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Are you a soon-to-be parent? If yes, you must be excited as well as nervous to welcome them. You might be trying hard to arrange everything up to the mark in your home before your baby comes in this world.
So, are you ready with the baby’s room furnishing and décor? You need to be ready with certain furniture for the convenience of your little one. You can start browsing through baby cots and baby dressers in Australia online market.

If you are still confused about what things to look for, this article will walk you through with the must-have things in your newborn's room.

Read further to know:1. The baby cotGenerally, a baby sleeps in the cot for a couple of hours. So, it is important that you consider all the safety aspects before buying one. Also, if you are looking for long term usage, opt for a crib which is convertible into a toddler and full-size beds.

2. Waterproof mattress coverHaving a bay in the house means inevitable spit-ups and blow-outs. Hence, you will need a waterproof mattress cover for not only your baby’s crib but also your own bed. This will lighten your load to change or wash the mattress and instead you just need to change the waterproof cover.

3. The changing tableThere are many other materials including the diapers and clothes which are a must to take care of your child. So, you need to create a space from where these things are easily accessible. Also, you need an apt place to make your baby sit and change. Having a changing table will solve all this issue.

Moreover, it is advisable to set the table on the top of the dresser to save the space and distance of the required things.

4. Storage spaceBabies are required to change their wear at least three times a day. So, one of the most important baby furniture you need is dressers and drawers to stock their clothes, diapers, bibs, socks, etc. Make sure you choose something which can be used even after your baby grows. You can also buy or DIY open cabinet storage for baby’s gears and blankets. You can use the same space for storing toys as your little one grows.

5. Nursing chair and pillowIt is extremely difficult to make your baby sit and eat calmly. A nursing chair can help you do that.

This chair allows the baby to rock, swing, and lean. You can buy one in accordance to your budget as it comes in multiple price range. Also, nursing pillows are important to position the baby’s head properly. This helps to avoid health problems like gastric and indigestion.

6. Clothes, wipes and diapersSome of the necessities like wipe, diapers, socks, or mittens need to be stocked before your baby arrives. Besides, the starting months are the most sensitive period of a child’s life so make sure you choose the mildest option. When it comes to their clothes, purchase the material which is comfortable and skin-friendly to the baby’s delicate skin.

Parting Words
Add curtains, paintings, rugs or something you wanted in your baby’s room with soothing, colours, patterns or designs. Besides, you can make a memory wall to add your baby’s memories like the first crib or the photo of the first walk. Such addition can surely brighten your little one's room. The purpose of doing all this is to make you and your baby smile so, add whatever you like rather than going with any specific.
Happy decorating!
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When I first made the low-key business cards for my blog, it's intended for one practical purpose: to be put into THE fishbowl as my ticket to any event's coveted raffle. Silly. I know... 

That time, my blog was as immature as my idea of business cards: with fickle templates, unsettled palettes, no clear mission-vision, etc.. Even my Social Media Channels then weren't established yet. 

But as I went through blogging and progressed level by level, my appreciation and commitment to it grew—I got to finalize my blog logo, stick to dedicated layout, fonts, and palette, define my website goals and values, compose my media kit, and UPGRADE MY BUSINESS CARDS. 

Why do you need Business Cards for your blog?
If you take your blog seriously, it should manifest in all aspects. That being said, you should pay attention to everything else apart from your blog content. Even the seemingly petty thing such as a Business Card can create an impact and help you in growing your blog.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a business card for your blog:

Why do you want you as a blogger and your blog to look professional? Well, who wants to work with an amateur? If you are professional in what you do, it says a lot about your know-how or expertise. Chances are high, you produce excellent or relatively finer results/outputs than a blogger who doesn't have the kind of aptitude. 

Of course, "LOOKING LIKE A PRO" is not the end goal here. You have to be one. And you can start by working on your small cards.   

If you take time to put things together, create your own business card, and politely hand them over to people you meet, you are set apart. It immediately gives the impression that you mean business or your blog means more than an online journal to you. And that you are ready to exchange contacts, interact and even work with fellow bloggers/ clients/ customers.   

While you can always exchange contacts casually or rather inconveniently via smartphone or pen and paper, business cards can give you the opportunity to get the "contact information" of people who can both provide and receive value from your blog. 

Imagine, if in a rare occasion you meet a person you could possibly work with in the future, would you just randomly approach this person and ask for his/her contact information? Sure you can ask for a business card, but how about the chance to introduce your blog and talk a bit about what you do? With a business card, opportunities like this are not missed.  

