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Every now and i then i get this question; Do i need a connection to gain admission into any University or institution in Nigeria?

You see, it's an interesting question that will provide value to a large number of curious aspirants who strive to achieve a long visioned dream of gaining admission to any University or Institution in Nigeria.

Before i provide a profound answer let me paraphrase the question to suit your perfect understanding.

The main idea here is, Does an aspirant need to be connected to any high official or family member in order to gain admission into the University or any concerned institution?

Now you understand perfectly where we are driving to.

Well, i am going to present the best answer that i know will be solid enough to cover this topic.

Whether you need to be connected to someone in order to gain admission into the University, it really depends.

Let's discuss a lot around it.

For example, does connection still works in Nigeria for gaining admission as of 2019?

Is it actually an official thing?

How then can a student who has good grades be sure of his/her admission?

You see that this topic really goes deep, and I am as well ready to go deep while answering it, just so that before you leave my site you will know the next move to make.

First, let me start by saying whether or not it's possible to gain admission into the University with a low or good grade through connections.

 it's quite possible in fact it happens year in and out.

We have seen many instances of students who did poor and got admitted, why someone who has got all the needed requirements gets excluded from admission.

We have to really dig deep into this phenomenon.

It happens and it's not just in any particular University but all Universities in Nigeria per se.

Please, before we go into a solid answer, promise me you will not jump off this page until you read my last line. Remember i am only here to show you the exact way admission works in Nigeria and to answer this question intensely  "If you need connections to gain admission"

Do I need a connection to Gain Admission?No, you don't need a connection to gain admission into the University, to be precise, but getting a connection does help in most cases.

Well, that may be just the simple answer to whether or not you need a connection to gain admission into any Nigeria institution is, but remember that it depends on what your grades are?

That only explains 50% of the question.

In a nutshell, the answer comes in two variables which are:

Yes, you need connections to gain admission into any institutions in Nigeria, and No, you don't need Connections of whatsoever kind to gain admission into any institution in Nigeria.

You don't understand yet, Okay it's fine. Allow me to explain a bit.

I want to site an example with Unilorin, assuming we are to say if you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.

Unilorin gets over 100, 000 (One hundred thousand) applicants yearly and among this number. Only 11% will gain admission, the rest will have to wait for another year.

If this wasn't so, then maybe i wouldn't have any reason to say yes.

But unfortunately, it's the shocking truth.

To be more precise only 11, 000 (Eleven thousand ) applicants will gain admission into the University of Ilorin.

That was the number of admitted candidate in 2017 and 2018 according to the data we recorded.  And the same figure will be admitted in 2019.

If you knew this you wouldn't really ask if you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.

"The competition in the University of Ilorin is like three hundred people struggling to enter a bus  that can only contain 50 people"

That's the best concept i can use to explain this.

Let's assume the bus fare is N100 (One hundred Naira)

Imagine giving the conductor N500 ( Five hundred Naira) to consider you, he will eventually create a space for you to enter the bus, maybe through the roof or boot.

That is the same way admission works in Nigeria.

If you can be able to struggle enough to enter the Bus on your own before it gets filled, good for you.

That is the exact reason i gave my answer as Yes, you need a connection to gain admission and No, you don't need a connection to gain admission.

But that's not all......

Should you do it or not?

What if you have no one or no money to do it?

Relax we are going to cover all these.

But i want to make a proper reference to some ideas most people have that drew my attention.

Someone answered this question and a lady answered " You don't need a connection to gain admission if you pray you will get admission"

I could not help laughing when I heard such a biased answer that most religious folks seem not to understand.

Yes, somehow along the line, prayer speaks if you believe it would.

But see the way it actually works.

Let assume there are are 10 different persons aspiring to gain admission into Unibadan including you and I, and there is only space for 2

If you pray diligently, I pray diligently and every other person prays diligently, now the equation is balanced.

Whom will God give? And whom will God leave?

Let me see how you will answer that question.

In essence, it would be wise to stick to another plan if you truly want to gain admission apart from your belief and the result you have because everyone else believes and everyone else has the same result as you and even better.

Come to think of it, Nigeria is naturally corrupt.

I agree, but let me explain why it is actually is fair to say you need a connection go gain admission into the University, college or polytechnic.

Why you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.I have explained with two concepts above.

Here is an overview!

Only 11, 000 (Eleven thousand) student out of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) or lets us bring it down to 30, 000 ( thirty thousand )assuming that is the total number left after sitting for post utme will gain admission into Unilorin.

How do you think the school will select the best 11, 000  ( Eleven thousand) assuming 23, 000 (twenty-three thousand ) out of 30, 000 (thirty thousand ) candidates are all qualified?

So that only brings us to the conclusion that it's fair to get a connection in order to secure a guaranteed space using the advantage of the corruptness of the country in Nigeria which is actually not a corruptness.

Learn More: How to Gain Admission no matter what

Secondly, have you heard of Universities admission grading system.

Once again, If you sure know it; you would not ask if you need a connection to gain admission into Unilorin.

Here is a brief overview of how Unilorin, for example, Give admission.
The school will first look into your post utme score, next they will look at your jamb or direct entry score, next they will check your state of origin, next they will check your O'level result.

To balance it all they will check the course you applied for.

The same thing happens in all Nigerian Universities, there is a quota of admission for each region including the catchment area and the majority of them come from the catchment area, while the minority comes from other areas.

Here is a structure of the admission quota.

50% Admission is kept for the first list simply know as the Merit List.

The merit list is strictly based on your performance and they start to choose from those who score high.

No matter where you come from even if it is Jamaica. As long as you are one of the best performing students most especially if you get admission from jamb caps.

You will make it into the first list.

35% Admission will be given in the second list. Here it depends on the catchment area and a bit of connection from high officials.

I will explain more soon.

The last list is the Vc list 15%, don't get too excited because sometimes it could be just a 100 available space.

Most especially in favor of educational less privileged and a bit of connection.

Why you don't need a Connection to gain admissionWell, sometimes i believe ones grace is different from another. Luck can be placed on anyone.

Even with the so-called connections, 50% don't get admitted so its not always about connections.

From the graph of how universities give admission that i showed you above.

Notice that the largest quota is given in merit list.

No single person no matter the connection he/she uses will find his/her name in the first list unless the person has merits.

That is why i said, even if you use connection it is not actually a corrupt practice, it just a system of selecting students for a session base om priority.

And if those students cannot foot the bill of admission given to them by chance, they will get flushed out over time.

So it's fine to conclude that you don't need whatsoever connection to gain admission into any Nigerian tertiary institution if you can hold the bull by the horn and stand firm.

I mean you don't need to know anyone in order to get admitted into any school, but on the grounds that you perform brilliantly.

Here is the kind of admitted students you will find in the first list.

  •  Those whose jamb score is higher than the cut-off mark with 20 and above depending on the chosen course.
  • Those who score above 65% least in post utme.
  • Those who use one sitting in O'level or those who have More A's and B's.

 73% of the students that will be admitted in the merit list will come from this category.

