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If you search the net, you will find tons of blogs on whether you need a real estate coach or mortgage coach in your business. The reason it’s such a controversial subject, is because the definition of what a coach should help you accomplish can be skewed.

Some gravitate towards motivational coaches. This type of coach hypes you up, fixes your mindset and then gets you ready for battle. Since many people struggle with motivation, this is automatically the type of coach they feel best suits their business. However, they later get frustrated, because although they felt pumped, they didn’t really see big results from their coaching.

Tactile coaches are very different. They give you specific instructions on what to do to get a desired result. They tend to lack the fluffy pick me up of motivational coaches. Tactical coaches drop the hammer down and then tell you exactly what you need to do to change and grow.

The CORE Training, Inc. focuses on tactical instead of motivational coaching. We show you how to generate leads, build and team and build wealth. All our tactical mortgage and real estate coaches are actively in the mortgage and real estate business. Therefore, they share exactly what steps they took to achieve their desired results. Request a free consultation today: www.thecoretraining.com/freeconsultation

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Time management is something that most people struggle with. Here at The Core Training, Inc., we specialize in helping mortgage lenders and real estate agents achieve their financial goals. One of the ways we do this is by holding you accountable. Part of being accountable, is mastering time management. Check out our 7 tips to better time management below.

 Step 1- Print Your Schedule Every Day, And Stick to It

I know this might sound easy, but most people don’t do this. By following a schedule, it forces you to plan out your day and do everything that needs to be done. You should be spending 80% of your time selling.





Step 2 -Conduct Daily Team Meetings, Even If It’s Just You

Why would you conduct a daily team meeting even if it’s just you? That’s a great question! By having a team meeting daily, it gives you time to delegate tasks and eliminate distractions throughout the day. That way, your co-workers can ask you questions or voice their concerns at a specific time versus interrupting you during the day. Remember, every interruption cost you 15 minutes of time.



Step 3 -Set Up Call Back Times on Your Voicemail

This tip is very important, as it advises people to call you during certain times of the day. The goal is at the end of a voicemail to leave a call back time. For example, “I will be free from 9am-12pm, and 5pm-7pm. Please call me back between those hours.” By leaving a call back time, people become aware of when you will call them back and will typically not bother you as you are dealing with other clients. Setting call back times on your voicemail should be the first thing you do every morning.




Step 4 – Block Out Power Hours and Green Time

As mentioned earlier, you need to spend at least 80% of your time selling. Luckily, that’s what power hours are for. Your power hour should be around 2 hours per day, with the goal of contacting 160 people a week.




 Step 5 – Use Theme Days

What is a theme day you ask? With theme days, you have specific client lists that you call on specific days of the week. This ensures that you are the most productive and keep in contact with all current and past clients.




Step 6 – Get Organized

An easy tip for proper time management is being organized. Don’t waste your valuable time looking for stuff. Having a clean workspace and vehicle helps you to think clearly, which allows you to maximize your time.





Step 6 – Schedule Date Night, Family And Personal Time

After a long busy day of work, it is healthy to schedule time to be with your loved ones or have some personal time. Doing this will prevent you from burning out at work and keeping you refreshed. It also contributes to work/life balance. Without it, you WILL burn out!

      We at The CORE Training, Inc. take time management seriously. SO much so that it’s one of the steps on our 12 steps to doubling your income program online mortgage coach and real estate coaching program. Check it out today or simply request a FREE consultation.

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2019 is a big year for your business! You want to grow, expand and more importantly, get MORE leads. It’s time to learn how, by using social media and other free tools! We compiled a list of 3 free social media tools to help you with your mortgage or real estate business.


If you don’t have a team to help you manage your social media, then Hootsuite would help lighten your load. Instead of having to manually post to multiple social media accounts. You can schedule them to be posted all at once on Hootsuite. You can even upload videos to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. There is even a tool to shorten your links!

