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Stephen Somers was young (23) and in need of direction.

He didn’t want to take the corporate job route…

and wished he had an online business mentor.

When his aunt introduced him to Robert…

it changed his whole life.

Robert was selling on different online marketplaces…

and Stephen got a tried and true “in the trenches” apprenticeship.

Working for free for an entire year doing all the manual grunt work…

Paid off big time as he learned the ins and outs of Robert’s systems.

Fast-forward to today.

Partners in several companies who are killing it…

listen as Stephen retells the struggle and climb he and Robert went through…

to build several businesses…

include the 8-figure “Marketplace Superheroes.”

It’s a true Irish fairy-tale of sorts as Stephen regales us with everything they had to learn on the way up.

It’s a fascinating take of brute force and whip-smart strategy…

as Stephen applies direct-response principles to physical products on Amazon…

as well as a freight business..

an accountancy practice…

and more.

Listen now and keep your note-taking hand ready as Stephen drops a virtual pot of gold along the way!

The rewards are yours for the taking.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • Sell THESE kind of products and ditch following your passion. Contrarian advice based in real-world success.
  • Business-killing reasons why Stephen and Robert stay away from black and grey hat marketing techniques on Amazon.
  • The real question you should be asking yourself if you’re selling online. So simple and yet overlooked.
  • Simple ways to build up a business from absolute zero. Don’t reinvent the wheel – do what works.
  • Jump-start your idea machine. The intriguing “full-circle” journey Stephen and his partner went on… will get you thinking.

Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

The post Episode #208 – Stephen Somers on Irish Direct-Response Strategies To Find “Boring” Pots Of Gold. appeared first on McMethod.

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Nick Carpenter comes from a military family.

He went into the air force because college had no appeal.

6.5 years later, deciding he didn’t want to go back to Iraq one more time, he got out.

You have to hear his brief thoughts about the real Iraq.

He decided to jump into real estate and so picked up his license in Texas and went ot work for a large corporation.

For three years he helped people buy and sell houses.

A bad breakup had him shift to a new company and a new office where he started training and onboarding new agents.

In short order, agents recruited Nick to help open a new company.
He was now in charge of all the marketing and training.

The hoops he had to jump through to even get paid were ridiculous…

listen to his golf course story!

He heard a big mortgage company was looking to create an in-house marketing team and so with the arrival of his second child…

he joined them. Hiring web developers, graphic designers, and video editors etc.

So since 2011, Nick has worked only with loan officers.

By 2014, feeling restricted and looking for his own opportunities…

he left to start his own agency.

Listen where he took it next…

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • 3 early “survival” steps Nick had to focus on to get his company off the ground. Listen to the number of ideas he went through.
  • The one simple change which caused potential customers to go from saying “no” to “yes”.
  • How Nick reframed his business to create a new emotional appeal.. and attract his own “congregation.”
  • One strategy Nick employs two ways to continue his rapid businesss growth. (Nick includes all the details)
  • Two massive, soul-crushing mistakes loan officers swear by. Listen to Nick and get rid of these two issues forever.


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey everybody, I’m David Allan. Happy New Year. Our first guest of the new year is a guy I’ve heard a lot about – he’s in a niche I know literally nothing about. He’s very successful and has risen up through the ranks, so to speak – I have been seeing his fabulous posts on Facebook, I’ve been hearing a lot about his results, we have a lot of friends in common – we’re in the same circles…so I would love to welcome Nick Carpenter to the show…Hello Nick!

Nick Carpenter: Hey man, thanks for having me, I’m excited to be here.

David Allan: Yeah, this is really great. Here we are, brand new year – wipe the slate clean – however, you want to say that – people tend to set new goals and put new motions into action to try to get everything rolling…

Maybe take us back, like we usually do – We like to go back and see where you came from and how you ended up where you are now…so take us back – we wanna know what got Nick into treating and serving loan officers.

Nick Carpenter: Yeah, that’s such a good question. It is definitely an interesting path you know

The post Episode #207 – Nick Carpenter on Mastermind Secrets Of Companies Who Dominate Their Niche appeared first on McMethod.

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Chris wanted to be a school teacher.

It took him precious little time suffering through 12-hour workdays to understand…

teaching school was NOT his future.

He started online by emulating his friend and mentor Zach Evanesh…

with a weekly podcast and blogging on strength and conditioning.

Trying to cut down the time curve, he began to focus on what he enjoyed doing best…

writing email.

The last five years he’s spent honing…

and expanding his copy skills.

Now he’s even back teaching.

Yet this time it’s email copy and client-getting skills.

He’s made all the mistakes getting his freelance copy career rolling so you don’t have to.

His students now snag retainer deals in mere weeks…

something it took him over a year to do.

Hence the value of a mentor.

It all changed for Chris when he began to place himself in the customer’s shoes.

How do you do it?

Listen now and reap the battle-tested, in-the-trenches knowledge Chris brings to this episode.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • 2 simple changes he made which immediately resulted in new clients. Are you making these same prospecting mistakes?
  • The “Where are they?”client advice Chris recieved from an “email guru”. You too will smack your forehead when you hear it.
  • Never be at a loss again for finding new clients when you hear Chris’ “Poconos” story.
  • Retainer deals: The ins, outs, and the number one idea behind finding one.
  • The premier win-win arrangement for copywriters and business owners. Greatest value for dollar and least hassle.


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey everybody welcome to another edition of the podcast I’m David Allan, we have a great guest for you today especially if you’re a copywriter – a freelance copywriter.

He’s been doing this for a while now he’s had some very public things we’ll get into here shortly I think which will be
interesting…Chris Orzechowksi, welcome to the show.

Chris Orzechowski: Thanks a lot. Super pumped to be here.

David Allan: yeah it’s really great to have you I sort of probably that’s how I became aware of you I think you had sort of a a public spat if you will with another copywriter who has been on the show in the past and it’ll be interesting to delve into the mechanics
of what actually happened here I think which will be illustrative I don’t know, cuz I don’t know really know how it exactly went down myself…

And then we’regonna jump into some talk about retainer deals structuring offers if you are a freelancer so people listen to this if you’re already in this maybe you can improve what you’re doing or if you’re looking to get into it you’ll get another perspective from
somebody who’s doing it.

Chris let’s just jump in with your origin story or your superhero origin story tell us how you got into email copywriting and so forth
and just where you were before…

Chris Orzechowski: Yeah, absolutely. so I like everyone else to know as a copywriter I actually started off as a teacher I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do I was a wrestler in

