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There are few pieces of jewelry that are as classy and timeless as pearls.  When you choose the right pearl jewelry you will definitely give any outfit a more elegant and refined look.  However, it is just important that you match your makeup to your outfit including the jewelry you choose to wear.

When it comes to wearing pearls choosing the right makeup will help to enhance not only your looks but also the beauty of the pearls you are wearing.

But you are probably wondering just what sort of makeup you should be wearing with your pearl jewelry?  Well in this article we will offer up some advice that should help you create the perfect look for all your outfits time and time again.

However, before we offer up some advice it might be a good idea to learn about some of the myths regarding the wearing of makeup.

Myth 1 – Having Matte Skin Will Make You Look Younger

This simply isn’t the case.  To keep a more youthful look your skin should be glowing.  So you need to treat it regularly and moisturize often.

Myth 2 – Shimmery Eye Shadow Brings Out The Wrinkles

Like pearls, the wearing of shimmery eye shadows will help to give your skin a certain glow and help to make it look younger.   Using bright colours will help to mask any imperfections such as dark circles.  Plus the shimmering particles in such eye shadows will help to break up light.  In turn, this leads to them creating their own unique texture that will hide any wrinkles or roughness on your eyelids.

Myth 3 – Tinted Moisturizer Will Always Make You Look Younger

Such moisturizer is great for providing a sheer amount of colour.  But you will find that only medium to full coverage is going to help cover up the signs of ageing.  But don’t worry there are plenty of products around today that don’t look cakey.

Myth 4 – Applying Blush Under Your Cheekbones Will Make Them Pop

Back in the 80s, the wearing for blusher to help contour a woman’s cheekbones was very popular, but things have moved on since then.  These days it is better to apply the blusher to apples of your cheeks as it helps to lift your whole face.  Plus it also helps to get people to focus more on your eyes.

So you love wearing your pearls as much as any other woman does.  As you will know pearl jewelry adds a very subtle hint of femininity to any outfit with a touch of class.   When wearing pearls you often may feel feminine, flirty and playful.

Tips For Wearing Makeup With Your Beautiful Pearls

When it comes to the wearing of pearls you want to ensure that your makeup looks great.  Well here are a few tips to help ensure that you create the right look with your makeup that will further enhance your beauty and those of the pearls you are going to be wearing.

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

Remember that when it comes to wearing makeup it should help to enhance your features rather than bring negative attention to them.  This is what will happen if you choose to wear too much makeup.

In fact, when it comes to wearing pearls it is best to keep things simple and natural when it comes to your makeup.

So make sure you don’t wear too much eyeliner, mascara, foundation or powder.  Although these may help to cover up a multitude of sins, they can also make your skin look dull.  This will then reflect badly on the luster and beauty of your pearls.

Wear Makeup That Is Appropriate

Make sure you apply makeup that is appropriate for the occasion when you will be wearing your pearls.  You certainly wouldn’t wear the same kind of makeup when going out for lunch with your girlfriends, as you would wear when going out to dinner with your partner.

In fact, you should be wearing less makeup during the day compared to what you would be wearing for a night out.   But you should make sure to wear makeup that is going to help accentuate the beauty and luster of the pearls you are going to be wearing.

When You Wear Only A Little Or No Makeup At All

There are some women who choose to wear little or no makeup as they aren’t sure about how to apply it, or afraid that they look too over the top.   If you are unsure about what makeup to wear when wearing pearls then keep it simple.  Also only wear light colours that suit your skin tone.

Begin slowly by using just one makeup product at a time.  You may want to begin with wearing some foundation along with some blush, a little bit of mascara and lipstick.  By keeping things simple you will be able to learn easily how to apply your makeup correctly.

If you are unsure what kind of foundation to wear then speak to a professional.  Most stores now have women who work on their makeup counters who can provide you with any help you need.

Your Overall Look

When it comes to wearing makeup with pearls it is best to keep your look as natural as possible.  So you should avoid wearing any colours that are likely to clash including any that may clash with the colour of the pearls you are wearing.

Also it important to choose colours that complement your skin tone.  If you have a dark skin tone them wearing makeup in darker shades is a good option.  So you can consider going for much richer colours such as dark browns or gold’s that will look stunning when teamed with white, cream or gold coloured pearls.  We can also say the same if you were wearing pink or lavender coloured pearls.

However, if your skin tone is lighter then choose more muted colours to wear such as creams, pale blues or pale pinks.   The problem with darker coloured makeup is will make you look older.

Final Makeup Touches

When it comes to wearing pearls adding a few final makeup touches to your look is crucial to ensure that you get that perfect classic elegant look.   The wearing of red lipstick is a must, but you don’t have to go for a bright red, you can go for any shade of red you want.   During the daytime wearing a more demure colour is better and save that bright red lipstick for a night out.

Also, the wearing of black eyeliner is a must, but make sure you keep things simple.  Just a single line along your eyelid that ends in the corner of each eye is better than going for something a little more daring.

Another important ingredient you should consider wearing is some face illuminator or complexion enhancer.  Wearing of this won’t help to give your skin a more youthful natural glow, but will help to enhance the luster of the pearls you are wearing.

To top your look off wearing some beautiful pearly eye shadow is a much.  Again don’t wear too much, and certainly choose colours that not only suit your skin tone but complement the rest of your outfit.

Hopefully, the advice provided above will help to ensure that you select the right kind of makeup to wear with your pearls.   Just like the pearls you are wearing the makeup you choose to wear is going to help bring out your skins own natural beauty and help enhance your features even more.

As we get older we may need to consider other factors into the equation when it comes to choosing what kind of makeup to wear with our pearls.  But luckily for women these days there are plenty of products now available that will help to hide a myriad of problems. That will also help to enhance a woman’s looks without being too brash.

Again if you are unsure about what kind of makeup you should be wearing then speak to a professional.  Not only will they offer you advice on which products are best suited to you and your skin, but will also offer up advice about how to apply them correctly.   Even just spending ten or fifteen minutes with such women can make a big difference in how you look overall.

Here at PearlsOnly.com we have an amazing collection of pearl jewelry for you to choose from.  So finding something suitable for you shouldn’t prove a problem and should help you create an amazing look that will really make you feel like a million dollars whether going out for lunch or to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

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The wonderful thing about things that are back in trend is that they come back better and stronger.  This is something we can definitely say about pearl hair clips.  These along with other kinds of pearl hair accessories are proving very popular now.

Back in the 1990s you properly had several kinds of hair clips along with hair barrettes and loved wearing them.  Then suddenly by the middle of the last decade, you got rid of them all.  Well, I bet you wish now you had kept them?

Image source

Like other types of hair clips, ones that include pearls in their design are trending as we speak.   Never have these beautiful gemstones been more current and chicer.  They provide you with many ways to dress up your hair.

In fact, you’ll find that hair clips are the biggest beauty trend for this year (2019).  Everything from hair clasps, pretty sliders, and silk headbands are the must-have accessories for your hair this year.   Everywhere you go now you’ll see women sporting all kinds of stunning hair accessories many favour big pearl hair clips.

How To Wear Pearl Hair Clips

As with any fashion trend, you will find that you’ve got plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to hair clips.  However, make sure that you select from the wide range of pearl hair clips that will not tug on or break your hair.   Plus it is important that you buy pearl hair clips that that suits your hair texture so that they don’t seem to get lost when worn.

Great for seeing how to wear gold pearl hair clips or pearl and diamond hair clips is to go online.  Places like Pinterest and Instagram will provide you with some great ideas.  As you look for women whose hair is of a similar length, texture, and colour as yours.  Then see how they mix and match different hair accessories together.

The wonderful thing about pearl hair clips is that they are available in a wide variety of different prices.  So finding pearl hair clips sets that suit your own particular budget shouldn’t prove difficult.

The beauty of the pearl hair clips trend is that not only are these hair accessories versatile, but also very adaptable.  So you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with yours and come up with a look unique to you.