In many cases, your fellow bloggers, sponsors or advertisers approach you and hand their business cards to you. When you don't have a business card to give in return, it's a bit embarrassing. Not having a card to swap/ exchange with a prospective client could mean you are not prepared or you are not interested at all.  

Your business card is most probably the tangible thing you can carry around with you in all the events you participate in. It is like your ad from your pocket. And if it's designed accordingly, it can strengthen your personal brand by making your blog image more recognizable.    

Where can you have your Business Cards printed?1. The Thinking Cap marketing
One of my go-to printshops is The Thinking Cap Marketing. They provide probably the most competitive printing price in the market. Their service is great too. I like that there are options when it comes to the type of "card" you can print i.e. plastic and opaque.

For the design, you can always send them your own or choose a template from their Facebook Page. After you've confirmed the design, you can pay via bank transfer, other payment services, or drop by their physical shop and pay your order in person. Standard shipping and delivery rates apply.

The Thinking Cap Marketing Business Card printing rates

I had my latest business cards printed by them (300gsm with lamination):

The Thinking Cap Marketing's office is located at Mactan St., Mutual Homes Phase 3 in Muntinlupa City. You may contact them through their mobile number: 0916 271 8547

2. Alfox

Alfox ® is another reliable online print shop that offers a wide selection of printing services with secure online payment system, high-quality prints, convenient delivery, affordable print cost, and excellent customer service. 

I have ordered my business cards from them several times back in 2017. Unlike The Thinking Cap Marketing, you can design your cards on Alfox' website or send them your own layout if you already have one. In my case, I made my card design from Canva.com. 

Here's my business card from Alfox
My Print Order Details:

Business Cards, 2-sides [3.5in x 2in]
Paper Type : C2S 350gsm
Lamination : Glossy Laminated
Rounded Corners : No Rounded Corners

I have a story to share about my experience with Alfox ®

So, I received my 3rd order from this online print shop last week. My order was supposed to be the same as the first one, unfortunately, the color printing was a bit off as it was kinda greenish. I also noticed the paper type was thinner... 

The following day, I tried to get in touch with their customer service through Facebook Messenger. I was assisted by Ms. Abby. I explained about the disparity in my orders and asked if I may have had made a mistake because to be honest I just clicked the reorder button in my account hoping to get the same business cards as before. I didn't demand anything. All I was concerned about was that error that could jeopardize my future orders so I was determined to know... To my surprise, Ms. Abby apologized and admitted the mistake was on their part AND kindly offered a reprint. I was like, "are you serious?!"... 

Apparently, she is because I got my new cards - at no additional cost!

I am really satisfied with Alfox ® printing services. I know I am keeping them in my radar for my future business needs.

Parting WordsI hope I have succeeded in helping you decide on whether to get a business card for your blog or not. And if you have decided you need one, here is a useful guide on how to create the right business card for your blog from Blog Clarity. You also know where you can order one! Finally, I am leaving you with this interesting quote: "Do something wonderful, people may imitate it." ~ Albert Schweitzer

What do you think about owning a business card for your blog? Do you already have one? Where do you print your cards? Share your thoughts below! 
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Residents of Cavite, Alabang, Makati, Ortigas and Taguig can experience convenient, premium, and affordable commute to and from the city aboard state-of-the-art Metro Express P2P Buses. 
Last weekend, Metro Express invited us bloggers and bus enthusiasts as they unveiled the company's 30 brand new Volvo buses that are equipped with state-of-the-art features: PWD ramp, CCTV, GPS, automated fare collection machine, wifi, monitors, and air conditioners.

Bloggers and bus enthusiasts during the Metro Express P2P Bus event

  • PWD Friendly
All Metro-express buses are equipped with PWD ramp that makes it easier for people with disability to get on and off the bus.
  • CCTV
For safety, the bus is also equipped with CCTV cameras and speed limiters.
  • GPS
GPS is also present.
  • Automated fare collection machine
The payment system is automated. The card used, called Prime tap, can also be used at The Coffee project and other establishments.
  • Wi-Fi
Passengers can do simple browsing through Facebook or Instagram so they can communicate when they are on the bus in case of an emergency. They can also browse to kill time.
  • Monitors
Monitors are also installed on the bus so passengers can have additional entertainment.
  • Aircon
For a comfortable ride, all buses are fully air-conditioned.

