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Which hair wax should you choose?

If you don’t know you mud waxes from your pomades, you’re not alone.
The world of men’s hair wax is complicated – and even frustrating at times – but don’t be completely discouraged!

We’ve narrowed it down to three main categories – mud, clay and pomade – that covers basically every male hairstype- and style.
– So no matter what hairtype you have and what kind of hairstyle you dream of, at least one of these products is bound to tame your mane and make it look ON POINT every single day. 

In the end, choosing the right hair wax depends on the look you’re trying to achieve – being that either shiny or matte, flexible or firm hold..

The Mud Wax – Extreme hold and matte finish

Got the HOTS for one of our personale favourites – the Quiff? Perhaps combined with a sharp fade? We completely understand and we recommend you to get your hands on the classic mud wax. A mud wax is the ideal choice if you’re in need of an extreme hold, a matte finish and primarily focused on creating fullness and texture.

Got a Long Quiff going on and aiming for a more natural look? Choose to swear by a quality hair paste instead. The paste provides you with more flexiblity and a bit more shine factor and is therefore great for creating a more natural look and feel.

PRO TIP: Mud waxes and pomades are a match made in heaven. The matte texture from the wax combined with the glossy shine of a pomade creates the perfect amount of natural volume.

Taper fade and texture - Barber haircut - Mens hairstyle inspiration - YouTube
The Clay – Strong hold and maximum texture

Clay waxes are a relatively newer invention and, normally, they range from very thick to a very creams consistency. As you might have guessed from the name, clay products actually do contain a real clay ingredient in their formulars.

If you’re going ALL IN on a wild, messy hairstyle with tons of texture and volume, a clay wax should be your initial go-to. The clay  makes your hair feel ‘fatter’ by adding a bounch of thickness, structure and body to the individual hair strands without weighing them down.

As you might have guessed already, a clay wax is also the ideal choice if you want to camouflage a thinning hairline, for those of you looking for a quick fix in this area.

PRO TIP: On top of being an extremely popular styling product, a quality clay wax also conditions, moisturizes and strengthens the hair and helps control- and tame frizz – a brilliant wingman for men with curly, unruly and/or longer hair!

The Pomade – Glossy finish and light hold

In contrast to the two abovementioned hairstyling products, the shiny pomades are primarily designed to showcase your hair in a slick, neat manner while providing a high, glossy shine. If you’re a big fan of the pompadour, slickbacks or the classic side part, the pomade is what you should always go for!
– So, basically, pomades work extremely well with all hairstyles that are formed using a comb

In general, pomades can be divided into two major categories: oil-based and water-based. The latter being the more user-friendly, popular- and water-suble version and the first provides you with infinite mold ability.

When in doubt: Choose the water-based pomades! While designed to achieve similar looks and holds of the oil-based, they wash out much more easily and maintain the opportunity for you to re-style your hair continously during the day.

PRO TIP: Need more volume and texture? Mix your favourite pomade with a mud- or clay wax to give your hair a more volume and an intensive texture.

Zac Efron 2016 hairstyle ★ Slick pomade styling ★ Men's hair inspiration - YouTube


Got a bit more confident choosing your next hair wax?
Please let us know in the comment section below which type of hair wax you swear by – and if you want to let us in on a secret hair wax tip or trick…

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Grooming is indeed a game of inches in which little in often brings the biggest pay-offs. Follow our 9 genius grooming moves to ensure you always look your absolut best!

Know your skin type

If you don’t already know it, find out now – Like, ASAP!

Using the wrong products won’t just fail to get the results you crave (a clear and fresh face), but it may also cause irritations and other facial issues that otherwise wouldn’t even be a problem.

Your skin needs balance in order to look on point – and a basic understanding of your complexion is the only way to achieve this. 

A very relevant, but absolute no-go is for example using a product designed for dry skin if you have an oily complexion and struggle with impurities. This will then only result in congestion and breakouts.

But… Wait a minute – how, then, do you actually determine what camp you fall into? Well, guys, that’s actually the easiest part:
Wash your face and then wait two hours. 

If your skin feels uncomfortably tight, you’ve got dry and possibly even sensitive skin.
If, in contrast, your face becomes shiny and greasy, you’re on the oily side.

– A mix of the two? Your skin is mostly likely of the combined type.

Once you got your skin type locked down, reading the labels of your lotions and facewashes is all you got to do to find out what suits your skin – and what doesn’t!

Keep it simple, bro

Yes, we know… Right now, your skin probably looks pretty good all by itself – and it actually doesn’t require an extremely technical skin-care routine to keep it that why – so don’t overcomplicate things, bro.

Instead, we recommend you to build an extremely streamlined three-step “cleanse, tone and moisturise” grooming routine. Consequently, helping you spend less time grooming and more time looking sharp (Now we’re talking, right?)

