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It can be difficult to look great in lingerie over 50 years old. On the one hand, there are so many amazing lingerie styles for 50+ women! Nevertheless, there is very little information or suggestions out there for women who are 50, 60 and more. Keep reading to discover how to transform your lingerie collection when you are over 50 years old.

There’s life after the 50s

Many people believe there isn’t beautiful lingerie for women over 50 years old. This couldn’t be more false. An absolute myth. What can happen is that women end up buying the wrong products and end up being uncomfortable or wearing something that doesn’t go with their style.

In the picture: Marie Jo Avero bra

How many times has this happened to you? You have this idea in mind, but you end up with something completely different. Often the wrong product, which is totally unflattering and doesn’t help you to make the best of your figure.

Here are a few ideas that you might like to try, but you have to remember to be true to your own style. Also, be aware of your body shape. We aren’t talking about sizes here. With the years, everyone’s body changes. While before you were crazy for a balconette bra, you may find that a full bra is your thing now. There’s no shame on it.

Brazilian briefs and higher waist briefs are your allies
Brief: Lascana

Stay away from thongs if possible. They do nothing for a woman unless you are on your 20s or have an athletic body. A thong brief can really hinder you when you’re trying to look totally gorgeous in just your bra and briefs.

Instead, go for something more flattering and with a little more cover, such as a Brazilian brief or, even, a higher waisted brief. They look lovely! These can be so much more comfortable, nicely drawing your silhouette.

We love Aubade’s Saint Tropez shorties!

Check out the amazing Aubade Saint Tropez briefs. They are probably one of the most-well designed lingerie garments ever. Romantic and seductive, yet absolutely comfortable. These briefs are usually a little more expensive than the bikini briefs and the thongs, but they are absolutely gorgeous.

And for those of you who want a brief that can hide a multitude of sins, a high waist brief is your secret ally.

Match bra and brief for an instant mood upgrade

Always try to match your briefs with your bra. You’ll never look as great in a black bra with white briefs, so don’t try. It may sound silly to you, but many of our customers tell us they feel an instant mood upgrade when they put on their matching lingerie set. You can wear matching lingerie every day; it doesn’t have to be only for special occasions.

Empreinte lingerie has lovely sets of bras and briefs

When buying your bra make sure it has great support. The last thing you need is sagging in that area. Get a bra such as the Empreinte Thalia Underwired Low Necked Bra that will give you a great shape and all the support you could ever need. Also, make sure you buy a couple of pairs of matching briefs, too. This way you might like to change your briefs during the day so that you stay nice and fresh and yet you’ll still have the same look all day long.

Some of our bras have a range of matching briefs, so you can choose from midi, regular or maxi briefs. Some brands, such as Lepel, Aubade or Maison Lejaby, also offers cute lace shorties and high waisted briefs with light built-in support, which is a nice little extra.

You can wear bright colourful lingerie over 50!

It used to be the way that you only wore black or white bras and knickers, but these days there are so many lovely colours to choose from. Again, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to wear bright coloured lingerie. Try a Scarlet red from time and time and see how it looks under a white blouse. In many cases, you can’t actually see it through the blouse because for some reason it shows up as a skin tone! Don’t ask us why but it does.

Choosing the right coloured lingerie for your skin tone

Choose colours that flatter your skin tone, too. If you have a very pale complexion, then go for pinks and pale blues. Pastel coloured lingerie will enhance your skin tones and look great against your skin.

Luckily for you, all pale lingerie is on trend this season and we have plenty to choose from: baby pink, sky blue, peach, mint and, of course, the 2019’s favourite, which is lilac.

Orange is the new black

If your skin tone is olive or darker, you need to try some of our orange and coral lingerie sets. It may not seem like the most obvious choice. Nevertheless, you should trust our word here. You’ll just love it. Warm colours, such as pink, red, orange and yellow, look especially good on dark skins.

Some other colours look amazing no matter your skin tone. This is the case of red lingerie, so popular around Valentine’s day and fuchsia lingerie.

