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To win customers you need 3 things:

  1. A valuable product or service.
  2. A reliable system for frequently getting in front of potential clients.
  3. An ‘Organisational Personality’ that makes people like you and your team – and want to work with you.

Lots of business owners think about 1 and 2. Virtually nobody thinks about the 3rd area.

What is Organisational Personality?

It’s what you and your staff do and say to make buyers feel good about you … and be attracted to you.

Another way to put it is, what’s the Emotional Tone of your company?

If you want to create a powerful Organisational Personality or Emotional Tone, the first step is to choose one single personality to focus on.

Here are several examples of Organisational Personalities you can choose from:

  • Efficient
  • Friendly
  • Careful
  • Trustworthy
  • Fun
  • Caring
  • Hard core
  • Professional
  • Detail oriented
  • Proactive
  • Service-oriented
  • Quick

Once you’ve chosen your OP, the second step is to evaluate every point that a potential customer interacts with your company.

And then make sure every one of them reflects your new Organisational Personality.

Examples of customer points of contact include:

  • On the phone.
  • In meetings.
  • In your reception area.
  • On YouTube videos.
  • At conferences.
  • During your sales presentation.

The third step is to constantly be reminding your team to maintain, exude and focus on the Organisational Personality. So that it becomes totally ingrained in the company’s culture and modus operandi.

If you do these three steps you’ll have something really precious:

A powerful, attractive and consistent personality or way of being throughout the entire company. One that attracts new customers and helps keep current clients feeling good about working with you.

And that is money in the bank.

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Surely one of the greatest marketing psychologists of all time is Dr Robert Cialdini.
He and his team have been responsible for more great research on Persuasion than anyone else in history.
But deep in his research is a strategy that few entrepreneurs have acted upon:
How to get potential clients to like you.
It’s very important. Cialdini has shown that one of the primary reasons someone chooses a company over others is that they like the people at the company.
Now think about that.
Right up there with having an amazing product, a great price, a perfect fit to their needs, etc, customers are moved to hire you based upon likeability.
Now what Cialdini found is that there is something you can do to greatly increase the chance that somebody will like you enough to buy from you.
 And what is that?
Frequency of contact.
Yep, how often you communicate with someone- in person, by phone, email or direct mail, has a major influence on whether they feel good about you. Trust you. Respect you. Like you.
(Obviously, that contact has to be a non-offensive one for this to work).
The bottom line is this:
If you are not happy with how many clients you are getting, you must increase your frequency of contact with your leads.
That, friends, is priceless information.

The post How To Get Potential Clients To Like You appeared first on Business Coaching Sydney - The Fortune Institute.

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The incredible power of staying in touch

Too often in business, we think the answer has to be complicated.

This is particularly the case when it comes to getting more clients.

There are all sorts of advanced systems for finding and converting clients, and you could spend 20 years studying the field and still not know half of them.

Many of these sales systems are brilliant, and can genuinely make you a fortune.

(In fact I teach highly advanced sales systems myself, and have made literally millions of dollars using them in my own companies).

But all this sales knowledge and complexity can be a danger too.

Because the complex methods are so seductive, they can cause us to ignore the simple ones .

The reality is, there are some super simple ways you can greatly increase how much money you make in your business.

One of these is so basic, so elementary, that most entrepreneurs ignore it:

Endlessly stay in touch with potential customers.

A call every couple of months. An email newsletter every few weeks. An occasional gift. A regular reach out to offer something new, or to tell the person news in your company that may be relevant to them.

It’s really simple stuff. And it works enormously well.

But hardly any entrepreneurs do it. Even fewer do it well.

So before you invest in some ultra slick CRM system or begin studying the latest cutting edge Jedi sales persuasion tricks, take a moment to ask yourself this:

Am I staying in touch with at least a hundred potential clients?

Because that one, exceedingly simple sales strategy alone can make you rich.

PS: Want to develop a Million Dollar Business Plan to really grow your business?
We’ll help you design one. Details are here www.millionplan.com.au

The post The incredible power of staying in touch appeared first on Business Coaching Sydney - The Fortune Institute.

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3 Quick Ways to Grow Your Company

Here’s the reality.

Growing your company should be a very predictable process.

If you’re having trouble getting clients, you need to fix 3 areas:

1. How many potential clients you’re speaking to per month.

It’s truly amazing how many business owners I meet that are working 12 hours a day but are spending none of that time reaching out to prospects.

I don’t care how smart you are, if you aren’t systematically organizing quality conversations with potential clients you will not be super successful in business.

2. A step by step sales system.

When it comes to the sales process, most business owners wing it.

They are happy to have a chat with a lead but just cant be bothered designing a carefully thought through sales conversion process.

Make no mistake, if you don’t have a clear, excellent sales process, you will miss out on lots of clients.

3. A method to get clients to buy multiple services from you.

Offering clients only one thing is crazy. You must regularly ask them to buy more stuff from you. If you do this well, 20% or more will buy a second service from you.

Many will buy 3 or even 4 different services from you, if asked.

Look, it probably took you months to get the client- make sure you maximize how much they spend with you.

So, how many of these critical strategies are you doing? If you are not doing all three, you’re leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

If you are doing all three, you’ll soon be rich.

The post 3 Quick Ways to Grow Your Company appeared first on Business Coaching Sydney - The Fortune Institute.

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