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You keep swiping right but somehow you just can’t get a single match?

Wondering why? Is it the pictures or something else? What about your bio?

We are going to answer all of your questions in this article.

But more importantly, I will give you the advice to make immediate changes.

ELO Score

The thing is that Tinder uses this rating system called ELO to rate each account and judge how attractive the account is based on their swiping and how much they get swiped.

As you may guess, if your profile gets swiped right a lot, you will have a higher rating and vice versa.

But there is one more thing that determines your ELO rate. And that is how picky you are. If you are swiping right on everything, your rating will go down because when you do that you are swiping right on low rated profiles.

And women swipe differently than men. They take more time to see every profile and picture. Men mostly only see a main picture and swipe but women need more time.

This is why they don’t swipe a lot and if you are not on the top of her stack (low ELO) she will most likely miss your profile.

To learn more about how the ELO rating system works mathematically, check out Wikipedia

How to Correct Yor Low ELO Score on Tinder

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is change your swiping strategy.

Don’t swipe every girl right. First, make sure she is real. One-pic profiles with no bio usually mean she is a bot. No body pics, only face? Probably fat.

And read her bio. Sometimes you will see hot pictures of her but her bio says she is a single mom. Or maybe she demands you pay her via Venmo. Maybe she just wants Instagram followers.

Make sure you don’t set your swiping on “auto” just because you are lazy.

I would even suggest you tight your standards and sometimes even swipe left a good 7 just to trigger changes in your ELO.

But, there is also a shortcut.

Reset your profile

Ever heard of a noob boost?

The general noob boost theory of Tinder is that for a brand new account, you get a “noob boost” which means that you get high ELO form the start. You will see higher ELO rated Tinder profiles first, and your profile will also be put toward the top of other user’s stacks so they don’t have to scroll too much before seeing yours.

So, does resetting your profile helps?

Last year it didn’t. But in this year and the next one 2020, it may be an option? Why? Because of the GDPR laws.

If you are curious, you can ask for a copy of everything they know about you. And ask to delete it.

Now, they won’t show you your ELO or anything like that, but deleting your profile should mean that they delete everything they know about you.

People usually say it works and you should test it. But if resetting doesn’t help, consider making a new Facebook profile just for Tinder.

Bad bio

Maybe your bio sucks.

I am still a fan of short bios and to the point.

I have seen guys alluding to sex in their bio. There is nothing worse than that.

In general, your bio can only hurt you. There are zero benefits to having a long bio.

Since your bio can only hurt you, keep it short and to the point. If you are over 6 feet tall, list your height. If you are 5’10, say you are 6 feet. Put where you are from, what part of town you live in, and about 3 or 4 things you like to do. Put the college you graduated from if you have graduated. If you have a cool job, put it in there, otherwise be either really vague with it or don’t put it in there at all.

Your pictures

If you have a new profile and you don’t get matches, your pictures suck.

There is no other way to put it than to tell you the harsh truth. It’s not “tinder being unfair”, “tinder wanting me to buy gold” or that girls are there for validation only. No, your pictures are bad and the sooner you realize this the better.

You are going to sink or swim simply by the quality of your pictures.

I am a good looking guy but I failed at Tinder at first because my pictures sucked. Even if you are attractive, if you have shitty pictures, you are doomed.

When I finally put some good pictures on my profile, I could not believe how many matches I got. It became like shooting fish in a barrel.

I even got reported as a catfish because women thought I was using pictures from models. Now, this is why you use bio, to look real. Not because you can’t get matches and you hope to impress a girl.


If you can’t get any matches that can be because of three reason.


Your bio is weird

Your pictures suck.

It can also be a combination of two or all three things. How to recover?

Reset your current profile or make a new one. This time with good quality pictures. Your success on Tinder will depend 99% on your pictures. Obviously, if you look good you will have better results and vice versa.

But, if you look good and your pictures are bad, the guy that doesn’t look as good but invest time and effort in pictures is going to outmatch you.

It really comes down to how good can you do a marketing job for yourself through pictures. What kind of story do you want to present? What kinda guy you are? Anyways, I cover a lot on how to make quality pictures in my free guide on Tinder, All you have to do is enter your email and I will send it. Check out the form below.

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Business casual


Ultra Casual

Bad Boy Looks

What’s your style? What suits you best?

We’re gonna answer all these questions for you, but first, let me say to you something really important.

Starting to dress good skyrocketed my results with the cold approach. Read that again.

The first impression in the cold approach strategy is very important. Actually, the first impression is all you got.

What are your thoughts when you see a guy in a suit? Businessman, wealth (power), high status (power), Authority. All attraction triggers.

Obviously, it depends on the surrounding. If you are on your day job and everyone is wearing a suit, then you are not special with suiting down.

However, if you go on a nightclub, or festival where everyone is dressed poorly and you show up in a suit, that is an instant attraction. Or, if you are approaching a girl on a street in a suit and so on.

The point being is that you should dress differently than the others in your surrounding and suit down will do that for you in most situations.

Now, maybe you are a guy that doesn’t like wearing a suit (too bad you never give it a chance), and that’s fine. Maybe you are a casual type of guy or you like the bad boy looks. Whatever it is, make sure you stick out.

How to find your style?

If you are like me a few years back, and you are a noob on fashion and dressing, you don’t really know what suits you best.

Best advice you can get is to dress differently than your personality. Wtf? What does this mean?

Well, if you are a guy with classes and skinny, suiting up will make you look richer but that would be it. You’re gonna radiate a bill gates vibes.

What you should do instead is to try to dress like a bad boy. Jacket, maybe boots, short haircut and so on. This is just an example.

On the other hand, if you look masculine, adding that extra bonus points with suiting up are very good. Dressing as a bad boy would be “too much”. Instead, command authority with a good suit.

Now, all of this doesn’t matter unless you EXPERIMENT with things. You need to try different things and see:

  1. In what clothes you feel most comfortable
  2. How do people react to you? (people you meet, not your friends)

And there is not a possible way of knowing this unless you TRY different things.

The most important thing is how you feel. Because if you are feeling good in your clothes, it’s going to reflect on your game, overall appearance and the impression you make.

It’s a good thing if you go to the store and try different things, but your gonna need more time. Try certain clothes for 2-3 days. Then you will know if it actually suits you or not.

Anyways, if you are reading this it means you are fully aware of the importance of good looks. So let’s get right to the 4 different styles I’m going to present you in this ultimate guide on how to dress as a man.


When a guy is dressed in professional attire, he’s communicating high status. He is taking care of himself and he is doing some serious business. He must be at some high-level position in his company, and you are sure he is not poor.

His outfit says that his focus is sharp, that he’s intellectually capable and he’s intent about the work that needs to be accomplished

He is on a mission, and guys that are on a mission are highly attractive.

There is a high level of respect that comes with this look. Let’s take a look.

This is your usual business style. Make sure colors match and pick a suit that will match your body. Anyways, here are my recommendations:

This one is classic. Basically everything you need to look like a boss. But my personal favorite:

You have this one for fit/slim body type in different colors, even red. Make sure you double check the size of pants since sometimes people miss it.

Fun fact- in one of the recent Bond movies, I think its Sky Fall, Daniel Craig wore a suite that is exactly as this one in color and style. If it looks good on Bond, you’ll look even better!

This isn’t rocket science, do your measurements, and you’re going to get exactly what you pay for.

As far as tie goes, there is only one Amazon product I can’t recommend enough.

Take a look at those and tell me this isn’t enough to experiment for a whole year.

Moving on to watches.

Now, watches can be tricky. There are all sorts of watches and until you put it on your hand and dress up in suit you won’t know if it fits perfectly.

But here is what I wear.

I only have these 3 watches and change them accordingly to what I wear. It fits well, and I’m very satisfied. These watches can be used to whatever style we discuss further.