So if you want to escape connections to gain admission then present good grades and you will make it through.

How Connections Work In Nigeria Universities.
You see! High-rank university staffers such as the VCs, Deans, HOD's and lectures usually have free slots or simply put admission space and if you can actually find one you will be more than a million times lucky.

Here is the caveat: Most people will use this opportunity to collect money from a curious student with admission promises and fail to give it.

But finding a reliable person to help you is seldom.

However, when you find one, the slot will be added to the second or third list but not first.

Most of these lecturers and staffers have 10 slots, some 5, some 2 and even 1 depending on the rank.

So this means if you meet someone who has available slots, maybe relatives. As long as its a valid slot, you will eventually find your name added to the second or third list.

Moreover, all these cannot be possible if you don't meet the main cut off mark, else it's not real.

Always remember that connection will be stronger if you come from the catchment area.

But it's quite possible for you if don't, just meet the right person if you have to.

Some of the staffers who do not have relatives, who have someone that can also be more like a relative he will transfer it willfully.

The conclusion to the question "Do i need a connection to gain admission into the University?"

Always remember this, connections can fail and your good result can fail likewise.

As for prayer, it's good but you need to work so that your labor will be blessed.

My conclusion here is, have a good result first, so that it will speak for you.

I mean good O'level, good Jamb/D.e score, and good post utme score.

And if you know anyone good for you. Meet him/her and act accordingly so that you will have two grounds to stand one.

Trust me that's the best and surest means to gain admission into the University as of 2019/2020.

You may be Like "Osas...what if i don't know anyone?"

"What if i don't have the money to pay for connection?"

"What is the surest means for us"

Relax, there is a solution for you that you can count on.

But that will be only revealed later in this article.

In order not to miss it before admission starts, subscribe to my blog and you will get all admission juice to make it this year into the University and other institutions.

All the best!

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We have written guides on how to prepare and pass Unilorin post utme and how to prepare and pass Uniben post utme, today we shall be discussing two things as well. "How to pass ui post utme" and "how to prepare for ui post utme"

At Osas Divine Blog, we're ensuring all academical resources are available online on a full scale.

Today you are going to be having a full session with me and I am about to reveal to you a very concrete formula that you can utilize to pass ui post utme.

I do not need to remind that the University of Ibadan post utme is one of the hardest post utme in all federal institutions in Nigeria.

In order to pass Unibadan post utme, you will need a full preparation and the whole of this guide will help see that come true.

However, remember that what it means to pass ui post utme is to score high above the required cut off mark.

Hence, I am going to focus on how to score high in ui post utme.

Please take note

We don't just throw a topic at random and give a brief answer.

We go deep because we want you to know so much and what we do here at Osas Divine Blog is to give you an adequate resource in a way that you will be 100% certain of success.

So take enough time to read this, get much detail as you can because by the end of this guide I want you to be bold enough to sit for ui post utme in 2019 and perform brilliantly.

Your success is our success here at Osas Divine Blog, and I want you to be ready for your admission success this year.

Just like we have done for other schools, we are going to be having two sessions in this article.

Session A: The steps to prepare for ui post utme

Session B: The formula to pass Ui post utme ( with some more additional information )

Ensure you bookmark this page so that you can have enough time to read every important detail in this guide.

I have a question for you

Before we commence, I did like to ask you something.

Is this your first time of writing ui post utme?

If yes, then please do everything in your power to ensure you make it once.

If you have written ui post utme before, it will not be wise to write it again, so it's time to fasten your seat belt and grab your chance of admission.

Everyone keeps saying that Unibadan post utme is difficult, have you noticed?

Well, I don't think so, it depends on your belief.

If your faith tells you it is difficult, then it would be really difficult; but if your faith tells you it's not difficult then it will simple for you.

Come hell or high water, be ready for it, even if ui post utme is complicated, the formula and strategies you will learn in this guide will help you smash it under your feet.

The University of Ibadan post utme exam is a few weeks away for the 2019/2020 session.

Are you ready for it?

Use these preparation steps to start your preparation before the time leaves your side.

Steps To Prepare For ui post Utme.In order to score high in ui post utme, you must start preparing early.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

You have an exam to write anytime soon.

What have you been doing all while?

Jumping around with friends or
Busy having fun?

It's time to start preparing for unibadan post utme if you truly wish to succeed.

Below are 10 steps or 10 things to do, to prepare for ui post utme in 2019.

  1.  Take a break from activities 1 month before the exam
  2. Get all the required materials needed
  3. Form/join a study group or attend ui post utme tutorial
  4. Practice how to calculate from your head
  5. Practice time efficiency
  6. Get to know your center before the exam 
  7. Pray For your Success Daily 
  8. Read alone at nights
  9. Seek advice from those who have written the exam
  10. Study how the exam is done.

1. Take a break from activities you do 1 month before the exam:No preparation would be enough if you ask me, certainly not for an exam like ui post utme exam.

Do your research, the percent of failure in ui post utme exam is quite multitudinous and it has been like that from the outset.

Nevertheless, passing ui post jamb isn't rocket science.

To score high in ui post utme you just need to do the needful.

A few people still pass it out of the larger percentage of people who apply.

All that is demanded to be among those few people who pass it is to prepare for ui post utme adequately.

A one-week preparation will not yield any good result.

If you want your admission chance to be very strong for this current admission session at the University of Ibadan then be ready to commit yourself into full preparation.

It's advisable to cut away from any activities tieing you down if you want your preparation to be effective.

Prepare as if your life depends on it, besides it does depend on it.

Many aspirants had turned away and avoided the University of Ibadan due to the admission stress and post utme difficulty.

Are you going to do the same?

You don't have to, because those people were not ready to commit to the needed preparation steps for passing ui post utme.

You will surely score high but you have to give enough of your time into the foundational stage.

Literally, students who aim to graduate with a first class degree are good readers and the reading stage starts directly before you enter the school not when you enter.

"Admission is not rice and beans"

Yes, everyone wants admission, but hope you know success demands sacrifice.

One month before the exam, take a break from any activity that will tie you down, even at work.

Write a letter of a break for the sake of your exam to your boss.

He/she should understand if he/she knows the equivalence of education.

Even for the chores, you're tied to at home or anywhere, look for a means to limit most of them and sort out a time for adequate preparation.

You cannot perform well in ui post utme with light preparation. No way!

You need a solid preparation so give it all you got.

2. Get all the required materials needed:Who is a stupid farmer hoping to yield a good harvest without his tools?

Who is a stupid worker hoping to work in his field without equipment?

And who is a stupid student hoping to pass ui post utme without materials?

Does a farmer prepare his field for farming with his teeth? Except he is stupid!

Does a worker work with his teeth? Except he is stupid!

Does a student prepare for post utme with his teeth? Except he is stupid!

A farmer needs to sharpen his tools to till the soil! Do I need to remind you?

A worker need solid equipment to get jobs done! Do I need to remind you?

A ui aspirant needs to sharpen his or her brain to score high in the exam! Do I need to remind you?

So how do I sharpen my brain for ui post utme?