Shapewear to show off curves, not to torture you

If your figure is not quite what you might like it to be there is a wide variety of shapewear to choose from now. In times gone by, shapewear used to look like a torture device and to be honest, it felt like one too. Nowadays, you can find some comfortable shapewear that not only enhances your figure but actually looks good on you as well.

Wolford’s minimal-inspired shapewear & shaping bodysuits

The classic thigh slimmers have grown into a full range of shapewear, with different levels of support. These days you can find all types of shaping solutions in a range of sizes, too. Back in the past are those days where people believed shapewear was only for plus sizes.

I advise you to take a look at the Wolford range for inspiration, which offers superb quality and modern designs. You can also read our post on the most common false myths of shapewear.

Go for quality over quantity

Our final words on this matter are to go for quality over quantity. If you can only afford to buy one bra and one pair of briefs, then do this. Get the best that you can afford and then add to the range as time goes by. Spending a fair amount on your lingerie will pay dividends in the long run as you will have a great look lingerie collection and the products will last much longer than their cheaper rivals.

And remember: No matter what your age, be happy in your skin!

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Playtex lingerie has been around since 1932 and is still very much a front runner today. They started off with their world-famous Playtex girdles, where they used Latex a great deal. However, it was the launch of the iconic Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra that upgraded the game for Playtex and made them mainstream.

What was so different in the Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra?

Playtex had been operating for over 20 years when they came up with their more innovative campaign, which, was a total success. 1954 saw the launch of their iconic Cross Your Heart Bra with an advertising campaign some of you may still remember. The slogan for the launch campaign was “lifts and separates”. Another great moment in the history of the bra.

A classic of lingerie: Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra

As simple as that. “Lifts and separates”. People loved it, though. It certainly worked for many women and, we have to admit, still does to this day. All those years ago and yet still going strong.

Why is that, I hear you say? Well, we believe that the Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra still does everything it promised back then and a lot more too.

The Playtex bra that “lifts and separates”

Playtex boasts that this bra can be worn for 18 hours and you’ll still feel as comfortable in it as if you’d just put it on and they’re right. It’s the most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear. This is because its fabric is perfectly chosen to allow your bust to breath. You will feel the uplift that this bra can offer and see why it’s stood the test of time.

Without being on the expensive side, the Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra truly is one of the best bra styles money can buy. The construction and level of comfort are fantastic.

Playtex today brights with new bright-coloured lingerie

With the pass of the years, Playtex realised that not only could they make fantastic bras, but they could make them in lovely colours and different variations on lace and patterns. So, nowadays you can find your favourite Playtex bras in a range of colours, as well as the basics: black, white and nude.

A lady likes matching lingerie sets

And, because women often like to match her bra and her brief, Playtex also decided to go ahead and manufacture briefs to match their wonderful bras. Take the example of the Playtex Daily Elegance Underwired Bra in a lovely Orchid pink colourway. With its matching brief, of course!

This leads us to today when we have a host of wonderful lingerie for ladies who love good quality, comfort and style, at a great price. If this is your case, Playtex Lingerie is perfect for you.

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Retro bras are one of those fashion trends making a comeback this year. We all now fashion trends come and go, right? Marie Kondo may not agree with us, but fashion trends constantly evolve. Look at the comeback of the cropped tops, animal prints or, THE comeback in lingerie: the return of the mighty bodysuit!

We do love retro lingerie!

If you follow our lingerie blog, you’re probably as much of a fashion expert as we are, right? So, you’ll love to read that retro lingerie is super hot this season. It’s not only the high waist briefs and the bodysuits that are hitting the streets this season (or, rather than the streets, the bedrooms?).

The look of 1950’s bras has clearly influenced a great number of lingerie collections this season. You no longer have to choose a proper brand of vintage lingerie to be able to find a retro-inspired lingerie set. After all, a bullet bra is really cool. They look fabulous. But is a bullet bra the most comfortable choice for you? Don’t you prefer the comfort and support of the current bras?

How have retro bras evolved since the 1950’s?