Dress Shirt

Here are some shirts that you would like to combine with all this.

When choosing shirts, you need to thing about two things. Size and color.

A shirt’s color is the first thing we notice. It can be determined a hundred feet away and may send a message that the man wearing it is outgoing or that he knows how to fit in. Neither message is better than the other, but a man who understands the role of color and its effect has control over what is being said.

Me? I prefer black/red combination over any other.

When it comes to size, take a look at this.


Now, I do have a complete guide on elevator shoes, but for this type of style I recommend only these:

Semi Casual/Semi business

For a variety of reasons, some men just don’t feel comfortable in a suit. It can be age, that the guy is young (high school) or simply he doesn’t like suits. And that’s perfectly fine.

But the question raises. What to wear instead?

It’s safe to assume that most young men have a couple of pairs of jeans, some T-shirts, and a sweatshirt or two in the wardrobe.

If you don’t have those, you’re either unusually well-dressed or very inventive. The way to go from looking like everyone else to looking sharp and stylish is to take those basic wardrobe pieces and add alternatives to them.

Here are a few basic staples of most young men’s wardrobes, and some alternatives to them that can be worn stylishly but casually:


Everyone owns blue jeans. It’s something you can see every day for sure.

But even the simple swap to more dark, stylish, contrast stitched jeans is a big improvement.

You can also upgrade to colored corduroys, earth-tone cotton slacks, gray wool flannel trousers. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Pretty good upgrade for men that love to wear light color pants. It goes perfect with white shirts and sneakers.
Nice dark jeans. Replace this with your light jeans and look different than 80% of men right away.
If you like black color, I can’t recommend this enough. Buy these, mix it with yellow or red and you are set!

Replace them with polo shirts, lightweight long-sleeve T-shirts, henley shirts, and other light but distinct styles. Avoid brand names or cheap political t-shirts. Here are some examples:

To be honest, I’m not a big polo shirt fan. But I can see it’s becoming more popular in the US over time. This one is good but wait to see the next one.
This one is what I wear. It can be even for gym. It goes well with your body, especially if you are ripped.
Another T shirt for slim type of body. Or ripped. This Henley Shirt can go without any jacket and still look good.

Swap them for casual plaid flannels, cotton sweaters, lightweight cashmere sweaters, sweater-vests, and cardigans. Let’s take a look.

Check it out, you can find this in different colors. Red/black combination is my favorite.
Semi-casual. Want to look causal but also show high status? Or maybe you are not comfortable with suits but this can work.
This long shawl/cardigan is surprisingly nice! It looks good with more casual outfits and is light enough for wear during the summer. The pockets on the shawl are fairly wide but shallow and stick out quite a bit. The fabric is a jersey sheet type with a heathered look.

Swap ‘em for casual leather shoes. Saddle shoes, wingtips, brogues, loafers – there’s a lot of options here. I already wrote a guide on shoes and how to get taller so I won’t repeat myself too much.

For the guys that are afraid of being shamed for “elevator shoes”. These will look normal as it gets.
Bad Boy Looks

If you have been reading about attraction psychology for a while then probably you already know that bad boys attract women very easily.

Of course, looking “dirty” will definitely give you that vibe even if you’re not acting like one.

Looking tough, dirty or like a bad boy will give you a huge boost when approaching women. It changes how people perceive you and especially women. Mix this with the right frame and you will be unstoppable.

This is the perfect example:

As you can see, the key here is the leather jacket and the belt.

This is your typical leather jacket. Now, you can find it in black, but this is just enough to experiment with and see how you feel wearing it.
If you are more on the modern side, check this leather jacket out. Maybe you think that classic ones are out of fashion and not modern enough. But this jacket confirms that leather jackets can be modern and dirty at the same time.
Without a question the best leather jacket I ever wore and saw. It screams “JERK” all over you. But somehow, even if you look like a jerk, women tend to notice you more. Hm. Strange thing, isn’t it? My 100% recommendations for this product.
Dress Shirt

Under your leather jacket, it would be perfect to wear some dress shirt. We already cover it above, so there is no need to go through it again. I will just leave one dress shirt that I think goes very well with black leather jackets.

Perfectly goes with your black leather jacket. Black signal mysterious and red is danger. There is nothing more edgy than this. If you can see yourself in it, try it. Bad boy style might be the right style for you.

There is a psychological reason why bad boys choose to wear boots. Boots are very suitable for the lifestyle of a bad boy. The bad boy might ride a bike or do some kind of a dangerous activity every now and then. Because of that, the bad boy needs a kind of shoe that allows them to step into anything whether its water, mud or rocks.

These are perfect for your bad boy looks. Black ankle boots is what goes with leather jacket.
Maybe you are into more lighter colors. If that’s the case, these one are my favorite.

And of course, let’s not forget the belt.

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Have you ever wondered if the height is a factor that can get you more girls?

How many times did you hear a woman saying “he is too short” or “I couldn’t date a guy that’s shorter than me” while she is wearing high heels?

And what if I told you that you can get a nice 1-4 inches (2,4-10,1 cm) boost without any effort?

Let me tell you how.

The Idea

One guy at Reborn Masculinity called Mike introduced this idea to us. It’s nothing revolutionary but it can befit our readers a lot.

He is a big advocate of height increasing footwear and has plenty of results to back up his recommendation.

Now, let me say this. I don’t recommend products I have not used and I always let you know if my recommendation is not from personal experience. Which is rare. Yes, I even tried “shoe lift inserts” and I’m a pretty tall guy (6.1 or 186cm)

Anyways, as you may guess, I’m talking about elevator shoes. I do feel strongly that you should consider trying a pair however and urge you to not be resistant to the idea.

Height is very important when it comes to meeting women, especially when you are doing a cold approach because the first impression is so important here.

Women are tricking you

If you are one of those guys that refuse any advantage that he can get, there is nothing I can do to change your mind.

But know that women are tricking men on a daily bases. High heels(up to 8 inches) make her look taller. Makeup makes her look prettier and push-ups make her look more attractive. Women don’t have second thoughts when it comes to these things. They consider it “normal” and how dare you ask why is she trying to deceive men?

And here you are, being too proud to take advantage of this safe, easy, inexpensive way to boost your height up to 1-4 (6 with shoe inserts)that will make a big difference in how women see you.

Elevator shoes/lifts are popular in Hollywood (Socially Acceptable)

The reason that most guys are hesitant to wear shoes that instantly boost their overall appearance and social presence is that they are worried about “getting caught”.

Same reason why many are afraid to dress good.

Instead, like the other 90% of men don’t stand a chance unless they are good looking.

If you are still on the fence about it, it might help to know that elevator shoes (goofy name, I know) are shamelessly worn by celebrities, both on set and in public.

Showing you popular celebrities wearing elevator shoes might be “un-red” pill but it will be the main reason why a lot of guys will stop worrying and take this tremendous height advantage.

Where To Get Elevator Shoes? Amazon is your best bet. (You should get free returns on all shoes for 30-90 days)

For some reason, getting them online is basically your only option.

I did that search (and several similar searches) to try to get you a list of popular department shoes that consistently stock Elevator Shoes/Lifts.

No luck with that.

The only option might be to search or call your nearby shoe stores and inquire about these THREE MAIN brands that specialize in height increasing elevator shoes:



Toto MNX15 (sneakers)

You will have to be extremely lucky to find these at your local store.

Selections And How Much Taller Will You Get!

We went through every shoe we could find and picked the best one we liked based on style, versatility, and height increase.

Here is a nice list of options for this year.

This one isn’t too much expensive but it gives you a nice 2.8 inches boost.
These were our favorite. 3 inches taller.
If you really want a boost, these elegant yet basic shoes will make you 4 inches
Casual Shoes
Those are ideal to pair with a nice pair of shoes.2.3 inches.
For the guys that are afraid of being shamed for “elevator shoes”. These will look normal as it gets.

