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We all want to smell fresh and clean all the time. In addition to bathing and using cosmetic products, we need to wash the clothes we wear regularly. But what to do between washes? You know, that period when our clothes are still clean but they no longer smell so great. You can’t wash them all the time, obviously. That is not only a waste of energy but it also damages your clothes. What is the point of spending tons of money on unique menswear if it gets ruined after a few months? Give these 5 hacks to keep your clothes smelling amazing a try and you will never have to worry about unpleasant smells again.
Keep your closets clean at all times.
1. Avoid leaving your clothes in the washer for too long
Unless you take them out immediately, your clothes can come out of the washer smelling badly. In case you leave them in the washing machine, mildew will form, which creates a musty and unpleasant odour that stays there for a long time. If something like that happens to your menswear designer pieces, do not despair, there is still hope! And the solution is so simple. The only thing you need is white vinegar. Wash the clothes again after pouring one cup of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser. Once the odour is eliminated, do another cycle using detergent to give your clothes that pleasant smell.
2. Deep clean the washing machine to keep your clothes smelling amazing
You should deep clean the machine every six months to get rid of odours caused by mould and mildew. White vinegar and baking sodashould do the trick. First, pour 4 cups of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser and run a complete cycle (on the highest and hottest setting). A commercial washing machine cleaner or bleach can be used instead. Bear in mind that, after using bleach to clean the washer, the first load of laundry should be white clothing. Then, run another cycle with one cup of baking soda. Finally, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the washer. Also, leave the door of the washer open you’re not using it to prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew.
Cleaning your washing machine will keep your clothes smelling amazing.
3. Wash with scented detergents and essential oils
Using a good laundry detergent is just common sense if you want to keep your clothes smelling amazing. All detergents have some kind of scent; however, some laundry detergents are scented more strongly than others. They are usually bit more expensive, but if you could afford the luxury menswear trends of 2018, you can afford the detergent, too. Look for labels with a specific scent and give it a sniff before you buy to make sure you like it.Resist the temptation to pour a little extra to intensify the smell - use the recommended amount. Too much detergent can cause the opposite effect. If commercial perfumes are not what you prefer, simply add 10-20 drops of essential oil during the final rinse cycle. You can even mix different oils to make your own unique smell.
4 .Make sure your closets smell amazing
There are lots of things you can put inside your closets to keep your clothes smelling amazing.
A piece of strongly scented wood, such as cedar or sandalwood, in your closet can serve as a natural freshener. Cedar also keeps bugs away and absorbs moisture. One or two pieces of wood will be enough to store your winter wardrobe staples until the next winter.
Give your clothes your signature scent. Not by spraying your favourite perfume directly on them but by spraying cotton balls or tissue paper. After you spray, leave the tissue paper/cotton balls to dry and put them underneath the clothes. Instead of perfume, you can use a few drops of essential oil.
Fill a small container with coffee grounds, poke a couple of holes and store it in your closet.
Wrap a bar of scented soap in cloth and put it inside the closet.
Fill up cloth bags with potpourri or your favourite dried herbs and tie them shut with string.
A container of baking soda will also absorb unwanted smells. You can add a few drops of essential oil and mix it with a fork.
Put an old air freshener that seems to have lost its scent in the back of your closet or dresser drawer.
If you have an unlit candle left over from planning the best Valentines, use it to give the closet a nice smell.
Do not spray perfume directly on clothes, especially synthetic fibres, such as polyester, light-coloured items and silk.
5. Choose your storage unit wisely
Clothes absorb odours. Therefore, the place where they are stored has to smell good. This is particularly important when keeping clothes in a storage unit. As you organise your clothes before renting short term storage unit, keep in mind that your unit needs ventilation and humidity control. This goes double for long-term storage.
Believe it or not, vodka eliminates musty odours. If you keep up with mens fashion trends, and you have just pulled some unique mens tshirts that are experiencing a comeback from a stuffy storage unit, vodka is your friend. Mix vodka and water in a one-to-one ratio in a spray bottle, spritz over the areas that smell stale, and hang your clothes to get some fresh air.
Extra tips for keeping your clothes smelling amazing
Wet and damp clothing should not go in the laundry basket. Let the clothes dry first. The longer they stay damp, the longer it will take to get rid of unpleasant odours.
Never fold damp clothes. The clothes that are folded and put away before they are completely dry will grow mildew and start smelling sour. Let the clothes air dry if they are still damp after you take them out of the dryer. Drying them outdoors will leave a nice, fresh smell.
By keeping your entire home fresh and clean, you will keep your clothes smelling amazing. Avoid smoking inside the rooms where you keep clothes, use air fresheners and remember to dust, vacuum and ventilate regularly.
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Almost every single person in the world wants to stay young as long as possible. If you want to change your lifestyle, keep reading. Here are the top 50 everyday habits that make you look younger.
Take care of your skin
Use sunscreen. Taking care of your skin under sunrays will make you look younger for sure. Keep your skin young and you will do yourself a favor.Moisturise. A good daily cream will do miracles in the long run. Taking care of your skin should be a habit.Avoid fast weight changes. Losing or gaining weight real fast can cause your skin to stretch and make you feel way older.Find the right skin products. If you are not sure what you need to apply on your face, consult a dermatologist.
Get more sleep. There is no better habit that will make you look younger that having enough sleep.Taking care of your skin under sunrays will make you look younger for sure.Find the right diet for you
Find time to cook. If you are having a busy lifestyle, make sure to cook from time to time. Even better, make healthy meals at home and bring them to work.Consult a nutritionist. In case you are struggling with excess weight, you should consult a nutritionist about the right diet for you.Eat at the same time. Busy schedule? Make time to eat at least 3-4 times a day.Boost your immune system. Stress, too much work and lack of sleep can cause your immune system to weaken.Eat slowly. Don’t rush with eating. Make time to chew slowly and eat in peace.