A bullet bra is probably the first concept that comes to mind when we think of a retro bra, which Madonna brought back to fashion, before evolving into the cone bra. These days, you can find some bras with a similar shape, like this Dominique bra, but especially triangle bras. Also influenced by the corset, you can find retro-inspired balconette bras.

Underwired or non wired? Soft cup or padded cups?

Back in the 1950s, bras were non-padded and non-wired. Things have changed, though. You can now choose how you like your bra… and you have plenty of choices! Some women prefer one or other type of bra. Other women wear different types of brands depending on the day or the outfit.

What about you? How do you like your bras?

Playtex is really good at making classic retro-inspired soft cup non-wired bras. Take the example of the lingerie set above. It’s classic and timeless, yet it includes a subtle feminine touch; lace cups. Another retro-inspired bra in Playtex collection is the Playtex Support All Over Lace Soft Cup Bra.

Beautiful retro-inspired bras we love:

We have put together a selection of retro-inspired bras we love. Some of them are based on the bullet bra, with smoother shapes. Some others take the idea of the triangle bra with a sheer and an opaque panel and play around with it.

What’s your favourite bra from these?

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Felina is really the very definition of a household name. In the world of lingerie, Felina bras are so well known in their industry. They are a go to designer for so many women, whether it’s for fashion, for support or for everyday comfort. But Felina isn’t one of those brands who focus exclusively on comfort. You also have Felina Conturelle lingerie.

If you love Felina as much as we do, you have to check out Conturelle lingerie, the luxury range of Felina. Why are we such good fans of Conturelle lingerie by Felina?

What makes Conturelle lingerie so special?
Beautiful red lace embroidered bra by Felina Conturelle

Felina, the name behind Conturelle bras and briefs, is known for a wonderful range of different qualities and attributes that they do phenomenally well. The first is the variety.

Felina has so many different designs, ranging from more timeless pieces to fashion bras, included in Felina’s most luxurious range Conturelle lingerie. They have been a brand for around 30 years, and as such, although experienced, they are young and ambitious and full of great ideas.

Felina’s everyday range is just as beloved as anything else and they have a design for everyone. First and foremost, their range is about balance. Every single one of Felina Conturelle designs looks stylish whilst also being comfortable and easy to wear. They don’t skimp on the quality of the fit and the support, but they also don’t make boring designs either.

Felina original Vs Felina Conturelle lingerie

Of course, with a range as wide and varied as this, Felina makes some very simplistic t-shirt bras that we love too (the original Felina lingerie brand we so much love), but they also make fashion items that put design first. This is the idea behind Conturelle lingerie: extremely comfortable bras and briefs that bring out your sensual side. Because, who doesn’t want to look amazing in lingerie? Who said you need to choose between comfort and seduction?

Beautiful ornamented black bra by Felina Conturelle SS19 with matching brief

This is the part we love about Felina Conturelle bras the most. They are able to always keep their whole range of customers in mind whilst offering specialised products and designs. So with such variety that never seems to leave anything out, where do you start?

Why should I look at Felina Conturelle bras for my next purchase?

The best thing with Felina Conturelle bras is to not look at them as a brand that makes a bra that does everything, but a brand that makes every kind of bra. Felina is meant to be something that you have many of.

If you want something stylish and something more everyday friendly, then take a look at multiple items. It’s not that they can’t fit both into a design. They certainly can. But, with such variety, it would be a shame to miss out on their most stylish fashion bras and, equally, a shame to miss out on their most wonderfully comfortable and great fitting bras.

Your underwear drawer deserves to have an item for every occasion and Felina is one of the few brands that can offer all of this for you.

What else does Conturelle lingerie have for the fans of Felina?
Conturelle Provence is available in Wool & light mint. See more colours here

Although it might seem from our praise that Conturelle is a bra designer, it should be noted that that’s just one part of their range. They make briefs to match their bras too, and that’s not just an extra good wither.

