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Since the inception of Google, link building has always been valued as one of the successful skills when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Despite its popularity, many of the marketers do not look beyond a few tested strategies such as infographics, guest blogging, commenting on popular marketing sites and enlisting their sites to popular directories.

Link building is not difficult. It is a step-by-step process that takes time to show results. Many web owners look for shortcuts while link building which gets them penalized by Google Penguin.

If you are tired of using the same old link building strategies, we are here to help. In today’s post, we have discussed six link building strategies that will not go out of style even in 2019. So without further ado, let us discuss them in detail.

  1. Co-Author Articles

Co-authoring articles with a well-known bloggerof your niche is a fool-proof way of link building. If there is a well-performing blog in your niche, you should contact the admin and pitch your idea of sharing your information with them.

If you successfully get them to do this, you will not only get a quality backlink but your host blog will also get quality content. But do not get your hopes too high as it is not as easy as it sounds. For a co-authoring to work, you need to convince other bloggers to accept your request.

To increase your chances of acceptance, you should create unique and quality content on a regular basis. Also, you need to make a name of yourself in your niche. This is because a well-successful blog will only accept your idea unless you are a famous personality in your niche or you are known for creating amazing blogs. If you get this to work, you can enjoy a quality backlink from an established website.

  1. Give Testimonials

Link building through testimonials can be a win-win situation for you. When it comes to using online tools, people often look for testimonials. If the testimonials are missing, the users will likely ditch the idea of using that specific tool. But if companies have testimonials in place, they have a better chance of pitching their tools to other people.

This is where you can earn a backlink. Contact such companies and inquire whether you can have your links shared in an exchange for a few kind words about their product. This technique has a 100% approval rate compared to link building through e-mail requests. Also, testimonial link building will direct potential traffic towards your website.

  1. Build Relationships


Building relationships can give your website the required boost. There are several opportunities that can help you build better relationships in your niche. You can attend seminars and connect with people or you can join online forums, groups or closed communities on Facebook such as Link Building Experts Group.

Start by sharing your insights on the shared content. Actively participate in communities that are based in your niche. Once you gain other people’s trust, you can ask them to share your links. Through this, you will not only get backlinks but will have direct access to the latest trends in your niche. Also, here is a quick read to help you understand how you can promote your content and gain backlinks through social media networks.

  1. Convert Mentions into Backlinks

Somewhere on the internet, someone has mentioned your product. Or they have written about your website without providing any links to the users. In such cases, you need to find where you are mentioned and ask those web owners to convert the mentions into quality backlinks.

But here is the problem, how do you find when someone has mentioned you on their website? You can perform Google search or use tools like Ahrefs to locate your mentions. After finding your mention, email the web owners and request them to convert them into reachable links. This technique is quite effective but it only works if you are popular in your niche. So start creating content that compels people to talk about you.

  1. Craft Case Studies and Reports

Sharing your opinions can be extremely valuable if you are a well-known name in your niche. But if you want to gain authoritative backlinks, you need to research and share those findings with other people.

The reason is that research papers, case studies, and statistics are one of the most popular sharable content. So if you create or help create one, your findings will be shared on various platforms with your links. To work this strategy, be the first one to write about certain topics in your niche. Fresh content is necessary if your niche is prone to changes which is why always include tons of data, statistics, and charts. Also, do not forget to cite your sources.

  1. Outreaching and Backlinking

Google’s primary focus is to earn money and it does so by providing the most relevant search results. Google working system is such that it analyzes load speed, user experience, navigation, and keyword density of every website and ranks them accordingly. Many website owners focus on all these things but forget one of the top ranking factors: good quality content

For a website to rank better on Google, good quality content is necessary. For example, we have a company trying to rank for SEO services UK in the top ten results then the web owner needs to secure authoritative backlinks via high quality content. Guest blogging and content outreaching are perfect for those who require a long-term high ranking position in the SERPs. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the concept of outreaching if you are new to this method of obtaining backlinks.


Every web owner dreams of appearing on the top of search engine results. With link building, this can be achieved easily. As Google is becoming increasingly strict with shady link building practices, many people are struggling with finding quality backlinks. This is why we have enlisted legit strategies that will help you with link building.

Also, the application of these strategies will not solve your link building problems. You will need to track all the links to identify working links from dead ones. Furthermore, you should put SEO at the top of your long-term goals and monitor your backlinking profiles daily.

Keeping a tab on everything is not a walk in the park. You can set up a particular group of people or you can hire to help you achieve your goals.

