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This WWII Canadian War Bride photoshoot, is one of the BIGGEST Projects I’ve undertaken in a while. It involved TWELVE different background settings and each one had it’s own specific lighting. Even the outdoor images had studio strobes accenting the scene and the subject. It took about 5 hours to photograph, and it was all done in one day. I had to plan out every potential shot and also the order in which each scene would be photographed.

I encourage you to VIEW on a DESK TOP or IPAD to see all the images in their Full Splendour. Also Take Your Time – as it is a very long but eye-catching blog post.



To REFRESH YOUR MEMORY regarding how this shoot came about – and what it’s all about – PLEASE VIEW the ABOVE short VIDEO.

It’s all about the BOOK entitled, “So Your Husband’s Gone To War” – and how it Inspired this photo shoot.

Many thanks to my former client and model – Samantha Hawkins – who drove in from Ontario to spend the day on this shoot.

She also brought her mom Cheryl, who assisted greatly by holding various lighting stands on the outdoor scenes.

You can support us both by LIKING my Studio FB PAGE and LIKING Samantha’s FB Modelling Page.

This photo shoot is a visual/artistic look at what women were doing while their husbands were off at war. I’ve included some actual articles and ads to provide actual glimpses of that era.


Actual WW2 ad that our lady/wife may have looked at back in the 1940s.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #1 – The Groceries


Before our war bride can do any household shopping, she of course must check her WWII RATION BOOK.

These were issued in Canada during WW2 – and this is the “Real McCoy”.

Our lovely housewife would have a series of food stamps in the booklet that were to be used on a weekly basis for a variety of food staples.

There were also booklets issued for gasoline and clothing as well.


Vintage Food Rationing ad for Women on the Homefront.


Clothing Rationing ad – Coupons Required – “Ready To Wear Air-Raid Overalls”.


Looks like we’ve caught Samantha after her trip to the local grocery store. No Big Box Stores at that time.

She seems to have been able to purchase at least one full paper bag full of groceries.

She also manages to look very stylish in doing so. Back in the 1940’s people always dressed up whenever they left the house. Lovely outfit, gloves and purse complete her look.

ALL of the OUTFITS, PROPS, ACCESSORIES, are provided by my studio for this posting.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #2 – Cooking Up A Storm


After getting all her essential groceries, it’s time for our housewife to make some lunch.

Samantha looks real at home here in our 1940’s kitchen scene, as she decides what to cook up for herself.

A lot of women during this time period were cooking for one person, while their husband was away at war.

Of course some women did have children to look after as well.


Article on Eating Healthy and Cooking Recipes during WW2. Ewwww – carrots!


Loved how this closeup image turned out of Samantha!

She’s got a smile on her face as she looks at the War Time Canning recipes.

Samantha styled her own hair and makeup for this shoot, which turned out superbly.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #3 – Exercise / Recreation


WW2 era Bicycle ad specifically for Women.


All Work and No Play, makes Samantha a dull girl.

She knows this, and makes time for some 1940’s recreation with her Vintage Bicycle.

She also has time to replenish herself with a refreshing Pepsi.


Love the pricing and Payment Plan available in the 1940s.


Exercise wasn’t as common place for a WWII Canadian War Bride in the 1940’s as it is nowadays for women.

However one of the most common and cheaply available forms of exercise and recreation was bicycling in the neighbourhood.

Samantha shows off her cycling skills as she races down her driveway.


WWII Canadian War Bride Housewife – Activity #4 – Ugh, The Laundry


A woman’s work is never done – and in this case Samantha knows she still has laundry to do.

War brides of the 1940’s had less laundry to do, as there was rationing on clothing, plus the husband’s clothes just sat in the closet.

No indoor dryers for this WWII War bride. She hangs up her clean laundry on the outdoor clothesline.


If you take a moment to ever pay attention to your neighbour’s backyards,..

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This posting is from my latest Fitness Photography Session, but it’s also more. It’s all about my latest visitor to my studio, and how she experienced Anxiety Relief With A Fitness Photoshoot.

I should mention that I had full permission from her to post this session along with detailing her feelings and personal journey.


I’d like you to meet the very Lovely (both inside and out) – Kayla.

She is a hard working woman in her 20’s, and as I’m sure you can tell – she’s Extremely Fit.

I got to know Kayla fairly well over the past several months, as I first met her at our local gym – and then from our one-on-one Fitness photo shoot.

I’d seen some of her very intense workouts and talked to her about a fitness photo shoot – as I was finishing up my portfolio in this area.


In our conversations, Kayla shared with me some personal details as to her battle with Stress and a search for Anxiety Relief.

She related that she had been involved with Fitness for a year or so, after a suggestion from her doctor.

Kayla mentioned that she would go through life, “thinking with her stomach,” – which I could totally relate to.

I know myself, when I first went into business, I had many stomach pains from both overwork and from anxiety on an approaching photo shoot.

This “thinking with your stomach,” can cause many stomach pains and ailments and just plain adds to one’s overall stress.


Now it has been well documented that Exercise and Fitness are BOTH fabulous for one’s Physical as well as Mental HEALTH.

Here are some links backing this statement:     LINK_1                    LINK_2

Kayla started an exercise program and stuck to a regular routine, making sure she made it to the gym quite often.

After a while she noticed a variety of changes in her – both Physical and Mental.

From a physical standpoint, she was stronger, leaner, and had more energy.

From a mental perspective, she began to lose the stress of Over-Thinking about everything, which meant Anxiety Relief.


Her regular exercise program provided Anxiety Relief from boosting her Mental Energy.

During her workouts, she would concentrate on each exercise and movement, thus INTERRUPTING the flow of CONSTANT WORRIES that would run through her mind.

Once she was doing this on a regular basis, her mind became more relaxed and she spent less time worrying about “stuff.”

This made for a happier person – and the cycle just feeds on itself. You Do What Makes You Happy!


So when I asked Kayla about doing a Fitness photo Shoot, she of course had some Anxiety.

Many of my clients experience some nervousness prior to a session – as it’s something new to them.

