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The Perfect Way To Beat The Heat This Summer

It’s wonderful to see the sun shining so beautifully on the Premier Estates Wine office; it puts everyone in a great mood. But what’s that? “It’s SO HOT!”, we hear you cry. Well, our specialist sparkling wine enjoyment team has the perfect solution to help you cool down and chill out …

Prosecco slushies!

What better enhancement could there possibly be to relaxing in front of the TV or doing a little garden appreciation after a very long, very warm day in the office, than an ice cold glass of Prosecco with an icy, fruity embellishment?

As Prosecco is such a wonderfully decadent yet light and refreshing wine, it makes the perfect base for experimenting with cocktails. In this instance we will concentrate on fruity cocktails with plenty of crushed ice. We have 3 suggestions for you below, but there is absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t blend the Prosecco and crushed ice with your particular favourite fruit. It’s such a versatile sparkling wine and we wholeheartedly encourage you to get experimental with your fruit!

Our Prosecco Slushie Suggestions

Strawberry Prosecco Slushie - What you need:

A few handfuls of fresh, de-leafed strawberries

- A little honey

- A splash of orange juice

- Strawberry slices

- Premier Estates Prosecco

Pop the fresh strawberries into a blender, add a spoonful of honey to counter the sharpness of the strawberries. If you have an ice crusher, it’s probably best to crush large ice-cubes before putting those in the blender, but if your ice-cubes are small just pop them straight into the blender. Top up with Prosecco. The amount of Prosecco you put in will depend upon your preference and just how tough your day at work was!

Blend the mixture and pour into a tall glass. Add a couple of strawberry slices to the edge of the glass to garnish.

Strawberry and Prosecco Slushie - YouTube


Mango Prosecco Slushie – What you need:

- Frozen mango chunks or fresh mango chunks and crushed ice

- A splash of grenadine

- Lime juice for a little added zing

- A sprig of mint and a lime slice

- Premier Estates Prosecco

Add the fresh/frozen mango to your blender and put in a little crushed ice if necessary. Add the grenadine and a little lime juice for the citrus zing. Top up with Prosecco and whizz it all up. Pour into your tall glass and add your mint leaf and lime slice to garnish.

As the flavour of mangoes is quite subtle, we think the grenadine and the lime work really well in this Prosecco slushie as long as you don’t add too much and overpower the mango flavour. We’ll leave it to you to experiment!

Mango and Prosecco Slushie - YouTube


Watermelon and Grand Rosé Slushie – What you need:

- A few handfuls of frozen watermelon chunks or fresh watermelon chunks and crushed ice

- A shot of lime flavoured vodka (or just vodka and lime juice if that’s easier)

- A lime slice

- Premier Estates Grand Rosé "Pink Prosecco"

Put the fresh/frozen watermelon into the blender and add some crushed ice if necessary. Pour in the shot of vodka and lime and then top up with Grand Rosé. Push that button and whizz yourself up a super refreshing slushie, with a bit of a kick. Pop the lime slice on the side of your tall glass.

Many of our customers refer to our Grand Rosé as "Pink Prosecco" so we thought it would be fine to include this slushie recipe with our suggestions. Obviously, the vodka can be swapped out for your favourite spirit but if you’re not really interested in the kick, fruit juice would be a perfectly adequate replacement.

Grand Rosé and Watermelon Slushie - YouTube


The preparation time for these Prosecco Slushies is minimal and you can increase/decrease the quantity of ingredients to suit your taste. They’re great if you’re entertaining guests as you can fill a big jug and guests can serve themselves when they need a top up. You can buy refrigerated slushy making machines if you cater for larger events, which make a brilliant addition to any occasion, indoors or out, especially when the weather is warm.

Enjoy cooling down with your slushies!

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Pink is in! Enjoying A Refreshing Glass Of Summer Rosé

A quick glance at the weather forecast for the next couple of months will reveal that wonderful weather is expected for the vast majority of us in the UK. It’s looking like a good year to spend your summer holiday on home soil and we think you should definitely be enjoying a refreshing, chilled glass of rosé wine in the garden. Whether you’re entertaining guests with a back garden barbeque or just putting your feet up in a deck chair under a parasol after a hard day’s work in a hot office, there’s nothing quite like the extra little added sweetness of a high quality rosé to tantalise the taste buds and melt away the tension.

