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More often than not when we see ourselves in the mirror, we are taken aback by how physical features are going beyond our control. Everyone loves a lively glowing face and a flawless skin, but it really disheartens you when you find yourself with pigmentation and discolored skin, puffy eyes, wrinkled skin, and a generally dull face.

No amount of cosmetic investment can bring back the natural beauty. However, you need to understand what cost you your natural glow when you were never actually born that way. A large number of people spend hefty amounts on cosmetic treatments and still get zero reasons because they fail to address the root cause.

Do you know that if your mind is constantly under stress, it eventually ends up showing on your face?

Dark circles, pigmented skin, and poor health of your skin are often consequences of stress. What most people fail to understand is that something that is caused by what is going on inside you cannot be fixed by temporary cosmetic fixes.

If you want a permanent fix of your physical beauty and want a natural, glowy happy face and a bright smile, your inner peace and your mental strength are of vital importance.

The Importance of Good Relationships in our Lives

We are blessed with the ability to build relationships that provide us with an emotional or mental support system. Whether it is a romantic partner, a spouse, parents or kids, your relationships can be a means of mental peace for you, but it can also become a source of stress when there is an emotional disconnect.

That usually happens when your external stressors take over your life to the extent that you forget to prioritize your relationships and do not give them the time and effort they deserve. 

While you cannot do much about what is going outside your space, but if you come back to a homely environment where you have a partner to take care of you while you watch your kids play, you get the much-needed therapy to relieve you of the stress.

The ability to rise above the things that bring you down and finding happiness in the little things around you keeps your physical beauty intact healthy and you can retain your smile and glow.

Here are some of the simple ways in which you can strengthen your personal and family life and destress yourself for a healthier naturally beautiful face and a generally healthy life.

Physical Activity

Exercises, workouts or any other sort of physical activity is not only one of the best stress busters. But it also improves the blood circulation in your body and detoxifies it resulting in a healthier and more beautiful face.

Unfortunately, many people find workouts a burden or a boring activity and find excuses to avoid it.

Interestingly, you can make it a family activity where the whole family can get together and workout and bond together while they are at it. You can go along for morning runs, evening walks, or cycle over the weekends as a family. If outdoors is too time-consuming for you, just grab your yoga mats and follow a Yoga video for a revitalizing family yoga session. Workout together to make it less boring.

Eat Meals Together

Nothing relieves stress better than good food and nothing strengthens your bond as a family than eating together at meal times. Try to have at least one meal together as a family, be it either your breakfast or dinner. Cook a
favorite family meal, share responsibilities for setting up and cleaning up the table so that no single person feels burdened. Use this time to have heart-to-heart conversations and a generally light and fun environment.

Gifts and Presents

You do not have to wait for Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, father’s or birthdays and anniversaries to let your loved ones know how important they are. You can just randomly leave them a surprise present with a heartfelt note, and let them enjoy a cherishable keepsake. Jewelry and watches make an amazing keepsake, and you can find something for every age and budget.

You can pick up tactical watches for your husband or dad, a cool smartwatch for young adults and teen kids and an elegant fashion watch for the mommy. Other than that fresh flower, perfumes and chocolates make amazing presents.

Run Errands Together

We all hate running errands and house chores plus it drains us from most of our time and energy, however, has it ever occurred to you that running errands could be something fun, stress relieving and can help bind you together as a family.

Use a Sunday morning to go for grocery shopping as a family, wash your car or trim your lawn and clean the house together to make it fun, exciting less time-consuming.

Human life is often surrounded by multiple influences that may stress or distress it. Often, many of the external stressors such as financial bills and academic pressures are beyond our control. However, we can make up for that by finding solace in things that are pretty much in our hands. Exercising and sharing good times with your family and beloved ones can for sure lower stress levels and improve your overall health.

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All of us are aware of the health risks of drugs, including heart problems, psychosis, overdose, and even death. We also know that drug use can cause the spread of diseases such as hepatitis and HIV

But, although these effects of drugs on your health can be devastating, they are not always obvious until it’s too late. The condition of your skin, however, can often be a good early indicator of the internal damage that drugs do to your body. 

But how and why are drugs bad for your skin? Read on to find out. 

1. Dry and Flaky Skin

Most drugs make your body work harder as a way to flush out toxins. This can lead to dehydration as your skin cells don’t get the fluids they need to function properly. This dehydration then results in dry and flaky skin, as well as sore, chapped lips. 

Cutting agents used in drugs such as heroin can also reduce the amount of moisture that reaches the epidermis, resulting in dry and itchy skin. 