Stay in shape
Find a sport you love. If you love working out, you are lucky! Physical activity will make you feel younger for sure.
Consider hiring a professional trainer. If looking for a professional trainer, you are making a smart decision. A good personal trainer will know how to make you look younger and fitter.
Make exercising your lifestyle. Don’t do sports you don’t like and complain about it.Walk to work. Forget about driving the entire day. Instead, take a long walk.Stretch your body and relax. In the mornings or in the middle of the day – stretching is always a good idea!
A good personal trainer will know how to make you look younger and stay in good shape.Find your outfit
Dressing for work. Choose some of the pieces that follow the latest fashion for men. Casual and elegant pieces are a good idea.Dressing for free-time activities. If you like a more casual look, go for it! It will make you look younger. Choose some unique men’s t-shirts and you’re ready to go!Choose the right footwear. If the shoes are comfortable and trendy – buy them!Be bold! Don’t follow all the rules just because people have their own ideas of how you should dress. Some UK men’s hats can do wonders for your styling.Less is more! Fewer details on your outfit will make you look younger and more hip!
Change your look
Consider a unique haircut. What’s going to make you look younger if not a unique hairstyle?Consider waxing treatments. Take care of the extra hairs. It will make you look younger for sure.A wristwatch and sunglasses are a must. No matter your age, you should own these accessories.
Dress to impress and you will feel more confident.Minimize stress
Take your time and organise your schedule. Stress can be responsible for bad skin, weight gain and early aging.“Me time” is necessary. If you have a large family, take some time just for yourself.Do what you love and spend more time with your family.Learn how to say no. Not everything people ask you to do should be your responsibility.
Stay hydrated
Bring water everywhere and enjoy fresh food. You never know when you might need to refresh and enjoy a healthy snack.Avoid drinks with sugar and alcohol.Avoid too much sunand your skin will thank you. Get enough sleep. Also, don’t oversleepduring weekends. Your body will not like this.
Take time to relax
Book a holiday trip. Also, make sure to dress properly while travelingand you will feel much younger.
Dance! Spend the night with friends and dance it off!Find time to enjoy music. Music and a good set of headphones will make you look younger and boost your energy.Take a walk to relaxand minimise the pressure.Get a spa treatmentand relax.
A wristwatch and sunglasses are a must. Regardless of your age, you should own these accessories.Hang out with positive people
Avoid complicated relationships and drama queens. You will feel way lighter and more relaxed.Listen to senior people. They can share valuable advice about being young and active.Find the time to talk. Share your emotions with the people you love. A relaxed mind will make you look younger and healthier. Try out new things. It’s never too late to learn, so make sure to always learn new things.
Spread positive energy
Be kind and do volunteer work. Helping others is what being young is all about.Help a friend. A good conversation while doing something useful. Sounds good, right?Spend your time on new experiences and connect with people. Adrenaline and positive energy should be your best friends!
Avoid stress at work. If you communicate well with your coworkers, you will avoid a lot of stress.
Find a job you enjoy. Doing a job that you love will make you look younger and feel fresh every single day.
Set the limits. If people keep pushing you around, you’ll stress too much and start aging way faster than others.Ask people for help. Can’t solve a problem? Don’t worry, you can always ask someone to help.
Work to live, don’t live to work. As Mark Twain said – “find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
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When it comes to men’s fashion trends, staying ahead of the game is important but not always easy, now is the time to ditch your winter wardrobe staples. Knowing the latest men’s fashion trends for this coming season is crucial but, don’t worry, we at Tramp Menswear are here to give you the down low on the super cool trends this spring and summer 2019. Give our guide a read before investing in your wardrobe, you might even learn a thing or two.
Colours in 2019 Mens Fashion Trends
If you like dressing simply and going for the basics, knowing every single detail of the latest mens fashion trends might not be that important to you. But remember there are still things you need to keep track of, if you want to be stylish and in line with the times. So, before you start looking for mens designer t shirts to wear this summer, what’s the one thing you absolutely need to learn about? You guessed it, the latest colour trends in fashion. Don’t worry though; we’ve got some info for you on the palettes that have been doing the rounds.
Surprisingly enough, neon colours have been doing the rounds all over the place. And it’s not just a pop of colour on accessories either. As you’ll soon see, neon has cropped up on everything from sportswear (where it’s not that big of a leap) to body warmers and sweatshirts. Let’s just say that ravers won’t find themselves out of place in the coming season, and even if you’re fond of dressing light and simple, this is something you’ll want to adhere to. Of course, if you’re a fan of more subdued colour palettes for your wardrobe, there are options for you as well. Sage suits will be all the rage this spring. You’ll notice a lot of neon colours and weird, interesting patterns this year!
The latest in accessories
Let’s face it - even if you’re going for a clean-cut, stripped-down style, accessorising is still important. And sure, at home you’ve got a lot of options; but if you’re going on a vacation or if planning an international move that might take a while. Choosing a few things to bring with you is important, which is why, we’re here to give you the latest on accessories for men fashion trends for the following season! So, what should you pay special attention to this spring and summer? If we had to put it in one word, it’s the handbag.
And yes, you’ve read that quite correctly. Not a murse, or something like a manbag, but a handbag, through and through. As you’ll soon see, every designer menswear brand that’s a household name has been in on this, and the following season will definitely have men’s handbags as a wardrobe staple. Of course, it’s not simply a copy of the women’s handbag, designers have turned the saddle bag, a classic, into some cross-body and shoulder bags. Also, there have been a series of actual clutch bags for men, which may be a trend that won’t catch on so quickly. All kinds of men’s bags will be the go-to accessory this year!