Rosé Wine Is Definitely In Fashion This Year

Rosé wine always sees a rise in popularity at this time of year, but this year in particular it is proving to be a lot more popular than in previous years with sales increasing enormously compared with white and red wines, although overall wine sales are rising year on year as well.

We believe the rise in popularity of rosé wine is largely due to producers introducing new wines to the marketplace that cater for a wider spectrum of wine drinkers. Our rosé wine team have been working especially hard recently, on the perfection of Premier Estates Wine’s rosé offerings. Their diligence has paid off over the last couple of years, with our rosé wines winning awards from some of the wine world’s most highly respected organisations.

Rosé Wine Varietals From Premier Estates Wine

We have carefully selected grapes from some of the best vineyards in Italy, South Africa and California to go into our rosé wines. Maintaining the consistency of flavour, bouquet and colour is tricky when making a rosé wine but our expert team have it down to a fine art.

Sparkling Italian Grand Rosé

This wildly popular sparkler is often referred to as our “Pink Prosecco” by many of our customers. It is made using the same Charmat method as Prosecco but with a blend of red and white grapes to get the subtle pink colour. The grapes are sourced from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy where the majority of Prosecco grapes are grown in Italy’s finest vineyards. This Grand Rosé has a delicate sweetness, hints of fresh, ripe summer fruits and floral rose aromas. It’s a great aperitif if you’re entertaining or just relaxing in the sunshine, but it also makes a great accompaniment to salads, light pasta dishes and white meat dishes.

Italian Pinot Grigio Blush

This still Italian rosé wine is also made with grapes from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy just like our Grand Rosé. Of course, the manufacturing process for still wines and sparkling wines is very different and so we end up with two equally appealing but subtly different wines. Our Italian Blush has the characteristic crispness of a pinot grigio but with a subtly enhanced sweetness, ripe cherry aroma and flavours of strawberry. This wine pairs wonderfully with lightly spiced food, so if you’re enjoying some chicken tikka from the barbeque, we certainly recommend giving this one a try.


South African Shiraz Rosé

This multi award winning wine is made using grapes from the beautiful vineyards of the Breede River Valley in South Africa. The Shiraz grape is primarily a red wine grape but is often used to make rosé wines. It is a hardy vine plant that thrives in sun-kissed, well irrigated vineyards and rosé wines are produced from these grapes by simply removing the skins from the juice once they have been crushed, at a far earlier point in the manufacturing process than for a red wine. The subtle pink colour comes from the limited juice/skin contact and the wine retains some of the complex, fruity qualities of a shiraz red wine whilst also having the fresh, crispness of a quality rosé. It is a medium bodied wine with fresh strawberry aromas and redcurrant flavours which are the perfect complement to salmon, salad or pasta dishes. It is also a wonderful accompaniment to soft creamy cheese if the cheese board is coming out at the end of your meal.

Californian Zinfandel Rosé

This particular rosé wine is another big favourite of our customers and zinfandel wines in general do have a mass appeal due to their tendency towards fruity sweetness rather than being a dry rosé. Our Californian Zinfandel rosé is made from grapes sourced from the world famous and well renowned Sonoma County. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy with just about any sort of meal and especially with a barbeque on a long, hot summer’s evening.


Just as with whites and reds, rosé wines vary in flavour and bouquet, sometimes quite drastically. Premier Estates rosé wines cover preferences from dry to sweet and we also have our sparkling Grand Rosé in the range for those who love that sense of indulgence and celebration that comes with a popping cork. Should you have any questions with regards to our range of wines, please feel free to call and chat with one of experts.
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Mix Up Your Summer Wine

At the risk of speaking too soon, it looks like we’re actually having a summer here in the UK! That means we can eat alfresco and extract some serious enjoyment from drinking wine in the sunshine. Of course, it’s vitally important to take advantage of the beautiful weather as often as possible and you wouldn’t really want to be drinking the same wine on every occasion now would you? With this point in mind, the team at Premier Estates Wine have put together a range of cases of mixed wine so that you can enjoy exactly the right sort of wine, red, white or sparkling, to complement your meal in the garden; whether that meal should be cooked on a barbecue or a light lunchtime salad. 