2. Wrinkles

Dehydration and the resulting chronic dry skin caused by drug abuse can also lead to premature aging and wrinkles. 

In addition, drug addicts often neglect to drink water or eat a healthy diet. This makes dehydration worse and can lead to sudden weight loss, resulting in deeper wrinkles and an older appearance.  

3. Acne and Skin Eruptions

Acne is another common sign of drug abuse on your skin. And cocaine use can cause small pus-filled areas of skin known as pustulosis, as well as bullous erythema multiforme, leading to skin eruptions all over the body. 

But it is not just illegal drugs that can cause skin conditions like acne. Addiction to prescription opioids is a growing problem in the US, which you can find out more info about here.

These painkillers can cause dry skin, hormonal changes, and excess sweating. Without adequate hygiene, this can then cause a build-up of bacteria on the skin resulting in spots and acne. 

4. Open Sores

One of the common characteristics of meth users is a ‘drug face’ full of open sores and scabs. 

These sores are the result of dry, irritated skin and acne spots which users pick at until they are left with open wounds on their skin. These self-inflicted wounds then become scabs and scars which take a long time to heal.  

5. Dark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

Like wrinkles, dark spots are usually a sign of aging. But the trauma of drug abuse can cause dark spots in users from a young age. 

Often, drug users are malnourished, dehydrated, and exhausted. In combination, these can cause color changes to the skin tone, including dark spots, discoloration, and blotches. Drug use can also cause poor circulation, which can lead to dark patches on the skin. 

The Effects of Drugs on Your Skin

As a disease, addiction causes poor health. And when your health is poor, it shows on your skin and complexion. 

Of course, the effects of drugs on your physical and mental health are more of a cause for concern. But the damage that drugs do to your skin is an indicator of the effect they have on your health from the inside out.

To find out more ways that you could be ruining your skin, check out these other bad habits that are destroying your beauty. 

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Are you growing tired of spending money on beauty products or treatments to enhance your skin? Beauty products are excellent at concealing poor skin condition but they won’t give you glowing skin – instead, they’ll keep you dependent on high-end products to look good. To get glowing skin naturally, there should be a consideration of internal and external factors, and yoga is therapeutic, even to your skin.

Practicing simple yoga poses every day can help remove toxins that would otherwise give you dry skin and wrinkles. Not only does practicing yoga clear the body of toxins, but it also improves circulation and oxygen intake; both of which are important for maintaining healthy skin. The following poses are ideal for working the muscles, creating balance, and giving you perfect skin.

Corpse Pose

To do the Corpse Pose, start by lying flat down on your back with the eyes closed. Still your thoughts and try to relax your body, working from each muscle to the next, to make sure every part of your body is relaxed. This should take between 10-15 minutes, but take more time if necessary. Once your body and mind are completely relaxed, your breath should follow a rhythm, and your energy levels will increase, as will circulation. Spend most of this time being completely still, and allow your energies to balance themselves.

Headstand Pose

Spread a yoga mat on the floor and take a kneeling position. Next, bring both hands to the back of your head and interlock your fingers. Strengthen your shoulders and hold the palms of your hands tightly together. From this position, place your hands on the floor with the elbows anchoring you, and try to lift your body so that you stand up straight with the toes pointing up.

It takes quite a lot of energy to hold this position but if practiced regularly, it will get easier. Hold this position for a few minutes and start lowering one leg and then raising it back up. Do this with each leg, and breathe slowly throughout.

Twisted Seated Pose

Sit down on a mat and cross your legs with both your hands stretched to one side. Gently twist your body to one side using your hands as to stretch further. Take deep breaths as you twist your body, and release the muscles as you let go. Do this on each side and hold for 10 seconds before moving to the other side.

Cobra Pose

Lie down on your stomach and put your hands flat down on your sides. Lift your upper body up using your hands and stretch your body, tilting your neck back to allow your whole spine to stretch. Hold this position for one deep breath and then fall back down. Do this repeatedly, for a few minutes. This pose will deepen your breathing to some extent and this will increase oxygen intake and circulation on your skin.

Triangle Pose

To do the Triangle Pose, stand straight up with arms spread outward and arms to your sides. Bend forward with arms facing out toward the ground, and then raise one arm high up in the air, bending your upper body to one side. Keep the other hand down, grasping onto your foot for support. Breathe slowly and deliberately when doing this pose, and try to stretch your hand high up and back, and do this on both sides.

Do this once or twice and day, in the mornings and/or evenings to unwind, build strength, and to release tension.

