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AND I’M HERE of course to tell you why.

This post has been on my to-do list on my iPhone for a decade. Ok well not a decade, but you get the point. BUT like really, it’s a thing- you need one!

Backstory: I asked Michael’s mom, Lisa, how her & her husband, Gary, have been married for so long & she gave me a real FAB list. One of the things on this list was how she has a coffee warmer ( by her bed AND by her makeup stand to get specific ). Now on this coffee warmer she expects coffee or tea- depending on her mood maybe?- every morning from Gary. Like she doesn’t ask for much, you know? It’s RATHER simple if you think about it. Coffee by the bed every morning!


Immediately I told Michael the importance of ME having my own coffee warmer by the bed. I STATED ALL THE PROS. YOU KNOW- a small, sweet gesture to start the day off with. He didn’t really get my cues here so an amazing TSC reader ( shout out to @ERICA_MOYER! ) bought me a white marble warmer that very much goes perfectly with my bedroom side tables. I put this one by my bed & then finally for Christmas ( hints were given! ) Michael ( FINALLY ) bought me this one– which lives by my makeup vanity. So ya, I got excessive ( weird? ) & now have TWO.

So every morning around 6 AM ( he’s an early riser which works out perfectly for me! ), he wakes up, tip toes to the kitchen ( wake me up like a cat or die! ), & prepares a hot mint tea  ( organic please! Maybe a mint leave or two- add a lemon if you’re feeling generous, thank you ). Then he quietly sneaks back in the room & places the magical mint tea on my coffee warmer. We love this right- everyone needs this! Really what girl DOESN’T NEED THIS, is this question.

( Granted he did forgot to take turn the coffee warmer on for a month- I didn’t want to tell him because we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings…but after a month I felt like the cold tea wasn’t cutting it. So now he turns it on ( sometimes )! Thankfully! ). 

When I head over to the bathroom to do my whole morning skin routine I have a coffee warmer that turns on the second you sit the mug on it- which is rather fancy if you think about it. So my tea stays warm while I’m sleeping & then while I wash my face, SCRAPE MY TONGUE, & brush my teeth. It’s heaven.

So today, on a Monday- I came here to say: YOU NEED A COFFEE WARMER too.

It’s such a fun way to start the day, no?

I feel like it’s something we’ll do well into our eighties ( RIGHT MICHAEL ). As long as the tea is the by the bed every morning when I wake up, we’re good to go.

I kid but I’m serious- it’s a real sweet gesture to wake up to fresh mint tea.

If you’re going to tell me to get a heated cup, I would argue it’s not the same. WHY? Well, I like a mug for one. And for two there’s something cute about having a warmer by the bed. Of course if you don’t warmer though- there are heated cups too. You can do you here! Get creative!

ANYWAY- simply send this post to your husband, girlfriend, dad- whatever. Just tell them to get you a damn coffee warmer so they can bring you a nice, warm drink every morning! What a HOOT.

But really, you’re seriously serious.

Oh! And you should know: this warmer is great for a hot toddy- just saying. Anything works!

Happy Monday- hope you’re all having a productive week. Get your coffee warmers & tag me on IG so I can see how you micromanage your significant other. Get crafty with it. The crazier the better really!

Until tomorrow- lauryn x


++ be sure you check out THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL MASTER LIST for my ride-or-die recs.

{ pics }


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The post Why You Should Make Your BF/GF Get You A Coffee Warmer ASAP appeared first on The Skinny Confidential.

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Back Again! ( remember when Michael used to start every podcast episode with that line? TBT )  After my outfit post last summer, Lauryn convinced me that I should do another, so here we go!

Although my outfits in my Saint Tropez post were fitting for the moment, I feel like this fall was a season of change for me. I cut my hair into a lob , I also figured out what drives me, movement, aka travel.

So I took some trips!

And lastly, but most importantly, I stepped up my style game. I feel like…I’m like…. realizing stuff. By stuff I mean that I mostly like to wear white or black shirts, and that sweatpants can be worn in a formal setting. Yay for this trend, can’t we keep it for a while?

I would describe my style as: pretending I just rolled out of bed and threw on a comfortable low key look, when in reality I have been thinking about it for weeks & also got a spray tan for it.


OK so when I got these mom jeans I honestly hated them. I was a die hard skinny jean girl and felt like I just couldn’t pull off the mom jean look because once when I was little someone told me that baggy jeans weren’t hot.

But I am the worst at returning stuff so I put these pants in a drawer where they lived for a longg time. Recently when I pulled them out I realized that someone had lied, mom jeans make me feel tiny because they hug my waist, pull my butt up, and fit loosely on my thighs.

I have this weird thing where I almost always tuck my shirt into my pants ( I can’t be the only one, you do this too, right? ) so naturally bodysuits have a special place in my heart.