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When it comes to a press release campaign, choosing the right distribution service is one of the most crucial factors. Your choice ultimately determines how your products are presented and handled. But with literally hundreds of press release distribution services available, the task of choosing one can become quite overwhelming. As a matter of fact, businesses tend to make the mistake of selecting the first press release distribution service they talk to. Don’t make this similar mistake. Finding the right partner for your business is one of the most critical factors for a successful marketing campaign. But how do you choose the best press distribution service for your company? Read ahead.

Before you consider your options, there are two main key points you should be looking at:

  1. Who is going to create the press release for you? If you have the right knowledge and capacity to write your own press releases, then you can create them yourself. However, if you don’t know how or you just don’t have the time, most press release distribution services offer the additional service of creating them for you.
  2. How would you like your press release to be distributed? Think about who you want your press release to reach. Do you want it to be distributed to a local newswire or a global one? What kind of journalists or influencers would you like to be in touch with? Choosing the right press release service also means choosing your target audience.

Tips for Choosing a Press Release Distribution Service

Choose Your Category

First, you need to consider which category your press release goes to. Do your products belong in technology or finance? It’s important to put this in mind so you can pick the perfect press release publishing sites or platforms that are perfect for your niche. Pre-identifying the audiences, you are targeting to reach will help your press release campaign to be as effective as it can possibly be. Besides, choosing the right category can save you a lot of time and resources, and instead lets you focus on other things at hand.

Multimedia Assets

Distribution services also offer different outlets when it comes to multimedia. Depending on the type of release and assets that go along with your release, choose the one that can cater to your multimedia needs perfectly. For example, if you want your press release to come with photos, videos, or infographics, look out for distribution services that include multimedia assets. Check for the number of hyperlinks you are allowed to attach alongside your press release. Different newswire services have specific targeting capabilities, and choosing the perfect one can increase your campaign’s impressions significantly.

Avoid Services That Offer Everything and Anything

In a press release, the term, “the more, the merrier” is a bad thing. If you can help it, you don’t want to to be associated with websites that publish just about anything and everything. Consider your media carefully. These types of services are often ridden with spams. If you don’t want to end up with thousands of spam emails in your business inbox, you would want to avoid these types of services.

Check for Reasonable Rates

A lot of people would argue that a solid press release distribution can come with a hefty sum. And while some of the best distribution services in the world often come with an expensive price tag, there are still other services that offer excellent value for your money. There are plenty of services that have customizable packages that include everything from basic distribution to social media marketing. These kinds of services are perfect for testing the waters and experimenting with what your company might or might not need. However, if you want the whole package, be prepared to pay for the price.

Have a Clear Pricing Plan

Once you’ve checked out different rates from different newswire services, it’s time to develop a solid pricing plan. Setting a press release distribution budget can ensure that everything goes your way without breaking the bank. While there are plenty of sites that claim to offer free press release, they typically don’t give you the kind of visibility that you need. In fact, there’s a high chance your press release won’t even get noticed. Investing in a paid press release distribution is still the best option. Just make sure you have a clear price plan.


A pivotal decision such as choosing the best press release distribution for your business is something that you should take careful consideration in. You’re putting the success of your products on the hands of newswire services that can significantly increase not only sales but also brand awareness. A successful press release campaign can lead to many incredible opportunities and exposure. Know what to expect and what you want to achieve. Have clear goals and a solid plan. Make sure you end up working with a service that truly understands your business and what you stand for.

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Why is mobile SEO important?

Making the most of mobile SEO makes sure that you are able to offer the best possible presentation of your website to a mobile device user. As our channel of communication increasingly becomes mobile-oriented, it is becoming more and more important to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Failing to make your site fully available for mobile user means that you are going to miss out on a decent rankings in the SERP’s and therefore lose a funnel of income pumping cash in to your bank account.

The statistics portals research claims that over 51% of website traffic worldwide has come from a mobile device. This, therefore, infers that over 51% of sales would be made by a mobile device. By failing to make your site fully available for mobile user means that you are going to miss out on a decent rankings in the SERP’s and therefore lose a funnel of income pumping cash in to your bank account.

It is also worth noting that Google now uses the mobile version of the site to determine its rankings. If your site is as good as it can be, or if you put less content on your mobile site, you won’t be able to get a decent ranking. It might even be worth looking for an SEO company in London who will be able to do the best job possible and guide your mobile SEO in the right direction.

How can you improve your mobile website?

Improve your site speed

The absolute best thing you can do for the mobile SEO of your website it make sure that the loading speed of the site is the absolutely best that it can be. Over and over again, studies are showing that people are extremely more likely to leave sites that load slowly and often never come back again. Speed has always been a ranking factor, and Google is increasingly focusing on fixing this common problem.

