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“Being online” has become a new buzz word in the business world, whether an enterprise is small or medium size. But whenever an entrepreneur began to create his online presence, Magento is what that strikes their mind! For B2C organizations, Magento is an ideal platform as it is very user-friendly with vital features like CRM, payment process, SEO-friendly in order to rank their website on SERPs, and a lot more. However, when it comes to B2B enterprises, business owners hesitate to opt for Magento due to certain misconception they’ve developed with time.

But with the advancement in technology, Magento has not only become preferred choice among B2C, but B2B enterprises as well. B2B organizations are turning to PSD to Magento for better brand recognition and to give their customers better experience.

Let’s Look At The Important Factors Proving Highly Customizable

Magento is a user-friendly tool, assisting enterprises with a great number of choices to make their website more intuitive and attractive. You can easily integrate your website with CMS or ERP systems to make the procurement process easier. The flexibility to customize your platform with limited checkout process is what a B2B enterprise requires, providing customers a better experience. It also helps enterprises alleviate the burden of making their website mobile-friendly as you already get that feature in Magento.

1. Enjoy the “Quick Order”

Magento offers an array of order processing options for B2B enterprises, allowing them to choose the right and convenient order process that suits their business. However, you can allow buyers to easily enter the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), utilize requisition lists or copy a previous for a faster checkout or you can assist them order creation, quotes tracking and discount calculations.

2. Real-Time Access To Accounts

If you want to know the financial position of your company or the details of your trading account or your credit limit, Magento can provide you with every minute detail of your company accounts. With such information entrepreneurs can make viable decisions with regards to their liabilities and work hard to achieve financial success.

3. Segments Customers

You cannot offer a uniform buying experience to every customer because every business is different. But with Magento B2B Development services you can easily segment customers as per their requirements and provide them tailor experience. You can keep a track of buying behavior of each customer and looking at the purchase history you can offer them what they want.

4. Provide Greater Visibility

Creating your B2B website on Magento enables you with clear picture of every order coming in. With clear insight into orders, B2B enterprises can easily streamline their inventory and sales procedure. History orders eventually assist businesses in maintaining a proper workflow within the organization.

5. Report Management

This might surprise every B2B owner, but Magento platform is equipped with 75 built-in reports that enable organizations to stay updated with their overall performance. B2B ecommerce businesses can seamlessly take informed procurement decision as Magento is deluged with sheer volume of reports right from sales order to purchasing reports to Product Information Management (PIM).

6. Efficient Quotation System

As we all know that B2B ecommerce websites are involved in bulk purchasing that too more often. Thus, quotation plays a crucial role for B2B enterprises. A better quote system may help you attract more customers and increase the conversion rate. However, negotiation on orders is very common in this business, Magento offers a vigorous quotation system that allows buyers to request a quote and negotiate on the same by providing them a streamlined way.

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7. Utilize Customer Services For Increasing Sales

With Magento, B2B enterprises can easily transfer their customer service department to an extra sale department. Magento offers drop in call services that enable entrepreneurs to solve the problems of customers and utilize cross-sell and up-sell techniques to boost their sales.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, Magento is a platform that give you what you see, allowing retailers to customize their website with simple-to-use extensions or apps to deliver better customer experience.

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“Change is the only constant thing in this world” – This line perfectly goes for the eCommerce sphere. To tackle the constantly changing customer demands and bringing innovation in the online business, many store owners consider an upgrade to Magento 2 as a lethal solution in order to keep themselves ahead from the competitors.

Moreover, the announcement from Magento about restricting the support for Magento 1.x version has left the online store owners at risk of losing their existing setup. If you look at the statistics, still there are 27% websites that are currently using Magento 1, which shows how it has changed the way developers and store owners see the eCommerce platform. But now since it is approaching towards the end of life, all the stakeholders must be focusing on shifting to the ancestor soon or later.

Okay, but does it really mean I should look for Magento 2 Development providers?

Well, the reasons could be multiple! Upgrading to the new version always bring tons of benefits that are in favor of your online business. Let’s take a look at a few significant reasons that you should seriously consider if you are still in dilemma.

1. Performance Aspect:

Website performance has always been a key aspect for all the online store owners. And you will be surprised to know that it is one of the main reasons to bring M2. According to the researches, it is found that with the new version, pages are loading 50% faster than Magento 1. This will help you increase the number of products on your site and boost up the overall profit.

2. Security Concerns:

When it comes to the security aspect, Magento 2 Development service providers will definitely get an edge over the previous version. With the help of React PWA compatibility and ease of learning, M2 is the most favored version at this moment. Moreover, the redesign of M2 helps developers to get a feel of “Framework”, instead of conventional content management systems.