Now if we’re really getting crazy, I’ll wear a turtleneck bodysuit like this one because turtlenecks make me feel mature and sophisticated ( something I strive for because I am 11 years younger than everyone I work with: forever the youngest ). 

Also these velvet pumps are s’cute, I love a good red moment & this red pairs well with my typically neutral outfits. They have a slightly grippy heel for maximum stability when dancing & they’re sulfate free

Mom Jeans | Turtleneck | Red Velvet pumps


Full disclosure:

1) I don’t listen to Metallica. The only song I know by them is Nothing Else Matters because Lauryn and Michael had their first dance to it at their wedding.

2) I did indeed steal this sweatshirt from Lauryn & I will not be giving it back.

Every time I wear this sweatshirt some old man crows at me asking if I love Metallica then scoffs when I say “no”, and something along the lines of  “nice Lands-end sweatshirt, my grandpa had one just like it”.  LET ME LIVE.

My beloved sweatshirt and I have been all over the world this year. We went to LondonCopenhagen over Thanksgiving. It was uncomfortably cold and wet there ( even the locals said so! ). My sweater tried its best to comfort me in the cold, but I just wanted more, so I threw a warm puffer over it and about 200 layers under too.

I noticed all the hot guys in Park City only wear graphic sweatshirts when snowboarding & this year I wanted to be cool too. SO I wore my fav Metallica sweater with my ski jumper ( who wore it better, me or Lauryn? ).

sweatshirt | boots | jacket | scarf | gloves | backpack 


I’ve been working for TSC for 5 years ( #proudmoment ) as Lauryn’s assistant /right-hand /babysitter /Michael’s second wife, and I’ve learned & experienced a lot over the years.

For example: how to open champagne, ALWAYS have a charged external battery on hand, that I’ll do anything but wake Lauryn up in the morning ( actual footage of me trying to wake her up ) , GG crackers are a must, & that no one drinks enough water.

Thus enter the greatest, life changing purchase I ever made: a backpack. Simple enough. I see other girls with them but I never knew how much I needed this.

The days of having my hands so full I drop my lunch ( or phone ) onto the pavement are OVER.

Now I carry this backpack everywhere.

Even when I carry a handbag this is on my back 100%. It’s basically my right hand. When my hands are free I can multi-task which is essential to my lively-hood/ mental health. This backpack is the perfect size for all of my stuff AND Lauryn’s stuff ( should I do a post on my TSC assistant survival kit I always keep in my bag? ).

Fun fact: I always put the straps the tightest they can go so that the backpack doesn’t hang over my ass, duh.


Michael has passed onto me this trait where when we like something, we buy 2, in every color. You know, kind of Steve Jobs esque. It’s nice to get up and not have to think too much about what I’m going to wear. It’s almost like a uniform ( I always envied private school for their uniforms but I know they envied us because we got wear short-shorts and go off campus to lunch everyday. Public school perks ).

Enter my sweatpants obsession and Michaels possession of 25 of the same black t-shirt. I’m not kidding, I have these exact pants in every color. When I wear these I channel my inner Sporty Spice. Usually I’ll wear a crop top with a Calvin Klein bra under ( another item in which I own in almost every color) or just a Calvin Klein bra and a bomber if I’m feeling extra Spice-y.

Something I hear a lot: “You’re going to wear sweatpants to dinner?”, ya mom I wear sweatpants to dinner let me live & get a hobby.


To complete my self-proclaimed uniform: sneakers of course!

The most useful thing Michael has ever done for me was to tell me a story about a guy trying to run away from a fight wearing sandals. Imagine the horror of trying run away in sandals: you’re on gravel or trying to run up some stairs & with each step making that clack-clack noise.

Long story short, I like to wear shoes that I can do activities in. Sometimes I like to dance around in the grocery store (catch me at Trader Joes with my Beats on in my own world ) or maybe I need to climb up on a ledge to get the perfect angle for Instagram, who knows.

Each day brings a new opportunity to not wear sandals.

top  | jacket  | socks  | bodysuit

I used to rep Vans when I was little but they were the slip on Vans, remember those?! I usually went for the bright pink checkered style.

Now that I am grown I wear the classic vans. Vans are my fav because I run into boys wearing the same shoes, then ya know, homeboy gonna like… get it. 

Sneakers with a dress or with cropped jeans: is there anything better? Bonus if you have a small foot you can buy kids shoes, like Moi. Do they make Loub’s in children’s size? I’m in the market for some.

Alright, alright, alright.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are as into the rolling out of bed ( aka hours of getting ready ) fashion vibe as I am. Also- send over some suggestions of new brands/sites/stores for me to check out ( or sneakers if you want to make me really happy ) 

Follow me on Instagram & check out my stories where I capture The Skinny Confidential EXPOSED.

xx Mimi 


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( 1:15 ): Welcome to TSC HIM & HER Show. This week we have Stephen Pasterino on the show. We’re talk all things fitness, the Victoria’s Secret pre show regime, nutrition and much more.