Stick with your hairdresser through thick and thin

A good hairdresser is a straight up gift from the gods of grooming!

As Emil explains: “One of my absolute best advice is to find a hairdresser or barber who you like and trust to cut your hair and then stick with them – then you’ve got a friend in need in case of a serious hair crisis!”

However, a worldclass friendship with your hairdresser takes time: It may require trying different kinds – and not being afraid to ask friends and family with a similar hairstyle for advice.

Choosing a hairdresser and sticking to him or her means they’ll be able to learn specifically how your hair works, what you like and, finally, recommend new hairstyle trends and tendencies to try in the future.

Go hit that gym 

Guess what – the secret to looking fresh and groomed to perfection isn’t strictly at the bottom of a $70-dollar facial cream. It’s at the end of your legs!

Exercise is one of the absolute best ways to looking- and feeling great!

Besides the obvious health gains from a regular workout routine, hitting the gym also benefits your face as you’re boosting your facial skin with a dose of oxygenated blood, whenever you workout.

For your face to benefit from you hitting that gym, you need to combine high-intensity exercise with steady state cardio 30 minutes at least three times a week.

Athletic Workout At The Gym | How To Stay In Shape During Christmas Time - YouTube

Watch your mouth

Yellow teeth will forever be a deal breaker. No doubt there.

However, no amount of teeth whitening will not make you mouth healthier nor cleaner.

What’s vital here is looking carefully after your teeth and step up the technique to doing so: brush in circular motions and for at least 2 minutes, flossing daily and swilling water around your mouth after you’ve drink a cup of coffee.

Always invest in quality products

For economic reasons, it may be tempting to lean on cheap products.

Nevertheless, this is not always a good idea in the long run – as the cheapest products usually are packed with harsh chemicals, such as parabens and phthalates, which do more harm than good.

In this case, our pro tip – and this includes both skincare – and hair products: Seek out a small number of favourites and vow to spend that little extra on those. Trust us, it’s going to be totally worth it!

Quality products Always use protection

We love sunshine! Sadly, our skin isn’t such a big fan… On top of increasing the risk of skin cancer, UV rays are also one of the main causes of premature ageing.

While the sun provides us with essential D-vitamin, it also forces the collagen of the skin to break down at a much higher pace than normal, ultimately resulting in wrinkles and an uneven skin tone (and that’s just not cool…)

Ultimately, protecting your skin against the sun is single-handedly the most important step to keeping your skin in tip-top shape and to looking younger for longer…

And, since we know you don’t wanna look like a mix between a shar-pie and a raisin, you need to start slathering on SPF moisturiser every single morning.
– Yes, all year around, and yes, even when you’re extremely hungover…

Fight thinning hair

We know – it’s NOT cool and maybe even kinda embarrassing: No man likes to admit that his hair’s not as thick and voluminous as it once was.

Even though it might be a bit tough at first, you’re actually better off acknowledging the fact that the top of your head is thinning and focus on tailoring your haircut to work around it.

As you may already know, your hair starts thinning on to before the sides and it’s the different in density that will make it look thinner than it really is.

Pro tip: Go for a buzz cut – with traditional short back and sides – as it evens out the two density and make your hair seem thicker.

Use a matte styling clay that adds texture and absorbs the light to make you look thicker up top!

The right beard chooses YOU

Even the best groom can get spoil with the wrong beard. True story!

But… How to pick a style that suits you and your face?

It’s the golden mixture of hair growth, facial shape and lifestyle. Got a long face? Grow a bit more hair on the cheeks to fill out your face. In contrast, a round face needs to watch the width.

Essentially, it’s all about rebalancing the proportions of your facial structure to achieve a fit, groomed look.

A rule of thumb is settling with short styles to help accentuate bone structure and hide odd features like chubby cheeks or weak chins. Or.. Maybe even try out a prominent moustache, sorrunded by long stubbles?

You are what you eat

Lastly, watch what you put in your mouth!

You might not be aware of this, but only a single percentage of how we age comes from genetics, the rest is down to external factors such as the above-mentioned sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption, pollution and… You’ve guessed it: DIET!

Accordingly, we recommend you to especially eat food high in vitamin A such as kale, spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots – all of which are superfoods perfect for increasing your resistance to bacteria and improve the overall health of your skin.

You don’t have to ban sweets, alcohol and junk food altogether – a few indulgences is an important part of living the sweet life, but a continuously bad diet will hurt you, your body and looks in the long run.

Ultimately, in this case, our number 1 pro tip is as follows: Consume less salt, drink more water and stock heavily up on vegetables.


Ready to get groomed? Let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite grooming move!

The post 9 Genius [Grooming Moves for Men] to ensure you always look your absolute best appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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It’s the beginning of 2018 and its’ time for renewal, repair and good intentions. We’re going ALL-IN on helping you in your quest to becoming a magnificent man and kick-starting the NEW YEAR by letting you in on the 18 secret tips & tricks every stylish man should know!

