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It’s already known that breast milk has the most benefits for you baby.

It’s basically the reason why a lot of health professionals suggest that newborns should be (ideally) breastfed at least in the first 6 months. It can make them resistant to allergies, stomach problems, viruses, infections, and numerous diseases, as well as develop a strong connection with their mothers. Breastfeeding benefits the mothers, too. It lowers their risk to have breast and ovarian cancer as well as osteoporosis, restores their body to their original shape, and helps them save money, among others.

Breastfeeding can be uncomfortable to do in public with some who think it’s inappropriate. But Is it the mother’s fault if she wants to give proper nutrients to her baby? I say do it! Like these brave and beautiful mummas in their bridal glam. Just take a look at these photos of blushing brides breastfeeding their babies even on such a big day!




Despite of the awareness, some people would still rather raise their eyebrows and express their objection. It might take a long while for breastfeeding in public to be accepted by all. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t hinder you mothers from doing it because it is definitely what’s best for your child. You shouldn’t deprive your child of the nutrition they need just because other people don’t approve of the method. Your child’s health must come first before anyone and anything else wherever you are, and even on your wedding day!

Aren’t these blushing brides breastfeeding their babies empowering?
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13 Things an Interior Designer Would NEVER Have in Her Own Kitchen

Wouldn’t it be great if someone told you that inexpensive drawer hinges would be the bain of your existence before you finished a kitchen reno? (Yes, yes it would.) Which is why we asked Nancy Charbonneau, principal designer of Charbonneau Interiors, to share the 13 things you’d never, ever find in a professionally designed kitchen.


1. Bad Lighting

Necessary for visual harmony, necessary for not julienne-ing your fingertip off. Make sure you have a mix of accent, task, ambient and natural daylight in a kitchen. Charbonneau’s favorite formula? “2700K LED recessed lights on dimmers, under cabinet task lighting and a pendant or chandelier.”

2. Low-Grade Hardware 

Cabinet door hinges and drawer slides are a place to splurge, not scrimp. (They take abuse every single day.) “Soft-close hinges and drawers are so worth the investment,” says Charbonneau. “And there is nothing worse than cabinet doors that don’t hang straight due to the poor quality of hinges!”

3. Insufficient Counter Space 

Counter space is critical for a functional kitchen—so be sure to plan ample prep area in your layout—or bring in a freestanding island if need be. (P.S. Extra counter space can be achieved by simply stowing your appliances, flour canisters, etc.)

4. A Fridge That Sticks Out Farther Than the Counter

Ever seen one? It’s a wonky-looking sight. Charbonneau insists on carefully sourcing counter-depth appliances—and building in small appliances, like the microwave, if at all possible.

5. Fridge Clutter 

Visual clutter = literal stress. So do yourself a favor and ditch the magnet/kid art/photo overload on your refrigerator. But they’re sentimental! Great: Scrap ‘em, store ‘em or frame ‘em so they look neat and beautiful.

6. Outlets on Display

Nobody wants to see a wire tangle or, heaven forbid, extension cord atop your new quartz counters. Solution: Plan your outlets to be discreet and consider modern options like under-counter outlets, pop-up outlets and USB ports to cut down on clutter. “Really think about how you will use the space,” says Charbonneau. “Do not leave these details up to the electrician or contractor!”

7. A Desk

Separation of church and state, people! Who wants to look at stressful mail piles and paper clutter while they’re meditating over a pot of risotto? Similarly, who wants marinara sauce on their Con-Ed bill? Charbonneau says desk setups are the first thing to go in her kitchen renovations.

8. Mystery Smells 

Nothing messes with a perfectly lovely kitchen like a rancid smell coming from God knows where. “Old sponges or lingering odors in garbage disposals are easy to tend to and should be addressed weekly,” insists Charbonneau.

9. Exposed Trash Cans 

If you can swing it, stow your trash can in a cabinet. But if if must be on display, make sure it’s a) lidded and b) Not entirely hideous. “An automatic, touchless trash can is an inexpensive way to deal with this issue, says Charbonneau. “This is one of my favorites.”