3. Ease of Development:

For the majority of the Magento 2 providers, handling the nitty-gritty of handling the development has always been a major pain point. With the launch of M2, it was expected that there will be a lot of improvements considering the development aspect. By introducing PWA and other features, Magento has definitely tried to convince the technical community. However, the most of them are complaining about bugs during the initial versions of the M2.

4. More power for Extensions:

If you are still using Magento 1, you probably are aware of the most common issue of conflict in the extensions when writing code for the same functionality. With Magento 2 extensions, you are now empowered to overlap core code instead of overriding it. So, no more conflicts for the extensions! Moreover, with the introduction of new technologies like HTML 5, CSS3 and Require.js, installing and updating Magento 2 extensions is a lot easier and cost-effective. Magento Extensions Store

5. Enhanced Checkout Process:

One of the core aspects of an ideal eCommerce site is the checkout process. It helps you know whether your site is making any sales or not. In Magento 1, the shopper has to go through 6 different steps, including checkout method, billing information, shipping information, shipping method, payment information, and order review, before they can complete the checkout journey.

Such a lengthy process increases the abandonment rate of your website. However, in Magento 2, they have taken care of this problem and simplified the process of checkout by reducing the steps, which includes shipping, payment information, and order review! Moreover, it also eliminates the need to login or register in order to place the order by allowing the shopper to continue placing the order as a Guest.

6. Mobile-Friendly:

With the help of responsive design and compatible themes, Magento’s second version brings out-of-the-box compatibility with the mobile devices. This enables you to design websites that can run smoothly across all the devices having different screen resolution. Moreover, you can also launch mobile apps to enhance the customer experience. Aside to this, M2 brings admin panel that is touch-screen friendly, so you can manage your eCommerce site anytime, anywhere!

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Final Words:-

While Magento 1 is heading towards the end of its span, eCommerce website owners must think ahead and migrate to the superior and improved version of Magento. While Magento 2 brings tons of benefits, it does have one drawback. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version is a bit tedious due to its redesigned architecture. Want to know more about how Magento 2 Development Service provider can help you achieve it? Get in touch with us now!

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The Internet has transformed the way we go shopping. Gone are the days when shopping was just fun on diverse streets. Now, because of several benefits, more and more people are choosing to buy things online over the traditional approach of going into different stores. These days, people save their time and efforts using the advantages of technology by scanning their needed products on the internet placing an order of the same. Also, people enjoy the benefits of having direct product deliveries at their home and office.

This is where Magento websites come into picture playing a key role for those who wish to sell their products on the internet and do their business with ease. And if you are one such striving entrepreneur with excellence in your product quality, all you require is highly competent Magento Support Providers to back you technically in making profits through your online business.

Top 8 Tips And Factors To Find A Magento Development Company 1. Being Adequately Experienced

One requires hiring a magento developer who is sufficiently proficient and experienced fit into the role. He needs to grasp the tailored needs attached to the client’s platform along with code auditing procedure, precise tools and using top functionalities in the most practiced manner.

2. Being Good at Communication

It is essential for you to communicate what you are in actuality looking for. Once they understand your requirements, they must be able to fulfill their precise needs. And thus, you must select the one who can understand your wants without a doubt and what requires to be done on the website to make it more effective as per the need of the customers.

Proper engagement plays a significant role in picking the finest supplier. As if a developer is not open to comprehensible conversation, they might not comprehend the actual role they are expected to play.

3. Support all the Versions and Customization 

It is crucial for the team of Magento developers to seek out an acquaintance of how different Magento versions such as Magento 1 and 2 work. They also need to know how the migration from first to the second version is executed. Further, they are required to be aware of Magento customizations, latest features, and functionalities. Also, they must be aware of tools introduced in both Enterprise Edition and Community Edition.

4. Track and Monitor the Alerts

The website and server-based issues are extremely frequent problems we hear when the website goes down. This is one of the key reasons why companies look for retainer packages for support so that they can track as well as monitor diverse alerts whenever the server goes down.

In such scenarios, only a developer can fix the same within the time duration. Such issues can even crash your E-commerce business. To avoid losses, it is vital to keep a note on the health checks of the website by partnering with a magento development company.

5. Proficient Working with Test Versions

With numerous security patches introduced each month. The Magento support team must comprehend to the functionalities of the same by executing a test version on the site first. The website must not be at a threat, and that’s the reason why test versions are significant before releasing the patches on the actual website.