Hair hacks: Use a pre-styling product 

Layering a base before adding paste, pomade or wax is vital.

Heat protection sprays, mousses and even sea salt sprays have a very real impact on the finished styling when used correctly.

When it’s getting thinner

It’s never a blast when your hair gets thinner, nevertheless, it’s the man’s circle of life. However, don’t give up right away – the trick to making your hair look thicker and more manageable is using a matte styling paste or clay.

Matte hair products absorb the light and instantly make you hair appear thicker.

Less is more… 

When it comes to the hair styling, one of the biggest mistakes made by men is actually using too much product.

Remember that a small amount can go a very long way and using the product sparingly will also provide a more natural look

Pro tip: A good pre-styler, as mentioned above, will naturally spare you from using too much product as it helps boost volume as well as adding texture and hold.

Keep it cool

God knows a blow-dryer is an ever day need for a lot of us – but, gents, don’t overdo the heat as it’ll leave your hair damaged and frizzy.
Instead, try setting the dryer on ‘cool’ mode.

While it might take a bit more time to get your ‘do dry, it’ll keep you hair in a much better condition!

The perfect pick-me-up 

All hairstyles benefit from a slight touch-up throughout the day – especially before swapping the office for the bar.
Unfortunately, it’s the fewest of us who has a hairdresser attached to our hip all day long.

Nevertheless, we’ve got THE pro tip for all you busy fellas on the go: Always carry a quality comb with you!

In the event of a hair crisis or an unplanned happening, most styling products can actually be re-activated by wetting a comb and running it through your hair to re-style. 

No more than three times a week…

Do you wash your hair every day? If the answer is yes, you need to stop right away!

…At least if your dreaming of that model-like, healthy-looking hair.

If you ask the majority of hair professionals, you should only wash your hair every two or three days. Why, you might ask?

Well.. That’s because most shampoos can actually be seriously damaging when used excessively. When used too often, shampoos simply strip your hair of the oils it needs to stay shiny, healthy and soft.

Lessening your shampoo-use will ultimately help fight frizz, make it easier to use hair products, lessen breakage and generally make sure your hair looks much more healthy and vibrant – what’s not to like?!

Get close with your barber

If both grooming and style is on point then your hair NEEDS to be as well, obviously! A sharp, well-maintained hairstyle depends on two things: Quality products and regular visits to a barber or hairdresser who knows the way around your ‘do.

Becoming – or more accurately – remaining a stylish gent from top to toe depends on the frequency of your visits.
– Our advice: Become bros with your barber!

Most guys need a quick topiary top up around every 4 weeks, so make it a routine to book for a period in advance and enjoy the feeling of a fresh haircut every single day!

Grooming hacks: De-frizz with your hair conditioner

Got a serious Sideshow Bob-kind of hairstyle going on? Regain control by rubbing a small amount of hair conditioner thoroughly through your dry hair to assuage the static.

Pro tip: Facial moisturiser is also a perfect in-the-moment de-frizzier.

Battle of the beards 

The attraction of a perfectly shaped beard should not be questioned. That is, until your once well-groomed beard becomes either overgrown, dry or both and most of all resembles Robinson Crusoe’s…

A general rule to live by is to trim your facial hair every two or three weeks or, alternatively, pay a barber to do it for you.

Pro tip: The importance of a quality beard oil should never be underestimated! To keep your beard looking and feeling its absolute best, apply a good beard oil and distribute it evenly throughout your beard using fingertips or a bristle brush to protect the skin underneath from becoming dry and flaky.

Beat the Mother of all Hangovers

So… That “one after-work drink” with the boys turned into many…. Now it’s the morning after and you’re in need of full-on damage control, trying to turn what was once a man into something appropriate for work. Not to mention finding your keys…

The big black bags under your eyes are definitely your worst snitch! Luckily, something as simple as a bag of ice will tighten the sensitive skin around your eyes and combat puffiness – leaving you as bright-eyed as ever.

With not a minute to waste, there’s no time for a shower either. Here, talcum powder is first aid for your hair!

It works exactly like dry shampoo (in case you cannot just snatch your girlfriend’s), sucking up excessive grease. Apply to your roots, let it sit for a second and brush out.

Pro tip: No talc? No problem! Grab your pomade and comb – it’s time to embrace the greasy look of the 1950’s and ROCK IT!

Styling hacks Stop the Pilling!

Pills wrecking your stylish knitwear? No problem!

Restore your knit’s finish with a sweater stone. All you have to do is stroke this pumice-look-a-like lifesaver gently over your pilling pieces and watch the surface of your jumpers, wool jackets and cuff instantly renewed.

Pro tip: Half-way out the door already? Grab a sharp razor blade and use it to VERY gently cut away pillings – but be careful, as a hole in your brand-new cashmere sweater is never a good look..