Tailoring is in this year
Before you start looking for must-have T-shirts to wear this summer, you should be aware that even for the hottest months of the coming seasons, mens fashion trends are going in the opposite direction. To put it simply, elegance is back, and really back in a big way this year. While there has been some of the usual luxury menswear brands that have excellent suits every season, this time around, even some of the brands you wouldn’t expect have been dabbling in some amazing tailoring.
At the Milan and Paris shows, some truly avant garde suits have appeared, even showing elements and influences of stuff like couture craft. Of course, when it comes to the things you’ll actually wear out on the street, know that this year’s trends are pointing towards relaxed suits, even oversized. Indeed, it’s clear that the recent fashion winds have been blowing towards the 80s, when it comes to suits, so don’t be afraid to dress accordingly, you won’t make a mistake! When it comes to suit colours, things have been less revolutionary; you’ll notice a lot of industrial grey making the rounds, as well as sky blue shades.
Unexpected, interesting patterns and shirts
When we’ve talked about vibrant, neon colours being all the rage this season, we weren’t joking. And right alongside the 80s influences on recent suits, you’ll also see some very interesting tracksuits this year; they’re all covered in popping colours and have some extremely iconographic imagery on them. As you can see, if you’re wondering what’s in for spring this year, the answer is lively and colourful. Even the iconic camouflage print has been reinvented with a neon-bathed touch. Indeed, every classic pattern has had a touch up that’s brought out its boldness and liveliness, while a few new ones have appeared as well. For example, we predict a variation of the newspaper print being all the rage the coming season, even on T-shirts.
Of course, if you’ve been following men’s fashion trends, you’ll know that casual Bengal-stripe shirts have definitely been doing the rounds for a few seasons now. But this year, trends are shifting towards bright and weird shirtsthat bring a high-fashion edge even to an everyday wardrobe. So, expect to see a lot of flapping cuffs on extremely long sleeves, even under suits! As you can see, no matter which part of your spring/summer wardrobe we’re talking about, a lot of colour and brightness are on the menu this year. So, don’t be afraid to embrace the quirky and funny, it’s definitely in line with menswear trends.
Even if you’re going for a more classic kind of shirt, embrace the vibrant colours. We’ve got tonnes of options coming soon!
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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, one thing is certain, every modern man out there wants to please his woman by making memorable plans for the day. Whether its with your menswear style or your
mens designer t shirts, you want to look good and impress your woman with your sense of fashion. With the holiday being so present in pop culture, it’s not easy being truly original. But, of course at the end of the day, when you’re planning the best Valentines, the most important thing is knowing a lot about the person you’re making plans for. Nevertheless, we’ve got a few great tips for success on Valentine’s Day that will ensure you are their favourite person.
Make a home-cooked mealLet's face it, you can always try to impress a girl by spending a lavish amount of money on gifts, or an amazing night out. On the other hand, a romantic home-cooked meal will show her something else; your will to invest more than money into the relationship. After all, cooking a good dinner will show a lot of effort has been made, and she'll realise how much you appreciate her. Why not opt for her favourite meal? Or pull out all the stops with a fillet steak or lobster? Here's a small tip: make sure not to leave too big of a mess behind you, and clean up. Really, there's nothing that can devastate the romantic mood like a complete mess of a kitchen. There’s nothing more romantic than cooking for your loved one!
Plan a voyage
While staying at home can be romantic, you can also go in a completely different direction. Imagine taking your loved one on an exciting adventure! You could go to a foreign country for a romantic getaway after planning the best Valentines or, if you’re more of a fun-loving sort, do something even more exciting. There are always amazing European festivals to attend or maybe go to an exotic country that’s not a tourist trap. Naturally, this option is definitely more expensive than planning a single date, but if you’re willing to invest time and money into this, your wife or girlfriend will definitely appreciate it!
Spend the day at a spa
Of course, there are always less adventurous options, but some of them are just as good! Let’s face it, sometimes your loved one doesn’t need something new and exciting but just an opportunity to relax and wind down. So, why not take her to a spa and wellness center? First of all, this doesn’t have to be too pricey; second of all, there are all sorts of activities you can do there, from having a massage to swimming in the pool, it doesn't have to be heavy graft. Be warned, if you haven’t been hitting the gym a lot, finding fitness programs for your body type might be a good idea before that.
An adventurous date
By now you’re probably wondering, is there something between a completely relaxing spa day and a voyage to a foreign land? After all, these are two pretty different extremes; there must be something between that when planning the best Valentines. And, the answer to that question is, an adventure date! If your loved one is the thrill-seeking kind, there are always ways you can cater for her. For example, however wild it may seem, take her skydiving on Valentine’s Day! If that’s a bit too much, there’s always something like rock climbing or horse riding. If you love someone who’s fun-loving, plan an exciting date!
Spend the day in the nature
Does your girlfriend or wife love the great outdoors? If that’s so, then you have something as a basis while planning the best Valentines! Why not prepare a trip out in the country, where you can completely disconnect from all other distractions and just focus on each other for the day. Of course, this depends on what kind of climate you live in; but wherever you are, there’s bound to be some kind of nature you can travel to and enjoy. If you’re somewhere warm, or near the ocean, a nice day at the beach may be just what you need. If you’re in a colder area, hiking in the snow may also be fun!
Valentine’s Day for animal loversAs we’ve already mentioned, knowing the person you’re in a relationship with is crucial if you’re keen on planning the best Valentines. If you know their interests and wishes, surprising them in a nice way isn’t too difficult. For example, is your loved one an animal lover? If so, you can always take them to the zoo, or to a wildlife sanctuary. And if you’re in a really serious relationship or a marriage, you can always adopt an animal together! That might be the most perfect Valentine’s Day idea yet.Go to a sports event
Is your girlfriend or wife a fan of sports? That could be an awesome idea if you’re planning the best Valentines date! Of course, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, after all, there’s no guarantee that there is any kind of game on Valentine’s Day, or it may not be a particularly interesting one. If the stars align and there’s something suitable, springing for some pretty good tickets is a great way to show how much you care!
