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Microsoft Bing Search Engine- “The Moment of Discovery and Decision Making.”

The word ‘Bing’ has always been associated with humorous connotations. From the hit sitcom Friends, Chandler Bing, portrayed by star Matthew Perry emerged as a legend that endeared millions.

Likewise, for many years, Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine was ridiculed when it was first launched in 2009. The then Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer announced to the world, “BIIIINNNNGGGG’ amidst a lot of angst, sweat and tears.

Cut to 2019, and Microsoft has truly stepped out of the shadows of Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer. Microsoft in 2019 is very much Satya Nadella’s company. The soft-spoken and undramatic CEO of Microsoft has revitalized Bing Search Engine and Bing Search Marketing.

In May 2019, we celebrate ten years of the birth of Bing. In this article, we look at some reasons why Bing has been able to come out of Google’s illustrious shadows.

Bing Search Engine: A Brief Introduction

When Steve Ballmer announced Bing, he made a stark differentiation with Google. He stated that Google is where people go to search. Bing, on the other hand, is where people come to find answers. This was supposed to be something cool at the time. However, it just wasn’t meant to be back then.

In the first decade of the 21st century, Microsoft lacked identity. The behemoth was following in the footsteps of other giants like Apple, Amazon, and others.

The drive to create an indigenous digital identity was lacking big time. For every Apple iTunes, Microsoft had Zune. For every Apple iPad, Microsoft had Surface Tabs. Finally, for every iPhone, Microsoft had Windows Phones.

The company wanted to be cool when in reality its identity was never to be cool. This is where Satya Nadella did what his predecessors could not. He made ‘boring’ profitable.

In 2019, Bing might not be much when compared to Google; however, it is growing fast. This has been highlighted by figures from ComScore, which states-

  • According to Microsoft’s own data, there are more than 137 million searches happening on Bing every month.
  • In a recent report published by Microsoft, Bing controls 25% of all desktop searches in the world.
  • 50% of Bing users over the world are above the age of 45. In terms of demographic targeting, these are big numbers.
  • Bing controls the Voice Search Markets with full service on Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Echo.
Advantages of Bing Search Marketing:

If I would have been writing this article five years back, you could have thought of it as easily a paid piece of content. Why? Because, back then, there were no advantages to using Bing. However, in 2019, the Nadellaissance has sparked a sift revolution in Bing search engine.

As of 2019, Bing’s revenues stand at $7.5 Billion. This figure comes from web advertising. If you compare Google’s revenues from web advertising, it stands at over $120 Billion. Yes, Microsoft’s Bing Search Marketing has a long way to go. However, we feel that there is a strategic vision for Bing that was absent before.

1. Bing Search Engine is Cheaper than Google in terms of Ads:

According to statistics, the average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on Bing is far lesser on Bing than it is on Google Ads. The figure stands at-

  • $7.99 Dollars for Bing
  • $20.08 Dollars for Google

This is a remarkable differentiation, which goes to show, just how much Bing is affordable when you compare it with Google. Bing guarantees better ROIs, as the competition on Bing is lesser when compared to Google.

2. Better Leads and Conversions than Google AdWords:

In the last point, we have already discussed how Bing offers better ROIs. However, compared to Google, the quality of leads and final conversions on Bing are also better. This is because compared to Google, Bing offers a much longer description field for ads.

Specifically, Bing offers a limit of 71 characters, compared with Google’s 35 characters. This helps to convert more consumers.

3. Age Profile and Demographic Targeting:

I have already stated that 50% of Bing users are over the age of 45. This means that when you look at specific industries like Health and Medicine, Bing outperforms Google comfortably.

I feel this is where marketers and brands are not able to tap into Ning’s potential. Bing search marketing is favorable towards specific businesses like Hospitals, Wellness, Senior Travel, Community Homes, and others.

4. 3 Search Engines of Bing Versus 1 of Google:

Yes. Google is the big daddy of the search engine world. However, Bing has some small tricks up its sleeves. For starters, compared to Google’s search engine, Bing is there on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.

This means that your ads get more exposure across 3 different search engine platforms. Like Google promotes its ad exposure on different company owned platforms like YouTube, Microsoft does the same too.

5. Voice Search Domination:

Bing search engine has the honor of working with 2 of the top 4 voice-based assistants in the world. Amazon’s Echo, Microsoft’s own Cortana and Apple’s Siri. This is huge if you look at the amazing number of voice search pulls in.

If the future of search engine marketing is a voice, Microsoft has bet big on making Bing a front-runner to the future. By aligning itself with the future, Microsoft has ensured that Bing will keep evolving itself to suit the changing digital marketing trends.

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Where does the Bing Search Engine stand with regard to Privacy and Data Invasion?

The sight of CEO, Sundar Pichai sitting in front of Congress has not painted a pretty picture for Google. In the past couple of years, Google, along with Facebook has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Privacy invasions and data breaches have plagued the companies costing them credibility and billions of dollars. Even though Google maintains that it is secure and not open to manipulation, many people have lost trust. This is not only true in the USA, but also in most of the European countries.

In 2019, privacy and personal data have emerged as big issues that have rocked the tech world. Just before Google’s Annual I/O Conference, the Google Plus Data Leak had raised questions like-

  • What does Google do with user data?
  • Is the data sold to third parties and businesses?
  • What are some of the software flaws that gave out user data and information?

This is where Microsoft is slowly positioning itself as a worthy alternative. There is no direct communication from Microsoft or Bing on the privacy issue. Microsoft has rather used this communication in a much more subtle way.

If you are sick or fed up of Google’s Big Company screw-ups like Diversity Memos, or flagging Gay Videos as offensive, you can join a growing tribe of over a million people!

Options like Duck Duck Go that ensure full privacy are not a complete entity in terms of their offerings. Microsoft’s Bing is the only full-service entity that has not been embroiled in any data violation rumors.

Satya Nadella and the Bing Search Engine Turnaround:

The quiet and unassuming Satya Nadella has been handed the task of turning around a company that was not doing anything new. Microsoft was never cool; it was just not part of its identity. Microsoft was always about sticking to the roots kind of a success formula.

Satya Nadella ensured that like Bing, he turned around the heavy dependence of the company on hardware to software.

The growth of Microsoft’s Cloud Business ‘Azure’ has seen rapid turnarounds. Yes, it still lags behind Amazon’s Cloud, but it is still betting big on AI.

Nadella has also created a definite vision for the company from a strategic point of view.

Azure, LinkedIn, and GitHub are leading Nadella’s vision of what the future might be for Microsoft.

Nadella’s bunking of Nokia writing off nearly 7 billion dollars was another core decision that demonstrated his thinking.

Privacy-wise, Satya Nadella has been aggressive while speaking about issues to top business houses.

He has been known to talk about Amazon’s and Google’s excesses in subtle and intelligent words. This is in sharp contrast to the style of functioning that Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates had.

However, the most important change that Nadella has brought about in Microsoft is eliminating talk around ‘Windows’. Under Nadella, Microsoft ushered in what is known as the ‘Post-Windows Era’.

In terms of Bing Search Engine, Nadella had been instrumental in pushing Bing as default browsers in all Microsoft hardware. (The information on changing the browser is quite complicated for people over 45 years of age!)

The Future of Bing Search Engine Marketing:

Given the controversies, Google is locked in; the future definitely looks bright for Bing. Backed by Microsoft’s enormous resources. Bing is doggedly pushing ahead and improving year-on-year figures.

What seemed like a joke in 2009does not seem like one in 2019. No one, not even Bing’s worst critics joke about the search engine anymore.

With Microsoft continuing to dominate the PC hardware market, we will see more and more of Bing in every city, country, and continent in the world.

This is the right time for many brands and digital marketing agencies to make the transition to Bing. It is new, it is exciting, it is cheaper and it offers better ROIs.

If your brand or agency is not exploring 137 million leads every month, you are missing a lot of action.

Being a webmaster on Bing Search Engine is remarkably similar to that of Google. Bing also provides you with a set of webmaster tools like Google does.

You also have the option of exporting keywords from Google to run Bing Ad Campaigns. This means that you can continue a successful campaign on Bing.


Bing search engine and search engine marketing might be the world’s second favorite search engine. However, for you as a brand and an agency, it is too good an opportunity to pass up. Big is profitable, and that is a lesson for Microsoft’s entire team.

Even though Bing is nowhere close to Google in terms of searches or revenues, it is slowly getting there. Even if it is not a challenge, it is emerging as a viable alternative.

I would not suggest completely abandoning Google and making the transition to Bing. I know many people who did this just for the sake of it. Like bold revolutionaries!

Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and others have created a Google eco-system that is difficult to move beyond. However, in reality, Bing is not that bad. I found Bing Maps to be quite good in terms of accuracy and information.

It might have been a joke when it was launched in 2009. However, ‘Bing It’ now is starting to get a zing about it.

Maybe it is because of Satya Nadella, or Steve Ballmer, or even Bill Gates…

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Every person out there wants to get a high ranking in the search engine. You would like to be present where the active users are. The truth of the matter is that over 90% of the online experience begins with the search engine. Therefore, the best way to maintain metrics is beating Google’s updates.

If Google has penalized you, you could be wondering the next move you need to make. You could be even wondering how you found yourself in such trouble in the first place. One thing I want you to know is that great content alone will not give you a high ranking.

You also need to monitor the right metrics closely. Some of the customer engagement metrics will help to enhance your rankings in the search engine and closely monitor them. This explains why you need to keep a close eye on Google’s updates to maintain metrics.

Even though SEO is good at attracting visitors from the search engine, usability is all about the conversion rate. You have to help active users to meet their search goals. Let no one cheat you that usability is irrelevant as long as you have content that is well-optimized for the long-tail keywords.