What Is Hootsuite? - YouTube


Not sure which hashtags you should be using to attract more first time home buyers? Simply type the options into TweetReach and all your options pop up. It will also help you determine which hashtags you have previously used that get the most results. The amazing thing about Tweet Reach is that it provides you a full analytical report which can be downloaded as a PDF or a CSV file.

TweetReach - YouTube


Bitly is a great tool to use if you want to track where the most traffic to your listings is coming from. It gives you awesome analytics so you know where to focus your attention and in shortening links.

Bitly Tutorial - YouTube

If you’ve enjoyed these tools and tips then you will love our FREE real estate coaching webinar hosted by Reeta Casey, on how to be more effective with face to face calls, technology, and social media.

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To be considered a top agent, it takes a certain kind of individual who embodies a few different things in life. Here at The Core Training, Inc., we teach you everything you need to know to be a top REALTOR®. Here’s a sneak peak of 6 tactics that we teach agents:

Becoming Flexible with the Market

When it comes to being flexible, we aren’t referring to simply adjusting to the market; which you will have to do anyway. However, we mean being flexible mentally. With the market constantly changing, stress can come and go. However, by remaining flexible, you could possibly have little to no stress at all. Try saying an affirmation to yourself, writing something that you are grateful for, and creating a morning routine to keep those emotions at ease.

Be A Simple Closer

Have the willingness to connect with others! Find out what your client’s fears are, and then promote that fear. Ask them if they know someone who has had a bad experience and then give them the best service experience they’ve ever had. Discuss if they want to keep their “fingers crossed” or get a guaranteed option, which is YOU. With those lines, you will be able to close that deal.

Become Fearless

Be the persistent real estate agent who does not mind making those extra phone calls. Remind yourself of how you got where you are today, and then exert that same effort. Create the urgency for individuals to come work with you by being that fearless REALTOR®. In simple terms, you are the COMMODITY. Never be afraid to return to the basics of networking events, client parties, and mailers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Chase the Big Clients

There will be times within your career where you may feel as though you are not qualified to handle big clients. Or maybe you are envious of your fellow agents who do take on that tier of clients. Do you know how they got them? They took a chance and went after them! You can do the same. Do not scare away from that! Here at The CORE Training, Inc. we teach our clients exactly to do it and what to say.

Become a Better Leader

You are always leading someone! It could be your peers, employees, or a client. In any scenario, make sure that whomever is in your circle is well taken care of. Have fun and make sure others are having fun with you. Also, make sure that you are leading with the true core values of your company.

Have A Balanced Work Life

We understand that you are always going to be busy. However, you must take time out for yourself. If you are not in tune with your spiritual, physical, and mental health, then it’s inevitable that you will eventually crash. Of course, when you are at work, you should give it your all. However, when you turn out the lights in your office at the end of the day, you need to leave it all there. Don’t bring you work home with you. When you are at home, be home and be present for your loved ones. Your work and personal life will become more fulfilling if you adopt these habits.

These are just a few of the tactics we teach our real estate agents in our 12 steps to doubling your income real estate coaching. Sign up today to get started or request a free consultation. Follow us on social media @thecoretraining to get daily tips.

– Travis Barnes

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Learning how to double your income does not have to be hard. At The CORE Training, Inc., some of our top producing real estate agent coaches have shared with us the secrets to their success. Below are 12 things that they have all implemented in their businesses to double their incomes.

Step #1 – Vision Planning

None of us can get very far without knowing where we want to go. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.
You must have a vision and act on it for your business to succeed. Learn More

Step #2 – Build & Work Your Database

Once your network begins to grow, it’s impossible to keep track of everyone. Use your database to keep track of meetings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Step #3 – Time Blocking

Stop working 80 hours a week! Time block your work week and stick to it! Pick specific days to complete tasks in your business.

Step #4 – Initial Contact

The first step to every sale is initial contact. To get more sales, you must master this. The key is to build more relationships! Grow your sphere of influence by meeting new people.

Step #5 – Know Your Numbers

If you don’t know your current business stats, then you can’t set realistic goals to grow. Most agents have no idea what their numbers are.