Metro Express P2P Bus Prime Tap
Metro Express P2P Bus schedule
Routes and schedule
They also unveiled the six major P2P routes Metro Express currently operates in. We were able to visit some routes as they try to explain how P2P buses operate than normal buses. The routes are the following:

1. Starmall Alabang to Vista Mall Daang Hari (Bacoor City)

2. Starmall Alabang to Camella Dasma Hi-way (Dasmariñas City)

3. Trasierra St., Makati to Vista Mall Daang Hari (Bacoor City)

4. Trasierra St., Makati to Robinsons Dasma Pala-Pala (Dasmariñas City)

5. Vista Mall Taguig to Robinsons Galleria/ Starmall EDSA Shaw Blvd.

6. Vista Mall Taguig to Trasierra St., Makati

For each route, there is a varied fare:

1. Starmall Alabang to Vista Mall Daang Hari (Bacoor City) - PHP 40
2. Starmall Alabang to Camella Dasma Hi-way (Dasmariñas City) - PHP 50
3. Trasierra St., Makati to Vista Mall Daang Hari (Bacoor City) - PHP 110
4. Trasierra St., Makati to Robinsons Dasma Pala-Pala (Dasmariñas City) - PHP 150
5. Vista Mall Taguig to Robinsons Galleria/ Starmall EDSA Shaw Blvd. - PHP 70
6. Vista Mall Taguig to Trasierra St., Makati - PHP 55

The Metro Express gives discounts to Seniors, students, and PWD. They just need to present their valid IDs.

For updates and more information about the buses, please follow the Metro Express P2P Bus Facebook and Instagram account.

Parting Words
MetroExpress has stayed true to its mission of providing quality and affordable transportation, connecting passengers, communities, to their destinations—the easy and affordable way—now it's up to us to do our part of commuting on time and being more mindful of the bus schedule and guidelines for safe, comfortable travels.

What do you think of P2P bus commute? Is it helpful for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! Thank you for sharing our article! 
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There are different ways to monetize your blog. In this post, I will address the most recent question I got from a few blogger friends: "How much can you earn from blogging through sponsored posts?" I will also discuss some related blogger services you can get paid from. 
The rate per blog/ social media post varies greatly depending on different factors. You can find Philippine-based bloggers in the Php1000 to Php10,000 range for one article post. A lot of this depends on (1) a blogger's hourly rate (2) the blog site's statistics, and (3) the brand's proposed budget.

Let's discuss these factors further:
(1) How much is your hourly rate?

If you are an educated writer, you can base your hourly rate on the current writer's market rates that is Php1500-Php3000 per hour. You can also use your previous/current job's hourly rate as a guideline to come up with the amount you want to charge. If you have a professional background in digital marketing or social media marketing, you can again, take this into consideration.

While it's true you can charge any amount you want, always make sure you do it fair both for you and your client/ brand you work with. Charge what you're truly worth.

(2) How much value do you give to the brand? 

This also means how much coverage does a brand get from posting on your blog, and it highly depends on your blog site's key performance indicators.

What is your blog's overall visit? How many unique visitors does it have per month? How much interaction does your post get on your social media accounts? What are your blog domain authority and page authority? Do you optimize your blog post for SEO?

(3) How much is the brand willing to pay? 

Because there is no set price for any blogging service, the amount you earn may be affected by the budget of your client. In most cases, you'd have to negotiate. But always remember: it's all about what you’re bringing to the table and also, just because the brand is willing to pay you Php250 per post doesn't mean you have to take it!

So how much should you charge for Sponsored Blog posts?
If you have an established readership and your blog has the ability to rank on Google search engine (know about website page authority, domain authority, and organic keywords here), you can definitely charge a decent amount per sponsored post.

Remember I mentioned earlier about your hourly rate. AFTER SETTING YOUR HOURLY RATE, know how many hours you actually spend creating the post. You can take into consideration how much time you need to style and photograph, to create/edit videos/ photos and write the blog post itself. AND THEN CALCULATE:

  • [message]
    • Calculate your sponsored post rate: 
      • The number of hours you spend creating/writing the post multiplied by your hourly rate (ex. Php1500) + the number of hours you spend for styling/ photography/ content planning multiplied by your specialist hourly rate (ex. Php1000) = This equals to the bare minimum you should be charging.

        e.g. 2 x Php1500 + 1 x Php1000 = Php4000 (MINIMUM Sponsored post cost)

Other ways to earn from blogging (aside from ads) are the following:Guest posts
Clients would sometimes come to you and tell you they want to add value to your site by posting an article. You can charge them at least Php5000 if you have Blog DA/PA of >30. The rate also covers providing a maximum of two backlinks for them. 