( 1:45 ):  Since this is a fitness heavy episode we want to share our routines a little bit. Let’s breakdown what Michael does and what I do to stay fit and healthy while on the go.


( 9:55 ): HIM TIP: Switch it up. Do not get complacent and be open to new workouts. This will help you avoid plateaus.

( 11:35 ): HER TIP: Asking for help this time around. I don’t wear any deodorant. Do you guys have deodorant that ACTUALLY works? Please comment & tell me what you use and love on my Instagram

( 16:50 ): Stephen Pasterino was dubbed ‘The Ass Man’ by GQ magazine. His method, P.volve, helps people transform their bodies through sustainable methods that create incredible tone and definition without straining, damaging or bulking muscles. It’s about building confidence and creating strength. Training celebrities and the Victoria’s Secret Angels, Stephen is a disrupter in the fitness industry.


( 18:25 ): Michael asks: “Give us a little background about your work.”

( 20:30 ): Lauryn asks: “How did you create the P.volve method?”

( 22:45 ): Michael asks: “What are the fundamentals of P.volve?”

( 24:00 ): Lauryn asks: “How do you engage the hips when working out?”

( 26:00 ): Lauryn asks: “If someone wants to transfer their energy from the quads to their butt what can they do?”

( 27:20 ): Michael asks: “How did you get involved training women instead of men?”

( 29:20 ): Lauryn asks: “Can you talk to us about the differences between what you do and workouts like Crossfit?”

( 30:15 ): Lauryn asks: “What is the impact of stress and cortisol?”

( 31:45 ): Michael asks: “How did you get involved with the Victoria’s Secret Angels?”

( 32:55 ): Lauryn asks: “Do you have to also change your diet in addition to the workout?”

( 33:30 ): Lauryn asks: “How do you prepare the models for the show?”

( 35:15 ): Michael asks: “What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people making in the gym?”

( 36:40 ): Lauryn asks: “What are tips for high heel lovers?”

( 39:30 ): Lauryn asks: “What can someone do at home for their butt?”

( 43:20 ): Michael asks: “What is pre-hab?”

( 44:45 ): Michael asks: “Where should someone start that is committed to getting in shape?”

( 47:15 ): Lauryn asks: “Let’s talk diet. What are your recommendations?”

( 50:20 ): Lauryn asks: “What are some items people think are healthy that aren’t actually healthy?”

( 53:10 ): Lauryn asks: “What can people do to help their posture and hips?”

( 55:45 ): Michael asks: “What’s your final takeaway for listeners?”

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡


Tell me what deodorant to use on my latest Instagram.

If you rate the podcast & send a screenshot of your review to asklauryn@theskinnyconfidential.com you’ll get my 5 secret beauty tips!

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If you have a question for us or want to request a guest, comment on our Instagrams ( @theskinnyconfidential & @michaelbosstick )  or ask us in TSC Him & Her Podcast Facebook group. Thank you for your attention and support!

lauryn, x

+  find more Stephen: website | Instagram | 30 day free trial

++ mentioned in this episode: Boom Chickapopcorn | Vegasport Protein Powder

+++ this episode is brought to you by Liquid IV. Liquid IV is changing how you hydrate. It’s a hydration multiplier that utilizes CTT to deliver hydration to the bloodstream faster. Receive 15% when you enter SKINNY15 at checkout. 

++++ this episode is brought to you by Thrive Market. Get $60 of free organic groceries, supplements, household products, fitness products and much more. Plus free shipping. Go to thrivemarket.com/skinny


The post TSC HIM & HER SHOW: ‘The Ass Master’, Stephen Pasterino appeared first on The Skinny Confidential.

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I was going through old posts today & I totally found a bunch of TSC vintage-ish where we WENT THERE— you know posts where we discussed camel toes, UTI’s, coconut oil lube, & boobs jobs. And then I realized we have never talked about what to do when you gotta go.

No, not like G2G but gotta to go…to the bathroom.

But first, let me give you a little story!

OK. SO WE NEED TO SET THE SCENE. It was, I think (???), 2005? I don’t know. Some time in high school. And during lunch. Always lunch. At lunchtime all the girls would go to this place called Jimbo’s. Jimbo’s is this healthy food market but within the store they have like a deli with turmeric eggs salad & ginger cucumber wrapped sandwiches & sh*t. They also happen to have this smoothie that all the girls loved called ‘The Fat Burner.’ It was this smoothie with protein powder & mango & weird other mixtures that supposedly make you burn fat- at least that’s what we thought at the time you know? I mean I feel like they still have this smoothie if you want one? Maybe for old-time sake I’ll go check…wait, we’re getting off topic here but I’m just setting scene so bare with me.