Use tracking tools such as The CORE Training’s forms on:

  • Personal budget
  • Profit and loss
  • Pay log
Step #6 – Building Rapport

People love to repeat business with those they know and like. That’s why you must build trust, build rapport, and create a repeatable process that will give your clients a WOW experience every time! This key step will set you apart from the competition.

Step #7  – Team Building

Building a great team is essential to your professional growth.
Building a team around you means that you:

  • Work fewer hours & can begin to expand your business!
  • Delegate tasks to team members
  • This allow you to be out there doing what matters the most- prospecting for business!
Step #8 – Mastering The Close

This is the third step and sometimes the most challenging part of the sales process. You must be clear, direct & firm with your close. If you have not mastered the different styles of how to close the deal, then you will essentially be letting all of your hard work go down the drain. Learn More

Step #9 – Chasing The Luxury Market & Farming

Getting into the luxury marketing can actually double or even triple your income. Pick a geographical area with 1,000 rooftops, 700K-$10 Million in price range.

Step #10 – How To Show Property

You need to have a detailed and outlined plan for how you show property. Just winging it, will not work or impress your clients. You need to create and absolute WOW experience. Having a plan for how you show property will not only blow your clients away, but it will help you seal the deal and gain future referrals.

Step #11 – Leveraged Events

Many agents want more leads and referrals. Hosting events is an awesome way to do that
Hosting a client event at least once per year will:

  • Deepen the relationship with your clients
  • All you to catch up with each other; keep up with their lives
  • Build trust
  • Lead to more referrals
Step #12 – Life Balance & Accountability

Making a lot of money is awesome. However, what good is it if you don’t have it balanced with your personal life and what matters most? Sometimes we have to re-center ourselves and remember exactly why we work so hard and push through our work days. Doing so and putting into perspective what matters most will help you find more enjoyment in the journey.

Our 12 Steps To Doubling Your Income, online real estate coaching program shows you how to accomplish each of these steps in specific detail. This program in includes videos, instructions, hand outs, home, quizzes and guides. Learn More

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You have the ability to generate over 50 leads a month by taking the time to prospect every day. Have a “Power Hour” every day where you contact specific lists to build relationships, ask for their business, and ask for referrals.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Reach out to these people and businesses every month to build relationships and earn their business!

  • Past clients
  • Builders
  • Real estate agents (for lenders)
  • Event attendees
  • Business people, such as divorce attorneys and financial planners
  • Local businesses, such as jewelers
  • Members of networking groups you participate in

Remember, the only way to generate more business is to pick up the phone and tell your community about what you do. Stay positive, enthusiastic, and enjoy your growing business!

Need more ideas and tips? Listen to this audio training session to learn how to organize lists that will help your prospecting efforts. Visit http://goo.gl/0iNYux

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to take that all-important step of investing in yourself and in your business by getting a real estate coach.

But with the slew of programs out there to choose from, each with big promises dressed up in glitzy graphics and flashy photos, how do you decide which one is best for you… without wasting your time and money on programs that aren’t going to help you take your real estate business to the next level?

Here are four things to consider when deciding on a real estate coaching company:

#1 What is the quality of the coaches?

A real estate coaching program is only going to be as good as the coaches who share their expertise and relay their hard-earned knowledge.

How long have the coaches been in real estate? Tenure in the industry is important as well as whether they are currently still in real estate. Our coaches at The CORE Training, Inc., run their own real estate businesses, which keeps them relevant to the current market trends.

Their coaching students are getting advice that the coaches are using themselves currently, not what worked in a different housing market twenty years ago.

Another thing to look at is transparency about numbers. Words can boast, but numbers don’t lie. Our coaches’ numbers back up their expertise and experience by showing concretely what they’ve been able to accomplish in their own businesses.

At The CORE Training, Inc., we coach by the “bigger pile principle.” That means our coaches are earning significantly more money than the group of students they are coaching. Higher income means better systems, better leadership, and more qualified to give you advice about how to get your business to their level.