and I knew I want to coach

wrestling so I was like okay I’m just

gonna go be a teacher I’ll coach

wrestling and let’s do that so as soon

as I started teaching I very quickly

realized that it wasn’t for me and I say

very quickly I realize like the very

first day I was like oh man I’ve made a

mistake I don’t know if I want to do

this I think I forgot something else to

do and at the time I had this guy that I

worked for on the side this guy’s a

Kevin Nash he was kind of like my mentor

growing up he’s a strength coach one of

the early publishers of strength

conditioning you know infoproducts of

courses and those kind of things and I

remember like watching him as I kind of

like grew up you know going to his gym

and like seeing all the stuff he was

doing online and he was like making

money on the internet I was like how the

hell does that work I was like what you

know what is this like how come this

dude just makes so much money like

selling all these things I was like what

you know I gotta learn more about this

whole world because I’m so enamored by

it so um I started kind of studying what

he was doing I actually started like

blogging and trying to do a very similar

like strand condition type thing like he

was doing you know using him as like my

model and it was kind of hard you know

it was very hard to get traction is very

hard to get started this is this years

ago but uh you know I started doing this

wrestling website and I have like this

weekly podcast on wrestling coaches

those articles I had an email list those

are any emails every single day and I

was like trying to sell affiliate

products know do all the stuff I wasn’t

really great at it I’m you know starting

to build a following get some traction

but after late you know eight months of

doing that not really making any money I

said okay this is taking a whole lot of

time um I think maybe what I should do

this whole online thing is pick the one

thing I like the most and that gives me

the most energy and just focus on that

and so I started looking all the

different options of the online

marketing landscape and the one thing I

really did enjoy the most was writing

emails to my list and the whole copy

aspect of it so I started doing some

research and apparently there’s these

people called copywriters who get paid a

shit ton of money to put words onto a

Google Doc and then saw about to a

client and I was like this is


like I can’t believe this is a real

thing like I can just write words and

then get paid for it get paid pretty

well for it so obviously we know it’s a

little bit more nuanced than that but I

was just so like intrigued by this idea

I said I’m gonna go super deep and just

become really really good at this one

thing and the reason I kind of chose

email marketing and email copywriting

was because out of all the different

types of copy that I could write you

know as a someone who had a day job you

know when I started off as a school

teacher I was doing my 12-hour days that

first year I was coming in two hours

early I was staying two or three hours

later I was also coaching wrestling so

like I didn’t have a huge amount of

mental bandwidth to sit there and be

like okay I’m gonna work on this 97 page

sales letter

you know like for some of these super

competitive spots right I just want to

write like 200 300 more emails and you

know I’ll do like one or two or three of

those every day and I’ll be good to go

so that’s kind of what I started doing

and past you know five five and a half

years that’s really what I put my focus

into that’s that’s very interesting

because that’s right around

I started as same time and listened to

your story is almost like staring into a

mirror for me slightly different sort of

origin story I did not have anyone to

model but you know I sort of uh I guess

I did in a way because I sort of found

out Gary Halbert it sold sold me

something something he wrote sold me so

he became sort of my model I guess in a

way but it’s fascinating to I’ve heard

of Zac of course anyone who’s been in

online marketing probably heard of him

before so that’s interesting that was

your your origin now we said we were

gonna talk about you know maybe we’ll

start with the offeror thing so when you

became a freelancer

I know I’ve always sort of like gone

back and forth on this what sort of ways

at the beginning did you try to offer

your services and and how has that sort

of evolved up until now

well it’s gotten a lot better and the

reason I say that is because I was just

not good like I sucked and I’m not

afraid to admit that I mean it took me a

very very very long time to figure out

how the structure offers how to pitch my

services I don’t even find the right

people and I shouldn’t talking to um you

know it took me probably a year and a

half of really like focused effort to

get that first paying client and then it

took me you know a long time after that

to really get steady work and it’s funny

there’s now like I you know I coach a

handful of freelancers people reach out

to me and ask me probably advertise it

but um you know I they get results in

like you know seven weeks one guy that

I’m working with got a retainer and in

like seven weeks another guy got one in

like twelve weeks I’m like Jesus Christ

I’m so jealous you guys because like you

know all my mistakes but I kind of just

did everything wrong like what I was

doing was I was you know sending direct

mail to local businesses which are just

do that to some you know get it by a

list and write a sales letter and send

to local businesses and I was sending

it’s like to look like each fax and like

you know the local pizza place like

these people don’t even know what the

hell a copywriter is what alone are they

gonna be willing to pay like five or ten

grand to someone you know so I just

wrong I was called emailing I was even

cold calling and that was humiliating as

I got the phone slammed on me like

dozens of times it just sucked like it

was just a grind because I just listened

to all these people who were using these

methods you know some of these methods

people talk about it might work if

you’re you know later on in your career

and you have experience and samples and

all these things but I I just tried

everything and learned tried everything

I rejected so many times and then

finally I started to meet people who

knew what the hell they were talking

about it kind of guided me in the right


so when I started doing once I started

going after number one people who knew

what a copywriter was number two who

actually wanted help with copy those are

like you know the two like stupidest

simple things but they made all the

difference in the world and then after

that it was just a matter of really you

know and this is kind of a latter part

of my journey I’ve just really got a

brand new earth understand that what are

these people’s problems and how can I be

the person that goes and it solves those

problems right because what I found is

you know before you make any kind of

offer you structure any type of deal it

always has to start with that problem

much like any sales letter any piece of

copy s to start with the problem right

like we’re always looking okay like what

problem does this product solve and

that’s where we start all over our

research and that’s what we based its

our hook around for ourselves our sales

letter our email or VSL or webinar

whatever we’re doing but then we’re

copywriters and we go and approach a

client we just say hey you want to pay

me to write copy and then like know that

sounds a burly shitty experience right

like who actually wants to go and pay

some writer that they’ve never met

thousands of dollars to get a Google Doc

with words on it like no one wants to do

that that’s not you know that’s not like

an attractive offer and that’s what

happens as most writers approach it that

way but what I and I did that for a long

time so I’m not saying I’m like there’s

only one I just figured this out after

failing so many times but I figured out

it’s like hey why don’t we just find out

what their problems is let’s look for

their pain points and figure out ways to

solve those problems and if we can solve

those problems usually when you solve

those problems they’re very profitable

experience to these clients and if we

could solve a problem make them a lot of

money then them turning around and

giving us money to do that the first

time then do that again again again make

you know it’s it’s a win-win situation

for both parties involved so that’s kind

of like the evolution of how I started

to think about all of these things

that’s that’s interesting I know I feel

the same way and that’s a great great

way you’ve put it because it’s true like

you know these are the things you learn

when you become a copywriter but often

they’re not you don’t apply them in the

same way as you’d apply them for

somebody who’s not yourself and so

things like what you’re gonna say who

you’re gonna put it in front of and

stuff is off them like the mistakes that

you make as a copywriter when you’re

trying to sell your own services yeah

and it’s funny actually got that from

then settle I was a member of his

newsletter and I you know one of the

perks of being a members newsletter

where you could ask them questions so I

reached out was like hey man like who

should I go after if I want to be an

email copywriter and he replied back and

he was like look for people who are

sending a lot of emails and I was like

Oh duh like yeah that makes sense right

like find someone if they’re doing this

you know they’re either doing a good job

or a bad job most companies they want to

approve everything that they want to do

anyway so that was very sage advice from

him which I’m very thankful for that

really you know kind of helped me pivot

in the right direction but um yeah it’s

one of those things like it’s just a

matter of finding people who have a

problem offering them you know what I

like to call a dream come true result

and then proving that you could actually

do it and then after that making it as

easy as possible to get started look if

you can you know identify all four of

those phases of your marketing you’ll

never go hungry you’ll have clients

lined up but it’s it’s at the beginning

and you don’t know I mean you’re

starting out it’s very hard to figure

out those things especially if you don’t

have a model to follow or especially if

you’re following the wrong advice or if

you’re going into your facebook newsfeed

to find value bombs and try to piece

together your marketing education that

way I’m very against that whole

philosophy I believe in you know finding

people who are at the top of their game

and learning from them and that’s what

I’ve tried to do on this I still

continue to do so I’m very big on that

yeah I think that’s a very important

point you’re making there’s like I’ve

always considered myself to a student of

students of students so it’s like you

got to put the your ego aside and

attempt to learn and they because you

can learn from base every situation

whether that’s a positive outcome or a

negative outcome in then you have to use

those almost like little mini parables

for yourself to move forward yeah I mean

I know for me personally I can only

speak for myself but I feel like the

deeper and deeper I go into this whole

copywriting marketing thing the less and

less I know you know it’s like more like

you you become aware of everything

around here like I know so little you

know but it’s a cool thing because

there’s just there’s there’s so many

thanks to the internet and thanks to

where the world is now there’s just so

much you know ability that you have such

an ability to learn so many different

sources and to really you know

it’s kind of cool like going from the

public education sector to what I would

now considering it’s like the private

education sector with you know a lot of

the clients I work with we we sell

information you sell coaching yourself

expertise we sell those kind of things

it’s really cool to see that you can pay

you could learn whatever you want right

like whatever skill you want to learn

you know you have an opportunity to buy

that knowledge and to apply that your

life and to transform your life that’s

kind of what I’ve done I have invested a

lot and uh that’s something I’m also a

huge on but yeah I mean that’s that’s

kind of what it takes now yes so like

maybe speak to like something else that

I get a lot of questions about that and

I’ve have my own opinions but what do

you say to people like I’m sure you get

the same questions which was like should

I knees down what me should I go after

these kind of nice questions that’s a

good question you know I’ve heard

arguments on both sides and it really

imma give it crap the answers say it

depends you know personally I know for

me my evolution I was like a general

copyright or I was like hey you pay me

and I’ll write your copy and then I was

like maybe I’ll just focus on emails

because that’s what I really like and it

seems like there’s a need for that and

once I started doing that jobs that

easier and easier and then I kind of

switched my niche to you know I started

getting an ex to do LAN launches and I

became this like a lunch operator that’s

still kind of what I do a lot now and

then you know all my clients to me the

launch is also started you never green

stuff so I’m starting to become known

now someone who could turn launches and

evergreen stuff so like I think number

one it’s a matter of picking something

and then just being okay with that

evolving over time because I know a lot

of people I know even for me now some

days when like oh I’m thinking about how

i market myself I’m kind of scared to be

like oh I’m gonna be the you know the

person who specializes this because as

soon as you say that to yourself you

start to think oh that’s the only thing

I can do and I can never do anything

else what if I six months down the road

I hate this and I want to change and you

sort of freak yourself out right and I

think a lot of people have that fear and

have that someone blocked but the way I

look at it it’s like it’s okay to pick

something start doing it and if you love

it then you’ll keep doing it and if you

don’t love it you’ll probably find a way

to pivot to something that you like a

little bit more in terms of the actual

nitty-gritty of like finding what you

want to do I’m a big believer and this

is just my personality everyone is not

like this so you don’t have to take this

advice but me personally I was always a

big believer that’s a lot easier to sell

when you niche down by

medium of what you’re selling rather

than the industry you know some people

like oh I write alternative health copy

and if you’re one of those a-listers

you’re at the top of the game and you

know there’s 10 or 12 companies and they

pass you around you just write controls

rolling them like yeah that’s probably

pretty cool but I knew for me starting

out I didn’t have this connections I

don’t have that experience so what I

said was I’m gonna niche down by the

medium I’m gonna become really good at

email that’s one thing right this one

kind of project because it’s very easy

for someone who’s a business owner to

turn around and you know I don’t know if

every business owners like man I really

wish I could find a writer who

specializes in you know I guess I guess

they do right like if someone’s like oh

you know I have a software business I

really wish I could find a copywriter

specialized in software and people

definitely say that I’m not saying they

don’t it’s probably pretty common they

say that but I think it’s also pretty

common that people say man our emails

really suck we need to find some look at

help this or man you know our web copies

just terrible does not think the kid I

rested at all we need to find some that

would help us with this so I almost felt

like it was easier for me to grasp to

kind of get started marketing myself

if I choose chose a medium and then I

could go really deep in that one

specific medium and the thing is it’s

like even with that you know people

still might have the fear of like oh I’m

just gonna do this one thing and what if

I want to write a facebook ad or what if

I want to write a video script like you

could do that stuff too

but I’ve always found this like yeah I

specialized an email and then clients

hire me to do that and they say hey can

you help us to and I say absolutely I



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Straight out of college…

Jeff wanted to dive into the lucrative field of pharmaceutical sales.

Then he discovered the only people they were taking back then…

despite committing himself to two summers of internship…

were “very attractive women”.

Reaching out to his network, he pivoted to a career in financial

services and the world of Wall St.

14+ years later, he’s here to deliver some very good news.

You can set aside your worry, stress, and the paralysis of thinking about your retirement.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

Jeff helps people take their assets…

whether a mountain of treasure or a hill built up from years of

back-breaking work…

and shield yourself from future pain by showing you how to get

your retirement…


So if you’re worried what kind of shape your in financially because you’re in your later years…

or you’re young and the importance of setting yourself up right for

the future is beginning to dawning on you…

listen to this podcast now as Jeff has what amounts to a life-saving message.

Wouldn’t you agree your future and your family is more than worth it?

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • Why is it all the financial advice is about how to amass a mountain of assets? THIS is every bit as important. (9:34)
  • What gets Jeff super-jazzed about people finding this retirement solution.
  • Are you in your 40’s and haven’t checked “under the hood” at your numbers? Listen here (14:29)
  • 40% of people will run out of money during retirement with their current plan…is this you? (What to do about it NOW – 10:57)
  • The history of taxes and tax rates. How deferring your taxes could kill your retirement and your family’s future (19:01)


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey everybody – welcome to another edition
of the podcast, I’m David Allan – we’re back and today we’ve got an exciting guest because this is something I don’t think many people like to really think about but it is one of the most important things that you will encounter probably going forward in your life especially if you’re in business and if you’re a copywriter like a lot of our listeners are this is something that involves a little bit of planning perhaps which most people may not want to think about but we have an excellent retirement planner on a show today he’s got kind of a very interesting story and he’s got a very interesting offer that I think you’ll appreciate once you hear him – Jeff Kronenberg welcome to the show…

Jeff Kronenberg: David thank you great to be here.