Mix it up

Does your wardrobe (also) need a quick pick-me-up?

This fix is definitely not rocket science – yet the result speaks for itself. Our number 1 pro tip for putting an end to a boring wardrobe is mixing and matching across looks and styles.

So… if you’re keeping it classy all the way but lacking casual options, try balancing an oversize hoodie and minimalistic sneakers with tailored pants or matching that stylish dinner jacket with skinnies and a tee.

If you, on the other hand, got a shoe rack filled with sneakers, sub in a pair of loafers, Oxfords or swap your leather jacket for a luxurious blazer.

Mixing different styles – sporty and classic or high end with high street – adds a personal touch to your look and will ultimately create that effortless eye catcher.

Fold pocket squares like a pro

The classic pocket square has actually been around for quite some time – it was officially introduced in the 1800’s alongside the emergence of the two-piece suit and, little by little, it has obtained status as a staple that ties an outfit together.

We’re huge fans of the pocket square’s perfect, effortless vibe but, nevertheless, it actually requires some skills. Not least because there’s a surprising number of different ways to fold a pocket square.

– But… We’re keeping it simple and starting out by teaching you the Square Fold – or Presidential Fold – which is equally easy and classy.

To master the square fold, simply fold the pocket square in half, then fold it back on itself in half again and then once more in half vertically, so you’re left with a perfectly folded, small square to pop in your pocket.

Now, all you’ve got to do is adjacent your newly folded pocket square to the top of your pocket.

How To Fold A Pocket Square - The Presidential Fold - YouTube

Get close with the brands that’s got your back

This tip will without a doubt save you both a lot of time and trouble: Know the brands that suit you!

If you’re already a huge fan of the fit of a certain tee or a particular trousers from a specific brand, chances are that you’ll be happy to try out a different style, colour or fabric you wouldn’t normally consider.

Find out where to go for cutting edge, seasonal styles and, in contrast, who to trust for timeless, indispensable basics makes the process of building the perfect wardrobe that much easier!

Ice-cold denim

Have you ever tried washing a pair of your favourite jeans only to discover that this seriously killed their natural colour? Believe us, you’re NOT alone!
But don’t throw in the jeans just yet – the solution is actually much more foreseeable than your weekly laundry day.

Instead of washing your denim – you need to throw it in your freezer. Crazy? Yes. Effective? OH YOU BET!
The beauty of this freezer hack is that while you preserve the denim’s shade and shape, you’re still effectively eliminating bacteria.

So, freezing your favorite jeans in a plastic bag overnight instead of washing them is a 2018 go-to: Save the colour, shape AND water – win/win!

Emil & Rasmus’ own favorites

“Second-day hair is seriously the BEST: Skip the shampoo and rinse with water to save those natural oils that makes you hair look healthy and shiny – add just a tiny bit of wax and you’re good to go!

But, perhaps even more importantly, become best friends with your blowdryer, guys! Allocate at least 5 minutes every morning to blow-dry your hair – trust me, it’s worth every minute!“

“First of all.. Hit the gym on a regular basis and make sure to eat healthy – get those vegetables  guys! Alternatively, shake things up a bit by becoming your own juicer.
– Taking care of yourself – from inside-out – is vital to feeling and looking sharp every single day!

When it comes to styling, make sure to stock up on fresh basics: Black and white tee’s, quality shoes, comfy socks and underwear – if the basics aren’t on point, then your new high-end blazer won’t be either!

Finally, and this is definitely our most important tip: Always choose to do what makes you happy – and make sure to be passionate about what you you choose to do. That’s the true recipe for succes!”

Did we miss a tip or two? Share your ultimate tips and tricks in the comments below, guys!

The post 18 Secret Tips & Tricks Every Stylish Man Should Know appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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So, guys… Winter is definitely here! Are you and your hair ready for all the new, trending hairstyles?

A new season definitely calls for experimenting with a completely new look or to get a seasonal hairstyle-upgrade.

Check out these 4 TOP MALE HAIRSTYLE TRENDS FOR WINTER 2017-2018, which have all been given a golden thumbs up by some of the most influencing hair- and trend experts.

– Get ready for some, literally, cutting-edge hairstyles trends for men in this winter!

The loose Quiff

The quiff is and has been rocked by a wide variety of men – from Kim Jong-un and Elvis Presley to Leonardo DiCaprio and our very own Slikhaar Twins! As of right now, the best way to rock this gravity-defying hairstyle is, fortunately, much closer to the two latter…. And thank god for that!

According to Denis Robinson, creative director at leading barbershop chain Ruffians, the loose, textured quiff is a “classic hairstyle worn longer for dramatic effect”.

– So… As with any other quiff hairstyle, you’re gonna need hair, and lots of it: “Thicker hair is essential to ensure that there is a good ‘wave’ shape”, says Robinson.