We can’t coach by the “bigger pile” if we’re not transparent about our numbers. We publish rankings to our coaching members every other month to show where every coach and member stacks up against each other.

If you’re looking at a real estate coaching program that isn’t willing to be transparent and specific about their coaches’ or members’ experience and results, it’s worth a question of how much you can trust the information you’re spending precious time and money for.

 #2 What is the quality of the customer service support?

Ask anyone about their last customer service experience, and you won’t be surprised to find that the stories you get are overwhelmingly negative. Whether you’re calling the cable company, the Internet provider, or your doctor’s office, it seems all too common to bump into unfriendly, unprofessional, or simply unavailable customer service.

Your experience of customer service support will shape your coaching experience. It will affect how likely you are to use the support that is supposedly offered to you, and how likely it is you will receive the guidance through the additional features of the coaching program beyond the basic coaching itself.

What is your experience of customer service when you interact with potential real estate coaching companies? Here are two major questions to ask:

  • How friendly or professional is your interaction? Do you hang up the phone or get off the live chat feeling empowered or discouraged?
  • How knowledgeable is the customer support? Is the person you are speaking with thoroughly familiar with the coaches, the information, and the material available to coaching members?

#3 How easy is it to access the coaches, customer service, and materials?

The glitz and glamor that you see in flashy photographs on a website is one thing, but when you’ve paid your membership fee and are granted access to a real estate coaching program, how likely are you really able to access the things that will help you gain ground in your business?

  • Is there an opportunity to ask your questions to a coach?

At The CORE Training, Inc., we offer our Level 1 students a monthly open line call along with another monthly Q&A support call. In addition, we host multiple live events each year where coaching members have the opportunity to have live, face-to-face conversations with our coaches.

  • How many layers do you need to wade through in order to speak to a live customer support person?

 In our opinion, there should be no layers! That’s why we have an actual person who answers your phone call during business hours and will either help you on the spot or direct you to someone that can. There’s no navigating a “menu of options” when you call The CORE.

  • How readily available are coaching materials that you want to use in your own business?

Rather than stashing the coaching materials on a webpage that you must take the time to navigate to and then pour over to find what you think might be the answer to your question, we train our support people to be knowledgeable about our coaching programs and all the material in our extensive library. For example, you don’t need to remember exactly what that form was that Jim Reed mentioned in that one video about the VIP list. Just ask your support person for “that form that Jim Reed mentioned in that one video about the VIP list,” and go on about your day. You’ve got plenty of other things to do… like generate leads! We’ll hunt it down and deliver it directly to your email inbox.


#4 Which real estate coaching program will have the maximum return on my investment?

There are several considerations to make when deciding what a “return on investment” looks like to you.

Are you looking for a program that has a laundry list of features listed for the lowest price?

Or are you looking for a program that has a consistent track record for helping its clients substantially increase their income and build businesses that can sustain growth for the long-term, helping you pay off debt and increase your savings and financial security for you and your family?

In other words, are you headed to Walmart or Barneys?

That depends on the kind of business you want to build.

As we mentioned in the first consideration, a real estate coaching program should be able to demonstrate its credibility and successes. A coaching program that isn’t willing to do that might not have the success rates that they claim. Take a look on Google, Facebook, YouTube at reviews and testimonials. What do those clients mention as what they are happy with?


Craig Spicer with Keller Williams, a Level 1 client since January 2018, sent a video to his sales trainer recently saying, “I was really attracted to the CORE’s model of warm leads versus cold leads and working your past clients.”  After getting halfway through the program, he took a look at his past ten transactions and discovered seven had been repeat clients or referrals from repeat clients. “The pay off is immeasurable,” he said.

 Abby Nelson, with Great Homes Group, has been a Level 3 client since July 2017, shared that she did $210,000 in income in 2016. One year later, after joining The CORE, Abby shared in December that she was on track for $500,000 take-home income in 2017.