The truth of the matter is that the reverse is the case when dealing with SEO optimization. Customer engagement will truly take place when your active users and customers realize the value that is in your content.

If you can boost your brand across various social networks and enhance your ranking in the search engine, here are some of the engagement metrics that you need to measure. It will help you in beating Google’s Updates to help you rank highly in the search engines.

Most Famous Google’s Updates:

Panda: Google introduced the Panda updates in February 2011 as a filter to stop sites that have poor quality content from finding their way to the top of the search results. Google updates Panda from time to time. When this takes place, sites that were previously hit by these updates may escape but they have to make the right choices.

Penguin: Google launched its Penguin updates way back in April 2012. It is specially designed to catch website that is trying to spam its search results. It targets those that are doing this by purchasing links or getting them through link networks that are primarily designed to boost Google rankings.

Read more: Google’s Algorithm Update for June 2019: All You Need To Know

1. Traffic Linked to High Rankings:

The lifeblood of any website is traffic and yours is not an exemption. You will generate more traffic as you continue publishing more useful blogs.

According to Google, people will visit your website if it is easy to navigate, provide answers to the questions of the users, and contains useful information. Google uses the data of your traffic to make critical decisions concerning your search engines.

Therefore, you should not spend most of your time building links and not testing them. Google rolled out its Panda update about three years ago. The focus was pushing back against thin and low-quality content. Therefore, if you are not offering real value for your users, your site may be penalized and this has affected several sites.

Authority sites such as Mashable and CNN continue dominating search results as they continue generating millions of traffic every month. When you offer value, you will discover that a small proportion of your traffic will generate most of your revenue.

Traffic as good user-based metrics because it has a close relationship with your user activities. It is an interactive user-based metrics as opposed to static features like title tag length and Meta description among others. Google uses these interactive metrics to rank your web pages as the search engines get more sophisticated while still keeping a close eye on the intention of the user.

As your site continues to get more traffic, it will rank highly in Google’s organic results. Most search owners who try to manipulate the search results find themselves in trouble. Thus, study your audience to know their expectations and research easy to use and profitable keywords phrases. You can then use email research to reach out to industry blogs. The key is focusing on the basics of SEO to beat Google’s updates.

It can be hard to compete against the big brands when it comes to organic listings. You will not realize the desired results overnight. Work hard to increase your social media and search traffic that comes to your site. You can also grow your traffic through blogging. The best way to beat Google’s updates to gain traffic include;

a. Time on Site:

You should have the capacity to engage users on your page. It’s among the factors that Google considers before providing a ranking for your web page. A website that is hard to navigate or use will hurt your ranking as it reduces that time that users spent on your site.

Google monitors the behavior of users on your website and collects data from the search engines. If users stay on your site for a long time after clicking the search results, Google will assume that you have a high-quality page.

b. Direct Traffic Via Chrome:

The origin of your traffic has a significant impact on your ranking in the search engine. Direct traffic comes from the individuals who already trust and know your business. Google appreciates websites that attract direct clients as it signifies that they offer real value. Direct clients will also spend a lot of their time on your website.

The market has several browsers but chrome users will give you a preferential treatment may be because it is owned by Google. When you increase the direct clients you get through chrome and other browsers, it will narrow down to great user experience and improved SEO performance. Thus, direct traffic is a great way to beat Google’s updates and maintain metrics.

c. Organic Clicks:

The first result on Google’s first page receives 33% of the search engine traffic. High traffic generates a high click-through rate and increased traffic on your website.

When you begin to get visitors on your website, you will get several individuals clicking on your links. It will improve the quality of your site and reinforce the ranking boost. User-based activities will send the right signal to Google whether you get your visitors from paid traffic, direct sources, or social media channels.

Google will, in turn, start to rank your web pages high because of the organic clicks that you generate from the long-tail keywords. Thus, you will improve your ranking in the search engine as your traffic continues to grow. Traffic is a great way to beat Google’s traffic and maintain traffic.

2. Customer Engagement Metrics for Google’s Updates:

Google likes to follow active online users. The volume of data that Google collects increases as the number of terms that people are searching for the increase and more individuals use Google.

The search algorithm has gone through several changes but the search engine still relies on users to make its decisions. It uses various activities to calculate the level of customer engagement. Some of the most important things for Google’s updates are page views and the bounce rate. The time on site and bounce rate will help you to define the best search engine optimization strategy.

In case you discover that your landing pages have a high bounce rate, it implies that your content marketing strategy or page requires some serious attention. You can increase your conversion rate by reducing the bounce rate. You can achieve this by;

  • Updating your images for a better look
  • Improving navigation
  • Removing unnecessary elements from your website
  • Writing clearer call-to-actions
  • Improving the responsiveness of your website

You can use these guidelines to format your text so as to reduce the bounce rate and beat Google’s updates;

  • Use headlines to shed more light on your topic
  • Explain point that is worth noting or benefits in bullets
  • Use several quotes, screenshots, images, and charts from the industry where applicable
  • Bold your keywords
  • Ask several questions in the content so that readers can participate instead of just reading
  • Summarize your content in a conclusion

The other customer engagement metrics to improve your results in the search engine is the page views. Page views keep on changing and you can also refer to them as ‘impression.’ When visitors reach your website, they will want to visit a few other pages and read them. It can help them to read more of the insightful content that you publish on your website.

When you have high page views, you will beat Google’s updates and this will help you to maintain metrics. Therefore, strive to increase your page views as you reduce the bounce rate.

3. Brand Mentions on the Authority Sites:

One of the best ways to send out social media engagement signals to Google is having authority sites mention you. It may end up having a multiplier effect on the search engines.

Link building is at the center of search engine optimization nowadays. Google uses various platforms to track brands. Marketers can use social media engagement to promote their brands. You can use it on various social media platforms and gain traction.

Once you have authority figures mentioning you in their websites, you will be able to beat Google’s updates and rank highly in the search engines. Therefore, create outstanding content that you can market through social media engagements. The secret is maintaining an effective content marketing strategy.

Most people use social media engagement, guest blogging, and link building. All these activities will help you to increase the online visibility of your brand. You can rely on no-follow links and mentions to beat Google’s updates and maintain metrics. Google will use the data that it collects from your site to determine the ranking of your website.

4. Have Mobile Responsive Web Pages to Beat Google’s Updates and Maintain Metrics:

Mobile friendliness has become a top ranking factor for your website. More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, make sure you have a responsive site that is compatible will all mobile device.

Optimize the website first for mobile and the desktop and not the vice versa. Present your content in such a way that it will adjust naturally and automatically. This is what we refer to as responsive design. Make sure that all your web pages meet this requirement.

With a responsive design, you will significantly increase your traffic and profits. If you don’t have a responsive design, there are several ways of correcting this mistake. You cannot beat Google’s updates and rank highly unless you have a highly responsive design for your website.

Read more: Mobile SEO: The Ultimate Guide

5. Technical SEO That Is Structured for Active users:

The way the human skeleton supports the whole body system is how technical SEO supports SEO. You should take this seriously because nefarious codes, hidden CSS, broken links have adverse effects on SEO. Therefore, you have to be seen with the origin of your add-ons, plugins, or themes.

Therefore, technical search engine optimization is a great customer engagement metric that you need to beat. Google values this element highly even though most people don’t know about it.

Technical search engine comprises of XML sitemaps, HTML, web pages that are mobile responsive, site load time, title tags and CSS. You don’t have to be a renowned programmer to handle some of these technical SEO elements.

All you need to do is create XML and HTML sitemaps and get rid of crawls and you will be good to go. Crawls are things that can block Google from noticing your fresh pages. It will help the search engine to crawl your pages and serve them to the right set of audience. Once you login to the Google Search Console, you need to navigate to the Crawl errors.

Most pages have crawling challenges and you can fix them in batches. Beating this Google’s update will help you to rank highly by maintaining metrics. You cannot overlook it if you really want to enhance your visibility in the search engine and increase the profitability of your brand.

Black Heart SEO:

You need to avoid the use of Black Heart SEO to get ranking. Google de-tastes this practice will penalize you heavily by reducing the ranking of your website. To avoid these consequences, you need to treat the search engines and the searcher equally. Avoid tricking or cloaking the search engine crawlers by trying to direct them to a different page. Focus your efforts by helping the searcher to get solutions for their current challenges. Give him an excellent user experience from the search engine to your website.

How to Retrieve Some of the Metrics:

Have you lost some of the important Google updates for your website? Don’t lose hope because you can still retrieve them. One of the best ways to do so is by changing the content on your website. Make fresh content that is highly SEO optimized. You will discover that Google will begin to rank it highly and you stand to benefit in several ways. Your site will begin to rank highly in the search engine.


With all this information, you have all it takes to beat Google updates and maintain metrics. Google keeps on changing its algorithm and only people who are at the top of the game can win in the online market that is highly competitive.

You cannot achieve these standards unless you know what Google is using to rank sites. Therefore, the best way to maintain metrics is to beat Google’s updates. It is good to take time to learn these new developments so that you don’t remain behind.

Would you like to beat Google’s Updates and maintain high rankings in the search engines? Write to us oninfo@viacon.in for the highest online visibility and conversion.

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On 2nd June, most webmasters went into a shock because Google did something that they never do- ‘Announce the new Google June 2019 Core Update’. The last time a Google Core Update happen (March 2019), it shook up the entire digital marketing. To say that the March update created an upheaval of sorts would be an understatement.

Google Search Liaison’s Twitter handle did not give any information about the Google June 2019 Core Update. It just announced that it would be rolling out in the next couple of days to various Google data centers all over the world.

This was a new and novel approach taken by Google, which has previously been accused of not being open to the industry. This might be the reason why the head of Google’s Search Liaison team stated on Twitter, that their purpose was to be more communicative of developments.