Girly But Chic Look

Off to brunch with your best friend or colleagues from work, simple pearl embellished hair clips will add a touch of chicness to even the most casual of outfits.

Image source

Try the layered look.  If your hair is long enough gather it to one side then secure in place with a couple of small pearl hair clips.  Place them one under the other.  You could also be a little bolder and mix and match with other kinds of hair clips.

Cool But Edgy Look

Oversized pearl hair clips are the perfect hair accessories to give you an edgier look.  Such accessories would look stunning if you choose to team them with your little black dress on a night out or with a smart suit to work.

These types of pearl hair clips look wonderful on women with sleek straight hair or when worn at the side with a ponytail or bun.

Going On A Romantic Date

When going out for the night on a date with your partner wear your pearl hair clips set.  Use them to pin your hair to one side of your face, making sure that they compliment the rest of your outfit.

Also, a little bit of glamour won’t go amiss by wearing some beautiful ivory pearl hair clips or silver and pearl hair clips.  These will add that final feminine touch to your outfit.  But if your partner will take you somewhere a little fancier for dinner then opt for pearl hair clips that have more embellishment to them.

How To Style Pearl Hair Clips

When it comes to the wearing of any kind of pearl hair clips placement is key.  Make sure that you insert these clips into your hair in a way that they help to accentuate your cheekbones and eyes.  For example, place them just above your ear.

Also never be afraid to wear only one pearl hair clip.  Instead of just using one to keep your hair in place, use two or three that you place at equal distance from each other in your hair.

Pearl hair clips can definitely add to your look, but it doesn’t mean that they need to take center stage.  Instead, take one or two hair clips (especially big or embellished ones) and wear them behind your head for a stylish look.

I know we’ve spoken a lot about pearl hair clips but there are plenty of other kinds of pearl accessories that you might invest in.  All of the items below will provide you with various ways to help decorate your hair and create some stunning and unique looks for you.

Pearl Headband

There is something extra special about a headband that is adorned with pearls.  You can wear this fun accessory whenever you like and will add a regal touch to whatever outfit you choose to wear yours with.

Pearl Pins

To create a more playful look mix various different size pearl pins together.  The various different sizes of the pearls in these hair accessories will give your hairstyle a more eclectic look.

Pearl Bow

Like pearl hair clips, bows that include pearls in their design are very much on trend at the moment.  Look for ones that they make the main part of the bow from a luxurious velvet type material on to which they have adorned several pearls.  This simple but beautiful hair accessory will add a touch of opulence to any outfit you choose to wear yours with.

Pearl Part

Do you find it hard to get your middle parting exactly right?  Well, worry no longer as you can embellish your crowning glory with pearls of graduating sizes.  These kinds of hair accessories will help to give you a very bold but modern look to your outfit.

So as you can see from above finding a style of pearl hair clips or other pearl hair accessories shouldn’t prove difficult.  But it is important that you select hair accessories that are suitable for the kind of hair that you have.

So What Kinds Of Pearl Hair Clips Should You Wear?

If you want to keep things simple then go for some bobby pin or classic hinged barrette hair clips.  These can be worn in your hair to say keep it off of one side of your face.

However, if you would prefer to wear something that will allow you to make more of a statement, then choose some alligator hair clips that have been embellished with pearls and maybe other gemstones.

If your hair is long but you don’t want all the hassle of having to tie it up then you could also opt for wearing a banana or claw hair clip in yours.   In fact, claw clips are very popular these days as they are easy to hide yet can still add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

As claw hair clips come in various different sizes they can be worn with all kinds of hair textures.  Larger ones that include large pearls in the design are great for wearing with thicker hair.  Whereas smaller size ones are suitable for wearing to help hold fine hair away from the wearers face.  Just make sure that you choose ones that also suit your skin tone and colour of your hair.

Image source

Okay, you may just want to use your pearl hair clips to keep your hair off of your face, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear a large one that will attract a lot of attention.  What you should wear is something that is very simple in design.  For example, a banana hair clip that is embellished with small pearls along just one edge.

Hopefully, the information we’ve provided above about pearl hair clips will give you some great ideas of how to wear this popular hair accessory this summer.   Not only will you look great, but you will feel great.  Nothing adds a touch of beauty and class to any outfit that some stunning pearls.

Here at PearlsOnly.com, we can offer some beautiful pieces of pearl jewelry that would look stunning when teamed with any kind of pearl hair clips.  So why not take the time to peruse our collections.  You could even think about buying some of our beautiful loose pearls, which you can then use to create hair clips that are unique and help to show off your personality even more.

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What is the most important aspect of any marriage proposal?  It is the engagement ring.  Traditionally engagement rings comprise a beautiful gem that has been set into a band of gold or silver.  Sometimes it may often get referred to by mistake as the wedding ring.  In fact, these two terms have become interchangeable in modern day language.


Yet there is a difference between an engagement ring and wedding ring.  But what is it?  Do you really need to have both?  Well, below we hope to answer these questions and others that may make things a little clearer for you.

What Is An Engagement Ring?

As you will be aware traditionally an engagement ring is given to someone when they are proposed to. , women will receive such beautiful pieces of jewelry and are then expected to wear it once the proposal has taken place.

The whole idea of giving a ring is to show to others that the receiver is taken and are committed to the person who proposed to them.  Engagement rings can vary a great deal in terms of design, and price.  But most engagement rings today will include a diamond or other gemstones such as a pearl that is set atop a pretty band of gold, silver or platinum.  It will then be worn on the third finger of the wearer’s left hand (the one next to their little finger).

What Is A Wedding Ring?

Since ancient times wedding rings have been valued traditions.  In fact, according to many historians circles were believed to be a symbol of eternal love during the times of the ancient Egyptians.  Their wedding rings were made from hemp and reed and would be worn on the fourth finger of their left hand.  This is because they believed that there is a vein in this finger that is connected directly to the wearer’s heart.  This idea has then passed on down through other cultures.

It was during the time of the ancient Romans those wedding rings been made using much stronger materials, such as iron and then gold.  As wedding ceremonies become more formalized events, so the importance of the wedding ring grew.  These days the wedding ring has become a very important wedding tradition.

Types Of Engagement Rings

Even today the diamond engagement ring remains a very popular option.  It is a piece of jewelry that many women dream of wearing as little girls, as it represents the most beautiful way of saying “I Love You”.

But despite diamonds still being the traditional choice for some women, other women have decided that they would like to wear something a little different.  In fact, in recent years the wearing of ruby, emerald, and even pearl engagement rings has become increasingly popular with many brides to be.  Wearing an engagement ring in which a different gemstone has been placed allows them to wear a ring that is unique, even one of a kind.

Types Of Wedding Rings

The wedding ring or “wedding band” as it often gets referred to as are available in an array of colours and styles these days.   Some will be made from yellow, white or rose gold, and others from platinum.  Some people may even include some diamonds or other gemstones in theirs, but most will opt for a plain band and reserve more lavish touches for their engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Versus Wedding Ring

Here are just some of the differences between an engagement ring and wedding ring.

  1. Timing

As well as being different in design, the rings also are different in relation to timing.  An engagement ring will be presented to the wearer when the proposal takes place.  Whereas a wedding ring is presented at the wedding ceremony when the couple is exchanging their vows.  Also, both the bride and groom will receive a wedding ring, whereas it is normal for only the bride to receive an engagement ring.

  1. Ring Design

The engagement ring a woman wears is extravagant and often comprises a dazzling stone at the center such as diamond or pearl, that helps to make a statement.  A black pearl engagement ring would make a real statement.

On the other hand, you will find that typically wedding rings are a lot simpler in design.  Although sometimes they can feature small diamonds or other gemstones along the top of the band, you seldom find that they have been adorned with much larger ones, as you would find on an engagement ring.

  1. Ring Style

Each of these rings will come with their own distinct style features.