Get Past Questions

There is no examination where past questions have no relevance.

 This guide cannot be effective if I forget to tell you that you need past questions to prepare for ui post utme?

Yes, of course, it's the prophecy of the exam (according to flashlearners)

Past Question is the bedrock of any exam.

Notwithstanding, the bad news is, ui does not release past questions so it's quite difficult to get an original past question.

Majority of the past questions were just formed by curious people in need of money.

Whichever ways, you can still get likely questions, it is effective as well.

Prepare with it, if that is what you have, utilize it.

Get Unibadan post utme syllabus

One or two times I have seen students searching for ui post utme syllabus.

Does ui have ui post utme syllabus? Well, they don't.

 But here at Osas Divine Blog, we go deep into providing the right materials needed for success, so we have prepared a complete syllabus to prepare with for ui post utme.

Keep reading for how to get ui post utme syllabus.

Get Textbooks

If you don't have the above two materials, then you ought to have a textbook at least.

Unidan post utme comprises the subjects you wrote in the joint admission and matriculation board examination, so just get a textbook pertaining to those subjects.

if you read them thoroughly then no doubt you will perform well in ui aptitude test.

If you have any other material get them together and start preparing.

3. Form/join a study group or attend ui post utme tutorial:
Instead of running silly errands on a day to day bases, watching TV programs that don't add any benefit, staying online 24/7 as if it would end up putting food on your table, while not use the time to prepare for an exam that your life depends on.

You can form a study group with the people you know who're also
writing ui post utme.

Moreover, you could learn one or two things from a group study.

If there is no one available, create one and invite your friends to join.

If your friends are far from you, great a WhatsApp, Facebook or telegram group add them, then start sharing ideas.

Withal, scoring high in ui post utme is not rocket science, I will say that over and over.

All you need is a little strategic preparation plan.

Believe it or not, studying with a group is effective than the lone study.

Fine, if you are not good at forming groups, and there are no groups available.

Then look for a ui post utme tutorial and attend.

Yes, you can attend ui post utme tutorial where you will still find different people to learn from.

Search for the nearest ui post utme tutorial class around you and hasten your preparation.

No one got a supernatural brain, you just need to feed your brain to become a bullet for exams.

4. Practice how to calculate from your head.I think I have bad news!

The University of Ibadan does not allow the use of calculator while writing post utme exam.

So who cares?

I know that you can calculate heaven and earth by heart.

I trust you very much, yes I am talking to you.

You don't need their calculators, your head is full of million calculations.

Please don't disappoint me.

Assuming you are really not good at calculating without a calculator, no problem just get a simple arithmetic textbook and start practicing basic calculations.

Perfection is the direct child of practice, in order words practice gives birth to perfection.

So start practicing how to calculate without calculators.

You can do that with the help of some constant and formulas in mathematics.

You can apply them to any subject that demands calculation in ui post utme.

You really don't need to be afraid because the same thing happens in Jamb.

If you thrashed jamb, then what is ui post utme for you.

Deal with them and let them know you're a guru, not a dullard.

I am sitting right here waiting for you, bye-bye.

5. Practice time efficiency:You have 1 hour 30 minutes to answer 100 questions in ui post utme, I really think it's not enough.

If you are the type that takes time to read questions or a passage, then you have to practice how to be time efficient.

The maximum time you need to waste in a question is 2 minutes, ensure you answer enough if not all, before the invigilator demands to submit.

You can practice how to use time at the maximum effort by preparing enough before the exam.

Whether you like it or not, you will need to be your best.

You don't even have time to check the time, just concentrate solve, answer and move to the next.

6. Get to know your center before the exam:Look, you don't need your mum or dad to tell you the right steps you should take every time.

Hence, after your registration check for your schedule and see the center address.

If you don't know it or if you have never been to the University of Ibadan, look for a means to locate your center before the exam.

Don't wait until the day of the exams to start making moves.

Be excessively prepared, get a Bike and deliver the address.

Go to the center and see how the center looks like.

Hey, I know most people will go and investigate how they will sneak answers and conduct examination malpractice.

Don't forget where you're - O.Y.O

7. Pray For your Success Daily:You gotta believe me, prayer still works.

I don't care if you're a Muslim.

I don't care if you're a Christian.

I don't care if you're a traditional worshiper

All I know is; pray in your language to the God you believe in.

Pray desperately, cry if you can.

Roll on the floor if that is your best skill to show your seriousness.

Pray day and night.

Pray for your admission.
Remember it depends on how much worth education means to you.

I believe prayer can qualify you, no matter how difficult the exam is.

Pray every single night and day.

By the way, don't forget to read your book thinking prayer is the key.

O.Y.O you're "On Your Own."

8. Read alone at nights:Now it's time to prepare a study timetable.

You need one while preparing for ui post utme.

You need to read at nights.

Study shows that the best time to read is at night, so set an alarm and wake up at midnight to read.

Read promptly.
Read Effectively.

It's very true, night studies work.

Most of the things you will study at night you will remember much of it than any other kinds of stuff.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't read during the daytime.

Of course, you have to but make sure the night studies are much more done periodically.

It's a sacrifice that must be done if you want to excel in ui post utme.

Although most people are not just a fan of the night reading stuff, I really don't see any reason for that.

Excuses are just lies wrapped up in reasons.

Don't allow excuses to deny anything from you, as for this night reading you cannot take exception in it if you want to succeed at long last.

9. Seek advice from those who have written the exam:
This is the one big advice you will always get here at Osas Divine Blog.

I don't fail to highlight a point around this.


It is evident that experience teaches best, so no need to make a deal out of it.

It's quite convincing those people who had written this exam you are about to write will have a bit of experience, mostly if this is your first time.

If you have written it and failed before, you may need to ask those who succeed how things went for them.

You will likely have one or two tips from them on how to score a good point in ui post utme.

The same thing I always say.

No matter what information you get here at Osas Divine Blog, it will never be enough for you.

So why not consult one or two persons who had written this exam and get ideas from them.

10. Study how the exam is conducted:
The last tip I have for you is to learn how the exam is done.

Get as much information as you can.

Study ui post utme structure.

Get to know how questions are set, topics they mostly set questions from, nature of ui post utme and the level of difficulties.

Knowing it will not make you score high, it is meant to support your preparation.

Chill down for now and keep reading, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about ui post utme.

Just keep reading.

How To Pass ui post utme.

In this phase of this article, I will take you through the major things to do to pass ui post utme.

Remember the first phase guided you through how to prepare for ui post utme.

In this section, we will assume that you are now prepared, and we will reveal the formula you need to pass unibadan post utme.

Are you ready?

Take a glass of chilled soft drink, cross your leg but don't cross your mind and let's learn some more.

Here are the things to do to pass ui post utme in the 2019/2020 session.

Remember to do a revision one week before the examination and the night before the exam.

Revise all you have read frequently.