Google announced its latest algorithm updates for June 2019, which is categorized as a broad core update. In fact, the full picture is not available yet, and here will have a peep into what is known so far.

In fact, it is a bit strange that Google announced an algorithm update as. Usually, it comes without any warning. We can assume that Google started admiring the SEO community by giving an alert that a broad core update is on the way. The note about the update was released on the official Twitter account of Google on June 2.

The new Google June 2019 Core Update has definitely set the cat amongst the pigeons. There is an absence of any tangible information like the previous updates-

  • Google Panda Update- Content Quality
  • Google Penguin Update- Backlinks
What is the Google June 2019 Core Update About?

With the new update, Danny Sullivan states that things might not be too unsettled. The central crux of the update will be subtle according to Jan Grundmann from Search Metrics. There is an absence of any clear motive or intention like responses to search queries, backlinks or website characteristics.

According to Search Engine Land, it is too early to determine what effect the update will have on websites. Rather than stoking speculation, SEL asked readers to remain calm and monitor their Search Consoles and Analytics. This is because of the fact that Google announced that the update would take time to roll out in different Google Data Centres over the world.

As per expert opinion from Solution spire, there is nothing so special about this latest update from Google or anything more significant compared to other frequent updates from Google. In their opinion, it is an empathetic approach by Google to be proactive and give the SEOs an advanced notice to avoid any confusion. In fact, this update actually had gone live on June 3 onwards.

In fact, the complete effect of this update is not known as to how it may affect the ranking or which ranking factors may get impacted. Some initial assumptions are:

The impact of Google June 2019 Core Update

As seen above, broad core updates come out many times a year. These are actually different from the targeted algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda, which are meant to target certain behavior and can have a major impact on existing search rankings.

For example, Panda targeted low-quality content, and Penguin was targeting to hit the black-hat link building techniques. Broad core updates, on the other hand, focus more on general clean ups. With each broad core update, SEOs need to refresh their ways as to what is SEO, and how does it work.

Broad core usually makes lesser fluctuations in terms of ranking. These updates can be considered as a tweak in the primary search engine itself. For example, it may make slight positive changes in hundreds of factors deciding the quality of site and ranking as page speed, keywords in the title tag, and back-links, etc.

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The Biggest Losers and Winners from Google June 2019 Core Update

However, the new Google June 2019 Core Update had an immediate impact on some of the biggest websites. The biggest losers- Dailymail.co.uk and Cryptocurrency news website CCN.com.


Crypto Currency news site, CCN stated that it is going to shut down following a rapid decline in organic traffic and revenues.


SEO toolset site Sistrix stated that the worst hit industries from Google’s updates have been gambling sites. Websites in the health and finance sectors were also pretty badly hit by the update.

One crucial industry that had previously seen high metrics traditionally had been News. However, in this round of update, several News sites saw their exposure and reach decreasing ever since the update. However, the biggest beneficiaries of the update were also news websites.

These websites lost traffic, search rankings and experienced fluctuations in search rankings ever since the update started rolling out.

Some experts stated that Google’s core principles of E-A-T or ‘Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness’ does not apply to these updates. They point to the fact that even sites, which fulfilled the E-A-T diktats, had been penalized by Google.

The biggest beneficiaries


The biggest losers


What are the Experts saying about the Update?

At this point, apart from speculation and guessing games, no one has really narrowed down on what the update intends.

Most people are harking back to Google’s commitments to great content and Google’s Quality Rating Guidelines. There is chatter around the fact that sites, which had a lot of pop-ups and clickbait are the ones that have been penalized.

Google’s commitment to providing its users with the greatest content and information can be taken to be the broad spectrum. However, in the absence of any information coming from Google, all this at best can be termed as mere speculation.

In the global context, this update can be viewed from multiple vantage points. The internet as an unbiased platform of information is no longer with us. This has made search engines like Google and social media giants like Facebook run into many problems with governments and law enforcement agencies.

The role of money power and manipulation in pushing agendas, along with products and services is a reality. All over the world, there is an underlying current of skepticism towards such tech giants. Data breaches and privacy invasions have added fuel to the fire.

For the last year or so, Google has been trying to reinvent itself by trying to go back to its roots. In other words, it wants to be the platform where quality content and credible information is untainted and supreme.

What to do?

In fact, if your site is affected, there is no instant way to fix it. Google may not release any actionable advice as they don’t want the site owners and SEOs to attempt and change things which aren’t actually issues.

The updates can be frustrating to the site owners who may find some dip in their ranking and with no clues on how to fix it. In most cases, you will never know what Google wants you to do. In other words, Google will never release a best practices program for you to rectify the drop.

Google has contracted about 10000 Quality Raters to review the websites and rate them based on the latest Google updates. You have to note that the Raters have no impact on page ranking and their data is not factored into the Google algorithm. Raters usually conduct searches and evaluate the page quality of returned pages. Good uses their feedback to improve further algorithms.

The Final Word

To analyze the exact nature of the damage, we will have to wait and examine the analytics. This might take time, as the rollout from Google will itself take place over the coming months.

However, the results from the Google June 2019 Core Update has already ruffled established feathers. With huge websites like Dailymail experiencing a massive drop and CCN shutting down, we do not know what we can expect.

Web Forums are rife with rumors and gossips on what might happen next. The digital is not only an empowering and democratic domain; it is also a very uncertain world.

The uncertainties give rise to fear and forces people to do things that they would not otherwise do. As Google sends webmasters, brands and digital agencies an endless cycle of headaches and re-evaluations, we can only hope for the best.

Someone mailed me and asked about what they should do to ride over this update. My answer was that no one could do anything. The Batman is here, and whatever he will do, will be shrouded in secrecy.

However, to enhance your site ranking, you may focus on E – Expertise, A – Authority, T – Trustworthiness of your content. Try collecting a significant amount of positive reviews and try to support the information given by adding proper references to make it authoritative.

We will be updating the article as and when we get more information about Google June 2019 Core Update. If you want to add anything to the news, please comment below.

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Every entrepreneur out there is looking for opportunities to get more money. It is one of the challenges that most digital marketing agencies face. Signing more digital marketing clients is not an easy task. Convincing someone to pay you and you will help him generate more money is not an easy task.

Customers don’t get a tangible and immediate benefit after entering into a contract with a marketing agency. Therefore, prospects will scrutinize what you have accomplished, your offers, and your selling price.  In this guide, we will give you some tips to help you persuade digital marketing clients to sign up with your brand. These include;

14 Steps to Signing More Digital Marketing Clients:1. Have a Unique Selling Proposition That Stands Out:

All business owners must have a unique selling proposition. Look at yours and see what differentiates it from your competitors. Most digital marketing clients want agencies that have the highest ROI in the market.

Strive to offer the highest ROI in comparison to the competing brands. Besides, make sure that you deliver a personal touch like no other brand. Make sure you do this in all your marketing collateral often and boldly.

As you continue reinforcing the value of your brand, you will attract more customers to benefit from your value. You need to offer an easy and quick solution for individuals who lack the technical chops of designing and launching their own post-click landing pages. Make sure you reinforce the value of your solutions on all your marketing materials.

2. Leverage on the Decoy Effect on the Pricing Page:

Suppose you are a marketing company that delivers two varied retainer options depending on the services that you perform. You can have a low-cost plan and the high-cost alternative. You will prefer to get more prospects for your premium package.

Even though it offers the best, most digital marketing clients will question whether they really need these additional services. Using the decoy effect can assist you to sway your customers towards the consumption of the high-cost option.

To get it right, create a minimum of three retainer alternatives. The trick is making a third ‘intermediate’ retainer. It should be more affordable than the most expensive plan and more expensive than the basic plan.

This way, you will accommodate the needs of almost all digital marketing clients and increase your reach. You will cater to the needs of those who need the cheapest or most expensive plans. It is one of the best bargains that you can offer to the market. You may discover that the intermediate option has the highest number of subscribers.

3. Collect as Much Data as You Can:

The best proof you have is your data and hence you need to highlight your results where you can. Look for any clients whom you have significantly boosted his or her traffic. Your Google Ad campaigns could also be converting several times more than the industry standards.

You will not know all this information unless you track all the metrics that are relevant to the success of your clients. When you try to sell more to your marketing clients, you can justify your costs by showing data that justifies your high ROI. Don’t worry about an agency that charges less but offers fewer results than yours.

4. Know Your Industry Deeply:

You should know what your competitors are doing for you to tell the services to offer and how much to charge. Some agencies charge high prices and hence focus their efforts on a few clients. You can use this as an advantage to increase your customer base through cheaper but high-quality services.

The only trick could be making minor adjustments to your pricing. Besides, other digital marketing agencies could be offering services that you don’t. Learn from them and offer the much you can so that you don’t lock out some prospective clients.

Therefore, you need to keep your competition as close as your friends. Make sure you learn what they are doing, how they do it, and then incorporate their best practices in your brand but with your own spin.

5. Give More to Get More Digital Marketing Clients:

Most agencies offer half-bakes consultations that comprise of a few emails and reports. Ask yourself the amount of value that you offer to your clients. Value is the first impression that gives you a chance to wow your digital marketing clients into subscribing to your services.

Therefore, you have no choice but to provide value if you want more digital marketing clients. Audit their current strategies and give them your free services for one month to prove your capability. Personalize your initial offer and not send them an eBook if you want to deliver real value.

6. Have a Real Conversation with Your Digital Marketing Clients:

It can be so hard to use the email in corresponding with your customers. Most of the email communications die somewhere along the way. The clients can get better companies to meet their needs or you may be held up in other chores.

Talk to the prospective clients in person or on the phone before getting into a relationship. Don’t rely on email chains or contact forms to boost your brand. Both you and your clients are busy and hence you need personal engagements to increase your customer base.