Don’t ditch the classic dateAt the end of the day, there may be nothing better than just an ordinary night out with your girlfriend or wife. After all, not all people are adventurous or have some keen interests they’d like fulfilled on Valentine’s Day. In that case, going to a romantic restaurant or to a movie may be just what they want. If you think about it, Valentine’s Day is about romance, and for many people, spending some quality time with their loved ones is all that matters.
For some people, planning the best Valentines means sharing a bottle of wine!
Thanks again for following, liking and sharing our menswear blog.
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Let’s face it, after New Year’s Eve has come knocking, we’ve all got a few ideas about what we’d like to change about our lives. It’s only natural, all of us have some aspects of our daily life that we’re not satisfied with, from our jobs to the way we dress and the start of a new year always seems like the perfect moment to wipe the slate clean and turn over a new leaf. Why not change the British Menswear brands in your wardrobe as well? There are a few New Year’s resolutions regarding mens fashion trends that we could all follow through with therefore, we at Tramp Menswear are happy to walk you through our top 6.
Starting with smaller New Year’s resolutions is a good idea
Okay, so we all tend to make New Year's resolutions almost every year and some people actually do what they set out to do in the year that follows, but many don't. So, what's the key to following through with your decisions for the New Year? Well, if you ask us, the key is to start small and slowly work your way up to those bigger ones. Honestly, you need to plan for your own ability to ensure you can fulfil the promises to yourself. So, instead of deciding to move to America or buy an apartment, make a plan to change some small things in your life first, then over time, you may move onto making larger changes.
Pay more attention to your own menswear style
During any given year, most of us lead quite busy lives and sure, paying attention to the current fashion dos and don'ts isn't difficult when you're younger and have a lot of free time on your hands. But once you start working on your career, devoting a lot of attention to the latest fashion trends for men isn't always easy. But that's one of the New Year's resolutions you could consider making! In the following year, try to build a more coherent style of your own, something people will recognize you by.
Of course, this isn’t easy on a daily basis, or else everyone would look their best every single day. But still, try to consciously make an effort to improve the impression your menswear style gives others, every time you leave the house. Even if you’re just doing some chores around town, or going for a casual drink with your mates, put some thought into the independent clothing you wear, and attempt to plan them out more often.
Instead of dressing randomly; attempt to build a constant style of your own!
Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone
Of course, while having a recognizable menswear style of your own is important, you shouldn’t go too much in the direction of predictability. As in all other things, maintaining a healthy balance is the way to go while planning your independent clothing outfits. Let's face it, all of us have a certain kind of fashion identity we've built over the years, and we rarely leave that style behind. But, every once in a while, being bold is important, and presents a nice refresher for you. So, make that one of your New Year's resolutions - leave your fashion comfort zone once in a while!
Trust us, not only will this make you more interesting, but you'll also feel better and more energized. That kind of a decision for the New Year is also something you should consider making because it’s, to put it simply, plain old fun! Dressing the way most people won't expect you to be, is sure to make a splash.
Renew your guys wardrobe
Whether you are male or female, this is something you can both help with. Speaking of settling into your own style, it also makes it much easier to get stuck in a rut. If you like the things you wear, after a while you lose the need to buy new stuff. But from time to time, it’s really important to renew your wardrobeotherwise; you’ll end up wearing the same things too many times. And yes, we all get attached to our things quite easily, but still, if you’ve had that shirt for two years, trust us, everyone has noticed that it’s become washed out, except for you. So, even if you don’t really feel a big need to do it, constantly refreshing your wardrobe will make a huge difference to how others see you and your menswear style.
Regardless of whether you feel you have to - renewing your clothing is always a good idea!
Dress wisely, instead of expensively
While we’re on the subject of buying new things, one of your New Year’s resolutions should definitely be to shop menswear online more efficiently. No matter how much disposable income you have to spend on mens fashion, nothing says you have to spend a fortune on independent clothing brands. All it takes is some time and effort finding the best quality menswear to invest your hard earned cash on. This will last longer, stay looking fresh for longer therefore, it will become cheaper in the long run. For ideas of how to follow the latest luxury menswear trends and focus more on quality not quantity, take a look at our designer menswear. After a while, you will really notice the difference in the quality of your wardrobe! We all know January is a very hard month so if you’re really struggling, why not check out our design menswear sale online, there’s still plenty of choice.
One thing to remember is quality menswear will always wash up better, keeping their colours for longer.
Don’t be afraid to mess with your colour palette
Regardless of what we’re wearing, let’s be honest, we’ve all got a few go-to colours we just keep switching up but that’s not something we do consistently enough. If you want to try something a bit more daring, changing your colour palette is one of the greatest New Year’s resolutions you can make, when it comes to mens fashion. Check out our mens designer t-shirts for more colour inspiration but beware, we are getting even more daring this SS19!
Shaking up your colour palette is one of the best New Year’s Resolutions!
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Tramp Menswear Ltd | Norwich Men's F.. by Sapphire Plant | Founder And Owner - 6M ago
With 2018 coming to an end, we wanted to introduce to you an absolutely awesome headphone brand who we’ve recently come across. They design and sell, sleek and stylish headphones and earphones with studio quality sound. Their wireless earphones at their lightest are the most stylish on the market for both men and woman. They don’t tangle and are especially appreciated on your journey to work, in the gym, while travelling, reading or maybe if you just want a moment to yourself. Listening to music has never been better!
I have experienced their ‘Tio’ Bluetooth earphones in white, first hand. They are the best quality earphones I have ever come across with 100% studio quality sound. Compared to the likes of the big brands, including Sony and Samsung, these are by fair the best quality for their value for money. From the moment we discovered this brand, we were super impressed with their true Swedish heritage and passion for design. I never normally would stumble across a new and upcoming technology brand, it is a tough, but bold decision to startup a technology brand. It is ever changing and requires a huge amount of effort and money, keeping up with inventing the latest gadget. It really is a great brand so hats off to them.