If you got lots of hair then you’re good to go and all you need to do is ask your barber to be creative, because this hairstyle is HOT no matter what face shape you were born with  and it also keeps your head warm during these cold months – win/win!

Aim for getting a traditional quiff haircut, but make sure to explain that you’ll be wearing it loose – then a skilled barber will chop into the length and remove some weight.

While the haircut itself is a piece of cake, styling the Quiff require a bit more technique to achieve the best possible result. Start out by applying two or three pumps of sea salt foam or saltwater spray to your roots before grapping your blow-dryer and drying backwards with an either round or vent brush.

Finally, you’ll need to create that charming looseness. This is done with a small amount of styling paste, which you work from roots to hair tip using a wiggling motion – and then you’re ready for both formal and more casual occasions!

The Cropped Blunt Fringe

Okay guys, this might sound a bit weird but… Star Treck’s Spock is this winter’s most debated hair goals. Before entering shock-mode, no we’re not joking or trying to spoil your chance with the girl of your dreams!

– Still wondering if we’re being serious? Just take a good look at more or less any men’s AW17 and give in to the Spock-look!

Aside from it being enormously happening, it’s a pretty versaital hairstryle as well. While best on guys with straight hair and a square jawline, this high-fashion men’s haircut succesfully works with most hair types.

Steer clear of bowl cut vibes and go for tight, faded sides with a blunt cut forward fringe. Use a blow-dryer with a flat nozzle in a down-ward movement and finish off with either a styling clay or texture dust.

Millennial Curtains

… OK – maybe you’re contemplating whether we’re switched from hairstyles to discussing interior? – nope, guess again! The millennial curtains are actually an extremely popular nineties haircut, which at some point were the primary signature hairstyle for every nineties boyband!

Just like the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers and bum bags, this nineties hairstyle is back BIG TIME – “But with ‘a modern twist’ that makes the ‘millennial curtains’ both extremely happening and versatile”, according to Robinson.

To be sure you’ve got the updated Winter 2017-2018 cut and not the Backstreet’s Back version, Robinson advice that you let your barber know you’re craving those loose, long curtains.

On top of being a serious 2017-2018 hair goal, the styling is also relatively straight-forward: Dry your hair forward using a paddle brush and then sweep it back when it’s dry. Hereafter, apply either hairspray or a light pomade between your palms and push through your hair, working your fingers out to either side – and, voilà, you’re rocking the millennial curtains, bro!

Wondering if this trend is for you? Well, if you’ve got that rectangular face shape and, moreover, is a man with an eye for the latest trend, then you simply cannot let this one pass!

The long French Crop

“I woke up like this..” Isn’t just for the ladies anymore, gents! The French Crop is the new, interesting take on an otherwise timeless men’s cut – a heavy and full top combined with a short back and sides: An effortless and tousled bedhead-look, which is more than perfect if you’ve got that thick, less obedient hair.

As you might have guessed, this men’s haircut turns styling nightmares such as unruly hair, cow’s lick and ill-defined curls into stylish advantages.

So the best part about the long French crop is definitely that it’s low maintenance since the actual styling is a pretty laid-back affair: Go for a dry styling product to create textured structure and pull the hair forward into a long, heavy fringe, then finish off with a thumbnail-amount of styling clay, mould until you’re satisfied and looking like you just got out of bed!

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed some important hairstyle trends and tell us which Top Men’s Hairstyles for Winter 2017/2018 you plan on trying out!

The post Top Male Hairstyle Trends for Winter 2017/2018 appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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Let’s face it, nobody wants to age, but it’s inevitable. With aging comes one of a man’s biggest fears: HAIR LOSS!

Around 30% of men have started losing or have lost their hair to a great degree by the time they reach the age of thirty – and YES, you can blame your genes or hormones.

You might think that hair loss is an embarrassing problem that can negatively affect your professional and social life.

However, no matter how you feel about it, don’t try to cover it up or make a comb over. DEAL WITH IT and find a way to make it work for you.

Step 1: Find a Haircut That Works for You

Talk to your hairstylist and try to find a haircut that works for you and your receding hairline.

We recommend 5 different haircuts that can turn your losses into gains:

1. Slicked Back Hairstyle: many men draw attention away from thinning hair on the top by slicking back the hair which adds a light lift at the roots.

2. Messy Side Parted Hair: is typically good for those with longer hair that is starting to thin out.

3. Short & Spiked Haircut: ask your hairstylist to cut your hair on the top to give it an edgy and spiky look. This cut creates space between your locks and therefore the attention will only be focused on where your hair has been spiked.

4. The Crop Haircut: if your thinning hair is not bad enough to pull off a buzz cut, getting a close cut with top texture is a nice choice.

5. The Buzz Cut: if you have the face shape for a buzz cut, this cut is a cool and sexy solution for thinning hair.

Read more about how to style it here: Haircuts For Men With Thinning Hair (Receding Hairlines)

Step 2: Use the Right Hair Styling Products

Go find the right styling products for your hair.