  1. Wedding Ring

This ring usually comes as a single band.  A perfect circle that doesn’t include any additional details other than maybe some small diamonds or other gemstones.  However, these days some couples prefer to wear more unique looking wedding rings such as entwined bands or a ring that is more contoured in shape.  One particular style of wedding ring that has become ever more popular is the eternity band.  This is a wedding ring that comprises small diamonds that wrap all the way around the wearer’s finger.

  1. Engagement Ring

With engagement rings, it is the center stone that plays a very important role in the style of this ring.  The traditional type of engagement ring which comprises a single solitaire diamond that is kept in place by prongs and allows light to reflect on its surface from all angles.   But more contemporary designs are now becoming ever popular, such as ones in which say a pink pearl has been set into a halo and is then surrounded by say small diamonds or other gemstones.   A pink pearl engagement ring would look lovely on any woman.

  1. Metal And Colour

Both engagement and wedding rings are now available in a variety of different coloured metals.  But some tend to be more popular than others.  Yellow and rose gold are proving popular, but most engagement and wedding rings tend to be made using white gold or platinum.  You will find however that most wedding rings being worn today tend to be made from white gold.

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring, it is important that the colour of the metal in the design complements the gemstones that are at its center.  If the engagement ring you’ve chosen includes diamonds then the metal should be white or rose gold.  However, when it comes to say choosing a Tahitian pearl engagement ring to choose one that is set against a white or yellow gold mount.  Not only will you be wearing a unique piece of jewelry, but also something that really helps to bring out the beauty of the pearl.

  1. Cost

What you will find is that an engagement ring will cost more than a wedding ring, as they include gemstones in their design.  Also, you need to take into account the metal used to mount the gemstone or to make the wedding band from.  Ones made from platinum will cost more than those made from gold or silver.

Another factor that will affect the cost of the engagement ring being purchased is the size of the gemstones used in the design.  Larger size diamonds or pearls will cost more we can also say the same for the quality (grade) of these gemstones.

Do I Need To Wear Both My Engagement And Wedding Ring?

As the engagement ring is a lot flashier and extravagant in design, most women will wear this ring on the ring finger of their left hand.  This is the same finger on which they will also wear their wedding ring.   So what often happens is that they wear the wedding ring stacked below their engagement ring.

Because of this quite a lot of jewelers will sell engagement and wedding rings as a set so that they match each other and look stylish when being worn together.   But this isn’t a requirement, you can choose with your partner to choose wedding rings that are different in design and style from your engagement ring.

 It is up to you really whether you wear both your rings together all the time.  Some women do prefer only to wear their engagement rings on special occasions.  This is because this ring cost considerably more than their wedding ring and its intricate design makes it a less practical piece of jewelry to wear every day.   The risk of it becoming damaged if worn every day is much greater.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to better understand the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings, so you can now decide just what style of engagement ring It is you’d like to wear and will be pleased with.

Here at Pearlsonly.com, we have a wonderful selection of beautiful pearl engagement rings for you to choose from.  So finding one that not only suits your budget but also your own personal tastes shouldn’t prove difficult.  Allowing you to wear a beautiful but also very unique piece of jewelry that symbolises the love you and your partner have for each other.

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A beautiful pair of pearl earrings is a great accessory that makes the ideal fashion statement. Not only will they help with accentuating your best features, but will also complement the rest of your outfit. Today we will show you how to choose pearl earrings according to their size and length. Whether wearing casual or more formal attire a set of earrings containing pearls will add the perfect finishing touch to what you are wearing.

But with so many styles of pearl earrings to select from it can prove difficult deciding what pair to buy. In simple terms, it tends to come down to a matter of taste. You may want to wear a large pair of earrings that allow you to make a statement, or you may prefer to wear something smaller a pair of pearl earrings stud style you can wear every day.

However, before you do invest in any earrings containing pearls there are certain things you need to take into consideration beforehand.  Below we offer some tips about how to choose the best size and length of pearl earrings for you.  You want a pair looks not only fabulous but helps to enhance your looks further.

How To Choose The Right Size Pearl Earrings

A pair of beautiful chandelier style pearl earrings may be a lot of fun, but they won’t suit everything you choose to wear them with. Rather than complementing your look, they can turn into quite a big distraction.

What would be worse than when you are talking to someone they seem more focused on your earrings, rather than on what you are saying?

One very simple rule you can follow when it comes to choosing the size of earrings you wear is as follows. Make sure the pearl earrings you select are smaller or the same size as your eye socket. A pair of stud pearl earrings will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Another thing to consider is your age yes it can play a role, as some large pearl earrings are more suitable for more mature women to wear.

As you know by now pearls do come in a wide variety of different sizes, but think of them in the following terms.

6-7mm Pearls

These are regarded as the classic size for pearl earrings and are suitable for women of all ages to wear.  The great thing about these size pearls is that they never go out of fashion, as they are neither too big nor too small.   They are actually considered a safe size for women and girls to wear.  Why not think about investing in a pair of beautiful silver and pearl stud earrings that can be worn whenever you want?

8-9mm Pearls

Pearl earrings that include these size pearls in their design are often looked as being more statement pieces of jewelry. Yet they still will add that all-important touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit you choose to wear them with. These are the kinds of earrings that add a touch of flair to your wardrobe. One particular fashion icon who loved to wear 8-9mm pearl earrings was the beautiful Jackie Kennedy.

9-10mm Pearls

These are the kinds of pearl earrings that really are only meant to be worn on special occasions.  Not only are pearls of this size the epitome of grandeur and luxury, but also immense beauty.   A beautiful pair of gold and pearl dangle earrings made up of either black, lilac or golden coloured pearls would make a real statement.

10-11mm Pearls

Most would say that only more mature women should consider wearing elegant pearl drop earrings containing these size pearls in them. But in fact today it is okay for women of all ages to wear such beautiful jewelry. Like the previous size pearls these are best left for wearing on special occasions or when attending formal events. You wear these size pearls in your earrings you will attract attention.

Wearing the right kind of pearl earrings is the perfect way to perk up your face and also add a touch of class to your wardrobe.  But you still need to be wary so you don’t make the mistake of wearing pearl earrings that may be on trend but don’t suit you.

When it comes to choosing the right pair of pearl earrings for you there are other important factors you need to also consider. Below we take a look at what these are.

Must Match Your Face Shape

If you choose to wear the wrong kind of earrings, they can end up making your face look thin, wide, fat or long.  It is all dependent on the shape of your face.   By knowing what shape face you have, you can then decide what kind of pearl earrings are best for you.

Inverted Triangle Shape Face

Is your forehead the widest part of your face and then tapers down to a pointy narrow chin?  Then you have an inverted triangle shape face, which is like a heart-shaped one.   To help provide balance to your face, select pearl earrings that help to take the emphasis away from your forehead.  Choose a pair of teardrop or chandelier style ones as these will help to create the illusion of width to your jawline.

Oval Shape Face

Does your face look more like an egg?  Well, you are lucky as you can wear any style of earrings you like.  A pair of stud pearl earrings or one in a triangular shape will help to emphasise your beautiful cheekbones even more.

Round Shape Face

Women with a round or circular shaped face will find that the widest point of their face is where their cheekbones are.  Also, unlike an inverted triangular shape face, there is no taper to their chin.   If you have this shape face, then you should consider wearing drop or dangle pearl earrings as they help to elongate your face.  This will help to make it look slimmer.

Heart Shape Face

Is your forehead wider than your cheekbones, but the bottom part of your face narrows like the bottom of a heart does?  Then you have a heart-shaped face.  For you, it is important that you help to draw attention away from your chin by wearing some beautiful teardrop or chandelier style earrings with pearls in them.   Choose earrings that are wider at the bottom as they will help to fill in the lower part of your face, making it look more balanced.