  1. When you get to the exam meditate on all you have read for 30 minutes.
  2. Pray before the exam starts. 
  3. When the exam starts, read every single instruction before you make an attempt.
  4. Shade with intelligence and avoid nervous answers. 
  5. Avoid any surrounding distraction and be in focus.
  6. Do not cheat or spy from anyone.
  7. Use the 4 post utme formula to answer.

1. When you get to the exam meditate on all you have read for 30 minutes:
The human brain can easily forget, in order not to have difficulty struggling with remembering what you read you need to meditate.

From recent scientific research as well as the study done by the University of California, meditation before exams help in a variety of ways as well as relaxing your nerves to perform at your maximum best.

Meditation if done properly can help you retain a lot of information base on what you have read.

Meditation will help you remember everything during the exam.

It's a very important technique.

Always take time to meditate before you write an exam.

How to Meditate before the exam:

Keep all the books away, all you need is your mind.

Find a calm and a noise free place.
Begin to assess yourself base on everything you remember.

Remember as much topic as you can, at the end of the meditation, if you had a hard time trying to figure out something, quickly go back to book and read that part that you didn't remember much when meditating.


During the exam, your brain will start to deliver lots of content, and you will write with ease and no obstruction.

 2. Pray before the exam starts:In reality, most people believe the spiritual realm has no connection with the physical.

From Logical reasoning that could be true.

I do not want to be rational here.

Majorly, your brain is what will determine your success.

However, the brain can default at any phase most especially when you are depressed or nervous.

Exam phobia can occur at any time, but I am cocksure that you can regain balance if you understand the effect of the spiritual.

Actually, not everyone will pass, its fine if you take no interest in prayer use what you have.

But if you do understand the power of the spiritual, don't forget to pray in your language, and you will obviously witness a hitch-free exam.

3. When the exam starts, read every single instruction before you make an attempt.I think most people are guilty of this, maybe you.

Many students fail to read instructions, they don't have time to that, they just get too anxious and jump into answering the questions.

Ui post utme is PPT, not CBT, please focus on every instruction there is.

If possible read every single thing on your question paper even the full stop, comma, where you see capital letter........just everything read it.

You never know what their strategy could be.

4. Shade with intelligence and avoid nervous answers.
When you start shading, shade with wisdom.

Don't let the devil push your hand to shade the wrong place even when you know the answer.

I have asked you to pray, the rest is in your hands.

Do not use a blunt pencil.

Get a new pencil before the exam.

"Please don't ask anyone to break pencil for you in the exam hall"

To stay one year at home is not funny to me if you like it.

5. Avoid any surrounding distraction and be focused.Anything can call your attention at any time, ensure you keep your eye focused on your paper, and your mind focused on the aptitude test.

It's just one hour and thirty minutes, so give it to your best and overcome any temptation.

Take it as a life exam.

Force yourself to concentrate.

6. Do not cheat or spy from anyone.
Unibadan does not condone exam malpractice, and they take it very seriously.

You must not use your hand to spoil your own success.

Give it your best.

Avoid cheating or any form of malpractice.

Most ladies write answers and definitions up above their legs and cover it up with clothes.

All these had been discovered and dealt with, there is no trick that can save you.

Prevention is far better than cure.

7. Use the 4 post utme formula to answer:Here is the good news!

There are formulae to answer any question that appears difficult.

These four formulae will help you know the correct answer in post utme.

These techniques are very powerful and it works for any subject and any exam.

If you can effectively use the four formula designed for answering post utme, you will get almost everything correct.

Seriously, it's effective and it the best technique I can offer you to pass ui post utme once and for all.

Learn more: How to gain admission in 2019 no matter what 

The great is, it will save you time and reduce stress.

Do you want to know what those formulae are?


All you need to know about Ui post utmeIn this phase, I will share additional information to know about ui post Utme.

Ui post utme syllabusThe University of Ibadan has no such thing as post utme syllabus.

All you need to prepare with us your textbooks and past questions.

Like i earlier emphasized, we are going to upload a syllabus here that we have prepared with some scholars from ui, ensure you subscribe so that you can receive it as a mail before the exam.

Nature of University of Ibadan post utmeThis is the nation of ui post utme, for those who are yet to know; ui post utme comprises the same subject you wrote in Jamb, 100 questions would be given to be answers in..
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You're tired of sitting at home, and you have decided to search for the best handwork a Lady can learn in Nigeria in order to become productive and responsible.

Very well then, I am going to show you 7 best handwork that you can learn in Nigeria as a female.

These handworks are well polished and if you can make the best deal out of them then you will definitely see yourself becoming a madam in 2 – 4 years after learning.

Most times, I think it's very necessary to sort for the best handwork for ladies order than just picking any kind of handwork that comes in mind.

However, as a pledge in Osas Divine Blog, we are devoted to providing the best and most reliable information that will shed light in your path as a Nigerian.

So allow us to sort out the little problems that life spreads around.

Where do I start?

I do like to call your attention if you're a lady and you're reading this.

The Nigerian economy de facto is something we all deem to be difficult predominantly for young folks who are not born with a silver spoon.

For the female world, you know very well how life tosses you around just to make a day count.

You can never be under the care of your parents forever.

It's wise that you source out a good means for the latter order than thinking of sleeping around with men who will cater to your daily needs.

I will not fail to call out on your bullshit if as a lady you have no plans of self-independence.

If you're clocking twenty and you still have no plan for your life, it's quite a sympathy.

You need to think of the best handwork to learn as a lady so that you can start small, make your own money, maintain a stable bank account and keep your self from any financial trouble or trying to trade your body for money.

You don't necessarily have to be a graduate to become the boss of your own.

Learn more: How to make money while in secondary school.

As a matter of fact, the number of graduates available in the country outranks the number of available jobs.

And even if you are schooling or planning to get to school, it's very wise to learn handwork now in order to save yourself from future hardship.

Learning handwork is a legit source of income that you can rely on, most of the times it will bring you ultimate satisfaction and money that you wouldn't have imagined if you learn deeply and become a pro.

There are various handworks to learn as a female, but today I want to show you the best seven.

We did make sure these 7 best handworks are still lucrative in 2019.

7 Best Handworks any lady can Learn in 2019.
Don't forget that interest plays a big role when choosing the best handwork for yourself as a female.

You cannot compare the number of skills available for the men than those available for women.

Whichever ways, ladies are the pride of Africa and a distinguished being.

Look away from anybody's pocket and become your own sponsor.

Listed below are the best handworks for a lady in Nigerian.

  • Event Management
  • Interior Decoration
  • Fashion Designing/Tailoring 
  • Catering Craft 
  • Fascinator designs 
  • Makeup Artistry 
  • Freelance Writing.

1. Event Management:

I had never imagined that one could earn a living by planning parties for others.

But look here, currently in 2019 event management also known event planning is the best handwork for a lady to learn in Nigeria.

To amuse you, one can earn around 15, Million Naira a year in a professional aspect if you are a well-skilled event planner.

Event is one thing that happens periodically.

Learn more: How to choose a course that fits you to study in school.

Event management is more than just handwork, it's a very lucrative profession that can be done by anybody, but ladies are well talented in event management.