They are also putting themselves “On Display” so to speak.

To provide a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE as well as ANXIETY RELIEF, I really focus on keeping a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE and a No Pressure / No Judgement Zone.

I explained all of this to Kayla, and she agreed to be available for a Fitness Photography Session at my Home Studio.


To further Relax my clients – as well as Kayla – I spend time either on the phone, or in person, discussing the session.

I went over the image workflow and my ideas – so that their were No Surprises and she Approved of Everything.

I feel a Client that is well informed, and has a “SAY” in her session, means a Client who is in a Positive frame of mind for her shoot.

This translates into MUCH BETTER Images.


Kayla told me that she really wanted to SMASH her WORRIES and ELEVATE her Anxiety Relief by “Stepping Out” to do this photo shoot.

It was more then a photo shoot for her. This was a way of reaching a GOAL – and FEELING POSITIVE about Herself.

She said she had NEVER DONE a photo shoot before, so she knew she would have some anxiety.

But She wanted to PROVE TO HERSELF – that she could DO IT.

Well Folks – I am here to tell you – SHE NAILED IT!


Once Kayla was finished with her photo shoot, she mentioned that she felt this feeling of Exhilaration.

That “Yeah I Just Did This” kind of feeling. It Boosted her Confidence as she showcased her GIRL-POWER!

I started out this session looking for a Fitness Model for my portfolio – but ended up with a wonderful surprise.

Meeting a Fabulous Person – and – being part of Kayla’s Positive Journey toward Anxiety Relief and Positive Vibes.


As you can see I photographed many of these images in two perspectives.

A longer shot to see the whole physical form, and then a tight cropping to emphasize the amazing muscle tone of Kayla.

The Close-Ups provide an increased Intensity to the images – similar to Boudoir Images.



Consider a Personal photo shoot with me. Fitness – Pinup – Boudoir and more.

For Most People, Stepping Out of your COMFORT ZONE may cause some anxiety.

This will change to feelings of EXCITEMENT as you plan your session with me.

The day of the shoot usually begins with some nervousness – but with my proven guidance and relaxed manner – you will become a STAR!


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I recently decided that I wanted to create some STUNNING IMAGES, but this time for COUPLES. Here are some amazing Naughty And Nice Couples Portrait Ideas.

Perfect for SPARKING ROMANCE for Married Couples; Engaged Couples; and People In Love!

These will NOT BE those ho-hum stiff looking portraits that have no emotion or feel to them.


Naughty And Nice Couples Portrait Ideas – Part 1 – “50 Shades Of Red”


This first set is all about Sparking Romance and some Naughtiness in your relationship.

Many thanks to Brianne and Tyler for assisting me in this Naughty and Nice Couples Portrait Ideas posting.

So the first idea theme is to add some RED to the session, since Red can signify LOVE and PASSION.

The background was specifically chosen to be Red damask, Brianne is wearing sexy Red lingerie.

Tyler also has Red in his tie to bring it all together.


To add some MYSTERY to this set, I had Tyler turn and face away from the camera.

This perspective creates a “Mystery Man” idea and a sense of hidden excitement.

Their are a variety of potential poses revolving around just these couples portrait ideas.

You could certainly switch up the positions so that the woman is seated and the man is wearing more revealing clothing.


Take note in this 50 Shades of Red Theme, that the LIGHTING matches the mood.

It’s supposed to be mysterious, so as a photographer – you should be conveying that message with your lights and shadows.

I’ve kept pretty much the same basic pose, but added the prop and changed Brianne’s interaction with Tyler.


I should emphasize that these are MEANT TO BE SEXY COUPLE’S Boudoir-Style PORTRAITS, and NOT Couple’s Lifestyle Boudoir.

The Difference being: a Lifestyle session usually does NOT INVOLVE very exacting lighting.

The lighting in fact could be poor or harsh, but you are photographing the interaction of the couple.

In this Couples Portrait Ideas set, I want to show how a couple can pose for a Portrait and still have it SEXY and ROMANTIC at the same time. 

These couples portrait ideas SUGGEST Potential HOT INTERACTION about to happen. Nothing Boring here!


In this image we have AMPED UP the energy and interaction.

I have FROZEN THE MOMENT, but your mind continues forward – thinking of “What Is About To Happen.”

The lighting for this image changed significantly and took time to arrange – but the final image was worth it.

What I also really like about these couples portrait ideas is that the poses/looks are fairly easy for the male.

I have found that many men are not as attracted to “performing” in front of the camera, so this set is ideal for them.

It also projects a STRONG CONFIDENT WOMAN.


Obviously this pose isn’t for every couple, so as a professional photographer, you will want to discuss your ideas ahead of time.

Brianne and Tyler were up for a little FANTASY FUN in the studio, and I loved how this turned out.

As a Couple – imagine having one of the above SEXY and ROMANTIC Portraits hanging in your bedroom.

A reminder of the PASSION in your RELATIONSHIP.


Naughty And Nice Couples Portrait Ideas – Part 2 – “Mystery and Lifestyle”


Black And White is always a Classic “look” for Photography, which translates well as great Couples Portrait Ideas.

The Dramatic Lighting with a Black Background adds to isolating the couple from the shadows.

I wanted to capture a CLOSEUP portrait, having Brianne and Tyler look lovingly into each others eyes.

This is a Timeless Portrait Idea that ANY COUPLE would LOVE.

It is Classy and Conservative – yet still projects a sense of LOVE.


To change it up a bit for Couples Portrait Ideas, I wanted to do a more Film Noir “look.”

The lighting and effects are very dramatic, with some heavier shadows as part of the Film Noir culture.

The pose has that Cinematic Film Noir feel to it. Brianne looks like a Mysterious and Sexy Femme Fatale.

Tyler is now outfitted in a Tank-Top and showcasing his amazing Ink.

It all comes together for  a UNIQUE and Sexy Couple’s Portrait.


This is the same image, but cropped tighter to give a more intense look at our Couple.

I also added back the colour, but kept the mood and look as a Cinematic Film Noir image.