Long And Narrow Face Shape

Do you have a long, thin face?  If you do, then select earrings that help show off the width rather than the length of your face.  The kinds of pearl earrings to wear are studs, short dangles or ones made up of a cluster of pearls as these will all help to add width to your face, so making it look much fuller.

Square Shape Face

Is your jawline and forehead of a similar width? Would you like to soften the hard edges of your face?  If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you should look at wearing medium to long pearl earrings with a rounded edge to them. Such styles will help to add softness to your face.

Choosing The Right Length Pearl Earrings

As with size, the length of the earrings being worn matters, as they will help to enhance your features and provide you with a more balanced look. If you wear a pair of earrings that are too long, they may not only be inappropriate but also prove a distraction to others around you. Remember the whole aim of wearing the right kind of pearl earrings is to help enhance your look and add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your outfit.

To find the best length of pearl earrings for you there is a simple trick you can carry out. With your index finger, find the base of your ear where it meets your jawline. Now, with your finger trace down your jawbone until you feel its angle. This is the point that shows you the perfect length of earrings for you to wear.

Another thing to consider when deciding what length of pearl earrings you would like to wear is the length of your neck.   If you have quite a short neck, you need to avoid wearing a pair of long dangle or drop pearl earrings.  This is because they will make your neck look even shorter. So consider a pair of earrings of a more modest length as they will help to give the illusion your neck is longer than it really is.  They do this by helping to create more physical space between your ears and shoulders.

Please use this guide as a starting point in helping to choose the right size and length of pearl earrings for you. But do not forget to also consider choosing a pair that suits your personality and style. Doing this, you will choose the right pair of pearl earrings that complement your look perfectly. Here at PearlsOnly.com, we have a wonderful selection of beautiful pearl earrings in a wide variety of different sizes and lengths for you to choose from.  So finding a pair that perfectly suits your particular tastes and look shouldn’t prove at all difficult.

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Pearls come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  But the ones that seem to hold a special place in many women’s hearts are South Sea Pearls.  By why is it that these pearls above all others seem so special? Find out by reading this post!

South Sea Pearls aren’t only rare but also have become famed for them being so much larger than other pearls.  They also have a magnificent luster that few other pearls can replicate or compete with.

Climate change along with chemical spills and natural disasters have also played their part, as these all can lead to the destruction of such pearls in the ocean.

South Sea Pearls Are From Where?

Most pearls you see being used in say a South Sea Pearls Necklace or South Sea Pearls Earrings will have come from Northern Australia, Polynesia or South East Asia.  The main countries in South East Asia where South Sea pearls are from Indonesia and the Philippines.

However, the best South Sea pearls are those from Australia.  They are said to be unrivaled in their rarity, nacre thickness, size, natural luster, and quality.   This helps to increase the South Sea pearl value.

It is all these different features that help to make the pearls from Northern Australia so unique and so highly prized.  In fact, today it is the seas of Northern Australia that now produce most of these gemstones. They are then used in creating some beautiful pieces of South Sea Pearl jewelry you can buy today.

A Little About South Sea Pearls History

It was back in the 1880s that divers first discovered the oyster in which South Sea pearls are formed off the coast of Australia.  The large size of these oysters that soon attracted the attention of traders local to the area.  It wasn’t then long before pearling schooners appeared in the area where the oysters had been found.  On board were divers from Sri Lanka who harvested the oysters, not for their pearls but for their shells.

As the pearl industry in Australia boomed, so a small town soon became the center for pearling.  This town was called Broome and South Sea Pearls were in fact known as “Broome Pearls”.   It only took 3 years for Australia to supply 75% of all supplies of the mother-of-pearl that were then used to make buttons for shirts.

But within 50 years overharvesting of these mollusks caused the oyster beds to become depleted.  This then led to the Australian government being forced to regulate the harvesting of these oysters.  It was this that helped to prevent them from becoming extinct.

Although production of cultured South Sea pearls started back in the 1890s, the Australian government was afraid that production of such would threaten the natural pearl market.  So the prohibited the production of such pearls and this remained in place until 1949.   Then in 1956, the first cultured pearl farm was set up to commercial produce these beautiful pearls and these days Australia produces around 60% of all the world’s cultured South Sea pearls.  Then in the 1970s, Japanese companies set up farms in Indonesia to cultivate these pearls along with companies in the Philippines.

But What Is It That Makes South Sea Pearls So Special?

There are several different factors that help to make these pearls so special.


There are three different oysters from which we can cultivate South Sea pearls. In Australia and Indonesia, they cultivate their pearls in the oyster known as Pinctada Maxima.  Whereas in Polynesia the South Sea pearls grow in the oyster known as the Pinctada Margaritifera.

The oysters, which produce South Sea pearls in Australia, are known more as the white-lipped oyster.  The ones from Indonesia are known as the golden-lipped oyster.  As for the mollusk, which produces the pearls from Polynesia, is known as the black-lipped oyster.

Each of these oysters can produce pearls and today the South Sea pearls that these mollusks produce come in five different hues.

  • White Silver
  • White Rose
  • Blue White
  • Light Cream
  • Champagne (Medium Cream)

As the farming of pearls isn’t an exact science, it is very difficult for pearl farmers to predict what color, size or shapes the pearls produced by these oysters will be.   It is because of this that color does a big effect on the price of South Sea pearls.   If, for example, white rose pearls were popular, they had harvested only a few this would cause them becoming the most expensive to buy.

This is the main reason why many South Sea pearls continue to be the most expensive of all pearls you can buy today.

But with such a diverse range of colors to select from, you will find some South Sea pearl earrings or necklaces that suit your individual style and taste.  No longer are you expected to wear only perfectly round white pearls.  In fact, today you can wear any color, shape or size pearls you like.


The actual sizes of South Sea pearls can vary.  Some may only measure 9mm in diameters, while others can measure upwards of 20mm in diameter.   Often what you will see when it comes to South Sea pearls necklace designs is that they graduate the pearls with larger pearls placed at the front and smaller ones towards the end.

The reason why these pearls grow so large compared to others is because of four main factors.

  1. The large size of the oyster in which they cultivate the pearls
  2. The size of the lead implanted within the oyster
  3. The time that the farmers allow the pearls to grow, they often leave them to grow for between 2 and 4 years before they harvest them
  4. These oysters are kept in their natural environment as they don’t thrive outside of it

Just like all other pearls, you can buy today, South Sea pearls come in a range of different shapes.   They can vary from round to semi-round, button drop, baroque, or pear-shaped.  As you will expect, round or semi-round South Sea pearls will command much higher prices, as they are far rarer.

In fact, when you buy say a South Sea Pearl pendant or necklace you will need to look at it closely to identify that the pearls used in the design aren’t round.   But even though they may not be round, these pearls still will make a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

However, these aren’t the kind of pearls you would want to wear every day, but should in fact only be wearing them for special occasions.  These are the kinds of pearls that look stunning when teamed with more formal attire such as a beautiful simple black little dress or a long gown to a formal dinner.

What Makes South Sea Pearls So Unique?

Like all pearls, these have some very distinct characteristics that are unique to these gems and which help to make them so unique.

The nacre that coats these pearls and which helps to give them their beautiful soft satiny luster ranges from between 2 and 6 mm in thickness.  On most other pearls, the nacre only is between 0.35 and 0.7 mm thick.

Along with the nacre, it is the luster of these pearls that aren’t like any other you find on other pearls you can buy today.   This is because it is made up of large platelets of aragonite that are deposited quickly on to the acre as the pearls are forming.

Another factor that helps with the creation of these beautiful South Sea pearls is the quality of the water in which the oysters live.  Not only are the South Sea waters clean but also provide the oysters with ample amounts of their favorite food, namely plankton.

These two factors help the oysters to produce the nacre that covers the pearls a lot faster.  This helps them to create some beautiful gemstones that look amazing when used to create a pair of beautiful South Sea pearls earrings.

As you will see above, there are plenty of reasons why South Sea pearls are so special.  But for many women, the reason they love these pearls so much is the beauty of their color and shine.