You will not forget the amazing packaging, these earphones come with 4 sizes of removable wing tips and a secure clip to make sure they will always stay in place. Tio combines a balanced sound with a touch of bass. Has a durable fabricated cord which is available in 4 diverse colours, and has up to 9 hours of battery life. They make the perfect addition to any lifestyle, whether you are a career focused workaholic or a gym freak, theres a headphone for everyone. They also feature their smallest housings ever to help anyone wear them comfortably.
The diverse colour tones of white, black, green and pink makes the choice a hard one but are a great unisex earphone. Me personally, I went with the white and rose gold combination which, would make a beautiful Christmas gift for your other half, mum or sister, rose gold is a huge fashion trend at the moment amongst woman. If you still need a quick gift (late gift) for your dad, brother or mate, why not opt for the black and gunmetal colour, a safe option any man would like. They also have a whole range of other earphones and headphones, each one different from the next with built in speakers and a brilliant wireless connection.
The brand is a well known Swedish brand based in the heart of Stockholm. Their brand is inspired by minimal, elegant, Swedish design which emphasises their love of music. The name Sudio comes from the mix of two words, ‘Swedish’ and ‘Audio’, it’s clear to see this reflects their quality of design and passion for music. They have a really great story on their website about how they developed the brand, why it started with everything you need to know about their company! They believe making earphones is still an art of craftsmanship. While machines have come a long way, humans still conquer machines. The human eye cannot be fooled and Sudio has chosen to stay with handmade details which we can all appreciate. A pair of headphones matched with a pair of our uk mens socks, presented in one of our black gift boxes, filled with sweets and wrapped in our luxurious blue tissue paper makes the perfect gift for any man.
The founder of Sudio Mats has an interesting story and a great background in design. Mats Wallsten was born on a Swedish island in 1988. His family has a long tradition of designers where Mats started working on his father’s yacht design house at a very young age. Mats attended one of Scandinavia’s most prestigious design schools, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm where he knew, he would learn everything he needed, to be able to pursue his creative career.
If you fancy taking a look at their website, head to https://www.sudio.com/gb/ to view their range of earphones, headphones and accessories. We’ve partnered up with our good friends at Sudio to offer our loyal followers a 15% special discount on all products using code ‘trampmenswear’ at the checkout. They offer free shipping and a one year guarantee with every product. Invest in their spectacular Swedish design, you won’t regret it. But, if you’re not a fan of technology then check out our designer menswear for some unique mens tshirts with British intelligence. I
don’t tend to write blogs much but for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sapphire, the founder and owner of Tramp Menswear and I too want to share my story with you. I graduated in 2015 with a 1:1 in BA (Hons) Fashion from Norwich University of Art and Design. Within 2 months of graduating, I worked at Ted Baker’s head office in London as a Womenswear Contemporary Design Assistant. I learnt how to create themes, refine designs and approve fabric lab dips. London is a lively place but for me, I found it quite lonely without my friends and family therefore, I made the decision to move back to my hometown Norwich where Tramp Menswear was born. I now manufacturing my own designer menswear brand, which is crazy to think I would have been doing this 5 years ago. It has been challenging but, the most enjoyable experience of my life so far.
If anyone has an idea and are looking to start a brand or maybe you have already taken on your own business project then please do get in touch with us. We always love to hear from like minded individuals with the same passion and fire in their belly as us! If this is something you have considered but not gave it much thought, I think 2019 is the time to turn that thought into a reality, make this year coming, one to remember.
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With the new season coming along nicely, it’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. When looking where to shop, there are many options in the UK. Apart from the famous and world renowned British brands, everyday we’re seeing more and more UK independent clothing brands appear online and our streets.
Find out what the top 10 made in England brands of luxury and unique menswear are today and start planning your new style!
1. Burberry
Definitely one of the most famous made in England brands. Burberry clothing remains very popular among celebrities, which speaks volumes about the quality of their products. The brand started in 1856 and was created by Thomas Burberry who was only 21 at the time and has influenced both the British and the world fashion scene. With almost two centuries of tradition and experience it’s easy to see why this is one of the most renowned and well-known British brands.
Burberry is known for the classic cross pattern on the lining of their coats.
2. Tricker’s
Looking for awesome and high-quality leather shoes? Then, Tricker’s is the perfect place for you. With almost two centuries of making high-quality boots, this brand has deserved a place on our list. Because of the luxury materials they use, Tricker’s boots and shoes are known all over the world for their endurance and comfort. What more can you ask for in a shoe? Well, for style of course! Luckily, Tricker’s have plenty of that as well! Their footwear usually has a classic look, but this brand is no stranger to design experimentation.
3. Folk
Known worldwide for their modern approach to designer menswear, this brand experiments with fabrics and innovative designs to bring some of the hottest collections out there. Unlike most well-known British brands, Folk tends to stray from the more traditional approach to design. However, this doesn’t mean that they neglect using high quality materials and processes to produce their clothing.
Even though they don’t appear traditional or expensive, you’ll want to protect them when you’re travelling. In addition to this, you should also pack them with extra care when you’re moving to a new home, especially when travelling long distances. Or, you can decide to hire professional packers to make your move to another continent easier. They have special packing materials which will perfectly preserve your items even over the longest of relocations.
4. Harry Stedman
A family business, started by a son and father and inspired by the adventurous stories told by their father/grandfather. This East London based brand has spread to the American and Japanese market. Harry Stedman’s trademark is that they don’t compromise on quality materials when making clothes. Another interesting fact is that they produce only small batches of luxury menswear which makes their apparel even more exclusive and sought after. Stedman is known for making tough and quality items.