What Makes A Great Mixed Wine Case?

Well, a good start would be a selection of multi award winning wines and that’s exactly what we offer. Having a great many years of experience in the wine industry and having spoken personally to many of our customers to find out what they are looking for from a mixed wine case, it’s perfectly clear that our customers have widely varying wine tastes. It wouldn’t have made sense for us to simply offer mixed wine cases containing 2 bottles of white wine, 2 of red and 2 of rosé as this would only cater for 15 to 20% of our customers. So, we went all in and aimed to satisfy the requests of as many of our customers as we possibly could. This meant that we ended up offering a very diverse range of mixed wine cases and this turned out to be exactly the right thing to do as orders went through the roof and are continuing to rise.

What Sorts Of Mixed Wine Cases Do We Offer?

We currently offer the following mixed wine cases:

  • Prosecco Party Case

    This sparkling wine case consists of 2 x 75cl bottles of our multi award winning Prosecco, 2 x 20cl mini Prosecco bottles and 2 x 75cl bottles of our award winning Grand Rosé – a firm customer favourite and commonly referred to as “Pink Prosecco”. This mixed wine case is perfect for those who are having a few guests around who might like a glass of bubbly as an aperitif. The mini Prosecco’s are great for topping up glasses without having to open another large bottle.

  • Sparkling Wine Selections 1 to 4

    These mixed wine cases contain combinations of our Italian Prosecco, Italian Grand Rosé and Spanish Cava. All of these sparkling wines are award winners and you can choose whichever combination best suits you, or your guests if you are entertaining.

  • New World Wine Selections

    Our new world wine range features wines from Australia, California, Chile and South Africa. We have a variety of multi award winning wines on offer in these mixed wine cases and they’re specially tailored according to our existing customer purchasing patterns and extensive customer feedback analysis. We offer mixtures of red and white wines and mixtures of red, white and rosé wines in these cases.
  • New World Selection Of Dry White Wines

    This mixed wine case features our multi award winning dry white wines sourced from some of the very best vineyards in Chile and South Africa. These wines are the most popular with our customers and we have a large number of customers who order both of these high quality wines on a regular basis. It made good sense for us to offer them both together in one package.

  • New World Australian, Californian, Chilean and South African Wines

    These cases simply feature wines from one particular region and, again, were created following a customer purchase pattern research exercise. We have a large number of customers who love wines from one region over another because they prefer the characteristics of wines produced in that region. Our New World Australian mixed wine case features 3 bottles of Shiraz red wine and 3 bottles of Chardonnay. Our New World Californian mixed wine case features 2 bottles of Chardonnay, 2 bottles of our wildly popular Zinfandel Rosé and 2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine. Our New World Chilean case consists of 3 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc white wine and 3 bottles of Chilean Merlot red wine. Finally, our South African mixed wine case contains 2 bottles of Chenin Blanc white wine, 2 bottles of Shiraz rosé and 2 bottles of Pinotage red wine.

  • Italian Wine Selections 1 and 2

    We offer 4 varieties of Italian white wine, 3 varieties of red wine and a pinot grigio blush rosé wine. These mixed cases feature a selection of these wines.

  • Wine Tasting Cases 1 to 4

    Many of our customers have asked us whether we can prepare a mixed wine case containing their choice of wines from our entire range. Unfortunately, because our packing department is flat out, it is very difficult for us to prepare individual mixed wine cases. In an effort to satisfy our customers we decided to offer our wine tasting cases which are a broad mixture of all of our still wines from both our New World and Italian ranges.

If you’re a lover of wine and like to explore different tastes and characteristics of both still and sparkling wines, we would highly recommend you to take a look at our mixed wine case offerings. Not only do they feature multi award winning wines, but we think you’ll find the prices attractive too. If you have any questions at all about our mixed wine cases, please get in touch with a member of our extremely knowledgeable team who would love to discuss wine with you.  