So Magento Support teams you hire must understand the importance of such situations and run test versions prior to releasing the work on the live site.

6. Need to have a Professional Team rather than Individual

Do you think a Magento developer is sufficient to manage your complete online business portal? I mean think about it, a designer offers finest graphic designs and developer will build enhanced coding platform to operate.

And so for a superior online business website; you require a professional team rather a single developer handling all the stuff which can be better accessible when you hire a Magento Development Company.

7. Being Handled Consistent Updates

There are multiple security patches coming up on a steady basis that assists in securing your online web platform. And thus, magento development services should be adept at backing and supporting secure transactions on the web portal.

The experience and certification matters at these stages which can further assist in evaluating the quality of services they can offer.

8. Take Absolute Accountability of Work

You must select the specialists who are frankly accountable for their work and do not further outsource to other technical agencies to get the work done. Otherwise, the integrity and excellence can be compromised.

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Key Takeaways

Every second invested in the space of website development is really critical. So a skilled team of professionals is needed who are quick on decision-making and don’t lose on maintenance hours. And thus, one must hire the best and award-winning magento development company which consists of dedicated and skilled employees.

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Setting up your WordPress site is just the beginning. Now that you’ve taken the first step, there are certain things you need to get in order if you are planning to grow your business, portfolio or blog.

Essential Steps For Your WordPress Site Success:

1. Search Engine Visibility

Even though WordPress generally does an excellent job of this during installation, it wouldn’t hurt to double check if Google and other search engines are indexing your website or not. Go to your wp-admin and click on Settings. Go to the Reading section and look for ‘Search Engine Visibility.’ You just need to make sure that the checkbox named ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ is unchecked and remains so.

2. Setting Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool recommended by all WordPress development companies. It is a marketing tool that tracks and reports website traffic and other metrics on site content as well as actions of your visitors on your site. Most useful metrics reported by Google Analytics include most viewed pages, conversion rates, in-depth user profiles, number of visits per day and bounce rates. It is a free tool which can easily be integrated with your site via an embed code which is provided by Google.

3. Activate Caching For Speed

Slow loading pages can be super annoying. To boost the overall loading speed of your page, you can install a caching plugin. Caching can be understood as a process of fetching the site’s dynamic output and storing it in a cache location. When a visitor visits the page, the data is served from the cached location instead of generating it freshly via WordPress. This is quicker than the standard process. Most of the caching plugins are free, like the W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

4. Hook Site With CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of proxy servers and their data centers distributed geographically in order to provide high performance. When a visitor opens your page, the nearest server which stores content from your site is allotted to serve them. This also results in the site loading much quicker than the standard process. Popular CDNs include CloudFlare, MaxCDN, and Amazon CloudFront.

5. Install Backup Plugin

Your site is prone to injury from many harmful events. Backup plugins will keep all your content in a safe location in such a case, allowing you to easily restore your site to its previously working condition even after the damage is done. They are invaluable, especially if you are whipping out content frequently. Even though the best backup plugins are not free, you can opt for an affordable solution like the Jetpack plugin.

6. Security

As mentioned before, there are many harmful events which could injure your site- malware, hacker attacks, viruses, and the list goes on. Protecting your site by using a firewall is useful, even if you have backup plugins installed. Best security services include regular cleanup, malware detection, and consistent monitoring of your site against hacks, DDoS attacks and more.

7. Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site. It indicates the structural issues with your site which can hamper your image with both- your visitors as well as Google. GSC keeps you informed regarding the health of the structure of your internal links, external links, sitemap issues, targeted keywords, index status, crawl stats and errors (if any), security issues and so on.

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8. Login Details

You don’t need WordPress Development skills for this. It might seem like your account is secure, but the easiest way to hack into all your data is by simply guessing your login details and password. There are tons of software scripts out there which are designed to do just that on loop, going through hundreds of password combinations. One way to counter this is regularly changing your login details and setting up strong passwords. Another option is to use a different user profile as ‘Editor.’ This can be set up in wp-admin, by going to Users and then clicking on Add New.

9. Site’s Basic Information

Customize your site’s basic information like title, tagline, permalink structure and more. Google will appreciate your effort.

10 Creating Sitemap.xml File

This is a file which lists all the URLs of your website. Google uses it to understand the organization and structure of your site as well as what kind of content is on your site. You can do this by installing the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

These are the top 10 things that should be on your to-do list as soon as you set up your site on your own or by partnering with WordPress Development Company.

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Do you know the fact that more than 40% of people will abandon your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load? Neither you nor your audience like a slow and mundane website, especially when you are trying to grow faster.