Optimise images

If there is one quick win to improve your site speed, it is this: optimize your images. Don’t load those 3000 x 2000 pixel HD images on your site. Scale them to the correct size and make them smaller with a tool like ImageOptim or WordPress plugins like WP Smush.

Reduce redirects

A redirect from a page is when a visitor is lead from one requested page to another. This happens normally because the page that has been requested has been moved or deleted. This can, of course, lead to a good user experience when done properly, but the more directs incorporated in to your site, the slower your site will become. Make sure not to make endless redirects and try not to keep links around that point to deleted posts that are redirected to new ones. Always make direct links.

Don’t use interstitials or pop-ups

Google now penalises sites that use big pop-ups or interstitials to promote newsletters, sign-up forms or ads. These normally prevent the user getting to the content they need. Make sure not to do this, but if you mist, be sure that you abide by Google’s rules.

Test your site and tell Google about it

Before you start working on your mobile SEO, you should run a Mobile-Friendly Test on Google to see where the best place to start your SEO is. During your work, you should continuously test your site to see if you make any progress. If your site is optimised properly, you need make sure that you tell Google about it so that it can be checked and indexed. Use Search Console to stay on top of the performance of your site.

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If you’re trying to grow your business, do you use Facebook to do free marketing and advertising?

If so, do you utilize Facebook Analytics to improve your marketing campaigns?

Not using Facebook Analytics’ tool, Insights, is like competing in a marathon without the proper training. While it’s not an impossible task, it can be riskier and you could injure yourself.

Insights is Facebook’s free analytics tool that makes it easy to track your page’s performance. Insights reveals how effective your Facebook marketing strategy is using metrics such as Likes, demographics, engagement, and reach.

Image Credits – Yoast.com

The Facebook analysis tool gives you precise and simple ways to make you an effective social media marketer.

Recently, Facebook made changes to its Facebook Analytics tool, Insights. In the following sections, I’ll cover Insights’ new sections and Facebook’s algorithm changes and how you can work with it.

To start, let’s go over the new sections Insights now offers for Facebook analysis.

Facebook Insights’ New Sections

Facebook Analysis Overview Section




This new section gives you a quick overview of the most critical statistics on your business page. You can view metrics such as new likes on your page and post engagement for the past couple days. This is all displayed in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Beneath these overview charts, you can view information on your most recent posts. This includes very specific information on the type of post you publish (photo, video, link), affected audience, influence, and how people engaged with the posts (reactions to post, comments, and shares), and how much money you spent to promote it.

This is a good indicator whether or not your online marketing strategy is working or if you need to tweak it so that you’re making optimum utilization of this giant social network – Facebook.

Facebook Analysis Likes Section

This section shows your page’s growth based on how many likes you have. On the general Likes graph, you can modify the date filter to show your progress over the last week or month.

Beneath the Likes graph, you can get a comprehensive rundown on how your business development changes on a regular basis. This includes unlikes and different types of likes (natural likes, paid likes, and net likes).

This section also tells you where your growth came from. Your progress can come from people clicking the “Like” button on your page, a recommendation from other pages, Facebook Ads, and Facebook stories.

Overall, the Likes section helps you determine if your business page is increasing at the speed you want it to and if it is coming from paid or natural ads.

Facebook Analysis Reach Section

The Reach section shows how much “reach” or engagement your posts received either from paid or natural origins.

The Reach graph can classify how many positive and negative actions your posts received. Positive actions are activities such as likes, comments, or shares on your posts. Negative actions are activities such as reporting your posts as spam or triggering someone to unlike your business page.

The last graph you see is the total reach any activity associated with your page.

This section helps you understand if your most recent posts have increased engagement and traffic on your page. If not, modify the content you share on your page.

Facebook Analysis Visits Section

This section displays a graph that shows which parts of your page get the most visits. This includes your page’s timeline, information, and events tab.

The next feature in this section allows you to see distinctive actions taken on your page. Specific actions include mentions, follower’s posts on your page, and check-ins.

The last feature this section offers tells you which websites direct visitors to your page.

Use this section to pinpoint where to focus your work and where to place the most important information on your page.

Facebook Analysis Posts Section

This section displays a number of graphs to help you schedule what day and time of day to publish your posts.

The first Posts graph shows when your followers are online. You can use a different filter on the graph to see which of your posts receive the most engagement.

Beneath the graph, a table gives you a thorough breakdown of each post you publish. The table displays type, targeting, reach, engagement, and budget for each post.

Use the information from the graph and table to pick content that will increase positive actions and decrease negative ones.

Facebook Analysis People Section

The last section Insights has added gives you demographic information about your followers.

This section helps you clarify if your posts are reaching your targeted audience.