No fancy studio required, as this was shot in my living room.

It’s all about professional posing and lighting to match your intended look and mood.

Another Unique and Exciting Couple’s Portrait Idea.


Here we have CHANGED the MOOD and PRESENTATION again. Same Living Room as above.

As part of presenting Couples Portrait Ideas, I wanted to also shoot a LIFESTYLE “look.”

The Setting of having a Couple Celebrating with Champagne etc. is a Perfect Couples Lifestyle  idea.

The lighting is still Studio Strobes, but blended with the Window light to make it more Natural / Lifestyle in Appearance.

A variety of celebratory embraces could be photographed simply from this position and lighting.

AND YES – I purposefully had the SPILT GLASS in the image. It’s a FAUX SPILL – but adds to the frenzied excitement of their EMBRACE.


Naughty and Nice Suggestion – Part 3 – “Glamour Magazine Style”


Maybe your couple wants to LOOK and FEEL like they were on a MODERN MAGAZINE COVER.

So here is another suggestion for Unique and Exciting Couples Portrait Ideas.

Lighting is the key to this suggestion. I used Classic Glamour Butterfly Lighting on a white seamless background.

Add in 2 Rim lights and 2 Gelled Background lights for a total of 6 lights to make this Sexy Fashion Model Appearance.


Colour or B&W works well with this style of photography.

Couples will Look and Feel like Top Fashion Models with this type of session.

The Men can still look COOL, while the Women will look Gorgeous – and together the Couple looks like a Sexy Power Couple.


I took a basic photo of Brianne when I was setting up the lighting for exposure.

What’s amazing about this Lighting Setup, is that you can transition from Couples to a few Individual Images as well.

No need to change or move the lights.

Everybody will look Stunning with this Clamshell Lighting pattern.


This Glamour Style for an Exciting Couples Portrait Ideas has an added benefit.

You can have the couple styled in Casual clothing – Grunge – Well Dressed etc.

It pretty much all works.


We started out with the NAUGHTY – the Seductive Boudoir-like images for a Couples Session.

I then transitioned through the Film Noir Style and Lifestyle Images to showcase more Options of FABULOUS PORTRAITS.

We finished with the NICE – being the High Fashion Glamour..

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I want you all to TIME TRAVEL with me to the Summer of ’42, as we explore this beautiful outdoor Winnipeg Military Pinup Summer photo shoot.

It’s a warm, but extremely windy summer’s eve, and we are in Ste. Anne, Manitoba with the vintage lovely “Denae”, who is from Winnipeg.

My 12 year old son Willy is also here giving me a hand with equipment and props.

It’s so windy that he has to hold on tight to the studio lighting that I brought out to these scenes.


Here is “Denae”, riding into our photo scene on this incredible vintage style military bicycle.

The editing for this session was done with both a clean colour edit, as well as a more vintage 1940’s look. See the above two photos for examples.

That bicycle you see belongs to my studio and is quite rare. Only a few in Canada I’m sure.

It’s from the Electra Bicycle Company, and was specially ordered in from the U.S. a few years ago. It’s modern, but styled after the Military Theme of WW2.

Checking their website, I see they don’t even make this model anymore. It’s a stunning bike, as you will see in some of the other photos.


Denae’s shirt is military, and her jacket is an authentic vintage military issue as well.

We added a military costume garrison hat, and a black skirt that was of course much shorter then the actual 1940’s style, but more appropriate for a Pinup Shoot.

The stockings are real stockings that are held up in the vintage traditional way – via garter belt.

We threw in a few other vintage props, here and there as you will see in various images.


We shot in three different locations in Ste. Anne, including this park like setting.

Denae relaxes during her Manitoba Military Pinup session by reading a 1940’s magazine.

If you can see the page in the magazine, it shows a WW2 soldier on the ground as part of the advertisement.


Here’s a peek at this 1940s vintage doll from a front view.

Denae basks in the warm summer sun of 1942 in a beautiful vintage scene.

My studio’s military styled bicycle is the perfect companion for this lovely pinup girl.

Looking at this photo, I swear I was really back in 1942 when I took this shot.


What Items Cost in 1942:

  • New House cost almost $38oo.00
  • Average Yearly wage was almost $2000.00
  • Gallon of Gas was 15 cents
  • New car was about $900.00
  • Bottle of Coke was 5 cents.


In this Winnipeg Military Pinup Summer of ’42, we see Denae relaxing with her vintage movie camera.

It’s an authentic 16mm camera and weighs a ton. It’s that “old school” craftsmanship from yesteryear.

We even added a RCAF bag to our shoot to give a nice 1940s touch to this scene.

This image was photographed with the sun as the key light, as it was giving that warm glow on the brick wall.


A closeup of our “vintage lovely” girl, just whiling away the hours in the Summer of ’42.

World War II Events During Our Military Pinup Summer of ’42:
  • The Battle of Midway begins on June 4th.
  • Gas Rationing in the U.S. begins with a 3 gallon/week allowance.
  • The K9 Corps begins training dog for use in WW2
  • Car makers stop making vehicles and start making War Materials


Back at our vintage motel location, Denae gives a striking pose a a Military Pinup Girl.

She’s ready to cruise around our town of Ste. Anne and make the young men’s heads turn.

Denae’s stunning vintage 1940s hairstyle is courtesy of another well known Winnipeg Pinup Girl – Fallon Wolkowski.

Fallon was the winner of the 2018 Miss Peg City Pinup Contest.

She was kind enough to lend her talents to style Denae’s hair for this shoot.


Here’s our lovely Denae, who appears to be in the middle of delivering some Top Secret Documents for the military.

She wants you to keep it “hush hush,” as she secretly travels through the scenic park in Ste. Anne.

It’s all part of our Military Pinup Summer of ’42 photo shoot.

The vintage looking 1940s Secure Document Bag is a reproduction, but worked well as a fun prop.


The sun was quickly setting on our photoshoot, so I had to take this shot quickly.

Love the warm sunshine as well as the pink tones in the sky.