Boots are a good way to add a masculine edge to your style.

It maintains a classy edge, but on the other hand, look very much different than classic poorly design boots. Astonishing 5 inches.
Get 3 inches taller with this nice looking boots. Double stitched for longer lasting durability.
Nice sneakers will fit perfectly with your blue jeans. There is also a black version.
A very nice athletic sneaker, built very similar to a basketball shoe but without too much of a juvenile.
Get 4 inches taller with these nice sneakers.
Shoe inserts?

While I do recommend that you consider this option, I ran into some trouble with getting them to universally fit in my shoes and they made a lot of my shoes tight. Some were unwearable because they squeezed my feet so tightly. Luckily, I found these.

You will likely have to cut them but it’s definitely worth a try.

High rated soles, get extra 2 inches boost.

The options get better and better with every season.

And I do recommend anyone of any height take a look.

Why not?

For some guys this will literally be a game changer.

Not only that it will crush your insecurities but it will also give you the confidence you need to approach women.

It is different when everyone around you look shorter.

We have to stop caring so much about what other (usually undersexed) people think or “what happens if…” and take advantage of the resources we have.

Yes, IT IS important what girls you are sexually attracted to think.

But let the other guys stand on the side and hate on your shoes (no one will even notice).

Feeling self-conscious about your height is not just insecurity or something that you need to “get over” and “be confident” with, it’s about sex appeal and how women see you.

Let me know if you find more interesting elevator shoes.

I will buy them. I have no shame whatsoever.

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Writing a complete Shanghai nightlife guide was quite a challenge. This is a city of around 30 million people. Quite a few countries that I visited combined would still be smaller than Shanghai.

A freshly arrived foreigner trying to discover Shanghai is like a blind man trying to feel up a whale, and then have to describe it. This is why I will focus only on Nightlife and girls in Shanghai through this guide.

If you think that you lived in a city that doesn’t sleep, think again. Think again after you get to Shanghai and have a tour around the city in the middle of the night then you can tell someone that you lived in a city that doesn’t sleep.

As years passed, Shanghai really built his reputation as a tourist place. That’s all because the touristy attractions found in the city and the Shanghai nightlife events.

If you are a type of guy that loves to spend the night partying rather than sleeping, then Shanghai is the best place for you in the world.

There are quite a lot of clubs and bars to check out in Shanghai that you should visit. So I made you a list that will make your club and bur hunting much easier.

But first, lets talk about women.

Shanghai Girls

First, let me say that women in Shanghai are far more attractive and stylish than those in Beijing. The cute, porcelain, white skin doll look is still preferred by locals but since Shanghai is such a big international city you can find girls who are really sexy.

Girls in Shanghai were far more aggressive in foreigner hunting and far more open to one night stands than those in Beijing.

Several girls told me that they only that white models. The girls seem far less conservative than those in other parts of China.

One thing surprised me. If you are good looking, girls will approach you and propose to go home with you. Married women also.

However, since there is a large foreign model, and US-born Chinese and tourist population, I suggest you stick to approaching locals or Chinese girls.

Girls in Asia, in general, respond much better to the “fun and exciting” guy than to the cocky guy.

If you don’t know the Mandarin language you will want to find Shanghai girls that speak English.

Visiting English corners, casual social events organized to practice English is actually a way to meet girls that are there to find a boyfriend. They don’t really want one night stand but long term relationship.

As this is not the pick up guide, lets move on to the main subject.

Shanghai Nightlife Guide

There are quite a few distinctions for the clubs in this Shanghai(you can go out 7 days a week) depending on how you classify them. I divided them into three groups.

-Mainstream clubs

-Underground clubs

-Bund Clubs

The Shelter

At the moment of writing this guide, The Shelter is one of the best club in Shanghai. It’s been the most famous club on the Shanghai nightlife scene for some time now.

Just like the other clubs, The Shelter also has its own DJs that are famous. Wednesday is hip-hop and Thursday is for techno.

At weekends it closes around 6 am and they usually ask for an entrance fee during Fridays and Saturdays. However, their drinks are cheaper.


If you like The Shelter you will like Arkham. It can be found at Wulumuqi Lu and it’s also a good place to have fun. This is a club that can have 600 to 800 people.

It’s open only on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s a good place to have cheap bears and drinks.


Lole is the type of club where you can party until the sun rises. They close around 7 am! So you have more time to have fun. This is a lounge, but after midnight it starts to look more like a nightclub.

It’s located at Yongija Road and it’s open Wednesday until Saturday and just with some other clubs in Shanghai, Lola too has it’s best DJs that are very good. Mostly they play house but sometimes techno or disco music.

It’s a bit pricier than M2 with around 60rmb a bottle but you can try some of their cocktails as well. And make sure you reserve a table ahead.


Dada is one of the oldest clubs in Shanghai that was able to maintain its brand so props to them. It’s located at Xingfu Lu, and at Dada, you can find both a nightclub and a dive bar.

The music they play is house, techno, and disco, and if you are lucky you can have fun with some of the famous DJs in the whole of China. The crowd here in Dada is more of the youngsters who love to party all night long.

The good news is that you can have nice drinks in dada with only 30 to 40 RMB.

It usually closes early during weekdays but on the weekend it can be open to 5 am.

Monkey Champagne

If you miss American style clubs here in Shanghai I have good news for you, there are tons of clubs like that. Monkey Champagne is one of them

If can be found in Donghu Road, or 10 mins walk from South Shaanxi Rd if you go by metro.

You can find around 200 locals and foreigners having fun in the club. As the name speaks itself, you can find great champagne inside the club and they also have their whiskey which is a bit expensive.

The music that plays here is top 40s hip hop music.

M2 Club

This is a well known mega-club. It’s located at Huai Hai Zhong Lu. This place is so huge you will be surprised. Make sure you hit the dance floor.

The music is usually trance, except for Wednesday, then it’s hip-hop.

M2 Club usually closes at 3 am to 4 am during weekdays but when it’s a weekend, they could go up to 6 am. Drinks are not expensive.

Bar Rouge

Bar Rouge started in 2004 and it is a very famous club to this day. It’s a very unique and classy club. They even have their ladies every Thursday.

The music that plays here is house and techno. It’s located at Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu.

TOPS at the Banyan Tree

If you want to feel like you are on top of the world, check this rooftop bar. TOPS is located on the 13th floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel. It’s glamorous and has chill-out music. You can dress casual. This rooftop bar is pretty expensive but one of the hottest chicks go here almost every day.

Is there anything else to do in Shanghai except for clubbing? Shanghai World Financial Centre

If you like the TOPS rooftop bar, maybe you want to take a look at Shanghai from Shanghai World Financial Centre. You can have an amazing view of the Shanghai nightlife from the 100th floor.

If you are brave enough you can try their skywalk that is made of glass which gives you a better view of what’s happening below.

Acrobatic Shows

If you want to experience the creativity and culture of Shanghai you should definitely see acrobatic shows. Engaging in such activities is a must if you want to know more about Chinese culture.

What you will see is people showing off their talents in acrobats, juggling, balancing, etc.

Some of them do pretty intense stuff. You can find a lot of it in Shanghai Centre Theatre or Circus World.


Shanghai is one of the biggest city in the world, and you should definitely pay attention to it. Nightlife is amazing and there is always something new to experience. On the other hand, there are a lot of migrants, locals, tourists that come here to experience the famous Shanghai nightlife. There is room for everyone and if you come here as a foreigner, you will definitely have more luck with girls

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Losing virginity is a major event for men in many cultures including Jewish, Christian, old ancient culture such as China and so on. It was celebrated even in Pagan faith. But the question is why? Why did people consider a boy growing into a man only after he loses his virginity?

