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When we hear the word Asteroid, the first thought which come up our mind is the dinosaurs’ extinction, doesn’t it little scientist? Today your inside’s palaeontologist will go out when you will read what exactly happened more than 60 millions of years ago. Join us in this back-in-time trip! 


Asteroids are considered the smallest corps in the Solar System by scientists. They are composed by rocky and metallic rests of other planets, have irregular shapes and also a definite orbit surround the Sun. Regarding to their size, it is variable, since some of them have barely 1 metre of diameter, but other ones can have hundred of kilometres!

What does it bear on dinosaurs?

That might be what you are wondering, don’t you little scientist? There are some different theories, but the one which seems to be the most accurate, upholds that a 10 kilometres asteroid reach the Earth, concretely in the Mexican Golf, causing a crater of 180 kilometres!

The impact was so hard that it is believed that the energy liberated was equal to the explosion of 5 billions of atomic bombs! Can you believe that, little scientist? Consequently, a huge quantity of ash and dust stayed on air and hide the Sun for about two years. As there wasn’t Sun light, plants couldn’t do the photosynthesis and they died, so herbivorous couldn’t eat anything and finally died, so carnivorous did and finally, the whole food chain was destroyed and dinosaurs extinct.

However, it wasn’t the only cause why dinosaurs were extinct, as there were also extensive periods of acid rain, worldwide fires, tsunamis, volcanoes erupting, and so on…

Did you know that…
  • Until 2006, asteroids were also called planetoids or little planets.
  • Ceres is the biggest asteroid ever known, with around 900 kilometres diameter!
  • The majority of asteroids can be found between Mars and Jupiter, in the Asteroids Belt.
  • More than 75% of life on Earth was extinct because of the asteroid.
  • Dinosaurs had scales, as fishes.
  •  Birds are direct descendant of dinosaurs.

That is what exactly happened with dinosaurs, little scientist! Did you already know everything or you just thought that they were extinct due to the impact? Now you can continue learning more about dinosaurs and become a real paleontologist!


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