You don't need a degree to learn or become an event planner in Nigeria.

Just a question!

Why would a person want to hire an event planner when one could just organize things by oneself?

Somehow down the line, you may have such a curious mindset.

Intrinsically, one would hire an event planner for many purposes but I like to state three.

(a) Not everyone understands the ins and outs of making an event successful. But event planners are experienced people who would have encountered different flaws from different occasions. So, it's wise to hire an event planner to save your party from being messed up.

(b) It can save you time if you hire a good event planner.  While you sleep they will organize and coordinate the party instead of you running helter-skelter trying to get this and that, most times you may forget to get something only to remember at the dying minute.

(c) It will save you from unnecessary planning, It is the responsibility of the event planner to get the best vendors and negotiate prices on your behalf for every single need.

The bottom line is, event planning is very professional handwork to learn as a female in Nigeria.

How to Learn Event Management as a lady

There are lots of events planning schools where you can learn event planning and become certified.

Event management schools in Nigeria are of two types sometimes it varies.

(a) Certified Special event professional (CSEP)

(b) Certified Wedding and Event Planner (CWEP)

To start event planning, you need to first learn and get certified under a company.

There are many event management schools in Lagos and even online.

Look for the one that interests you and start learning.

Click Here for where to learn Event management as a lady.

After your certification, you can purchase the required material and startup.

Build a website of your own to let the world know you and don't forget to meet bloggers who can help you advertise your service.

Soon you should start seeing money fall in your way.

2. Interior Decoration:

Once again, "Interior decoration" also known as interior designing is yet another great handwork that you can involve in as a lady.

If you are a creative person very good at decorating and arranging furniture.

Interior decoration will be a great choice.

Guess what! Even if you think you don't have a flair for designing, everyone is a designer.

You can become a very rich person as well as a professional in the field and make a fortune out of life as an Interior decorator.

Many wealthy ladies today are into this, and they are using it to foot their entire bills, it's very awesome and lucrative.

All you need to do is learn it and start working.

School is not the only way of making money.

All rich men need the best decoration for their living room, bedroom and the entire home.

So why waste your time?

It is one of the best handworks for a lady.

But you need to strive in order to become the best so that you can earn well.

How to Learn interior decoration as a lady.

There are quite many places to learn interior decoration too.

They will train you and issue a certificate to you.

If you cannot afford the training I am about to show you, you can still get a low budget training around.

But I think it is worth it if you can get a little capital to learn this profession because it will pay you at last if you go pro.

Click here to learn interior decoration as a lady

After your certification, get the tools you need and make yourself available online for business.

Don't forget to seek advice from people who are into it.

3. Fashion Designing/Tailoring:
Fashion designing is now the most popular handwork that ladies are now venturing into.

Since there are many little shops around to learn it from, people have seen it as quick and reliable handwork.

Prior to time, fashion designing had gone better and better.

Everyone wears clothes, don't you?

Take note: Fashion designers are different from Tailors.

Fashion designing is more professional, they create and bring out beautiful clothing designs.

Fashion designers are those who create designs, and they work in larger companies.

All a tailor does is to use the already laid designs, to take measurements and sew clothes.

Think about those who are more into clothes designing.

Companies like Gucci, Nick, Addidas, and others.

Just to mention but a few.

Learn more: How to gain admission no matter what situation

In Nigeria, fashion designing is a very lucrative career for a female.

Most times people confuse Fashion designing to mean the same thing with tailoring.

Whichever you prefer is cool for you, both are good but fashion design is more professional.

Depending on the time and budget you have to learn it and startup.

How to learn Fashion designing and tailoring as a lady.

For tailoring find a reliable tailoring shop around, and sign the agreement.

For fashion designing, you will need to attend a good fashion school.

Click here for where to learn fashion as a lady.

After your training, get a little capital, open a shop, and start running your service.

4. Catering Craft:

This is where you will find every lady.

OMG! Ladies love catering so much.

Let's bake some cake.

Oh! I need to eat, chin-chin or meat pie.

I just cannot emphasize my dear, but the very truth is that you cannot compare the income to the first three handworks on this list.

Nonetheless, this list cannot be complete without catering.

It's very cool, you will find it easy to learn and more engaging.

Just 1 or two years you are a boss of your own making cool money.

Since parties are something happening now and then, you will really profit from catering.

How to Learn catering craft as a lady.

Look around you and search for the available training centers.

I do not want to refer anyone, it's not something to learn online.

Just look for a reliable place and learn it.

Once you are done with the training, start up your own catering service.

Remember to contact me, my wedding is around the corner.

5. Fascinator designs:

Have you heard of fascinator designs?

Oh my Gosh! It's something you will love to learn and make a living from.

I know someone into this, and she is pretty popular and rich.

Just a young lady to amaze you.

Who says you can't do it too?

There is no reason you can’t make a living out of this profession.

Think ladies, parties are everywhere and women wear hats.

You will need a hat in places/events like baby showers, wedding,  beach, sports game, and much more occasions.

Think about all those adorable wide-brimmed hats and fedoras, won't it make sense if you are a  good fascinator designer?

I really love it and a lot of ladies do it.

How to learn Fascinator design as a lady.

It's simple, look for a good fascinator designer around you and ask the person to teach you.

Learn it and start making yourself available for parties, tell your friends around, in case anyone needs such a service.

6. Makeup Artistry:I have a very pretty sister whom i know to be a rich young girl, a professional Makeup artist.

She is always invited for her service, party or no party.

Home or away.

Makeup artistry is another good handwork to learn as a female.

A lot of people make a living out of it.

You can get around Five thousand naira to Eight thousand naira for one service depending on your professionality.

Ladies you need to try this out.

It's an independent business that will put you on the edge of success to make good money, there are flexible work schedules, and you will get the opportunity to meet people and make friends why you do business.

But the question to ask is, how do you stay far ahead of the competition as a makeup artist and be better than others doing it?

You can be better, just ensure you learn to be better.

People always go for a photo shoot and parties. Makeup artists are even needed for common outings.

How to learn Makeup artistry as a lady.

First, you have to learn it before you can start doing it.

It's not as straightforward as you think.

Search for a reliable place and learn it.

After learning it, get a Makeup kit that will always contain all the tools you need as a makeup artist.

Ensure you have a personal makeup kit and don't go borrowing.

Also, you need a portfolio where people can choose the kind of makeup they want.

It will make you stand out, put it in your bag and always present it.

It's quite easy to create one. A lot of models take photos so gather some professional shots in your portfolio.

Ensure you have a website so that people can book for your service anytime.

7. Freelance Writing:

Finally, who could have thought that ladies could make money out of writing?

Well, they do, and you can too.

Freelance writing is what is simply known as sit at home, and make money.

It is not primarily handwork or a vocational skill to learn as a lady.

But I decided to include it since you don't need a degree to make the most out of it.

You can as well learn how to be a good writer but most times it comes as a talent.

It's still a work done by the hand.

All you have to do is write for websites online and get paid.

I know not everyone can do this, but before you decide to ignore it, give it a try.