Shoulder Stand Pose

The shoulder stand looks very challenging but once you get into this position, it’s not difficult to hold it. It’s also great for tightening your stomach muscles, boosting collagen, and smoothing your skin. Start by lying flat on the ground on your back, and then lift your knees up so that your legs are up in the air. Put your hands firmly on your back, and press into your back to anchor your body. Lift your legs straight up in the air, and use your arms to support your weight.

This will create some tension around the back of the neck and in your shoulders. Hold for a few moments and repeat. Be careful when performing the shoulder stand, as it’s easy to lose balance.

Holding this position reduces the number of fluids in your legs, which is also a good thing. It also temporarily relieves pressure from the immune system and streamlines the digestive process. All these factors contribute to better skin. Do the Shoulder Stand Pose every day for a few minutes to improve blood flow, reduce puffiness, and to promote healthy skin.

Fish Pose

The Fish Pose stretches the front part of your body (chest, abdomen, throat, intercostal muscles) and it works the upper back muscles to improve posture and flexibility. It also strengthens respiratory health and boosts oxygen intake. Do this regularly but take all the proper precautions to make sure you don’t fall over and hurt yourself. Also, don’t get into this position immediately after a meal.

To get into the Fish pose, lie down flat on your back with hands on your sides, palms facing the floor. With your head looking up, lift up your spine so that it forms a curve on your back and use your head and elbows to support your weight. Your neck should also be lifted, with only the top of the head touching the ground for support. Hold for 5-30 seconds on each turn.

Camel Pose

The most common reason for doing the Camel Pose is to strengthen the spine, but there’s a lot more than you can gain from it. The Camel Pose is essentially a backbend that is meant to stretch the entire front part of the body and it has a ton of therapeutic effects in the body including improving the quality of your skin.

To do the Camel Pose, start from a kneeling position and lower your body backward and bend your head down facing the back. Rest your hands on your feet for support and hold this position for 30 seconds, and repeat. This will stretch your stomach, legs, arms, neck, and shoulders. It will also improve strength, tone your muscles, and strengthen your skin. Do it every day for the best results.

About the Author

Dr. Sean Daneshmand has been nominated as a “Top Doctor in San Diego” as published in San Diego Magazine continuously since 2008-2018. He has also completed extensive training in Aesthetic procedures including Vaser Liposelection and has been the Medical Director of Ageless and beautiful Medical Spa since May 2005.  

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We all love the sweet smooth after taste associated with chocolate, and it is almost impossible to resist it.

You will find about three different varieties of chocolate in your favorite local store, but it is not all of them that have the same benefits to our health and skin.

Not all chocolates are equal. Some are better than others.

Milk chocolate contains milk, butter, sugar and different measures of cocoa solids, and is the most loved the world over. Its sweet, creamy taste is so irresistible, and most would not mind taking dozens of milk chocolate.

On the other hand, white chocolate does not contain any cocoa solids. The main ingredient is cocoa butter. Sugar and milk are added to give it a special sweet and creamy taste.

Dark chocolate has a large content of cocoa solids. As a result, it is a little bitter compared to the other varieties. Other ingredients are cocoa butter and sugar. However, dark chocolate may contain milk or not.

White chocolate and milk chocolate are the sweetest among the three varieties, and have a huge following among the consumers. It is a case of letting the taste buds lead the way, for most people.

Interestingly, dark chocolate is the most beneficial to our health based on the number of cocoa solids that it has.

The following are the benefits associated with taking dark chocolate.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate to the Skin

Reduces Stress:

Magnesium is the essential mineral, often dubbed as the ‘natural chill pill’ that suppresses the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Stress breaks down collagen and hurts our skin elasticity.  

As a result, cell growth cannot occur effectively when stressed, and your body is ineffective in replacing dead cells.

Apart from suppressing the stress hormones, magnesium helps you sleep better. According to research, sleep is critical to cell growth, and that translates to a better hair volume and skin.

Protection against the Sun:

The study, published in the Journal of the US National Library of Medicine, show that chocolate provides skin protection against sunburn. Literally, it is the natural sunscreen.

Dark chocolate reduces skin redness and maintains a smoother texture after exposure to sunlight. The flavonoids in chocolate give your skin the ability to reflect UV rays, protects it from harful UV, and thus prevent skin discoloration.

Has a Range of Antioxidants:

There’s so much good associated with antioxidants in fruit and vegetables. Similarly, dark chocolate has powerful antioxidants that prevent the damaging effects of free radicals. Your skin remains supple and soft for longer, as your body has the ability to get rid of harmful substances.

Enhances Cell Growth:

Dark chocolate is loaded with essential minerals such as zinc, copper, and iron. These essential minerals play a crucial role by promoting cell growth to replace old and dead cells. Dark chocolate also has a detoxifying effect on the skin to keep it glowing and flexible.