If they aren’t, take a look at Insights’ other sections to conclude what is causing the problem and how to fix it.

Facebook Algorithm Changes




Image Credits – Nuvi.com


For the last part of the article, I’ll cover Facebook’s recent algorithm changes for their newsfeed.

There’s no need to stress over the new changes if you have a business page and I’ll tell you why.

How the Algorithm Works

Facebook wants to create more meaningful interactions with its users on Facebook.

Facebook will take cues from how people react, comment, and share posts to conclude what posts will take priority on a user’s newsfeed.

This change emphasizes how important it is for you to create engaging, relevant, and effective marketing campaigns on Facebook. It also highlights how a well-planned and executed advertisement makes a big impact on the targeted audience.

As a result, you may see a decrease in reach, video viewing, and website referrals. The impact’s severity will vary and depend on the content you post and how you interact with your followers.

I’ll outline how the new algorithm can help your Facebook page.

Battling Engaging Bait on Facebook

No one enjoys seeing spam posts on their newsfeed. “Engagement bait” wants to take advantage of the new algorithm by increasing engagement to grow engagement and reach.

Facebook’s new algorithm created a machine learning model so that it will categorize different types of engagement and click bait.

Your followers will see fewer spam posts that aren’t relevant to them and more posts like yours.

Your job is to make posts that don’t have “engagement bait” and spam-like qualities to keep your posts higher on your followers’ newsfeeds.

Creating a Music Community on Facebook

Facebook publicized their partnership with Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV.

These collaborations hope to produce a more music-oriented experience on Facebook for its users and musical artists.

This is good news if you regularly post music to your page or want to start incorporating it into your marketing campaigns. The contract between the three companies will let you use Universal Music videos you wish to post or share.

Promoting Local Events and News on Facebook

This newest feature Facebook created focuses on everything local.

While Facebook is testing this new feature on its app, it allows its users to market and advertise events and announcements for a specific city.

If your business is primarily concerned with everything local, then take advantage of the new feature rolling out on the app.



The list of new Facebook Analytics Tool Insights and algorithms for the new year aren’t long but have made big improvements and impacts.

Use the new features Insights offers to help navigate through the new Facebook newsfeed algorithms.

Have you seen any changes in your newsfeed or needed to make adjustments in your social media campaigns?

Let us know how the impacts affect you and how you’re using new Insights features to help you.

Author Bio:

Sameer Panjwani is the Founder & CEO of Mondovo.com, an online marketing toolset that helps you track your rankings, monitor your site stats, and research your competitors. A man of many talents, Sameer is currently on a mission to help 1 million businesses grow organically through his products and services.

Facebook – https://facebook.com/Mondovo

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Mondovo

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/mondovo

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/MondovoSEO

Google+ – https://plus.google.com/+MondovoSEO

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Welcome to marketing where everything matters from color to font and everything in between. Why do these seemingly small details matter? Well, each of these contributes to the customer experience, and they center around one vital thing – your brand.

Imagine, if you will, a restaurant in a college town. It’s Parent’s Weekend, and a junior and her parents have stopped to grab a bite to eat, but a quarrel starts between Mom and Dad because they can’t read the menu. Apparently, the font is too small, but is it for the restaurant’s target audience?

Businesses must divide and conquer. In a college town brimming with twenty-somethings, businesses have the ability and the authority to shrink the font size in ways that a retirement community would not be able to.

A quick Google search of the phrase “Font Choice Matters” exposes another reason why font choice is extremely important. Bad font choice can change the meaning. Too small, too funky, too hard to read… maybe all of the above? For example, a bad font can change “Fast Tacos” to “Fart Tacos” or “Special Aunt” to “Special Cu…” Or worse, what appears to be a serial killer font for the words “You’ll always be mine” as opposed to a cute, friendly, loving one.

These font choices impact the customer experience. Imagine driving down the road. You’re hungry. You spot a sign for Tacos. What is more appealing? Fast or fart tacos? More than that, once you have thought “fart tacos,” are you hungry anymore or slightly disgusted? How would you feel if your Valentine used a not-so-cutesy font for your Valentine card? Slightly creeped out? Uncomfortable? Probably so.

So, while you build your personal brand, think carefully before you design your font pack. There is, in fact, a right way to write your content – fonts are beyond important, so listen up and pick carefully.

Canva, boasting its “amazingly simple graphic design software,” works as one of the leading tools for small businesses, freelancers, and personal brands alike. Canva breaks down font and font choice for brands to aid in brand development for growing businesses.