I have played my part by presenting the seven best handworks that you can learn.
The rest is up to you.

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Can I make money while in secondary during my studies in Nigeria?

Well, who says you can't?

I am about to show you a less common but effective strategy on how to make money while in secondary school.

There are many ways you can earn money in secondary school.

Look, most times you do not have to depend on your parents for academical support.

A good Nigerian student ought to understand the economic state of the country and the future that awaits him.

Even while most people will not advise that you should be involved in any business while in a secondary school in order to surpass distractions against your academics, I will call it just a cliche or maybe a common belief.

Unfortunately, the system of things have changed and it's high time Secondary school students are exposed to realities.

Yes, let you need to get a chance to see the life that awaits you in the future.

Nonetheless, most parents will not encourage their students to be involved in whatsoever business of a kind.

But rather focus on your academics extremely.

What about those surviving under the hands of someone and maybe not a parent.

Majority of the secondary school's students in Nigeria find it hard to afford their bills, buy books, pay school fees and exam fees.

Even to register for the West African examination council exam is quite demanding and most times end up been impossible or procrastinated.

I think around the age of 18 and 20 a youth should know where his life is going and must be able to paddle his own canoe.

But, I do like to say this before I show you the steps to take as a secondary school student to make money.

Please forget about any business that you can do to make money while in secondary school if you are living under a good roof curled by the outlook of your parents.

In a nutshell, if your parents are still quite responsible for 90% of your educational sponsoring then you can wait a bit to get into higher institution before you can start looking for means of making money in secondary school.

Learn More: How to choose a Course that fits you ( Career advice)

But, assuming your parents are not bold enough to handle your fees and sponsor your education, and you find it hard to afford your fees, then this guide is for you.

Steps to Make Money in Secondary School.There are many opportunities available for secondary school students to make money, and I am going to nail it all on the table today.

Can I call your attention first....?

Listen, it's quite cool to make money and apparently many ways to do so.

But I want to let you know that making money as a student is conclusively (comprehensive) tougher than you can imagine on the secondary level of education in Nigeria.

You cannot wake up one morning and think money can start falling in your pocket.

Do I need to remind you of the Jobless youths in the country?

Obviously, even youths struggle at the tertiary grade to make ends meet.

So what kind of super business can get you money to manage your fees in this era where things are getting complicated.

Think about the number of young Nigerian students who are now into fraudulent acts commonly called "Yahoo" and the beautiful girls who trade their body for money.

Think again, what kind of legit business is right for you as a secondary school student that will not affect your studies.

Do you want to sell pure water in the streets?

Do you want to steal?

Assuming you can get to work in a nearby sales shop or business center, how do you intend to cope with your academics.

Calm down, there is a solution just keep reading.

But you need to consider all these which I likewise did before coming up with the following money making ideas for you as a Student.

Remember not to transpose your study time with the business idea. School is first.

Below are 7 steps to follow to make money while in secondary school. This 7 business idea for secondary school students must be done at moderation and intelligence.

  • Do quick business at the end of each Term in school.
  •  Consider working after school as a sales agent.
  • Plan a strategy to make money with your personal skills.
  • Think of legit ways to make money online. 
  • Start a little trade at a popular market where you can buy and sell.
  • Teach as a Home Lesson Tutor.
  • Ask for Laundering and Cleaning service for people around you.

If you can be up to the task, either of these 7 business ideas is very awesome for a quick and easy way to make good morning while in secondary school.

I have seen most hardworking students do them, you cannot afford to be lazy and believe you can survive.

Learn more; How to gain admission no matter what
You have to fight tooth and nail to make your life count.

20 years from now you will be disappointed with yourself most for the things you didn't do than the one you did.

Also, remember this.

“If you wish to get rich, save what you get. A fool can earn money, but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage.”

Whatever money you make do not spend it off, remember it wasn't easy to get.

So let me briefly elaborate on the 7 steps above to earn money in secondary school.

1. Do quick business at the end of each Term in school.You will have one or two months as a holiday after each term in secondary school.

Trust me, one or two months after every three months is enough to make money.

Definitely, you will have 3 or 4 months free in a year as your holiday.

You can think of a quick business plan to make money within those free months.

Money is hard to come up with, yes I know.

A business idea is hard to come up with, even at the secondary school level.

But everyone is born with a Unique talent.

Sit and ask yourself what business can I do to make money in one month?

Solution :

Go around seek for the help of anyone, explain to them your financial hardship trying to survive as a secondary school student.

Beg for a one-month space to work and earn a little.

You can meet the most popular business shops around you, check to see if they need any assistance.

Write a letter of one-month application if you feel too shy to approach anybody personally, or if they don't give you their time to explain

You have chances of approval as a female, and the male does not take an exception in this.

In the letter explain why you need a one or two-month job and how committed you will be.

Do not be far from the truth, people will help you if you can open up to them.

Try ten times, should you fail nine times; you may get one lucky person willing to consider you.

It takes courage to do this, but in the end, you will never regret doing it.

They can agree to pay you N5, 000 to N8, 000 for that month depending on the kind of business.

It's quite okay at least, order than doing nothing at home.

He/she could even agree to sponsor your feeding daily for that month.

They can even sponsor you academically if you're super hardworking.

It's an advantage that mustn't be misused.

Be honest if you get approved, you never know where help may sail from.

You could be lucky most times, but remember to exhibit a good character and be far from stealing.

If you don't get a reward that is equivalence to your hard work. Be calm and God will bless you in his own way.

2. Consider working after school as a sales agent.In step one above, we talked about using the time you have during the holiday.

I won't forget to teach you the chances you have to make money after school hours.

It almost looks like working after school hours will take away your focus and time to study and do your homework.

Relax, I will teach you how to handle that soon.

We will figure out simple ways of blending your studies while trying to gain some little cash.

But let's take it all at a time
If your school sessions end by 2 pm or less, this could be a likelihood of success as long as you don't overdo it or do it in the wrong way.


Use the same procedure in the aforementioned step.

Nonetheless, your application should be after school hours.

You can apply as a sales agent in a busy shop or as side assistance as the case may be.

Show them how badly you need a financial backbone, and you're likewise ready to be competent.

Don't just go looking for any shop, take your time and check if the shop owner can actually cater to your needs.

Do they actually need sales assistance?

You won't know unless you give a try first, but from a smart look, you could know.

Take a stroll around and see if you can find any sales girl or boy wanted.

Apart from working as a sales assistant in a shop.

Most companies can pay you to trade their goods.

E.g Indomie, Mini-mi Chin chin, and other similar companies.

I have seen many instances of such.

They give you about a cartoon or two and pay you base on each sale.

You can find something similar to that as long as the gain is worth your time.

Remember to bring down your pride, or you will never be able to make money in secondary school.

3. Plan a strategy to make money with your personal skills.
This is a fast and more reliable way to make money as a secondary school student in Nigeria.

During my days at the secondary level, I benefited a lot from the little skills I had.

The dilemma is the determination and ability to find out your skills.

What are you good at?


Let me cite an example with myself.