Protects the Skin from the Damaging Effects of Ultraviolet Rays:

Long periods of exposure to sunlight can have damaging effects on the skin. However, the antioxidants in dark chocolate can prevent the detrimental effects of exposure through improved blood circulation.

Promotes skin Healing:

The mineral-rich dark chocolate packs a load of healing properties on the skin. It helps get rid of dead cells and remove scars from the skin. As a result, you can maintain a youthful and beautiful skin that attracts attention from afar.

Two melted dark chocolate bars mixed with milk and applied on the face regularly can do the trick of significantly improving skin texture and elasticity.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate to the Hair

Improves the Quality of your Hair:

Magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc in dark chocolate are the essential minerals that enhance the quality of your hair. The vital minerals promote cell division and strengthen every strand of hair. Dark chocolate also makes the hair lustrous and soft.

Those with long hair and who often use curling tools can make their hair luscious and smooth by mixing melted dark chocolate with mashed ripe bananas. Add one teaspoon of honey to the mixture and apply it on the hair. Avoid applying on the roots.

Treats Infections in the Scalp:

Dark chocolate has extra-ordinary anti-inflammatory properties that promote healing to the scalp and prevents further development of infections. Taking dark chocolate improves blood flow to the scalp which brings essential nutrients to promote healing.

Improves Hair Volume:

Dark chocolate contains essential minerals that promote cell division. And together with increased blood flow to the scalp, the hair volume improves considerably. Dark chocolate has a positive effect on blood circulation, and that enhances the transfer of nutrients necessary for cell growth to your hair.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate to your Overall Health

Keeps Premature Aging at Bay:

Wrinkles and fine lines on the skin are some of the most visible signs of aging. And even though some can argue that wisdom comes with age, no one fancies having visible signs of wisdom on their skin.

Dark chocolate keeps the skin healthy and prevents pigmentation. It improves collagen content and keeps the skin moisturized.

Eating dark chocolate improves circulation on the skin making it more elastic and healthy to prevent wrinkles. Elastic skin does not have any wrinkles.

Improves Eyesight:

Studies show that dark chocolate can improve visual contrast sensitivity. Visual contrast sensitivity is the ability to see an object at different contrasts. Another research shows that Dark chocolate improves visual clarity and visual acuity.

According to researchers, the flavonoids in dark chocolate improve blood flow in the eyes which transport essential nutrients and oxygen.

Reduces Inflammation:

Inflammation can affect various body processes including cell growth. The flavonoids in dark chocolate prevent inflammation and help in the management of such conditions as eczema.

Improves Heart Health:

The flavonoids in dark chocolate have anti-inflammatory properties, and they promote heart health. Dark chocolate improves the health of endothelial cells on arteries to improve blood flow to the heart.

Helps the Cognitive Function:

Flavonoids penetrate and accumulate in the region of the brain associated with learning. You become a better learner and excel in your studies by eating dark chocolate regularly.

Flavonoids also increase blood flow to the brain thus prevents memory loss, increases attention span and improves problem-solving skills.

For the senior citizens, taking dark chocolate can keep mental decline at a minimum.

Helps Manage Blood Pressure:

Magnesium and copper in dark chocolate help regulate blood pressure and prevent any associated complications such as heart disease and kidney problems.

Improves the Mood:

Dark chocolate increases the production of endorphins or the feel-good hormones. You may notice that your mood improves significantly after taking a delicious bar of chocolate.

Endorphins are associated with reduced stress and pain. Chocolate also has an amino acid related to happiness, tryptophan, which further reduces stress and improves your mood.

Reduces Cholesterol:

Bad cholesterol is the main cause of various diseases such heart diseases. The study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, shows that dark chocolate reduces bad cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels can also cause blockage of arteries and cause such complications as high blood pressure and heart disease. Dark chocolate increases good cholesterol in the body and reduces the harmful effects of bad cholesterol.

Cures Mild Cases of Anemia:

Dark chocolate contains iron and together with iron-rich foods can heal mild cases of anemia. The flavonoids in chocolate help increase the red blood cells in the body.

Prevent Stroke:

Flavonoids such as epicatechin, available in dark chocolate, are known to safeguard the brain against stroke. Studies show that the nerve cells of individuals that consume dark chocolate are less likely to develop stroke compared to those that do not take dark chocolate.

Good for Workouts:

Dark chocolate also contains proteins from the added milk. The proteins together with carbohydrates are a good source of energy for those that desperately need to recover from workouts. Chocolate milkshake will help you build muscles and give you the stamina to push yourself and achieve workout goals.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be boring, add some dark chocolate to your daily diet, apply some to your skin, be creative!