Get more personal, listen to the unique needs of your prospects, and then outline a plan on how you will complete them. It will make a huge difference when it comes to gaining more digital marketing clients.

7. Be Yourself:

Personality matters a lot to your target audience. It comes in handier when you want to enter into a long term business relationship with the customer. Therefore, you should not try to be someone else as you will not sustain it in the long run.

The personality of your brand could be of great benefit to someone out there. Brands are more likely to hire your services when they feel that you will accurately capture their voice. Therefore, give your prospects a clear idea of what they can expect from your agency. It will boost better communication and give you more digital marketing clients.

8. Add Services:

The best way to attract more digital marketing clients is by adding extra service. Break down all the services that you are offering into separate line items. Now, add an extra service to your clients at no additional cost. The trick is improving the quality of services that you offer to your prospects over time.

9. Let Your Customers Recognize You for Your Work:

Your customers will love you when you are delivering high-quality work consistently. They will do the marketing for you by recommending your brand to other users. Allow your previous clients to give testimonials on the quality of services that you offer.

Facebook Awards gives agencies an opportunity to submit their best works so that their ‘Jury’ can recognize it and your industry peers see the same. Take advantage of these opportunities as they can help in convincing your prospective clients.

Search for contests in your industry and join them. You stand to win big when your brand begins to trend among your target audience.

10. Positioning Yourself as an Authority:

You will command a higher rating if you are more well-known in your industry and more knowledgeable about it. When people require assistance and information, they always turn to authority figures. Therefore, associate your brand with the big names in the industry so that you can position yourself as an authority.

Woo the established bloggers, do some networking, and then do some sleuthing. Write for these authority figures and request the contact details of anyone who can make your posts to feature in renowned publications.  You will get more digital marketing clients as you put more authority badges on your website.

11. Leverage Loss Aversion to Get More Digital Marketing Clients:

In some cases, losses are more powerfully psychological than gains as demonstrated in the ‘loss aversion’ theory. There are several ways you can use this to your advantage.

The first one is on your pricing where you can break down the services that you offer by pricing. You could be offering post-click landing page creation, PPC management, and Engine Optimization.

Maybe, most of your clients are retaining you for PPC management and organic search engine optimization. Very few of them are willing to use your post-click creation of landing pages.

You may be offering the highest conversion rates but your digital marketing clients are not taking advantage of this service. The challenge could be in the way you phrase your content. Don’t focus on how much your clients are losing but rather explain what they stand to lose. People fear loses and as a result, you may get more digital marketing clients. The fear of loss can help you turn more prospects into active clients.

12. Go After the Big Fish:

If you have been marketing to small businesses and start-ups, you can now begin to go for the bigger fish. The reason is that this set of clients have more money. We refer to this as the total expenditure effect in Economics. It states that when the percentage of cost is high relative to the total income, it will be harder to justify your spending.

The beauty of big brands is that they give you high-profit margins. However, this does not imply that you do away with the small businesses. You need to also grow with them so that they can become big brands and give you more money.

Therefore, you should not fear to approach the big fish. Start targeting these big brands if you want to make your wallet fatter.

13. Be Clear on What Your Brand Can Accomplish for Customers:

When seeking for a solution to a problem, you will analyze the total amount you will have spent on the solution relative to the benefits. You will also want to look at the amount of time it will take before you realize the benefits.

The best way to market your brand to your prospects is by offering a cost: benefit analysis. People want to be sure that they will be getting value for their investment. You should be offering the highest value in comparison to the competition to succeed.

Remember clients will compare different agencies before making a decision. The only way to win is when you convince them that you offer the best services. Show them that you will double their traffic and conversions within the shortest time possible.

Convince your customers that you offer the best value for their money. You can even charge higher value than your competitors but still get new customers because of being clear on what you can do. You should justify your cost in terms of the organic traffic that you can deliver.

14. Market to Clients Who are in Real Need of Your Services:

You could be getting over 50 percent of your customers from the social media platforms and only 20 percent from display marketing. If you wish to hire a marketing agency, go for the one that has exemplary social media skills and not one that specializes in display advertising.

Therefore, if you are an agency that specializes in display advertisement, don’t market to brand that need social media. You may end up causing harm to your brand through poor quality services. Market to clients who are in real need of the services that you offer.

It is good to understand your capabilities and then take maximum advantage of them. Take time to understand the type of businesses that require your services. It will help you to understand those that need your agency to thrive. Such brands will be willing to pay more and even recommend other digital marketing clients to your brand.

These tips will help you to get more digital marketing clients for your agency. The secret lies in learning the needs of your customers and meeting them with the highest level of precision.

If you want to increase the number of digital marketing clients for your agency, feel free to reach us on info@viacon.in for the best outcome.

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If you think, great content and backlinks are enough to make your website rank, think again. Without Technical SEO, your website is incomplete. Unless you have a robust framework, it is impossible to create a strong foundation for your website.

In many ways. Technical SEO falls within the On-Page SEO Services framework. However, most SEO experts unnecessarily complicate the process by saying it is an entirely different domain. This is not true. There are two components of SEO Services-

There is no standard definition of what technical SEO stands for. However, SEO experts agree that technical SEO prepares favorable grounds for your content to rank and succeed. I always try to give the example of a human body when people ask me about technical SEO.

A human body needs to care for itself with proper amounts of sleep and the right levels of nutrition. It also needs to ensure that the internal organs are working properly. Unless all these conditions are met, no one will be able to work properly or perform to the best of their abilities.

Similarly, technical SEO optimizes the internals of your website to help you carry on the external processes better. The ultimate goal remains the same-

  • Driving traffic to the website
  • Increasing revenues
  • Climbing the Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs)
  • Improving health and metrics

Educational qualifications, extra skill sets, and others that can be compared to Off-Page SEO. These are also equally important. However, without the right health, will you be able to pull 14-hour shifters? I guess not.

Technical SEO: Evolution and Changing Dynamics

No other digital marketing service has undergone as many changes as SEO Services has. Ask any digital marketing expert and they will lament on the same fact. This is because of the fact that search engines are constantly evolving.

What were the best practices in 2015 have been considered as black hat practices today and vice-versa? This has made SEO experts evolve and change the nature of technical SEO in particular and SEO services in general. This constant need for evolution is also responsible for increasing the scope of our understanding.

Every update from Google helps us understand the web better. It also helps us optimize our strategies and approaches to make our websites the best-performing ones. Better websites automatically translate into better relationships with search engines. If you have good relations with search engines, they reward you accordingly.

Some people think that technical SEO is too small a thing for them to worry. They aim for the highest hanging fruit to improve performance- quality backlinks and great content. This is not the correct strategy. The small issues start piling up and start affecting the entire eco-system. This is the reason why some of the biggest websites have a separate technical SEO team.

Digital marketing expert, Neil Patel sums up technical SEO with a beautiful illustration-


In this article, we look at ten crucial technical SEO terms that you need to look after immediately.

Top Ten Technical SEO Terms to look for: The List:

Your website might have the best content on the internet. It might also have hundreds of quality backlinks. However, if it is not optimized from a technical SEO point of view, you might experience-

  • Lower search rankings
  • Lesser amounts of traffic
  • Low levels of visibility and discoverability
  • The decrease in metrics and SEO scores
  • De-indexing by search engines.

If we do not want our website to suffer the above problems, we need to optimize ten technical SEO issues.

1. Page Loading Speed:

Nothing depresses search engines and users more than a website that does not load fast. A website with a slow loading speed increases bounce rates. It also contributes to Google lowering the website on search rankings.

TTFB or ‘Time To First Byte’ directly impacts search rankings. According to Quicksprout, more than 40% of people leave a website, if it does not load in under 3 seconds. With so much information on the internet, no user is going to wait for your website to load. People and search engines expect instant information.

Experts have coined a term for changing search rankings based on slow loading speed- ‘Pogo Sticking’. From your hosting platform to images that are not optimized, all can contribute to slow loading speed.

2. Mobile Friendly Websites:

One of the best things about the digital industry is its emphasis on making everything dramatic. When Google announced its 2015 update stressing on the importance of mobile responsiveness, the industry termed it as ‘MobileGeddon’. (I hope you get the reference to Armageddon- end of the world, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, anything?).

The emphasis Google places of mobile-friendly websites stem from the fact that mobiles outnumber desktop internet usage 3:1. This is a huge number. If 60% of all searches are happening on cell phones, Google needs to consider it strongly.

Google also announced a ‘Mobile First Indexing’ approach to all websites in 2015. If you are a brand, optimizing your website from a mobile point of view should be right at the top of your checklist. A mobile-friendly website offers great performance metrics.

(Search rankings work differently on desktops and mobile phones).

3. Safety and Security is a top priority:

In 2017, the ‘Wannacry’ Malware affected 400,000 machines in 150 countries. The total damage- $4 Billion Dollars! Google places a lot of emphasis on website security and considers it of the utmost importance.

Most cyber-attacks happen because of third-party malware transferred to a user’s computer when they open a website. This is the reason why Google is keen on HTTPS websites as opposed to HTTP websites.

The SSL encryption is critical when it comes to Google assessing how safe and secure your website is. If you are an e-commerce company or handle data related to the finances of consumers, site security is of paramount importance.

4. Duplicate Content:

Striving for quality, informative and log format content should be the second step. The first step should be to ensure that whatever content you have on the website is original. A string component of technical SEO is locating duplicate content and addressing it.

There are ways in which you can eliminate duplicate content form the website from a technical point of view. Most of the big e-commerce companies use complex technical programming to overcome the problem. However, if you cannot follow them, you can simply use Copyscape and locate the duplicate content.