If your DA/PA is lower, but you're positive you can drive traffic back to your client's site and deliver sales/ profit, then don't be afraid to charge what's your worth.

Blogger fee from participating in an eventAs a blogger, you can be invited to participate in some events to blog about the event, judge a competition, or be a blogger guide/ tour guide.

In such a case, you can charge them with your professional fee. Again, this depends on YOUR hourly rate. In my case, I charge at least Php2,500 per day depending on the tasks I'd need to do for the event/ organizer.

Some events pay at least Php1000 for your attendance plus tokens in the form of products or gift certificates. You'd need to write a post-event article for this. Again, it is up to you to accept the invitation.

Press release postingBrands pay Php300 - Php2000 per posting of their press release. Again, this depends on your blog statistics. The higher the domain authority your website has, the higher the amount you can charge.

Instagram/ Facebook postsI know brands who pay Php2.00 per like on Instagram for influencers who have at least 5K followers. So you should charge them depending on how many likes you have for a certain post. But sometimes, the brand would tell you they only have a budget and can only pay at most Php2,500.00. It's up to you to take it.

Parting Words
No one can really dictate how much you should charge for your blog post/ blogger service. It's completely up to you. But make sure both parties mutually benefit and that what you're charging is right for a service you provide. Remember to always charge what you are worth!

What do you think of this article? Did you find it useful? I'd love to hear about your thoughts on blogger rates and services too! I know I haven't covered everything! Will try to update this every time! I'd also appreciate if you share this to people you know this post may be useful to! Thanks!
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I met Nim Nittaya through Boom and Toom, our guides during the Tourism Authority of Thailand-Philippines Familiarization Tour in Bangkok. I had the best tour experience with Boom and Toom so whoever they recommend (especially people they said they're good friends with), I highly anticipate the same if not better quality of service. To this day, I wanted to reach out and thank them for recommending Nim. 

Nim is everything I was looking for a local tour guide—friendly, knowledgeable about a place's history, funny, attentive to our needs (kinda like a proper elder sister), comfortable to travel with, a conversant, and can take photos well!

Aren't we just happy when we got some awesome photos!!!!
A group photo taken by Nim

Why travel with a local guide 
I highly recommend travelling with a local guide because by doing so, you will be able to ask as many questions as you want. If you want to understand the culture in food or history of a place, this is the most efficient way to learn. Consequently, travelling with a local guide will make you appreciate the trip a whole lot more.

When you travel with a local guide, you can personalize your tour to fit your interests and goals for the said trip. The tour guides can facilitate bookings/ reservations prior to your arrival thus offering you a hassle-free trip planning.

With them, you'll get to explore places you can't otherwise access without a local guide. Imagine if you go caving without a guide, it's easy to turn the wrong way or hit your body parts onto something. Relatively, you travel more safely. Or at least they can help you out if something unexpected happens. There are several perks!

So the next time you travel, be with a local guide—in the case of a local guide for Bangkok trip, travel with Nim! Read this if you want to know other local guides/local tour agencies I highly recommend. These people have ended up being good friends of mine. Promised to support them as long as my blog lives (which means hopefully forever)!

Sawasdee Nim!!! She's the lady in green top!

Have you ever travelled with a tour guide that made you regret your intent to support local business, that is, hiring them? Well, glad to say that with Nim, you'd feel otherwise. There would even be a great chance for your faith in humanity to be restored because Nim is one of those people in the hospitality industry who have a strong sense of work ethics, love for the country, and genuine care for the people they are travelling with.

In terms of professionalism, I'd say Nim is reliable. She can customize your itinerary according to your interests and budget. She won't push for what's only pre-arranged. If she knows you really want to visit a spot or do an activity which is not initially on the package, she'd coordinate and really try her best to fix an itinerary to make you satisfied. She's connected to a lot of partner agencies, so her packages are also very competitive. Oh, if you are curious if she is a licensed guide, I'm telling you she is!

All other people who've travelled with Nim or hired her services would testify how efficient she is being capable to pull off an activity/ tour even at the very last minute. Again, she does this out of concern about creating an amazing experience for her clients. But if you can avoid rushing her (or any guides for that matter), it would be nice...

Read more reviews about Nim on TripAdvisor here.

Nim posing like a superhero! She's fun! She has an infectious laugh too!

Contact Nim Nittaya
Here are several ways to connect to Nim.