About the Author

Anna is a healthy lifestyle blogger at curltheblessing.com as she is passionate about health, fashion, natural living. She spends most of her time writing for her fashion and healthy lifestyle blog. She has her writing published on thefrisky.com before. Being a writer and a stylist doesn’t really stop her passion from traveling, too. Besides writing, she loves to hang out with her friends. She plans to launch her own beauty brand some day.

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In order to know how to treat your skin problems, it is important to determine your skin type. That is very necessary to ensure proper care and treatment. Knowing that will enable you to choose the right products to maintain your natural beauty.

There are five common skin types.

What are the Skin Types?

One way to determine your skin type is the online skin type test, you need to answer some questions, according to which you get the result. You can also ask a skin specialist or simply use the following simple tissue test.

* Dry skin:

Simple Skin Type Test: Use a simple, clean facial tissue to wipe your face in the morning as soon as you wake up. If you have dry skin, the paper will be clean, and your face will feel dry and tight after you wiped it.

Dry skin can easily develop wrinkles and fine pores. It loses its moisture very quickly especially in winter and dry seasons. It looks great on a young person, but as you get older, it requires special care to keep it healthy, this includes moisturizers and natural masks for dry skin.

* Normal Skin:

Skin Type Testthe tissue will not reveal any trace of oil. Normal skin should feel elastic, and supple. It needs minimum care and looks good year after year.

* Oily Skin:

Skin Type Test: the tissue will have spots of facial oil on it, corresponding to the areas of your cheeks, nose, and forehead.

Oily skin usually looks greasy, thick, coarse, shiny and has enlarged pores. However, the good thing is that it is not prone much to aging and wrinkling. When using proper cleansing products and beauty regime, this can improve the quality of your skin.

*Combination skin:

Skin Type Testthe tissue will have a trace of oil from nose and forehead, while it will be clean in the areas that touch your cheeks.

Combination skin means that your nose area and forehead (T-zone) are oily and drier on your cheeks.T-zone should be treated like oily skin by frequent cleaning. The cheeks should be treated with rich creams and moisturizers.

*Sensitive Skin:

Skin Type Testthis type of skin tended to feel tight and irritated easily, it can be itchy and tingly, too.

It is the most problematic type of skin, which needs very special care and very special products; this includes mild products that contain no scent.

As soon as you determine what skin type you have, it will be much easier for you to choose appropriate products like natural beauty products and homemade remedies; they are cheaper and have fewer side effects.

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Every skin type has its own pros, cons and challenges, but during cold winter months, dry skin definitely suffers the most. The lack of moisture in the air can seriously irritate your skin, causing redness, peeling, itching and dull, greyish complexion. And with the spring fast approaching, we need to take care of that ASAP.

Dry skin doesn’t retain moisture well. Its natural barrier that should protect the skin and prevent the water from evaporating is damaged and insufficient.

So, a skincare regimen for dry skin needs to cover two very important things:

  1. To supply your skin with moisture
  2. Repair the skin barrier to lock that moisture in.

The following DIY face masks for dry skin are some of the best you can find. They are soothing and nourishing, packed with natural oils and antioxidants and just perfect for this time of year. Try them all out, choose your favorite and use it 1 – 2 times a week – you won’t believe how easy it is to maintain your skin soft, plump, supple and well-hydrated.

3 Best DIY Face Masks for Dry Skin DIY Chocolate-Banana Face Mask

This aromatic face mask can make you feel like you’re in a luxurious spa salon. Or in a chocolate factory. The smell, the rich, creamy texture, the pampering effect… and it is so good for your skin!


  • 1 small piece of banana – around an inch long
  • 2 teaspoons raw cacao powder
  • 1 large teaspoon of thick yogurt

About the Ingredients

Banana is an extremely nourishing fruit that softens rough patches, hydrates the skin and makes it firm and elastic.

Yogurt contains lactic acid which exfoliates the dull, dry layer of your skin, smoothes the skin and helps in fading dark spots.

Cocoa powder improves the circulation, tones the skin, repairs damages and prevents premature aging signs.

How to …

Start by mashing the banana piece with a fork. Try to get rid of as many lumps as you can – you want a nice, creamy, smooth texture. Add a teaspoon of yogurt and mix well. In the end, add just enough cocoa powder to get the consistency that you like.

Apply the mask to a clean face, preferably after a gentle scrub. Leave it on for around 20 minutes. Wash the mask off using a gentle cleanser and apply your moisturizer right away.

You should use this mask at least once a week or every time you feel your skin is getting rough and tight.