Jimbo’s WAS next to Barnes & Noble. I say ‘WAS’ because Barnes & Noble closed in my area ( WHICH IS SO VERY ANNOYING. I HATE THAT THEY CLOSE BOOKSTORES- IT MAKES ME SO MAD AS A READER- ANYONE ELSE? ). SO. Everyday during lunch, after all the girls got their fat burner smoothies they would head over to B & N. AND there was a line. A LONG line, mind you. AND NOT THE CHECKOUT STAND. Where you ask?

WELL, DUH: a line in front of the Barnes & Noble bathroom.

We all had to GO. Like number #2 GO.

All of us didn’t want to go at school or after school at our boyfriend’s PARENT’S houses. We wanted to get it done with at Barnes & Noble. That was our logic, I guess?

So back to the point of this post: if you’re reading this & you’re in line at Barnes & Noble- GET OUT OF LINE BECAUSE I HAVE THE HACK FOR YOU!


I’ve always been a fan of this brand- I just find the whole situation TO BE GENIUS.

Let me give you a background, k.

What exactly is Poo~Pourri?

Well besides saving you from waiting in line at Barnes & Noble so you don’t have to ever be embarrassed in front of your BF/GF- it’s pretty simple, really!

You basically just spritz it into the toilet bowl before-you-go. The spray is a pure blend of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS that creates a film on the surface of the water.

The protective barrier traps odor under the surface, before it ever begins! I MEAN!!! All you’ll smell is a refreshing bouquet of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS. YOU KNOW I LOVE PREVENTATIVE MEASURES! I MEAN IF THIS ISN’T ON BRAND I DON’T WHAT IT IS.

Personally I am a huge fan of the lavender vanilla & the original citrus. I feel like if you’re strategic you’ll use the lavender vanilla at night to wind down & the original citrus in the morning to kind of wake up you know? Let’s be thought out here!

You should know that there’s NO harsh chemicals—just the good stuff. Unlike the other guys, Poo~Pourri is safe to breathe & safe to flush. All the stuff we like: no fake fragrances, no parabens, & thank God- no formaldehyde. It’s just a bunch of essential oils that work.

As I said on the podcast: Michael not only doesn’t think I poo, he also thinks i perpetually smell like a flower. I don’t mean to brag but Michael asked me what essential oil i was burning yesterday in the bathroom. I told him original citrus- HELLO- DUH!

If not for yourself, then SO ideal for your guest bathroom! It will just very much elevate your bathroom experience for guests in your home.

I feel like this is a whole different post but there’s a handy travel size Poo~Pourri too- you can see mine pictured above. I have been carrying this tiny rose gold one in my handbag which is just so efficient. Obviously it’s pretty & looks like lipstick so it’s incognito, you know? Fab for traveling or living in close quarters.

BUT REALLY GUYS. This hack is a total lifesaver. Everyone poos- so if you’re going to poo & you share a bathroom, this will save your ass- LITERALLY.

Man, I’m full of jokes today!

And THAT is the LONG & SPECIFIC story OF WHY WE NO LONGER NEED TO POO AT BARNES & NOBLE! We can now just go at home/school/significant other’s houses after our weird smoothies! Did you learn anything? And should I do a post on my to-go, travel Poo~Pourri situation? I feel this is a whole different post with another story.

G2G. TO READ MY BOOK. Not go, go– don’t be silly NOW.

Chat tomorrow, lauryn x

+ for more of my favorite products & hacks, stalk THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL MASTER LIST.

++ this post is in collaboration with Poo~Pourri. As always all opinions are my own.

SHOP THE POST: tee | leopard moto jacket ( << sold out, similar ) | sunglasses ( << $19 dollars! ) | jeanscell case | pink pill organizer | Poo~Pourri

{ photos }


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The post STOP WAITING IN LINE AT THE BOOKSTORE TO GO POO! TRUST ME, I HAVE A HACK appeared first on The Skinny Confidential.

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Since THE MASTER LIST was very much about beauty & wellness, I figured I needed to give some CLOSET MUST-HAVES in a separate post. These are some outfits that I’ve been wearing on Instagram lately. Even though I have tagged a lot of the brands, I still feel like a full post is needed because I want to make sure I’m ALWAYS giving you guys all the info you want! Sometimes a tag isn’t enough.

I mean we’ve discussed JUST THE RUDEST THING YOU CAN DO ON INSTAGRAM so this post is very necessary in case something wasn’t clearly linked.

Between you & me I’m not a fan when people don’t answer outfit questions WHICH IS WHY POSTS like this are important. Tags too. IG Stories. The works. It matters. LIKE WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JACKET? WHAT SIZE? WHY DO I NEED IT?

You know.

