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Being a mother is really a demanding role in life.  Not so long ago it was believed that women can’t be successful in motherhood and professionally at the same time. However, with the advancement of technology and social media, now it’s apparent that mothers can do anything. So if you were wondering what profession to choose, here are some of the best flexible careers for moms that will still leave room to care for your child.

Freelance writer

Freelance writers can work remotely from anywhere in the world delivering high-quality articles for blogs, commercial websites and private parties. The profession opens a variety of possibilities.  You can work as a content creator, ghostwriter and even be a comic book writer.  

Another plus side of possessing this talent is that you can start your own website and slowly turn it into a commercially successful endeavor. There are various courses that will teach you how to create social media campaigns and promote your skills online so you would get more clients and traffic.  



Thanks to the internet, tutoring is now in high demand. The reason is, you can have clients all over the world who hire you to teach them various things. From language lessons to fitness classes, communication apps and video tutoring have opened a new range of possibilities for moms.

Of course, you can still do it all old-school and have person-to-person interactions since that will also allow you to manage your time. For example, if you are good at knitting, consider organizing classes at your home for those interested to learn this skill. Perhaps you can give painting lessons to the elderly if that is your passion.



If you have an eye for aesthetics, consider trying your hand as a photographer. There are numerous courses which will teach you the basics and some of them online are even free.

Although you will have to buy some pricey equipment, it will surely pay off. Because, as you develop your business you will establish yourself as a photographer. After all, your kids are perfect models so you won’t lack materials to practice and become a proficient artist.


Graphic designer

Today, a lot of graphic designers work from home. Whether it’s remotely for one company or per project for different clients. It’s completely up to you how you want to be employed and that will determine the level of flexibility and income, too.

If you just finished a course for graphic designer and have no previous experience, there is no need for alarm. Various platforms offer jobs to freelancers. Even those who are starting to build their portfolio will have an opportunity to make a name for yourself in time.



The translator is an excellent opportunity to start your career as a mom. Especially, if you moved to live with your family to another country. As a native speaker of specific language, you may be able to land a job that will even allow you to work from home or online. Even if you are a language graduate in your country, this is still a good career choice since you can translate texts and work per projects.


Wedding planner

A wedding planner or simply planning any event is an excellent opportunity for moms to show off their organizational skills. You can work alone or manage a team so the amount of workload is completely your choice.

Although weddings can be stressful, they are also exciting and perfect for mothers full of energy. Moms who like to be active and in the center of things. Not to mention that you will meet interesting people along the way. This certainly will improve social interactions and help you expand your network.



Beautician is an excellent profession for those who moved to another country and now are trying to start their career. After all, make-up artists and beauticians are needed everywhere from personal occasions like weddings to commercial purposes like movies.

This is a job you can get training for anywhere in the world at qualified schools like Perth College of Beauty Therapy no matter if you are a foreign national. With this job is easy to manage your schedule and book clients so that you can still spend quality time with your family and be a success at your job.


Image stylist

If you love fashion and are very good at it, then consider becoming image stylist is a must. You can help others pick the perfect outfit for any occasion. Additionally, this is an ideal job for moms who finished designer schools.  With this career, you can promote your creations and slowly create your own brand. You can work for boutiques as a consultant or take private clients and be their personal stylist.



If anything, being a mom will surely empower you to pursue your dreams. To be a positive influence on your children. And with these flexible careers, you will easily find your calling and grow to your full potential and talents.


This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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Pregnancy is one of the greatest experiences for any woman. It is a time of both highs and lows. While it’s fascinating when you feel that first kick, it can also be annoying and creepy. Well, the journey is extra challenging for women who have diabetes. Pregnancy for them not just puts special demands on their body; it also affects their blood glucose levels which can cause birth defects. High blood sugar levels also increase the risks of diabetes-related complications and miscarriage.
It is seen that many women take five or six weeks to discover that they are into pregnancy. That’s why it is essential for you to reduce your blood sugar before you start a family. Make sure to check our tips given below so as to manage your diabetes and have a healthy pregnancy:


Exercise not just keep sugar levels in the normal range but also helps control your weight. It also boosts energy, aids in better sleep and prevents problems of bloating, constipation and backaches. Consult your doctor to know what kind of exercises you can do in your pregnancy period. Brisk walking is one kind of exercise you can do throughout the pregnancy if you are not having any complications. We recommend you to have a walk of about 15-30 minutes in diabetic shoes. These specially designed wide width shoes for women will make sure that your feet are safe throughout your pregnancy.