However, just because these pearls take a long time to cultivate it doesn’t mean you have to go without owning say a beautiful white or golden South Sea pearls necklace.  These days there are plenty of places online where you can purchase such a piece of jewelry. Not only it suits your tastes but also meets your budget requirements.

Here at Pearlsonly.com, we have a wonderful collection of jewelry that includes beautiful South Sea pearls for you to choose from.  You are sure to find within our collection a South Sea pearls necklace or pair of earrings that will suit your particular tastes and budget.

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It is hard to believe that Mother’s Day is nearly here and as yet you still aren’t sure about what present to give to that special woman in your life. Well, below we hope to provide you with some great Mother’s Day gift ideas when it comes to pearl jewelry for you to consider.

Buying the perfect Mother’s Day gifts can prove quite a challenge.  What do you buy the woman who gave their love to you unconditionally? Well, you cannot go far wrong with buying them a beautiful piece of jewelry. These days there is a wide selection of different jewelry you can buy for your mum, grandmother, or even the mother-in-law.

However, you may want to consider buying them a beautiful piece of Mother’s Day jewelry that includes pearls in the design.   We suggest this jewelry as it is appropriate for mothers of all ages from those in their 30s through to those in their 70s.

Pearls are perfect as they now come in an array of different colours so finding a piece of pearl jewelry that suits the recipients’ particular tastes shouldn’t prove difficult.  Also’ pearls are included in the much more than the conventional string pearl necklace.

Any piece of pearl jewelry you buy, as a Mother’s Day gift will be very much appreciated and will look fabulous no matter what your mother wears hers with.  All jewelry made using high-quality pearls is the perfect elegant accessory to any woman’s wardrobe.

So you may wonder what is the best Mother’s Day gifts to present this coming Mother’s Day that includes pearls in them.  Especially when you are thinking about how old they are.

Below we will offer you some tips on how to find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts while browsing our collection of pearl jewelry and taking into account the woman’s age.

Tips To Find The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

1.  Mother’s Day Gifts For 30 Year Olds

At this stage in a woman’s life, typically their career and relationships are maturing, along with their own personal taste and style.   So this would be the perfect time to present your wife, as your children are probably still young at this stage with a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry.

Ideally, select pieces of jewelry that complement their particular style at the moment.  When it comes to pearl jewelry, there is a fantastic selection of different styles and designs to choose from.

She probably likes things that are a little more modern in design so opting for something like a pearl pendant into which has been set a single pink, lavender or cream colored pearl would be a good option. You may also want to consider buying her a matching pair of pearl earrings.

Another piece of pearl jewelry worth considering buying for a woman in her 30s as a Mother’s Day gift is a necklace that comprises small delicate white pearls attached to a delicate ribbon. This is jewelry she can wear whenever she likes and will look great teamed with casual wear or a semi-formal outfit.

2.  Mother’s Day Gifts For 40 Year Olds

At this age, most women have a clear idea of who they are and the style they like to follow. When it comes to buying pearl jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift again, keep in mind the recipient’s personal style. Also, think about the lifestyle she leads, is she someone running around a lot or sits in the office?

By now, women in their 40s will own several pieces of classic jewelry and so maybe you should think of going for something a little more unusual. A beautiful pair of simple stud pearl earrings would make the perfect gift to present to a mother on Mother’s Day. It can even be your mother in law. You may even want to think about presenting her with a beautiful small pearl ring she can wear throughout the day.

Consider buying her a piece of pearl jewelry that includes Black Tahitian or Akoya Black pearls into the design. A beautiful pair of drop pearl earrings would make the perfect gift and will look wonderful when teamed with a smart business suit or with an elegant evening dress.

3.  Mother’s Day Gifts For 50 Year Olds

When a woman turns 50 these days, they often seen as being the new 40.  These are women whose careers are now at their zenith and the kids may well of all grown up and are now far more independent.

Most women in their 50s have a highly defined sense of style and can provide you with plenty of options regarding the kinds of gifts you can present to them on Mother’s Day.

But a piece of pearl jewelry is the perfect way to show them how much they mean to you, and how much you appreciate everything they have done for you.  It is time now to look more closely at her personal style and to choose a piece of jewelry that still has a traditional look about it but with a little twist.

You might want to consider buying her a necklace that comprises various different colored pearls or a pearl pendant where the South Sea White pearl is sat in a circle of small diamonds and hangs from a delicate gold chain.   You may even want to consider buying her a set of pearls at a special price that comprises a matching necklace and a pair of earrings.

4.  Mother’s Day Gifts For 60 Year Olds

By now your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law will have a beautiful collection of jewelry they love to wear.  Yet another piece is perfect for adding that finishing touch of elegance and sophistication to their appearance.

It is best to keep things simple when it comes to buying jewelry for such women, yet you don’t need to be too fussy about buying matching pieces.  In their 60s, you often find that women don’t like things that are too ostentatious but prefer things that will allow their beauty to shine out.

The kinds of pieces of pearl jewelry to consider buying as a Mother’s Day gift including a pearl necklace and matching earrings, or a pearl necklace and a bracelet.  Of course, you may think buying pearl jewelry containing white or cream pearls is a good idea.  But instead, think about the things the recipient loves to wear already.  You may find instead that a bracelet made up of beautiful lavender pearls would suit her tastes better.

5.  Mother’s Day Gifts For 70 Year Olds

Many women in their 70s aren’t afraid these days to stand out in a crowd, so often choose to wear pieces of jewelry that don’t really match.  In fact, wearing matching pieces of jewelry can make many women look and feel much older than they really are.   So you need to be careful when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of pearl jewelry to present to such women on Mother’s Day.

To help you with choosing the right piece of jewelry, you need to take into account the color of their complexion and the color of their hair.   If the woman you will present your Mother’s Day gift to have quite a cool colored complexion, then opt for pieces of pearl jewelry comprising white, cream or golden colored pearls in them.  However, if your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law has a much warmer tone to their skin then choose a piece of jewelry containing some pink, lavender, black or cream colored pearls in them.

Rather than opting for the usual pearl necklace or a pair of stud pearl earrings as a gift, go for something a little more unusual.  For example, if she loves to wear bracelets, go for a beautiful lavender bracelet or a necklace that comprises several different colored pearls.

As you can see from above when it comes to deciding on the pearl jewelry to present to someone as a Mother’s Day gift age really plays a role in your choice.  But what is important that you remember to take into consideration the personality that the woman wearing them has?

For many women these days, age is just a number and many love to live life to the full.  These are women who aren’t afraid to make a statement when they walk into a room and luckily for you there are plenty of statement pieces of pearl jewelry they can wear.   Here at PearlsOnly.com, we have an amazing selection of beautiful pieces of pearl jewelry for you to choose from.  So finding a piece of jewelry perfect for your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law shouldn’t prove at all difficult.

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Pearls are very much in fashion these days but are a gemstone that needs taking care of properly. When cared for they continue to keep their beautiful iridescent glow even as they age. But sometimes problems can arise and therefore some women may notice that my pearls are peeling?

However, maybe the pearls they have aren’t real, but are faux ones. This means that the pearl jewelry they own isn’t made up of beautiful layers of nacre, but is, in fact, a bead that is covered in a material that is made to look like nacre.

What You Need To Know About Pearls

Even though pearls are small and dense, they are very soft.  Anything that comes into close contact with say your pearl necklace or bracelet can cause damage to it.

Jewelers when making any pieces that include pearls within the design have to be very careful as they work on them.  Each pearl when they drill a hole through them has to first go through the outer shell of the nacre of the pearl.  Most times this can lead to small cracks or chips appearing on the delicate surface of the pearl.

Should you notice that your necklace or earring pearls are peeling it is important you take them to a reputable jeweler to let them inspect them more?   The problem is that once your pearls have become damaged or your pearls are peeling, they cannot be repaired.  The only thing you can do now is to replace the ones that are damaged.