David Allan: Yeah, it’s nice to have you on the show, man. I think this is one of these things that people are sort of like you know talk about and whispers maybe or don’t like to think about but it’s super important and you’re an expert in this field and you’ve been doing this for like you said the better part of like 14 years or sometimes right mm-hmm so this will be interesting I want you to sort of start though by taking us back like
we like to do on this show we like to go back to see sort of how you progressed into where you’re at today so take us back into the early life of Jeff and sort of what led you to this…

Jeff Kronenberg: Yeah, thanks

so you know I when I got out of college

actually what I wanted to do was be a

pharmaceutical sales rep and that was

kind of the hot job at the time so when

I got out of college I had done this

internship at a pharmaceutical company

and they wouldn’t hire me and I’m like

what are you kidding me of intern for

you for two summers and you know for

free and then I came to realize that

well I was not a pretty girl and

therefore they weren’t gonna hold me

because that was the description of what

they were looking for in that industry

at the time so here I was getting out of

college and I thought oh my gosh you

know I’m gonna do this and it’s a great

job but a great career and all that and

you know I was like disqualified right


that’s okay I kind of just fell into the

industry that I’m in I met a guy that

knew a guy and know another guy and I

started my journey in the financial

services industry in New York City

downtown downtown off Wall Street and I

yeah thinking back to one of the first

training classes that I had and I

remember you know the line of expertise

that I have is very out-of-the-box stuff

you know we’re helping people

essentially get their assets tax exempt

so although retirement planning is kind

of a boring subject when you say to

someone you know they say what do you do

and you say well I’ll show you how to

get your wealth tax exempt their ears

perk up because let’s face it it’ll

definitely yeah no one wants to have to

pay more in taxes than then they’re

required to you’ve got to pay the income

tax once but after that it’s really your

choice as to what you want to do with

your money I really just got lucky in

terms of meeting the right people I

think very very early on that were con

ahead and and you know that were headed

and heading in the right direction in

terms of you know the knowledge they had

in the information and the strategies

that they shared with clients so I’ve

been doing this work from the get-go

obviously it’s progressed over time I’m

still learning to this day so it’s kind

of how it all it was just by chance

so that’s fascinating I mean it says

like you said I think it’s kind of an

unsexy topic to talk about retirement

and protecting your assets and stuff

like that but it’s really one of the

most important things I mean he doesn’t

take much of a Google search to find out

plenty of horror stories and stuff of

people who have not fought ahead to to

their retirement or to you know other

people passing away in their family and

coming into assets and so forth that

aren’t necessarily yours to begin with

but that you’ve been left from other

people and so forth totally I think that

you know for the most part if you

picture a mountain as an example well we

learn about all we hear about is how to

get up the mountain how do we invest our

money how do we get rates of return that

are really good and this and Adam we

hear oh you have to take a lot of risk

on in order to grow your wealth but the

reality is is that if you understand how

the how money really works what’s more

important than acquiring a large

treasure chest of assets at the end of

the day if we’re saving for one day when

we’re not gonna work anymore we need to

know how to get off the financial

mountain so to speak in other words

we’re never learning or hearing about

how to spend our money in retirement you

know and so I use the mountain analogy

because I forget the statistic but I

heard about 70 percent of the deaths um

that occur on Mount Everest occur on the

descent right that’s the great that’s

great well yeah you’re right you know so

if if I was a Sherpa you know knowing

that you’ve got a much greater

probability of dying you’d probably hire

me as the Sherpa to get you down the

mountain than the one that gets you up

right yeah absolutely

so what I’m helping people with is not

just the accumulation of their assets in

a much safer fashion without risks and

without taxes but we’re also taking that

to the next level and saying hey we need

to also show you how to spend your money

at retirement and if it’s done the right

way and you can have your assets tax

exempt that therefore then means that

your cash flow coming off the mountain

is also tax exempt so when you study it

you’re gonna have a heck of a lot more

cash flow and if you don’t do it this

way and people love hearing that and

they love seeing it you know it’s it

it’s a game changer really a game

changer and a life changer it’s freedom

that’s totally true I would totally

believe what you’re saying I mean a lot

of people of course in the latter stages

of their lives that may be listening to

this and they’re also worried about you

know what they’re gonna leave behind or

what they’re worried about their family

or their family members and so forth and

so with the services program that you

provide it’s going to

ease those worries so those those latter

years are stress-free which is super

important as you get older yeah I mean I

I have this kind of you know I guess you

would maybe call it a spiritual view on

money or whatever word you want to use

but you know what at the end of the day

money is a fake thing you know human

brilliant human beings we were able to

create this system of currency in this

world here and it’s it’s really really

interesting when you look at it from

that standpoint like money runs our life

some of us yeah yeah I mean it’s kind of

silly when you take a step back because

it’s like where did this all Evan come

from and so my view is like you know

it’s super easy for me to help people

get what they want with their money and

get what they want it retirement but

what really jazzes me is seeing the

smiles on their faces when that fear

about how they’re gonna do it dissipates

when they’re pumping their fists because

you know they realized wow I just

reached freedom I just reached that

pinnacle of financial freedom that gets

me going because what we’re doing is

we’re saving people’s lives and they’re

able to live a happier healthier less

stressed-out life and then we reclaim

control of not just their money but the

way that they’re gonna live and enjoy

those latter part of the years without

having to worry and without having to

have the sense of confusion and without

having to know that you know there’s a

risk right around the corner whether

it’s the tax rates going up and changing

or the stock market taking fifty percent

of their money you know when you don’t

have those concerns you can now live

life on your terms and that’s uh and

it’s a beautiful thing to see it’s a

beautiful thing to know that you’re

impacting you know your your fellow

brothers and sisters in such a way you

know we’re all connected at the end of

the day yeah I think it’s one of those

things that’s so nice to see because

especially people of like my you know

I’m in my 40s now my parents

my deaf father as in his 70s maybe sort

of a lot of those that day and age a lot

of people were like living that sort of

like deferred life plan work a certain

amount and then you’re gonna save up

like you’re saying and you’re acquire

all these treasure chest of assets and

then you’re gonna stop working one day

and you’re gonna try to enjoy this stuff

and people like to you know travel or do

whatever they want to do and it’s a lot

of people have found out that that’s not

the case the way the world has gone and

the economy has shifted here and there

and maybe they’ve been burned a couple

times and now their nest egg or whatever

is not as large as I’d hope it would be

and maybe some of those dreams are no

longer attainable with something like

you offer I mean it’s it makes that

process so much more reassuring and

worryfree totally and I can give you a

really simple example as to kind of the

issue that I think people are facing but

then an alternative because at the end

of the day what you described there is

person a let’s say and person a retires

and they have let’s just say three

million dollars and that million dollars

gives them let’s just call it a hundred

and thirty thousand dollars a year

taxable for life or and that may work

out for them or it may not most of the

time it’s not working out you have three

million dollars you’ve got to get a

return on that money but also make sure

that you don’t run out of money and so

there’s this thing called a withdrawal

rate I don’t want to get too hyper

technical here but the withdrawal rate

of your money so that you have a 60%

chance of not running out of money is

around 3% why on earth would you ever go

for a plan and go and and strategically

move yourself towards a situation where

you have a chance 60% chance of not

running out of money because to me that

means 40% of the time you will it makes

no sense

that’s output so that’s why people can’t

retire is they’re literally just setting

themselves up wrong but they don’t we

don’t know alternatives

because person a with three million and

a buck thirty of income as an example

may or may not be attainable let’s just

say it is I could make somebody or I

could show them how they can make

themselves be person B but person B has

one point five million dollars and a

hundred thousand dollars of cash flow

tax exempt the who would you rather be

at the end of the day knowing at in at

the end when you’re retired it’s all

about maintaining your lifestyle it’s

all about cash flow that’s a person

person be easy choice yeah easy choice

so therefore would dad said that means

that the folks out there who have

acquired a treasured treasure chest have

asks us but maybe it didn’t go as they

had planned if they could just become

person B and get those assets to spend

as if they’ve got two times as much

they’re gonna be okay and that’s what I

help people do it’s powerful super

powerful and of course we you know we

probably all have people in our lives

that have experienced some of those

horror stories and we probably even

listening to this when this comes out

people will be thinking oh if only you

know if only had known this sooner or my

uncle Nick had known about this or

whatever you know and it’s one of those

things that like nobody likes to talk

about because it is kind of scary I

think too there’s like you know

trepidation that comes along with

thinking about being older especially if

you’re younger you know and and often if

you’re quite young then you’re not

thinking about it at all because you

feel like you’re impervious you’re

focusing on your career and your family

perhaps and it just doesn’t seem like

something that’s like that’s super

important because you figure you got the

whole life to figure it out but I mean

the sooner you get started the better

yeah I mean it’s it’s certainly easy to

procrastinate on it and it’s not as fun

as going to a basketball game or a

football game or skiing or sitting at

the beach that’s for sure but admit when

when people I found gets started on it

you know younger and let’s say their 40s

or something like that

stead of their 50s or 60s it

allows them to relax more and then go

enjoy the things that you know they and

they like to do and then subconsciously

in the back of their head they don’t

have this worry like shoot am I actually

gonna be able to like not have to go to

this job I don’t like

or run this business that I don’t really

want to run anymore or am I gonna have

to do this forever and so when they what

I found through experience is that when

people get started younger and they know

they’re headed in the direction that’s

going to work a hundred percent of the

time versus sixty percent of the time

just better quality of life overall

you’ve this subconscious worry is now

gone yeah and then and then the

trepidation and the fear perhaps of like

I think I think that’s one of the things

to which experienced people who were

over 40 to is like you’re also thinking

you know like you almost don’t want to

know what you’re up against so you put

it off because you’re just like I don’t

if I’d actually check the numbers or do

it it’s gonna be a rude awakening oh

yeah yeah totally and and and when they

start digging under the hood it’s

actually worse I’ll give you an example

most people have their money in these

retirement plans right but right thing

is though is that when we do these we we

do them because we want to not pay taxes

on our money today so we’re deferring

paying the tax right but we’re also

deferring the tax calculation right so

we don’t really know what tax rates we

will be in in the future but you know

here’s the question you know do you

think that it’ll cost more or less to

run the government in ten twenty and

thirty years that’s a pretty easy one

I’d say yeah so we know what we know

it’ll cost more therefore how do they

how does the government make money to

function they raise taxes so you could

be putting money into one of these

vehicles and then just setting yourself

up to pay more on your money in the

future in which case you’re doing

reverse tax planning so you know no one

would ever want to do it

good news is is that if you get it it

soon enough and you realize this soon

enough and you address it soon enough

you can reverse it that’s the good news

I just as rebels and for anybody

listening to this I mean to sort of

encounter that is like yeah that’s a

mistake a lot of people have made is

like to defer all that stuff to later

and I have family members going through

that right now where they’re like trying

to get that taxation stuff out of the

way now when they’re in their early 40s

because of because of that because of

that you’re unsure what kind of rage and

it’s funny though if you study taxes you

know if you look at where they’ve been

at between let’s just go back to mid

ronald reagan became president taxes

were between seventy and ninety four

percent but it’s the highest bracket i

mean that’s you know those are big

numbers tears well really even before

they stayed between 73 and 70 or the way

up until around 1980 so then they came

down but you know we’ve got we’ve got

Wars like the Gulf War to still pay for

we got we have all this stuff you know

we we have to pay for it at some point

we’re so high is that you know during

those that period of time from let’s say

say nineteen eighteen or nineteen twenty

whatever however you want to look at it

up until the carter administration then

reagan we used to pay we used to fight a

war that actually pay for it you know

really they allow companies and pay for

it or do we would pay for the things

that we did for the citizens so we

haven’t been doing that for a very long


but at some point we’ll have to and then

therefore in order to be an informed

consumer or an informed citizen it’s

just important to understand where

things were because it kind of gives you

an indication of where things could go

right now even though it’s think we’re

taxed at such a high rate historically

speaking we’re really not right good

point Lee so that’s why it’s important

to address it now before it’s too late

I think you’re that’s a very good point

and that’s some interesting historical

facts are bringing to bear there it’s

very interesting to me to how little

people prepare for this kind of stuff I

mean some people do and I try to slander

everybody here today but it’s a subject

that you know prevention is such a slow

thing to sort of take hold in people’s

lives because wherever they’re at in

their life they probably feel good maybe

about especially if they have some money

and they’re like not particularly

they’re worried about it and it’s

usually like you said people get started

like way way late or that they figure

they’ve got it handled but they aren’t

gonna end up paying big on the back end

and when the tax rate perhaps may be

higher you know obviously you’ve

encountered a lot of these people and

horror stories and stuff over your 14

year career in this maybe some of the

listeners would benefit from maybe a few

stories of people who were able to

reverse it and sort of what ages they

were at and so forth and sort of what’s

city of the main names obviously but

some sort of situations that people

think themselves out of because of your

expertise mm-hmm yeah sure so if we take

the person a in person be example I had

this client come in..

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His father left a sales job to start a business of his own.

His mother was a school teacher…

who made him promise if he ever learned anything…

he had to teach it to someone else.

In his last year of law school, he turned a hobby into a multi-million dollar business.

Largest in its industry.

With the taste of entrepreneurship…

he has never looked back.

He started into consulting to help others who asked.

40 years later a lot has changed by the principles are the same.

Coming from the Dan Kennedy school of “straight-talk”…

he lets loose on what it takes to win at business.

I know after listening to Steve, you will no longer make excuses for why you’re not killing it…

with YOUR marketing.

Listen now.

Then take MASSIVE action.

The Steve Sipress way.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • Steve’s simple advice for 99.9999% of business owners regarding todays technology to build your business
  • The “30 days of suck” strategy for sharpening your video skills
  • Steve’s “Warts and All Strategy” of putting yourself out there. Drive new business to you like Steve with this authenticity “hack”.
  • Simple “tells” a business is on the verge of disaster. Is your business in danger?
  • Secrets of the celebrity marketing elite. Discover the techniques of Donald Trump and the Kardashians now


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey everybody, we’re back with another edition of the podcast and we have a great guest here again today I’ve been looking forward to interviewing this person for some time yeah he’s done multiple podcasts over time and it’s fascinating to listen to some of them even had a Trump cast for a while which was hilarious and Steve Sipress, welcome to the show.

Steve Sipress: Thanks for having me, pleasure to be here and by the way we still do have the lessons learned from Donald Trump podcast – we’re on episode 131 and still going strong.

David Allan: Wow I wasn’t aware of that so I can’t even anticipate a time when there will not be lessons to be learned. I wouldn’t think so one of the fascinating things I learned about you is like you’ve had multiple podcasts of course in the past pertaining to sort of marketing you had – an interesting origin story – this interesting book that I’ve never eard of actually before and so maybe take us back into like where you were where you came from it was your origin a superhero or origin story.

Steve Sipress: Well it’s pretty simple and maybe pretty familiar to people my mom was a schoolteacher and my dad was a salesperson and later on and life became
left the sales – left the company became a business owner and so I’m basically the
combination of the two. My mom had a saying when we grew up that we had an obligation that if we learned something we got a teacher to somebody
else so I’ve always been a teacher and a leader in that way and since my dad was
extremely successful in sales and business he always taught me a lot of
business lessons and sales lessons and how to deal with people and took me
along on sales calls and and to meet all of his associates and stuff so I was
deeply embroiled in the world of business from young age and helping my
dad out do whatever I could do and also always had an eye towards whatever I
learned I got a teach and lead others and so I guess I went the usual route of
going to school and thinking you know go to college and get a job and do all that nonsense and I was lucky enough or fortunate enough to turn my hobby into a business during my last year of law school and that business very quickly became a multi-million dollar business and became the numberone largest in its industry.