Interesting Facts During Military Pinup Summer of ’42:
  • The Walt Disney Movie – Bambi premiered in August of 1942.
  • One of my favourite movies – Casablanca – also premiered during this year.
  • Duct Tape was invented by the U.S. Military (originally called Duck Tape).
  • U.S. President – Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Canada Prime Minister – Mackenzie King.  United Kingdom Prime Minister – Winston Churchill.
  • Instant Coffee was invented.


Hazy summer evening of ’42, as the sun’s light fills my camera lens and backlights Denae.

The vintage styled edit of this photo really worked well, and this could be a postcard from 1942.

For those of you (Women and Men) who love the Vintage Military Pinup “look” – My Studio has a HUGE INVENTORY of outfits and props for many sizes.

This would be a very unique and exciting experience for One Person or a Couple.

Imagine having your ENGAGEMENT SESSION styled in a 1940s vintage photo shoot just like this Military Pinup Summer of ’42 session.


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As much as I enjoy photographing my clients in their Pinup sessions, I really LOVE seeing and being part of THEIR SUCCESS. For SHANNA, this meant a Published Pegcity Pinup Joins Wall Of Fame.


Shanna came to my studio for a Customized Vintage pinup session where she chose her theme as a sexy Mechanic.

She also decided to give her Confidence a SUPER-CHARGE Boost, by selecting the “I Want to Be A Published Pinup Model” option.

This meant the session was specifically stylized to meet the standards of the reputable Pinup Magazines available for submissions.


From her session, I submitted the images to the Largest Pinup Magazine in the WorldDelicious Dolls Magazine.

Lo and Behold – she became a Published Pinup Girl in their March 2019 Issue.  Congrats Shanna!

The images above are from her TWO PAGE LAYOUT.


As part of Shanna’s SUCCESS, I had her come back to the studio where she received her EXCLUSIVE “Published Magazine Model” T-Shirt.

I took a few pics of her proudly displaying her new “vintage-wear”.

You can see all of her Pinup Images in a previous Blog Posting by going to this LINK.

This Published Pegcity Pinup Joins Wall Of Fame – which means she will be featured on our website’s WALL OF FAME page.


I had Shanna pose with my studio’s 1950 Dodge, just to add to the Vintage Flavour of this awesome news.

Here Shanna poses with Her Copy of Delicious Dolls Magazine, and displaying her 2 page layout.

My clients (and Shanna) all say the same thing – the experience of the photo shoot is very Empowering and Confidence Boosting.

Becoming Published in a Pinup Magazine is the Ultimate way of “Doing Something Special – JUST FOR ME”.


In closing, I just want to personally say how much enjoyment I had in getting to know Shanna and creating a memorable photo shoot experience for her.

You can read her sentiments of the pinup experience by checking out Google Reviews of my studio.

I know in today’s Fast-Paced lifestyle – that Women are called upon to do more and more. 

All the more reason to GIVE YOURSELF a “Gift of Self-Love”, with a Pinup Photo Shoot Experience.



This is a very short Video of Shanna SIGNING MY COPY of her Published Pinup Magazine.

I hope I can make YOUR SUMMER a “Vintage Lovely” Experience!

* * * * * * * * * * Limited Sessions Each Month…CONTACT us now for a free consultation. FOLLOW US on Facebook – Instagram – Youtube ChannelTwitter *     *     * We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for: Boudoir, Pinup, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Fitness, Grads, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Portraits. Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE! Feel: – EXHILARATED – EMPOWERED – DIVA FOR A DAY –  *     *     * We Also Provide CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for any Commercial Occasion. “HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID.”

The post PUBLISHED PEGCITY PINUP JOINS WALL OF FAME appeared first on Vintage and Vogue Photography.

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NEWS FLASH! During the middle of the afternoon in 1950 July – the siblings of Bonnie And Clyde – namely BONNIE AND CLAIRE – pulled a Daring Daylight Bank Heist in Ste. Anne Manitoba.

There were no injuries, but the whole Town was reeling from the fact that such CELEBRITIES had “rolled through this town” – and pulled such a Brazen Bank Robbery.

This was very reminiscent of their Celebrity GrandParents – the original Bonnie Barker and Clyde Barrow.


This is an actual snapshot of the original Bonnie And Clyde, who became famous in the Great Depression Era of the 1930’s for their robbery exploits.

They were Young and Wild and became Celebrities of sorts, during the “Public Enemy Era”. They were eventually ambushed and killed by police officers in Louisiana in 1934.

What HAS NEVER BEEN REPORTED was that this couple bore children, and now the original Bonnie And Clyde have Two YOUNG and WILD GRANDCHILDREN…


Meet… ***  BONNIE and CLAIRE ***   Claire is actually on the Left (looking at the poster) and Bonnie is on the Right.

There are the grandchildren of Bonnie and Clyde and happened to pass through Ste. Anne, Manitoba during a 1950 July summer day.

I happened to BE TIME TRAVELLING that day in my own Time Machine – and stopped in Ste. Anne in July of 1950.

The “ladies” happened upon my place and Hijacked my 1950 Dodge. They also TOLD ME to Photograph their EXPLOITS while in town…or else.


The first thing they TOLD ME to do, was take a Cool Portrait of them in my studio.

How do you say No, when these Gorgeous Gals have their “IRONS” pointed in your direction.

This was the final portrait shot that they really liked, and sent this card off to their parents who were holed up in some unknown location.


So the first order of business for these gals was to do a little cruising under the Manitoba sun.

Though I was trembling with fright, I managed to keep these two Dangerous Dames in Focus for these shots.

Though I knew they were “Bad Girls” – I somehow was “Drawn to Them”.


Girls and Their Guns!

They always kept a wary Eye out for “The Law”, as they knew they had a Bounty on their lovely heads.

Every time a car drove by, these two Bonnie and Clyde siblings drew their firearms.

From what they told me, they could shoot a man’s trouser button off from 50 yards away. I DID NOT want to test that statement.


It was rare for one of them to put down their guns, but when they did I managed to score a lovely image.