No matter whether you have just set up your online presence or ruling over the years, the way your WordPress site behaves online influences how successful it will be. This clearly indicates how decisive it is to keep your website faster with the help of a professional WordPress Development Company.

Slower and poorly optimized WordPress websites will not only put you down in the Google search engine but will also cut-off the overall revenues you are generating from it. If you have already hired a WordPress development service provider to improve your website performance, ask the developer to have a look at these best practices that can help him understand how he can create better, faster and optimized WordPress site for your business.

First and Foremost, Get The Basics Corrected!

You might get plenty of suggestions about how you can gear up the performance of your website, but we often ignore the core aspect – “Optimizing CSS, JavaScript, and Images”! If you have hired a professional WordPress Development Service provider, then get in touch with them and ask them to figure out:

  • How they can merge multiple Javascripts
  • Compress JavaScripts & CSS
  • JavaScripts & CSS
  • Tweaking Header Expiry/Caching
  • Off-load JavaScripts, Images, CSS & Static files
  • Handling Images and CSS properly
Get OFF The Junk From Database…

Over time your database can become a junk of old files and unused data. This at the end piles-up unnecessary data and affects the performance of your WordPress site. Of course, you can manually tune-up the database, but it involves a little technical stuff of accessing MySQL. So, if you are not so technical, you can hire a WordPress developer to get it done for you!

Also, you can simplify the process of optimizing the database with the help of WP-DBManager and WP-Optimize plugins. All you have to do is to install it and select the option of repair, backup or restore the old version of your database.

Ensure You Use Content Delivery Networks…

Usually, the content delivery networks are having a wide geographical reach. They can be located anywhere across the world and it caches the various static contents, like images, JavaScripts and CSS, of a website.

It keeps a copy of all the static content in the server and serves the request coming to your website using the nearest server of a visitor. This at the end boost-up the way you deliver information to the customer. Hence, start leveraging from the available CDN networks like CacheFly, CloudFare etc.

Don’t Go Made At Advertisements!

There is no denying that most of the high-traffic websites count on an advertisement for the revenue! And no one will ever like to detach those 3rd party ads from their website. But, do you know keep adding those advertisements will indirectly increase the overall loading time of your WordPress website due to frequent calls to the external servers.

Therefore, it is always crucial to have a balanced ration of advertisements and the performance of your site. Getting rid of a few advertisements will not hamper your business for sure!

Have A Scheduled For WordPress Maintenance…

This is one of the most crucial aspects that many of us often ignore. You can always get help from a professional WordPress development company to keep your website up-to-date by regular checks at various levels.

You can get speed things up in your WordPress site if you maintain a few things like:

  • Update WordPress themes and Plugins
  • Removing old and unwanted post revisions
  • Get rid of Spam comments

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Wrapping Up…

If you think you want to validate what all things need to be corrected in your website, you can get help from some useful web services and tools like Yahoo! YSlow, PageSpeed, Pingdom Tools etc. Such tools will give you a broader view of how your website is performing and what all things need to be fixed for better performance.

Creating and optimizing the WordPress website is no longer an option but it is a need of a day in order to achieve success. And it is always good to follow the points discussed above when you feel your online investment in WordPress Development Service is not giving you enough ROI. If you think you are not enough technical to handle this, you can always hire WordPress developer to get it done in a cost-effective way! Want to know, just drop your feedback in the comment and we will get back to you…

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At present WordPress is the most popular platform that is used by the companies to create a quick and useful website. Just creating a site and running it isn’t enough, you have to ensure that you are giving your customers the best online experience that is possible for you. According to research conducted by Aberdeen Group, increasing the speed of your WordPress is very important to get great results for your efforts. Even a second delay in your page loading time may lead to losing both views and customers. A second slowness will result in a 7% decrease in the conversion, 11% fewer views on the page and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Now you must be thinking how to speed up your WordPress website right!

In this article, we will provide you with some interesting insights that will help in reducing the page loading time and speed up the process on the whole.

Right Hosting Partner Is Important

You may have the best and most impressive looking WordPress website in the world but if you don’t have a proper hosting partner, all that goes in vain. Using the right hosting plan is going to impact a lot on your WordPress website. You should choose the perfect hosting provider who will cater to all your requirements perfectly. This is the reason why a WordPress Development Company uses VPS or any other dedicated hosting plan for their website.

You have to ensure that you will be using the right hosting plan which is ideally suited for your business. For example, if you are running an E-Commerce store which requires features like secured data transmission, then you will need a dedicated hosting option to keep the things run smoothly. It might be expensive, but it will give a smooth experience for your customers. You should have a reliable web to run your WordPress website correctly.