Eat a Healthy, well-balanced Diet

To keep blood sugar levels within the ideal range, it is crucial for you to eat healthy meals. In pregnant women, diet is even more important because the growth and nourishment of their babies depend on what they eat. Poor diet or not eating right can adversely affect their body’s sugar levels. Ask your gynecologist or health practitioner to suggest the diabetic-friendly diet you can have during pregnancy. Also, ask them to suggest prenatal vitamins you will need.

Kick Bad Habits

Kick all those bad habits of smoking, drinking, midnight snacking, consuming junk food, etc. if you have to have a healthy pregnancy. All these habits are bad for diabetic patients and they can worsen the problems for pregnant ladies.

Don’t Take Stress

Pregnancy is a very stressful period. It poses more stress on women who are already having health conditions such as diabetes. So, relax and enjoy your pregnancy without thinking much about anything. To de-stress, you can do meditation and breathing exercises. Before doing them, consult your physician. You can also relax by indulging in activities you like such as body massages, pedicure, gardening, watching favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and so on.

Diabetes Medications

If you rely on insulin to keep your diabetes under control, your doctor usually will increase the dosage while you are pregnant. Taking insulin is safe during pregnancy. However, if you take pills, you may require switching to insulin.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is essential to keep glucose levels within healthy limits. Drinking enough water while you are pregnant will also reduce the chances of constipation which is common during the period. This will help you reduce your blood sugar level.

Monitor Blood Glucose Levels

The blood glucose check-ups before, during and after pregnancy is a key part of taking good care of yourself and the baby. These are essential to help minimize the risk of birth defects, miscarriage, diabetes-related problems and so on.

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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After a long and tiring day, surely you would want to hit the bed early, right? However, there are instances that no matter how tired or how much you want to sleep, you just can’t. 

Now, there are those kinds of times, but, if it continuously happens and is starting to affect your health or daily activities, then that might mean it is not just your ordinary sleepless night.

Insomnia is one of the common conditions in regards to sleeping habits. There are at least 1 in every three people who at least have mild insomnia. If you are one of these people, then you might have considered taking sleeping pills.

As there are various treatments for insomnia, let us first discuss sleeping pills. Medications like sleeping pills need to be informed to everyone to avoid any further health complications. Thus, it is needed that you research more on it if you are considering taking it. You can visit sites like Pharma Quotes for more information.

But as for now, we will discuss the things you need to know about sleeping pills whether it does fit your needs in terms with your need for sleep or not.

What is Insomnia?

The definition of insomnia speaks about a person’s difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep even if the individual has the chance to do so. With this said, people with insomnia can feel dissatisfied with their sleep and usually experiences low energy, fatigue, mood disturbances, and might even have poor performance in work or school.

So, how long does this insomnia last? Well, insomnia can be characterized based on its duration. Although insomnia is a common problem, it is only considered chronic if it has occurred three nights, more than a week, or for at least three months.

Acute Insomnia

For acute insomnia, it is brief and often occurs due to life circumstances like being stressed due to receiving bad news or due to a night before an exam. Many people might have experienced this type of insomnia quite a few times, and it tends to resolve without any treatment or medications.

Chronic insomnia

This type of insomnia is a kind of disrupted sleep that occurs at least three nights a week and would last at least three months. With this said, chronic insomnia has many causes, and examples of it are unhealthy sleeping habits, changes in the environment, shift work, and other clinical disorders like depression. 

Due to this, people with chronic insomnia are recommended to have treatment to help individuals get back to healthy sleep patterns. 

With this said, since people with insomnia tend to have difficulty staying or falling asleep (maintenance). The treatment involves psychological, behavioral, medical components, and some combination. 

Photo by Ivan Obolensky from Pexels

How Are You Diagnosed?

Patients are diagnosed through talking with your particular situation and if you have a history of insomnia, as well as its possible causes. Your doctor will be able to decide what treatment fits best for your situation.

Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are one of the common medicines that medical health practitioners prescribe and which patients seek when experiencing insomnia. This drug helps individuals who have difficulty sleeping since it is a type of hypnotic. This means to say that this medicine induces sleep. Also, they are sometimes called sedatives. It literally mean “calming” or more often referred to as the ability to cause drowsiness.

Type of Prescription Sleeping Pills

Although prescription sleeping pills may help you fall asleep faster and easier (not to mention stay asleep for longer). One cannot deny the existence of its risks and benefits, in which it varies depending 

Thus, to find the sleeping pill that fits best for your needs, especially to help you sleep. Here are the things that you and your doctor should talk about:

Your Sleeping Pattern. The doctor will ask you questions in regards to your sleeping patterns to get a clear picture of your sleeping habits.

Tests. There will be tests to rule out any underlying condition that may be causing you to sleep difficulty.

Sleeping Pill Options. Discuss with your doctor the options for taking the prescribed medication, including how often will you need to take one, in what form, like dissolving tablets, oral sprays, and until when.

Sleeping Pill Prescription. Your doctor should be prescribing a sleeping pill for just a limited amount of time. With this, you will be able to determine the benefits and its respective side effects for you.


Have you tried a different prescription sleeping pill before? If you did, then did it work well or did it not? What are its side effect, and did it improve your sleep? Questions like these are sometimes asked to know if your first sleeping pill medication worked well. Otherwise, you need another type of sleeping pill.


Sleeping pills certainly does help those individuals that are having a hard time sleeping. However, it is also a commonly misused drug just because of a one or two-day sleepless nights.  Not that it is insignificant, but what we’re pointing out here is that medicine misuse might lead to resistance buildup and might result in harmful situations.

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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Being a working mum means being busy all day. If you’re lucky enough to have a home office, it definitely buys you some time. Still, it’s sometimes hard to identify which things are really necessary and which you should give up on because they only decrease the level of your productivity. Being also a mom, you need to come up with efficiency tricks, like the following productivity tips:

1. Declutter and organize your home

First, you need to get rid of the unnecessary items from your home and move the things you rarely use. You can’t be productive in a cluttered home. So, think about a company such as A-line Movers – use their skip bins to storage old clothes and toys, and label everything in the home. That way, you’ll always know which are toys containers, and which are full of your work documentation and equipment.

2. Create a daily and a monthly to-do list

You can’t keep everything in your head. At the start of every day, check your daily to-do list, or working mom planner, and prioritize your obligations. If you don’t manage to cross everything from the list, move it onto the next day. Also, it’s good to keep a monthly to-do list so that you can monitor your success on a bigger scale. It feels good when you realize you have managed to achieve something significant this month.

3. Have a short release

No matter how busy you are throughout the day, you need to have at least 10 minutes of a break. Download a meditation app on your smartphone and set it to 10 minutes at least twice a day. Stop whatever you’re doing, close your eyes and breathe deeply. It will restart you completely, making you more efficient for the upcoming obligations. It’s necessary for regaining focus.

4. Involve the family members

If your kids are at home while you’re working, it’s necessary to explain to them that mommy needs some time alone. When they understand that your alone time is very important to you and that you’ll appreciate that, they will probably do their best to leave you to your work. If possible, hire a babysitter or find a close friend or a family member for longer periods of time. When you are not constantly interrupted, that’s when your productivity is high.

5. Make the home office practical and comfy

Your working space has to be practical and easy to maintain. Making sure all the electronic devices and equipment are functioning will save a lot of time. Having vinyl flooring instead of a carpet will make sure it’s easy to clean the floor and keep everything simple. An ergonomic chair is necessary to prevent any back pain and distract you from your work. All the files should be neatly placed in folders that are within your reach. Keep items that you don’t use every day in drawers and place everyday necessities on the desk. Being time-efficient and having a comfortable and stylish home office also means achieving more in a shorter amount of time.

6. Use time-saving devices and tools

Buy electrical appliances that have a self-timer or an automatic turn-off mechanism. It will speed up the housework. If you also cook during the day while working, then invest in a quality bread maker and a slow cooker. It will allow you to do your job while the meal is slowly cooking in the kitchen.