As briefs are a much less technical product, Conturelle lingerie can really concentrate on making them wonderfully fashionable. They can be full of the designs and motifs that there isn’t enough space on the bra for. This is where they really bring the designs together and make something that is more than the sum of its parts. We particularly love Felina Conturelle maxi briefs, as they feel absolutely gorgeous and very comfy, too!

So if you want some of the best underwear and lingerie in the world, go with Felina Conturelle lingerie. You will have some wonderful and delightful designs that are also so comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing them.

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UK Lingerie Blog by Uk Lingerie - 5M ago

Are you new to the lingerie world? You may have so many questions, don’t you? Don’t worry! At UK Lingerie, we have realised many people would like to know more about lingerie. How to choose it, how to buy lingerie, how to care for your bras and intimates, etc. Do you have any lingerie questions you need help with? Here you have the most frequent lingerie questions answered. We intend to include any enquires you have, so, please, share our Lingerie Q&A with your contacts and don’t be afraid to comment!

What is lingerie?

Lingerie is a category of clothing, which usually includes undergarments. While underwear and undies seems to be gender-neutral, lingerie is a term traditionally linked to women’s undergarments. The origin of the term lingerie is French. The word is taken from the French linge, which means linen. The word was first used in English in 1922.

Lingerie is generally made of fine and lightweight fabrics, such as silk, satin, chiffon and, more recently, Lycra and, even, cotton. Women’s lingerie is often decorated with lace, mesh panels and bows. While bras, briefs and corsets were once understood as a practical garment, lingerie has evolved into something you can wear for pleasure, too. You watch a video and read more about how lingerie trends evolve here.

Different types of lingerie Bras

Bras and briefs are the most common lingerie choices. We have hundreds of bras, to match every woman’s shape, size and, of course, taste. There’s so much choice! It may seem like it’s always been there, but indeed, the bra has only been ‘a thing’ since the twenty century. Can you believe it?

What are the most common types of bras?

  • Underwired/non-wired bras
  • Padded/push-up/non-padded (also called soft cup) bras
  • Full cup/half cup (or demi cup) bras
  • Bandeau (or strapless) bras
  • T-Shirt bras
  • Bralette, or linen bra

Many people refer to briefs as bottoms, knickers or pants.

Most common types of briefs:

  • Maxi brief
  • Regular brief, also called Italian brief or bikini brief
  • Thong brief or G-string brief
  • Brazilian brief
  • Shorty
  • Boxer brief
Corsets and basques

Corsets, bustiers and basques have been in fashion for longer than bras, even though these days they are the kind of lingerie styles you only wear because it’s pretty.

Well, except if you are wearing a bridal corset or you wear your basque as outwear (e.g. paired with jeans). Bustiers are longlined bras. If they go all the way down your hips, it’s called basques. Corsets only support the waist, but you still need to wear your own bra.

Garter belts and suspender belts

Only to be worn along with suspenders and stockings. Read our post here for tips to rock your suspender look.


Camisoles, Baby-dolls, and even, chemises, are in between lingerie and nightwear. You can wear them as a second layer under a dress, or to look sexy for your other one or yourself.

Have we forgotten any? We have an amazing lingerie glossary you can check to learn the meaning of every lingerie-related word you can think of. It includes a few dozen terms you may need help with, such as types of cups, fabrics or, even all the parts of a bra.

Is nightwear a type of lingerie?

Many people include nightwear and, even, sleepwear as part of the definition of lingerie. The question is: what is the purpose of your nightwear? Are you wearing it to sleep? Then, we believe, it’s not lingerie but sleepwear. What do you think? Do you understand nightwear as a type of lingerie?

A guide to choose lingerie: Comfort Vs Beauty

How do choose your lingerie? Do you look for comfortable lingerie? Or, instead, try to find beautiful lingerie that, of course, has a good fitting? Unfortunately, women sometimes buy the wrong lingerie styles (and the wrong back and cup size, even) only because the lingerie set is too pretty. Even if it doesn’t fit. After all, who’s never bought some high heels you had a crush on, only to find out they were too high (or too painful) to walk?