Without ado, a guide to some of the latest outfits I’ve been rocking:


+ pajama pants ( post here
+ grip socks ( post here
+ nippies ( post here )
+ barefoot dreams robe ( post here )
+ lace thong
+ sports bra


+ pink bodysuit
+ black bodysuit
+ blue one piece
+ Fila shirt
+ Guess tank
+ white pants
+ track pants
+ jean jacket
+ Champion sweatshirt
+ Flannel ( navy lipstick )


+ hoops
+ sunglasses


+ APL sneakers ( post here )
+ black pumps
+ ankle boots
+ classic Cortez sneakers
+ white sneakers

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

These are all pieces that a VERY VERSATILE. WE LOVE VERSATILE! I really compiled a list here of things you always see me rock on Instagram or Snapchat. All items I keep going back to in my closet. If you want to see more here, just head over to my IG.

OH AND a lot of them ::could:: be on THE MASTER LIST. However, the master list was more beauty/wellness based so you know, I had to a fashion-forward post. SO TA-DA.

AND REMEMBER: FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A GLAMGLOW TIN MAN FIRMING SILVER MASK: simply tell me on my latest Instagram ONE item that you believe belongs on this MASTER LIST. And of course, we will add all your recommendations to an excel list ; ). Will pick a winner on Wednesday.

You can shop TSC AMAZON SHOP TOO: https://www.amazon.com/shop/theskinnyconfidential

I AM OFF to enjoy my favorite candy ever ( what up PEACH LICORICE ) & watch The Borgias. Have you seen it? It’s really very good. Tomorrow is an early day so…OVER & OUT.

x, lauryn


The post ALL INSTAGRAM LOOKS LATELY: A PEEK INSIDE MY CLOSET appeared first on The Skinny Confidential.

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+ this post is in collaboration with Lulus. As always, all opinions are my own.


It’s so major for me. Is it for you? If so, let’s discuss. I feel like it’s such a vital part of building a business & relationships.

Intention is an energy we put forward. It’s our thoughts, our feelings, our vibes. Basically things, circumstances, and feelings are brought to reality. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Blah, blah, blah- you get it. But it really does! FOCUS GOES WHERE ENERGY FLOWS.

I wanted to do this post because I return a lot of e-mails! E-mails where influencers or aspiring bloggers ask: where do I start? How should I lay out a brand? How do I monetize?

When I started blogging 8 years ago, I didn’t ask myself these questions. Instead, I focused on intention. In fact, my intention was always to distribute valuable, quality content to TSC readers. It was that simple.

The intention was really straight to the point.

Let’s dig deeper with INTENTION though: intention is believed to be energy. Energy is known to always be in motion. Feelings become our energy and whatever we feel seeps through to the surface. If there’s shame, guilt, or fear, it vibrates at a lower frequency. When we display love, relaxation, and acceptance, our vibe attracts a high energy.

Here’s the question of the day: if you’re starting a business or relationship: what’s your intention? Your intention is a magnet.

Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. A different perspective will change your view.

The way I focus on intention: it shows up in my Morning Pages. (3 pages, every morning, every day, with no expectations or stress. It’s that easy. Small, healthy, daily habits create great success.) To sit down & write out everything I’m feeling in one mind-dump session very much helps me gain clarity. Yoga helps me gain intention. Meditation is a practice that allows me to zone in on my message and focusing on intention HELPS ME A LOT.

OK! SO, WE’VE COVERED INTENTION. NOW, let’s talk about this dress. It’s flirty, right? Covered in tiny cherries and VERY flattering. It’s tight in the waist & lays in the perfect position on the thighs. I paired it with classic tennis shoes & a bright red purse. Last minute I threw on some BRIGHT, reddish-with-a-hint of orange lipstick. This dress is perfect for 1.) a night out on the town with cocktails. 2.) every single day of SPRING! 3.) a casual look: like if you’re just going for Pinot Grigio on a Saturday. It’s from Lulus & found here. I love Lulus SOOOO much! I find so many good finds on this site. Seriously, I swear, they have so many classic pieces that are in my closet at all times. They’re chic but affordable, and I’m into it. ANYWAY! Check out my cherry dress here.

OK. I’ll leave you with this: “It’s our intention. Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.” – Jim Carrey.

X lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast on TSC MASTER LIST. It’s a solo episode & very much straight to the point.

++ this post is in collaboration with Lulus. As always, all opinions are my own.

{ photos }

The post WHY INTENTION IS EVERYTHING. appeared first on The Skinny Confidential.

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I’LL JUST BE THE ONE TO SAY IT: if you don’t have a tongue cleaner- you need one.

Wait. Not just you need one.

Your dad needs one, your boyfriend needs one, your friend needs one- shit everyone needs two.

No really, I’m serious. Just watch the video below & you’ll understand why. If that’s not enough, simply listen to TSC podcast with Ayurveda expert, Sahara Rose. She basically breaks down why you need to be cleaning your tongue the second you wake up. And a toothbrush isn’t cutting it.

I think this is like a whole solo blog post but in the meantime- please buy a tongue cleaner.

The one shown here is plastic but after talking to Sahara I bought stainless tongue cleaners for me & Michael ( 6 to be exact ). I like these WAY BETTER than the plastic one.