Keep Yourself Updated

WordPress updates its technologies and plugins frequently. They strive hard to ensure that the users are getting the best possible experience out of the platform. Unfortunately, most of the people ignore these updates as they won’t have time to check the website’s updates and all. You have to ensure that your WordPress site is always up-to-date. The latest versions will help in loading the websites faster and even optimizes the website better. The security issues will also be solved with the help of these websites.

Reduce the HTTP Requests from Your Website

Approximately 80% of the time taken to load your pages will be spent downloading the various elements present in your pages such as the images, style sheets, and scripts. An HTTP request will be made for each of these elements. If fewer requests are made from the website, the pages will load faster. But how to minimize these HTTP requests!

  • Place the scripts at the bottom of your pages.
  • Ensure that you use the CSS instead of images.
  • Think about combining multiple sheets into one.
  • Streamline the elements on each page.

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Go For Compression Whenever Required

High-quality content is the key to success for any website. But there are some instances where these higher quality websites can be very heavy for the site. They often weigh your page down and make them load slower than usual. You cannot compromise on the quality that this website offers, so you have to merely compress the content that is present on the site so that the page loads faster than usual. You can use simple compression software which can help in reducing the HTTP response and bandwidth of your WordPress pages so that they load faster than usual.

Read Here: Why WordPress Is The Best CMS

Optimize Your Images

Images are the best way to make your website engaging and interactive. But it is essential for you to optimize these images so that they can load quickly without delay. There are so many image editing tools that are available which you can use to reduce the size of your images without ruining their quality. Avoid the unnecessary SRC codes as they will take some time to load and ensure to improve the overall performance of the website. This will indeed increase the speeding up of your WordPress site.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the tips that will help in speeding up your website. Speed is one of the main features of WordPress development, and you have to make sure that your site is as fast as possible and delivers a great experience for the customers.

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Surviving in today’s cut-throat and advanced marketplaces with a conventional business website is highly challenging. To beat the competition, you require a dynamic, highly functional and engaging user interface. WordPress, being one of the most accepted Content Management System (CMS), has made this feasible supporting the flexible PSD to WordPress Conversion services.

The advantages of PSD to WordPress conversion for business websites comprise a long list. This platform secures a top place among the most excellent content management systems accessible over the web. Being conscious of WordPress benefits, businesses today look for the best WordPress Development Company to work and partner. Presence of supple functionalities, high-end features, and useful plugins turns WordPress to be a must pick.

WordPress among the other open-source CMS platforms is considered to be the most precise for all types and categories of organizations to give their business a ground-breaking web presence cost-effectively and with the use of limited resources. This is why the mainstream of companies and entrepreneurs are extremely inclined to gain the proficient services of getting quality WordPress conversions.

Let’s See Benefits of PSD to WordPress Conversation . . . 1. Pixel perfection of your business websites

Pixel perfect layout converts all the design-based pixels into a faultless HTML website page. Additional, it transforms this website page into a just right WordPress theme. WordPress.org comes with numerous paid and free themes. All these themes are highly constructive as well as sliced for better precision. As a result, this conversion delivers the needed benefits of pixel perfect sites for your business.

2. Better experiences with cross-browser compatibility

Today, the whole lot depends on swift and fitting website accessibility. Your website needs to be well-matched and compatible when targeted users access it from any of their devices as well as browsers. You can hire a WordPress developer to convert an older website portal through WordPress development services. You can boost the business advantage with a brand new website along with cross-browser compatibility.

3. The picture perfect and streamlined E-commerce integrations

There are a lot of useful e-commerce plugins obtainable with WordPress. These plugins can be integrated with an assortment of payment gateways to manage catalogs and orders. Adding up, you can even do more with innovative modules and integral online marketing tools. This includes the functionalities related to SSL security checks.

4. Theme customizations as per business requirements

You can tailor or customize the theme as per your project needs with the accessibility of numerous options and features. Thus, you can explore and do without adding much money in your decided budget for website development. So, theme customization will bring splendid user experience with it to convert the targeted web visitors into loyal customers.

5. Boost user experiences and improve usability

For modern-day users, just marvelous features are not enough in a site. They look for better and simple navigation to manage it effortlessly. WordPress lets you attain it with added plugins that shape the website as per your needs. Therefore, converting PSD files to WordPress is useful which helps in adding together hyperlinks, videos, images, and many more with uncomplicated clicks.