and I was

off and running into the world of

business ownership and pretty much never

looked back

and after a that very quick and meteoric

success I had lots of people asking me

what to do had to do that can you help

me and I was de facto kind of consulting

with people until somebody said you know

you ought to start charging for that

because people will pay for that

consulting so I became a paid consultant

to help other small business people have

massive success and I’ve been doing that

for coming on about four decades now and

enjoying it now more than ever yeah I

think you have like a really fascinating

I was reading some of the testimonials

on your website and I’ve listened to

many many of your sort of daily video

Facebook live things you have some sort

of things for various days of the week

that you talked about what was that

first sort of like you were just doing

it for free it seems like at first like

just helping other people out like you

said following what your parents had

told you to sort of share what you’ve

learned and then what was it like you

know did you get out of that other

business and into consulting sort of

right away or how did that work well

that first multi-million dollar business

I got out of it because they screwed it

up and so that you know wasn’t I didn’t

make a choice I missed the chance had an

offer from an investor to invest and

then possibly take it public but back in

those days I didn’t know what the hell I

was doing I didn’t know anything about

business and so I said no to that offer

thinking you know hey they wanted to

give me 1.75 million for 45% of the

company and I was like well you know

that makes it worth a little more than

three and a half million in just about

three years so in ten years it’ll be

worth 10 million and why would I want to

give away 45% of that so that was my

dumb thinking

and I had a sort of assorted other dumb

mistakes that now the beneficiary that

is my clients or anyone that like you

said listens to my various podcast or

sees me on TV or radio or reads my books

or watches my daily Facebook live videos

they just passed my one and a half year

anniversary of doing a Facebook live

video every single day and everyone else

can benefit from I can see the warning

signs of a business about to go on the

wrong track fail get overwhelmed go

under and I can spot those and they can

help people to avoid them before they

happen like they did with me okay so

let’s let’s delve into a few of those

because now before we even get to that I

mean you’ve had a long history of doing

sort of a you know you were podcasting

daily for a long time now you’re doing

the daily Facebook videos maybe talk a

little bit about that where people out

there who have a business or business

people and maybe they’re not you know

they’re sort of scared to get on video

or they think it’s very problematic to

put together something like a podcast

maybe talk to some of that and sort of

your history with that stuff oh yeah

that happens a lot now it’s extremely

common and people do ask me that all the

time the good news is asking that

question about 10 20 years ago very

simple answer you want to you know

disseminate videos or audios very simple

you have to convince a TV or a radio

station to have you on or pay lots of

money to someone that has all the

equipment to come out and interview you

and edit out the video and and then you

can you know put the video wherever you

want put it onto cassettes or whatever

you had to do back then and mail them

out and all that kind of stuff nowadays

thanks to technology you know like I I

I’m fond of saying we own the technology

now we don’t need to convince a TV

station I got something to say please

have me on the air so I can get a

recording of the video and then send it

out the prospects

I got YouTube it’s free I got Facebook

it’s free now LinkedIn you can do live

videos you can do you know tape videos

and upload them to to all the different

social media sites and web video hosting


and everyone’s got a pretty high-quality

video camera walking around in their

pocket all day long so pretty much since

we already own a cell phone it is free

to record a video and you can get free

editing software usually comes with most

computers you can find it somewhere on

the computer on the internet and then

you can upload it for free and it’s

hosted for free and then you can promote

it for free by sending it out on social

media and stuff so oh my goodness if

that doesn’t overcome all the excuses I

don’t know what does I mean cuz the

alternate is hey just come up with about

few people I know that own film

producing companies and they’ll come out

with all the big equipment and they’ll

help you what to say and they’ll you

know get the right lighting and the

right angle and the right everything to

make it look all slick and professional

and and but who the heck why invest I

mean I know there’s reasons why to

invest in that stuff to really do

first-class filmmaking but for I’d have

to say 99.99999% of business owners just

take out your phone and put it onto


pointed out yourself start talking and

if you can’t I always say if you can’t

talk about your own business for about

four hours you’re in the wrong business

like just stop and do something else

because you’ve got to be able to answer

questions all the time maybe just to get

started how about this you write down

the ten most frequently asked questions

that people ask you and for thirty

seconds or one minute each you’re gonna

give the answer well there’s your first

ten videos now you take those and you

put them on YouTube you put them on your

website put them on Twitter Facebook

Linkedin wherever you want to put them

you got ten videos ask to the people

that say oh gee I’m not comfortable

doing video well no kidding like yeah

whoo-hoo you know I I’ve been doing like

you said I’ve been doing a daily podcast

for about five six years a daily or the

daily podcast about three years the

daily blog is about five or six years

old I’ve got a publish a monthly

magazine that’s about six years old

I’ve been doing a Facebook live video

almost 600 of those every single day and

that’s one way to do it if you go back

and you could find it on any of those

sites I just talked about my blog my

podcast LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

whatever but maybe YouTube’s the easiest

you just scroll back and go to the first

ones of my daily Facebook live videos

they absolutely suck sure they’re the

most embarrassing ridiculous terrible

things but here’s the news it takes and

you know this David it takes 10 20 30

how many it takes to start becoming good

I don’t know any one that became good on

the first one so people that are sitting

there with you know letting themselves

fall prey to their own nonsense excusive

I don’t feel country of course you don’t

but you’ve got to get through the first

feeling comfortable and start getting

good so how soon you want to do that if

you want to be good 30 days from the

hell start doing it now and just suck

for 30 days here’s the really good news

if you can do a facebook live video on

video record the whole thing and then go

on and delete it so you can do first 30

days of sucking and no one will ever

even see him other than the people who

were on live you can even just record

him with your own video camera for 30

days or record 30 in one day or whatever

you want to do till you get good and

then start publishing him to other

people but here’s the thing

I get a lot of connection from people

that say man I was nervous just like you

I saw some you’re nervous things or I

heard about how you messed up that

multi-million dollar business I did too

or heard about you made these mistakes I

did too or you know I did had a paper

route when I was a kid or I messed up my

first gum you know be people connect

through shared experiences so I’m not

afraid to share all my experience is

good bad ugly and different share them

all because that’s how people feel

comfortable connecting so yeah and

here’s an example let’s say you’re

watching a you know one of these

late-night TV shows where the actors

come on and it’s a it’s a it’s an actor

who makes 5 10 million dollars a movie

is a big movie star he’s promoting the

biggest new movie and the host will

sometimes mess them up by going you know

what we went in the archives

we found this really obscure commercial

you did when you were 16 and invariably

if you seen that what what does the

guests do they’re like oh no don’t show

that that sucks

that’s embarrassing I was terrible or

they find their first ever appearance on

TV or or their if they’re a comedian

here’s your first thing on HBO’s young

comedian sir here’s the first film role

you were in and they’re like oh my

goodness I look terrible I sound

terrible I was terrible that’s

embarrassing but here’s the news they

did what the listener asked that

question doesn’t feel like doing is they

did it and then you get over it so

action cures fear just take the action

and get overnight and I don’t go with

the saying of like act as if you’re not

afraid no you’re afraid you have fear do

it anyway

feel the fear but do it anyway don’t

feel like oh I’m gonna act like I’m

confident like you don’t act anyway just

do it and you’ll be like that that movie

star you’ll be like the band I mean

whatever your favorite musical band is

go back and listen to the first album

it’s act or go if you can get some kind

of bootleg recording or when they were

just playing at their high school prom

and they were doing all cover songs cuz

they couldn’t write a song they couldn’t

play a song they couldn’t sing a song

they were terrible like no kidding but

they got out there and they did it and

now they’re millionaires and having fun

and doing it so that’s how I did it I

don’t have any advice on how to do it

perfectly the first time I guess my

advice is just get out there stumble

bumble fumble and do it and eventually

you’ll need a quick or you’ll get good

there you go yeah I think that’s a very

important point you made there to where

you said earlier about connecting with

people how you share all your foils and

your successes and everything that’s

something I think we both have shared

perhaps because we were both sort of

fans as is probably everybody in

marketing of Dan Kennedy and that’s the

first place I heard him somebody talk

about that was his magnetic marketing

speech where he talked about there was

all these instances he had interwoven

into that speech so that people had a

place to connect and relate to him as a

human being

and therefore he no longer seems special

and that they too can do it

well you mentioned Dan Kennedy and and

you know I know if you were people know

but then it’s my number one mentor and

direct response marketing once I figured

out it had a name directs months mark

and I had been using it for decades

before I guess that was even a heads up

a lot kind of a leg up I we didn’t the

first thing ever read from him I was

like yep that works yep that works yep

he’s right yeah that works but I also at

the same time was going oh crap I never

did that oh crap that’s a good idea

oh crap look how much money I left on

the table because I knew that if since

most of what he was talking about it I

already experienced and and used it to

build my companies and knew it worked I

was like holy crap look how much money I

left on the table by my not doing the

rest of this stuff where was this guy of

course it’s not about where was he it’s

where was I

the same as you have a listener today

going wow where was this Steve Cyprus

Kevin well I’ve been around I’ve been

around for decades but you finally

opened up to saying I’m looking for help

and I’m looking for the right guy and

maybe that’s me so maybe you found me so

I found Dan Kennedy and I actually

became one of Dan Kennedy’s independents

Dan Kennedy certified whatever he call

the business of Brian the largest I

built the largest Dan Kennedy

independent advisor chapter whatever

they called it back in those days and

that was my claim to fame for a while I

any time I went and spoke at events or

even attended or wherever I went it was

like oh you’re that Dan Kennedy guy so

you know other than you know 99% of his

personality I was a Dan Kennedy guy even

though I haven’t been the you know

stuttering alcoholic gone bankrupt a

couple of times and all that kind of

stuff I got my own foibles and screw-ups

and messes to share and you’re right

then is forthright about that and

happens all the people all the time

after I speak or even on a video or a

podcast or whatever and then I get the

private messages or people coming up to

me going yeah you know I had that too or

me too so just another thing to get you

started like we’re all human I don’t

know a single human his life has gone up

business has gone up on a straight line

from left to right all the way up from

broke to riches like we all know it’s a

rollercoaster we go up and down life

throws us curveballs there’s all kinds

of twists and turns and social media

especially is somewhere where there’s a

lot of fakeness going on there’s a lot

of people hiding behind they only post

great things that happen and Here I am

an exciting place and I’ve even read

about or seen heard about something like

this there’s cases of depression of

people spending too much time on social

media because they keep scrolling

through all their friends stuff which

everyone’s happy and they’re not and I’m

like well you know what comes scroll

through mine because I’m gonna tell you

that I make an and and since I do these

live videos every day and I’m I’ll drop

the camera I’ll like you know I’m not in

the focus in the thing and then I’m

forget you’re gonna I do have that

happen to you must be talking about one

over two weeks ago

your are the two things I’m known for

one and then I get all off track and I

say hello to everybody in this and that

and whatever and I’m sure I have more

excuses and I’m sticking to all of them

and then I stopped the recording I hit

end and then I’m like holy crap you know

what I didn’t even say the second one so

I was like hey Bravo light bulb I got

the subject of tomorrow’s video perfect

and so I stepped on tomorrow’s video I

turn on the camera hey say hey hello

it’s Steve and my screw-up of the day

yesterday was I said two things that I

got to secret so I’m gonna share only

shared one so I’m a total screwup and

the good news is today I’m gonna share

the other one it’s perfect I mean pretty


this is the idea sort of – and you’re I

think you’re very good at this

everyone the better people I’ve ever

seen do this because you do you just

plow forward you’re taking that

imperfect action you’re not afraid to

you know it’s like you said to drop the

camera or maybe what people would call

look bad yeah because then people would

say oh you should you should hit that

you should stop it and and delete it and

start over and whatever and I’m like

don’t be ridiculous

yeah it’s unnecessary because you’re

gonna do another one tomorrow no you

know I know for a long time I’ve been

known as straight talk Steve and I’ve

been known as a no BS guy and speaking

of Dan Kennedy that’s his brand the no

BS friend

so I remember telling some people I was

thinking of becoming one of these Dan

Kennedy no BS advisers and people like

that’s perfect for you you’re no BS

that’s right Steve that’s right up your


it’s so straight talk no BS means when I

make a screw up you see it I make a

screw up there’s no hit the edit button

and start over and oh I’ll tell you when

I have to start over I don’t start over

but when I start again cuz once in a

while I’m out and I’m recording it while

I’m driving or walking or somewhere or

whatever and it’s got a bad connection

and it just cuts off in the middle that

just I just lose the internet and I’m

like holy crap I’m in the middle of..

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Scott has had a diverse career.

From a minister…

to shipping cars purchased online…

to a bounce house/waterslide business…

he’s experienced in many fields.

He became the top user and most knowledgeable about one of his favorite online products.

When gas prices hit the roof, the owner of the company brought him onboard full time.

He helped drive their blog to among the very top social media blogs.

He co-authored the Facebook All-In-One book for the famous “Dummies” series.

In January of 2017, he came on board at Agora Pulse to start the Social Media Lab.

They get to the bottom of social media tactics and strategies…

taking on gurus and “best practice”advice all over the interwebs.

Today, Scott is bringing what they have found here…

to the McMethod Email Marketing Podcast.

Are you committing these social media SINS?

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • Will using a LinkedIn hastag get you more impressions? Scott put it to the test.
  • How to figure out exactly where your audience hangs out.
  • Scott destroys what Instagram goo-roos have been teaching for year? Have you been a victim of this advice?
  • Compelling data from Scott’;s (former) bounce house/inflatables business.
  • The social media success story of Gerald and the Colossus pizza.


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey everybody, we’re back for another edition of the podcast I’m David Allan – it’s probably been a while like you’re
listening to this I won’t get into that right away but today we got an exciting guest who’s gonna talk a lot about social media his name is Scott Ayers from the social media lab and the parent company Agora pulse Scott welcome to the show.

Scott Ayres: Hey thanks for having me on.

David Allan: Yeah I think this is gonna be exciting because
as people will find out it’s been a little hiatus here for the – you know
marketing podcast and we’re getting back at her and you’re the first guest to sort of restart things post summer and so maybe let’s give a little your backstory. How did you get into social media and sort of you know take us – take us up to where you’re at now.

Scott Ayres: Man, it depends on where we start I think when social media first came out back and held myspace days I was addicted to MySpace and then from a business perspective you know I I guess this was probably on a 2007 2008 I started working in the auto transport business I moved cars for a living mainly like people who bought in sold cars on eBay or auctions and stuff and a guy named Gary Remy who I still remember I lived in Houston at the time he came in our office was hoping it was the SEO and stuff he’s like hey you guys got to sign up for this site called LinkedIn and we’re like what is that and he’s like sign up for and you get tons of customers from it you just got to connect with people and so I sign it for LinkedIn and sure enough I got addicted to it I mean this is so cool because iPhone I can talk to people and I can get a lot of business from I saw the business value of it and then fast forward about a year and a half and I started my own transport business from home you know shipping cars you know instead of having the split Commission’s kept it all myself but got all the headaches so and so I dove in completely with Facebook and Twitter because nobody in that niche was really doing much in that and discovered that I could get more than 50% of my clients via Twitter and Facebook and not to spend any money on that was just connecting with people and through that process the fun thing was and how I kind of moved over from the transport business into this I started creating there was a product called fanpage engine back in those days that was if you familiar with Facebook pages a usability those custom tabs they called them they had his product that was real simple didn’t require any coding you could create these customized pages for people to have on their business page so I started using their tool to make my own pages on my own my
Facebook page and then started selling I’m like doing the service for people and started doing blogs and videos and tutorials about how to use their product and they got David Foster on the company
he reached out to me is like man you know more about our app than we do and he said can you write some blocks for Zoar and then can you do some training videos for so for a couple months I
started doing training videos for him and blogs for him and then he’s like hey you want to help out with customer support and like yeah sure you know I’m doing some side during that run of my
shipping business I think it caught the economy collapsed and that’s when that’s when fuel prices went to like I’m in Texas and so for us normal fuel price was like two dollars a gallon went to like four-and-a-half five dollars a gallon and no one was buying cars for
one and nobody we could get them shipped either and so it right about that time you know they was like hey once you come work for me full time and somebody sure I didn’t know what that minute I’ve been the typical you know have a nine-to-five kind of a job and for all my life and so I started doing social media for them it started being their guy to blog and in