10. Ugly Pet Gear 

There’s no excuse for having dog bowls, bags of food and other various pet paraphernalia take center stage in your kitchen. Charbonneau prefers to integrate pullout dishes and beds in a kitchen design.

11. Insufficient Seating

Big kitchen? Add a breakfast nook. Tiny kitchen? Add an accent chair. Kitchens are a gathering space—and you’ll be glad to rest your feet when cooking that aforementioned risotto.

12. No Rugs 

Rugs help your joints when you’re standing for long periods of time. They also add major style. “There are several varieties of rugs that are easy to clean and are beautiful at the same time: Wool-knotted rugs, machine-made rugs and indoor/outdoor rugs are great options for kitchens where spills happen.”

13. Artificial Plants and Fruit 

Just. Don’t.

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5 Most Flattering Pairs of Black Pants For Busy Mum’s

I live in black pants.  They are part of my work uniform during the week, and I often pair them with a wrap blouse and cardigan on the weekend.  With kids, you need clothing that is both practical, functional and flattering.  You can’t wear a dress with little kids if you are bending over and picking things up off the floor all day.  Pants are great as you can bend, stretch and move without flashing your foo foo.

Katies Basic Ponte Pants

These are the bomb.  I own at least 10 pairs! Best of all they are currently only $25!  Ponte is brilliant as it doesn’t need to be ironed and really clings to your curves without being too tight and uncomfortable. They have a comfortable fitted waistband and are a slim fit.

  • Colours:  Navy & Black
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Price: Currently on sale for $25.00
  • Stockist: Katies

Faye New Length Skim Pants

Forever New is another favourite shop of mine as the fit is really flattering!  These pants really tuck in the tummy and make your butt look fantastic!  They are slim fit and have POCKETS!!!!

  • Colours: Navy, Black
  • Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
  • Price: $89.99
  • Stockist: Forever New

The Wild Thing Ponti Pant

Another great pair of Ponti pants (ponte is a Mumma Bear’s best friend!).  These pants move and are high-quality with loads of stretch so they are comfortable to wear all day!  They have a fully enclosed elastic waistband (so tucks in the tummy and no zips to fight with!).  They also have slimming panels for a streamlined look.

  • Colours: Black
  • Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
  • Price: $129.95
  • Stockist: Taking Shape

Hampshire Bootcut Trousers

With over 120 positive reviews, these bootcut trousers are universally loved and flattering for all shapes and sizes.  I love how they go up to a size 20, and they also have various fits such as Petite, Regular and Long!  These are the perfect work pants, and the ponte material moves with you! Plus, POCKETSW!

  • Colours: Black and Navy
  • Price: $130.00
  • Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
  • Price: $130.00
Stockist: Boden Clothing Australia

Richmond Bootcut Trousers by Boden Clothing

As a girl with curves, sometimes I find it hard to find pants that will fit both my hips and my waist.  If you have a bit of extra cash to spend, you can’t go past the Richmond Trousers by Boden.  I have the Richmond Shorts and quite a few pairs of the Trousers, they wash well, have a little bit of stretch and always look amazing!

  • Colours: Black and Navy
  • Price: $140.00 (so a little out of the budget!)
  • Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22
Stockist: Boden Clothing Australia

So if you are a pants girl, these are certainly the ones you should go for! After all, you can get comfort and style in one!
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It is not easy to ask for help when you’re struggling to cope with the changes a new baby brings.

It can be hard to work out if your feelings are a normal part of the transition to parenthood or if you are experiencing something more serious.

It is critical that new mums and dads learn the symptoms of antenatal and postnatal depression and reach out for help from qualified organisations such as PANDA or Beyond Blue, their GP or another health professional as early as possible. While parents recover every day with the right care, antenatal and postnatal depression are serious illnesses that won’t go away by themselves.

via middlesexhospital.org

But what do you do if you get up the courage and energy to tell your GP how you are feeling and you don’t get the support you need?

While most doctors and health professionals today are well informed and highly sympathetic to the needs of new parents with depression, sometimes mistakes are made. Combined with the difficulty mums and dads can have sharing what is happening for them, a GP can fail to recognise the seriousness of symptoms or to provide the care and treatment options needed for recovery.