What’s important about these reviews? They don’t just wax poetic about vague things they like about the program, or about how motivated they feel about the inspiring things that are said. Both Craig and Abby have specific and measurable results from applying what they’ve learned through the The CORE Training’s real estate coaching program.

Both with results well worth the investment they made to coaching.


Are you ready to invest in your business and take on a real estate coach? Don’t keep putting your goals off for tomorrow. Click here to request a free, no-obligation consultation from The CORE Training, Inc., today and let us help you get started!

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Whether you’ve got a team of two or twenty, our mortgage coaching students struggle for effective and efficient communication among staff members during the loan process.

CORE Mortgage Coach Chris Haynes tells us about a process that takes no more than 30 minutes per week to fix all of that.

Chris uses weekly team trainings with his entire staff to ensure that they are constantly operating at peak efficiency and fixing problems as they come up.


How’s that work?

Everyone participates.

The entire staff gathers for training from the receptionist on up to Chris himself. Why would everyone be involved?

“It’s been good to see the team realize, ‘Oh, that’s why we do this,’” Chris said. For example, “We promise Tuesday Updates to clients. On the front end as the loan officer, I’m promising a call every Tuesday, but the back end actually has to deliver on it. It’s been a really big help to see what everyone is doing.”


It’s on the calendar.

Everyone has a recurring meeting in their calendar for Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m.


Keep trainings to 30 minutes.

Shorter for short topics, but never longer than 45 minutes. Your people have things to do!


“If you think, ‘Man, I’ve got to do a training every single week from now until forever,’ you won’t do it. But, other people can do it as well,” Chris said.

When Chris isn’t training his team, another LO or his processing manager will lead that week. Sometimes he’ll invite a guest speaker, such as someone from a PMI company.


What topics do you train on?

“My fear around doing these was that if I did it every week, I would run out of stuff to train on, but there are always plenty of things that come up,” Chris said.

  • Delivering a great Tuesday Update Call
  • How to ask for current client referrals
  • How to take incoming calls and make the client feel comfortable
  • What to do when an appraisal comes up short
  • How to take leads over the phone
  • How to bring personal referrals to the team
  • How to structure a loan
  • How to restructure a loan if something changes
  • New company policies
  • Guideline changes
  • Any time a problem comes up on your team, make that the next week’s topic
  • Invite PMI companies to come in and train your team on their programs and underwriting guidelines

Why you MUST do weekly training

“Anytime you get the group together, even for just 30 minutes, it builds morale,” Chris said. “It gets everyone on the same page and understanding more what everyone else is doing.”

“Everyone learns at the same time, including myself. Sometimes, someone will ask a question that I don’t know the answer to, but my processing manager does.”

Final thoughts

“I don’t care if you’ve got one assistant in your whole office or if you’ve got 20 or 80 or 100 team members, getting a consistent training schedule once a week, putting it on the calendar, and making it happen will move the needle in your business. Do it now. Don’t wait like I did!”

Chris has been in mortgage coaching with The CORE Training since 2011. If you’d like to get more accountable with your business growth, check out one of our coaching programs today! https://www.thecoretraining.com/double-your-income-mortgage-coaching/


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Our featured CORE mortgage coach of the month is Greg Gale of Nova Home Loans in Scottsdale, Arizona. This month, Greg shares with us a tactic that resulted in quadrupling his leads from his database.

“The tactic that I’ve implemented where we’ve seen a lot of results is the letter of the week calls,” Greg said.  “We break prospecting down to four areas: mail, call, visit email. Calls has been one of the four that has not been happening. So, last July 1, my team committed to helping me dial them.”

“We made it the whole six months and now this January we are repeating it. We’ve already called the A’s, and we’re on to C’s now.”

Greg said between himself, his LP1 and 2 LP2s, they dial 60-80 past clients each week. They connect with and talk to around 25% of the past clients they dial.

 How about the results?

“We saw a four-times increase in our leads in the database by the end of the year, and we were running 92% purchase to now we’re 86%. So, we’ve increased our refi business, and while we’re not a refi company – we’re a relationship company – through those long-term relationships, you’re going to get those refinances, along with the past client that refers their friend to you because you’re top of mind.”