within a couple of about a year so our

blog went to the top 10 list for social

media examiner’s top social media blogs

which was a big deal and so through that

process I worked for them for a couple

years and then I’m working for another

app company called post planner I’m

doing the same sort of work you know the

the blogging that I must have written

face book all-in-one for dummies through

that process and got our blog at the top

of social media examiner’s lists again

and then about a year and a half ago or

so January 2017 I came on board at Agora

pulse just to do this project we call

the social media lab it’s pretty

interesting yeah I could go even further

about what I’ve done before that which

would blow your mind but

and for this we’ll leave it at that yeah

former minister turns social media so

this is where you’re at now you came on

board with Agora pulse at the Social

Media Lab and this is the constant mag I

get questions being in marketing I get

questions about social media all the

time and I don’t really consider myself

even that well qualified to answer some

of them beyond my rare few exploits on

my own maybe start talking about what

should people be doing I mean it’s

constantly it seems like a constantly

shifting sand you know of like what’s

hot what’s what’s not and the different

algorithms are changing constantly of

course and you know what should people

be doing if you’re there this is a small

business owner listening to this right

now or should they start on what sort of

shot stuff should they be looking to do

well that’s that’s a convoluted question

right you know for one for what we do at

the lab just to kind of throw it out

there we knew our goal is to go out

there and and test all the different

social media tactics that we hear from a

lot of the Guru’s a lot of brands are

trying or just people questioning

wondering if this works or not

we can’t test everything there’s some

things that you can’t quantify and get

good data on so we don’t bother testing

a lot of stuff on based on sentiment or

real hard to test right but I can go out

there and run a test like I just

published a test today on LinkedIn

hashtags dude does those using a hash

tag at least one on a LinkedIn post gets

you more impressions and our results

came back yes they do

compared to the same exact link post

they got about twenty nine percent

higher impressions when we added last

hashtag to it which tells me people are

using hashtags on LinkedIn right and so

there’s stuff like that we can test that

are pretty I would say use is they’re

very time-consuming like right now I’m

working on a test on Twitter on about

five different Twitter accounts it’s

gonna end up being about fifteen hundred

tweets I’m gonna have got a schedule and

go through into the process sometimes

too daunting but our whole goal is just

to try to figure out ways to you know

bus those missed and talked about those

things that people are saying is true

and sometimes they’re not and then given

data to back it up and try to pull out

opinion as much as I can which is really

hard for an opinionated person like

myself but I try to pull it out on all

the blog posts where we want to say this

is the data and sometimes we’re shocked

by it and sometimes I’m absolutely wrong

on my hypothesis right and I have to

kind of you know eat crow and say well

that didn’t work but and that’s it and

here’s the data and the science says and

I think that’s a better way for a small

business to go back to your question you

know I think for one you you’ve got to

figure out and this isn’t something you

know I’ve tested because it’d be hard to

test could your business gonna be

different but you need to figure out

where your audience is if your audience

is not an Instagram audience don’t be on

Instagram if they’re not a Twitter

audience don’t be there they’re not a

Facebook audience so don’t be there heck

your audience might be on Google+ still

who knows and so you’ve got to find out

what that is for you I think most

businesses feel the the obligation to

hop on every social platform there is

and they run themselves ragged trying to

keep up and they end up doing a poor job

with all of them instead of just being

really good at one of them so that’s the

first thing I was saying you would test

that probably by doing zip if you’re a

local business do the zip code search on

the different sites see how many users

are in that area or try to run an ad on

one of those sites and see what kind of

target market you get when you do your

whatever your perfect target market

looks like that’s how you’re gonna know

if it’s the right platform to you so you

want to look at that and then you know

from there it’s just it’s trying

different things to see what works what

kind of what sort of content resonates

with your brain it’s not gonna be the

same for every brand like for example I

for the last five years I had a side

business running do it written bounce

houses and water slides and stuff cool

in Texas because that was written him

anyway right but it was kind of funny to

do that process I did it for five years

acts they just passed the business over

three weeks ago to my brother he’s been

working with me the entire five years

and it made sense to finally just move

on from it let him run it

and so I noticed through that though

that you know there were certain things

on social media that worked for me that

didn’t work on other sites like for

example on that bounce house business

posting links to my product was horrible

no one cared no one clicked on them you

know I didn’t get any traffic attending

engagement but boy I post a picture of

some kids smiling on a water slide the

thing would go viral in my world but I

do the opposite software the links are

do great for us photos are just kind of

me sometimes

you know on Facebook you know people go

like well okay great yeah you posted a

photo of your team good for you you know

it’s not it’s not as there’s not that

close of a connection for agar for a

company like that so you got to figure

out what that is for you and then kind

of run with it from there like Instagram

for example and we get a some data set

from the second but on Instagram for

that local bounce house business I even

though I had 5,000 or so followers on

this account I worked really hard on it

for five years I didn’t get any business

from it at all I mean it’s just I got I

got some you know vanity metric likes

you know and some ancillary type

engagement but no one was you know

messaging me or calling me from

Instagram saying I want to rent a bounce

house but about 80% of my business and

we did six figures a year eighty percent

of our business was coming from Facebook

and so the rest of it was google it so

meant when I passed the business on my

brother the other day I’m like for one

you’re not yeah I’ll give you the

Facebook page which has you know six

seven thousand likes and I spent a lot

of money to get to that a small town

it’s only eight thousand people get that

many likes I said yeah I’m not giving

you the Instagram account though for one

it’s a waste of your time and two I want

to use it for something else

so I stole it and change the name to

something else so I could continue to

use it for testing so yeah that was a

fun little experiment so that that whole

thing for me it’s been an experiment the

entire five years kind of see what works

what doesn’t work what I’ve found for a

local business I don’t know if you’re

mainly your listeners or local

businesses or our small businesses or

what I’m finding that that Facebook live

is is gold for a local business

and a real prime real-life example and I

talk about this guy all the time a

friend of mine named Gerald owns a pizza

joint in my town and he created this 28

inch around Pizza called the Colossus

giant pizzas literally literally the

blur the Box barely fit in the back of

my suburban that shows you how big it is

and so he said I know exactly and it’s

about seven pounds just with pepperoni

and cheese on seven pounds and he said

he wanted to do an eating contest and

see if somebody could eat that pizza in

an hour and if they did they got the

pizza for free they got a t-shirt they

got their picture on the wall blah blah

blah and the pizzas about 60 bucks and

and still Mike Jarrell dude you got to

go you gotta go live on Facebook he’s

like I don’t know how to do that I mean

he’s a guy that was annoyed with

Facebook you know he didn’t want to pay

for ads and I was sure I might you’ve

got to run a Facebook live so I’m

literally like 30 minutes before this

starts I’m texting him how to go live on

Facebook and so he hops on his phone

goes live on Facebook and if for his

pages got about 22 hundred likes kind of

put it in perspective and he’ll get

decent and gave me you know 30 40 likes

on post that sort of thing and in 13

minutes maybe 50 or 60 of us were

watching it I was watching from home it

was like 7 8 o’clock at night and all of

a sudden after about that 15 20 minute

mark you know there’s a hundred people

there’s 200 people 300 people 400 all

set it jumps like a thousand I think the

max live was about 2,500 people watching

it Wow

and they were watching it from around

the globe it wasn’t just locally there

was people from France from from Ireland

from the UK all around the United States

watching this guy and this little podunk

town in Texas try to eat this giant

pizza so the right people saw it and

somehow Facebook’s algorithm saw that

and notice hey this is trendy and it’s

just hot and so they started showing it

to more people the cool part of the guy

didn’t eat the pizza he ran off camera

with like a minute left and no vomit

look who that wasn’t on camera and

Gerald’s phone died

you know right after that he was texting

me later like this was awesome the video

get about I think total about 12,000


was massive for a little brand like that

but where’s the ROI in that yeah it’s

great didn’t people watched it the next

day the local news station contacted him

and said hey can we send out one of our

reporters and do a live remote during

our morning show for two hours and let

him try to eat that pizza massive free

advertising I mean massive free

advertising form the guy and of course

he got he ain’t less of the pizza in the

our former former football player he

couldn’t he couldn’t but the thing I

told gentlemen you got him now he keeps

doing him he does those lives every time

he doesn’t get 10,000 12,000 views every

time but he’s got a couple hundred a

couple thousand and it’s kind of created

this you know momentum for him now that

he sells that pizza like crazy and it

all started because he did that Facebook

live he pushed the button went like I

didn’t know what he was doing didn’t

cost him a single penny you know to do

it and now he’s seen you know huge

dividends on doing that one little Act

so that’s I mean I haven’t that’s not

even a test on the lab but that’s just a

little personal thing that I’ve seen you

know real life happened that went golly

I wish would I’m pulling his dad

actually to look at and see what it’s

done to his page because I am actually

an admin on his page I said you guys

make me an admin your page so what

should maybe you do well let’s talk

about Instagram if you don’t mind like

I’d like to talk about Instagram because

I have another business myself and I use

Instagram I’ve tried to start my page

and just I had a page but I did like you

know put some work into it here the line

over the summer and I’d love to hear

more about Instagram it seems it is you

know it’s one of those things where you

know the the avid user the typical user

and Instagram has been younger or people

who just want to post you know their

coffee and their lunch and you know

activities and all that stuff but

there’s tons of stuff on the business

perspective that you know are huge value

Instagram stories are awesome especially

if you gather your audience as

Millennials you want to leverage stories

like crazy but some things that we

tested that you know all the

quote-unquote gurus have been teaching

we’re pretty interesting first one that

was probably the biggest one that I had


and that really was scared to publish

this it all got done cuz a lot of my

friends in marketing have been teaching

this for years and I even reached out to

him today so you know I’ve tested this

and I you know this isn’t working and so

what a lot of marketers have been

teaching a lot of people over the years

is when you use hashtags put them in the

first comment instead of leaving them in

the post because it makes the original

post look kind of ugly you know because

you’ve got too much text and people

don’t want to see the hashtags I know

you’re being you know mr. spammy

marketer by using the hashtags so they

people have been struck people for years

to kind of hide those in the comments

hide those in the comments and there’s

even apps out there that you know

circumvent instagrams official API and

we’ll put the first comment in for you

even though they’re breaking instagrams

API by doing it right and so a lot of

people been doing it for you I used to

do it I’d always go back and put it in

the comments because you know you want

to look pretty in a sense you know on

for two users and so we tested 30

hashtags you know in the original post

and in the same 30 hashtags in the

comments would you know on different

posts to kind of see which one you know

might do better in the end and here’s

the interesting here’s here’s the data

likes were 9.8 4% higher when we put the

hashtags in the original post so right

there alone the engagement was tired

when I just left them in the post and

then the here’s a more important part I

thought reach or impressions or however

you want to call it on Instagram was

twenty nine point four one percent

higher when we just simply put the

hashtags in the original post instead of

going back and putting in the comments

yeah it’s 129 percent mass if it had

just been like H percent I’ve been like

well that’s almost a wash but 29

percents a big deal and so I mean I went

back and tested it twice just to make

sure because I mean I literally I won’t

name their names but there was couple

people on like God is influential is

gonna be ticked off at it because

they’re friends of ours but they have

courses on this stuff and I’m like okay

but it’s yeah it’s true and you got to

go with the data on

anything in life you got to go by what

the data says not your opinion on it and

so what happens here and the reason this

became a thing is a couple of reasons

you used to be you saw a lot more of the

text when you’re thumbing through

Instagram on your phone right now you’d

only see about three lines and then it

goes to the dot..