Basically, there is a reason we struggle to pick the right font. We struggle to pick the perfect font because there are just so many to choose from. From the typical classifications of serifs, sans-serifs, scripts, and decorative to the off-the-wall fonts, there is a font for every situation. Every day, in fact, more fonts are added to the growing catalog of font possibilities, and that fact can be extremely overwhelming to the virgining graphic designer.

All too often, it becomes easy for students of graphic design to use a different font for every word and create a busy expression of whatever you are trying to say or do. Yet, this type of post can be extremely overwhelming to the consumer. This style becomes hard to read and even harder for anyone with even minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to stand.

The Canva how-to-guide for fonts notes that “Designers have been known to compare choosing fonts for design projects to choosing an outfit to wear.” Just as you wouldn’t wear a mini skirt to an interview, you wouldn’t use a school-girl font to dictate a hospital fundraiser… unless, of course, the fundraiser was for the children’s wing of the hospital, maybe.

So, how does an armature graphic-designer choose the correct font for their business and/or the occasion? Canva suggests you “determine what a particular font is saying to you” and “whether that fits with your design.” So, as you scroll through the options, don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, combine your perceptions of what you are attempting to say or sell alongside what your target audience might need or want. If your audience is younger, consider a hipper, younger font. If your audience is elderly, a larger, more standard font. All of the above are important options to think about.

Your Font Pack:

As you design your font pack, try a variety of fonts. Canva qualifies that “You want the fonts to complement each other, but not be too similar.” This can be an extremely tricky line to walk. You’ll need a bolder, contrasting title font, a simple easy-to-read title font, and a bare bones text font. This will make it uber easy to distinguish between the different parts of a flyer, social media post, or whatever you are graphic designing.

  • The most bold text must be emphasized, right? So, use a flashy font for your title.
  • A standard but interesting font will be just right for your subtitle, so make it pretty and easy to read.
  • Yet, even simpler? The body text must be written in a neutral font.

Mix these key font choices with color squelches, and you’ll have the perfect design to keep your brand strong and not confuse your customers. The key to font choice, the key to branding in general, is to keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind as you design your plan and/or create your design. Whatever your goal, keep your goal clear, and you’ll be sure to succeed as a marketing wiz!

In addition to being the editor at designrfix and writing about tech, web and graphic design among other subjects, I love “unplug” and be outdoors hiking and enjoying nature. If you can’t reach me, it’s probably because where I am at doesn’t have cell phone reception.

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There are several techniques that form part of the wider strategy of creating an SEO campaign. SEO Article Heroes has created a comprehensive guide to creating an SEO campaign. As an SEO Agency in Cardiff we see it as our duty to help webmasters develop their SEO,, that’s why we’re now writing blog posts that look at specific aspects of SEO in detail. Today we’re going to be covering writing blog posts, blog posts are written on websites for various reasons such as, newsletters, content marketing and for the purpose of SEO. Blog posts are great for SEO as they’re advantage is two-fold firstly it’s an opportunity to feature keywords related to your niche in order to inform the search engine bots what your content is about, they’re also a great opportunity to convince webmasters to link to your content.

Usually a blog post created for the purpose of content marketing will also be created for the purpose of SEO and vice versa however there is quite often a specific focus towards content marketing or SEO when a writer is developing this content. Therefore this article should be treated as walkthrough guide for creating a blog post specifically to improve your SEO.

Topic & Keyword Research

By now you should have a list of the keywords that you would like your website to rank for, if you haven’t the best place to find your keywords is through keyword planner and software such as serpbook, in order to get an idea of where your currently ranking, the difficulty of that ranking keyword and the search volume of the keyword if you find out more please check out our SEO guide for further information. Once you have your list of keywords in front of you you’ll want to pick one that this post is specifically focused on, bear in mind the topic you’ve picked and see what fits best.

There are various ways to find the right topics to talk about. Many people turn to social media platforms such as twitter or stumbledupon whilst others use tools such as Moz and Ahrefs content explorer tools. However for the purpose of this guide I’m going to show you how I find the right topics to talk about, that is via Google search (with Moz Toolbar) and Quora. There are a few basic search queries I would recommend “inurl:/blog “Keyword/Industry)

Now you’ve decided on the keywords that you’re going to feature you’ll need to think about the topic you’ll want to cover. Find a topic that everyone in your industry is talking about find a way to discuss the topic in either greater depth or by taking a completely different stance on a current topic. Perhaps you could use some new statistics or information to draw a new argument from a popular topic. There are various ways to find the right topics to talk about. Many people turn to social media platforms such as twitter or stumbledupon whilst others use tools such as Moz and Ahrefs content explorer tools. However for the purpose of this guide I’m going to show you how I find the right topics to talk about, that is via Google search (with Moz Toolbar) and Quora.  Firstly download the Moz bar, and start experimenting with a few search queries to find the right topic here are a few examples:

  • inurl:/blog + “Keyword/Industry”
  • intitle:”keyword” + inurl:/blog
  • inurl:”keyword” + inurl:blog
  • “keyword” + “industry”

Here’s a great example, we can see here that the page has 530 links, when we open up the page we can see that it was written recently but it lacks a level of depth which I believe I can provide in this blog post. So rather than give 6 quick tips I’ve written a comprehensive guide on writing blog posts for the purpose of SEO, which I will name “how to create a blog post for SEO”

Drafting the Blog Post

When writing a blog post for the purpose of SEO the first thought that goes into many people’s minds is how to maintain a quality blog post that avoids keyword stuffing yet at the same time can be turned into a linkable asset. As a rule of thumb you should prioritise avoiding keyword stuffing and instead focus on the quality of a post. For example a keyword that I constantly want to rank for is “SEO Cardiff” however there is a limited amount of content that I can write regarding specifically “SEO Cardiff”, therefore I create one or two pieces of content specifically about “SEO Cardiff” and mention the word “Cardiff” where necessary and relevant and focus on the keyword “SEO” for the majority of my blog posts as the word is far more competitive.

In order to write your blog post a plan is a lot easier than trying to write gonzo style, start with a skeleton; introduction, at least 3 subheading points and a short conclusion. Fill out the introduction section first outlining the background about the topic along with, why this blog post was created and what you’re going to cover. Then in bullet points start placing information from your research and opinion within the relevant subheadings. Now start trying to tidy up the bullet points so that they begin to make more sense and flow nicer. Finally turn those bullet points into fully fledged paragraphs and presto you a first draft blog post. All you’ll need to do to finish it off is a quick conclusion, in about one or two sentences summing up what you’ve discovered.

Optimising and Editing

Now onto the final aspect of writing a blog post optimisation and editing, firstly let’s focus on optimising your blog post before performing a quality check. Firstly let’s start with your meta tags and social media tags, you can enter your meta tags in code e.g <title>How to Create a Blog Post for SEO</title> however if your using a CMS such as WordPress then you’re better off using a plugin such as Yoast, on which it will allow you to fill in all of this data. Where possible fit in your company’s name as well as your title but if this is not possible prioritise the title. On product/service pages is always good to get crafty with your metatitle but realistically in a blog post your best leaving it as it is. The metadescription should give a good overview of your blog post to bring readers in. Use a good quality picture that’s relevant to your blog post preferably one that you’ve put in to your blog post for the social media picture, you can alter the title and description of the social media text if you wish or you can use the same as the metatitle and description. Next you should look at using h1 and/or h2 tags for your blog posts, many people attempt to keyword stuff in these tags however I would recommend just using titles that are relevant. Ideally you should interlink your blog post to the most relevant page on your website, for example at the top here I’ve linked “SEO Agency in Cardiff” to my main homepage. Many people will try and attempt to create complicated link juice funnels but for the most part it’s best to simply link to relevant pages on your website where relevant. The next thing you should be focusing on is compressing and images on your website there are various WordPress plugins that do this for free, if you’re not using WordPress you can compress the images prior to uploading.  If after reading through your blog post you don’t find your keyword mentioned enough perhaps try and squeeze it in where relevant but make sure you don’t overdo it. Finally check your blog post for typos, how it flows, making sure your using the correct their they’re and their and that you’ve referenced the correct page where relevant.

Congratulations if you’ve got this far you’ve successfully created a blog post optimised for SEO, you’ll now need to think about the ways in which you can obtain links from relevant members other webmasters via an outreach campaign.

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8 Gainful Search Engine Optimization Hacks in Google Analytics (GA)

Google Analytics is the most used SEO measurement tool. This useful tool is important to offer you insights about how to optimize your website to derive traffic. The best and reasonable tool has come up as an ideal choice for many SEOs and Digital marketers. Today, we will discuss 8 useful Search Engine Optimization hacks in Google Analytics (GA). Get some idea and take your website to the heights of success now.

  1. Frame a custom alert or SEO dashboard

It is Google’s frequent activity to change the procedures. By this, there can be some variation in the traffic. And in return will have an effect on your website’s performance. It would be great to be updated so that you can do certain alterations in your Analytics report. If you see a sudden fall in the traffic that has come out of the left side, you can create an alert for that.

  • To make a custom alert, choose “Admin” in the taskbar on the left side.
  • Then, click on “Custom Alerts.”
  • Now, choose the “New Alert” button.
  • After doing this, configure the settings and click “Save Alert.”