 What makes the phone calls so effective versus the other avenues for prospecting (mail, visit, email)?

“With emails, there’s not a 100% open rate, so you’re missing people. With mail, some people pitch it. With the client parties, there’s a 400-person database that we invite to that.”

While he limits the mailings and client parties to the top 400 in his database, Greg said with phone calls, they can target 1,800 people.

“We’re doing phone calls to the entire database because that’s not a costly item.”

 How does it work exactly?

Calling a “letter of the week” means starting with everyone in your database whose last name starts with A. The following week, call everyone whose last name starts with B. The following week, call all the C’s, and so on.

“On Monday, my front-end LP1-admin will split the list for that letter. Then she loads it into PhoneBurner. It says my name or the LP2’s name in the folder. They sign in sporadically during the week to log calls (since only one person at a time can log into PhoneBurner).”

Those available times on PhoneBurner are also time-blocked into their calendar.

Keeping Your Team Accountable

Greg said he follows up with his team in their Friday daily team meeting with two questions: Are the calls done, and what were the results?

“If they say ‘no,’ I say, ‘Can you commit to getting them done by 3pm today?’ And at 3pm, my LP1-admin will follow up to make sure it’s done. Out of the 28 weeks we’ve been doing this, there were only two weeks when they said ‘no.'”

What he experiences more often is that his team raves about the contact they made with clients and the referrals they received as a result of the calls.

 Getting Buy-In from the Team

Greg said initially there was some pushback from the team about making extra calls, but he showed them how to chunk their time throughout the week so that they only needed smaller increments of time to make the calls instead of one entirely free hour.

“Once they got three weeks under their belt with me continuing to pound on them, it became a habit,” he said. Plus, “if the LP2 said, ‘I’m drowning, I can’t do it today,’ my LP1 made his calls for him. It really is a team effort.”

What to Say on the Phone Calls

“They are all check-in calls. In the first 90 days, I just wanted them to get in the rhythm of making the calls and making it habitual.”

The calls – most of which are voicemails – sound something like:

 “Hey, it’s Paul at the Gale team. A while back we closed your loan. Just checking in on you. How’s everything going? Well, keep in mind, if there’s anything real estate-related – if you need a roofer, landscaper, painter, handyman, please let us know.

“Now that the team is in the habit of making these calls, Greg has started having his team pull up that client’s file from their CRM.

“They’ll see if there’s any benefit, ask if there’s any changes to the house, any unwanted revolving debt that they want to get away from. As most people know, we’re in Arizona, so we’re still in an appreciating market here, and those opportunities are there. Again, we don’t coach on refinances, but back in the day, I used to do them, so we look for those opportunities of increased debt, home improvement, obviously if there’s a rate drop (but we’re not seeing that anymore).”

Another question to ask past clients is, “Have you ever thought about investing in real estate?”

“That’s a referral back to my real estate partners,” Greg said.

Asking for Referrals

“On that call, we always say something around: ‘As you know, we work off repeat and referral business. If you ever know anyone else that’s looking to move or a look at their mortgage, we’d be happy to be a consultant for them.'”

Greg said regardless of whether his team is asking for a referral from a past or current client, the key words are: We work off referral and repeat business.

Past Client Calls Bring More Value to Your Agents

By making these calls, Greg says his team will hear things like, “Yeah, actually, I’m moving,” and then have the opportunity to give a referral back to his Realtor® partners.

But that’s not the only benefit that lenders can give to agents by making these calls.

“The other huge thing is that when you’re doing those four things (mail, call, visit email), you can then coach your agents around doing those things for themselves,” Greg said. “They’re doing that for their database, and they want to know that you’re doing that for your database, and that can commingle. So, they’re calling them on their calls, and we’re calling them on ours.”