Nowadays, though, most women prefer to buy good-fitting lingerie, so comfort is a key factor in choosing lingerie. Furthermore, these days you can find gorgeous good-fitting lingerie. Remember this: in lingerie, quality is better than quantity.

Bralettes are comfy and pretty at the same time!
Getting fitted: In store or at home?

Have you ever wondered where is the best place to buy lingerie? Online or offline? The pros of buying lingerie online are a greater offer, in terms of sizes, but also in styles and colours, as well as an uncomplicated process: Pick the style, pick the size, pick the colour, add to basket, pay, done! Who wants to wander around a store looking for some extra bras while everyone looks around you at your bra? Not to forget all the queue up for a fitting room and for a cashier.

The same thing happens for fitting. Who hasn’t been measured in one size and given a bra size, only to go to a different place and been given a totally different figure? Better try at home. Ask your partner or a friend to help you with the measuring tape and follow our fitting guide. It’s really a very simple process, once you learn how to do it. Believe us, once you’ve found your actual bra size, you’ll give advice to all your friends about bra fitting.

How to wear lingerie?

Research has shown that around 60% of women in the UK wear the wrong size of bra. Did you know that? So, first things first, make yourself a favour and spend a couple of minutes checking out how a bra should fit. Wearing the wrong size of bra causes backache, neck pain and discomfort.

To match or not to match tops and bottoms

The eternal question: To match or not to match your tops and bottoms. If colour-matching lingerie is something you really care for, you should probably buy at least two briefs for each bra you buy. The reason is simple: you wash your briefs often than your bra.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to colour match your lingerie (eg. if you have to wear a particular bra with a dress or a shaping bra). It isn’t the end of the world. It happens to all of us. Somehow, though, it feels better when all your lingerie matches. Right?

Lingerie is the recipe for happiness

Wearing pretty lingerie can make you happy. Did you know it? It boosts your own mood and your partners, too. When you feel beautiful in lingerie, you forget about body issues and magic happens. Women who love wearing lingerie often feel less insecure about their body.

What’s the point of wearing sexy lingerie if it’s going to end up taking off? you may say. Well, it’s all about self-image, but also about fashion. If you are into fashion and you want to learn more about what lingerie styles are hot this season, you can get yourself a cuppa and check out our posts about fashion lingerie and nightwear.

Do men wear lingerie?

Well, generally they do! We wrote a post here about what lingerie styles men like and many men actually wear lingerie. Women are a big part of the market, but it’s now opening to men, too. Many companies actually now design gender-neutral lingerie.

What colour of lingerie is best for my skin?

We don’t think you should wear a particular colour of lingerie only because your skin is paler or darker. Light nude colours aren’t obviously the best option for women of darker skin tones looking for a natural colour to wear under a white top, for instance.

Apart from that, we believe this is a matter of personal taste. Some people love white and pale coloured lingerie sets. Others only wear black lingerie.

For instance, some ginger women avoid read at all costs, while others embrace it. What colour of lingerie do you like the most?

Lingerie Care: Quality Vs Quantity How to wash lingerie

How you treat your lingerie influences how long it will last. As we explain in this blog post with lingerie care tips, you should always try to hand-wash your lingerie with neutral soap or lingerie wash. If this isn’t possible, wash your lingerie in a lingerie bag and the delicates washing programme. Never ever put your precious lingerie in a tumble dryer.

Designer lingerie lasts longer… and fits better!

When your designer lingerie is cared for, it lasts longer than budget brands. Becoming a lingerie designer isn’t easy. When you buy an expensive bra, you are paying extra for the work of the designer, but also for the research behind that design (to find out the best fit) and, of course, the materials. You wouldn’t expect to pay the same for a satin chemise and a silk chemise, right? Then don’t assume that all bras are the same.

What are the top lingerie names?

We work with many brands of lingerie and nightwear. Here you have a selection of our favourite brands:

Now it’s your turn. Do you have more questions? Leave us a comment and we will try our best to answer any doubts you may have.