DIY Avocado Face Mask for Dry Skin

Avocado face masks are a perfect choice for dry skin. The nutrients and healthy fats avocado contains can smooth out and nourish even very dry patches. Combined with olive oil and fresh lemon juice, it will supply your skin with moisture, vitamins and antioxidants, protect it against harsh, drying conditions and keep it soft, pampered and glowing all through the winter.


  • 1 tablespoon mashed avocado
  • 2 teaspoons olive or coconut oil
  • a small squeeze of fresh lemon juice

How to …

Mix the mashed avocado with some olive oil. You can use coconut oil instead, but warm it up first – it will be much easier to mix it with other ingredients. In the end, add just a little bit of fresh lemon juice and mix everything well together until you get a completely smooth paste.

Wash your face using a gentle cleanser. Apply a thick layer of the mask as evenly as you can. Massage it into your skin for about 5 minutes, and then leave it like that for 10 – 15 more minutes.

Wipe the mask off using a clean towel or a tissue. Rinse the residue off and apply a moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp. That will prevent the evaporation of water and keep your skin plump and supple.

Use this face mask 1 – 2 times a week. Apart from dry skin, it is also great for treating combination skin, early aging signs or you can simply use it as a quick fix for every time your skin looks dull, greyish or tired.

Soothing Oatmeal Face Mask for Dry, Irritated Skin

This face mask is one of the most soothing skincare products, both DIY and commercial. You should reach for it every time your skin becomes uncomfortably tight, dry and flaky. It will heal and repair your skin, gently exfoliate the dead, dry skin cells layer, provide all the moisture, nutrients and antioxidants your skin needs and prevent future drying out.


  • 1 tablespoon colloidal oatmeal
  • 2 teaspoons whole milk
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey

Colloidal oatmeal has super fine particles, which makes colloidal oatmeal perfect for skincare products. But if you don’t have any, you can replace it with oat flour or you can finely grind some rolled oats.

How to …

First mix the oatmeal powder and milk to get a smooth, thick paste. Add honey and mix everything well until your mixture is completely smooth. Apply right after washing your face. Leave the mask on for 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse it off well and apply your moisturizer or a thin layer of some natural oil.

In fact, it is a great idea to add a thin layer of some oil over your face moisturizer every night before going to sleep. Any quality natural oil will suit dry skin, but especially moisturizing are sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, jojoba oil or even shea or cocoa butter.

Hope you’ll like these all-natural face masks. For dry skin, you’ll hardly find better products. Use them every time you want to pamper your skin and your skin will repay you by being healthy, youthful and glowing. Enjoy…

Written by Jovana R. from BeSpotted. Freelance article writer with extensive experience in skincare, health and beauty products and interest in graphic design, home décor, cooking and all things creative.

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Not everyone is happy with their appearance. Sometimes individuals want a different look, hoping it will change their lives. And often, a cosmetic procedure will change your life for the better. When your body and looks, shapes the way you want, you will be more confident and project this to the world.

Most of the techniques are minor and take little time to implement and an even smaller amount of time to recover, but the rewards are amazing. Once you see a difference in your appearance, your self-confidence will soar, and your entire life will change.

Here are 3 cosmetic treatments that can positively change your life, including botox information.

1. Botox

Botox treatments are used for a variety of ailments as well as for cosmetic reasons. Brow lifts, wrinkle filler, lip plumper, and several other procedures are approved for Botox injections.

Botox is an effective, safe, and simple procedure many women, and men, turn to for cosmetic beautification. This option is preferred due to the simplicity of injections and the fact that downtime is extremely limited.

Many individuals can have a Botox injection one afternoon and return to work with little to no discomfort the next day. It is a reasonably priced procedure that is performed in the office of the cosmetic specialist.

2. Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis

This technique is a non-invasive alternative to painful liposuction. Liposuction is also a surgical procedure many people take days to recover from. But Coolsculpting is a targeted procedure that destroys fat cells, even the most stubborn fat you’ve been trying to exercise away for years.

The skin is “frozen” and the fat cells below that portion of the skin are destroyed and eliminated through natural bodily functions. A certified technician needs to administer this procedure, and it is available to be done over a lunch hour with little to no discomfort or downtime. Depending on the number of fat cells to be removed, you may need several applications before the final results are revealed.

This type of fat removal has been around for several years but is gaining popularity as more and more dermatologists’ and cosmetic surgeons become certified in the technique.

3. Body Contouring

This is the opposite of Coolsculpting as it uses heat, from infrared lasers and radio frequencies, to “burn” away fat cells. The procedure uses a machine that also has pulsed vacuums and rollers to reduce the appearance of cellulite or fat in various places on the body. It is also a non-invasive procedure as it never punctures the skin, only working on top of the epidermis.    