A nice wax or powder will add structure and volume to your hair. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Using too much can make your hair appear too oily.

Step 3: Don’t over wash Your Hair

Your initial reaction to thinning hair might be to wash it more often. You may believe that washing your hair more frequently is good for the remaining hair, but this is not the case. Over washing can cause hair damage and further hair loss.

Depending on your hair type and texture, keep your hair washing down to 2-3 times a week. Apply the shampoo into your wet hair, massage gently for one minute, rinse thoroughly with water and repeat if necessary.

Step 4: Build a Beard

There are many reasons to grow a beard.

Firstly, if you choose a suitable one that’s well maintained, it shows that you’re fashionable.

Secondly, a beard will help bring the eyes of others down and away from your hairline rather than towards it. Remember to pick a beard that suits your style and face shape.

Read more about How To Pick A Beard That Completes Your Look

Step 5: Keep Up a Positive Mind

Be confident! Life is not all about hair. Don’t waste your time on negative energy. Try to focus on the positive things in life and be grateful for what you have.

Focus on the things that you’re satisfied with, such as the shape of your body or the colour of your eyes.

Well, how do you want to deal with your thinning hair? Let’s know in the comment section below. 


The post 5 Steps: How to Handle Receding Hairlines [Thinning Hair] appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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BAD NEWS summer is gone and fall is just around the corner. GOOD NEWS it calls for a new seasonal haircut.

Are you up for a new haircut? A trim that will last longer than your last one? Because you probably want to save some money and avoid the barber for a couple of weeks longer?

If the answers are YES, you should keep reading!

Let’s Just Get One Thing Clear…

There’s no way to slow down hair growth. Instead, what you want to do is control how long your haircut appears fresh and epic and how to maintain it.

1. Get the Right Haircut

Keep in mind that the shorter your hair is, the more often you need a trim to keep the shape. Hard-edges styles like the skin fade, the crop haircut or undercut don’t last as long as the cuts with more natural borders. Super short buzz cuts also require a significant amount of upkeep to look their best.

2. Try Not to Overwash

To maintain a fresh cut longer, don’t overwash your hair. Shampooing your hair too often will strip hair of its natural oils, causing it to dry out and frizz more easily. Depending on your hair type and texture of course, keep your hairwash down to 2-3 times a week …if possible.

3. Don’t Forget to Condition

We’ve said it before! Conditioner is your best bet to ensure that your hair doesn’t dry out. It protects your hair from losing too much oil during the shampooing process and brings back moisture. Remember, different hair types and scalps require different products and levels of shampooing and conditioning.

4. Use the Right Tools

When it comes to successful hair maintenance, it’s well worth plunking down a few extra bucks for tools that won’t harm your hair.

Use heat projection before blow drying your hair and look for the right brush or comb for your hairstyle and hair type. There are lots of brushes and combs in different shapes and sizes to keep your hair free from tangles.   

A toothcomb for example is perfect if you’ve got thick, mid to long hair. It creates amazing texture and stokes your waves into shape.


 5. Give Your Hair a Day Off

Take a break from your styling products and blow-dryer once in a while. One those days through on a stylish hat or just walk around all natural on a causal Friday.

6. Skip the Six-to-Eight-Week Rule

If your hair is relatively healthy and your texture hasn’t changed much since your last trim, wait until you’re at least 12 weeks out.

Yet, you’re looking to keep your haircut the exact same length, then the six-to-eight-week rule will apply to you.

Tip: Most barbers and hairdressers offer a good price (50% off) on “neatening of the edges” a few weeks after your haircut. That’ll keep your locks looking great at an affordable price, if you simply can’t go without a fresh cut.


The post 6 Tips: How to Make Your Haircut Last Longer? appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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Peaky Blinders, a gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham England, literally has taken over our screens and nearly been a Netflix obsession.

But just as much as we love the show, we love the haircuts. Especially Tommy Shelby’s do’ (played by Cillian Murphy). He surely deserves an award for Best Haircuts.

Undercut Side & Textured Length on Top

When he does not wear a hat with razor blades, Mr. Shelby rocks an epic cut that is similar to this year’s textured crop trend. The cool cut is easy to wear and looks great for both formal and casual events.

The style looks modern but is actually from the 1920s. Pure, authentic 1920s haircuts were rough and utilitarian, often meant to be worn under hats when outside, and styled quickly if at all.


How to Get the Look

If you’ve decided to rock this do’, you should know how to style it just right!

Thomas Shelby’s cut is styled with texture and often pushed over to one side. The undercut is short.

To style the cut, apply a medium to strong hold pomade or wax to your hair. For this textured, natural look, make sure your products provide a matte shine.

Sweep your hair to the right to create a side swept style with your fringe, while keeping the rest of your hair messy.