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Are you one of those couples who celebrate Valentine’s day as a big day in the calendar? Do you and your loved one celebrate Saint Valentine’s day with a whole day only for yourselves? Many couples celebrate going out on a Valentine’s day date. Others don’t do anything special but love treating their other half with Valentine’s gifts. Whatever way you are celebrating Valentine’s day 2019, we are here to talk about the one and only Valentine’s day tradition: Wearing sexy red lingerie.

French luxury lingerie brand Aubade has the greatest sexy red lingerie for Valentine’s day 2019. You should take a look at Aubade’s sexy red underwear, even if you are not a fan of celebrating the 14th of February. These are seriously hot!

Aubade Soleil Nocturne collection:

Red is the most traditional colour for lingerie and this year we wanted to show you that, sometimes, it’s OK to go for the traditional. We have done Valentine’s day lists of gift ideas in the past up to £50 and up to £150, but this time we want to talk about the amazing sexy red lingerie in Aubade Spring Summer 2019 Preview collection. The Aubade Soleil Nocturne range has arrived just in time for Valentine’s day 2019.

Aubade Soleil Nocturne Basque
Nobody does basques and bustiers like Aubade Paris!

Basques, corsets and bustiers feel very flattering and sexy. We know they aren’t the most practical lingerie styles, but who wants to go for practical on Valentine’s day? Particularly when you have so much choice. The Aubade Soleil Nocturne Basque feels absolutely gorgeous and flattering. It’s one of those unique pieces of lingerie you instantly love.

When we saw Aubade’s collections ahead of Valentine’s day 2019 we soon realised we’d be taking all the styles with us. How come we couldn’t when they are all so beautiful? Take the example of the Aubade Soleil Nocturne lingerie range. Has it ever happened to you that you see a bra and you feel like you have to touch it and feel it in your skin? That’s exacly what happened to us when we saw these little beauties.

Aubade Soleil Nocturne Triangle Bralette
We love the look of this lovely set, which is available in black, too

Do you remember we said bralettes were hot last season? They are of course a top trend in 2019, too. They are just perfect for the smaller cups, as they feel flattering and sexy. If you feel like you need a little bit extra support, you should definitely check out the half cup version of this elegant lingerie collection right below.

Aubade Soleil Nocturne Half Cup Bra
Wear it with or without the garter belt; it looks stunning both ways

This is the last style in the Aubade Soleil Nocturne collection and one of the best for those of you who are after a good underwired bra. Feeling sexy is the first and foremost step for a successful Valentine’s day outfit. We can guarantee that this half cup bra will make you feel like a goddess.

What other Aubade styles are we loving for Valentine’s day 2019?

Aubade Reve Eveille Half Cup Bra
Floral embroidery is a must-wear fashion trends in 2019

You must have noticed floral embroidery is hot these days. You can find this beautiful fabric decoration on dresses, bags, tops, shoes and, now, also in lingerie. Unlike other floral embroidered bras, the floral pattern in the Aubade Reve Eveille collection doesn’t only feel like a decorative motif, but rather like the centre of this design. There lovely red flowers steal all the attention. They have a magical effect. Can you notice it, too?

Aubade A L’Amour Darling Rouge Half Cup Bra

The Aubade A L’ Amour range is well known within our readers, as it’s one of our favourite styles for brides. We know stock this style in a dreaming red, ideal for Valentine’s day and, to be fair, any other day. Because, after all, the best one can do is celebrating any day as if it was Valentine’s day.

Do you need extra inspiration? Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day 2019 Selection. We add new styles every week.

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Valentine’s day 2019 is getting closer and closer and we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s celebrations. We are huge fans of the 14th of February, as it’s a day for couples to get together and celebrate love. It sounds cheesy, we know, but there’s something special about Saint Valentine’s day that makes us glow. This season we want to encourage you to dress pretty (inside and outside). We have talked about Valentine’s day underwear in the past, but we have decided to write a few lines about one of our favourite styles to rock on Valentine’s day 2019: the red bodysuit!

Why is a Red Bodysuit a good idea for Valentine’s day?
We love the look of this Lepel red bodysuit!