You can ask your content writer to rewrite those parts and you will be good to go. Google finds no value in showing such information to users. Worse, duplicate content can lower your metrics or contribute to your site getting de-indexed.

5. Robots.txt:

I was at a conference on SEO best practices in late 2016. The topic of a Paper Presentation was on how SEO experts frequently overlook the role of robots.txt. One of the speakers drew an analogy between robots.txt and a house usher.

Even after nearly three years, I still think about the analogy. Robotx.txt helps Google’s crawlers and bots access to various section of your website. These are sections, which you want search engines to index, and other pages, which you don’t want them to index.

Robots help the crawlers, spiders, and bots crawl through your website and find-

  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • CTAs
  • Backlinks
  • Internal Links

They are a very crucial and important part of technical SEO and help contribute immensely towards optimizing performance.

6. Optimize your URLs:

A URL is like an address for several sections within your website. For search engines, URL plays a key role in determining the content of a particular page. A search engine typically sees and aligns the following things-

  • URL Description
  • Meta Description’
  • Title Tags
  • Focus Keyword
  • Keywords in H1 and H2

If all these things correspond to one particular topic, it represents the best possible impact on Google. The alignment between all the above is necessary for your content to rank on Google.

The URL structure also corresponds to you having just one version of your website.

For example, many websites have different identities like-





These are four different versions and four different identities of one website. You need to check if your site is suffering from similar problems and eliminate them immediately. According to experts, 310 Redirects are the most effective way to do this.

7. Employ the right Hosting Service Provider:

I once had an Australian client who owned a chain of restaurants. In one month; the time I was able to fix 90 percent of his SEO. From changes in content to crawling, getting over a hundred quality backlinks, optimizing images, videos, everything.

However, in spite of everything the page loading speed was abysmal. I had asked him about his hosting plan and was happy to hear that his response. A few days late, I was going through some data and noticed that his hosting server was based in Canada.

If you are running a business in a particular geographical location, make sure that the server’s location is also there. There is technical wizardry that is involved in the explanation. However, for people who are not so adept, you can ensure the following requirements-

  • Always select a dedicated hosting service.
  • Ensure that the server is located within your geographical location.
  • Pay importance to the SSL encryption provided by your hosting service provider.
  • Check about facilities about ‘Automatic Data Backup’ every day.
8. Optimize 404 Pages on your website:

If users request a page from your website from the server, and it is not delivered to them, the server will return a 404 Error Page. Simply put, the less number of 404 error pages on your website, the better will be its performance.

There might be several reasons why the 404 pages were shown to users. These can range from deleted content to server malfunction to wrong configurations owning to improper coding. You need to ensure that your site has no 404 pages at all. Google takes websites with many 404 pages to the task.

Some penalties that you might experience from 404 can decrease your site’s metrics. Or even contribute to de-indexing.

9. Schema Mark-up in HTML:

Many SEO Services often ignore the small points when it comes to implementing the perfect technical SEO strategy. ‘If it does not contribute directly to page rankings, why bother?’ is their attitude.

Yes, schema mark-up in HTML does not have any direct impact on page rankings. However, schema mark-up helps search engine bots, access your content in a better manner. The biggest advantage of schema mark-up is helping create snippets.

Snippets are highly useful when it comes to displaying concise and precise search results. In addition to YouTube videos ranking exponentially well on search, snippets are doing equally well.

10. Content Optimization:

Once you have been able to sort the above issues, it is now time to make your content talk. This is where you need to optimize pages for keywords and rankings. Mix up the content with images, videos, infographics and case studies,

Content optimization involves optimizing the-

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Focus Keywords

I have already mentioned that search engines look for alignment between several key markers. Once they see that the alignment is there, they promote the page on the search rankings. It is important that you pay attention to this part of technical SEO.

You can also check for favorable backlinks when you are doing content optimization. By linking credible pages externally, as well as internally, you can push the right kind of content on search engines.

The Final Word:

SEO services is not an easy domain. A specialized skill set needs real-world experience. This is also the reason why expert SEO services charge thousands of dollars a month to ensure optimization.

However, it is also not as complicated as most people make it out to be. You do not need to be a software engineer to master SEO. Both from an agency perspective as well as from a brand perspective. The key is to understand what works, and what does not. This is also, where an SEO Audit makes sense for your brand.

By knowing the big pain points you can start prioritizing your SEO services strategy accordingly. Technical SEO cannot exist in isolation to Off-Page SEO. If you want your website to perform at optimum levels, both are essential.

If you want to add value to the article, please feel free to comment.

For any other information on technical SEO or SEO Services in general, drop me a mail at info@viacon.in

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In the current world, you’ll find that consumers are very much informed with knowledge about the products and brands they wish to have their services and products. Therefore, as brands, the need for being seen in the places at the right order and time to get into the minds of the consumers is necessary. This has made brands to embrace various modes to have holistic approaches towards marketing.

New marketing avenues have been thriving up in the recent past and also the popularity of social media has led to a change in the way the marketing prowess used to look at the concepts of marketing in the back years. Since the field has become even more dynamic, the end user who is the consumers has become the driving force.

Due to this demand of customer’s centricity, there has been a rise in the different methods of marketing dominant today. The two modes of marketing that have ensured that brands are propagating their services and products to customers are the inbound and outbound.

When I ask most small business owners today how they generate leads for their businesses most of them say that they fill their sales shafts participating in trade shows, seminars, internal cold calling, email blasts to purchased lists, outsourced cold calling and other outbound marketing methods.

They do not do any inbound marketing methods. The former way is where a small business owner pushes his approach out far and wide and hopes he gets a response, leads, and sales.

What is inbound and outbound Campaign Strategy?

Inbound marketing is a recent occurrence that is popularly identified as the methods where brands are helping themselves being spotted by customers through the paid and search engines marketing effort.

It mainly entails the promotion of companies through blogging, videos, SEO,  podcasts, social media marketing, whitepapers, e-newsletters and the other forms of content marketing that have proven worthwhile in drawing customers closer to the brands

Outbound marketing is the proactive process of identifying potential customers and motivating them for them to buy your services and products. It is usually a traditional form of marketing involving the promotion of your goods to people who do not actively seek them.

The common outbound campaign strategies you can use in marketing includes telemarketing, trade shows, television and radio advertisements, direct mails ( both paper and electronic), public relations activities,  television and radio advertisements, and email blasts.

Although outbound marketing has its weaknesses, it has long histories of success, and it typically provides quicker results than inbound marketing.  The modes of attracting customers such as tradeshows, advertisements, and telemarketing can be so much expensive, and the outbound campaign strategy can be intrusive.

The thing is that you are trying to make sales to persons who have no interests in them. But once you get to the people, then you can be assured of the most benefits such as;

  • Generation of leads generation as in this case one can humanize the approach for the prospects
  • Greater chances of satisfied customers
  • Brand building stories
  • Opportunities for mass appeal

Possibly, the single most important steps one can take when you are entrepreneurs are marketing your services and goods more effective. You can be having the best products in the world, but what happens if no one is aware of them?

Your business will fail eventually. When it comes to the successful promotion of your businesses, then you can choose between the inbound and the outbound marketing strategies.

But among the necessary foundation of prosperous, profitable businesses are having active, professional looking, and an ongoing outbound campaign strategy.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is home bases, a company with many employees, or a one-person professional office, you need to ensure that you incorporate in the critical steps in creating a perfect outbound campaign strategy to ensure that you take the lead of competition while being successful.  Here are thus some of the key stages;

1. Planning and organizing everything beforehand:

This has to do with the setting of goals and a timetable, learning all the basics of your products, constructing useful scripts to follow by the rehearsal, identification of decision makers, and compiling of comprehensive and clean prospect databases. When you have this in place, then your outbound campaign strategy is set to flow consists you have made plans.

2. Effective communications the outbound campaign strategy:

This is not all about saying the appropriate and right words, and it is placing your messages directly across the audiences you intend, that is it is used in the stimulation of the desired responses of the audience.

In the case of telemarketing, you should not disregard the basics of call making, be polite, call them by their names, and exude the energy and excitement during the conversations .remember that communicating the unnecessary information is not relevant as this can lead to the loosing of customers.

3. Keeping your website current for the best outbound campaign strategy:

A website is an essential tool in marketing. This will work all the time. Usually, it is the first place where people get to learn about you and your businesses. You should ensure that it is working and at its peak performances. You should ensure that every link is active, pictures and graphics are appearing as they are meant to look.

Also, you should make sure that the pdf is working correctly together with the links inside them, your dates, facts, and statistics are accurate and current. Be sure that your pages are easy to find and navigate. All these details are usually quickly forgotten or overlooked. But remember that the first impressions are generally significant. Therefore ensure that your websites are looking good and are properly working at all times.

4. Making emotional connections:

The most fundamental and influential part of successful outbound campaign strategy is one that creates emotional connections to your customers and prospects. Your company’s growth and survival will depend on this strategy. The higher these connections are, then the higher your ability to beat out the other companies for minds, dollars, and hearts of the customers.

By showing your customers how much you care, this will prove to them that you want to keep them as your customers, building a base of loyal customers that will not wish to leave you for the competitors as they get much satisfaction from your services and goods.

5. Creating your lists for outbound campaign strategy:

This is the direct mail lists, email lists, and social media lists.  Each of these plays an essential role in the outbound campaign strategy since one customer might prefer one of the prospects over the other. This varies depending on the types of businesses, and the demographics of your existing customers.

But depending on the formats that your customers prefer, then having these lists built by offering free pdf downloads, free samples or makeups on the social networks. This list has its benefits, limits, and demographics, but the fact is that all these play essential roles in your campaigning strategies.