Well, are you ready to rock this bad boy, ganster look? Let’s know… 


The post Best Haircuts: Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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“Signature style” is one of those fashion phrases that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean?

Let’s all admit: It can be a real struggle to find a style that represents our personality, coolness and brings us some positive vibes!

We’ve probably all been there, at least once… When we throw ourselves into our wardrobe and just can’t find “the” sweater or “the” jeans that fits perfectly together and makes a totally good looking outfit.

Anyway, why is this exactly so important for us? Well,  the impact of personal style goes far beyond making a good first impression; great style is also about confidence, personality and to be fashionable.  

Whether you’re looking for a total style overhaul or to try something a little new this year, I will now share some simple tips about my personal style and outfit. So check this out if you want to get a little inspired… 

Defining “THE” Style

Style includes a lot of different things, but in general I think that it depends on how the outfit represents the best version of yourself.

It’s always awesome to wear a BIG SMILE and behave like a real gentleman. My experience is that a smile brings you far in many facets of life.

Furthermore, your lifestyle also reflects awesome style. I always keep myself in good shape. Still, I’m not a fanatic. But fitness boosts my mood and gives me a even higher energy during the day.


My Personal Style

Fashion and style is a great way to express ourselves – whether it’s for the everyday look or special events. I want to be the best version of myself and therefore my style has to represent who I am.   

I will describe my style as minimalistic and Scandinavian inspired. My wardrobe is characterized by the classic look and timelessness – more timeless the better.

I mean, if you look at your closet, and you see a lot of basics, that’s a good thing. Because that means that you keep things simple! I think that too many men shoot themselves in the foot by getting the basics wrong. When you’re putting your outfit together, stop over-complicating things. Remember that you’re a man, and being overly extravagant isn’t necessary.

I like dark and classic colours like the combination of black, white and denim. Generally, I always look for high quality and my tip is to invest in items you will rewear. In other words, a successful signature style is one you will love for more than one year, and so your focus should be on wearing the things you truly adore.


My Favourite outfit

My favourite outfit is slim, skinny jeans in black or navy blue completed with a white basic t-shirt. Sometimes I add a blazer or leather jacket. This brings more business-causal vibes to my outfit.

When it comes to footwear it’s all about high quality. Often I look for handmade Italian shoes or boots in dark colors – black or brown.

I always keep accessories to a minimum. But I’m not afraid to confidently adorn my wrists. I like to rock a raw and understated bracelet that shows high quality, but not in a overpowering way. A bracelet adds on-trends vibes to my outfit and complements my watch to perfection.  My watch – for example – means a lot to me because it’s a high quality watch from Switzerland and it represents success and hard work.


Complete The Style with Hair & Oufit

In the end your style and hair must fit too. It’s very important that there is some kind of harmony between your hair and your outfit.

I can pull off many different hairstyles. Still, I almost always pull off the same style for my everyday look – a light pompadour or quiff.

Remember it’s possible to create many different looks with one hairstyle – REALLY – it’s all about styling skills and to be creative. Just check out the video below:

Men's Hairstyling Hacks ★ Easy Tutorial ★ Men hair inspiration - YouTube

However, my favorite styling combo at the moment is a mix of By Vilain Gold Digger and Powermade. Gold Digger for a extreme hold that easily allows you to create spectacular hairstyles and  Powermade for a light and shiny finish.


Best Style Tips & Advice

Don’t let the fashion defines you! What you wear should show the world your amazing personality.

Perhaps you haven’t found your personal style yet or perhaps you want to upgrade your wardrobe. However, before you go for a new look, you have to be prepared to spend time to research for inspiration.

I recommend that you combine the basics with more expensive, exclusive or fashion inspired clothes like a nice pair of shoes, bags, watch, jeans or jacket.

Remember, it’s always a great idea to get some inspiration, tips or tricks by a good friend.

Try out some different outfits and ask your friends to take pictures. In that way you get the chance to see how it fits you and you can get use to the idea about the new look. And no matter what it’s always important that your show confidence with your look.

YOU CAN’T GO WRONG with confidence, a nice smile combined with a good looking outfit and awesome hair!



The post Tips to Defining Your Personal Style [By Emil Vilain] appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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Summer is our favourite time of year! This season, let’s rock some short and trendy haircuts without freezing our butts off. It’s also a wonderful time of the year to let go of those perfect, sleek hairdos and embrace that loose, natural look.

In the summer heat, priorities shift. You will for sure rock less warm outfits, although according to every fashion show, it is time to layer up.

The one thing you will be wearing constantly, however, is the crown you never take off: your hairdo. So you had better make sure it looks its BEST this summer season.

The main question is: what will we see? Well, we will definitely see lots of natural texture, long and short lengths, as well as all of those in between.

Let’s take a closer look at this summer season’s hottest hair trends!