( AND your breath will smell 234023984 times better when you clean your tongue ). 

Anyway- taking one for the team here & saying a tongue cleaner is A REAL FUCKING MUST.

( OH- you should know you can get as many tongue cleaners as you want FOR FREE with my Thrive Market link found here. No really, you get $60 dollars of FREE GROCERIES with FREE SHIPPING & they have stainless steel tongue cleaners so there’s that ).

K. In this video, we will also discuss two other wellness items you need. Ready?


Three Wellness Products Everyone Needs - YouTube


+ Tongue Scraper
+ Sleep Mask
+ The Pregger’s Pantry Mama’s Mirac-Oil
+ Eminence Apricot BODY Oil


+ Oil Pulling
+ Ayurveda Specialist Podcast


+ SIMPLY comment your favorite holistic health remedy on my latest IG post.

WE ARE WATCHING THE SHOW WACO & IT IS VERY HARD TO WATCH. Very gnarly miniseries- even though it’s very good, I’m not quite sure I recommend it. Last night I couldn’t sleep because it’s slightly disturbing. What are you guys reading right now? I need a good book. I just finished House of Hilton: From Conrad to Paris: A Drama of Wealth, Power, and Privilege ( JUICYYYYY! ).

HOPE YOU ALL HAVE HAD A KILLER WEEK. Tomorrow is an early day. I wake up at 6 am to workout & then a level 3 spray tan because I am shooting blog content for like 10 hours. WOWZA- NEED TO GO BED TO LOOK WELL RESTED. Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow- x lauryn



photos | video }


The post THREE STANDOUT WELLNESS TOOLS TO IMPROVE YOUR DAILY LIFE appeared first on The Skinny Confidential.

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( 2:25 ): Welcome to TSC HIM & HER Show. This week we’re switching it up and I’m hosting a solo episode.

( 3:10 ):  This past weekend we had fun at Crssd Music Festival and Michael was a rookie drinking again. We were also on Sex With Emily and will be playing sexy stranger. If you want to learn what that is take a listen here.

( 6:00 ):  This episode I’m sharing my MASTER LIST! Everything from beauty, wellness, home, books, skincare and more.  These are products I’ve tried,  tried and tried again. Everything is finally in one spot.


( 6:50 ): HIM TIP: Be smart during tax season with the right tools. TaxAct streamlines everything so you can find what works for you and avoid being overwhelmed. They will help you find deductions and save more money.

( 10:55 ): HER TIP: Let’s talk about eye pads. Make sure to chill your eye pads in the fridge. It makes a huge difference in the morning to fight inflammation. ALSO – elevate your bathroom experience with PooPourri. The essential oils prevent odor in the bathroom.

( 16:55 ): Plot twist! We’re going to start incorporating some solo episodes for you guys. Today we’re diving into something many of you asked me about: TSC approved products. Introducing TSC MASTER LIST. I’ll be sharing what products I use, how I use them, why I use them and more.


( 20:25 ): Lauryn shares: “Beauty: MAKEUP.”

( 32:55 ): Lauryn shares: “Beauty: SKINCARE.”

( 46:10 ): Lauryn shares: “FOOD.”

( 53:40 ): Lauryn shares: “WELLNESS.”

( 58:50 ): Lauryn shares: “TECHNOLOGY.”

( 1:04:10 ): Lauryn shares: “HOME.”

( 1:08:40 ): Lauryn shares: “FASHION.”

( 1:13:25 ): Lauryn shares: “BOOKS.”

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡


Tell me something on YOUR master list on my latest Instagram.

If you rate the podcast & send a screenshot of your review to asklauryn@theskinnyconfidential.com you’ll get my 5 secret beauty tips!

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lauryn, x

+  full breakdown of TSC MASTER LIST

++ this episode is brought to you by TaxAct. Use this year to start to take advantage of your deductions and maximize your credits. Visit taxact.com/self-employment to save money.

++ this episode is brought to you by PooPourri. Made from essential oils PooPourri prevents oder in the bathroom. Order today to receive free shipping on orders over $19.95.


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{ pink paper holder found here }

Wake up. Water with lemon. Tongue scrape. Sip mint tea off coffee warmer. Meditate. More water with lemon. Add some apple cider vinegar. Diffuse oils. Morning Pages. Make bed. Listen to a podcast.

Things are therapeutic over here in the mornings lately.

They have to be.

I realized with all life’s chaos, I NEEDED MY MORNINGS TO BE TRANQUIL.

My life is go, go, go- 230948209384 questions every day. I am putting out fires, returning e-mails, DM’s, on conference calls, editing, writing, making decisions- that I NEED MY MORNINGS TO START OFF SOFT.


ANYWAY. I love the book The Artist’s Way– if you haven’t read it, I recommend it. I know I recommend a lot of books on here but I love books. THIS ONE happens to be a perineal seller. However, if you can’t get around to reading this one, I get it so I pulled one of the most valuable tips ( my opinion of course ) from the book for YOU.