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Everything you need to know about Pink Fizz

Our Grand Rosé “ Pink Prosecco” is gaining more and more new fans with every summer that passes. An ice cold glass of pink bubbly is just what many fizz lovers are looking forward to at the end of a tough day at work. In fact, it’s just the perfect drink for any occasion. Whether you’re relaxing by yourself or with your other half in the evening or entertaining a dozen guests, the feeling of indulgence and decadence that comes with enjoying a glass of high quality pink fizz is difficult to beat.

Over the last few years we’ve received many enthusiastic comments and interesting questions about our Grand Rosé (aka ‘Pink Prosecco’) and we’ve gathered together a selection of the most popular questions for our blog readers to peruse.

What exactly is “Pink Prosecco”?

‘Pink Prosecco’ is a term often used by our customers and many people who enquire about our products to describe our wildly popular Grand Rosé, an award winning sparkling wine that originates from northern Italy. It has similar qualities to those of Prosecco but slightly sweeter and with a subtle salmon pink colour – a delightful fizz that’s been increasing in popularity since it was introduced to our portfolio a few years ago.

Where is our Grand Rosé from?

Our Grand Rosé sparkling wine originates from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy. The grapes used to make it are sourced from some of the very best Italian vineyards owned and managed by vintners with vast experience and a historical family presence in the industry dating back many hundreds of years.


How is Grand Rosé “Pink Prosecco” made?

Pink Prosecco is made using a carefully refined blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes where the pinot noir grape skins are used to produce the gentle colouring of the wine.

Grand Rosé is made using the same method as that used to make our sparkling Italian which goes through two carefully monitored and precisely timed fermentation processes. The first process results in a base wine which is basically still wine produced from the grape juice. The next fermentation process produces a sparkling wine through the addition of yeast and sugar to the existing base wine. The yeast turns the additional sugar into alcohol and instigates the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles that make it a sparkling wine.

The fermentation occurs in an airtight, sealed vat which ensures that the CO2 is retained in the liquid. The secondary fermentation is the longer process and can be allowed to take place over a few months or even years depending upon the variety of sparkling wine being made. A high quality “Pink Prosecco” undergoes a secondary fermentation for a few months which results in a light, fruity sparkling wine which is very easy and enjoyable to drink.

Is Grand Rosé similar to a pink champagne?

Grand Rosé “Pink Prosecco” is a sparkling wine but it’s very different from Champagne. Champagne grapes are grown in the French Champagne region and the production method is very different from the Charmat method used to produce Prosecco. Champagne undergoes the fermentation part of the production process takes place in the bottle rather than in a vat. Not surprisingly, the resulting liquid has a very different set of qualities from those of Prosecco. Champagne tends to be more on the dry side, with pronounced toasty/biscuit tones that suit a much more specific taste than the generally appealing qualities of Prosecco.

Is Grand Rosé “Pink Prosecco” dry or sweet?

Pink Prosecco is classified as ‘Extra Dry’ which is a wine variant that tastes slightly sweeter than regular Prosecco (but still with a satisfying dryness) and contains 12-17 grams of residual sugar per litre of liquid.

How long can you keep Pink Prosecco in the fridge?

We recommend drinking your bottle of “Pink Prosecco” within 24 hours of opening but you can purchase some very clever devices for resealing your bottle that will help to keep it fresh and fizzy for at least a few days.

How should you store Pink Prosecco?

Always store the sparkling wine bottles on their side to ensure that the wine inside the bottle remains in contact with the cork, keeping it moist. Keep all bottles away from bright light (both natural and artificial) and keep at a cool and constant temperature, ideally between 10-15°C.


At what temperature should you drink Pink Prosecco?

It’s best served chilled (7-10 °C) to ensure that you get the best fruity characteristics out of this sparkling wine.


What people are saying about our “Pink Prosecco”

“ Great tasting wine, lovely looking bottles too, which were very securely packed. Customer service was excellent as I had a query and my box of mixed Prosecco and Grand Rosé was sent out straight away for next day deliver,y which I received this AM. Thank you Premier Estates Wines, I definitely will be a returning customer. “



“First taste of this YUMMY pink Fizz and love love LOVE it! Great price and great service especially the cheeky courtesy emails. Have already recommended Premier Estates to friends on FB with my promo link. Here's to a Pink Summer! Thank you Premier Estates!”