What is so important to lose your virginity, as that it changes our lives?

Whether we like it or not, virginity is every man concern until he finally gets laid. Obviously, this is a very important subject for youngsters.

It is still a sing o manhood and definitely a status changer. No matter how big loser or geek you are, if you lose virginity before everyone else, suddenly you become the only guy that can have sex and that can skyrocket your status among friends and girls in your school.

On the other hand, it can put a lot of pressure on guys. If everyone but you lost their virginity and you are the only one that didn’t have sex so far, suddenly you become weird, or loser, freak, gay, etc.

Being a virgin for too long can really fuck with your mind or emotions. You are going to doubt yourself, you are going to wonder if you are attractive enough, or if something is wrong with you. Of course, none of this is going to be true, but the fact that you are thinking about it shows the importance of losing your virginity.

This is why virginity influences a lot of social dynamics in your surrounding and it’s why it is important for your status.

What Losing Virginity Brings You As A Man?

Success breeds confidence. If you want to have sex for the first time in your life, it will definitely help you remove all of your doubts and questions about your attractiveness. It will help you get more confident in all other areas of your life, not only with women.

This is the only reason you should work on losing your virginity because it is a mental threshold. After that, you will feel more confident and you will get momentum.

You will also realize that sex is extremely overrated, partly because your first time is going to suck. But, sex is definitely overrated and there are numerous reasons for that. Every movie idealizes sex but the truth is that masturbating can also give you orgasm and that 40% of women never experienced orgasm in their life.

It is also the truth that most women are the same when you turn the lights off. Very rarely will you find a girl that is very good in bed. And those women that are good in bed are bad for everything else, like long term relationships, etc.

I don’t recommend you pay for a hooker, except if you are in your 30’s or 40’s and still a virgin. If you are in your late twenties, you should put work in getting rid of your virginity instead of paying for a hooker. How to do that?

Easy. Start approaching 10 women every day. Start going out 2 times a week at nightclubs. Start doing online game. Put some effort in and the reward will come. Don’t overthink sex, don’t put pressure on yourself too much. Just quietly work on yourself, on overcoming that mental threshold

Because once you lose your virginity, you will definitely build momentum. After you experience and really realize what sex is(its nothing more than putting your D in her vagina) then all of your previous concerns will look stupid to you. And gaming girls will become much easier.

So, How to Lose virginity as a man?

This are excactly steps I would take if I were  a virging:

  1. I would read a few books on how to increase my stamina during sex, and how to become good at it. How to not come too soon. The sex god method is not bad, 2 girls teach sex also. Remember, good sex is the best way of getting your girl addicted to you.
  2. I would contact all friends I spend quality time with and go out with them. Or, I would go out solo. Find out where is the best place to go out, what is the situation in clubs, bars, college parties, etc. Go out 2 times a week. Think about the night game as going to get some fun. Don’t take seriously what people say or think at night. You are there to play with them and fool around. Everyone is drunk anyway. My advice is to not use alcohol. That’s how you will become more confident in social situations faster.
  3. Read a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and apply things from it every day. That is a simple book about how to be more communicative. Don’t read it once, but download the audio version and listen to it a few times! There are a lot of books about how to be a better speaker, but you need to know two things first: a) Switch focus on the people you are talking with. b) Eye contact.
  4. I would hire some photographer to make nice pictures. People who live from taking photos knows exactly how to take pictures of you looking like a movie star. And of course, edit it in photoshop. Pay as much as you need, because this is a good investment.
  5. Use those photos and make profiles on all dating sites. Including Instagram.
  6. Like I said, go out 2 times a week. Practice focusing on a girl. The beginning is the hardest part. It’s easy after you develop an abundance mentality.
  7. Find some physical activity, at least 3 times a week. It’s important to feel good in your body. If you are skinny, go to the gym. If you are fat, do cardio.
  8. Work on your fears. Approach girls on the street. Most girls that I fucked come from a street game. Practice it. It’s a lot harder to begin approaching girls on day time on the street, but once you beat that fear that, everything will become easier for you.

Those are the steps you need to do.

Now, losing your virginity won’t make you a pimp. It basically means nothing. Nothing special at least, objectively speaking of course. But it will mean a world to you.

Because you all of a sudden don’t need to lie your friends(who also lie) on how and when you lost your virginity. You will relief that social pressure from yourself. And, you will feel more desirable to women.

Feeling desirable to women is very important in dating. If you feel attractive, women will feel that way too, and they will “smell” your confidence miles away.

For your first sex, the most important thing is to stay relaxed and not worrying about performance. Because if you put pressure on yourself, chances are higher that you will somehow fail (even if you really can’t fail, you can only stay without sex and girl, that’s the worst thing that can happen). The less you give a fuck, the better you will be at sex. That is the hard truth at least when it comes to inexperienced guys.

Protect yourself from STD’s, wear a fucking condom, don’t play around. You don’t want to get some serious STD and they are very, very common these days.


Losing virginity is an imporntant and special thing for every man. When you think about it rationally, it doesn’t mean anything. You will fuck sooner or later but from a mental perspective, it means a lot because it opens the door for future success in your dating life. That is why I suggest you lose virginity as soon as you can.

Don’t be over obsessed about it but work on this. It’s definitely something that will change your life

Relax, stay calm and enter the adult world.

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If you plan on visiting Bangkok but you are wondering about things such as where to stay, what are your chances of getting laid and how easy Bangkok girls really are, you are on a right place.

Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. It’s known in Thailand as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep. Bangkok has a population of over 8 million.

Bangkok does not sleep. It’s a city that’s truly alive and free from a lot of the political correctness that you may find in the West.

Best known for its vibrant street life combined with the Buddhist shrines sprawled throughout the city, it’s a great mix of 1st world and 3rd world living. Not expensive, tropical climate, great nightlife, lots of adventures and hot Thai girls.

Are Bangkok Girls Easy To Hook Up with?

Most of Bangkok girls can be described by their Asian features, small frames, black hair, and dark skin.

They might appeal as childish comparing with their European or Latin American counterparts but they do offer some refreshment when it comes to their sweet and feminine core.

Thai girls, in general, know their role as a woman and respect men. Let the man lead and will cook and clean for you.

They do dress very nicely in a very feminine way, and the sex is definitely not a taboo.

Bangkok girls are attracted to white foreigners. Saying anything different would be a lie. However, their main fear is being labeled by her family or friends as “aputa” that sleeps with the 1 weeker backpacker or sex tourist.

There are two main groups of Bangkok girls.

Light-skinned Bangkok girls whose families are from Isaan. They are most likely from Northen part of the city where you can find them. They are a bit harder to get and usually won’t set up for a typical backpacker only because he is white.

For me, these girls are very sexy and attractive. You can also find them with online dating.

The second group is all the rest middle class darker skinned girls in Bangkok. They are very open to foreigners and if you are looking good, there is literally zero chances that one of the dark-skinned girls won’t start flirting with you. They can usually be found in the Southern part.

Light-skinned girls have bigger status and they are also preferred by local men here, but that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with other girls.

One thing is for sure, If your type is dark skinned Bangkok girl, you will have a time of your life.

As far as tourist women go, you can find Korean women and Japanese. You can also find western white girls, but I would suggest you stay away from those.

How to get laid in Bangkok

First thing, you want to appear as nice and classy foreigner, not the smelly sloppy backpacker.

You want to stick from the crowd. Be different than other American tourists that come here just to end up with hookers. To do that you have to analyze typical backpackers. They are poorly dressed and look poor.

So, do the opposite! I’m not saying you should spend more money, but look classy, look rich and serious. She expects to sleep with her typical American Psycho guy from movies, not some lost tourist.

Another thing to understand in Bangkok is that the girls are either heavily into foreigners or not. There is no middle here. If a Thai woman wants you to invest some time into her that’s because she doesn’t want to be seen as a whore or she wants something more of it. Like a marriage or a green card.