Why is a red bodysuit a good idea for Valentine’s day? And why not? We really love the look of bodysuits. It’s not only us. Dozens of celebrities have been spotted wearing lace bodysuits. Plus we have already discussed the pros and cons of wearing underwired bodysuits like the one above these lines.

Is there a better occasion than Valentine’s day to wear red lingerie?
The Maison Lejaby Dot Flowers bodysuit is even prettier on the back!

Red is the colour for Valentine’s day. We always encourage people to wear red all year round, as it’s a very flattering colour. Red lingerie somehow makes you look sexier and more confident. It suits all skin tones, too.

While many people love wearing black bodysuits under their clothes or as part of an outfit, with some trousers or a skirt, not many people would dare to step out in a red bodysuit. Would you?

Red lace bodysuits aren’t your only option…
This Wolford bodysuit is just ideal for Valentine’s day!

A lace bodysuit isn’t the only option. Many women don’t like wearing lace, embroideries or tulle fabrics. Hey! That’s totally fine with us! There aren’t some unbreakable rules about what lingerie a woman has to wear. At the end of the day, you should wear something you are comfortable wearing. Nothing says sexier than self-confidence!

Finally, if you aren’t convinced about wearing a red bodysuit on Valentine’s day, you should know that all these three bodysuits are also available in black and other colours, so don’t forget to check out our amazing bodysuits range.

If, on the contrary, you prefer a more traditional red lingerie set, pay a visit to our website. Our stunning Valentine’s lingerie styles will leave you speechless.

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Welcome to the festive season! The time of the year to shine in sparkles and metallic fabrics. Most festive dinners with relatives, friends and co-workers take place around this time of the year, as a training for a big night of glamour and excess: New Year’s Eve, of course! This year we bring you a style trend you need to make yours, the Black and Gold Lingerie.

Unlike other coloured trends in fashion, the black and gold lingerie trend suits everyone, from the younger to the older women. We, at UK Lingerie stock black and gold bras and briefs in a wide range of sizes. As always, we try to care for the larger and the smaller pockets, as you can see underneath this text.

If you have a party coming soon in your diary, check out what are our greatest black and gold lingerie sets to style when you go out next Saturday and on New Year’s Eve.

Lascana Fabiola Bra And Brief, Our Newest Style:

Have you heard of Lascana bras before? They are so good! Lascana is our newest brand of lingerie. We only stock a selection of styles, from this seductive black and gold lingerie set to some DD+ bras. Lascana has the right price point. The set above is £60, which is a great price for the quality you get when you buy a lovely push-up bra and a matching lace brief like these ones. Have you noticed the brief is more see-though that the bra? We love that mesh and lace look. It really makes the golden lace details stand out. As for the bra, the finish is completely smooth, hence that opaque look. We wouldn’t mind wearing this push-up bra under a see-through shirt. What about you?

Lepel Fiore: Ready to glow

The best thing about black and gold lingerie is the versatility in this colour combination. On the one hand, you get the ultimate luxury look. There isn’t anything more elegant than a tasteful golden detail, right? On the other hand, this is a style you can wear all year round and combine with your black lingerie.

Black and gold lingerie styles are so sophisticated! You don’t even have to spend a fortune in lingerie to look amazing in the festive season. Lepel has created a festive version of its best-selling style, Lepel Fiore, in black and gold. We, of course, love it. This set is available in DD+ sizes, too, but it’s selling out well. So, if you like it, don’t waste your time and go for it! Bras start from £26 and briefs from as little as £10.

What if you want to get yourself a little treat?

A black and gold lingerie set is a fantastic gift idea for Christmas, Valentine’s day or any other special occasion. And, you know, if there isn’t any special occasion ahead, you can always upgrade a regular day into a superb one with the right lingerie. The Aubade lingerie set below has the magical effect of making you forget about any worry.