Enter: ‘Morning Pages.’

Known as one of the most profound and empowering tools for cultivating creativity, personal growth, & change are the Morning Pages- this is a stream-of-consciousness style of writing that helps you basically purge your thoughts before you start your day.

Think of it as getting all your thoughts on paper before you need to tackle your to-do list.

I’m the type of person that I will be legit be distracted if I don’t do this in the morning. My thoughts are so chaotic & I want to get everything done that I literally can’t form sentences if I don’t write them down in the morning.

When I first started a business I did this thing ( which I still do in my Morning Pages ) called TOP 7. TOP 7 is your top 7 priorities that NEED to get done for the day. Again, I still do my TOP 7 I just do them within my Morning Pages.

You can really write whatever you want in your Morning Pages- the only catch is this: YOU HAVE TO WRITE THREE AND YOU CANNOT STOP. My pages include my to-do list, TOP 7, what’s bugging me, where I want to take my business, what I am grateful for ( I do this one everyday! ), ideas, visions, dreams, quotes, funny sayings, things my husband says to me, etc. You can have your three pages be anything you want really.

Just write three.

As this source states: “Morning Pages is a practice introduced by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, a book designed to help blocked creatives get unblocked.

Although it’s disguised as a book for “artists”—  it’s really a guide for anyone who’s feeling stuck, unfulfilled in their work, or believe that their best music is left unsung ( even if they don’t know what song they’re meant to be singing ).

It’s a book to help people deal with that sonofabitch Steven Pressfield calls out by name in The War of Art: “The Resistance”: 

“Late at night have you experienced a vision of the person you might become, the work you could accomplish, the realized being you were meant to be? Are you a writer who doesn’t write, a painter who doesn’t paint, an entrepreneur who never starts a venture? Then you know what Resistance is.” – Steven Pressfield

Cameron’s The Artist’s Way is meant for anyone who wants to tap back into their creative selves. Which frankly could be any of us. Because, if we’re honest, we’re all creative. Even if we’ve managed to forget that somewhere along the way.” { via }


And Morning Pages will showcase your creativity in ways you can never imagine.

Here’s the catch: there’s no stressing, no exceptions, no erasing- JUST WRITING. PEN TO PATER. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. It can be about NOTHING or it can be about SOMETHING- get rid of all judgement. Write whatever is on your mind whether it’s stupid or not- JUST WRITE.

THIS IS FOR YOU. Not even to re-read really. It’s more of a mind-dump. Write for no one. Do not become attached to the outcome, become attached to the mind-dump.

You can use the rest of the day to be chaotic & crazed & hard on yourself- just do not do it during MORNING PAGES!


The author & creator of Morning Pages, Julia Cameron says: “Morning pages bring our hopes, dreams, fears, & confusions into focus. They point us toward areas that need attention. While some people may use the pages to face an addiction, others may find the pages leading them toward dreams they had never articulated. As we come into focus, our size and shape are often surprisingly large.”

“There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages,” Cameron writes.

After a bunch of reading & researching & interviewing hundreds of successful people, I have found that successful people form daily habits. They know that success does not happen overnight, it happens in your daily habits. SO- what are you doing daily that’s contributing to your overall success?

For me, doing Morning Pages represents something I do daily, call it a ritual that has become a healthy habit. I believe this habit will open doors for me that I would not be available had I not picked up this new routine. It’s also one that relaxes me, sets the tone of the day, keeps my mind sharp, & comes with a reward. I feel accomplished early in the morning with clear thoughts while I make the bed. In fact, I feel peaceful.

I share this with you all not to preach but to showcase how much these pages have helped me- I have more clarity than ever. For a while ( this another post ) I was feeling overwhelmed. This is one of the things that has brought me back to crystal clear thoughts. My vision is stronger than ever.

Honestly I would go as far to say that Morning Pages shifted my focus.

Anyway! You have to try it, k? Trust me here!

OH AND OF COURSE YOU KNOW I AM VERY SPECIFIC about the type of notebook I write in ( it has to be spiral- I don’t want to have to hold it open BUT also needs to be cute ), the pen I use ( this white one is the ONLY pen I can ever write long form content with- SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I have 10 of them everywhere ), & music I listen to while writing ( Bossanova jazz or smooth jazz PLEASE, volume low but not too low ). Also, I keep mine private- they’re very personal.

( Side note: some of you have asked what App I use for mediation- I used HEADSPACE & I love it. I do 10 minutes in the morning ).

OK SO- remember: 3 pages, every morning, everyday with no expectations or stress. It’s that easy. Small healthy habits daily, create great success.

If you decide to do MORNING PAGES, tag me on your IG Stories so I can check it out.