6. Shaking it up in the outbound campaign strategy:

You should never be afraid of trying new things. Just in case you are the one who is designing and creating your marketing materials, do not be frightened to let someone else in the company, or family or any specialists take the short of developing the new marketing material and copy writings. By hiring someone new into the designing of your marketing materials, this can give a whole new life to your business. By shaking up, this could be the difference between the dying and thriving of your trades.

7. You can convert your television or radio ads to the internet:

This can be one of the most beneficial strategies you can incorporate in your outbound campaigns. This is especially beneficial whenever you are using television ads, as online videos in such hot items. When you post these with related keywords and well-written blurbs on your websites such as YouTube.

The truth is that you will be in great surprise with how much more traffic can receive since the YouTube app is the best and one of the most significant search engines.

8. In the case of tradeshows and offline seminars, you can choose to invite your attendees to view the online webinar.

Webinars are one of the most excellent ways you can continue keeping in touch with your customers and individuals who have an interest in your businesses. By switching them a little bit to the electronic contact, this can be even more convenient. The webinars’ that you have recorded will grab more visitors to your search engines, or from the viral traffic campaign.

9. If you are using print ads, you can include your URL in the advertisements:

Mostly, many people reading these advertisements are always connected to you at all times. Either on their cell phones or computers .usually they will type in a URL whenever they have a glimpse at it, and since they are much curious, they will get some motivation to read through your adverts.

At that time, you are flipping someone to your websites through the print ads, and it is necessary to ensure that you are offering them something free in exchange for their personal information and their email addresses. By doing this way, this will be an excellent opportunity for you stopping the tire kickers from just viewing your websites and clicking away. Instead, you get new customers that you may market to regularly.

10. Your outbound campaign strategy must create a sense of urgency:

At times we all have that desire of knowing how we can close quality sales in the quickest times possible. The main aim of creating urgency is so that you understand what the priority of doing your homework on the company, as well as the right questions you can find in uncovering these answers.

When you summarize these priorities for your client and explain how your solution is in an aligned manner, this will aid you in accomplishing the said priorities as this will necessitate the immediate need for actions. You can continue confirming their preferences and your solutions roles in their achievements through follow up communications.


Most of the salespeople were knowledgeable with their first engagement out of college or the type of marketing, they were exposed to growing up. Outbound marketing can be anything from cold calls to media outlets such as taking an ad out in the Sunday paper. While outbound marketing still has many advantages for those of us that can pick up the phone, dial the number of a prospect and close the deal.

Traditional media outlets such as paper advertisements or TV commercials truly offer a low ROI, and once the ad expires, you must start from scratch. Besides a small amount of brand recognition from your client base, all that money you spent on the announcement can no longer work for you once it expires. This means the ad you placed with a traditional media outlet will not have an extra benefit.

Despite the dramatic changes in the business world, consumer’s shopping behaviors & habits, and regulations, far several owners of businesses are neglecting to embrace the most current and profitable marketing methods. Both new businesspersons and those who have owned or managed businesses in the past continue assuming that they need to lift-off large scale, outbound campaign strategies in marketing to hunt down customers and win business.

This comprises of marketing strategies like bulk SMS, direct mail, telemarketing, TV, and door-to-door sales. While there is certainly still a place for these types of marketing and they can work, they are indeed, perhaps no longer the most cost effective and efficient networks out there.

Using outbound campaign strategy to get leads and customers have been around for quite some time, but you might be amazed at precisely how informal it is to include some of your outbound marketing into inbound marketing.

When you do this appropriately, you can have the best of both worlds because you are going to be getting primes from your outbound struggles and leads from your inbound efforts as well

If you are looking for the best outbound campaign strategy, get in touch with us on info@viacon.in for the best results.

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In today’s internet, age websites are the most common means of communication. People are more dependent on it and it has expanded rapidly. If you want your business to be online, you need to focus more on the web presence in the form of websites. Web designers can help in giving a proper look and feel to the site. Web design is the process of creating a website. It refers to the design of a website which can include the layout, font, color, style, text, images, etc.

Web design in your business:

One way to make your business go online is through web design. You need to have an excellent website to turn your visitors into customers. Web design can make or even break your business. With a user-friendly website, it has a good conversion rate, which will lead to better business and revenue.

Although making a website is expensive, you can generate profit if your business goes well. Through the website, you can also brand your business. The number of visitors you have the more traffic you can create on your website. It is very important to get your business brand recognized in all medium. Your website will become more easily searchable and visible if search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. crawls into your website.

It is a competitive digital age market. With the help of a good designer, you can create a user-friendly environment for the users. If you have a well-managed website, people will rely on you. If trust is developed, people will take your products and services too.

Some of the top 10 trends to influence web design in 2019

Every day hundreds of thousands of new websites are created. If you want to make your website noticeable and amongst the top; you need to think, innovate, and implement new design and ideas. Listed below are some of the trends of web design that will help in shaping your website.

1. Responsive Design:

It is an approach in which a single site is build to support numerous devices. It is very challenging for the designers as the appearance of the website differs depending on the screen size and resolution. These days you will find an increasing number of phone/tab users than desktop/laptop users. So, as a designer, you need to focus more on the navigation button and make the page user-friendly.

2. Speed:

You need to check the page loading speed. You tend to lose users if a page takes time to load for more than five minutes. Hence, your design should convince the user to stay on the page for long.

3. Animation and more video content:

Users love animation. You can illustrate your websites products though animation making it more user-friendly. Video content on webpages has become more popular. Videos are more effective in passing the information to the audience who don’t have the time to scan the text. Visuals would help the users understand more and make the content more memorable.

4. Minimalism:

End users seek a clean and to the point information rather than reading in detail. You can keep your design simple and understandable. The minimalistic design will also aid in loading the page faster. If it is designed in the right way, the user will get all the required information.

5. Monochromatic and absence of color:

If you chose only one or no color, you could make your website look great and memorable.

6. Creative, bold typographic designs:

With a bold typographic font, the user will get the required information quickly. Most of the website content is in text form so careful selection of the font could convey messages and attract the end users.

7. Authentic tones and textures:

Use realistic images and textures which we find in our everyday life. You can take your shot instead of taking from generic stock images.

8. Voice search optimization:

Alexa, Siri, Google are more into voice search optimization. In the next decade, almost 50 % of the search queries will be done through voice search instead of text. People are more comfortable with this new technology.

9. Chatbots:

Chatbots gives an instant assistant to the end user. It deals with queries, assisting the customers in connecting the end user to the team.

10. White space:

You can use more than enough white space on your website. Adding white space will make the focal point noticeable to the viewer.

Web designers can avoid certain common mistakes. You can avoid flash animation on the homepage. Customers want to know more about products and services. Do not make the navigation difficult, as it will tend your customers to leave the page. Keep it clean and simple. Avoid using the navigation in fancy flash animation or images; this will make you lose your customers. Do not use too many graphics and images as that will make the page to load slowly.

Some brilliant web designs of 2019:

Some sites draw attention and make you want to stay long. These sites push the boundaries and provide a masterpiece in terms of design, user-interface, interactivity, sounds, videos, images in its respective domain. Listed below are some of the websites with the brilliant homepage.

Good web design can convert your visitors into customers. It will tend people to stay long on the page and increase the traffic on your website. Out there is a huge and competitive market with good web design; you can stand out and make your space.

Your brand and online presence should last longer. An image, as they say, speaks a thousand words. Images also save a lot of space. Customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a demo (Video).

So, next time if you are planning to build a website, you can keep the above strategies in mind. Many web design services are available. You can also hire one such designer and make your website more user-friendly. There is the possibility of converting your users into customers and generating revenue out of it.

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One advantage of using a WordPress theme is that you don’t need a high level of knowledge in coding to build and maintain a functioning and beautiful website. It is an easy platform to use and even allows both individuals and businesses to effortlessly create their websites.

The most important thing is to learn a few tips on how to use WordPress themes. Also, you have to choose the right theme depending on the nature of the website that you are building. In this article, we will shed some light on how to choose a WordPress theme. The information will help you to build a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing website.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme:

The top advantage of WordPress themes is that they cater to various markets. It does not matter whether you are creating a blog for food, politics, travel, or any other product or service. There is a broad range of WordPress themes that are available for your use.

You need to give the process of choosing a theme for your website the utmost importance and this needs a lot of planning and searching. Before you choose a WordPress theme, you have to make sure that you understand your needs.

There are so many websites outside there that are competing with yours. No one would like his or her website to be left behind. Having an aesthetically pleasing website will help you to enhance your user experience and user engagement. The beauty of WordPress themes is that you will always get what you want. The secret is making sure that you do your homework well.

It can be tough to select a perfect theme for your WordPress website because the company has thousands of them. WordPress has over 6000 themes in its repository. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are choosing a fast and noticeable theme to improve your page speed.

If it is your first time to select a WordPress theme, I will share with you a few things that you need to keep in mind. Go through several WordPress themes until you will be able to come across the one that meets your needs with the highest level of precision. The main points that we are going to address in this article include;

  1. Simplicity is crucial
  2. Have a mobile-friendly website
  3. Your theme should work on different browsers
  4. The WordPress theme should support various plugins
  5. The WordPress theme you choose should support various languages
  6. Your WordPress theme must offer support
  7. SEO is critical and you have to choose an SEO optimized theme
  8. Don’t choose a WordPress theme that is bloated
  9. Do not utilize so many Google fonts
Tips on How to Choose the Best WordPress Themes:1. The simplicity of the WordPress Theme is Critical:

I know you have heard of a saying that states that not everything that glitters is gold. This saying is a quote applicable to the process of selecting a WordPress theme. WordPress offers an overwhelming number of themes. Currently, the brand has over 6000 themes for its customers.

Some of these themes have complex layouts, lots of colors, flashy animations, unimportant JavaScript, and many more. Some of these aspects block the website from performing its intended functions.