“ I have had several boxes now of the Pink Fizz, it is most definitely the best you can buy. The last box was the mixed pink, very nice but I still prefer the fizz it's amazing and delivery service excellent. Thank you Premier Estates! “



“ I have just opened my first bottle of “Pink Prosecco” - it is absolutely delicious! My experience from order to delivery through to product quality has been fantastic - exceptional customer service. I will be back, thank you!



Where can I buy Pink Prosecco?

“Pink Prosecco”, aka Grand Rosé, can be ordered from our website with free UK delivery. Order yours here.

Case of 6 (only £7.99 a bottle) Grand Rosé 6 x 75cl
593 Reviews

CASE DEAL: £89.94 £47.94

Default Title - £47.94
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Enjoy a splendid wine tasting evening to remember, perhaps with a mouth watering meal that's cooked to perfection, some wonderful music and excellent company.

After receiving hundreds of requests from our customers to introduce wine tasting event cases to our store, we are delighted to announce the following new selections of award winning wines to our store.

Just perfect for those special wine tasting events with friends and family.


£41.94 - Just £6.99 per bottle - Free Delivery* 

Wine Tasting Case 1:
2x Californian Cabernet Sauvignon - 12%
Our Cabernet Sauvignon is rich in flavour, dry and full-bodied. It has hints of blackcurrant and blueberry with mint coming through its smooth tannins. Its rich and concentrated flavours make it the perfect match for a variety of rich meats such as steak, lamb and braised pork belly.

2x Chile Merlot - 13.5%
Medium bodied, with an intense violet colour with aromas of spice, black pepper and ripe blackberries. It is aromatic with plum and red berry fruits, a hint of spice showing a full and long lasting aftertaste. Its aromatic nature make it a fantastic accompaniment to a wide variety of meat dishes, including lasagnes and rich hearty stews.

1x Australian Shiraz - 13.5%
A high quality easy drinking soft, medium bodied red with an abundance of spiced plum flavours and aromas. Its versatility and complex flavour means that it matches well with a wide variety of red meat dishes including roast lamb and grilled steaks.

1x South African Pinotage - 12.5%
A well-balanced red wine, with flavours of dark fruits, spice and chocolate with a long smooth finish. This complex red can be enjoyed with grilled meats, curries and spicy dishes. 

Buy here

£35.94 - Just £5.99 per bottle - Free Delivery* 

2x Italian Merlot - 12%
A smooth fruity flavour with hints of spiced cherry with a long finish. This wine is a perfect match for red meats such as steak.

2x Italian Cabernet Sauvignon - 12%
A smooth, fruit bursting finish with rich red berry flavours and a subtle hint of spice. This is the perfect wine to accompany an array of red meat dishes.

2x Italian Shiraz - 12%
Rich in flavour with a peppery aroma and hearty plum intensity. The perfect complement to barbequed meats or roast lamb.

Buy here



£41.94 - Just £6.99 per bottle - Free Delivery* 

2x Chilean Sauvignon Blanc - 12.5%
This highly refreshing dry white wine delivers an array of tropical fruit aromas and mouth-watering gooseberry flavours. It is a wine to be sipped, nicely chilled all summer long, or taken with a meal throughout the year.

The herbal, tangy qualities of this Sauvignon Blanc white wine are tailor-made to complement all forms of fish and chicken, whatever the cooking method.

2x Californian Chardonnay - 12.5%
It has a pale straw colour and has a crisp taste with juicy fruits, with hints of melon, butterscotch and a refreshingly creamy vanilla finish. This well balanced Chardonnay is well suited to delicate food such as shellfish, steamed fish, chicken or pasta with spring vegetables.

1x South African Chenin Blanc - 12.5%
It has a pale straw colour and is bright and fresh with plenty of melon, white peach and ripe lemon flavours with a crisp finish. Because of the blends well balanced acidity and sweet, fruity flavour; it will pair well with sweet and sour foods. The perfect complement for Asian cuisine, try it with pork and apple sauce.

1x Australian Chardonnay - 12.5%
It is tropical and smooth due to its coastal growing climate which allows cooling sea breezes to nurture the grape. It has flashes of acidity which rounds off to a lengthy finish reflecting the complexity of the blend. Its fruitiness makes it a great match with fish, turkey and light cream-based sauces.