Implement Now and Watch It Pay Off the Rest of the Year

“I think that sometimes we get so in sales mode that we need to cold call Realtors® and builders and do lunch & learns that we forget about the database.”

Greg said taking the time now to set up a system for calling on past clients will generate results throughout the year.

“Rick says all the time that it’s a contact sport. Don’t forget to contact the people that you’ve already closed and done a great job for.”

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Wow Service- such a simple, yet overlooked, phrase and action. You know what I’m talking about, right? When we decide to go out to dinner or even a department store, we expect to have great service. It is EXPECTED that those in any environment who provide a good or service should be catering to our every need. Isn’t the customer, always right?

It’s so easy for us to take these things for granted? It’s natural to deem it a necessity for someone in the retail or food industry to WOW us with their hospitality- but what about in the Real Estate and Mortgage Lending business? Being a client, you would probably say, “It’s still important!”. But what about being the Agent or the Lender? Are you upholding the same standards you have for others within the service industry?

If your answer is “no”, “I’m not sure”, or even a strong “yes!”, then this article is for you! We at The CORE Training, Inc. take great pride in how we treat our clients and practice what we preach. No matter in what industry you decide to build a career during this lifetime, there will always be a competitor. You can be the most inventive and skillful in your job and there will always be someone trying to be a knock-off version of you or your company. So, what will set you apart from the rest? The answer is fairly simple: value. Did you read that? Let me say it again-VALUE. It’s human nature to want to feel appreciated and significant. When there is no value offered on a product or service, the deciding factor will come down to price. But (as we know with most things in life) the quality of an experience or product will continuously trump the quantity, low cost, limited edition colors, etc. Whether you’re a Lender or Agent, check out a few simple tips below to jump start providing a “WOW” experience to your clients.

Make an Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression- so make it great! Be present and in the moment with your client, giving them your undivided attention. Welcome them warmly onsite: A welcome board, friendly staff greetings, refreshments/snacks, and be genuinely interested and engaged in their needs. It’s the personal touches that will set you apart from the competition.

All About YOU

How can you appropriately fit a client with their dream home if you don’t know anything about their dreams? The “All About You” form will give you an insight to what the home buyer is looking for (i.e. nearby vet, school, activity center, etc.) so you can tailor their needs, relieve emotional worries, and connect with them on a deeper level. This form will also come in handy on closing day when you’re contemplating what type of congratulatory gift to get your client ?

Follow Up!

This is one of the most important steps that most fail to complete. After your client has accepted your service, give them an Honor Call thanking them for their business and reassuring them of your commitment and services. “Thank you” videos are also a nice touch, as the client can not only see your genuine appreciation for their business, but also that you’ve taken the time to go the extra mile. Additionally, keep your client in the loop with their home buying process and make your client feel as though they are your number one priority.

Closing and Moving Day

CELEBRATE! You and your client have gone through this journey together and have successfully fulfilled the client’s dreams. Pizza, balloons, house warming gifts, non-alcoholic champagne; these are fun and thoughtful motions to show your client you care.


“When you make a sale, you make commission. When you make a friend, you earn a fortune.” – Reeta Casey

Bonus Tips!


Lenders- Remember these two rules:

  1. You’re the lender and the one loaning the money
  2. Encourage your client to give you 2 referrals before they are approved for their loan

Agents- Remember these:

  1. Pack a cooler of drinks and snacks on showing days to keep your clients comfortable
  2. Personalized gifts at closings and moving day speak the loudest and solidify the relationship

Providing WOW customer service to clients is such a simple, yet overlooked, practice. Remember: make your clients feel important. It is your number one priority to make them FEEL like your number one priority. Every step of the process from greeting your client on-site to moving day, is important to providing WOW service. You only get one chance to make a first impression; make it great!

*The information listed above is only a small portion of what is taught in our level 1 coaching programs.

Need more info to take your business to the next level? Visit our website at www.thecoretraining.com or sign up for a free consultation to get started with our 12 Steps to Doubling Your Income online mortgage or real estate coaching program.

CORE Contributor – Masi Luttner

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