Postnatal depression is caused by a complex combination of biological, psychological and social factors that differ for each person. The symptoms can also vary for each individual. Along with the upheaval experienced by all new parents, this can make it more difficult for GP’s, health professionals and families to identify what is normal and likely to pass, and more serious postnatal depression requiring ongoing treatment. It takes very sensitive questioning to identify when normal transitional struggles become depression and anxiety.

An unsympathetic GP can set back mums and dads experiencing postnatal depression with disastrous consequences. If you are struggling, it’s really important not to ‘give up’ or just accept what you are being told, especially if you have been concerned about your wellbeing or your children’s for two weeks or more.

PANDA can support you during this time and connect you with a local GP who has knowledge and expertise in antenatal and postnatal depression. Quality medical assessment and treatment is usually the first step to recovery and a supportive GP will be invaluable in assessing what is going on, providing information and advising on suitable treatment.

Finding the right GP

It is important to feel comfortable and confident with your GP. You have the right to change from your usual GP if you are not comfortable. It is especially helpful to have an ongoing relationship with your GP to monitor your recovery. Before you make an appointment (or someone makes one for you), it can be helpful to ask if your doctor has expertise in antenatal and postnatal depression.

What should your GP do?

Your GP should:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your symptoms, including mental health status, blood tests and physical tests
  • Provide you with a diagnosis of antenatal or postnatal depression if required
  • Establish and monitor your treatment plans as part of a Mental Health Care Plan
  • Refer you to specialist services within your area such as an inpatient mother and baby unit (if required) and services under Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Care or ATAPS (Access to Allied Psychological Services).

How can you get the best outcome from your GP visit?

Some parents experiencing postnatal depression do not understand what is happening to them or are ashamed of how they feel, and leave out important information necessary for diagnosis. Your GP needs information relating to a variety of physical, emotional and social aspects of how you are coping, to provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Some strategies that can assist you to get the best outcome from your appointment are:

  • Take someone else with you to your appointment who can fill in the gaps and recall the information your GP provides.
  • Leave your baby and children with a trusted babysitter or take someone with you who can look after them during your appointment.
  • Write yourself a note or check list of things you want to cover or need to say, remembering your worst times.
  • Write a note to your GP expressing what you may feel uncomfortable to say face to face. You can leave this with the receptionist who will give it to the GP prior to your appointment.
  • Be open and honest with your GP as it is the only way you will receive effective treatment. Your GP will most likely not be surprised by what you disclose.
Before you leave your appointment

Your needs are important. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and discuss your concerns at all times. You may wish to clarify the information you have received by:

  • Asking to explain things that you didn’t understand
  • Confirm what you do understand by repeating it back
  • Ask for any documentation or plans written solely about yourself
  • Plan for the future. Make a follow up appointment
  • Obtain contact details for if/when things get worse
  • Ask for any written information you can take home
  • Enquiring after a support group or source for more information if required.

When you are going through something as awful as post natal depression, you really do need a huge support network around you. Never feel you have to settle for second best or justify yourself when it comes to your mental health. After all, a happy Mum leads to a happy family.

If you are experiencing feelings of depression or the baby blues, you can contact beyondblue for support, advice and an action plan.

beyondblue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma. They provide calls or chats online one-on-one with trained mental health professionals, and are completely confidential.

If you become concerned about any symptoms please seek immediate medical attention – we have some hotlines and suggested websites for further information and advice –  http://www.stayathomemum.com.au/my-kids/babies/important-hotlines-websites/

SAHM takes no responsibility for any illness, injury or death caused by misuse of this information.  All information provided is correct at time of publication.

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Naughty Caramelised Bananas are so deliciously sweet and gooey that you won’t want just one, and to make it more wicked add a dollop of ice cream and cream!


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Before we know it, the July School Holidays will be upon us!

If you are looking for the perfect Family Winter Wonderland getaway that will appeal to everyone young and old – Bathurst in regional New South Wales is place to visit!

The Bathurst Winter Festival is held from the 6 – 21st July 2019 – and this is a great time to throw the kids in the car and travel to the country for this fantastic event!

July is the perfect time to visit Bathurst as there is so much going on!  Here is a taste of some of the activities, events and things to do in Bathurst!  But before we begin, here are some fun facts about Bathurst!