All in all

Being a working mom is a challenge. But the fact that you have your home office can be truly helpful, especially if you organize your time more efficiently. Removing the things and chores that only waste your time will bring you more time than you have imagined.

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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Busy moms have limited time at night when their children are in sports and adding homework into the mix. Having to cook dinner from scratch every night sometimes just doesn’t work out. That doesn’t mean that the quality of food you’re serving to your children needs to be compromised. Frozen meals usually take a bad rap and many believe they’re full of ingredients that aren’t healthy. meals We made a list of quick, easy and healthy frozen meals that the busy mom can make easily any time during the week.

Wildscape Meals

We always believe if we are eating frozen meals, that they are unhealthy. While is this often true, it is up to you to find the healthier ones. That’s why Wildscape Meals are the best choice for you. Wildscape Meals are a healthy alternative when in need of eating a frozen meal.  Their recipes contain natural beef, antibiotic free chicken, and ingredients that hold texture when cooking in a microwave. Even though the resealable and recyclable container looks small, it does make a great portion of food. It can be eaten as a meal, shared with your partner, or eaten as a side for the whole family.

Wildscape also provides a gluten-free option with their six different varieties. The gluten-free options are Gochujang Cauliflower and Seared Steak. They also have a vegetarian choose too. Have a picky eater? Start with the vegetarian choices, Gochujang Cauliflower and Peri Peri Portobellos! Their meals are nutrient-dense and dairy-free! Tons of options and flavors for everyone in the family. Plus they don’t break the bank at $5.99 per container. To top it all off, the meal can be ready in 6 minutes or less! Wow – you won’t find that in many other frozen meals! Quick, easy and healthy frozen meals – Wildscape has all three of those covered. Getting home late from a t-ball game? Pop this in the microwave for 6 minutes and you have a great tasting meal.

Kashi Noodle Bowls

Another great quick, easy and healthy frozen meal is a Kashi Noodle Bowl. If you like Asian noodle bowls, this is exactly what you need. They have vegan and meat noodle bowls. One of our favorites are the creamy cashew noodle bowl. Kashi’s made with red peppers, lemongrass, ginger, edamame, cashews, and buckwheat and semolina noodles. Not only does this bowl take a few minutes to prepare, but it is loaded with protein and fiber. It is flavorful just like a home-cooked meal.

Also, this vegan Asian noodle bowl contains all the flavor of Thai food with a creamy cashew sauce. Made with red pepper, lemongrass, ginger, edamame, cashews, and buckwheat and semolina noodles, this bowl is loaded with protein and fiber, and the flavor will give you all the feels of a home-cooked meal.Per serving: 390 calories, 18 g fat, 460 mg sodium, 45 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 10 g sugar, 13 g protein(Visit Kashi’s store locator for purchase options)

Freschetta Pizza

Lastly, Freschetta Pizza is great for the whole family to enjoy on a Friday night. Their Naturally Rising Crust Pizza with no chemical leaveners. Which means the dough rises using real yeast. The result is a signature crust that rises in your oven and fills your house with the aroma of fresh baked bread. All of their crusts are preservative free. Luckily, they only real mozzarella, Parmesan, provolone and cheddar. Because real cheeses equal really big flavor.

Where can I buy these?

Wildscape Meals can be found at the following retailers: H-E-B, Publix, Harris Teeter, Fresh Market, and AmazonFresh. For Florida and Georgia residents, while Wildscape is available at Publix, Fresh Market carries all six varieties, making it the preferred grocer. Each container is typically $5.99. Kashi can be found at Stop and Shop, Fresh Market, Krogers’ and more. Check their website to see what is available by you. Freshetta pizza can be purchased at many different locations. Use their website to determine where you can get yours.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, being a busy mom doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality and taste. There are options for you to make quick, easy and healthy frozen meals for your family when busy.

“I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.”

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Having long hair and taking its good care is not an easy task. If you are blessed with long hair then you are very lucky. Today in this article piece we are going to share some very important and interesting tips which will help you in taking care of your long hair. These tips for long hair will surely help in making your hair strong and healthy. Let’s check out these tips for how to take care of long hair.