With it, you can also set up a custom SEO dashboard. It can be quite useful as Custom Alerts. A custom SEO also offers a brief overview of useful SEO stats all at the same place.

It is a time saving tool and will be able to find every information at one place.

You can also have a choice to make a new custom dashboard. With it, you can import the current one that you can customize.

  1. Make failing pages rank higher

Well, content is an important part of any website. Nowadays, many bloggers are spending more time on creating a piece of content. When you take time in creating content, there will be a lesser number of articles published. But, the good thing is that you don’t have to create tons of new content to enhance SEO results.

As per a report few day back, Unbounce published a content for some days. During that time, they checked the old contents and improved them. And the results were great as expected.

Now, there is no need to spend hours on each post for enhancing results. You can do this by using a simple hack in Google Analytics by following the steps:

  • Log in to the Google Analytics account and find the “Search Console” button below “Acquisition.”

Imp: You must have Search Console integrated.

  • Now, find “Queries” in the “Search Console.” There you will find “Search Queries Report.”
  • Mostly, the queries will be like “not provided.” But the remaining high traffic search queries will come up right under the same.
  • On the extreme right, you will see the pages ranking according to the nature of search queries.

There is a theory that the results on Google’s page 1 are of higher quality as related to 2, 3, and 4. The results on page 2, 3, 4 can be good as page 1, and there is a way of doing it.

  • For that, click “advanced” option. From that point, set the “Average Position” to higher than “10.”
  • Save the results and you will see all the low-hanging results on the left, here clicks are below.
  • Now, you know how to increase the performance of the pages. You can now take action.
  • The next phase is to improve the pages to rank higher by enhancing the URL structure. You can also do it by applying “the skyscraper Technique” and more.


  1. Keep an eye on Referral Traffic to increase opportunities

To use referral traffic as a chance to build good relationships. See below-

  • To find the referral traffic report, go to “Acquisition.” Then click on “Referrals” below the “All Traffic” tab.
  • You can also use annotations to see what’s working and what’s not.


  1. Use Annotations to see what’s working & what’s not

Annotation creation is quite simple and valuable. Annotation (Note) is useful as you can annotate a new blog, annotate a page that has new keywords and more. The clients will be happy to see these annotations as it can update them with a click. If you leave annotations, it will keep on updating you what’s working for you and what’s not.

  1. Analyse Landing page Reports to increase engagement

You can now analyse the organic landing pages to check if it does not have any issue. You can find the report by visiting Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages. Having an eye on the landing pages can help you fix the issue of low traffic. Follow the steps and you will be able to maximize the results.

  1. Use Keyword Planner for more Keyword ideas

If you want to increase the reach of a website or product in Google Search, your keywords should be decent. You can use a possible combination of keywords to increase the reach. To enhance the usage of keywords, use Keyword Planner and see the difference by getting many ideas.

  1. Frame a Profile Filter to attain added keywords

The Queries report help you to analyse how the website is performing with the use of certain keywords. For this, you can craft a profile filter to get additional keywords in Google Analytics.

  • For creating it, click “Admin” present in the left taskbar. From that point click on “Filters” in the “View” column.
  • From there, make a filter by matching the selections. The filter then says Google Analytics to use a filter to a search term that matched the additional keywords.
  • By this, you can work on cumulative engagement by seeing the landing page reports.
  1. Restore leaking pages to match search intent in a productive way

Understanding the intention of your visitors is the most important thing. It is also the heart of search engine optimization. Before starting the task of finding the right keywords, it is essential to see whether the site is driving the traffic or not.

Now, how can you understand if the website drives the right traffic? You can find it by looking at keyword intent.

For example, there are 4 types of keyword intent, such as:

  • Navigational– Where users search for a website.
  • Investigational – Where users search info that may lead to a transaction.
  • Transactional – Where users are ready to buy.
  • Informational – Where users search for the reply to a question.

So, whenever you want to fetch traffic and earn returns, it is important to know about Keyword Intent. This method will help your visitors to achieve what they want.


The correct usage of these fruitful hacks of Google Analytics can help you achieve organic search rankings for websites. It will also help in fetching organic visitors to your website.