Not only does this technique reduce fat, but it also works with the collagen fibers and connective tissue to improve skin texture and elasticity. 

You may need a little time to recover, but as the reverse, Coolsculpting, it is non-invasive and the results are beautiful.

When considering one or all of these body changing measures, always consult a certified specialist for the best results. Dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons are the top two professionals who will help you get the best results for your time and money. 

These procedures, two of which are non-invasive and all done by a certified technician, will not only help with a physical issue, they will boost your self-confidence. Self-confidence is a priceless gift you can give to yourself.

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Honey has been used as a face mask for centuries. Cleopatra, in ancient Egypt, was the very first woman in the history who used it to nourish her skin. Since then, women use a honey mask.

Honey Mask Benefits to your Skin

                                  Honey, by gramarye, flikr.com

#1 Moisturizes Your Skin:

Honey’s ability to absorb and retain moisture makes it the perfect skin moisturizer. Therefore, you can use a honey mask for dry or itchy skin areas because it lends moisture to these areas. If you have oily skin, you can also benefit from honey facial masks since it moisturizes your skin without making it greasy. It is important to maintain skin moisturized and elastic; otherwise, the skin will become dry and wrinkled. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent wrinkles from appearing on your skin.

#2 Full of Antioxidants:

Extra exposure to sun rays causes damage to skin layers, which result in producing free radicals. Antioxidants reverse the One effects of the sun thus healing and repairing the skin cells found in the inner layers. Therefore, honey mask is the perfect antioxidant treatment for your skin.

#3 Antibacterial Properties:

That makes honey an ideal solution for killing bacteria that causes acne. Honey contains high amount of sugar in its composition and for this reason; it limits the quantity of water that is necessary for the bacteria to develop. The high level of acidity and the low content in protein do not offer the bacteria the nitrogen needed for its development. Thus, it is the main ingredient in facial masks for curing acne.

#4 Promotes Wound Healing:

Honey as a wound dressing can help promote healing and prevent infection due to its natural antimicrobial properties. You can apply it on wounds, which speeds healing and reduce the appearance of scars.

There are plenty of honey face masks to choose from, depending on your skin problems, you can either use it alone or add other ingredients, which will add extra benefits to your skin.

Honey mask remedies

Honey Face Mask:

You can use this one ingredient face mask to moisturize your skin and fight acne. Just apply a spoon of raw honey on the face as a mask and leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse off. Repeat a few times a week.

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Avocado and Honey Face Mask
This mask is ideal for moisturizing dry skin, but still great for all skin types.
Best for: Dry Skin
Recipe type: Face Mask
  • Two tablespoons of avocado flesh.
  • Two tablespoons of avocado flesh.
  • Two tablespoons honey
  1. Mash ingredients by a fork in a bowl
  2. Use your fingers, or a brush, to spread the mask over your face and neck.
  3. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, before removing.

Read more about the benefits of avocado to your skin and hair. Yogurt and Honey Face Mask:

This honey mask is one of my favorites; I mentioned it before in a post about yogurt. In addition to the moisturizing properties of honey, yogurt reduces the appearance of age spots. So you get two magnificent results in one face mask!

Banana and Honey Mask for Sensitive Skin:


1/2 mashed banana.
1/4 cup oatmeal, cooked with milk.
1 egg
1/2 tablespoon honey.
Instructions: Mix ingredients. Massage onto face in slow, circular motion and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with water.

Lemon and Honey Face Mask for Lightning Effects

Lemon has lightening properties, and along with honey, you can use this mask for all skin types.


One tablespoon honey
One teaspoon lemon juice
Instructions: Mix the two ingredients and apply on your face. Rinse off after 20-30 minutes.

Oatmeal and Honey Face Mask Exfoliator:

Oatmeal is a great softening exfoliant. This oatmeal and honey face mask will remove your dead cells from skin and clear your pores. It is an excellent homemade facial scrub.


One tablespoon of finely ground oatmeal.

One teaspoon of honey.

One tablespoon of yogurt ( optional).

Instructions: mix the ingredients and apply to clean face, leave on for 15-20 minutes, then scrub gently and rinse with warm water.

These are only a few examples of how you can use honey in a homemade face mask. Have you ever tried any of them? Do you have your honey mask remedy? Tell us about it in the comments!
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Guest post by Apoorva Rao

Nails can speak a lot about a person’s health. If you take a close look at your nails, you can identify if there are any undesirable conditions. On the other hand, some people overlook the importance of nail care, just because they are not aware of how crucial it is.