Always use the right brush:

The best way to take care of long hair is to minimize the breakage by using a natural fibre brush such as boar bristles which minimizes the friction between your hair and the brush. It’s very important that the hair brush which you use is soft on your hair. For example a brush like a wet hair brush easily bends around any tangle of your hair and thus don’t put much pressure on the roots of your hair. Always make sure that you use a wide-tooth comb for untangling your hair. Try not to comb your hair when they are wet as wet hair is very delicate and is very prone to breakage. Start from the bottom of your hair rather than going from top to bottom.

Using a heat protectant:

We all know the importance of using a hair protectant but we generally forget about this step. A hair protectant forms a protective layer around the hair shaft thus helps in protecting the hair from the damage from heat. If you really want your hair to look great and flourish then do use a hair protectant.

Moisturize and hydrate your hair twice a week:

Regular use of products which have chemicals and apply heat on hair damage our hair and take away the natural moisture of our hair so moisturizing and hydrating of hair is really important. You can use coconut honey mask and some essential oils which can restore the lost moisture of your hair. Oils which are rich in vitamin E such as avocado oil and olive oil are well known for their hydrating and moisturizing properties. Simply heat the oil on low flame and apply on your hair then wrap your hair with a warm towel. Wash after 5-10 minutes and see the difference. You hair will become smoother and softer.

Use a scrunchie or a hair band which is not harsh on hair:

Bands which don’t put stress on your hair should be your priority. Using a scrunchie and the like bands make sure that your hair is not under unnecessary pressure and hair roots are not under stress. So rock this 80’s scrunchie look to hold your long hair.

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Always use blow-dry at low heat:

Using unnecessary heat on your hair is one of the worst things which you can do to your hair. Using too much heat on hair can totally damage your hair so make sure that you put the hairdryer on a low heat mode. As we have already mentioned, always use a heat protectant before using heat treatments to your hair.

Use a soft smooth fabric of t-shirt or a hair wrap instead of a towel:

Though most of us use a towel to dry our hair but using a thick fabric may enhance friction and this can result in frizzy and dry hair. Try to use a cotton t-shirt for a hair wrap which can easily absorb the extra moisture of your hair without damaging them.

Wash your hair the correct way:

Washing your hair is really important and how you wash these matters a lot. Make sure you wash your hair scalp, as scalp is the place where all the oil and dandruff building up takes place so cleaning the scalp should be your priority. You need to gently massage the scalp with your finger tips to get the best results. Gently massaging the shampoo on your scalp will improve the blood circulation and this will in turn help in detoxifying the scalp. You can apply the hair conditioner on your hair length so that your hairs retain the much needed moisture. Use a cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair, using a very hot water will eat away the moisture of your hair thus making them dry. Dry hair is prone to tangles and eventually they lead to breakage.

Don’t over wash your tresses:

Washing your tresses too much and too often can take away the natural oils and moisture of your hair so try not to wash your hair daily. Washing the hair 2-4 times a week is the right way to take care of your long hair. Buy a good dry hair shampoo which you can use to give the necessary shine and life to your 2nd or 3rd day dull hair.

The final line:

Taking care of long hair surely needs dedication and patience. So all you long haired beauties out there, do follow these tips for beautifying your tresses!

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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From its famous Alamo to its long and seamless merging of Mexican culture with its own, San Antonio offers visitors the best of Texas history, culture and cuisine. Along its streets, you’ll find a wealth of restaurants offering famous Tex-Mex dishes. Also, spicy and flavorful cuisine whose delicious dishes have spread far from their origins. There’s a lush respite from the cosmopolitan heights of the city’s skyscrapers at the edge of the San Antonio River. With a charming haven of shops, restaurants, boutiques and galleries awaits visitors. Here are some travel tips when going to San Antonio, Texas.

Hotels in northwest San Antonio are plentiful and offer the advantage of being close to the airport. In this quadrant of the city, you’ll also find parks and golf courses for a bit of greenery and opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

Riverfront Walk

While there’s plenty to enjoy in the city, most visitors find their way to the San Antonio River’s edge, where the combination of rushing water and shady trees offers a cool haven even in the heat of the Texas summer. The river walk is perfect for any length of stroll, offering entertainments simply in people-watching, although there are plenty of galleries, museums and shops to divert any visitor. A fun way to take it all in is to board one of the many tour boats, some offering a dining option.