5. Walsh
Getting a cool t shirt from a UK independent clothing brand and a jacket isn’t enough to complete your style. What you’ll need are shoes created by one of the best made in England brands and one of the rare footwear brands still producing their merchandise in the UK. Walsh have a long tradition of making performance shoes with some of the best materials but not sacrificing style to do so. Shoes are the first thing in your attire anyone notices; make sure they stand out.
6. Vulpine
Established by a cycling enthusiast, Vulpine provides high performance and stylish clothes for riding a bicycle both within the city limits and in the countryside. Vulpine only chooses the toughest and most durable materials to provide the best protection for British bike enthusiasts while they’re enjoying their favourite means of transportation. Even though this brand is younger than most on our list, their luxury menswear shows their designers’ inspiration with traditional no-nonsense British tailoring.
7. Universal Works
If you’re looking for utility based clothes with a traditional design, this is the brand for you. Universal Works uses their extensive military wear knowledge to create some of the most amazing and long-lasting unique menswear. Unlike regular military wear, UW likes to experiment with a bit of colour to produce their signature style which combines function and mens fashion trends.
These luxury menswear brands are the best of British manufacture, they’ll make you want to move to the UK since some don’t ship overseas. If you decide on such a thing, ensure you prepare your budget in advance so that you have enough funds for your relocation and your shopping spree.
Affordable unique menswear UK brands
Your clothing doesn’t have to be from one of the most expensive made in England brands to be unique and interesting. Some brands offer the option of designing your clothes online to match your style perfectly to your preferences. Choose a model by from our menswear designer and add a personal touch to it.
There’s no law that says you can’t dress well unless you spend a fortune on clothes.
8. Tramp Menswear
Not all luxury menswear needs to be expensive or have a long tradition. Established in 2017, our brand provides the best combination of pricing and unique British charm. We use only the best materials to compete on the fashion stage, our designer bring a fresh twist to the traditional British look. You can find everything from sweaters to accessories in our online menswear shop. Use our highly customisable attire to create the best uk mens socks to go with your new clothing style. Discover and create more unique menswear by combining some of the best made in England brands or spice up your traditional look with some interesting socks.
9. Jaeger
Even though it has a long standing tradition of excellence in producing clothing, Jaeger is very affordable for a high end designer menswear. This is why it’s remained one of the all time favourites of many British people.
10. Reiss
If you’re looking for the perfect combination of quality and affordability, or the perfect blend of traditional and modern designs, then Reiss is for you! This brand started as a single tailor shop in London in 1971 and has grown to become one of the most sought after made in England brands. Their unique menswear have a signature look which is the result of the combination of classic and contemporary approaches to making clothes.
Clothes make the man.
From stylish to performance based and from traditional to modern approaches,
there are some really awesome brands of menswear made in England.
So, if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe before the Christmas season, consider buying some of the local brands. Their quality is guaranteed, so all you need to worry about is creating your unique style. Remember, “clothes make the man”, so make sure you look your best for the upcoming autumn and winter.
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Let’s just clear this up, street style has always existed. It has been a part of fashion culture for a very long time but let’s be honest, it started to be recognised after the 1950’s. Mens fashion trends have evolved throughout the years, but some things will never change and as always, when fashion is in question, trends will always come back around. So, why not go to your wardrobe or maybe your draws and dig through your clothes, you never know what you may find.
Which men’s street styles to follow?
Well, that is easy. Here at Tramp Menswear, we thrive on making sure you have the highest quality designs to select from. To ensure we fulfil our promise, every fabric is carefully hand selected by our Founder and Owner from both England and Germany therefore, only the very best quality fabrics are used for our unique menswear! We continue to update our designs with new and exciting products launching every month but, this season we have really stretched ourselves. We wanted to expand our range ensuring you guys had an even wider selection with the launch of our knitwear, long sleeve t-shirts and sweatshirts! Besides shopping through our newest range of designer menswear, there are some other contributing factors you need to pay attention to if you want to be stylish!
The Fanny pack
Yes, you read it correct, no need to rub your eyes. The fanny pack is back! And it is becoming the number one fashionable item in men’s street style! Fashion is not gender related anymore and besides from being a fashion statement, there is also a wide range of variations of the fanny pack. We shouldn’t dare say this but, we hope you might be able to use your old fanny pack. Don’t want to admit it? Thinking it may ruin your masculinity? Think again, admit it and use your old one. If on the other hand, you have never owned a fanny pack, surprise your mates and grab one from your closest high street store. Become the Collie not the sheep.
Prints, please!
Prints are becoming a huge hit in a man’s wardrobe. Prints are not reserved just for women; we at Tramp Menswear understand that, which is why we have added some bold prints to our unique t shirts. As you know, we are a UK independent clothing brand created by Menswear designer Sapphire but our goal is to become the leading British brandin unique menswear. We know that not all men like to wear prints therefore, we have designed our basic range especially for you. Think about this next question...Why would you go basic when you can buy a t-shirt with a hint of print? It’s the latest fashion for men and you will feel great in your new
menswear. Of course, you shouldn’t wear too many prints together, for example a combination of two different variations. You simply need to follow some basic guidelines.
Neutral is your new friend.
Although you will have some older prints hiding in your wardrobe, try stick to basic colours. Our unique mens tshirts can give you that as well. We have a wide range of colours to offer including greens, blues, reds, greys, browns, white and black; whatever your colour we’ve got it covered.
Keep in mind, if you decide to wear a lighter coloured t-shirt, you should consider wearing slightly darker trousers, and vice versa. A well-designed, unique mens tshirt is a must-have piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe. You probably have tonnes hiding in your wardrobe that you got as a present, but still...treat yourself to something new and buy a piece our unique menswear. Alongside this, we also create a range of luxury UK mens socks featuring our signature dog logo.