Buy here



£35.94 - Just £5.99 per bottle - Free Delivery* 

2x Italian Sauvignon Blanc - 11.5%
A delicately fruity aroma and flavours of zesty citrus that make it the perfect partner to light pasta and fish dishes or simply to enjoy a glass chilled on its own.

2x Italian Garganega Pinot Grigio - 11.5%
It is medium bodied with a pale straw colour and has a fruity hints of peach and melon.

It pairs well with appetizers, white meat, fish and both creamy and tomato-based sauces.

1x Italian Trebbiano - 11.5%
A dry and crisp taste with definitive hints of lively fruit flavours just below the surface. This makes it a great aperitif or perfect with chicken or fish.

1x Italian Chardonnay - 11.5%
Medium bodied with a fragrant fruity aroma, with flavours of white peach that make it the perfect partner to light pasta dishes or simply enjoy on its own.

Buy here

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Enjoy a lovely evening with this AMAZING tasting Pear and Prosecco Cocktail! It's easy to make, and it's really delicious. 

Check out the video below and have a look at how easy this cocktail is to make - simple, yet delicious!

How to make a LOVELY Pair and Prosecco Cocktail - YouTube

Order your wine in time before the long bank-holiday weekend and get it delivered for free within 1-2 working days with our fully traceable delivery service.

We will email you with a 1 hour delivery slot so you know exactly when to expect the delivery of your wine.

What are you waiting for? It's time for a treat!

Why not discover your favourite Sparkling wine today? Click here to start shopping now.

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Premier Estates Wine Blog by Premier Estates Wine - 3M ago

9 Helpful Hints When Choosing And Enjoying Your Prosecco

Prosecco is continuing its reign as the Queen of sparkling wines for the vast majority of UK sparkling wine enthusiasts. One of the great things about the current popularity of Prosecco is the sheer number of different Prosecco brands to be found on the shelves of your local supermarket, off licence or wine merchant and also those available to buy online. However, a substantial number of Prosecco brand choices can also make choosing a particular wine to suit your tastes a little more complicated or make getting into Prosecco for the first time a little daunting.

With this in mind, the following pointers are aimed at assisting fans of this wonderful Italian sparkler when in the mood to make a purchase and in the subsequent enjoyment of the right Prosecco:


1) The Appearance Of The Bottle

Manufacturers of the best Prosecco brands will not usually get the chance to enable their customers to taste the product before purchase and so they will use visual appeal to indicate that theirs is a premium product.  Many people buy with their eyes. It’s a fact of life. If you’re looking at a dozen different brands of Prosecco and a few of those have labels that have obviously had a tremendous amount of effort put into their design to make them stand out from the crowd, that’s exactly what they will do. Mass produced, mediocre bottles of Prosecco usually have dull, mass produced labels.

The shape and design of the bottle from the glass to the foil top is also a key indicator of the potential quality of the liquid. Attention to detail means that extra expense is incurred by the manufacturer in order to attract buyers and to express the quality of the wine they can expect.

2) Award Winning Prosecco

Awards are obviously a great indicator of whether or not you are looking at the best Prosecco brands. An award is evidence that the sparkling wine in this bottle has been sampled by an experienced wine industry expert who knows how to tell a great Prosecco from an average one. Not all awards are equal, though, and unless you’re truly an industry aficionado it can be difficult to tell how much merit a particular award badge actually carries.

A little internet research will reveal that the 3 biggest and most highly regarded awarding bodies are, in no particular order:

• The International Wine & Spirits Competition
• The International Wine Challenge
• The Decanter World Wine Awards

These awards are presented following a blind taste testing session by the industry’s foremost expert sommeliers. Awards are not easy to come by due to the vast amount of competition in each category and so they tend to be held in high regard by those in the know.

3) Taste Testing Prosecco

Very often, wine merchants will have taste testing sessions for sparkling and still wines, and you can also often find the opportunity to taste test at events such as the Good Food Show and various large scale Wine Festivals held regularly in many of the UKs large exhibition venues. Check online or ask the staff in a store for dates when such events are scheduled.