How much this work will cost will depend on the shape, size, quality, and colour of the pearls that make up your necklace, bracelet, earrings or pendant.   It could turn out to be expensive, as it will also depend on how many of the pearls within the piece of jewelry has peeled.   Another cost you will have to take into account if your pearls are peeling or have other damage to them is that a necklace will need restringing the same also goes for pearl bracelets.

Can Nacre Be Reconstructed

You may be interested to know that some pearl manufacturers are experimenting with trying to reconstruct the nacre on damaged pearls. What they are attempting to do is place damaged or peeling pearls back inside an oyster to see if it will then encourage them to allow more nacre to grow over it and repair the damaged areas.   This sounds like a great idea, but as yet no pearl manufacturer has achieved this.   So until then, it leaves you only with one option and that is to replace the pearls that are peeling or damaged.

Yet as already mentioned above if you were to take care of your pearls properly then the risk of them becoming damaged will reduce.  Also, it is important that you protect them as well and below we offer tips you may find useful.  These are tips that will ensure that you won’t be asking why are my pearls peeling?

Protecting Your Pearls

This is the only real solution to ensuring that the pearls you own will last for many years to come.   It is important that you keep your pearls clean and that every couple of years you arrange for your necklace and pearl bracelets to get restrung.

Restringing of pearls helps to remove any dirt or debris that becomes attached to the chord and can enter the holes drilled into the pearls.  Doing this will stop the abrasiveness of the dirt or debris from weakening or chipping the nacre covering the pearls.

You also need to make sure you keep any chemicals or liquids from coming into contact with the surface of the pearls, as these, can eat away at the nacre and so damage the pearls.   The kinds of chemicals you need to make sure that doesn’t come into contact with your pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring are as follows:

  • Ammonia
  • Hair Spray
  • Perfume
  • Cosmetics
  • Household Cleaners
  • Detergents
  • Vinegar
  • Chlorine

If you take care of your pearls properly and maintain them, they should last for hundreds of years.

Taking Care Of Your Pearls

If you want to prevent your pearl earrings peeling or your pearl necklace peeling, then you need to take proper care of them.

Good quality pearls are durable, but they need caring for properly in order for them to keep their beauty and luster.   Here are some very important tips to help you care of your pearls now and in the future.

1.  Wear Your Pearls Often

All pearls need oil to thrive and it is the natural oils from your skin that will help your pearls to keep their luster and brightness.   Plus the oils in your skin will prevent them from turning a yellow colour, as they won’t dry out.  If your pearls dry out this causes them to become brittle and the risk of them becoming damaged or they start to peel will increase.

So it is important that you wear your pearls as often as you can.  Leaving them tucked away in an airtight bag or safe will do them more harm than good.  Remember pearls need to interact with oils to help them retain their beauty and shine.

2.  Wipe Them After Wearing

After you’ve worn your pearls make sure you wipe them gently with a soft cloth.  This will help to remove any sweat, excess oils, perfume or dirt from the surface.  Always do this before you put them away.

3.  Store Your Pearls On Their Own

Never store your pearls with other pieces of jewelry as they may cause minute scratches to the surface.  Before you put your pearls away wrap them in a piece of soft cloth or linen, then place them into a small soft pouch.

4.  Avoid Storing In An Airtight Container

NEVER store your pearls in an airtight container such as a plastic bag.  This is important, as pearls require moisture to help them retain their luster.   If the environment in which they are being kept is too dry, this can lead to them cracking and you will be faced with your pearls are peeling.

Should you have to place your pearls into a safe or you keep them in a hot environment then make sure you keep a damp cloth close by?   Also, make sure you keep them away from such environments as often as you can.

5.  Never Immerse Your Pearls In Water

So never wear your pearls when having a bath or shower, or when you go swimming, and definitely, don’t wear your pearl ring when you are washing up.  The chlorine to be found in the water will eat away at the epoxy resin that is helping to keep the pearls secure in their mountings.  Also, the silk thread on which they have strung the pearls in your necklace can become stretched and could break.

6.  Don’t Wear Your Pearls When Exercising

As you exercise your body will produce quite a large amount of sweat that is very dangerous for your pearls as it is very acidic.   If sweat is allowed to come into contact with your pearls and remain in contact with them over time, it will start to eat away at the nacre and cause the pearls to lose their shine.  Plus, of course, it increases the risk of the pearls to peel or it to cause other damage to their surface.

Above are a few ways of helping to protect and care for your pearls now and in the future.   If you notice any issues with your pearls at any stage, we suggest you seek advice from a reputable jeweler what needs doing to prevent any further damage from occurring.

If you feel at any point that your pearls need cleaning properly then we would suggest you ask a jeweler to carry out this work.  Look for a jeweler who specialises in caring for and maintaining pieces of jewelry that include pearls in their design.  The perfect time to have such work carried out would be when your pearls need restringing.   Here at PearlsOnly, we have a wonderful selection of jewelry items for you to choose from made with some of the finest pearls available.   These are pieces of pearl jewelry that will stand the test of time and look as beautiful as when you first got them.   As long as you remember to take care of them properly both now and in the future as we have suggested above.

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Are you and your lovely wife going to be celebrating your 30th Wedding Anniversary this year?  If you are, have you thought about the kind of 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift to give her?  If you haven’t, then maybe we can help you make the right decision.

A 30th Wedding Anniversary is a very important event in any married couple’s lives.  It shows what a strong bond you have and have been able to cope with all the stresses and strains that life places upon us.

When it comes to finding the best gift to present to your wife on such an important day, you might go down the traditional routine, but also select something for your wife that’s unique.  The 30th Wedding Anniversary gift for your wife will help to show just how much you love her and how much she means to you.

When it comes to choosing the best wedding anniversary gift for such an important date, you have learned that they classify certain years by certain materials.  For your 30th Wedding Anniversary, the material that best symbolises such an important date is “Pearls”.   You don’t have to stick to pearls you can mix it up if you like.

Why Pearls For 30th Wedding Anniversary

This has become the material closely linked to couples that got married 30 years ago.  The reasons for this being that not only are pearls enduring, but they also have the ability to last under pressure, as your marriage has.   You don’t have to go down the route of choosing to buy your wife a pearl necklace or pearl earrings, you can also take a look at other options.

You could go down the route of buying her a 30th Wedding Anniversary present that includes diamonds in the design.  They say diamonds are the symbol of an enduring flame that will help to fuel your marriage for years to come.

But if you can afford to it is worth considering investing in something that includes pearls in the design.  Also, you can think about investing in a piece of jewelry that comprises not only pearls but also diamonds.

To help you we list below a few ideas of beautiful 30th Wedding Anniversary gift ideas you can present to your wife on this very important day in your lives.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Beautiful Bouquet Of Lilies

What woman wouldn’t love being presented with a beautiful bouquet on her wedding anniversary?  Presenting her with a stunning bouquet of lilies will bring a smile to her face and they are also the official flower of your pearl wedding anniversary.   You could arrange a big bouquet of these flowers be sent to her first thing in the morning on the day to help get it off to a good start.

Anniversary Memory Photo Album or Frame

A simple gift that is full of sentiment and you can choose a photo album cover or a frame that’s embellished with faux pearls, along with vibrant silver or gold metal.  You may even want to consider having a special message embossed onto the cover or etched onto the frame.

A Pearl And Diamond Necklace

Even these days’ women still love to be the recipient of a piece of jewelry that includes diamonds into the design.  This would make the perfect gift on your 30th Wedding Anniversary day.   There are some amazing pearl and diamond necklace designs to choose from and come in at different prices.   You could if you have the money available have one designed for your wife, and this may well prove to be the best 30th Wedding Anniversary gift ever.