I was good at writing, I don't know about you!

During my secondary, I really profited from writing.

I wrote inspirational books, publish them and gave it to the school authority.

They were amazed by what a secondary school student could come up with, and she gave it to my teacher who was willing to support my career.

As God had it, I was making good sales from it enough to maintain my fees even though it got to a point that it was already circulated in my school and stopped bringing money.

I wrote more interesting books that will help my fellow students succeed and even went to advertise it in other schools.

Not only did I make cool and easy money I got many opportunities to write for people, and even participate in a writing competition.

In 2014, I won a Nobel Prize as the most outstanding student in Edo-state of which I started getting my educational support.

That is my own skills.

If you don't know how to discover the skills you have, subscribe to our blog soon, we will explore that.

If you know your skills but don't know how to make money from it, please leave a comment with your contact and the skills, we will teach you how to make money from your little skills.

4. Think of legit ways to make money online.The latest means of making money as a student that is quite easier and faster with no qualification is online.

You don't have to worry about meeting anyone.

As a matter of fact, I am a student and I make all my living expenses online.

All you have to do is find the most legit and simple way because most people abuse it.


If you're good at writing you can make money online by working as a freelancer.

All you have to do is write great articles for websites and get paid.

As a matter of support, you can contact us at Osas Divine Blog, and we will help you look for websites that accept freelance writers.

Trust me, you can make a lot of cool money from writing for websites online.

Apart from freelancing I could advise you to start a blog because that is how we bloggers make our own living but it would not bring you quick money to survive through secondary school.

Albeit, you can still manipulate your ways if you're smart.

All things being equal, contact us, and we will guide you step by step.

5. Start a little trade at a popular market where you can buy and sell.
Go to the market and see how lots of young talented and zealous students are hustling to get their life along.

Don't sit there and think money will come to you.

Success does not always come by chance, you need to work for it.

Buying in bulk and selling directly to consumers is a good way to make money in secondary school.

Leverage that opportunity as a means of livelihood.


Go to a busy area and look for a little place to hang around and sell to people.

You can make ends meet for the little you earn, but remember not to lavish.

This should be done after school hours not during school hours or during holidays.

One thing is for sure, it is a great business idea for students.

6. Teach as a Home Lesson tutor.There was nothing I didn't do for money when I was in secondary school.

I kid you not; apart from writing, I was into teaching too.

To be candid, this was my favorite means of making money fast in secondary school.

See what I did.

 I printed a little paper that contained a bit of information.

I channeled it to students who were poor in English language and other subjects.

I shared this paper during break time in all primary school classes so that the teachers don't get mad at me.

The students took the paper to their parents which had my contact in it.

Luckily, I started getting calls, and I ensure the price was fair and easy to afford.

At the end of the day, I had three willing parents that wanted a home lesson teacher for their kids.

I was earning around N12, 000 a month from the three different homes.

Sometimes my schedules were weekended and sometimes three times a week, but I was able to meet up.


Consider if you're good at teaching If you're not then try something else.

If you're good, do something like I did as the case may be.

Distribute the papers around to the pupils you know may likely need it.

Pray for God to touch the heart of the parents, and you will get something good out of it even though teaching could be a bit stressful most times.

7. Ask for Laundering and Cleaning service for people around you.
Finally, this is the last business idea I have for you as a student.

You may or may not find it interesting but most people make money from it.

If you're shy to trade then what can you do?

Laundry service still works.

If you know of anyone that you think is kinda so busy mostly bachelors who are always busy at work.

Or people who are old and have no one around, then volunteer yourself to do the house cleaning and laundry.

Don't be afraid to ask them to know if they may be in need of a cleaner.

It could be daily, weekly or monthly as long you can earn well from it.

There you go, that is how to make money while in secondary school.

Do you have what it takes to make money in secondary school?
Yes, I felt I needed to ask you this before you heck off.

To work and school at the same time is not easy, it's very demanding.

So do you have what it takes?

You need to have courage, you need to be smart, you need to be wise, and you must not be the dull type that cannot handle studies let alone business at secondary school.

So be careful. Get a mentor or someone older to advise and coach you as well as encourage you through.

How to manage a business in secondary school and still be academically sound.Remember I also said that it's good to think of business while schooling, but there is a big challenge.

Most times you won't have time to read, most times you will be too weak to even do your assignments.

Most times you can forget to wash your uniform.

A lot of challenges will come your way.

But remember that it takes pain for gain to come.

All you need is.

(a) God

Pray with all your might.
Believe with all your strength and God will never disappoint you.

If you're steadfast in religious grounds your challenges will slowly fade away.

(b) Be determined and realistic

You must know that this is the only means you have to sustain your life if you don't want a frustrated or begging life.

Build your passion and determination and be ready for the worse which will end up being your strength.

(c) Always schedule:

Since you're going to be very busy, you have to plan a schedule.

Have a time table and alarm on your phone.

If you can steal out any little time during work just to read, don't hesitate to do it.

If all you have is night, be determined and set alarm for night study.

At the end of the day, your life will be smooth and fine.

(d) Sacrifice.

All these may be very draining and it will be a bit of stress, but see it as a sacrifice for success.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope to see more of you.
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More pragmatically, are you going to stick with the norm? You don't have to because I am about to give you a cheat on how to answer post utme question fast and finish on the given time.

That's not all.

I will show you a few rules to stick to when answering post utme question

There is a notion that writing post utme examination in certain Universities is bothersome.

1 hour for 60 back-breaking questions @ UNIBEN

30 Minutes for 50 trickery questions @ UNILORIN

Just to mention but a few.

You and I know that the system of Post utme in Nigeria is quite strenuous and almost all Universities will not give you enough time to answer the given questions so you have to be pretty smart and efficient.

Answering post utme questions and finishing on the given time is easier said than done.

But here at Osas Divine Blog, we don't Joke with success.

I am going to show you the exact cheat that many students have used to answer post utme question, not only did they finish on time; they also scored very high.

It's one thing to finish on time, and it's another thing to answer correctly.

Without much hesitation let's get down on it.

But first, let's start with the rules.

7 rules on how to Answer Post Utme Question and Finish on Time. I know it's very good if you can finish on time, but there are many things that must be put to check, and we are going to discuss as much as we can.

Post Utme would have been plain sailing, but the time factor is a constraint.

Notwithstanding you have to play smart and make a hard-won.

Always remember that the price for success is not free, be ready to kill a lion if that is what it demands.

These 7 rules will help you answer post utme question very fast and finish within the given time.

1. Practice time Usage before going to the hall:Before you go to the hall to sit for your post utme exam, you ought to know how capable you're.

Don't sit and wait for the day of the post utme, get busy by practicing.

Your capability will determine your ability in the exam hall.

Smartness is not inherited, you have to practice smartness.

"If you practice 8 times and fail 7 times but win only once you will never fail again."
Read that again and you will understand.

Did you know Thomas Edison failed 1, 000 times before discovering the light bulb?

Actually, he didn't fail 1, 000 times instead he learned 1, 000 ways that didn't work.