Choosing to avoid certain products with harmful toxins, regular nail treatment and being cautious of everything you do with or for your nails will help you enjoy your health thoroughly.

But, whether your nails are healthy or need attention, these ten things are essential for a lifetime.

Do you want to avoid any trouble or find answers to your real concerns?

Then this is just for you! Read on.

#1 Keep them Dry And Clean

Nails can start becoming weak and fragile when they are always wet and moist. Overexposure of it can cause various nail problems like fungal infections and ignorance in such cases may result in having a severe and long-lasting impact.

Consider using a hand towel and dry your hands after washing them, because fungus grows in moist places can spread more easily in wet conditions. Knowing the facts of hand hygiene can help you act accordingly to avoid infection.

#2 Wash Your Hands Regularly

Washing your hands is essential, as it clears all the dirt that gets accumulated and the food that gets stuck in the nail gaps after eating. It does not mean soaking them in water, but a regular wash with any liquid or soap should do the work.

Hygiene is very crucial for your health, in this case, dirty nails can be the carrier of bacteria to your body; either from the mouth or nail gaps. Small steps of cleanliness will help you enjoy healthy nails, so don’t compromise on it.

#3 Give Your Nails a Scheduled Treatment

It is essential to give your nails a break though polish does not harm if used in a controlled way. Plan on when you can do this, so you can regularly treat your nails well with varnish, cuticle oil, moisturizer, and other treatments. It is crucial to give a gap before your next polish comes on because too much of anything isn’t right.

So, to have healthy, good looking nails and enjoy having polish on, regular care and attention are very crucial.

#4 Avoid Harsh Nail Products

Acetone makes removing nail polish very easy, but it also damages the nails by removing the protective oils, leaving them dry and brittle. So, take a step towards acetone-free nail polish removers.

Apart from nail polish removers, there are polish products that contain harsh toxins, though they are labeled otherwise. Toluene, sulfonamide, and formaldehyde are three harsh chemicals you can find in many products. Choose your polishes wisely and look for a ”3 Free” labeling, which indicates that it is free from the above ingredients.

Your nails are very important, take good care of them!

#5 Use a Moisturizer

Beyond applying polish, most people don’t take good care of their nails. Undermining the attention your nails need, can put them at risk!  Moisturizing regularly will make your hands look healthy and stay soft. The acetone in many nail polish removers can add up to drying your nails faster, which isn’t a good sign. Many people struggle with the brittle nail syndrome, which makes the nails chip, peel and also crack. If you suffer from this problem, the solution is simple- moisturize.

Regular moisturizing is essential for making sure there is no scope of entry for unwanted trouble.

#6 Biotin

If you have a healthy diet that is rich in vitamin B, you do not need dietary supplements to keep their nails strong. However, If you have weak and brittle nails, biotin can serve as the perfect solution.

In particularly, if you’re on a diet that restricts egg yolk, wheat, etc., from where we get our natural biotin, the biotin supplement is the solution. It is the cure for all your problems related to nail weakness, and it can also fix cracks with a scheduled dosage that lasts for almost eight months.

#7 Quit Biting Your Nails

A great way to stop biting nails is to do nail art or normally polish them. Using bold colors for this purpose will help you be aware of the fact that you go your polish. You know how bad it might end up looking if you have half chipped nails. Because who would want to look silly with such nails when you want to make an impression.

#8 Don’t Cut The Cuticles

Your cuticles serve an important purpose; protecting you from getting infected. Cutting them off opens the entry for bacteria and fungus to get inside the skin and cause various problems. Pushing the cuticles back can cause problems, too. [Source] #9 Use Dish Gloves

Nails can weaken if they are frequently immersed in soapy or hot water for any purpose. It can affect the nails as much as it affects the skin by making them dry up increasing their vulnerability to crack. So, it is always good to have gloves on while washing dishes or any work that exposes the nails to potential damage.

#10 Treat Infections Seriously

Nail infection can lead to many severe problems if you have diabetes or a weak immune system. Getting your nails checked can help you start working on their faster recovery because they can start becoming too much to handle for the pain and discomfort they cause. Treat your nails better than you normally do, as they are vital for all your activities, and lack of care can take you through tough times.

Take heed and enjoy healthy nails!

Thanks to the Guest blogger Apoorva Rao!

Apoorva Rao: Freelance Writer, Nail Art Expert, and a Part-Time Musician.
Advisor for everything related to nail art with a vision to help women catch up and equip themselves with the pace at which nail art is advancing today.

Copyright: vvvita / 123RF Stock Photo

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