Fast Fun Facts About Bathurst
  • Bathurst is a gorgeous regional town that is located about 200km west-northwest of Sydney. It is located on the Macquarie River with is part of the Murray-Darling basin, the largest river system in Australia.  It takes about 2.5 hours to drive from Sydney to Bathurst.
  • Bathurst has a population of 36,801 (as per June 2018)
  • Bathurst is where Australia’s first gold discovery was made, and where the first gold rush occurred.
  • It is also the location of Australia’s most famous car race, The Bathurst 1000 which is held every October.
All About the Bathurst Winter Festival When: 6 – 21st July 2019 Where: William Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

An Open Air Ice Skating Rink:
  • When: Every Day of the Bathurst Winter Festival (6 – 21st July) from 9am – 9pm
  • Grab tickets early online to avoid disappointment.
  • Dedicated ice skating sessions for kids, adults and experienced skaters throughout the entire festival
  • Find times and pricing here.

There is no more of a perfect way to celebrate Winter than ice-skating!  The McDonald’s Bathurst Ice Rink will be open during the Bathurst Winter Festival for everyone to enjoy!

See Bathurst Lit!

When: 6 – 21st July from sundown until 10pm

During the Winter Festival all of Bathurst’s amazing historical buildings in the CBD will be illuminated every night until 10pm.

Buildings that will be lit include:

  • The Bathurst Court House
  • Court House Lane
  • Fernery, Machattie Park
  • Keppel Street
  • Cathedral of St Michael and St John

The Winter Playground

The Winter Playground is the crowning jewel of the Bathurst Winter Festival. The perfect family friendly amusement and adventure, the playground includes the ice rink, a two story double deck carousel, a giant 30m high ferris wheel overlooking the city of Bathurst.

Walk through rainbows to discover an enchanted forest in Machattie Park!

Ignite the Night
  • When:  Saturday 6th July, 12pm – 9pm
  • Entry is FREE

Ignite the Night is the event that kicks off the the Bathurst Winter Festival.  Enjoy the carnival atmosphere with roving performers, an interactive magician and a great line-up of professional live musicians.  Local Bathurst students will also be performing on stage.

The night features:

  • A decadent dessert store in the Enchanted Forest.
  • Exhibitions of local brewers and wineries
  • Plenty of delicious food
  • Watch illuminations for the first time

All Abilities Skate Day
  • When: Friday 12th July, 10am – 4pm
  • Cost: $8 per person (carers do not require a ticket)
  • Booking can be made direct through LiveBetter on 0428 068 776

The Bathurst Regional Council has partnered with LiveBetter to provide an all-abilities skate day for people with disabilities, and their family and carers.  Volunteers from LiveBetter will be on hand to help out and the aim of the day is so that anyone can enjoy the Bathurst Winter Festival in all its glory.

The Brew & Bite Night
  • When: Saturday 13th July, 12pm -9pm

The Brew & Bite Night offers a culinary delight of Food Trucks, with a variety of Vietnamese, Indian, Greek, Turkey, Spanish, Pasta and Paella or treat your self to deep fried oreros, marsbar cheesecake or waffles.  For the grown-ups, you can try all the delicious varities of Whiskey, Cider, Gin and delicious hot mulled wine whist wandering through the Winter Festival’s Enchanted Forest!  There will be fire performances on the open-air ice skating rink, a silent disco for the kids and a dessert corner!

The Festival is Fun and Affordable for Families

Nothing in life is free, or so they say. But fun shouldn’t be expensive!

At the Bathurst Winter Festival, some activities are free while some come with a price – but really affordable! Pay just $40 for 45 minutes of fun (for a family of 4) on the McDonald’s Bathurst Ice Rink. For the giant ferris wheel and the karaoke carousel, you just need a fiver! Skate on the outdoor ice rink with child prices starting from just $8 and wander the cool night air and experience illuminations and sound scapes – without opening your wallet!

Win one of Two Bathurst Winter Festival Packages

Win one of two Bathurst Winter Festival packages valued at $1,000. Complete these steps to enter:

1. Follow @bathurstwinterfestival on Instagram

2. Comment on the competition post by tagging 3 friends, telling us why you want to win and which weekend you would like to attend (5-6th or 12-13th July)

Each prize includes 2 nights accommodation for 4 people, a regional welcome hamper, a gold ticket packages – including McDonald’s Bathurst Ice Rink, ferris wheel and carousel tickets for 4 people.