Beautiful Pair Of Pearl Drop Earrings

Does your wife like to change her style often?  If she has her ears pierced does she like to wear diamond earrings one day, then the next a simple pair of pearl stud earrings?  Then you may find that beautiful pair of pearl drop earrings make the perfect gift to present her when the day of your 30th Wedding Anniversary arrives.

You don’t have to stick to the usual pair that comprises white or cream coloured pearls.  Instead, be a little more adventurous and choose a pair of earrings that include lavender, pink, gold or black pearls in their design.   If you want to make them even more special choose a design that also includes diamonds in the design.

Stunning Pearl Pendant Necklace

If your wife is someone who isn’t into wearing more conventional pieces of jewelry like strings of pearls, then there are plenty of other styles of pearl necklace to choose from.

Women who like to keep things simple when it comes to jewelry will love the beauty yet simplicity of wearing a stunning pearl pendant necklace.  You will find you have a varied selection of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colour pearl pendants to choose from.  Some of these will feature yellow or white gold or silver others may include diamonds in their designs.

Pearl Rings

There isn’t anything simple about pearl rings these days.  You will find like any other piece of 30th Wedding Anniversary pearl jewelry, pearl rings come in a wide variety of different styles and designs.

You might buy her a beautiful pearl ring that comprises a single white pearl that has been mounted on to an 18k white gold setting.   Again you may also want to consider investing in a ring that also includes diamonds into the design.

For an even more romantic touch, why not think about using this 30th Wedding Anniversary gift to propose to your wife once again?   We know that this will thrill her.

A Beautiful Cultured Pearl Jewelry Set

If you can afford to why not invest in a beautiful, cultured pearl jewelry set that comprises a pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings?  You could even consider sets that are composed of just a pearl pendant and pearl earrings.

The great thing about buying such a 30th Wedding Anniversary gift for your wife is that she can wear them however she likes.  She may want to just wear the necklace or pendant on its own or teamed with just the bracelet or earrings.

You have the opportunity to choose from a wonderful array of different styles of pearl jewelry sets.  These will come in an array of different colours, shapes, sizes, and styles.

When thinking about buying your wife some pearls to present to her on your 30th Wedding Anniversary, you might invest in jewelry made from Hanadama pearls?  These are the perfect 30th Wedding Anniversary pearl jewelry choice.  Not only are they considered being of the highest quality, but have a special luster to them.  Such a gift will not only make your wife feel adored but also very appreciated.

Whatever kind of pearl jewelry you buy for your wife it is important to make sure that the piece you choose is of the best quality possible.  Choose a piece or pieces of pearl jewelry that have a high luster to them.

At this stage of your marriage you should already know what your wife prefers and the kind of style she likes to follow.   Yet when presenting her with a gift on your 30th Wedding Anniversary, you need to give her something that says not only how much you love her now but also helps to signify the time you’ve been together.   That is why we suggest that you go down the route of buying your wife a gift that includes pearls in the design.  Plus, you can choose something that also includes diamonds in the design.

Hopefully, on the morning of your 30th Wedding Anniversary, when you present her with the gift you’ve chosen she will love what you present to her.   No woman has ever got upset when presented with a beautiful piece of jewelry.   If you are unsure about what to get her you could always ask a close family member or one of her friends to help you select the perfect piece of 30th Wedding Anniversary pearl jewelry.

Here at PearlsOnly.com, we have a wide selection of different pieces of beautiful pearl jewelry to select from.  So finding a piece that won’t only suit your budget but also your wife’s tastes shouldn’t prove at all challenging.   So now is the time to look at what is available so you can choose the right piece or pieces of 30th Wedding Anniversary pearl jewelry for your wife before the big day arrives.

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Pearls Only by Pearlsonly Team - 3w ago

As you are aware, it is traditional that when getting married a bride can wear pearl jewelry on her special day.  If you have the opportunity to attend a wedding in the next few months you are probably wondering if guests can wear pearls.   This is because you know that any kind of pearls will add a touch of style, class, grace, and beauty to your wedding attire. In fact, they are the perfect accessories that can be worn to any kind of wedding these days.

So Can Wedding Guests Wear Pearls?

Any wedding you attend is a special event but still have the opportunity to have fun.  Weddings are the only opportunity many of us have these days to be able to dress up and look fabulous.

As a guest at a friend or family members wedding, there are certain things you need to consider, in relation to the kind of jewelry you are thinking of wearing to such an important event.  Below we offer tips that will help to make sure you follow the proper wedding etiquette as a wedding guest when it comes to wearing jewelry.

Any piece of beautiful jewelry can help to enhance the outfit you have chosen to wear to the wedding.  As you will have to dress in an elegant way for such an important event in a person’s life you need to make sure you wear jewelry that is appropriate for such an occasion, such as a wonderful wedding pearls set.

These days it is acceptable to mix and match as long as it suits the outfit you will be wearing.  But it is also important to make sure you don’t go overboard with your jewelry accessories.

As you aren’t a member of the wedding party, you will find you have a lot more options as to the way you accessorize your wedding outfit with pearls.

Below are just a few tips to help make sure you don’t make any faux pas when attending a wedding this year or in the coming years.   By keeping to these five simple rules you will look wonderful without taking any of the shine away from the bride.

1.  Don’t Wear Statement Pieces!

If you are invited to a wedding, just please remember to keep in mind that this event is all about the couple who are getting married, especially the bride.   Any statement pieces of jewelry are something that only should be seen being worn by the bride.  As a guest at the wedding wear wedding party jewelry pearls that will not attract too much attention.

It is okay for you to wear elegant pieces such as a single strand of pearls or a pearl choker.  You could even wear a beautiful pair of pearl drop earrings.  What you must make sure you don’t do is go over the top with pieces that will cause you stealing the limelight from the bride on her big day.

2.  Smaller Is Better!

As a guest at a wedding as already discussed you shouldn’t go overboard with the jewelry you wear.   You will find that keeping to smaller pieces of jewelry will make more of an impact than larger ones.   For example, you might want to consider wearing a simple pearl pendant with a matching pair of pearl earrings.  Otherwise, you may want to just wear a simple pair of stud pearl earrings along with a pearl bracelet.

3.  Do Not Over Do It!

As we’ve already discussed in this article going overboard when it comes to wearing jewelry to a wedding as a guest isn’t a good idea.  You should keep things as simple as possible.  Wearing too much jewelry can look tacky and could even result in you taking away the limelight from someone else at the wedding.

As a wedding guest, keep as low a profile as possible, yet by wearing the right kind of wedding guest pearls you can still look glamorous.   One of the biggest mistakes wedding guest’s makes is to wear several bracelets to give their outfit a less formal look.  But wearing so many not only makes noise but also will attract the attention of other guests and so taking away the shine from the couple whose big day it is.

4.  Do Not Wear Jewelry With Diamonds

Often diamonds are regarded as being the epitome of elegance and glamour.  When worn they will attract attention.  But when attending a wedding it is best to avoid wearing any jewelry containing diamonds.  Instead, wearing something different such as a beautiful wedding pearl set.

Remember that it is the bride who should receive all the admiring glances on this day.  It is her day.   But if your or own wedding or engagement ring has diamonds in the design, then it is okay for you to wear these.

5.  Pearls Are Acceptable For A Wedding

Weddings are very classy events and you need to wear jewelry that has a more refined look to them.   When it comes to jewelry, then anything including pearls in the design is suitable for wearing to any kind of wearing because of their simple elegance.

You can wear pearls in a wide variety of different ways from a simple pearl necklace, to a pair of pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet or pearl ring.   Even if the wedding you are attending is a little more traditional, then you can wear more cute style pearls as long as they match the rest of your outfit.

How To Pair Pearls With The Rest Of Your Wedding Attire

As pearls are distinctive, looking you may not always find they complement the rest of your outfit, especially if you are intending to wear other kinds of jewelry.

Here are a few tips to help make sure that the wedding party jewelry pearls you wear to complement the rest of your outfit.