When tasting Prosecco to find a variety that suits you, it’s important that you don’t taste it after sampling other stronger tasting beverages. Have water before hand to clear your palette. This enables you to pick up on those more subtle flavours and bouquets that are all part of the best Prosecco experience. The whole idea of Prosecco is that it is refreshing and light. The bubbles should be small and delicate and the flavours should not be overpowering or over-sharp.

Those sparkling wine fans looking to experience a more defined, stronger wine flavour will stick to Champagne and other similar sparkling wines which gain a creamy quality and bready/biscuit aroma due to the “ageing on the lees” stage of production.  

4) Online Prosecco Reviews

One of the reasons why buying Prosecco online has its definite advantages is the fact that many websites give customers the opportunity to independently review their products. Whilst we all have differing tastes, the reason that Prosecco has such a broad appeal is its refreshing qualities and subtle flavours and bouquets. If a particular Prosecco has many hundreds of very positive reviews then it is likely that these particular characteristics are very evident. The best Prosecco provides the consumer with a refreshing experience rather than being a flavour sensation.

5) The Origin of A Prosecco Brand

Even though the Prosecco experience is not intended to be an extreme of flavours or bouquets, different Prosecco brands will still have their differences. As a quality Prosecco is made using Glera grapes exclusively, these variances are dependent upon where the grapes were grown and the quality of the harvest. The Prosecco label will usually tell you the particular part of the Veneto region in north eastern Italy, where the Prosecco comes from. A little internet research will give you information about the vineyards in this region and from there you will be able to predict to some extent, the likely characteristics of the Prosecco that you have in your hand, before even trying it. Very basically, the higher the vineyard is above sea level, the higher the mineral content of the soil. Prosecco made from grapes grown on higher slopes will have more of an acidic citrus zing than those grown on lower slopes which will tend to have a greater emphasis on apple and pear fruitiness.

Enjoying Your Prosecco

Once you have chosen the best Prosecco to satisfy your particular preferences in terms of its taste and bouquet, you then need to turn your attention to maximising your enjoyment of this sublime sparkler. Although it’s not as expensive as a bottle of Champagne, a high quality Prosecco will tend to set you back slightly more than a good bottle of still wine. We drink it because we want, to rather than need to and, therefore, it’s important to make sure that our Prosecco is at its best before enjoying it. The following are a few helpful hints on how you might do that:

1) Store Your Prosecco In the Right Place

If you don’t intend to drink your Prosecco right away and you’re going to store it for a few days or even weeks, you need to ensure that you don’t store it close to any sources of heat or in direct sunlight. Somewhere cool and dry, just a little below room temperature is fine.

Shortly before enjoying your Prosecco, you will need to chill it. The optimum temperature to enjoy your wine is between 5 and 10 degrees centigrade and popping it in the fridge for an hour or two before opening it should be perfect. Due to the subtlety of Prosecco, chilling it until practically frozen isn’t the best thing to do as the harshness of the cold will detract from the gentle effervescence, flavours and bouquets. Conversely, if the Prosecco is too warm this will detract from the refreshing qualities of the wine.

2) Opening A Bottle Of Prosecco

Prosecco is bottled under pressure. The glass used to make Prosecco bottles is thick and so the product is heavy. Believe it or not, the pressure in that bottle is equivalent to that of a truck tyre so it’s no wonder that the cork tends to exit the bottle like rocket. The last thing we want to do, though, is lose any of that lovely Prosecco. The trick is in getting your thumb over the bottle top right after the cork has popped. Then you can gently and carefully release the pressure without losing any liquid. If the bottle has been knocked, shaken or dropped leave it for 10 to 20 minutes before trying to open it, to allow it to settle.

3) Pouring A Glass Of Prosecco

Using a wine pourer inserted into the top of the bottle will help control the fizz when pouring and to stop spillages. This may seem unnecessary when pouring a single glass for yourself but if you’re pouring a few glasses for your guests the advantages of using a pourer will quickly become evident.

4) Make A Prosecco Cocktail

Prosecco makes a perfect base for a whole range of different, fruity cocktails. Take a look at our Prosecco Cocktails page for some inspiration.

We know you’ve been working hard and we genuinely want you to enjoy your glass of Prosecco. You deserve a high quality, award winning Sparkling wine. Go on, spoil yourself.

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