Entries close Monday 17 June at 4pm. The winners will be announced on Tuesday 18 June and contacted via Instagram PM with instructions on how to claim their prizes.⁣ Winners must claim their prize by 4pm, Wednesday 19 June.

This giveaway is in no way endorsed or affiliated by Instagram. Click here to view competition terms and conditions

Enjoy the school holidays with the family this winter! Don’t miss the Bathurst Winter Festival on July 6 – 21. Click here for more information.

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Frozen Banana Yogurt Pops

Frozen Banana Yogurt Pops are a delicious and nutritious snack the kids will enjoy anytime.  Easy to make and fun to eat – they are a good option for kids birthday parties!

You can get natural Hundreds and Thousands from Organics on a Budget.

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How to Make Spaghetti Scones

Spaghetti Scones. We had a recipe floating around for something like this – but it was nasty when I tried it – so I’ve been mucking around with it and this one I think, is pretty darn good…. Try it and tell me what you think!

This is one of my boys favourite recipes to make because it is so simple!

The secret ingredient?  A tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce!

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What are Mums Buying Online in 2019?

If you are thinking about starting an online business, one of the first items you may Google is ‘What do Mums Buy Online?’.

Well we asked that question to the followers of Stay at Home Mum to find out just what Mums are spending their money on online… and there were a few surprises.  So here are the top ten products Australian Mothers are buying right now.

The beauty of online shopping is that it can be done from the computer at home, or from the phone during the school pick up.  We don’t have to get out of the car or get dressed up, and it arrives at home.  And because Mums are so busy – busier than ever, this is making their lives easier!

Mums Are Making the Purchasing Decisions

Mums are also a great demographic to target online as they are the main spenders.  They usually do the grocery shopping, purchase clothing for the family, pay all the bills and make gift decisions.  Mums are also the ones that are starting small businesses with ideas on how they can make the lives of other Mums easier.  So if you are looking at starting a business, you really need to know exactly what is selling, and how to further reduce the stress and time pain on Mums with your potential products or services.

1. Women’s Clothing

Yep most women are now purchasing their new wardrobe pieces online.  In fact the Fashion Industry for women has grown so much there are many online fashion stores now that don’t even have a shop front!  With no shop front, they can keep their overhead costs down, and in turn offer you a better deal.  The other reason Mums are buying online is that they can check prices (and buy that special item when they are on sale).

What Mums look for when buying women’s clothing online:

  • Sales and Deals
  • Free Shipping
  • Fast Postage
  • Convenience
  • Extended size ranges
  • Photographs of clothing from all angles
  • Reviews on Service

Check out our list of the Best Online Clothing Stores for Women’s Fashion.

Best Women’s Fashion Online Stores as rated by Stay at Home:

  1. Boden Clothing
  2. The Iconic
  3. Boohoo
  4. Gingham and Heels
  5. Blue Bungalow
  6. Forever New
  7. Asos
  8. Birdsnest
  9. Showpo
  10. Modcloth
2. Baby Items and Maternity Wear

There is nothing more exciting than a new addition – and there are so many insanely cute items to buy – as well as all the necessities which can really add up.  So many Mums and Mums to be are shopping online in droves – especially as it is hard to lug a new cot or change table when you are heavily pregnant!

The items most shopped for online include:

The thing is – once Mums are finished with their baby items – they are reselling them!  So by buying good brand names or good quality items, they are more likely to get a significant part of their money back!

Brands that Have the Best Resale Value
  1. Bugaboo
  2. Britax
  3. Medela
  4. Baby Love
  5. Huggies
  6. Incy Interiors
  7. Bonds
  8. Bumbo
  9. Tommee Tippee
  10. Avent
3. Grocery Shopping

More Mums than ever are now doing their grocery shopping online and having it delivered to their home.  I know myself I have started doing this only this year, and I can never go back.  Grocery shopping with little kids in tow is an absolute nightmare, and having the ability to quickly order what you need and have it delivered quickly is a Godsend!  Plus delivery is pretty cheap, and free if you spend enough!  I figure doing my grocery shopping online saves me about four hours per week – and not having the stress of parking and getting kids in and out of the car and forgetting the shopping bags is so worth it.