When selecting a theme for your WordPress website, go for the one that will assist you to accomplish your original purpose and goal. A colorful website that has a complex layout may be appealing to the eyes but it can distract your visitors from reading and getting the information and message that you would like to share with them.

The good thing about simple websites is that they offer a high level of focus on the content and enhance your typography. Individuals prefer websites that put the user in the first position. If you would like to learn the golden of selecting a WordPress theme, there is only one answer. “Focus on your users all the time.” Anything that goes against this requirement will be misleading.

2. Make Sure You Have a Mobile-Friendly Website:

Millions of online users use their mobile devices to browse and access the internet. Nowadays, it is not an option anymore to make a responsive website. It has now become a necessity for all entrepreneurs to make a mobile-friendly website. The amount of traffic that you receive from mobile devices can double the total number of traffic you get on your traffic.

Therefore, your brand will be missing out on more than 50 percent of its visitors if it does not have a mobile-friendly website. Recent studies reveal that mobile visitors have significantly reduced the number of desktop visitors. The main reason is the high level of convenience that comes with mobile users.

A study in the United States finds out that mobile traffic increases faster than both laptop and desktop users. The beauty of almost all WordPress themes is that they are responsive by design. However, we still have sellers who are offering themes that have a fixed layout that is not mobile-friendly.

Therefore, it is always good to confirm whether the theme that you are choosing has a responsive design or not. There is no need to lose your valuable traffic because of something that you have full control over.

You can use instant articles and AMP to ensure that your visitors are getting an excellent experience from an incredible mobile-friendly website. It is an element that you cannot overlook in the modern world if you want to compete favorably.

3. The WordPress Theme That You Choose Should Work on Various Browsers:

The WordPress theme that you choose has to be compatible with the leading browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox among others. The user is at liberty to choose a browser of his own choice.

You can do a lot of de-service to your brand if you limit the visitors on the type of browser that they can use to access your website. Recent statistics indicate that the most market share is with Google Chrome which stands at over 60%. However, the remaining 40% form a significant amount of traffic that you cannot overlook if you want your brand to grow.

Make sure that your website is working as expected on all major browsers as you choose your WordPress theme. It is a decision that you need to make early enough so that you don’t regret on a later date.

The market has several sophisticated tools that will help you in determining whether the WordPress theme that is choosing is compatible or not. Make sure that the WordPress theme that you are choosing works properly with various browsers. Make sure you test all the templates that you choose before you settle down on one of them.

4. The WordPress Theme That You Choose Should Support Various Plugins:

You cannot underestimate the work that plugins do on your Website. Plugins help users to add extra features on their websites. Therefore, you need to be sure that plugins like forms, caching plugins, and multivendor plugins work well before you choose your WordPress theme.

You don’t want a theme that will compromise the quality of your website when you add plugins on to it. There are some websites that are slow because of incompatible plugins. Do your homework well and make sure that you are choosing a WordPress theme that is compatible with all the plugins that you would like to install on your website.

5. The Best WordPress Theme Should Support Various Languages:

It is advisable to choose a WordPress theme that is translation ready and supports various languages other than English. You can be sure that such a theme will come with several benefits to your website. It will help you a lot if your brand operates in a non-English speaking nation or when you have a target audience that uses multiple languages.

There are certain tips that you can use in creating a multilingual WordPress Website. The most important thing is to have a website that functions well with various languages. Even if you don’t need such a website now, you still have to put this factor into consideration.

As your brand continues to grow, you will need to reach out to various nationalities. When this time comes, you will find it easy to modify your site into a multi-lingual one. You need to put the element of scalability into consideration as you choose your WordPress theme. The fact that your brand is small today does not imply that you will stay there forever.

6. A Good WordPress Theme Has to Provide Support:

In most cases, this service is only available for premium themes. Therefore, if you want to be sure of assistance whenever your website theme fails, the answer is to upgrade to premium. This investment is reasonable because you will require better support. The other elements that you will need for your website are robust security and other excellent features.

Therefore, you want to be sure of maximum support whenever you have an issue with the website. WordPress has a dedicated team of technicians that are available to serve you 24/7. However, you may not benefit from these services if you don’t choose the right theme. Make the right choices when it comes to supporting so that you don’t compromise on the quality of your website.

7. SEO is Crucial and Hence You Need to Choose an SEO Optimized WordPress Theme:

It will be useless to have a great website that users cannot find online. Make sure that your target audience can easily find your website by using the right theme. The WordPress theme that you choose should support SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The term SEO refers to a set of practices whose primary goal is pushing your website to the first page in the SERP (Search Engine Results). Therefore, make sure that you are choosing a theme that will help you to rank highly in the search engines. You can also find some YouTube videos that can help you to make the right decision.

8. Read Reviews Before You Choose Any WordPress Theme:

The best way to understand the efficiency of any theme is through the reviews that customers or users leave behind. You need to know what both the current and previous customers have to say about the theme. Any good theme will receive high-quality reviews from the users.

It is also good to go through their support forum and make sure that the developer of that them replies to all customer quarries. The good thing about previous users is that they will always leave behind an objective view of their experience with a certain theme.

The Don’ts When Choosing a WordPress Theme:1. Don’t Settle for a Bloated WordPress Theme:

An excellent theme that has so many features can appear to be so appealing. However, such a theme may do more harm than good to your website in the long run. Such a theme may compromise the security of your website and distract the users. Some of them can even reduce the loading speed of your website.

If you are operating on a tight budget, you can think of upgrading to premium themes. It is better to buy a theme because most of them offer regular updates and fixes, improved security, better coding, and more support. It can become so expensive to go for free WordPress themes in the long run.

2. Don’t use So Many Google Fonts:

Some WordPress themes offer limited options when dealing with customizations. On the other hand, we have themes that allow the user to adjust his or her font with the aid of CSS. It is good to choose one that has various customization options. It will help you to modify the appearance of your website to reflect the image of your brand.


These tips will help you to choose the best WordPress theme for your website. Some examples of simple but good WordPress themes that you can use are Serifs, Verdana, and Tahoma. However, the kind of theme that you choose depends on the size and type of your business. What works perfectly for my brand may not work well for your business.

Therefore, do your homework well so as to choose a theme that will meet your needs with the highest level of precision. The advantage of WordPress is that it has everything for everyone. All you need to do is a lot of research so as to make an informed decision.


Would you like to choose the best WordPress theme for your business? Feel free to contact us through info@viacon.in for the best advice.

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The requirements of SEO change over time and keeping with the latest developments can be so hard. Anyone who wants his or her site to receive traffic must be in the know. A well-optimized website will have high Google rankings which translate into more sales and leads.

Searchers cannot find your site in the absence of SEO. Therefore, all your hard work will go in vain if you don’t put the necessary measures in place. In this article, we will be looking at the essential factors for SEO rankings. The guide will help you to get a well-optimized website that will bring a lot of business. The factors include;

  1. An accessible and secure website
  2. Page speed
  3. Mobile friendliness
  4. Domain authority, URL, and age
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Optimized content
  7. User experience
  8. Social signals
  9. Links
  10. Real business information

However, it is good to look at how search engines work before we discuss the above Google ranking factors.

Definition of the term “Ranking” in SEO:

SEO means Search Engine Optimization which entails making your web page better for Google rankings. The term ranking is SEO is the position of your content in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). A ranking of 1 means that your website will appear on the first result apart from the answer boxes, featured snippets and promoted results.

Close to 50 percent of the clicks on the search pages go to the top 3 positions and hence it is good for your website to rank among them. However, it is also useful to appear among the top 10 results because over 95% of users don’t go beyond the first page.

What Google Looks for in SEO:

The primary goal of Google is organizing the information of the world to make it universally useful and accessible. One huge component that is delivering relevant search results.

Google uses search bots (spiders) to visit web pages. They also add crawlable or well-optimized pages to their index and then catalog them. When users search Google, it will show what it thinks to be the most appropriate results depending on the search terms that they use.

You can rely on the Meta descriptions and page title for searchers to click on your link and visit your website. Your Google rankings play a key role when it comes to visibility in the search engines.

How Google Rankings Work:

When users want to get information, they say or type words that are related to what they are searching for. These are keywords and they play a critical role when it comes to the optimization of your website. However, search engines are not all about keywords as they also look at the quality of the information that you publish on your website.

  • The page purpose
  • Trustworthiness, authority, and expertise from the page content, site, and individual creator
  • The amount and quality of content
  • Info about the content writer and website
  • The reputation of the website and content creator

All these go in the Google ranking algorithm to help in determining SEO ranking. Google uses the above guidelines to show the searchers the most relevant and high-quality results depending on what they are looking for. The most relevant come at the top and the others follow.

You need to address SEO Google ranking factors so that you can tell Google when your web pages are relevant to particular search quarries. Therefore, those searching the internet will click on these links to visit your website. SEO guidelines keep on changing leading to a change in Google ranking and hence you can never be sure of #rankings.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO:

On-page SEO are factors on your personal website that you are able to optimize like the content and underlying code.

Off-page SEO is the actions that you take outside your website to affect the authority and trustworthiness of your website by building social signals and inbound links. Both on-page and off-page SEO determine Google rankings.

How to Monitor Your Search Rankings:

You have to know the starting point for you to improve your ranking in the search engines.

First, you can use the terminologies that you believe your clients are using to do the search. You a private or incognito window in your browser so that Google personalization does not skew the results. You will be able to see where your page falls.

However, you cannot do this if you have an established site with so many pages. You can use a tool such as SEMRush to do this. All you need to do is type your domain in the search box and wait for the system to run the report. You will be able to see the top organic keywords that your site ranks in.

Alternatively, you can also use Google’s keyword position tracking tool in tracking the exact keywords that you are trying to get ranking for. Here are the top ten factors that influence Google rankings.