What this means is that you find a way to filter the girls who are not interested in foreigners and find the hot ones that do date Americans.

Luckily for you, most of the Bangkok girls do date foreigners. But if you wait for their signal you may end up alone.

Approach girls during a day in Bangkok

I know most of you guys reading this have little experience in approaching women during a day, but the potential in Bangkok for a day game is just too huge to ignore it.

The logistics for this city are great when it comes to day game. Why? Because most of the crowded malls are located near the BTS line which means that you can easily enter them and walk from one to the other.

The top spot would have to be at the Siam BTS stop where you can find some of the biggest and nicest malls in the city like Central World, Siam Paragon, and others

Bangkok girls know why you approach them. If you start a girl on a street and tell her she looks interesting or that you like the way she dresses she will immediately know what you want. Being white alone means you are already “good looking” and there for you don’t need to work on increasing your attraction. It’s already there.

Instead, create some comfort and start touching her right away to see how she responds. If she smiles but pulls back, that means she needs more comfort. If she doesn’t pull back you can invite her on a coffee or to your place right away.

Learn some Thai

Most women don’t know English here. But, how hard can it be to learn a few simple sentences in Thai?

  • “You look interesting, nice dress.”
  • “Let’s go for a coffee”
  • “Come to my place”
  • “How are you?”
  • “Do you find me attractive?”

All you need is that. Most guys are lazy to put any effort what so ever. And learning these few sentences can be the difference between getting laid in Bangkok or being all alone for that day.


Nightlife is the reason most people come here. They all heard for legendary Bangkok nightlife. And it’s true, it really gets crazy.

It really depends on what club you go but it all happens much faster than during a day.

This means that you should show intent fast when you approach a hot Thai chick. If you don’t know the Thai language you will have to compensate that with dancing and fast escalation. Bangkok will be a perfect opportunity for you to practice non-verbal game.

Pro tip: Don’t get in a fight with Thai. Every local guy that see that will come and join his side. Very similar to China.

Hookers in Bangkok

There are so many hookers in Bangkok you won’t believe it. Let me say you this. Most guys end up with hooker without knowing it.

This is one more advantage of a day game because you are approaching random girls on a street. And there are fewer hookers walking in a mall than in Nightclubs.

Some prostitutes won’t tell you what their job is until you have sex with her. Then she will ask for money.

The only way to avoid this is to ask her because chances are she is. Make sure you do that in a respectable way or when you get some comfort with her(when you are about to pull) because it’s an insult to ask a nonprostitute if she is a hooker. I advise folks not to use a word hooker but maybe escort. (Khûmkạn).

That being said lets see some non-hookers nightclubs in Bangkok:

None Hooker night clubs

Route 66 – Open 24/7, gets crowded around midnight, but on weekends gets busy from 10 pm. It’s known for Bangkok girls who are very welcoming to westerns. This is No. 1 place for westerns to find a girl in Bangkok. It’s located in RCA, mostly played RnB and hip hop.

Slim/Flix – Similar to route 66, bit a bit tougher for westerns to get laid. Also located in RCA. Also plays hip hop but there is a room that plays house music. Closes around 5 am.

Funky Villa – In thong lo. There are not many tourists here and it’s much harder to hook up with girls here. Nice but small place

Demo – Next to Funky villa, everything same like Funky Villa but only house music

Safe house – is an after party club located near Demo, it gets busy after 1 am.

Nung Len – Located in Ekkamai, plays a mixture of Thai live music and hip hop. Pretty hard to get laid here, But on the other hand I would say some of the hottest girls I have seen visit this place.

Now, I know some of you guys actually love hookers and want to experience it also.

Two clubs are known for this: Insomnia and Climax.

Where to stay in Bangkok

We are going to cover some areas but my suggestion is the Sukhumvit area because it has a sky train for easy transport, a lot of restaurants and bars, night clubs are close.

Nana – This area is very touristy and full of go-go bars, hookers, and fast food places. You will be harassed by taxi drivers if you stay there.

Asoke – Big hooker and freelancers scene. It has an underground metro service that gets you to the other parts of Bangkok. Has many hotels nearby and malls. Not bad for a day game. Lots of tourists.

Phorm Phong – If you want to get away from the aggressive taxi drivers and tourists you should try this place. It has a small park, a mall and lots of hookers bars. However, most of them are very relaxed with nice music and its easy to have a chat with workers. There is a smaller prostitute scene in this area.

Thong lo – This is place has a huge restaurant, bars, and clubs. Lots of expats, mainly western. Almost no bar girl scene here, any girl you meet is most likely to be a normal girl.

Ekkamai – It’s just like Thong lo, some nice hipster style bars, cinema and apartments are cheaper. No hooker scene here.

If you are planning to stay here for a long time, go for Phrom Phong, Thong Lo and Ekkamai. Avoid big tourist places.


When choosing hotel you need to ask yourself two things:

Does it have a safe? – When you pick up girls and get them to your room, don’t leave money on the table. That would be very stupid. Instead, hide your cash. There are other people that have their eyes on a rich western man. So, be warned, try to have a room with a safe.

Is it close to the main road? – You will have a difficult time finding a taxi if your hotel is deep into a Soi. Walking 10 minutes in the heat is not always a pleasant experience.

Obviously, you want to know if it’s guest Friendly and is it expensive but those don’t need to be explained.    

Cost of living in Bangkok

You can live in Bangkok for around 1600$ a month on average.. You can go as love as 900$ but you would need to live on the outskirt of Bangkok.


Bangkok is still a good place to go if you are looking to get laid with hot girls without putting too much effort into it. Nightlife in Bangkok is something no one can describe. You really have to experience it. It’s very unique and exotic.

That being said, going to Thailand is an adventure and all that experience change people. Many guys that I knew stayed there, many want to live there but can’t. If you are able, go visit Bangkok, enjoy the girls, good climate and extraordinary nightlife.

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes girls fall in love with in the guy that doesn’t even look good?

What clicks in their brain to become so obsessed with him? Is there a secret?

The truth will most likely surprise you how simple it is.

She falls in love with his story!

In this article, I will try to explain why women love a guy that can tell a story about himself. And even more, live his own story.

What makes women go crazy?

We all know what drives men crazy. Never-ending growing porn industry speaks for itself. Most men love porn sites or have at least some point engaged with some sort of pornography.

Men react to visual stimulation. They see nice legs, ass or boobs and all of a sudden they change. Their behavior change.

On the other hand, women watch porn 4 times less. But what women do to make themselves arousal?

They go to a bookstore and buy new 50 shades of grey book. This is because a women’s arousal is far more narrative than it is visual. She’s interested in the story, the fantasy.

She wants to know who the characters are, what’s their story, what they represent and visualize how she would feel in that situation.

Interesting stories, however, ignite her arousal. Stories about interesting men who’ve done fun shit and have grand plans for the future. Stories that show you’re ambitious, fun, mysterious and little naughty.

She doesn’t want to read a boring book, or to just skip the whole book and read the sex part, no, she wants the whole experience.

Same story with movies. Women would rather watch an erotic movie than porn.

And what about falling in love?

First thing when a student tells me “I don’t understand women”. I tell him that he doesn’t need to understand them.

However, if he wants to become advanced, I gave him a little task.

I make him read some romance novels. Most men don’t get romance. You need to read what women read in order to get it. It’s a pain for a guy to read that garbage, I know. But the amount of value you can learn from it makes it worth.

How to benefit from this?

When a girl goes on a date with you, she wants to know what is your story.  She’s constantly trying to gauge if it’s a story that she’d like to be a part of or not. If it’s fun, exciting, filled with wonder and thrills, she’ll be drawn to it. She’ll want to explore it further and see where it goes.