Short Hair (Crew cut/Army Trim)

Summer can be HOT! Opting for a shorter hairstyle once the summer hits means less sweat, not to mention that short hair is much easier to maintain; it gives you the freedom to play with the look and customize it according to individual preference.

Short hairdos are quick, easy, look great, and work for every hair type, especially very thick and curly hair.

Short hair is always ON TREND for men, but what we will see more and more of during the upcoming summer season is the so-called crew cut. This cut can be ultra-short, and that is perfect if you don’t want to deal with a blow dryer or use too much time on styling your hair every morning. It can also be done as a faded hairstyle, which has been extremely popular amongst men lately. This video shows how to get a Scandinavian skin fade with comb over…

If ultra-short is not to your liking, then go for the longer-on-top crewcut version. This hairdo is still short all over, but the extra length on top makes it possible for you to style it in many different ways.

Check out this video (Short Sporty Side Swep inspired by Antoine Griezmann) or this one (Men’s short hair Crew Cut inspiration) and learn how to pull it off. 


Medium Hair (Undercut Grow Out)

Looking for a new look somewhere in between short and long hair? Then it is time to check out the super cool medium hairstyle for men.

Medium hair is versatile and stylish, as it can be messy or neat, classic or modern. More length means more options: loose and messy with long bangs or slicked back.

However, what we will see this season is medium hair with a so-called undercut grow out. Not that the undercut is totally out of trend! We certainly can’t deny that the undercut is still so popular that it will continue its onward march into the summer. Yet, the trend is to make your undercut grow out a little longer.

In this video tutorial we show you how to get the medium short length hairstyle.  


Curly Hair

Are you one of those lucky bastards, who is born with naturally curly hair? Then BEAT IT! Going with this year’s texture trend, curly hair is IT

Before letting someone’s scissors near your hair, keep in mind, that curly hair requires a different approach. Not all hairdressers are experienced with curls.

Long curls on top require a light hold product that will keep your hair in place. If you have looser curls, opted for the medium length hairstyle that can make it seems like you have tons of natural texture.

Learn how to deal with curly hair! Check THIS (Curly Fringe for men) or THIS  (Undercut with Curls and Texture on Top).


Go wild (Bed Head/Messy Hair)

The messy hairdo has been totally in for the last three seasons, and its trendy movements will continue during the summer.

If you have wavy, think or curly hair, let your hair do the talking. The messy bedhead look still requires styling, but the main idea with the styling part is to add texture and volume rather than full control.

Don’t get us wrong! You will still have to style and control your hair, BUT the aim will be to create the illusion of not having spent too much time in front of the mirror.

Use a matte wax and a blow dryer with a diffuser to emphasise the texture and a looser look.

Video tutorial on how to pull of the messy hairstyle with bangs and volume. 


Buzz Cut (Buzzed Skin Fade)

Summer 2017 is the ultimate season to cut off your locks. The good thing is that the buzz cut is still totally stylish.

Perhaps the best part of the buzz cut is the low-maintenance and easy styling. Imagine waking up in the mornings and having your hair ready to go…

Keeping the hair shaved close to the head is one of the easiest ways to control your hair, BUT it will still require frequent trimming. However, this timeless look NEVER “grows” out of fashion.

The other benefit is that buzz cut hairstyles are great for men with receding hairlines. But before you decide to shave your head, it is wise to consider your face shape. The buzz cut works best if you have a long, round or oval face. 

A video on how to get the famous buzz cut. 


Natural Afro

Rocking it or not, the natural afro is BACK IN VOGUE!

During the summer, we will see more and more guys rocking afro hairstyles and wearing it longer. Nailing this style is not just about having the confidence to let it all hang out: the right hairdresser, the right styling products and knowing how to maintain it are key for afros. 

If you are rocking this awesome ‘do, you will need to wash and condition your hair to loosen it. It is not suggested to use a hair dryer: allow it to dry naturally before gently brushing it out using an afro comb instead. Finally, apply a shine spray to keep it in place.

Today this style is best suited for those who are working in less formal environments but can also look great when contrasted with smarter pieces.


Fringe cut… Where did you go?

Fringe cut, bangs, face curtains or man fringe… Whatever you choose to call it, this cut was mentioned as one of the hottest hairtrends in 2017. This cut is still a stylish way to express personal and individual “hipster” style, but according to us it will not be among the hottest hairstyles in summer 2017. 

Rocking the fringe is a lifestyle and not everyone dares to wear hair on forehead. Over the last few seasons fringes have been a growing trend in the hair world, but it is a look that has always been quite difficult to replicate at home.

Are you considering a fringe cut? Check THIS out. 


What Do You Think?

Tell us in the comment section down below. Which hairstyles do you think will trend in summer 2017? And what hairstyle are you going to rock yourself?


The post Men’s Top Hair Trends Summer 2017 appeared first on SLIKHAAR | blog.

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