I am  working as SEO/blogger in Megicbyte Solutions , a leading Search Engine Optimization Agency in USA/India. He is an avid reader and other than his work, he has an interest in video marketing, writing, and assisting others in social groups. If you are interested in reading more interesting stuff  follow  Megicbyte Solutions on Google+

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The world is heading towards self-employment instead of depending on a paid job. Consequently, the concept of entrepreneurship has now widely accepted by large criteria of people. If you have a talent that can earn good amount of money, just go for it. This decision may involve risk to an extent but it will bring an ultimate peace of mind. The rapid evolution of internet connectivity has made it now very easy to introduce your talent globally. Without requiring a heavy budget for promotion, there are some smart strategies that can give wings to your entrepreneurship business. Currently, the social media is one of the most powerful platforms where you can promote your product and services effectively. All strategies of promotion through social media come under SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Social media

Every frequent user of internet is aware of social media nowadays. It is an online communication channel where people from worldwide communities visit and share their views. One can use social media sites for both personal as well as commercial purpose. Due to the gathering of people at such a large number, it has become an ideal place for marketing your product or service. You can see the business profiles of all renowned companies on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Actually, social media marketing is a great opportunity for those who are initiating an entrepreneurship business. Below are some points that will guide you how one can utilize social media for business promotion?

SMM Benefits for entrepreneurs

1)    Global Recognition  

The social media platforms are accessible through any part of the world with similar interface and features. The content that you are posting while sitting in Melbourne or Sydney will be visible in the African or American continent. Make a business profile on social sites, add the required information and keep it up to date with your products or services descriptions. These platforms offer page or post promotion facility so that your business name will reach the profiles of targeted people.

2)    Website promotion

Just like Search engine optimisation, SMM can also be utilised as an effective way of websites promotion. In every post related to your business, you can also promote your online portal whether it is informative of a fully e-commerce enabled platform. As much your website promotes, its search engine ranking and the possibilities of sale will also increase.

3)    Potential Customer Targeting

While starting an entrepreneurship business, it is important to identify your possible customers. The social media marketing campaigning has made it convenient if you are implementing a right strategy. First of all, determine that what kind of people will be your product’s customers. Once it is clear, define the size of your audience on the basis of a particular region. Now, initiate a survey to confirm that what are their preferences and what improvement you can do as compared to the existing competitors.

4)    Direct interaction for feedback

Feedback is one of the most important factors to consider while indulging in a business activity. The products or services that you sell are meant for customers so it is important to know that whether they are liking it or not. Just a decade ago, there was not any effective and fast mean of communication, consequently, the feedback system was worthless. Now your customers can instantly react on the social media profile pages. It is helpful in customizing the features or ingredients according to a major customer preference verdict.

5)    Vision for Marketplace and Competition

Every business whether it is at entrepreneurship or enterprise level is initiated with a futuristic approach to expansion. The social media marketing helps in giving a vision to your entrepreneurship business. You can learn from the strategies that your competitors are implementing by evaluating their success rate. Deep analysis of marketplace can give you an edge over existing competitors. The data obtained from social media marketing activities will guide you to take right decisions like product modification or quality improvement at right time.

6)    Less Marketing Cost

The survival and expansion of a business completely dependent upon its effective marketing. That is why companies invest a large portion of their revenue on effective marketing. Both print media and electronic media are in trend for promotion but electronic media much is cheaper and also becoming more effective day by day. Promoting your brand on through social media campaigning is a great idea if it is initiated with creativity. Hiring a digital marketing company instead of spending a huge amount on billboards and video ads is a much wiser decision.

7) Customisable Campaigning Ideas

Social media platforms are very flexible in nature consequently you will have options to customise your campaigning. In print media or video advertisements on television, people depend on a pre-planned strategy that cannot be customised on instant basis. In case if your advertisement is telecasting on TV or hoardings are placed on big advertisement sites, it is not easy to change their concept. It requires heavy investment and you need to rely on the same concept until the new budget is not allotted. While doing social media marketing, you can instantly change the posters and text according to the latest trends.

8) Long Term Customer Relationship

Once a person starts following your brand name on social media, he receives regular notifications on latest activities. It keeps them up to date with the latest or upcoming products and services. In this way, the manufacturer creates a long term relationship with customers without interacting with them individually.

9) Prerelease campaigning

You can introduce the features of your product or service on social media before releasing it in the market without heavy investment. Once your brand is well established and a significant number of people becomes your regular customers, you can introduce anything on social media. People comment on the posts of business profile and it will give you an idea whether the upcoming product or service is seeking attention of customers or not. By promoting your posts on various social media platforms, you can create a hype that may result in a remarkable number of preorders.

Marketing strategies continuously evolve along with changing time. Consequently, you also need to be smart enough before getting out of the competition. As an entrepreneur, you will only have one chance to prove the credibility of your brand and SEO agencies can make it possible. Just make sure that they have a good track with previous clients before hiring.

Nate Plummer has been working as a content writer for One Stop Media since 5 years and has an experience of writing for various industries. He writes on the topics like SEO, digital trends, social media, marketing and financing, aesthetic equipment, jewellery and fashion and a lot more.

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