If it’s mundane, stale and stuffed with the same old boring storyline she hears 5 times a week she’ll opt out fairly quickly.

The good news is that you don’t need to create a whole fantasy for her. She will do that herself. You just need to provide enough material and let her create her own fantasy about you. This is why being mysterious is so powerful.

Women are very curious beings. And they can’t stand not knowing some secrets. If you are an interesting secret, she will beg you to tell her, to find out more. And this is when you have control.

A woman always needs something to look forward to. If your story ends on the first date, or after you sleep with her, she will forget about you. Never end your story, never show her how it ends. Not even when you get married. Always make her guess what’s next.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it

Speak about your passions. If you don’t have strong emotion behind your words, your story won’t stick.

It can be the most interesting story ever, but if you don’t put your passion behind it, everything will sound just like any other story.

Make her feel something through your storytelling. It’s even better if she feels a negative emotion than if she feels nothing at all.

The most interesting people don’t have the best stories, but they know how to speak. They know how to communicate certain emotion to you

Once you learn to tell a boring story in an interesting way, you will never have to learn story upfront ever again. You will be able to boost the atmosphere whenever you want. It’s a very powerful tool in seduction.

And it takes practice. Like anything in life that is worth, you have to put effort to learn it. Practice public speaking, practice putting emotion behind your story, speak to yourself in the mirror if it takes, but learn it.

Pro tip: When it comes to humor, have in mind that when she laughs, it’s a good thing because you are making her comfortable. But when you laugh, it kills the tension. The best humor in seduction is “dead humor” where you tell a joke but keep a somewhat serious face.

Be humble, but smart

In your stories, you should be the guy that handles things. You should be the guy that women like or crave. Make sure that the story you tell or represent speak about yourself as a high-value guy with status, or at least confidence.

In some cases, braggers can also be attractive. When someone is a bragger, he shows other people he is not afraid to talk highly of himself. And only confident and people that don’t care about what others think can do that. Both very attractive characteristics.

However, I recommend a different approach. You should not brag about yourself. In fact, pieces of the story that speaks highly about you should be very subtle. Those pieces should be hidden and wrapped with humor and the “real” point of the story. The more interesting the story is, the more you can brag in it.

A gentleman never say

Sometimes, refusing to say some things can also demonstrate high value. For example, you are talking about your encounter with a girl in your past, where the girl was obviously into you. And the story is fun and interesting, but you never say whether you hooked up with this girl or not, because that wasn’t even the point of the story. But she will ask. And this is your chance to shine.

What I want you to do is to avoid the answer. Refuse to say. It can be a straight up answer that it’s a private question, or that you don’t talk about it. You can also say in a playful way “me and her? No way, I am too shy for a one-night stand.”

Saying all of that while touching her with strong eye contact should give her the right message.

Another example can be when she asks about your job. I say “wouldn’t you like to know” or “A bit of this, a bit of that” or “I buy some stuff and I sell some stuff”. She doesn’t really care what I do, she’s trying to find out if it’s exciting or not to feed her fantasy, so that’s what I do.

Your lifestyle is your story

Being a good storyteller brings a lot of benefits.

You can set the frame right at the date, you can initiate certain emotion in a girl you want, and definitely get her interested.

But at the end of the day, those are just words. Yes, emotions are important and good storytelling will increase your chances with every girl. However, talking is not the only way to show her your story.

More impact you will have if you show her who you are. Your lifestyle is a part of your story, your friends, your job, hobbies, your mission, these are all parts of your story.

Why do you think women want to see your Instagram first before she gives you her number? It’s because your Instagram page tells who you are, your lifestyle and what is your social status. All of this is part of who you are, your story.

So, aside from investing in your Instagram profile, you should try to show her your interesting story and not talk about it. Take her to some interesting place, show her some pictures of you in some crazy place. Actions are always powerful than words, have that in mind.

This is why treating “I’m going to leave” never work with women. She knows that if you wanted to leave you would already do that but instead you are talking about it. Instead, if she does something wrong I want you just to leave without a word. That will keep her guessing for sure.

If you can show her your interesting story with not only words but action, there is a really big chance she will be into you. Most guys are boring and fake, they don’t live an interesting life. Some of them like to brag and try to fake their lifestyle with constant bragging about heir traveling experience etc.

You should be different, humble but smart. Show her that you are an interesting guy. You can take her somewhere interesting or you can have a great Instagram profile. Maybe you have an interesting photo on your smartphone to show her or maybe you are rich but don’t want to tell her what you do.

The goal is to create a mystery around your interesting life. If you can do that, you will improve your dating life a lot.

Pro Tip: If you ever wonder what kind of story you should build for yourself. Just take a look at what women watch or read. They love shows like “The Bachelor” books like fifty shades of grey and movies like Twilight. You can be skydive instructor, heir to a royal family or dolphin trainers. You can bullshit them, but just remember to not bullshit yourself.

The Story Never Ends

The moment your story ends, her level of interest will drop.

The story never ends, it doesn’t end when you get laid and it doesn’t end when you get married.

Women always need to look forward to something, whatever it is.

Does your future look exciting, filled with adventure, prosperity, and success or does it look dull, uninteresting, filled with beer bellies and Friday nights at Applebees. This is why so many couples fall apart right after marrying because the magical story of a future white wedding and happily ever after gets replaced with “marriage is work” and divided house chores.

Always keep her guessing. Be unpredictable. It’s a tough job, but once you get lazy, things are going to get worse. Just like with anything in life, if you get lazy, you fail.

Remember that you should tell your wife everything, never give her full validation simply because she really doesn’t want you to tell her everything and kill her fantasy.


Your story is only yours. You should not edit or change your personal story for any women. If your story sucks, try to change it for yourself only.

Become someone with a good story to show and tell, it’s not gonna write itself. I don’t suggest you lie and build a life on lies, but I won’t judge you either.

The important part is to learn how to express your story in a way that makes it interesting. No one is gonna tell it for you. Learn how to speak, build charisma. Put emotions behind those words, good emotions. You can tell the same story in two totally different way, and it definitely makes the difference.

How men tell their stories is often a reflection of how they feel about themselves and where they’re at in life. When you are living an exceptional story that flows out of you, women will want to be a part of it.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to three things you should work at. First one is to create a story for yourself, take on some adventure, always go out when possible and live life with courage.

Second, learn how to market yourself properly and practice talking.

Lastly, never tell a whole story, always make it mysterious enough, and leave some parts unanswered so her fantasy will do that for you.

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So, you’ve started your college days. It’s time to establish yourself as a cool, friendly guy. You want your college years to be like in some American comedy – party until your head falls off!

But you know it won’t be easy, so you are looking for advice on how to get your status up and find a girlfriend or multiple fuck-buddies. You need a good status for both.

This is a guide for guys that are in college and want to either find a girlfriend like a long-term relationship or simply want to get laid as much as they can. I will focus more on the first group, but guys that want to get as many chicks as they want surely can pick some good advice.

1. Find your perfect group in college

In college, there are groups. Everyone is trying to see where can they fit in.

With guys, it’s easy. Hobbies decide what group they are going to be in. If your interests are football, then you will find a group that’s talking about football every day. If you love to drink and go out, you will start hanging out with friends from college.

There are also other ways, for example, your roommate is part of some group, so he brings you along.

But instead of looking at guys who share your hobbies, you should open your eyes and look for a group of guys with a larger status and try to get close to them. It’s not hard to become friends with someone; all you need to do is focus on them, ask them a few questions and get genuinely interested in them.

I say the group with the largest status because that’s where there the girls will be. And you need to understand that quickly. In the first year, you create friendships and status. It’s a bit harder to improve your status in your third or fourth year of college.

And not only should you become friends with guys with the biggest status but also hot women. Be around, hot girls. Don’t get friend zoned but try to be close enough with them to know what parties they are going to.