1. An Accessible and Secure Website:

Having the right type of URL comes is as the top SEO ranking factor. You need a URL that the bots from Google can reach and crawl with a lot of ease.

Thus, Google should be able to visit your URL and go through the page of your content to begin to understand what your page entails. To do this, you will need to have;

  • A robot.txt file that informs Google where it can and cannot search for your website information
  • A sitemap that lists all your web page. If you have a WordPress site, you may set your sitemap through Yoast SEO. If otherwise, use the online sitemap generator to achieve this objective.

HTTPS is not a factor of determining whether to index your page or not. However, John Mueller from Google tweets that it is a ‘light-weight Google ranking factor’ and it’s a good thing for users to have HTTPS.

2. Page Speed including Mobile:

Page speed remains to be one of the main ranking factors for several years. Google aspires to enhance the experience of web users. The secret to this is having fast-loading pages.

From July 2018, Google has been using a search engine algorithm that focuses on mobile page speed. If your site has a slow loading speed on mobile devices, Google can penalize it. Several tips can help you to increase the speed of your website.

3. Mobile Friendliness:

Mobile friendliness is also a critical factor that influences Google rankings. People who use mobile devices to access the internet are higher than those who use desktops. No wonder it has been changing Google rankings in the search results.

The mobile-first index from Google is now a reality as the search engine draws results from mobile-optimized websites first and not desktop ones. If your site is not mobile friendly, you may be risking staying in the cold.

You need a responsive site that will automatically resize to fit the mobile devices. The font sizes should be large for easy readability on the small screens. Make easy to tap menus for navigability and accessibility. Lastly, make sure that interstitial ads don’t hide your essential information. All these tips will make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website.

4. Domain Authority, URL, and Age:

Over 60% of the websites in the top ten Google rankings are over three years. Very few sites that are less than one year achieve the above ranking. Therefore, it’s advantageous to have a well-optimized website that has been around for some time.

The domain name also matters in some cases. Google penalizes exact-match domains for spammy sites that have thin content. However, you can get high Google rankings if you have exact-match domains that are high-quality, valuable and relevant. If your website is established, make sure the URL reflects your business and optimize it accordingly.

Authority also matters a lot in Google rankings. It combines off-page SEO signals such as social shares and inbound links and great content. Open Site Explorer can help you check your page authority and domain authority.

5. Optimize Content:

Content remains to be one of the most important Google ranking factors in SEO. Therefore, you have to optimize your content well for SEO. The Google search algorithm heavily relies on keywords.  Therefore, you have to make sure that you are using the right keywords in the various sections of your website.

Duplicate content is one of the negative SEO ranking factors. Original and fresh content remains to be the best for Google rankings. If you have similar content, use the canonical URLs to tell Google which one to rank as the most authoritative.

The first thing you need to understand is SEO ranking and LSI keywords. It includes the related terms that searchers are using in addition to the main keyword. They give Google a related word association to help them know which results to display. Note that it is outlawed to keyword stuff and this will lead to poor quality pages that will hurt your Google rankings.

The other crucial factor in content optimization is the search intent. You have to know what people are really searching for while typing in their search keywords. You have to make sure that your content meets the needs of the users.

The content length is the other important SEO ranking factor. Content that is over 2000 words receive more of the top ten positions in Google rankings. Long contents also attract more shares and links. The use of answer boxes and videos can also increase your Google rankings.

6. Technical SEO:

In addition to getting codes right, the other aspects of technical SEO that you need to address include;

  • Use keyword phrases in the page titles because Google first looks here to determine the relevant content
  • Show content hierarchy using header tags
  • Create an enticing meta description (around 160 characters) that has the keyword phrase
  • Use keywords in the image alt tags to show that the pictures are relevant to the main content
  • If applicable, use schema markup to tell Google the type of content you are producing.
7. User Experience:

Google has been utilizing artificial intelligence to rank web pages better. It refers to this signal as RankBrain. It also encompasses the other signals that influence Google Rankings. These include the click-through rate, bounce rate, and dwell rate.

When people land on your page and they don’t like it, they will bounce away and this will tell Google that it is not relevant for their needs and this will have a negative effect on your Google ranking. On the other hand, if users click through your page and stick around for some time, it will inform Google that the content is relevant to their search.

Therefore, you have to optimize your content, descriptions, and titles to get clicks and deliver high-value that will boost your Google rankings.

8. Links:

Links are naturally crucial to SEO because websites are built on links. The three types of links you need to think about include internal links, outbound links, and inbound links.

Google uses inbound links to establish how relevant and authoritative your content is. It is good for an authoritative website to include a relevant link to their site in a piece of content that is relevant. You need very few inbound links from such low-quality domains. The SEMRush can help you find inbound links or any other keyword research tool.

Also, link the high-quality content that you create for your visitors to relevant and authoritative websites in your niche. Lastly, when you link to your own content, you will be able to tie all your pages together for both the search engine and your visitors. Using all these links will boost your Google rankings.

9. Social Signals:

When users share your content on social media platforms, it is another valuable signal. There is a close relationship between Google rankings and social shares.

Google clearly states that social shares aren’t direct ranking factors. Links from Facebook and Twitter are not valued equally like the ones from other authoritative sites.

However, we cannot run away from the fact that pages that rank highly also have high social shares. The reason is that more people will see your site if it is shared widely on social media. Thus, social shares indirectly help in Google rankings. Apart from social media presence, make it easy for people to share your content and amplify the social signals.

10. Real Business Information:

This tip is crucial for businesses that target specific local areas. The absence or presence of business information is among the most critical local SEO ranking factors. Some of the areas to pay close attention to include:

  • NAP: name, business, and phone number
  • Business listings on Facebook and Google My Business
  • Reviews on both relevant directories and sites such as Yelp
  • The correct local search terms

Are you looking for an opportunity to get high Google rankings for your website? Contact us through info@viacon.in for the best organic ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP

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Do you want to develop your business? If yes, then you must know that in today’s world, technology gets advance day by day; for this reason, you should also use some new technology in your business for developing. A single mobile application helps to change the world and expand your business. Application as like Facebook or some other social media you can use in your business. It is a new and creative approach to these mobile apps which has been taken the technological world by storm.

As technology gets advance, the mobile application development created crossways to compete with the major organizations and industries providing business-friendliness. It also helps the customer to find specific solutions. If you have the great and creative idea in your mind, then these companies will assist you to get started with the mobile app development process. If you don’t have an idea, then you need a mobile application for the business.

If you set your mind at large scale enterprise, then a mobile app is an essential part of growing your business. To change your idea into reality, you must hire an app development company, which is a creative approach. Here we are going to tell you about some tips which help to select the company according to your choice.

Tips for selecting a company:-Know your requirements

It must be sound like no brain, but it also has a better understanding of the requirements of mobile app development, due to this, you need to take help from the mobile app development companies. When we are going to start the process of analyzing the requirements of business objectives and demands, it helps to require converting into the features and the functions of applications.

When a person wants their business app, then they have to face so many struggles. That’s why we are coming with some simple question to ask from yourself and requirements:-

  • What type of products and services are you trying to sell?
  • Where do you want your application to be android, and the windows based applications development?
  • Who will build your user base?
  • Which type of mobile application you want-native, hybrid, or the web-based apps?

At once you are influenced that what you want from your application, you must go to the next step.

Find out about the time frame for app development

In today’s world, the age of digital disturbance, then the fast time to market is the best demand. If your selecting mobile app development company is slow in developing and releasing new apps in the market, there is a growing opportunity which you will drop behind your competition. The rapid business application hits the market; it high is your return of investment. Make sure that you must focus the app development companies which deliver the high-quality application rapidly, keep these things in your mind; it changes the trends in the app development market.

Check the portfolios

When you are planning to hire a mobile app development company, then you must check the portfolios. It offers the best overview of the entire business domain as well as the project themes, which involves the company, and the practical skill which they hold. You can also check out with the firm to understand certain factors like if they work on the type of app which you need or wish to deliver to your clients.

Check how affordable they are

When we are talking about the perfect mobile app development company, then you will always find the cost of development and the quality that is conflict. So many organizations are there for selecting to start-ups to keep the development cost low, and they get the finished product and have the little market relevancy.

The main thing to keep in your mind, then it is only the strong market players who can afford to offer the quality application at perfect costs.

Transparency of the entire process

In the selection process, the entire cycle of product development and the transparency policy are followed by the mobile app development company. As we all know that low code method of the mobile app, and it gained immense popularity for the faster delivery application. You must go with that company which provides you the feedback loops and transparent communication in the process of development for better understanding and quickly respond to queries.

Reputation and Experience

It is another factor to consider while selecting the app development company; it is that you must check the experience and market reputation, which helps us to understand the app credibility of the mobile app development firm. Along with this, you need to look to positive reviews about the company and as well as their experience in this field.

You must keep that you should achieve the best return on investment from your application when the selected company can easily deliver the solutions you need. If the firm projects in the deep knowledge of the multiple mobile devices needed and the complete mobile application development include android, make sure about the rest, which is completely capable of providing you with the services you require.

Mark their custom approach

If you are ending up selecting the app development companies which allows the customer service, you most likely to face some issues right from the stage of development. So many organizations fall victim to mobile app development companies which are trying to sell their app, and it will disappear from the scene when it is done.

Only the professional and reputable companies have the loyal client base of understanding their clients’ worth, and they are always ready to assist to each step in selecting the best development company.


Finally, these are the most common and important things to consider when you are going to select the best mobile app development company. They understand their client’s business, and then they serve services according to their requirements to develop future-oriented, flexible, and fast apps. People believe in partnership instead of creating relations which get started with the business transformation journey. You can hire a branding agency for your app development.

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