Claire preferred to hang on to her “Chicago Typewriter” (Tommy Gun) – for most of the day – calling it her “Best Friend”.

All I knew was I was happy to be ALIVE and at the same time EXCITED to be in the Company of such Daring Dolls!

I wasn’t sure what was in store for the rest of the day, so I just kept snapping my photos.


They hopped in the car and told me to get in quick – as they were about to “Do A Job”.

I wasn’t sure what that exactly meant – but I didn’t think it was going to be Legal.

What choice did I have with Bonnie and Claire? They had the same DNA as their grandparents – Bonnie and Clyde.

After hopping in the car, they told me they were planning on a Bank Heist right in the heart of Ste. Anne.




I was basically informed to “Capture The Action” with my camera, as they pulled off their daring Bank Heist.

They went in several times, grabbing bags of money – and looking gorgeous while doing it.

I could smell the smoke from their guns as they sprayed warning shots in the air.

From what I could tell, they met little resistance and No One was Hurt.


After all the smoke had cleared – these Dangerous Dames – actually posed for a Bank Heist Photo.

They definitely live for the Adrenaline Rush in life – and took me along for the ride.

I could hear the wail if the Ste. Anne Police sirens in the air – as they got louder on their approach.

I was hoping I wasn’t going to be witness to a full scale SHOOT OUT with the police.


– The Getaway –


Whew! We took a few backroads and got out of there without being seen or firing a shot.

Bonnie was literally “Riding Shotgun” in the backseat with her “sawed-off friend”.


Looks like these gals scored the “Mother Lode” from the bank. Some Canadian Cash and even some American “Benjamins”.

They told me they had waited till the Money Bags from Winnipeg, were delivered to the bank in Ste. Anne.


They let me in on a SECRET. They were supposed to be meeting up with another group of gals and a New Get-Away Vehicle.

I took the opportunity to score some cool shots of these two Femme Fatales under the hot Manitoba sun.


It turns out that their little rendezvous with the “other gals” did not pan out.

Things got worse for these Bonnie and Clyde siblings, as their “roadster” started giving them car troubles.


– On The Run –


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See How a Winnipeg Girl-Next-Door turned her Empowering Pinup Session into something Extraordinary. She is PUBLISHED in the LARGEST PINUP MAGAZINE on the PLANET – namely Delicious Dolls Magazine – in this Pegcity Pinup Becomes Published Model posting.


Time to meet the “STAR of this SHOW” – the Stunning Winnipeg Girl-Next-Door – namely the Vintage Gorgeous Shanna!

Now Shanna’s story starts out like most other Women here in Manitoba…

She’s a regular gal, who gets up every morning and works hard at her job. She also spends much of her free time with her young daughter.

Shanna copes with a busy life schedule – puts up with Winnipeg Rush Hour – the Long Manitoba Winters – and tries to find some “ME TIME”.

Let’s read further to see how this Pegcity Pinup Becomes Published Model.


Lo and behold, Shanna decided that NOW was going to be “ME TIME”. Not tomorrow, or next week – but NOW.

Shanna decided that the PERFECT Gift for Herself was going to be a VINTAGE PINUP PHOTO SHOOT.

She of course contacted my studio – as I am ONLY – 1 of 3 – ACCREDITED PINUP PHOTOGRAPHERS in all of Canada (only one in Manitoba).

I am ACCREDITED with the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC) – the oldest and most prestigious Professional Organization for Photographers.

More to come in this Pegcity Pinup Becomes Published Model story…


Shanna contacted me and we “hit it off” right away. I could tell this “Doll” was Energetic and full of Positive Vibes.

She explained that in 2019 she wanted to “Step Out of her Comfort Zone” – and do Something Exciting and Just For Her.

Shanna mentioned how she had a love for Retro Styling and especially Vintage Cars.

This all came about from her childhood, where her Father would take her to see a variety of Classic Car Shows.


Shanna currently is the proud owner of a 1965 Impala SS that needs some restoration.

She plans to do the restoration work hopefully this summer with her Dad, as both of them love “working on” vehicles.

One of the first topics in planning Shanna’s Pinup Shoot, was to select a THEME that she loved.

In this Pegcity Pinup Becomes Published Model adventure… Shanna naturally wanted to be a Sexy Pinup Mechanic.

She also chose to have a Second Theme, which was to shoot some basic Fun Portrait Poses with her Vintage Hair and cute attractive clothing.

I sent Shanna to one or our EXPERT VINTAGE HAIRSTYLISTSJessica LeBrun – who created her Pinup Perfect hair.


In our conversations, I heard one of the MOST COMMON concerns that I hear from my Pinup and Boudoir Clients…

She related that she was not experienced in posing or modelling, and was likely to feel nervous for her session.

As you can see in this Pegcity Pinup becomes Published Model posting – Shanna looks anything BUT nervous or inexperienced.

She appears to be the complete opposite – a Professional Pinup Model that’s having the “Time of Her Life”.


In the above image, we added some Faux Grease to her left cheek to add to the mechanic look.

I provide ALL of MY CLIENTS – Relaxed Professional Coaching and Guidance for Posing and general Presence in front of the camera.

You can see the Profound Effect it had on this Delicious Doll!

She is CONFIDENT and ENJOYING HERSELF – all while being in front of a camera.

These are Important Transformations for All My Clients in this Pegcity Pinup Becomes Published model posting.


HOLY SMOKES! Now How About This Stunning Image – for a Winnipeg Girl-Next-Door!

Shanna wanted to SUPER-CHARGE her Pinup Experience and Confidence, by purchasing an, “I Want To Be A Published Model” package.

The session was specifically styled so that her images could be submitted to Delicious Dolls Magazine – which is the Largest Dedicated Pinup Publication out there.



The Most Common Excuses Why People Delay having a photo shoot:

  • I don’t look good in front of the camera / Hate my picture taken
  • Will feel tense or anxious during photo shoot
  • Still need to lose a few pounds – maybe in 6 months
  • There is no way I’ll look as good as those “other people” on your website
  • Is it worth paying my money for Professional photography
  • I have No Time. Hectic Life/Schedule


Let’s address some of these Excuses in this Pegcity Pinup Becomes Published Model posting.