2. Don’t try to seduce every girl in college

Word spreads quickly, and if you get rejected by one girl, every other girl that saw or heard that will also reject you. That’s just female psychology. So be smart about it; try not to go full direct game on your female classmates.

Be sexual, be fun and outgoing but wait until you two end up alone to actually try to escalate.

3. Find a girlfriend in your social circle

How to create a big social circle? Be communicative and open towards people.

Especially women. Try to communicate with women as much as you can. Most guys are weird betas. If you can prove that you are not afraid to talk to a lot of women, they will assume you are a normal, confident guy. If you avoid contact with women, girls will think there is a reason for that.

Obviously, you can’t be good with everyone. And you shouldn’t, but at least when it comes to women, force yourself to sit close to them and start some fun conversation. Don’t be shy; that’s the rule No. 1.

Actually, this alone might be enough to find a girlfriend in college.

So, whenever you get a chance, talk with girls. Be open, friendly, tease them a bit. Play games with them.

4. The easiest way to find a girlfriend in college is to look good!

Hit the gym.

This is very important. Good looks mean status in college. No one cares if you have good grades; your MBA is worthless anyway. But girls care about how you look because they are attracted to muscular men, and they want to be seen with good looking guys because that will increase their status.

If you are short or fat, start lifting up. And college is a perfect time to start.

5. Find parties

In every group, in every college, there is that one guy who loves to party and has a lot of friends. Find him and become his friend, focus on him. I’m not only talking about Night Club parties but private, in-house parties. That is where the magic happens. That’s where you can shine and get girls’ numbers and actually get laid.

6. The exchange student program is great

Excursions are crazy. People get drunk there and hooking up is easier because of that. Also, think about going somewhere else as an exchange student because you don’t go alone but with a group of people from your college, so it’s always fun to have adventures with your own group.

7. Approach women a lot outside the college

If you want to have momentum in college and be in the state and relaxed – you have to get momentum outside the college.

If you approach 10 girls before your class, obviously you would be more relaxed and fun than if you sit at home. Never get lazy, always approach. Gaming girls outside college can only make you better.

Practice approaching women on the street, in the club so you can win in college. You can game girls in your city and no one will know you are doing that. If you start approaching girls like a madman in college, soon everyone will find out, and you will be “that guy who approached 100 girls in one day.” You don’t want to be labeled in that way.

Instead, practice game on girls you don’t know, so when the time is right, you can smoothly escalate and you will have an abundance mentality.

8. You start from your first day in college

We’ve already discussed this, but the race begins on your first day in the classroom. You have to think about how to fit in and create status from your first day in college.

Time will pass very fast, and if you can establish yourself as a party attractive guy in your first years, the rest will be easy.

Once you start getting laid in college, word will come out and girls will notice and talk about you, so you will have a better chance with every girl that heard you slept with or kissed Jenny.

9. Don’t wait for the perfect one

If you get a number from a girl that is cute but not the one you were looking for LTR, still go out with her. Make her your fuck buddy. Not because you should marry her, but because she will give you preselection and other girls will see you with her. Make sure you don’t kiss her in college or in front of everyone because then you two are official; instead, let her friends talk about you to other girls.

When a perfect girl comes along, you will have an easier time getting her since you have already been with her colleague.

10. Have boundaries

If she flakes you, don’t speak to her again. Remember, every text you send her, all of her college friends are going to know about it. If she ignores you and you still send her message, she is going to tell that to her friends and then they will laugh at you. If this happens, just hard NEXT her.

Don’t be “persistent.” It can work if you meet a girl on a street or in a club but in a social circle, you will look like a loser if you still text her after she didn’t respond back.


Dating in college is like getting a job. In that sense, it’s similar to getting laid in high school. The more experience you have, the better. And if someone can guarantee for you or propose you, that’s even better. Really try to look at it as getting a job because it’s very close to that.

The college game is actually a social circle game. You should try indirect at least when you are not alone with your target but also don’t be shy, and attraction rules still apply. She will be attracted to you if you are confident, muscular and cocky. Just like anywhere else outside of the college.

That being said, it takes effort to build status in college but when you do, it will return your investment multiple times. Good luck

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Do you want to go to Cancun but still didn’t fully decide yet? Maybe if you knew how to get laid with Cancun girls will finally make up your mind?

The answers you are looking for are definitely in this guide. You will read everything about picking up women in Cancun and where are the best parties. But first, let’s get through the basic info.

The Mexican resort city of Cancun is situated in Yucatan, a peninsula bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s pretty much known for 15 miles long white sand beach, hot high school girls and crazy parties.

Cancun is a place you want to go for your summer break. It’s not a place you want to live in, but it will definitely be one of your top places if you are looking for fun.

First, let me say that Cancun isn’t for everyone. As soon as you land people are going to offer you a ride in a very crowded airport. And that’s an only small piece of what you will experience. You definitely want to learn “No, thank you” in Spanish if you are coming here.

Streets are also crowded, and if this is somewhat you have a problem with, you have been warned.

That being said, let’s get into this guide.

Cancun Girls

Local girls here have a bit darker skin with presumably Mayan ancestry, compared to other Mexican women. But a few seconds of speaking with them alone you should be able to “smell sex”. They are passionate and love when a guy is direct.

Yes, they do love gringos. And they are most likely willing to sleep with you if you are good looking or have some game.

But they are not the majority in this place. Tourists are. And most girls here will be high school girls. This means that if you are in your 20’s you will have an easier time.

Have in mind that even an 18 years old Cancun girl will always choose a 28 year old guy who has his life together over a 22 years old guy who can barely speak from being drunk all day.

Pro tip: Many of my friends are over 30 years and when asked about the age they all say 26. And the only time a girl accused one of my friends to be a liar is because she thought he was younger.

Most of the high school girls are going to be from the Midwest US. And they come here to have the type of adventure they can’t have at home. This is the place no one is going to judge or shame them so they are relaxed and more open to one night stands.

Your best bet is to go for high school girls that come from other parts of Mexico. You will notice them because they are Mexican but have a lighter tan and are usually in groups. Sometimes you will even think they are from Europe. We will discuss later what strategy works best on them.

When to go

Believe it or not, the most important question, if you want to get laid in Cancun, is not where to stay or what nightclub is the best, but when to go to Cancun.

And the answer to that question is to go when a High School Senior Week is. It depends from state to state but if you ask me, I would go in in mid-June or the first week of July.

Remember, Cancun at Spring Break is where US girls come to party harder and do more crazy things that they don’t feel comfortable doing at home.

The chicks I hooked up with were all educated, mature and respectable girls. But they were on a spring break in Cancun, so they only want to relax and have fun in a place far from home.

Throughout my whole life, I was been in different cities when a High school senior week is, and trust me, there is no easier place to get laid than in Cancun at this time. The only question is if you come at the right time.

How To Get Laid in Cancun

The absolutely best way to get laid in Cancun is to be social and have fun. If you apply this mindset and you don’t have game skills and you are not good looking, you still have a chance.

Stop thinking about how many girls you are going to pull in your room and have fun. Try to vibe, and meet as many people as you can. Have an open spirit and be communicative. It takes courage to approach and make the first step but it will pay off.

On the other hand, if you are good looking or have game, girls will come your way and you will have success. This doesn’t mean that “have fun” mindset doesn’t apply to you, of course it does. This just means that you will have an advantage over your competition if there is any at all.

Approach girls in Cancun During a day

Daytime is the time you simply want to have an awesome time, talk to everyone, get your dose of sunshine and just make sure you get into Social Beast Mode. Build your momentum from the start. Start by talking with people in your hotel, receptionist, ask hot girls for direction, best places to party etc. This will get you going.

On the beach try to approach as many girls as you can. Forget about the sex and pulling them to your place. Just have a good laugh and practice your social persona. After a few awkward sets, you will be in the social state.