Vest, a must-have piece
In the UK, men see a vest as this stereotypical ‘wife beater’ image rather than for the item of clothing that it is. A vest is the latest fashion for men and besides that, it is also taking over the menswear trends on the runways. You want to be stylish right? Well, take your pick...your vest can be military style, a classic style or a utility vest but, having at least one is a must.
Logo, yes or no?
Well, if we look at all the fashion statistics, we can see, every reputable menswear designer has a recognisable logo. One thing is for sure, logos are recognisable and you should only wear brands which you absolutely love. Look at their logo in detail, be absolutely sure, don't just wear the Adidas logo that you don’t really understand what it stands for, just because you think it looks 'cool'; it needs to represent you and your personality.
The sweatshirt is back!
This is one piece of luxury menswearthat is coming back and its coming back for good! Although there are a lot of men rooting against the sweatshirt, they are here to stay and we at Tramp Menswear have got you covered. Sportswear is one of the key menswear trends to follow this season. In our option it’s never looked better, sweatshirts have found their fans and they even include prints. Check out one of ours below.
Today, why not wear a sweatshirt and an overcoat, layering is super on-trend and it’s the latest fashion for men. Of course, if you decide to wear this type of combination, then you should tone it down with the carefully selection of overcoat colour. Bare in mind, you need to make sure that other elements of your outfit match. Can you imagine all the places where you could wear this combination? From a day in office to your best mates dinner out; it is versatile but you need to style it correctly.
What are you waiting for? Go shopping!
Yes, we know, usually, you don’t like shopping. But don’t forget, in today’s world you can buy everything online. You can find UK independent clothing brands like us online, with UK mens socks in vibrant colours; you can find anything! A lot of new and exciting menswear shops are opening their stores online since the market is growing. Why not start by taking a look at some of our unique mens tshirts, since we are very proud and confident that you will find some truly luxury menswear.
We have completed and compiled the extensive list of the mens fashion trends you should follow but please be aware that this is our personal thoughts only. If you would like to keep your appearance on trend and feel great then you should really consider buying some new unique menswear for yourself. After all, you deserve it!
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Whether you are in need of a relaxing holiday or just want some time to travel, visiting a festival in Europe will allow you to have fun, meet new people and experience different forms of art. Any festival is a great opportunity to get to know the local culture, foreign artists and make friends from all around the world. As there are many great festival venues all throughout the old continent, deciding on which to attend might be a difficult choice. So, in order to help you decide, we here at Tramp Menswear have created a list of 10 European festivals you need to attend.
Europe has some of the best festivals in the World
All you need to know about the festivals in Europe
Almost every European country has more than a few festivals that could make it onto your bucket list. As some of the best festivals in the world are in Europe, you can pick any time of the year and you will be able to find a great venue to travel to. Attending a European festival can be a great way to blow off some steam and is super fun with a bunch of mates. It’s a great opportunity to wear that smart t-shirtin that new independent clothing brand you just discovered. Therefore, start packing, find your passport, and choose which of our top 10 European festivals you need to attend.
Tomorrowland - A multicultural paradise for the fans of electronic music.
Oktoberfest - One of the 10 European festivals you need to attend is the world's largest festival dedicated to beer.
- A great place to meet people from all around the world and listen to some of your favourite musicians.
Exit festival - Discover new music that takes place at an 18th-century fortress.
Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival - International and local artists will let you enjoy literature, dance, and music in one of the most amazing European capitals.
Amsterdam Music Festival - As Amsterdam knows how to party, the festival will allow you to listen to some of the most popular DJs at the moment.
The Carnival of Venice - Watch the gondolas, listen to the music or attend a gala ball during one of the most famous carnivals in the World.
Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Festival - Spend a magical New Years Eve in Scotland.
Secret Solstice - Have dreamed of visiting Iceland? Listen to great music while enjoying the amazing nature of this island country.
Hellfest - If you are a hard rock & metal fan, make sure you visit France during June. You won't be disappointed.
Things to do before you start packing for a festival
Just reading about some of the top 10 European festivals you need to attend can make you grab a bag and start packing in a rush. However, traveling to a foreign country might sometimes be a bit more complicated. Here are a few guidelines to follow when planning to travel to a European festival:
Do you need a visa to travel?
Prior to booking your tickets for a European festival, check whether you need to apply for a tourist visa. Keep in mind that the application process can take time and apply in advance.
Don't forget to take care of all important pre-travel tasks.
Many people plan their holiday prior to a major life event like moving to a foreign country or starting a new job. If you are planning to travel to a European festival prior to an abroad relocation, make sure you fulfil all of the important tasks. Consult with a reliable moving company like Neeley's Van and Storage. Make a packing plan. Cancel your utility bills and subscriptions. Stay organised by writing down a task checklist.
Pack properly.
Festivals are fun. Camping, meeting new people and enjoying a new culture won't be so comfortable if you are freezing or your feet hurt. Traveling and dressing light is possible if you pack smart; make sure you have quality luggage too. It’s always nice to show off some of your new mens designer t shirts, keep it super cool and you’ll soon get noticed. A good traveling backpack and a safe tent are some of the basics you will also need when traveling to a festival.
Are there too many pre-departure tasks and you don't have much time to prepare? Find a menswear online shop that can provide you with the best British menswear brands, full with the most fashionable mens designer t shirts. By doing that, you will be able to relax and pack properly for a European festival.
In order to decide which event in Europe to attend first, here is the basic information you need about the top 10 European festivals you need to attend.
1. Why is Tomorrowland one of the best festivals in the World?
Tomorrowland is a great festival to visit if you like electronic music. Great performers from all around the World, amazing stages and delicious food... The list of reasons to visit Belgium in July goes on. Discover Europe by camping in Dreamville and make new friends from around the globe.