At night the river walk comes alive. Music and dancing spilling out onto the sidewalks. A visit to the historic Aztec on the River Theater is an opportunity to enjoy a live show in historic surroundings. Bars serving up margaritas and local brews are plentiful and are a good way to meet some locals.


Hyatt Place San Antonio-Northwest/Medical Center

Convenient to much of the city, including the airport, this luxury hotel has 24-hour room service.  It also has in-house restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a fitness center and spacious rooms. Visit their website to learn more about this great hotel.

Hampton Inn

Located in the River Walk neighborhood, this budget-friendly option offers a pleasant night’s stay and complimentary breakfasts.

Hotel Emma

This historic boutique hotel offers something different. On the northern edge of downtown San Antonio, this chic hotel impresses from the first time you lay eyes on it.


Casa Rio

Tex-Mex is a San Antonio specialty. There’s none better to be found along the river than at this restaurant. Something of an institution in its more than 70 years of dining excellence.


Texas-style dishes like prickly pear margaritas, blackened prime rib and seafood from the Gulf. All food is prepared in imaginative ways at this riverside eatery with tables outside.

Schilo’s Deli

A change of pace from the local fare, this German restaurant highlights hearty cuisine like bratwurst, schnitzel and streusel.

Transportation Options


San Antonio International Airport is the closest airport in the area, and it has a shuttle system with stops downtown.


VIA Metropolitan Transit is San Antonio’s public transportation system. There are plenty of stops in the downtown area that include a quaint trolley line. There’s also a water taxi service along the river.


Car rental agencies are well represented at the airport and in area locations throughout San Antonio.

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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In the digital world, where attention span is shrinking, a complex action like writing is invaluable to children growth and development. Benefits of writing for kids are numerous. Writing can improve brain development and fine motor skill. A child can learn how to use language to express the ideas, feelings, and thoughts, how to communicate. Many kids dislike writing, cause it is presented as a task. Some young ones need incentive other than just making writing a chore; that is why we will dive into learning to write for kids techniques and tips.

How to help kids with writing

There are layers to making kids better at writing. Preschool and children in early grades are learning how to write, while older children may need help to develop a better writing style. Either way, writing help for kids need to focus on a positive environment and try to present writing as a fun game rather than a difficult chore.

As an essential mean of communication, the ability to express themselves through writing could do wonders for their confidence. There are various ways you could help your kid succeed in school, and developing better writing skills will also improve his chances. Most kids are reluctant to take on writing, so we need to talk about the best ways to inspire children to write.

Learning new words

Did you know that kids learn at least nine words a day? This happens organically, but you could further encourage this practice by playing word games. Create a challenge for kids to write you a note using a new word. The very popular word game is a word jar, where a child writes a new word on paper and put it into the pot.

Play with magnetic letters

Fridge magnets are among the most popular kid’s accessories. When you decide to buy a magnetic letters set, check out the quality and don’t take cheapest that can often be with a weak magnet, very light and unpractical. Start with writing their names, pet name, and then go to your neighborhood, city, country, river, and slowly write more complex phrases with magnetic letters.

Write their own book

An excellent prerequisite for writing is reading bedtime stories. If you have a library with picture books, a fantastic way to make your kids write would be to write their own storybook. If you like, you could add simple illustration depending on your drawing talent, and the whirlwind of creating story could boost children interest in writing.

Write a journal

Similar to writing an own book, taking notes into a diary could be beneficial in many levels. Journal is a private world of their own. It’s a great tool to express emotion and experiences, to record reality and have a reminder of critical moments in life.

Create shopping lists

Being useful is an excellent trigger for some kids. If you ask them to help with the grocery shopping list, the child will feel important and empowered. It could also teach kids responsibility if you let them cross the items of the list in the store.

Write birthday invitations and letters to relatives

Birthday invitation is an important piece of content. Children will be very engaged around questions what should I write and who should I invite. You could use this enthusiasm to make them write the invitation. Similarly, if you have relatives, your kids like, writing a letter could be the spark that raises interest in writing. With positive emotions involved, this can create a positive link with writing.