For those of you who feel you will be Anxious/Stiff; Not Attractive; Hate Being in Front of the Camera – I have NEWS FOR YOU.

MOST of my CLIENTS All felt that way. Through my years of experience I have created a very RELAXED EASY-GOING Atmosphere for everyone’s photo shoot.

I’m very patient and will guide you effortlessly as you Transform into a Confident “Camera Girl”.

Your Weight/Body Type is PERFECT for a PINUP photo shoot RIGHT NOW!

Pinups come in all forms. CURVY IS IN! Plus I select the best poses and camera angles to ENHANCE YOUR BEAUTY.


How can you not afford to purchase My Photo Shoot Experience? I EMPHASIZE the EXPERIENCE!

Yes – you will end up with STUNNING IMAGES – but it’s MORE THEN THAT. The Entire Day YOU BECOME A DIVA.

For a small investment – you will experience an INCREASE in CONFIDENCE and feel EMPOWERED. That’s definitely worth the price of admission.

Having your Hair and Makeup done – Dressing Up – Feeling the Exhilaration of a Pro Photo Shoot. That feeling will carry with you for months.

If you Feel you have NO TIME – then that is Exactly THE TIME to book a session.

You need to Take A Break from your Hectic Pace – A Gift JUST FOR YOU.


Here is the final creative image from this Pegcity Pinup Becomes Published Model posting.

This is the PERFECT – UNIQUE and EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE – for any Woman.


Very EXCITED to announce – that SHANNA – selected our “I Want To Be A Published Pinup Model,” Option for her photo shoot.

This means we had some extra discussions so as to style her shoot so it could be published.


In the Largest PINUP MAGAZINE on the Planet… Delicious Dolls Magazine.

(The above two images are from Shanna’s TWO PAGE LAYOUT in the magazine).

YOU TOO – can feel the RUSH – of being a Published Pinup Girl.

CONTACT ME TODAY – for your own EMPOWERING Session.


SHANNA will receive an EXCLUSIVE “PUBLISHED MAGAZINE MODEL” T-SHIRT with our very Cool and Retro Logo.

Plus a PHOTO with her wearing her T-shirt – AND – Holding a copy of her Magazine!

You will have “Bragging Rights” with all your friends!

You can purchase your Print or Digital copy of her issue at THIS LINK.

* * * * * * * * * * Limited Sessions Each Month…CONTACT us now for a free consultation. FOLLOW US on Facebook – Instagram – Youtube ChannelTwitter *     *     * We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for: Boudoir, Pinup, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Fitness, Grads, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Portraits. Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE! Feel: – EXHILARATED – EMPOWERED – DIVA FOR A DAY –  *     *     * We Also Provide CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for any Commercial Occasion. “HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID.”

The post PEGCITY PINUP BECOMES PUBLISHED MODEL appeared first on Vintage and Vogue Photography.

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I have had so many recent clients that have sent me emails, thanking me for giving them a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, and an EMPOWERING FEELING. This Blog Posting titled, Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir photography is all about showcasing images and an experience that WILL BOOST YOUR EGO and assist you in INCREASING YOUR CONFIDENCE.


I have recently revamped my Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Sessions, so as to simplify the options for clients. (Sessions are for Manitobans in my travel radius).

A Standard Boudoir Session will have:

  • Classic Light & Airy Bedroom Poses with Studio Lighting
  • Classic Window Light poses

A Light & Airy bedroom image is showcased above with the oh so lovely “Crystal”.

I have compiled a number of “Client Favourite” Poses and developed a Beautiful “Shot List” for everyone’s session.

You will be able to view – ahead of time – various poses and “looks”, and then choose exactly WHAT YOU LOVE and NOT HAVE poses you dislike.

Optional Boudoir Session Add-Ons:

  • A Specific Vintage or Modern Theme, such as Sexy Vintage Detective (see link) – or other theme. I have many costumes (waitress/nurse/etc).
  • BOLD or Conservative STUDIO Boudoir Portraits (such as the images a few rows down).
  • Custom Concept like my Voyeur’s Boudoir Session (see link) or Rainy Day Boudoir (see link).




Window Light Example

During your FREE CONSULTATION we will discuss your Personal Tastes and go over all the potential options.

These options for the “Light & Airy” as well as the “Window Light” include such topics such as:

  • How Sassy will my photos be? (Lingerie, Implied Nude, Fully Nude).
  • Bedroom Setting with Bed / Use of French Provincial Sofa / Other Furniture pieces (a bar).
  • Variety of Props can be added to create a theme or setting.
  • Possible Vintage Props/Lingerie available, if you desire a Retro Look.


Light & Airy – and Sassy

Nude can be Beautiful and Classy – just like Crystal in her gorgeous photo from my Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting.

Your own Boudoir Experience can be conservative or more sassy – it’s all about your comfort level.

You can also step OUT of your comfort level and be BOLD with some Dramatic Studio Boudoir Images.


Bold Boudoir Portrait

The above images from this Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting are great examples of the Bold Studio Boudoir Options available.

These involve more Shadows and are Dramatic in Lighting and Style. They have a more Mysterious and Bold “Feel” to them.

Perfect choice for some clients as an ADD-ON to their Light & Airy Session. A Real Confidence Booster!


Part of the Light & Airy Session poses. This is one that a lot of Client’s Husbands/Partners just LOVE, as it gives that perfect SEDUCTION VIBE.

My Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Session can be the PERFECT GIFT for: – YOUR PARTNER – or – FOR YOURSELF – !

The actual EXPERIENCE of my photoshoots if a GIFT FOR YOU – as you will feel Exhilarated and Ego Boosted after it’s over.

The Jaw Dropping images can be a Gift for BOTH of YOU.



Add a PERSONAL TOUCH to your Boudoir Session, by wrapping yourself in “His” Shirt.

When you show him the final images, he will ALWAYS be thinking of you whenever he puts on that shirt.