The goal here is to meet as many girls as you can so you can approach them later.

If there are guys in their social circle, befriend them. Plant as many seeds as possible. You should seem like a nice, social, fun and confident man that just wants to have fun and play some volleyball.

Remember, very few girls will hook up with you in front of their friends, especially high school girls. So, for now, try to get their contact and arrange hanging out later.

As far as where to go during a day, everyone will tell you to head to the Coca Cola Beach pavilion. Do check it out for the sheer craziness of it all. Just imagine thousands of college students shit face drunk at 2 in the afternoon doing keg stands.

I also recommend you take the evening booze cruises. I know the operator even out the male to female ratio. Meet girls there then head to popular places.


The pool game is a different story. Sometimes a girl will give you eye contact in the pool. This is clearly an invitation. Approach her and see where it goes. Sometimes situations like this will lead you to sex in the first 20 minutes so watch for signals.

It also amazes me with how much you can get away with under the water. You can “accidentally” literally grab her for ass. Start slowly, touch her more and more when no one watches, that will bring you two closer.

The girls in the pool were obviously in Cancun on her parent’s dime, parents wanted them to stay safe so they pay extra.


Bars on the resort will start picking up at around 8 PM. So contact girls you met during a day at around 7 PM, try to arrange something. If you didn’t get any numbers, just go out and you will bump into girls you met.

Now they are in the mood to drink and do crazy stuff. Simply drink with them at the bar (10$ to a server or bartender will get you remarkable service the whole time). Yes, it’s a bit expensive. 40$ for entrance but you can drink as much as you want. This is another reason you want to arrange a meeting somewhere else with the group you met at daytime.

Convince them to go out and see the town. Now, the main skill you need to master with highschool girls is isolation. If you can end up alone with a girl in a room, escalate fiercely without waiting.

The point is to have fun with girls but watch for the perfect opportunity to isolate the hottest girl in the group. Because like I said, it’s hard for a girl to hook up with a stranger in front of her class friends.

If that’s not the case, try to lead the group to your place for “afterparty”. Nearly everyone will party at the bars but afterward is where the real magic happens. It will be up to you to close at that point.

Pro tip: Some of the night clubs have a cheaper option where you can buy a different color wristband that gives you admission only. You can then use the cash bar. The free bar usually had a line, while the cash bar never had a line because most people don’t know that is an option.


My experience revolves around staying at Grand Oasis and the Riu. Both are good places to pull girls.

High school girls from the USA or Canada usually stay in the following hotels:


Oasis Palm,


Gran Caribe,

Oasis Cancun,

Salvia Condos

Some weeks are busier than others, however, the best time I had when I skip the Hotel Zone and went straight to Isla Mujeres. On the north side of the beach is where the good looking Cancun girls are. Logistics here is ideal for getting laid. It’s an awesome place to be.

Have in mind if the motel you stay has back entrance, because most places have a guard that won’t let you in with girls. I was lucky that there was a back entrance no one was watching. But, you can bribe a guy with 20-40$. Also, make sure you talk to him in a friendly matter as soon as you arrive.

US dollars are accepted everywhere, but some places are expensive for exchanging them. Bring pesos from your bank at home or use your credit card.

Stay away from the police and have cash with you for this case. They will charge you if you “piss in public” and demand money.


I’m sure you heard stories about cartels and what not, but I personally didn’t hear that they attacked tourists. Don’t go too crazy in non-tourist places, and you are fine.

Also, don’t drink Mexican water, buy it. I’m sure you already know this.


Cancun is a great place to be. Great beaches, a lot of hot young girls that are seeking adventure and getting laid in Cancun is not hard overall. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

Anyways, if your idea of having fun is a nonstop party surrounded by good looking drunk girls who have no limits of their behavior that week, visit this place.

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Reborn Masculinity by Magister9339 - 2M ago

Do you want to find out how good is this course is before you give money? How trustworthy is this guy Kyle Trouble?

I’m going to answer all of your questions in this post, but, let’s start from the beginning.

What is Pro Niche Site?

It is a course that covers everything you need to make a profitable niche website.

The course is taught by a man who has several profitable niche website and one authority big brand website.

Not only that, but Kayle also offer access to his Facebook group where people discuss everything about this course and how to make money online. Along with it, you get really good value in bonuses that this course offer. You can screenshot your website, send it to Kyle and he can give you ideas and suggestions based on his knowledge.

On top of all that, this course is regularly updated. Which means that there are several more videos and bonuses then there was a few weeks ago.

Who is this course for?

If you are not making at least 1000$ a month online, and you would like to, this course is for you. If you want to learn how to make money, how affiliate marketing work, how to write compelling landing pages, how to research your competition, and a lot of other stuff, this course is for you.

If you already have an online business but you are stuck from some reason, Kyle analyzes all of his websites and shows you the earnings.

Now, there are a lot of gurus in “make money online” industry, and I have seen a lot of courses but Kayle is one of the few guys that actually let you peek into his earning process. And he shows you his own site, how he is generating money.

So, if you are already earning some money, Kayle will definitely show you something you didn’t know, something that you didn’t even think about. It will make you look at your business from a different angle.

Which can be crucial for online marketers.

How Much Value Is In Pro Niche Site Course?

When I first discovered this course I immediately went to check what’s all about. Kayle had around 10 videos that he gave in for free. When I saw them, I was a bit mad. Why would he give so much value for free, people are going to see this and start making websites in my niche and viola, I would have more competition than I asked for.

He showed how the affiliate marketing work, his earnings, he discussed how to start a website and make your own passive income.

Even though all of those 10 videos are not 10% of today’s course, I guess people sent him an email telling him he “stepped over the line” with this free content. Later, Kayle added most of those 10 videos into his course and no one can watch it for free now. I thanked him for that.

Lets make some money

I appreciate that Kayle says how it is. The more you work on your website, the more chances it gets to succeed.

He is also sick of the corporate world, he worked there and know how terrible it can actually be. This is why people like me and Kyle want to help men around the globe make a passive earning. Because nothing can replace the freedom you get when your online business starts to grow. The potential is very high.

With this course, you can build several niche websites and make at least 7000$ a month, if you follow the course correctly.

Best Part About Pro Niche Site

What do I like the most about the course?  Two things.

First one is that it really explains everything in details if you are a newbie coming into this industry. The course will explain how to install WordPress, how to pick up a domain name, how to install WordPress theme, what theme to choose, how to configure WordPress and Theme, how to create good content and pictures, design, etc. I could go forever with this.

If you are a newbie, and you don’t know what I’m talking about, there is no reason not to go and buy this course. It will help you tremendously. I wish I found some course like that when I first started. Instead, I had to go with trials and errors to get to this point. It took me nearly 16 months to connect all the things I need for my brand.

The second thing I like is the advanced stuff. Particularly, keyword research with a free limited tool. I can’t describe how much keyword research is important for online business. Extremely important.

And Kayle doesn’t show only how to do keyword research but also how to optimize your posts around that keyword!

Keyword research and optimizing blog posts around keywords is the difference between websites that generate 100k visitors a month and websites that are stuck at 6k and can’t move on for years.


As you may already figure it out, I recommend this course, especially if you are a newbie and want to start your first online business that can generate over 1000$ a month.

It covers everything you need to know how to leave your 9-5 job as quickly as possible.

It should be said that neither I nor Kyle can do this for you. You are the one that needs to configure WordPress, to write good content, do SEO, Social Media promotions and so on. No one is going to do this for you, so at the end of the day, the only person who really decide if you are going to make it is you. Courses like this only save you some time, you could learn most of this by yourself but it will take you at least 16 to 24 months if you are a hard worker.

That being said, after this review, I can’t really think any reason not to purchase pro niche site right away.

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