2. Oktoberfest, Germany
This amazing festival is known as the World’s largest fair and keg party. It is held each October in Munich and has a tradition that dates back to 1800s. More than 6 million people attend the Oktoberfesteach year to enjoy the beer that has been brewed within the city limits of Munich.
3. Roskilde
This amazing Belgian rock festival is the place where many world famous bands like Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed. Therefore, if you are into rock, all you need to do is to book a ticket, pack a few mens designer t shrirts and you are all set for an amazing party.
4. Exit festival, Serbia
Even though this festival started as a student movement since 2005, it has since evolved into one of the top 10 European festivals you need to attend. Great lineups of both famous and yet undiscovered artists, affordable prices, great food, and camping sites are the main reasons why many people decide to visit this small European country in July.
5. Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival
If you decide to travel to Hungary in October, you can visit some of many exhibitions, shows, and concerts all around Budapest. Cafe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival even features many events that are free to attend.
6. The Carnival of Venice
Venice is already amazing in itself. Visiting the city on water and getting to ride in a gondola will make you fall in love with Italy. Besides the famous cuisine, traditional carnival in Venice is the very first thing that crosses anyone's mind when thinking about Italy.
The Carnival of Venice, one of the top 10 European festivals you need to attend, is held every year 40 days before Easter. More than 3 million people attend the carnival each year. The festival features many great events you visit, dress up and get to know the Italian culture.
During February, the whole city of Venice turns into an amazing fairytale-like scenery set
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Welcome to our menswear blog.
The first question is, can men wear florals? Here’s a very simple answer… of course they can! It is now fashionable to wear roses on your mens designer t shirts and tulips on your shorts. Floral prints have been one of the biggest fashion trends for men this summer. It is quite an art to pull off a great floral and it’s really important to get it right, today’s floral prints are a real asset to designer menswear therefore, don’t write them off. Here’s a little bit of floral background before we go into the serious stuff…
The floral print has been around for many years. Nowadays, floral prints are offer mistaken for the dad shirt that only comes out on that holiday to Greece but there are many successful floral prints that are a great addition to mens fashion. Just like florals, it takes a real man to wear pink!
Whoever said florals aren’t for men, I can tell you now, they were wrong! It is so stereotypical of us all, men and women to point the finger and suggest that florals look better on a woman. But, if you know how to wear the right floral pattern, then you too can be a fashionista of the world. Here goes, at Tramp Menswear we are here to educate you on the most successful ways to wear your florals, along with being able to keep your hard-core masculine style. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for our dos and don’ts of men’s florals.
Another question we’ve just thought of is, how does a man express this through his wardrobe? There are so many questions around florals that need answering but lets just get started.
Following on with the dos...
1. Floral ties are sophisticated! It’s a great place to start if you’re feeling a little shy. They work well with a neutral coloured shirt and with autumn just around the corner, it’s would be great to put this into practice as dark coloured florals will be coming your way. Why not try this great tie from one of our favourite British menswear brands ‘Dancys London’, it would be a cracking start to your autumn wardrobe. Try it with a navy coloured shirt and a pair of wool trousers.
Ties are also a great way of testing out whether florals work for you. A tie is a symbol of a successful businessman who shows personality throughout his style. As long as the colours of the tie compliment the rest of your suit, then you’re all set to go.
2. Some of us could possibly get away with floral coloured shoes but this is a pretty brave move. If you’re feeling bold and even a little extravagant, you could wear your botanic printed shoes with a pair of plain grey tailored trousers.
3. There are also other ways to wear florals than just through your clothing, you could experiment a bit more with your accessories. Explore this summer with floral mens caps and hats, luxury mens socks, neckties or sunglasses. These accessories will really boost your fashion ability and compliment your manly personality. But, whatever you do, don’t try to wear these accessories all at once; you won’t see a great reaction from people.
4. Beach parties are a great way to show off your floral talent. I know most opportunities will have already passed this year but for anyone still going on holiday, there will be loads of ‘end of season’ parties in Ibiza and why not try Thailand, they have tones of amazing beaches where you could really show off those blooming shorts. Camo is going to be huge this winter and we’ve got a great camo sweatshirt launching in the next month that would be great for autumn too!
5. One of the most common men’s fashions this winter is to wear a floral shirt. Long or short sleeved with a nice pair of ripped jeans would go down a treat with the opposite sex. Stay clear of the Hawaiian type florals, that will just make you look like your wearing your dad’s old shirt but go for something fairly neat, real toned and dark in colour. Even a black and white floral will show you’re a fashionable leader.
6. Black and white florals are going to be huge this Autumn/Winter season. If you’re looking for something less feminine than your traditional pinks and reds, then why not opt for a simple black and white design, it’s still super cool and will take your fashion right through to spring with the neutral colour combination. If you’re not daring enough then play it safe - we won’t judge you. Or just some plain crew neck mens designer t shirts will do the trick!
Now for the don’ts...
1. Don’t make everything floral based, all over floral at the same time, this is not fashionable and no one wants to see it. Remember we’re not looking to dress like a clown or look like you’re wearing a pair of pyjamas! Be careful about mixing and matching your florals, if your not sure then just wear one lot of florals to be on the safe side.
2. Don’t make your outfit too fun. What we mean by this is try not to overdo it with too many colours, you will end up looking like a rainbow or you’ll look like you’ve experiencing some sort of mid-life crisis on the way to Hawaii.
Florals for us can be worn on pretty much any item of clothing including; t-shirts, shorts, jeans, trousers, jumpers and coats, you name it. The all-over floral prints could raise a few eyebrows but why not be bold with your bright pink peonies. You can see many designers supporting these looks such as Gucci, Prada and McQueen, it’s only natural that the other British menswear brands follow suit.
One thing you must remember, do not wear your floral designs in the gym. I know we have discussed all-over florals but this does not mean that you can flaunt an all over floral print tracksuit; this will definitely ruin your masculinity but remember fortune favours the brave.
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