6. Built-in blogging features and functionalities

WordPress initiated its journey as a far-fetched blogging platform. Today, when we use it as a Content Management System (CMS), we enjoy the added benefits of its built-in blogging functionalities and features. As an outcome, you get immense flexibility to add blogs and other content resources to enhance its competitive fine-tuned SEO optimization rankings on search engines. RSS feed feature adds the reach with email subscriptions, articles and comment administration.

7. SEO friendly layouts and fine-tuned SEO optimization

Every website needs to be handled with well thought-out and flexible marketing features. When you execute high-quality WordPress conversions, you get an improved search engine optimized WordPress site. These optimizations make your website perform better and boost the chances of inquiry generation through the website.

8. higher levels of scalability and versatility

With effective WordPress conversions, it is easier to update, modify and delete the required content from web pages. The scope of WordPress is everlasting as it makes sure the exceptional scalability than other platforms which includes management of resources, data and information structure, plugins as well as themes. It is a secure platform which indicates that you don’t require being worried about information loss and any other problems. When it comes to measuring the versatility of PSD to WordPress Conversion, having a plugin installation to WP dashboard without the altering of the source code is a substantial benefit.

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Key Takeaways

As per the advantages mentioned above, adopting PSD to WordPress conversion for a website revamp is a correct option. There are many other benefits that convey better usability such as perfect social media integrations, responsive design, W3C Validation and much more which fall in the web development domain. Dealing with the conversion task is tough for getting a higher level of precision so you may need to partner with a trustworthy WordPress development company in the market.

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Setting up a WordPress website is not a challenge these days. You can hire PSD to WordPress Developer or a professional and get it done for you. But, how many of you spend the time to maintain it and keep it updated? In order to ensure your WordPress website works smoothly all the time, it is crucial to pay attention to maintain it and keep it up to date.

You often come across the update notices at the top or in the sidebar when you login into the CMS, but you keep ignoring it, don’t you? If you don’t keep it updated, you may face your WordPress Development venture affected with malicious script or security vulnerabilities. According to a recent survey, it is found that only 27.2% of the Worpdress users actually care about updating their site to the latest version.

Are you planning to update your WordPress site, but you are unsure about what things to consider before getting into the update? Well, just consider following the below best practices and you are good to go ahead!

1. Always Think For The Backup Of The Database Of A Live Website!

One of the very first things to consider before upgrading to a higher WordPress version is to perform a backup of your database. Be it your user posts, pages, users, links or categories, everything is stored in the database only and failing to take backup may cause loss of important information related to your WordPress development venture in case you opt for rollback to the old version.

To get the backup of a database, you will find plenty of options including backup using:

  • cPanel X
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL or MariaDB commands
  • MySQL Workbench
  • MySQL GUI Tools
  • Database Backup Plugins
2. Go For Taking Backup Of All Your WordPress Site And Files

The very next step after taking backup of your database is to take a backup of your WordPress site and files.

Aside from creating a database backup, you have to also create a backup of your entire WordPress site so that your existing setup is not affected if your update goes wrong! You have two options, either you can opt for taking backup your website manually or you can use Plugins available to take it automatically.

Backup WordPress Website:

If you think you have enough time and can manage the entire backup at your own, then all you have to do is to create a ZIP file in cPanel and download it. If you feel you don’t have sufficient knowledge and want to get the help of Plugins, then you have a lot of options. However, not all the Plugins are free, you may have to pay money for a few premium Plugins.

The list of Free or Paid Plugins:
  • BackWPUp – FREE
  • Duplicator – FREE/PAID
  • BackupBuddy – PAID
  • UpDraftPlus – FREE/PAID
  • VaultPress – PAID
  • WorpDrive – PAID
Backup WordPress Files:
  • WordPress website consist the following files:
  • WordPress Core Installation
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • Images & Files
  • JavaScripts, PHP Scripts and other code files
  • Additional Files and Static Web Pages

You must back up all your files in the director (from the subdirectories too) and your .htaccess file. You can go for the FTP program to download the entire bunch of WordPress files from the host to your local system. Don’t forget to pay attention to backup wp-content directory as it is the core directory containing user-generated contents, including themes, new plugins and uploaded files.

3. Don’t Forget To Turn Off Caching

Caching basically changes the way your website behave in the back-end. It will simply boost up the performance of your website. It is possible that your website might be having some caching plugins enabled. If you forget to turn it off during the update, it is possible that many of your pages are being cached during the update. This might affect the update process.