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I conducted this interview with Erik back in November of 2016.

Intended to release it under the Takeover Tuesday banner, I held it back when I came over to the McMethod.

It is a very important episode and one every entrepreneur should listen to.

A great many of you will have experienced exactly what Erik speaks of.

The “secret sadness”.

He has had this particular “sadness” inflict itself on his life three times.

Each of these events spiked with a “harajuku” moment.

A realization which said he could not move further down the path.

Erik admits much of this is painful to state.

Vulnerability is not seen as an admirable business trait.

By talking about this though it will shift into the open.

Freeing others to talk about it too.

What impact does this have on your life?

Your family?

Your clients?

Erik goes into painstaking detail about this most intimate subject.

This is a superb episode.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • The stunning “kids and I will be homeless” email he woke up to one morning.
  • The truth behind the 5 options you have of dealing with your “harajuku” moment.
  • A little-known secret can steer you through these type of events with confidence.
  • How to avoid falling into the “prostitutes, drugs and alcohol” scenarios.
  • The “seat-belt” moment which instigated Erik losing 60 pounds.


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey, everybody today on the show we have Eric Stafford. I think I first heard about Eric from buddy of mine
Colin Theriot, and you guys are good buddies Eric?

Erik Stafford: We are. I’ve known Colin for a number of years he’s a very good dude.

David Allan: Now you come from an advertising and design background you’ve won a bunch of awards and you’ve been a serial
entrepreneur, product creator and soforth lending your expertise to multiple businesses over time how did you get into the, you know, the advertising world and maybe take us through your sort of
superhero origin story about how you got into all this.

Erik Stafford: No sure absolutely so on you know I guess you could probably say gave that my life has been a series of realizations and moments where I just you know sort of was like well this just isn’t gonna cut it anymore and I’m not sure if you could say that’s true about everyone but I think that’s probably true about most people I thinkmost people you know when they look back on their life with a critical eye they can kind of see where they had these very specific moments where they just decided look something’s got to change
right and I know that I’m a marketing wonk so I read a lot of books I know that Malcolm Gladwell called this a Harajuku moment. A moment… a defining moment right? And I think Tim Ferriss may
have had stolen that from him and used it and what his folks as well but the first one that I can think of specifically as it relates to busines was you know I had two young kids and we had built a very successful advertising agency here in Southwest Florida but I
was working 80-hour weeks and I just you know I just one morning realize look you know I can’t do this I can’t do this forever you know I I will work my way into a grave and my kids will be you
know grown and gone and I won’t I will never know them and you know it’s a painful realization because my entire life I had wanted growing up to be a creative director in an ad agency right and so I you know I out there and I got to that point and realized well you know I’m not happy and you know we were winning all these