Hope you all had a very productive Tuesday- I am literally falling asleep at the computer because I was up until 3 AM working on the MASTER LIST! Time to go to bed so I can be up in time to do my Morning Pages before Pilates.

Love you all- lauryn x

+ for more tips & tricks like this, stalk the BUSINESS SECTION on the blog.

++ be sure to listen to the latest podcast where I breakdown TSC MASTER LIST


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+ Rao’s Spicy Sauce
GG crackers ( post here
+ Siete tortillas AND lime chips
+ Lentil pasta
+ Calm tea  ( post here )
Green Kardashian mango tea ( post here )
Topo Chico fizzy mineral water
+ Hemp & chia seeds ( post here )
+ Cauliflower pizza crust
+ Collagen powder ( post here )
+ GG sprinkles ( post here )
Liquid IV



+ Acupressure mat  ( post here
+ Essential oils & diffuser  ( post here
+ Time-blocking cube  ( post here )
Probiotic ( post here )
Planner / journal
+ Sun ( OBNOXIOUS ) visor



+ BOSE noise cancelling headphones ( post here
+ Canon 5d camera
+ Diva light
+ Diva light for phone 
+ Coffee warmer 
+ Laptop stand ( post here
+ Computer glasses ( post here
+ Book light ( post here )


+ Nutribullet
+ Kardashian blanket (post here
+ Ello cup (post here)
+ Coffee straws (post here
+ BlenderBottle
+ Kardashian salad bowls ( post here )
Wine tool
+Softy silicone straws
+ The Skinny Confidential Book


+ IT Cosmetics CC cream ( post here
+ Ardell 113 wispies (post here
+ Loreal primer and mascara
+ Brow pencil

SKINCARE+ Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift ( post here
+ The Little Book of Skincare
+ Caffeine sunscreen ( post here
+ Dr Dennis peel pads ( post here
+ Dr Dennis facial steamer ( post here
+ Dr Dennis Vitamin C serum
+ Tinkles ( post here
+ Ice roller ( post here
+ Jade roller ( post here
+ Rose hip oil
+ Jojoba oil
+ Zit cream ( post here
+ Pimple tool ( post here )
GlamGlow Gravity Mud mask ( post here )
+Pink Sun-mask
+ Babylips
+ Mac highlighter
+ Bronzer
+ Pillow Talk


+ Tod’s white loafers ( post here
+ McGuire black jeans
+ Frame black jeans
+ Celine sunglasses 
+ APL shoes ( post here )
+ Adidas jacket 
+ Saint Laurent nude tote 
+ Wolford bodysuit 
+ Gold hoops 
+ Cross necklace 
+ Zodiac necklace
+ Name plate necklace ( post here
+ Victoria Beckham sunglasses
+ ALO leggings (post here


+ The Miracle Morning
+ Tools of Titans 
+ Everything About Me is Fake & I’m Perfect (post here
+ Settle for More
+ The French beauty Solution
+ Awaken the Giant Within 
+ Perennial Seller
+ The Brand Gap (post here
+ Relentless (post here
+ The One Thing (post here
+ The Secrets of my Life
+ How to Murder Your Life (post here
+ Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman 
+ Girl Code (post here)
+ The End of Normal 
+ Total Recall 
+ Turning the Tables 
+ What Remains 
+ The Hard Thing About Hard Things 
+ The Other Man 
+ Fairy Tale Interrupted 
+ Many Lives, Many Masters 
+ Bite Me ( post here ) 
+ Open 
+ Between Breaths 
+ The Slight Edge
+ What Makes Sammy Run
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck ( post here )
+ Ego is the Enemy
+ Paris: The Novel
+ When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead
+ A Little Thing Called Life
+ Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
+ Down The Rabbit Hole
+ Tox-sick 
+ Gorilla Mindset
+ The 7 Day Startup
+ The Sun Also Rises
+ When Breath Becomes Air
+ You Are a Badass
+ Shataram
+ The Procrastination Puzzle 
+ Confessions of a Celebrity Bodyguard
+ Managing Oneself
+ Deep Work
+ The Hiltons
+ The Happiness Advantage
+ Beyond Religion
+ Growth Hacker Marketing 
+ Disrupt You
+ Lying
+ The Cartel
+ The Story of the Human Body
+ The Devil in the White City
+ The War of Art
+ American Psycho
+ The One Thing
+ Lonesome Dove
+ The Outsiders
+ Total Recall
+ Shogun
+ The Selfish Gene
+ Genghis – Birth of an Empire
+ Sam Walton – Made in America
+ Crushing It
+ Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardshian 


+Tim Ferris
+ Ask Gary Vee
+ How I Built This
+ Bitch Bible
+ Joe Rogan
+ Wrinkled Not Dead
+ Aderall & Compliments


outline your day and when you apply or implement your products by going through your morning and night routine.

would still love a daily lay out of how often and when and what order you use your products. Skincare is really important to me but I get overwhelmed with the products and down know what to apply when and in what order.

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