You may send her a message through Facebook (also send her a friend request) at nim_sawasdee@hotmail.com 
You can contact her through Line. Her ID is nimbangkok 
You may reach her local number +66830136976

Parting Words
There are incredible stories that came out of our Bangkok trip, many of which occurred in between the pre-arranged schedule. Looking back, I am quite happy we had our amazing local guide with us! Khàawp-khun mâak Nim Nittaya!

What do you like about local tour guides? What do you think about Nittaya? Are you planning to go to Bangkok soon? Do you also need a local tour guide? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you know some people looking for Bangkok local guides, do share this article to them. Thank you in advance!
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Bantay Bata 163 is a foundation founded by ABS-CBN that is committed to supporting children and protecting them from any form of abuse. This month at the Novotel Manila Araneta Center, Curated Memories, a two-day bridal fashion show featuring Renee Salud collection raised funds for the benefit of this benevolent charity organization.

I, together with other fellow bloggers, were thrilled to be there to support a great cause and capture the event.

The event was emceed by philanthropist and fashionista (name of the emcee), and featured a catwalk fashion show by donors including Joel Cruz. Ami Castro also rendered intermission numbers including a song walked to by bridal fashion models.

The evening began with a cocktail reception, followed by the presentations and Neo Filipiniana fashion show. The Novotel Monet was transformed with a white catwalk, crystal chandeliers, and white chairs for guests to enjoy while watching the show. Celebrity models included local talent from Miss Earth Philippines.

I was so honored to be included in this beautiful event for a good cause, special thanks to iconic designer Renee Salud and Designers Circle Philippines for including us, to the Novotel Manila Araneta Center for hosting, and a big congratulations to Curated Memories for a successful two day Bridal fair!

What do you think of this bridal show? Do you support any charity events? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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With a stay at ZEN Rooms Fortview BGC in Makati, you'll be 0.8 mi (1.2 km) from Fort Bonifacio and 3 mi (4.8 km) from Makati Medical Center. This apartment is 5.2 mi (8.4 km) from Resorts World Manila and 5.4 mi (8.6 km) from SM Mall of Asia.
Make yourself at home in one of the 48 air-conditioned rooms featuring kitchenettes. Flat-screen televisions with cable programming provide entertainment, while complimentary wireless Internet access keeps you connected. Conveniences include phones and desks, and you can also request rollaway/extra beds (surcharge).

This apartment offers designated smoking areas

Take advantage of the apartment's 24-hour room service

Business, Other Amenities
Featured amenities include a 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, and an elevator (lift). Self parking (subject to charges) is available onsite

Points of Attractions
Distances are displayed to the nearest 0.1 mile and kilometer.
Fort Bonifacio - 1.1 km / 0.7 mi
St Luke's Medical Center Global City - 1.7 km / 1 mi
KidZania - 1.8 km / 1.1 mi
Philippines Stock Exchange - 2.1 km / 1.3 mi
Bonifacio High Street - 2.2 km / 1.4 mi
Ayala Malls: Market! Market! - 2.4 km / 1.5 mi
SM Aura Premier - 2.7 km / 1.7 mi
A. Venue Mall - 2.7 km / 1.7 mi
Century City - 3.1 km / 1.9 mi
SM Makati - 3.2 km / 2 mi
Makati City Hall - 3.2 km / 2 mi
Glorietta Mall - 3.3 km / 2 mi
British Embassy - 3.5 km / 2.2 mi
Ayala Center - 3.8 km / 2.4 mi
Greenbelt Shopping Mall - 4.2 km / 2.6 mi
The nearest major airport is Manila (MNL-Ninoy Aquino Intl.) - 10.5 km / 6.5 mi

Hotel policy
Bed Types are requests only and may not be honoured at the hotel if availability does not permit.
Check-in time starts at 2pm.Check-out time is 12pm.
Property Policies
Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property policy.
Government-issued photo identification and a cash deposit are required at check-in for incidental charges...

-Free WiFi
-24-hour front desk
-Self parking (surcharge)
-Designated smoking areas
-Total number of rooms - 48
-Luggage storage

What do you think about this budget hotel? Do you want to stay at Zen Rooms? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!
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VEGER Palm10 Powerbank (The Smallest 10000mAh Powerbank )
Dual USB Output Portable Charger ,10000mAh External Battery
For Apple iPhone X,iPhone 8,iPhone 7,iPhone 6S,iPhone SE;iPad,iPad Mini;
Samsung Galaxy S6,S8,S9; Huawei Mate10,Huawei P20 ;Mi 6;

Micro USB Input: 5V-2A
USB Output1: 5V-2A
USB Output2: 5V-2A
Capacity: 10000mAh/37wh

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