incredible awards addy awards and Art

Awards and um we’re even featured in all

sorts of press we’re doing incredible

work for clients that really inspired me

but it just it just wasn’t sustainable

as far as I was concerned and so I

realized I had to make a change and so

you know I majored in fine art grew up

got to the position that I wanted to be

in in sort of the creative world I was

running an ad agency the creative to the

creative department of an ad agency and

so I realized something had to change

and so I started researching different

businesses that I may start and that led

me into internet marketing and led me to

creating my first products and things of

that nature and I developed a bunch of

digital products I hadn’t built an

incredibly successful business and then

one morning woke up and realized that I

was unhappy with that business and I

understand right now that I’m probably

coming across as the most ungrateful

turd on the planet but but that’s

literally what happens to me yeah

well that’s exactly why I wanted you on

the show I’d seen a video yours I think

you went on so Facebook live or

something and you were talking about you

know how you woke up one day and just

realized and it sounds like for the

second time or more that this wasn’t

what you wanted to be doing and you know

I have definitely felt that way for sure

I definitely instantly related to that

I’d started other businesses in the past

and and gone on for some cases years and

then realized this is just not what I

thought it would be and definitely don’t

want to do this anymore and you know I I

would just outright just quit like that

day basic right as if as if I was never

interested in it at all and so that’s

that’s so maybe talk about that I mean

I think it takes a while to get to that

point to that maybe people don’t even

realize because I know I didn’t yeah I

mean it depends you know I tend to think

that entrepreneurs are wired a little

bit differently than the normal people

and you know most entrepreneurs myself

included aren’t willing really so much

to settle and so even if I were willing

to settle I don’t think the universe is

willing to let me settle and so that’s

the whole reason that I quote-unquote

quit my job to begin with was because I

just didn’t didn’t feel that working

that many hours and missing that much of

my kid’s life was something that I could

put up with right and so that’s why I

quit my job to begin with and so when

this happened the second time in my

business when I fast forward from you

know from the early two-thousands to

like 2008 and this happened in my own

business it was a very sort of similar

thing it was like you know I’ve woke up

and realized I hated my business but it

was quite a bit it was quite a bit

harder for me to get my head around and

it was quite a bit harder for me to

stomach but it’s it’s a very similar

feeling it’s like right well you know

I’m not willing to do this anymore this

just doesn’t work for me anymore but

when you’re an entrepreneur and it’s

your own business and it’s something

you’ve built with your own two hands

from scratch especially you know when

you’re in an industry you know sort of

similar to the industry that I was

working and at the time you know is

working in sort of like personal

development online marketing digital

digital product development things like

that it’s very difficult it’s very

difficult to admit and and I think this

may be true for a lot of business owners

difficult to admit that you’re unhappy

when you’ve worked so hard to build

something that on the surface appears to

be going so well right right and so you

know at the time I was spending all the

time in the world that I wanted with my

kids my wife and I were extremely happy

I built an engineer to life that I

really wanted but I really had always

envisioned but the physical act of doing

the work that it took to live that life

I hated it

and it’s it’s tough to admit that you

know there’s people that subscribe to

entrepreneurial style followings there’s

a lot of talk about being grateful and

about gratitude and about abundance and

so it’s very difficult you know to say

that you’re unhappy you can be grateful

and yet I’m happy but I didn’t quite

understand the distinction at the time

and so I just remember a very long

period of time

of me sort of thinking myself like Eric

what’s wrong with you man why are you so

on the motivated are you say depressed

like look at you know look at the money

you make and look at how you get to live

your life like if you told any of your

friends that you felt this way they

would they would laugh at you they would

think you’re in it but I couldn’t hide I

couldn’t hide from those feelings I you

know I I clearly was not happy and so

it’s a very difficult thing when you’re

an entrepreneur to sort of own that and

separate it from thoughts of like not

being grateful or not feeling fun the

secret sadness it is yeah it’s sort of

this painful solo you know journey that

entrepreneurs have to take and you know

I’ve not heard anyone else talking about

this and yet I know it to be true for a

lot of my peers and my colleagues and my

friends and you know I’m I’m grateful

that when I went through this process

and as you said I’ve gone through this

process three times now but I’m grateful

that uh you know I kept the rails on

somewhat for each of those three

transitions right but you know I know a

lot of people where this process is led

to you know heavy heavy alcohol abuse

and heavy drug abuse and lots of you

know trips to Vegas and full of spending

of money interactions with prostitutes

cheating on spouses even in some cases

suicide and it’s just it’s a it’s a

secret sadness that not many

entrepreneurs are really able to talk

about or discuss and an own you know

it’s really difficult to aim the lens at

yourself and I certainly know I didn’t

feel like I could talk with my wife

about this you know my wife just wanted

to know that

everything was gonna be fine and that we

would still be able to get Evan the

private soccer lessons and that we’d

still be able to take the summer road

trip and um you know so I very much felt

alone in this journey I didn’t feel like

I could speak with any of my colleagues

or peers I didn’t want anyone to

perceive me as being weak and so it just

was that sort of thing I just sort of

sat with yeah I think that’s uh that’s

I’ve seen that I think I saw it until we

started talking here just recently about

this I you know I sort of reflected

knowing that you were coming on the show

just kind of like you know where have I

seen this elsewhere you know and I was

just like yeah you know I can pinpoint a

few other people where I just like they

said things to me at the time which

didn’t really register and I thought to

myself probably what you like you were

saying about your friends how they would

have judged you I think I probably I

never said it to their face but if I

judge a thing like man you know talking

about but I was just kind of like oh man

I’m sure it’ll pass kind of thing you

know and then and then I had it happen

to me in at least one occasion where I

was just like man I just don’t want to

do this I just and I think it was a sort

of multifactorial problem that sort of I

came into and that I really just wasn’t

what I thought it was I didn’t really

want to do it anymore because I aspect

of it but not the other six you know

yeah I could I remember thinking myself

like really I worked so hard for this

and it’s finally I was finally going

successful yeah but you could see that

it was going to be so for you and you’ve

done this now three times where did you

start with at first did you realize like

I got a I mean obviously quit but but I

mean did you have a specific plan of

action that you were gonna take or did

you later come into that well I mean I

think it all starts with that sort of

harajuku moment that moment where you’re

like shit what have I done like a moment

that moment where you go how did I how

did I get here you know and it’s funny

because you know I can track moments

like that throughout my life

now that I know what to look for in

terms of you know relationships or in

terms of my health you know if if you’re

overweight you know you you will never

lose the weight that you want until you

have that moment no amount of your

spouse beating on you you know I speak

from experience I lost 60 pounds over

the last several years and it wasn’t

easy yeah yeah thank you man I

appreciate it it wasn’t easy but it

became so much easier once I had that

moment and that moment in terms of my

weight loss was I actually was flying

somewhere and couldn’t get a seatbelt

around right and the stewardess said to

me do you want a seatbelt extender which

apparently in America is a thing which

is even creepier but but anyway that was

the moment dude where I was like this

has to change this this this is

embarrassing this is shocking this is

shin I hate this this has to change and

so it starts with that moment and the

moment with the ad agency with with my

sort of first career was I lived about

about a 20 mile drive from the office

but during season you know Florida’s

very seasonal during seasons sometimes

that drive could take upwards of two

hours and so during season I would I

would try and go to the office really

early to avoid traffic and then come

home either early in the day if possible

which never happened or late at night

and one night I was driving home late at

night and I started to fall asleep at

the wheel and I opened my eyes and

snapped out of it and realized I was in

the middle of a red light and so I

slammed on the brakes and my Jeep sort

of fishtailed and did this earth thing

and I stopped at 2:30 in the morning in

the middle of a red light with no other

cars around anywhere if there had been a

car there I would have been killed and

that was the moment where I was like

yeah I got to do something about this

and so it starts with that moment and

it’s funny dude you had said you know

that you know there’s been a couple

times in your life where you found

yourself in situations where you’re like

yeah right this doesn’t work for me I’m

blowing this up I’ve done and that

certainly is you know one of the op

in my experience when this happens

there’s there’s four options the first

option is to ignore it and do nothing

which we’ve talked about a little bit I

don’t know for most people especially

entrepreneurs I don’t know that that’s

really an option right I don’t think

entrepreneurs are really wired that way

and I think you know we might be able to

ignore for a little while because we

like you know we like giant incomes and

we like being able to have that car or

we like being able to live the life we

live or whatever but right I don’t I

don’t think for most of us we can ignore

it forever so I don’t really see the

first option as an option the second

option is to quite simply get fed up and

blow it up and just walk away again I

don’t know that that’s the best option

but again we’re finicky beasts us

entrepreneurs and sometimes we’ve just

had enough and that’s it right so um

that certainly is what happened in 2010

or so with the first internet business

that I had built I woke up one morning I

received an email from a customer a guy

that had purchased one of my courses in

the middle of the night and he emailed

me and said hey bro I bought your course

in the middle of the night it really

needs to work for me because if it

doesn’t I need to make five grand by

this might even three grand I need to

make several grand by this weekend

otherwise my kids and I will be homeless

Wow and I was like yep I’m done you know