It’s a great way to ADD some SIZZLE and ROMANCE to one’s relationship.

You can also have some images in your favourite lingerie, as a way of mixing up the SPICE.


As part of your FREE CONSULTATION for your Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Session, we will discuss clothing and lingerie options.

It’s important to have matching sets, as well as styles that flatter your figure and you feel comfortable in.

You may even want to consider adding Garter Belts and Stockings to give it a Vintage Flair for some of your shots.


As you look at these images from this Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting…

Think of the VARIETY of POSES and LIGHTING that you are seeing.

MOST Photographers will NOT BE ABLE to photograph Light & Airy Studio Shots + Window Light shots + Dynamic/Bold Studio shots all in ONE SESSION.

Let your Creative Juices Flow as you Customize your own photo shoot.

AND – not only do you have OPTIONS – but the IMAGES ARE ALL STUNNING!


ALL of these images in this Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography posting were photographed at my Home Studio in Ste. Anne.

With my Expertise in Lighting and Photography, I can create these (and other) High-End Professional images without a full size studio.

Come out to Ste. Anne for a relaxing 20 minute drive from Winnipeg’s Perimeter.


It’s all part of that “FEEL GOOD” Experience for your Boudoir Session.


As you look at these images – PICTURE YOURSELF – here at the studio – becoming a Boudoir Beauty!

Every woman has Beauty in Her Soul and her Form…it is my duty to Capture it all.


Whether you are TIRED of the WINTER CHILLS or want to do something EXCITING during the SUMMER HEAT – my Boudoir Session is the Answer.


Take a BREAK from Your HECTIC Lifestyle. The Job – The Kids – The Traffic – The “(fill in the blank)”.

Do Something JUST FOR YOU!


Your Confidence and Ego will explode with exhilaration as participate in your very own Empowering Winnipeg Boudoir Photography Session.

If you are wondering – “Just Why Are These Images So Gorgeous?”

I am an ACCREDITED Photographer with the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC).

This means I have had my photographic work scrutinized by a panel of Master Photographers who have deemed my work to be Consistently of High Professional Quality.

There are NO Professional STANDARDS for photographers in Canada. The PPOC created their organization back in the 1960’s to remedy the situation, and have a way for the general public to assure themselves of hiring a Quality Pro Photographer.

The “ACCREDITED” Logo on my website is what you should look for in hiring YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. It means STUNNING IMAGES – PROFESSIONAL ETHICS – PRIVACY.


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I am totally loving my recent adventure into Fitness Photography. This Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography session is now my 3rd to be posted. You will see quite a variety of image styles and lighting that can be incorporated into any Man or Woman’s Fitness photo shoot.


My latest fabulous visitor to my studio is the very FITJason M.

He’s been bodybuilding for about eight years now, and as of 2019 is now transitioning to Power Lifting.

Jason clearly lives & breathes a very healthy lifestyle, as his body fat percentage is much lower then the rest of us humans.

I have worked out in gyms for years, but never had the discipline it takes to get this “shredded”.

Jason’s short term goal is to compete competitively in local Power Lifting Competitions.


Jason told me that for his diet, he likes to eat several small meals a day, and to avoid processed foods.

“It’s all about calories in versus calories out”. Seems simple enough – but I personally always struggle in the evenings.

Jason has a FB page dedicated to fitness and assisting others. You can reach him at Envisioned Physique.

He also maintains an Instagram account under the name Canadian Bodybuilder.

Jason feels that for him and really for anyone, that bodybuilding improves one’s confidence and outlook on life.

He promotes various bodybuilding products through bodybuilding.com, which you can ask him about via social media.


Ok folks – so who’s LOVING the images from this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting? I totally am – even if I am biased.

The first three images are all a bit different in style and look. The first image is colour and in an exercise pose, with a cool old gymnasium background.

The 2nd photo is a kind of edgy fitness black and white pose. Notice the cool large CHAINS – which are available for any fitness client.

The 3rd image is a more fashion lifestyle portrait, but emphasizing the fitness level of the subject.

As you can see, there are so many EXCITING options available for any client booking a Fitness Session with me.


I should mention that the amazing INK on Jason’s back is the real deal. That is not from Photoshop.

Anyone booking a Fitness Session with me, WILL EXPERIENCE: Excitement / Exhilaration / Confidence.

Yes, even in a Fitness shoot this will happen. You DO NOT need to know how to pose or even like your photo taken.

Jason is not one to embrace the camera, but after a few minutes of my relaxed coaching and guidance, he actually became very comfortable in his photo shoot.

As a client you will also have the exciting anticipation of viewing your photo gallery and selecting the images you wish for final editing. You can even select poses similar to this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting.

Imagine yourself in one of these photo poses – & then displaying one or more of these prints in your home etc.


Sometimes you just don’t need any props. Just amazing studio light to carve out your subject’s features.

Did you know that I’m an ACCREDITED PHOTOGRAPHER with the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC).

I have special Accreditation in both Pinup Photography as well as Studio Portrait Photography.

This means that my work has been examined by Master Photographers of the PPOC, and deemed to be at a consistently HIGH LEVEL of PROFICIENCY – just life the images in this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting.

This is GREAT NEWS for YOU the CLIENT. Since there are No Universal Photography Standards “out there” – how do you know you are hiring an excellent photographer?

The ANSWER is that “Accredited Photographer” Logo on my website. If you see that – you can be assured of stunning images and professional ethics.


When booking a Fitness Session – or any photo shoot with me – we will become a TEAM in creating your images.

We discuss on the phone, your own vision and make sure the photos taken, are actually images and poses you LOVE.

This particular photo from my Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting, is one of the more creative options I chose.

I have a huge variety of FITNESS PROPS that can be used to create any number of cool shots.

This includes items such as:

  • dumbbells, barbells
  • weights/plates of varying sizes
  • bench press, arm curl machine, leg extension machine, cardio stepper
  • exercise mats, exercise balls, cinder blocks
  • boxing bag, boxing gloves
  • vintage lockers to create a locker room scene
  • much more


ALL of these images in this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting were created in my HOME STUDIO. In fact about 95% of all the indoor images on my website are from my Home Studio.