Here are the major supermarkets that are currently offering online shopping for your groceries and will deliver to your door.

  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • Catch of the Day has ‘Bulky Grocery Deals’ with items super cheap such as cereal, muesli bars, pasta sauces and chocolate bars.

4. Vegan Makeup and Skincare

Mums are more aware now than ever about animal testing on makeup and skincare products.  So it isn’t surprising that more Mums are looking at Vegan makeup to not only ensure no animals are hurt, but also as vegan makeup is more natural and therefore gentler on the skin.

Plus with more and more people moving to a vegan lifestyle or at least enjoying a vegan meal now and again, it isn’t surprising that women are really thinking about not only what they put in their mouths, but also what is in their day to day products that they use.

There are some fantastic brands of vegan makeup and skincare available and it is competitively priced with other high-quality brands, so why not!

Check out our list of Vegan Skincare and Makeup Brands so you can make an informed choice!

Some of the best online stores to check out vegan skincare and makeup include:

5. Cruise Ship Holidays

Mums are abandoning the traditional travel agent and are instead looking for the best deals online for their annual holiday.  More families are going for cruises than ever before, the reason being they only have to unpack once, there is kids club so the parents can have a break, you can eat at a different restaurant every night and the food is included, and cruise ship holidays are very affordable!

The most popular holiday websites Mums are using include:

6. Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes have been huge for a few years now and their popularity is only on the rise.  Getting a chance to try new products before they hit the shops, and getting a snapshot of the different products available – as well as getting a gift in the mail every month is every Mums dream!   Not only that, they are the perfect gift idea.  Subscription Boxes can be for literally anything these days!

Some of the more popular categories include:

Check out the Subscription Boxes that are All the Rage.

These are the most popular products Mums in Australia are buying in 2019!
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Today, Keanu Reeves is is still one of the most well-loved actors in Hollywood.

And for good reason. Reeves remained humble and genuine to his friends, family and his fans ever since he started his acting career. We love him and he still is the ultimate hunk… If you love Keanu as much as we do, we gathered a list of facts about him. We just love him and these are only 50 reasons why! If you ask us we can definitely give you more!

1. Because he was ‘Neo’.

First of all, Keanu Reeves is amazing simply because he played Neo in The Matrix.

2. He’s dedicated.

He learned over 200 martial arts moves for The Matrix Reloaded.

via giphy.com

3. He donates lots of money

During The Matrix, he donated $75 million to the special effects and costume design teams because he said they deserved it.

4. He gave Harley Davidson motorbike gifts.

He gave each member of The Matrix’s 12-strong stuntman team a Harley Davidson motorbike.

5. His big break in Hollywood was in 1994.

He starred in the action film Speed opposite Sandra Bullock.

via giphy

6. He turned down “Speed 2: Cruise Control”.

Despite his success in Speed, he turned down a huge paycheque for “Speed 2: Cruise Control” in favour of touring with his band and starring in a production of “Hamlet.”

7. He made the big move to Hollywood.

He drove all the way there in his 1969 Volvo.

8. He agreed to take a big pay cut of a few million dollars..

During the making of the “The Devil’s Advocate,” he agreed to take a big pay cut of a few million dollars, so the producers could also afford to bring Al Pacino into the movie.

via cinemablend.com

9. He also took a 90% pay cut…

so that producers could bring on board Gene Hackman in The Replacements.

10. He had a supporting role in the Rob Lowe hockey flick “Youngblood”.

That was in 1986 and the movie was filmed in Canada.


11. His first dramatic appearance was when he was 9…

It was in the summer camp and in the chorus of Damn Yankees.

12. He’s a Virgo.

He was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon.

13. His full name is Keanu Charles Reeves.

His first name, Keanu means ‘cool breeze over the mountains’ in Hawaiian. How…perfect!

14. He is British, Portuguese, Native Hawaiian, and Chinese.

This is through the ancestry of his father. What a beautiful human.