because my sales letters never promised

any sort of money from the sky or any

other yeah but at the time you know it

was 2010 and the the housing crisis was

becoming a very real situation that the

banking collapse was looming and it was

just a very difficult time for a lot of

people and my systems and my lead

generation systems my affiliate stuff

was geared to bring me those people and

I didn’t realize it until that moment

and and at that point I blew that

business up I literally uh I logged in

oh my god I can’t believe him tell

people I logged into autoresponder I

deleted 75,000 people from my email us

Wow and then I logged into my CMS or

whatever and I deleted all of my monthly

members I had over a thousand people

paying us $50 a month for a monthly

membership for training and stuff and I

logged into my FTP client deleted all my

websites and I basically blew it up I

blew it up and I walked away and I like

to tell people that you know I had

sunglasses on I was walking slowly it

was exploding behind me it was very cool

there were kittens involved like it you

know that’s but no in truth told brother

it was extremely painful I spent I spent

a long time right it’s just not

understanding what had happened how I

built a business I hated and not

understanding what to do next

worried about my family and not sleeping

it was a terrible time when I felt like

a failure dude because you know who he

does that right and so I think the first

step is that Harajuku moment of

realizing that you are no longer

comfortable where you’re at and you’re

no longer willing to settle with where

you’re at and then the second step is

understanding that it’s okay and

understanding that all businesses go

through silence and that all

entrepreneurs shift and change goals

shift and change a good example of that

being Netflix you know your your your

longer in the tooth like I am you

remember when Netflix used to just be a

DVD company they would send you DVDs in

the mail and they transitioned from that

to being an online service and now

they’re transitioning from that into

being a movie studio yeah right and so


you know this stuff it when you

understand that this stuff is inevitable

and that it’s natural and it doesn’t

mean that you’re a failure then you can

start to look at other options besides

the first two which are to ignore it or

to blow it up right okay you see a lot

of people serve and that maybe that’s

exactly why is you know you see people

pivoting their businesses and so forth

and you think to yourself oh this guy’s

just being very clever

trying to get into something new but I’m

thinking about it now I’m probably sure

there’s a lot of those scenarios with a

person well that’s how they got out of

where they were yeah if they’re smart I

mean it it definitely takes a lot of

self-awareness and it takes a lot of a

willingness to really aim the lens at

your own self which can which can be

painful it’s it’s not always been an

easy process but but I you know I will

say that when you understand that this

sort of thing happens you know I was

chatting I was chatting with one of my

favorite authors a guy named Marty

Neumayer who wrote a book called the

brand gap and he wrote also called zag

which are incredible marketing books but

I was chatting with him once and and I

was explaining this to him and he goes

oh yeah dude like that’s happened to me

like six times in my life that happens

to me like every two years

and I was like shut up really I don’t

hear about this on you know on podcaster

in the interview I don’t hear anyone

talking about this and he’s like now

dude it’s totally natural like you know

everyone pivots my first business was

designing software boxes there’s not

even software boxes anymore let alone a

computer stores to buy software and I

had changed my business and I was like

oh wow shit and so um yeah I mean

understanding it and owning it allows

you to look at like you had just

mentioned the other two options which

are you know to remove yourself from

your business you know methodically

remove yourself whether it’s something

as simple as just starting to outsource

some of the things that make you the

most unhappy document what you’re doing

and outsource it or hire someone to come

in and and do those tasks so that you

don’t have to and you can focus on other

more more liberating and more more soul

filling tasks in your business or you

know to go as deep as to remove yourself

completely you know to hire an

Operations Manager and pay him a large

salary and just take a smaller

percentage of the business and let


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It has been five years since James was last on the show.

After recently catching up with John on his own podcast, he’s here to share what’s working now.

You can find James revealing other juicy business ideas on Episodes #4 and #47 (worth a listen for sure).

Since then, he has sold his SEO business.

Sold his website design business.

He’s ramped up his coaching business, wrote a book, and now works less and makes more cash-eesh.

He’s employing some new tools.

After coaching Ryan Levesque of ASK Method fame through his huge growth phase…

James understood the value of segmentation.

He’s employing segments right at the top of his funnel and it has made everything so much more efficient and valuable…

for both his clients and himself.

Super relevant.

The right support at the right time wherever business owners are on their journey.

Email wise, he’s been focusing on list health.

Deliverability and reputation.

Listen to how he’s grown.

What he’s changed to make everything more effective and efficient.

In doing so he has found the sweet spot in his business.

The people he can get the best results for and are easy to work with.

James also talks about the effect his first, best-selling book has had on his business.

And what he’ll spill in his upcoming second book.

You should be able to take this quick, action-packed episode…

and make money with it immediately.

It’s that good.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • Should you be doing live events for your business? James gives two powerful reasons you can’t do without.
  • The game-changing effect James’ first book has had on his business.
  • Email secrets of the P.S. and Dean Jackson’s “super signature”. Are your offers converting?
  • The ways James is segmenting people entering his business. How he makes sure people see only what will help them now.
  • One big email metric James looks at which always leads to more sales month after month.


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey, everybody we’re back for another edition of the podcast and today we have a very special guest, he’s actually been on two previous times – episodes number 4 and 47, he’s a fan favorite of our audience and I’m sure you’re going to like what he had to say today because we’re bringing it back full circle as he was last on the show quite a few years ago as it turns out and James Schramko is back! James, welcome to the show…

James Schramko: Hey, it’s really good to be back I was just catching up with John on my own podcast and we thought it would be fun to bridge our little five-year gap since the last time I was here or the time before that. Certainly a lot…

David Allan: Yeah…I think this is really going to be exciting today because we’re going to talk about…dun…dun…dunnnn…email marketing, which is what this podcast is really about and you’re going to share something you’re doing with your own business and we’re going to bring it down to the technical side, we’re going to bring it down to what the emails actually contain – if you will divulge – and we’re just going to get into this right away. If people want to learn more about James we’re going to provide that near the end of the show but if you go back to the two earlier episodes you will hear more of his life story and what he offers through his SuperFast Business…business. James… let’s talk some email. Where do you want to start? This about you and what you want to share with our audience so where do you want to start?

The post Episode #200 – James Schramko On Super Fast Five-Year Update. Evolved Email Strategy You Can Use Now appeared first on McMethod.

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I first heard about Gabriella Rapone on a Facebook comment.

It was a thread involving two friends, marketers and former guests…

Justin Goff (Episode #158) and Dave Miz (Episode #145).

She is an inboxing expert…

having worked in some shadier areas of email in her past.

She talks about how she got into the email game.

How she helps business owners get their email game on point.

It’s a free-flowing conversation we jumped into so pardon the lack of the usual intro.

She drops a ton of knowledge.

Such as how to correct any problems you’re having getting your email delivered to the right place.

A lot of ideas and “behind the curtain” knowledge about Email Service Providers.



Writing emails.

We move fast through many issues and ideas in this short but action-packed interview.

I know it will help our listeners.

Whether getting your emails into your people’s inboxes…

or correcting the simple errors a lot of small business owners are making to boost your response…

Gabi delivers the goods.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
  • The one mistake even experienced brands and businesses make in every single email.
  • Email Service Providers. The good, bad and ugly. Who shoudl you be using?
  • Why THIS email myth pushed by so many “experts” is dumb, dumb, dumb and what your emails should doing instead.
  • GDPR mania. “Behind the curtain” truth on how it should have gone down.
  • How to “gauge” when your business needs to “go it alone”. Have you reached this income level with your email?


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: If people are having some of these issue or they’re thinking about this and they’re brand new even and they’re looking to set themslevs up for success. What re some of the ESP’s you love and also if they’re starting from scratch what steps should they take to be proactive about avoidng problems?

Gabriella Rapone: That’s a great question. So that’s one of the two questions I always get. Which ESP should I be picking, which, you know, is a valid question because people want to know what is quick and easy.

Do I have a favorite one? It really comes down to what tools you need to make your business successful and I actually ahve this cheat sheet that I give to people that actually lists the priorities so that you know…OK lets say that you need 24 hour support. Right? email is a 24/7 game, its not a 9-5 game right? And we all know the problems never happen 9-5. They happen at 5:05 – so that’s it, depending on your business you know this is why I ahve this checklist because it really depends on what you need.

I often say I need 24/7 assistance. I need to know if there is a problem I can pick up the phone or I can speak to someone via chat and I can get it resolved.

Because If I am not emailing I’m not making money.

And if I’m not making money I don’t need a service provider.

So this is why it really comes down to why “this is what you need”.

Of course, you want to keep things a s simple as possible when you start because that’s what kind of intimidates people. A lot of people are intimidated by email because they think there’s a lot of setup that needs to be done. There isn’t much setup to be done but you do need to be aware of what will set you up for success.

The post Episode #199 – Gabriella Rapone On Get Into The Inbox. Secrets Email Service Providers Will Never Reveal appeared first on McMethod.

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