I am located in Ste. Anne, which is literally a relaxing 20 minute drive from the Winnipeg Perimeter.

There is no traffic jams, potholes, or red lights to deal with, when coming to my studio. Grab a cup of coffee before you leave and enjoy the short drive to Ste. Anne. FREE PARKING as well.

I am also available for any Winnipeg or Steinbach location as well. I have professional grade equipment that can travel to any locale – including a gymnasium or some Street Style Fitness location.


What better way to add an Edgy Look, then exercising on Cinder Blocks, with dumbbells that have seen many years of sweat?

Whatever Genre I am shooting (Fitness, Pinup, Boudoir, Old Hollywood etc) – I photograph my images as if they were singular portraits.

That means I am not shooting a million images and “hoping” that I get some “good ones”.

I design a specific workflow of poses/images that I work through to create YOUR STUNNING IMAGES.


Here is another more Fashion Styled Portrait for a Fitness Client.

Remember – though this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting features a Male…

Women can of course book a Fabulous Fitness Session as well. You can see some of my work in the Fitness Portfolio.


Your Fitness Session doesn’t have to be about bodybuilding. It can be any fitness or sports related activity or theme.

I have photographed several Hockey themed portraits in the past – and you can see them in previous blog postings.

You too can have Jaw Dropping Fitness Images, just like Jason in his Winnipeg Bodybuilding Photography posting.


Ending this session with a confident Fashion Style Fitness pose.

If you are wondering why my images look so stunning – it’s ALL ABOUT LIGHTING CONTROL.

I carefully craft and sculpture my subject with lights and shadows to make them “pop” in their photographs.


I have a SPECIAL BONUS for anyone booking a Fitness Session BEFORE June 30th and choose a minimum 7 image session.

You will be posed for – and then receive a very Cool STREET FIGHTER POSTER (like above) for FREE.

You even get to CHOOSE Your NICKNAME.

I hope you enjoyed this Winnipeg Bodybuilder Photography posting and possibly become one of my clients.

To see other Fitness or Sport related blog postings, check these links:   Link1     Link2     Link3     Link4

* * * * * * * * * * Limited Sessions Each Month…CONTACT us now for a free consultation. FOLLOW US on Facebook – Instagram – Google+Youtube Channel – Twitter *     *     * We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for: Boudoir, Pinup, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Sports, Glamour, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Portraits. Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE! Feel: – EXHILARATED – EMPOWERED – DIVA FOR A DAY –  *     *     * We Also Provide CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for any Commercial Occasion. “HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID.”

To see other Stunning Sessions – Click Here – And then scroll through all the shoots.

The post WINNIPEG BODYBUILDER PHOTOGRAPHY appeared first on Vintage and Vogue Photography.

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There are so many styles of Boudoir Photography available for my clients. Styles range from the lighting, as well as the posing. I can also add mirrors for glamorous boudoir.


This is a short posting on some mirrored boudoir shots I took with the always gorgeous Brianne Klassen.

This brief shoot involved a large Vintage Styled Mirror, and a brick wall background, and was shot in my Ste. Anne studio.

This type of pose can be added to any regular boudoir session as part of your own CUSTOM Shoot.


A slight change in angles, poses, and expressions, gives your images a varied look.

We provide Black And White versions of your images as an option as well.

Wouldn’t your partner just LOVE to see you in a photo such as this? Add mirrors for glamorous boudoir, to your own session.


In this image we changed a number of elements from the previous shots.

The FOCUS is now on the actual woman and not the reflection. This changes where your eye moves to when looking at the image.

Second, and more obvious, is the actual pose. Much more dynamic and energy filled.

Something sexy for that “someone special”.


A simple beautiful gaze from a woman’s eyes in her reflection.

Did you know we have a large collection of tops and one piece lingerie that is available for FREE use in your session?

Lingerie can be an expensive added cost. Bring one or two pieces and also take a look at our collections.

This gives you a wide range of “looks” for your set, and you can add mirrors for glamorous boudoir.


Another variation in this same basic mirrors for glamorous boudoir set up.

Here, the Focus is on the reflection, but to add even more emphasis on her curves – the head of the actual woman is not shown.

This really adds to the intensity and sexiness of her female form displayed in the mirror.

As an Accredited Member of the Professional Photographers Of Canada (PPOC) –  I have the training and experience to offer a high-en images with Top Tier Service.

See my Client Raves Page for Reviews from actual clients – or check my Google reviews and FB Reviews.

You can be assured of Privacy as well as professional ethics in your session.


All my clients receive strict privacy regarding their images. Nothing is posted on social media without written permission.

Boudoir Sessions are mostly photographed at my Pro Home Studio in Ste. Anne – a mere 20 minutes outside of Winnipeg.

Options also available for a Studio in Winnipeg, or even a reputable Hotel room.

I specialize in providing a CUSTOM SESSION. You CHOOSE the lighting style and how “revealing” you want your session.

To see other potential styles of Boudoir see my Blog or check out these links:     Link1     Link2     Link3     Link4

* * * * * * * * * * Limited Sessions Each Month…CONTACT us now for a free consultation. FOLLOW US on Facebook – Instagram – Google+Youtube Channel – Twitter *     *     * We also offer Custom Portraits in VINTAGE or MODERN Photo Sessions for: Boudoir, Pinup, Classic Hollywood, Engagement/Couples, Sports, Glamour, Bachelorette Parties, Film Noir, Portraits. Our Vintage Sessions are a TRUE BREAK from your HECTIC LIFE! Feel: – EXHILARATED – EMPOWERED – DIVA FOR A DAY –  *     *     * We Also Provide CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for any Commercial Occasion. “HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID.”

To see other Stunning Sessions – Click Here – And then scroll through all the shoots.

The post ADD MIRRORS FOR GLAMOROUS BOUDOIR appeared first on Vintage and Vogue Photography.

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