15. He is 6′ 1″ (1.85 m) tall. 16. He lived in Australia for a while.

He lived here with his mother and younger sister, and then moved to New York then Toronto in Canada.

17. While living in Toronto, Keanu was expelled from one of the four high schools he attended in a span of five years. 

He said: “I was just a little too rambunctious and shot my mouth off once too often.

I was not generally the most well-oiled machine in the school.

I was just getting in their way, I guess.”

18. He loved Ice Hockey as a young boy.

He was nicknamed “The Wall” for being a team goalie.

19. He had a ghostly encounter as a child. 

He told British tabloid, The Sun:

“I remember just staring at this suit which had no body or legs in it as it came into the room before disappearing. It was a double-breasted suit in white and I looked at my nanny, who was just as shocked as me. I just couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards.”

20. He dropped out of school.

In order to pursue his acting career.

21. As a teenager, he worked as a manager at a pasta restaurant in Toronto. 22. He once had a job sharpening ice skates. 23. Reeves landed the lead role in a Coca-Cola commercial. 24. He also played bass guitar for the grunge band, Dogstar in 1991. 25. He is a motorcycle enthusiast.

He started manufacturing his own bikes with the Arch Motorcycle Company.

26. He is smart.

That California doofus tag has followed Keanu around since the beginning (probably thanks to Ted). But did you know he can recite Shakespeare sonnets from memory? Or that he’s read all seven volumes of Proust’s ‘A la Recherche du Temps Perdu’? Who’s stupid now, eh?

27. He loves ballroom dancing.

Believe it or not, Keanu Reeves loves ballroom dancing.

28. He published a book called Ode to Happiness.

Despite having dyslexia, Keanu loves books and is a voracious reader and writer.

29. He lost people he loves the most and still kept on going.

He lost his baby daughter, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves, and then 18 months later he also lost his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, Ava’s mother. She died in a car crash.

30. He smashed into the side of a mountain in Topanga Canyon while on a demon ride.

He was hospitalised for a week with broken ribs and a ruptured spleen.

31. In 2008, he was sued in Los Angeles by paparazzo Alison Silva for $711,974.

The driver woman claimed he hit and injured him with his Porsche, but was unsuccessful in her pursuit.

32. In 2014, a female stalker made her way into his home.

She took a shower in his bathroom and swam naked in his swimming pool. Thankfully, he was not home when the stalker was discovered and arrested.

33. He became his sister’s caretaker when she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

He has also donated millions of dollars to cancer research and children’s hospitals.

34. He’s honest about his bad habits.

He said he started smoking at the age of 30, a bad habit he picked up while he was on film sets. He’s trying to give it up, though.

35. He’s got a big heart.

He has been spotted hanging out on the streets of Los Angeles, where he lives now, with homeless people. And even sharing a drink? He also played an on-and-off again hockey game that lasted 10 years with strangers he happened to meet on the street one day.

36. He’s a no-bias type of guy. 

He remains diplomatic when it comes to serious debates:

@lastkajen: “Hi, what do you like the most, cats or dogs?”
@_KeanuReeves[S]: “Apples and oranges. I’m going to say some days cats, some days dogs. Depends on the cats and dogs you meet.”

37. He maintains a simple life.

He marked his 46th with a solitary cupcake outside a warehouse and if fans stopped by to take photos, he gladly obliged.

38. He’s modest

Even though he’s deemed a super-hunk he is embarrassed about his body — sometimes.

39. He’s sometimes credited as K.C. Reeves.

This was because his representation thought Keanu sounded too exotic.

40. Keanu Reeves AND puppies.

Too much cuteness!


41. He is neither Buddhist nor atheist. 42. He is most excellent.


43. He looked handsome in the “Sad Keanu” Meme that spread across the internet. 44. He was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in January of 2005. 45. His net worth is $360 million. 46. He’s also a credited director.

In 2015 his directorial debut “Man of Tai Chi” premiered at the Beijing Film Festival.

47. He is a big fan of the Olympics. 48. He’s John Wick.

49. He was voted as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Chosen by “People” magazine.

50. Because even if he is now older than 50

…he still looks 15 years younger!

But really, what’s not to love?
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