4. Use Staging Environment For An Update

Using the staging site helps you review how your website behaves after an update. In case there are some discrepancies, you can easily troubleshoot it without worrying about its effect on the live environment. Also, you can decide whether you wish to keep certain things on your actual website or need to remove a few.

5. Always Considering Updating Themes And Plugins Before Anything

Just like WordPress itself, the Themes and Plugins also get frequent updates considering the different versions. It is very crucial to check if your themes and plugins have the supportive version for the new upgrade. You can hire PSD to WordPress developer in order to help you get the themes and plugs updated before you go for entire site upgrade.

  • You can go to wp-admin to check the list of plugins that need an update.
  • Go back to the wp-admin and check the same for themes and update it.

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to put your idea into Execution

After successful execution of the above mentioned 5 basic things, you are all set to for updating WordPress Core. Now all you have to do is to perform a thorough audit of your WordPress development venture post update. And you are done!!! Do you think you have other prerequisites to be mentioned here? Just hit the comment now…

The post 5 Things to know before updating WordPress Version appeared first on Best Web Design and Development Company | Front-end Development.

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Being an entrepreneur, you often come across the phrase – “Economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely.” This is especially true when it comes to WordPress Development Service. Outsourcing, contracting or hiring, whatever you want to call, it greatly helps companies to boost-up their revenue while saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars for setting up a power-packed WordPress website. And because of this, it is becoming more and more popular in the business world these days!

According to the GSA report, 70% of companies surveyed are going to outsource more in the upcoming years. In addition, the total contract value of the IT outsourcing market has reached to $64.3 billion, which is expected to grow over $409 billion by 2022. Such growth prospects of the IT industry, like hiring a WordPress development company or leveraging a professional PSD to WordPress Conversion services from offshore vendors, seems more promising to the clients willing to setup their online business with the help of a well-known CMS.

But, what does it hold for startups or small business? What all benefits the businesses can leverage by outsourcing WordPress Development Service? Let’s take a deep dive to find out how outsourcing brings benefits for your business, no matter whether it is a designing, development or just a PSD to WordPress conversion.

Let’s you focus more on your core business activities!

Over the years you are running your business and now it has become a brand. There are plenty of things you think should be streamlined in order to run your business smoothly. But, unfortunately, you cannot spare time as you are stuck in handling your website development project. If you hire WordPress developer or outsource your website development overhead to the professional WordPress Development Company, you can get time to refocus on resolving your core business activities and that too without sacrificing your profit or quality of service.

1. Access to a wide pool of technical experts

Being an entrepreneur you would love to tackle things at your own or maybe you hire WordPress developer on your payroll. But, does it guarantee that you got the best talent from the industry? Also, you have to invest your time to train the developer, which itself is a headache! If you are taking service from the offshore WordPress development it would be easy to get best-in-class talent from across the world without investing your time and efforts to train them.

2. More control over the project deadline

You always love to finish your work in-time. But, when it comes to WordPress website development, it is not a kid’s toy! It requires a lot of experience and expertise to help you give what you expect in a defined timeline. Outsourcing your web development venture to the professional WordPress Development Company will help you get a clear picture for the project deadline, which in turn beneficial for your business process.

3. Avail technological advancement

Aside to the establishment of a standard project delivery process, one of the major benefits of outsourcing your WordPress project is to get a competitive edge over the rivals when it comes to technology. In conjunction with the innovative ideas, your offshore partner will also aid the latest technology and tools that can help you bring something extraordinary for your target audience.

4. Of course, it can save costs

Last but not the least; it can help you make your web development venture pocket-friendly! It is a proven fact and one of the main reasons behind the craze of outsourcing. With the help of complete project estimation, flexible payment terms based on milestones and different hiring models. You can actually make the WordPress development a really beneficial investment for your business. Moreover, you can get rid of the additional cost of investing for in-hour resources and set-up fees, which straightaway put a burden on your company’s budget.

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From The Above Discussion . . .

It is clearly seen that outsourcing WordPress Development Service can help organizations to reduce their overall investment without compromising quality and organization growth. You will not only be able to save your money but can save your crucial time that you can invest in improving the core strength of your organization. Do you have more factors to share? Please do share it in the comment section!

The post Benefits Of Outsource WordPress Development Services appeared first on Best Web Design and Development Company | Front-end Development.

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Today, WordPress has over 70 million websites and blogs created on its unique platform. With big brands like TechCrunch, BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft News Center, CNN and more utilizing WordPress on an extensive basis, it does not come as a surprise why digital marketers and technology consultants are highly recommending it to their clientele.

