have no choice

Another reason why you need to invest in car insurance is that you don’t have much choice. Why? Because it’s the law! You need to get at least the minimum coverage to be able to drive your vehicle on the road.

Generally, liability car insurance is the least amount of coverage required. This helps in covering the damages that you are liable to pay to an involved third-party in case of an accident which is your fault. While this is the bare minimum coverage required, it is advised that you opt for other types of coverages. There are options out there that offer better protection to your car and passengers involved.

Regardless of whether you decide to opt for comprehensive and holistic coverage or not, the fact remains that you need car insurance. Failure to comply with the law can lead to fines. This also includes suspension of driver license, high premium when you do get a car insurance and jail time in extreme cases. So, in an effort to save a few bucks, you will end up spending more.

Peace of mind

Do you really want a sword hanging over your heads every time you take your vehicle for a spin? Car insurance is essential because it gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about damaging your car constantly. While you might be confident in your driving skills, accidents can still occur. No one can deny that bad things do happen.

However, without proper car insurance, you are left unprotected. Suddenly, you have to foot the bills for your car repairs, the other party’s car repairs and any injuries that might have occurred. Depending on the severity of the accident, this can amount to a lot of money.

This means that if you go out with your uninsured car, you are bound to feel paranoid. You won’t be able to enjoy the ride. Therefore, for your peace of mind, you must get car insurance and that too a comprehensive one.

How to beat high auto insurance cost?

If you have a poor track record and get into accidents often or if you are getting auto insurance for your teenager, you will find that their costs are generally high. In the case of the latter, this is because drivers who are under the age of 25 are riskier to invest in than experienced ones. There is a high probability that accidents will occur.

To help reduce the cost in the long run, here is what you can do once you get teenage car insurance.

Have a clean driving record

Auto insurance costs don’t stay stable. One DWI conviction and your cost of insurance will increase. Make sure that your teen is a responsible driver. They must strive to have a stable driving record. Be well versed on the law and rules to follow. Just because you are protected against accidents doesn’t mean you should be a reckless driver after getting insurance. Protection comes at a price. And that is the premium. And this premium increases with increasing claims. So, advise your teenager to be responsible on the road.

Pick the right insurance companies

In the case of teenage auto insurance, you will find that some insurance companies are better than others. You must find them. These are the places that might give you discounts and low premiums. Generally, there is a condition attached to such concessions. For instance, the company may demand that the teenage in question should be a full-time student and have a certain GPA. In other cases, they might ask the said person to take driver safety courses to be qualified for the discount. Research about such offers and see if your teen qualifies for them.

Be active among the community

Discounts can also be availed if your child is part of a community or organization. For example, Eagle Scouts might offer auto insurance discounts to their members. Find a cause to be a part of and get such perks in return.

Get the right vehicle

Sometimes you can be an excellent driver for your age and still get into accidents. The fault is not always of the driver but the car as well. You must ensure that the car you give to your teen for driving is safe. Get it checked for any mechanical and physical damages before handing it over to your child.


Get car insurance. It is vital. It is necessary. And there is no beating the bush around it.

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In 2018, 81 million cars were sold. While buying a vehicle yourself is easy, the same cannot be said for selling a car. But, sooner or later, you are bound to sell your old car to get money for buying a new one.Now, selling your car yourself is not as easy as it may seem. This is because most car buying services and dealerships out there try to get the best deals for themselves. This means they will try to cut a cheap deal with you. You are bound to have trouble negotiating with them for the best deal if you don’t do your research. We don’t mean to scare you. You can sell your car in a reliable way by yourself. Simply consider the following car selling methods, and you are good to go:

  1. Do your research

Begin by conducting thorough research. This should include the person or company you are selling to and your car. The former will ensure that you don’t end up dealing with scammers or frauds. The latter guarantees that no one can make a poor deal with you. This is because you will already know what price to demand from them.

  1. Use online valuation companies for getting an estimate

The best way to avoid an unfair price and to know what to demand is by seeking help from online valuation companies. There are various companies operating in the country that offer free valuation to car sellers. Use these services to get an estimate for your car. Here, the valuation of your vehicle is based on its current market value, condition, years of use, the value of add-ons and mileage. Many other factors may also be used to arrive at a final quote. By using these valuation systems, you can set a price for your vehicle.

  1. Decide who you will sell it to

A fundamental question you will have to answer early on is who you will be selling your car to. There are various parties you can sell it to. Deciding this at the initial stage will allow you to target them accordingly. Here is how you can sell your car.

  • Privately

You can sell your vehicle to an independent party directly. The good thing about selling to private buyers is that they are likely to negotiate less since they are not as experienced as dealerships. However, on the other hand, you will have to deal with incessant questions.

  • Dealership

Car dealerships are a convenient way to sell your car. Just like you go to them to purchase vehicles, you can go to them to sell it off as well. But, the chances are you won’t get a good deal with them since they take into account their commission too. Not to mention they are biased to give you an underpriced deal.

  • Online car buying services

One option is that you can avail the facilities of online car buying services. This will help if you don’t want to undergo the hassle of taking your car to the dealership and transact with haggling car dealers. Here, you don’t have to take your vehicle anywhere. Also, since they rely on online car valuation systems, you are more likely to get the best deal.

  1. Get your papers ready

Selling a car is not as simple as giving it to someone in exchange for money. The transaction also involves a lot of documentation and paperwork. You wouldn’t want to embark on the car selling journey and go through all the hassles only to later discover that you don’t have the required documents in place.

Therefore, make sure you gather all the required documents early on. This includes the vehicle registration document, logbook, and other car related documents. Failure to present these documents can lead to problems. Proper documents are proof of your reliability. And in case of private sellers, trust and reliability matter more than if you were to buy a used car from a dealership.

  1. Repair any damages

The condition of your vehicle matters a lot. Just like you would want the best vehicle, so will the buyers of your car. Unless you repair damages, you can’t expect to get a reasonable price for your vehicle. Therefore, invest in replacing any damaged accessory in your vehicle. Even if the said things don’t affect the functionality of your car, a damaged item does say a lot about your car. And none of it is good! You need to make a good impression. And sometimes you will have to invest a bit for it. Don’t hesitate in doing so. It will pay off in terms of greater return in the final transaction.

  1. Collect maintenance receipts

If you have got any work done on your vehicle over the years, a great practice is to collect, and safely keep all the receipts. This will help you in justifying the price you ask for your car. It also acts as evidence of why your car buyers should trust you when you say that your vehicle is in excellent condition.

  1. Advertise

No one will know that you are willing to sell your car unless you tell them. This is why it is crucial to advertise it appropriately. This is especially true if you wish to attract private buyers.

Here are some ways to advertise used cars:

  • Use websites that target auto enthusiasts
  • Make use of your social media accounts to let your friends know about your intent to sell
  • P2P sites, where communities of like minded people are present can be used to spread the news
  • Newspapers and brochures can be distributed in the neighborhood
  • Use word of mouth to tell your family, co-workers, and friends.

Sell your car in a safe and reliable way. Yes, the journey won’t be smooth. But, it isn’t impossible either. Follow these tips to get your hands off your old vehicle and get a new one.

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