Aubade Femme Glamour Black And Gold Lingerie Collection

This Aubade lingerie set is too pretty to keep in your underwear drawer. Aubade has so many amazing bras, briefs and garter belts that choosing the right style becomes an issue. It definitely takes much longer than usual. We get it. They are all equally stunning. So flattering. So well made. You cannot really find any fault in them. We’d advise you look closely at the details: the print, the floral lace, the embroidery… as well as the technical aspects. The bra above, for example, is available in a plunge version and you can match it with three different types of briefs: boy short, Italian brief and Thong Brief. As usual in Aubade, they are all simply perfect!

These are only three of our black and gold lingerie ideas for New Year’s Eve, but there are many other styles you can wear this magical night. In Spain, women often wear red lingerie on New Year’s Eve. It’s said to bring good luck. Should we trust it? Whichever the colour you go for: red, gold, black or any other, don’t forget to check out our website for spicy lingerie gift ideas and stocking fillers.

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Everyone is talking about the perks of wearing bodysuits these days, but what nobody tells you is that wearing a bodysuit for the first time may seem as walking out of your comfort zone. We all can think of great party looks wearing a black bodysuit. That’s quite easy, right? We can always get inspiration from celebrities and fashion magazines. Some celebrities are experts bodysuit stylists! When you invest in a good black bodysuit, you want to wear it all the time. So, how exactly do you style black bodysuits? How do you wear bodysuits to work?

Wolford Bodysuits should be your first choice

A Wolford’s bestselling product: Wolford Pure String Bodysuit

The best black bodysuits to work are made by Wolford. If you can afford them, don’t think it twice. The Wolford bodies adapt to your body shape. They are absolutely versatile, as they match like perfection any outfits you can imagine. From elegant looks (some celebrities have been spotted wearing Wolford bodywear at the Oscars, for instance!), to the kind of smart looks you may take to work. If you try Wolford, you won’t help yourself. You’ll have to style your black bodysuits with jeans and, let us tell you, they look Oh-So-Amazing! 

We believe all Wolford bodysuits are easy to style to work, but we have some winning options. First and foremost, our No. one bodysuit is the Wolford Pure String Bodysuit in the picture above. If you want to try to wear bodysuits to work all year round, this is the best option, because of the three-quarter sleeves.

For those who can’t bear the cold and those who love wearing the latest trends, the best option is the Wolford Colorado String Bodysuit. A good customer has told us her secret for looking ideal in winter. She has two pairs of the Wolford Colorado bodies, one in white, one in black, that she matches with practically skirt and trousers she has. They look great under dresses in winter and under suits, too. Plus the tube neckline is one of the top trends this season, too.

For those who like wearing a sleeveless layer under thicker clothes, the Wolford Jamaika String Bodysuit is your best choice and a celebrities’ must-have.

Get the look for less:

The new Charnos Second Skin Long Sleeve Bodysuit is a super affordable alternative to the Wolford Pure String Body, although this Charnos bodysuit is long-sleeved.

Pierre Mantoux’s Black Lace Bodysuits

Wear it as underwear or outwear

This lace and mesh black bodysuit is totally different from the previous styles. Where before we had some minimal-inspired bodysuits, we have a lovely combination of floral lace and fine mesh. Still, it’s quite a minimal look, right? That’s the kind of look you should go after when looking for black bodysuits to work. Something you can combine with different styles to create the perfect look. Pierre Mantoux always creates unique pieces of design and the Pierre Mantoux Megan bodysuit in the picture is no exception.

Lace bodysuits used to be a no-go for work, as they were considered a lingerie item. However, the popularity of silk, satin fabrics, fine mesh tops and, of course, lace these days has changed this. Now it’s totally acceptable to wear a lace bodysuit to work, as soon as you make sure it’s not too provocative (you know how strict are dress codes in some companies…). A black lace bodysuit can upgrade your boring black suit. Plus, you can remove your blazer and go out for a few drinks without having to get changed!

Get the look for less:

The Janira Greta Long Sleeve Bodysuit is a simplified version of the Megan bodysuit. The lace details are simplified, but you are also saving up £40 so it may be worth if you are on a budget.

What’s your favourite black bodysuit? Are you going to wear black bodysuits to work from now on?

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