Finish the story

For kids that developed writing skills, but still don’t want to write regularly, playing a game could spark interest. You could take some known stories and create different endings, or you could create a short story and ask your kid to write the ending. Besides writing skills, this game could develop imagination. Finishing the story game could prove useful for school tasks like essays. If your child has a problem with writing essays that lasts, you could turn to essay writing service or try to find help through freelance writer services.

Make your kid an emperor

One of the popular word game is If I ruled the world. Your kid has been elected to rule, and he needs to create a speech. Go along with the idea, and create props, make this proposition believable. If he doesn’t know what to write, ask him questions about what would he do if he ruled the world. Let kid write the answers down on papers, and then stitch the notes together, and the acceptance speech can start.

Photo by Judit Peter from Pexels


The best way to inspire writing in kids is gamification. The best tools are already in their heads. Imagination, emotions, thoughts, and opinions are a valuable asset for word games, and a child’s brain has them in abundance.

How to help kids with writing is the ultimate question, and there is no simple answer. It’s a gradual process that should ideally include reading to kids from an early age, playing simple games to learn the letters and move on to more complex ones that will develop their writing skills.

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No matter where you live or where you come from, every parent wants what’s best for their kids – and education is no different. We all contemplate building those college trust funds, saving up for private schools and additional tutoring, and we all do our best to research the local education options so that our youngsters can get the finest education across the globe.

However, some schools rank higher than others, some offer extraordinary teachers, others have unparalleled programs. While some have completely changed their approach to teaching. 

The beauty of such diversity is that we can learn from them all. Knowing how youngsters can learn and skills they develop in education across the globe world is valuable to get the best education out there.

Here are a few education systems across the world that truly excel at what they do. 

Finland is the innovator 

To begin, education across the glob starts in Finland. This significant Scandinavian country is making itself known as the top educator in the world, not just in Europe.

So, what are they doing so differently that they have made such an impact on education across the globe? Teacher’s officially left the comfort zone of teaching. They have no standardized tests, no competition, no comparison, no ranking systems. They teach to prepare their kids for real life, and they do so with such great success that Finns consistently end up the best readers, scientists, and mathematicians.

Also, teachers don’t spend too much time in the classroom, and work in small classes so that each teacher can properly devote time to each student. Their teachers will do whatever it takes, and the country appreciates them for bringing up their youth to greet the world well-equipped. 

Hong Kong is where kids thrive

A surprising member on this list, Hong Kong has recently started reforming its education institutions in every shape and form. Better-educated teachers, greater diversity in programs, and greater use of tech have enabled them to thrive more than ever. 

However, one aspect where Hong Kong truly blossoms is educating their youngest.

It has become a widespread norm to let their kids join an early education centre in Hong Kong to develop cognitive and motor skills through play and peer bonding. Creative workshops, structured play sessions, and developing social skills from a young age allows them to bring up curious young minds. This leaves student’s thirsty for more knowledge when it’s time to continue their studies. 

Ghana and its soulful studies

Education across the globe continues to this African country. It is known for many intriguing stories. But those of its inspiring teachers and students and its take on learning have gained more traction lately – and deservedly so. Imagine rural Ghana where there’s still no electricity, but they’re certainly are students eager to learn.

What do they do?

Generate electricity with merry-go-rounds during the day, only to use that energy to study in the evening. On an equally empowering note, a Ghanaian teacher has recently become famous for his unorthodox teaching method through dancing. He encourages his students to express themselves through dancing and to share their troubles with him. This primal form of expression to connect while they slowly advance through their curriculum. 

Japan and its critical thinkers

The world already values Japan as one of the most well-mannered nations. It’s no coincidence since they invest heavily in teaching their kids moral values and the social etiquette well before they start filling their minds with data. Students are the schools’ janitors. Being respectful in their schools is an entirely new level. In addition to educating their kids about the world, they cherish their own history. Japanese students learn calligraphy and poetry.  Teachers implement highly advanced tech solutions to their classrooms, but the content of their studies always comes first. 

South Korea cherishes its teachers

When you think of best-paid professions, teaching will never cross your mind – unless you’re in South Korea, that is. Ask the millionaire teacher by the name of Kim Ki-Hoon. She makes roughly as much as an average NBA player, which turns out to be around four million dollars per year.  