Whether you are a startup company, an SME or a large-scaled organization with a current ‘unsatisfactory’ site or require a brand new website, WordPress platform can always lend a hand to you. The WordPress Development Service and platform are known to have a multitude of advantages which includes its lower costing for web design and broader options in choosing themes, layouts as well as plugins to fulfill any of the website development requirements.

How The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Can Assist You

When developing a website, you want an easy to use and a commanding digital publishing system accessible. So, every site, irrespective of its size, needs a good Content Management System (CMS) to manage its content and day to day requirements. There are numerous platforms out there which you could utilize. However, WordPress development service and platform still ranks as the top option for website development as well as handling web-based content.

The WordPress plugins better enable the various sorts of blogging platforms, eCommerce stores and social networking community portals fitting any organization as well as business. WordPress is a powerful publishing platform which further empowers to have a unique customizable consumer interface, helping improve your online business presence.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Switch and Use WordPress CMS

1. WordPress Is Cost-Effective

WordPress is almost free when you are operating on a limited business budget. While, you need to pay for web hosting, and buy a theme in its place of using a free one to transform the way your site looks. However, the WordPress CMS costs nothing for its basic set-up. So, it becomes easy to switch and use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for your diverse web-based projects.

2. It Is Effortless To Utilize

It does not need to be a technology expert to have a ready to start WordPress site running and looking upright. However, doing something multifaceted may need to hire a WordPress developer or a specialist WordPress Development Company.

3. Enables Effective PSD To WordPress Development

Splendid assortments of PSD to WordPress development, its conversion features, simple to apply updates as well as undemanding functionalities tempt every business website owner to switch and use WordPress CMS.

4. Provides Responsive Design And Cross-Browser Compatibility

With the WordPress platform, it turns out to be easier to have a responsive design. It means that your website will regulate and fit all the screen sizes. In the mobile age, Google has also made it obligatory to go responsive. The other gain of PSD to WordPress Conversion is prevailing cross-browser compatibility. A developer inserts precise code structure, and it works successfully on wide-ranging browsers.

5. Empowers With Search Engine Friendliness

It is every business owner’s vision to rank at the top on different search engines. WordPress is shaped for SEO friendliness and it boosts your site’s domain optimization.

By using WordPress, your web portal becomes enticing to search engines. The key reason being, the platform is written using trouble-free compliance and high criterion clean codes. Thus, it encloses the capability to generate semantic markups. The logical design and responsiveness make search engines have a better preference for WordPress. The platform gives every website page and posts exclusive Meta tag keywords, setting aside for more specific search optimization.

6. Customization Is Straightforward

No business owner wants to get jammed with cookie-cutter websites, and in case you are dealing with WordPress, you won’t need to be. The WordPress theme system implements the required designs. You just have to select and buy a one-time license for a premium theme which further makes detailed documentation and pre-set layouts for different use cases. These scenarios make customizations easy, affordable and take lesser time to put into action.

7. Puts Forward Useful Community Support

With easy customization preferences and obtainable plugins, there are multiple places to reach out to for assistance while working with WordPress. WordPress is a host to a heavily built community forum that is managed by its employees and WordPress activists. If you can’t answers in the forums, you can use helpful blogs and sites with articles like WPBeginner.com with everything on WordPress. You can explore the plugin reviews; get help on theme installation and much more online with the help of community support. 

8. Offers Easy Access To Plugins And Themes

WordPress had an extensive range of functionality enlarging plugins that are on hand with both free and paid options. It’s each theme with a layout for the website front end and the plugin showcased in the WordPress gallery comes with huge user reviews, so you know how both will play their own roles when put into real practice.

9. Effortless Hosting And Set-Up

WordPress can simply be set up virtually with hosting which powers around 65% percent of the complete web. The hosting packages comprise of single-click installation with the CMS and even come as pre-installed. The customers have full hosting freedom and access to cost-effective hosting providers with a local installation set-up for development and testing.

10. Supports To Deal With Security Aspects

Make sure to put money in a secure theme, backup service, and security plugins. There are paid as well as free choices, however, make sure of their online reviews before installing them. Since WordPress is used in such huge numbers, the alternatives to protect your content are never-ending.

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Moving Forward

Many expert studies specify that over 30% of websites globally utilize WordPress, with the numbers rising on a day to day basis. It has significantly evolved from just being a blogging platform to a competent content management system. So if you want to create your website or switch to WordPress CMS, you can hire a WordPress Developer or partner with a WordPress Development Company today itself.

The post Top 10 Reasons To Switch and Use WordPress Content Management System appeared first on Best Web Design and Development Company | Front-end Development.

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