  • If you are wearing quite a formal outfit to the wedding, then go for the classic combination of pearls with pearls.   So match your pearl necklace with a pair of beautiful stud or teardrop pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet.
  • Are any of the pearls in your wedding pearls set coloured such as pink, lavender or black, make sure they complement the actual colour of your wedding attire. So if you will be wearing a multi-coloured outfit then go for pink, lavender, white or cream pearls.
  • The right kind of metal with your wedding guest pearls is also an important point to be considered.   The right kind of metal colour will help to complement and enhance the beauty of the pearls you will wear even more.   If you are going down the route of wearing a classic set of white or cream coloured pearls, then opt for pieces that include yellow gold in their design.  However, if you wear jewelry comprising pink or lavender pearls, then opt for designs that include silver in them.

It is always lovely to be included as a guest at a wedding, as it offers you the chance to celebrate something special with such a lovely couple.   If you have a wedding coming up soon just make sure you wear jewelry that is appropriate for such an important event in any couple’s life.   It is one sure way for you to make sure that the couple will have wonderful memories of their day as the spotlight will be on them at all times.

So as you can see from above it is okay for any wedding guest to wear pearls to a wedding.  It is okay for everyone to add a touch more glamour to their outfit by including some beautiful wedding party jewelry pearls to complete the look.

It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you will be a guest at you cannot go wrong with choosing to wear pearls with your wedding attire.  Here at PearlsOnly, we have a wonderful selection of pearl jewelry to choose from that you can afford to wear to any wedding you are at a guest at.   Each one of our designs will complement any outfit you choose to wear at such an important event in the lives of those people you really care about.

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Pearls Only by Pearlsonly Team - 1M ago

When you wear the right kind of pearl jewelry to work it can help to give you a more sophisticated, yet fashionable look. But don’t think for one minute that wearing a pearl necklace is conservative or old-fashioned. There are many different designs available that will make you feel happier and will help you look forward to the day ahead. Read this post and find our recommendations when it comes to wearing pearls at the office!

Women of all ages can create a contemporary look for work when she wears the right kind of real pearl necklace. By following our guidelines you will create a simple but elegant look for work that your friends and colleagues will love.

How much jewelry you wear to work depends on the kind of job you hold. It also depends on what kind of image you want to project to those around you. Plus you also need to consider if the company you work for has any kind of dress code that needs to be followed and includes the wearing of jewelry.

But it doesn’t matter the kind of work environment you have to deal with you will find the right kind of pearl necklace to help brighten up your work outfit and you.

How To Wear A Pearl Necklace At Work

As you already know pearls can really add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and glamour to any outfit. But the right kind of pearl necklaces can also add a hint of fun to your outfit.

But if you would like to wear pearls to work then go for more simple pieces. Wearing just a single strand pearl necklace will help to give your work outfit a more sophisticated look. Also, don’t wear one that is too long, instead opt for one that sits above your bust line, so go for a pearl necklace choker.

Wearing such pearl necklaces will complement your outfit rather than overpowering it. If you have to wear a suit to work then team a short strand of pearls. Also, wear the suit with a cream or white coloured blouse open at the neck.

Wearing pearl necklaces that are more classic looking will be a wonderful accessory to any kind of outfit. However, if you would like to give your outfit a more modern twist then choose gold and pearl necklaces or silver and pearl necklaces. In fact, a beautiful pearl pendant would make the perfect accessory to your work attire.

The wonderful thing about pearl necklaces is that you can wear them every day if you want. Just pairing them with different outfits and with other pieces of jewelry can help to completely change how you look and feel.

So let us take a look at some of the ways of how to wear a pearl necklace at work.

Four Rules For Wearing Pearl Necklaces At Work

Even though you may have found it easy to select the right pearl necklace for you, you may find that the piece you’ve chosen isn’t always suitable for wearing to work. So here are four rules you should keep in mind that will help you decide just what style of pearl necklace is right for wearing to work.

Keep It Classic

It is often best to limit yourself to just wearing one piece of pearl jewelry to work. Whilst putting on a pearl necklace set seems like a great idea. Wearing a matching pearl necklace with earrings and bracelet is probably better for wearing on a night out. It might look a little over the top for when you are at work.

Simple Is Best

A longer pearl necklace, just like a chunky pearl bracelet or a pair of teardrop earrings may get in the way or can cause a distraction for others. Instead, go for more simple classic pieces of pearl jewelry such as a pearl necklace that measures between 16 and 17 inches and contains pearls that measure between 5mm and 8mm in diameter.

You could choose to wear a white pearl necklace, but if you want to add a touch more femininity to your work outfit opt for pearl necklaces that comprise pink, lavender or cream coloured pearls. Coloured pearls will really help to liven up the crisp white shirt that you wear with your business suit.

Also, a pearl pendant necklace rather than a single strand of pearls will still give your outfit a more professional look. All such necklaces will help to show your personality yet still keep your appearance looking neat and formal.

Safety Is Important

There are certain professions such as those who work in hospitals or with dangerous equipment may not be permitted to wear say pearl necklaces. So it is vital before you do wear the beautiful pearl necklace that you find out if the company policy is that such jewelry cannot be worn.

When it comes to wearing a pearl necklace to work as already mentioned you have plenty of different designs to choose from. So which style of pearl necklace should you consider getting for when you want to wear yours to work?

Well as already mentioned above the length of the necklace is vital, but so is the shape, size, and colour of the pearls used in the design. To help you choose the perfect pearl necklace for you to wear with your work outfit we offer some tips below.

Pearl Necklace Buying Guide

With so many different styles of pearl necklaces now available you will find one that not only suits your taste and budget but, will help to elevate your work look.

Hitting On The Right Length

When it comes to deciding on how long the necklace you buy will depend on several different factors, but you really need to take into consideration your body type.

Petite women should choose pearl necklaces that measure only 30 inches in length. Anything longer than this will look too long on them. As for larger women they should choose a pearl necklace that measures 30 inches or more. If the necklace lies lower down their body it will help to give them a more elongated look.

Choosing Pearl Size

The right size pearls in your necklace will help to ensure that when worn it really complements the rest of your business outfit.

Graduated Pearls

These not only look cool but, can help to elongate the wearer’s body as the pearls will look different when people are close up to you or at some distance away.

One Large Pearl

A pearl necklace or pendant made up of one large pearl can really give your classic look a little modern twist. Also, you will find that such pieces of jewelry look wonderful when worn with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Oversized Pearls

If you are looking for something a little more structural to wear to work then pearl necklaces with oversized pearls in them are perfect. Again such pieces of jewelry will look wonderful when you team them with say a smart business suit and blouse or with a little black dress for a night out.

Choose Pearl Colour

As well as coming in a variety of different colours, pearls also come in a variety of different hues so finding a pearl necklace that will complement other jewelry you own and your skin tone shouldn’t prove difficult. However, before you make your purchase you need to consider what your skin tone is.

If your skin tone is warm then you should look at buying pearl necklaces where the pearls used to have brown, yellow, champagne or ivory hues to them. Also if you are thinking of wearing a pearl pendant to work opt for one that uses a yellow gold chain and clasp.

For women who have more cooler skin tones than white gold or silver pearl necklaces are the perfect jewelry for them to wear. As for the hues in the pearls choose ones that have a grey, white, metallic or blue luster to them. These will complement the cool look of the silver.

Hopefully, the information we’ve given above will help to ensure that you select the perfect pearl necklaces for wearing to work, both now and in the future. Just don’t forget to make sure that the company where you work doesn’t have any kind of restrictions on the kind of jewelry that you can wear.

Here at PearlsOnly.com, we have a fantastic collection of different pearl necklaces for you to choose from. So finding one that particularly suits your tastes and personality shouldn’t prove difficult. Plus we have a wide selection of pearl necklaces, pendants and necklace sets that suits all kinds of budgets.

The post How To Wear Pearl Necklaces At Work appeared first on Pearls Only - UK.

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