This is merely a reflection of South Korea’s vested take on reforming their education to boost literacy, innovation, and quality of life. They invest heavily in their best-performing teachers and tutors.  Results show brilliant students that are truly taken care of every step of the way. 

Final thoughts

Every nook of this world has a worthy lesson for teachers, governments, and parents everywhere when it comes to developing education. Use this information to guide your kids and to send them on the finest road there is. To offer insight into the many different ways our world moves forward and develops.

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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It’s natural for a woman, a new mother, to have a lot of emotions while returning to work after having a baby.  Many a time, these emotions are conflicting. While you may feel sad for leaving your baby at home, you may be glad that the professionals will be in charge of him/her while you return to cater to your professional duties.  It’s natural to be anxious when you leave your baby with someone else. You might also get angry that your office does not give you an extended maternity leave to look after your growing baby.

No matter what you are feeling, it completely makes sense for some women, the return to work happens sooner and is sadly harder than they expect.

However, there are a few things you can do to adjust to the difficult changes you might be facing:

Develop A Good Resume:

It’s important that you develop a good and professional resume after you get back to work following maternity leave. There are a few things that you must include while creating your resume. For instance, you need to clearly mention your work gap.

But do not just leave it there. Include a few things that you might have learned during this work gap. This may include community services, freelance work, taking up online courses and such.

Be Logical:

Before you join back to your office, you will have a handful of things to look into. This may include packing your bags, working out on a set of directions for the nanny to follow, jotting down the feeding time, even schlepping your breast pumping for your child if he/she is not yet in daycare.

Though all these might seem very taxing, it’s important that you brainstorm your mind and come up with means to cater to the morning and evening duties. This can be your starter plan, and as the days go on you can keep adding and subtracting more elements.

Think About Working From Home If That Option Is Available:

Many organizations provide this facility to the employees and it works out great for new mothers. If you start working from home, not only will you get the hang of the work, your baby will also get used to your absence for some time. In that light, it’s important that you work in a  separate room, away from your baby.

This way he/she will understand that mommy will be unavailable for some time in the day. However, you also have to convince your boss that you will be able to meet the deliverables even if you work from home. Mention that you have childcare facilities at home and that you can focus on your work, set a deadline and include a particular date for the reassessment of your projects.

Your work from home option must not seem like a forever arrangement.

Get In Touch With Working Mothers:

As mentioned earlier feeling anxious about leaving your child back at home with a nanny or caretaker can cause a lot of anxiety to you as a young mother. But definitely, you are not the only one facing these concerns. There must be other working mothers in your office. Have you discussed your issues with them?

It is often said, advice should be taken from experienced people. Definitely, they have faced their own issues and you can ask them for a solution

In that light, consider going out for lunch once every week and start a forum or group where all mothers in the office can get together to discuss concerns, share experiences, seek for advice and such.

Many offices already have such a group at play. You can just join them, or if it’s not there, it’s a good idea to start one of your own. But if that seems a bit too much for you, you can ask these mothers out for a tea break for starters and then work through it.

Work On “I have to quit”

This is something every person goes through. For some women, this feeling can go on for months while for others it just might pop up as a thought on a bad Monday morning.

But for many mothers quitting their job is not an option. Many mothers feel this way during their transition period. The working-mother adjustment is a very difficult stage and one has to stay really strong during this time.

There are few ways through which you can fight this “I must quit’ feeling at work:

It’s important to realize that the transition you are going through is finite in nature.

  • Create a list of things, obviously positive things that you get by working at your job.
  • Create another list of things you bring to your place of work.

Understand that this is a new learning curve. Yes, of course, you know how to do your job, but now you are learning to do it as a new mother. Trust me, you will see a lot of difference in the work once you get this fact straight.

Try to celebrate small successes. For instance, you can write something in your to-do list and then strike it off once it’s done. This gives one a sense of achievement.

It’s important that you remain calm and patient. Do not make any harsh decisions in the first three months after joining back.

Motherhood is a beautiful experience, but it does not mean that you have to quit being a professional to experience it. You can do both with grace.  

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

The post Back to Work After Maternity Leave? 5 Tips for Working Moms appeared first on Teach.Workout.Love.

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