So if you prepare and practice with a past question you will never have to fail during the exam, because you will learn what works, and what doesn't work.

Hence, start practicing if you don't want to end up frustrated during post utme.

2. Don't forget your brain at home.Oh! yes! I mean it.

Most student will forget their brain on the day of the exam.

No kidding stuff, I mean everything I say.

I wouldn't have to tell you this if I weren't a victim.

Okay! Okay! I will confess, I just didn't want to embarrass myself.

But promise not to tell anyway! Seriously this is our little secret.

3 years ago I was in the same position as you're! Also desperate about how to answer post utme question on time.

In fact, it was my last year for admission and i had just that year to prove to my dad that I was ready for school, I had to make sure I didn't mess up.

My head was filled up and the day of the exam I was no longer myself, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Asap! I was in the center.

No sooner than 1 hour I was in the hall and sitting before me was the computer waiting for me to explore.

Guess what, I was scratching my head for 5 minutes when I saw the first question.

Getting to the second, the third and ninth question I was already dead, but just existing.

" Oh! I thought 10+10 was 100, but now it looks like 10+10 is -10, or is it...."

That is what it means to forget your brain at home and I was just of that kind.

Don't forget your brain at home.

3. Do not Rush, and forget to answer some.I know most of the people reading this would be guilty of this.

Let me gist you

Somehow down the line, I had to write Jamb in 2016.

I will never forget my stupid sit mate.

Till today, I am still laughing trying to figure out what Village such people came from.

Intriguingly, it was the time of Jamb computer-based test.

See what happened.

 This funny comedian of a sit mate will click an option for about four times and sometimes more.

At the end of the day, he will end up unclicking the right answer leaving it empty.

And he will be like...

 " I think he have click"

Sometimes he clicked correctly but sometimes he will over click and end up unclicking it.

I was kind of weird, was he insane or it could be that this guy suffers computer illiteracy.

I swear I have never seen such kind of person in my life. Isn't that ironic?

Wait, do you expect me to talk, or you want the invigilators to throw us out.

My dear, there is no good Samaritan in Jamb, mind your own business.

With the way, the guy was pressing the mouse you will know he has never used a computer.

I am just trying to pass a message not make a fool out of him, we all have weaknesses.

But, If your post utme exam is a computer-based test, be very careful and check that you have clicked before moving to the next.

That is why I advised you to practice before going to the hall.

Even if it is a Paper-based exam, open your eyes widely and ensure you don't leave anyone unanswered.

Keep reading for more rules

Remember, don't leave any question unanswered.

4. Ensure you breathe before answering the next question no matter the time pressure.Forgive me that I have to put this as a rule.

I know how most people think.

If you don't prepare before the exam, if you breathe one million times you will still answer rubbish.

Hmmm! Don't think that breathing will bring the answer.

I said breath just in case you're panicking or your mind is not settled because of the short time you have. So that you will have enough energy to finish answering the post utme exam.

Breathing in and out will help to relax your mind when done appropriately.

Most students are pressured by the time, and in return, they start fretting.

No matter how pressured you are, try to see the bright side of the exam, not the bad side.

Breathe in and out, and you will be back to normal.

5. Don't guess because of the time limit, settle your mind and think.I notice many students do this.

When they see that time is leaving their side, they start answering anyhow.

It is always like this.......

" I don't have time to think anymore, let me just answer anything"

Never you do such, the brain works in such a funny way.

Most times it is when you are 5 minutes close to the end of the exam that you will remember the right answer.

That is just the caveat.

It is because you are rushing to finish on time.

That is why I said, it's one thing to finish on time, and it's another thing to answer correctly.

Think before you answer and don't get too concern about the time.

You can rush and answer all wrong.

But if you calm down, you will at least answer a lot correctly even if you don't finish on time.

This is from experience.

Please don't guess to save time, ensure you think and answer correctly.

6. Do not panic because your time is short.

It is something that happens as a matter of nature.

Fear will always creep into your mind.

That scenario when your heart jumps for fear.

"You don't have to be the best, just do your best and leave the rest for God to bless because If you try to act like the best, you will end up in a mess."

Never forget that many intelligent people fail and it's a secret you must bury as a seed in your heart.

7. Smile before answering any questions, don't squeeze your face.
If possible smile through from the start of the exam till the end.

Your mood can spark your brain to start pouring out the correct answers.

It works, so ensure you don't frown while writing post utme.

It doesn't matter if people think you're mad.

Seriously, they don't understand the secret that you're using and after the exam when you see your result that smile will grow bigger and better.

But those that frown, that frown will grow bigger and better.

Let's move to the next item.

7 Cheats on How to answer Post Utme Question.By the way, what do you mean by cheat?

No, I am asking you don't ask me.

In my own opinion, I don't mean any negative way of answering questions during post utme.

We don't encourage examination malpractice, look at how Jamb seized candidates result for 3 years in Nigeria, sorry to say, I mean 3 months just because of malpractice.

Oh, Jare! 3 weeks.

 Did you know Jamb broke Guinness record in 2019? Don't ask me how.

Like most people will think, they always believe there is a cheat to pause time during post utme for the computer-based test.

No! No! You are deceiving yourself not the computer because when everybody stops and your time is remaining 30 minutes, you will explain.

Try to accept the fact, you have 30 Minute, so face it.

These 7 cheats are positive so don't think negative, but trust me, even the devil cannot make you fail if you use them.

1. Sharpen and exercise your brain before you start.

Wake up on time on the day of the exam.

Before you leave the bed, pick your textbook or whatever you're using to prepare and start exercising your brain.

Let it be more of a personal and self conversation.

Trust me, your brain will become sharpened.

It's kinda funny but most times, I always ask myself question and answer myself.

"State Boyles law?"

"Boyle's law states that....."

"When did Nigerian started federalism government....?"

You know, stuffs like that.

Just tasking your brain. You will see that you will be active during the exam hall, that activeness will make you think fast and finish answering the post utme questions on time.

It's just my little cheat sheet to answer questions on time during post utme by first making my brain to be active.

2. Start by solving the simple ones.

Often, you will get stuck around some difficult questions.

Such a question can exhaust the little time you have before you get to the simple ones, you will have no time left.

So a wise candidate will start from the simplest to the hardest.

It's okay to pick questions randomly.

But you have to be forewarned, doing such practice can make you forget some and leave them unanswered which will go against some of the rules I have given you.

Smartness needs to play a role.

It's wise to skip the difficult ones but remember to start all over and check for the ones unanswered.

3. Do not check the time until you click submit.

"There is no time to check time"

Checking the time can make you fall a victim of rule number 5.

You will be in a hurry to finish and submit which can make you answer wrongly, and leave some unanswered.

On the other hand. You have to be vigilant and mindful of your time so that you don't feel you have enough time and start delaying in a question.

But it doesn't mean you have to be checking the time every minute.

Just forget the time, and let it be in your head that you have no time to waste.

Let all your focus be on the question.

I know if you do this, you will be flabbergasted to the fact that you have answered all the questions and finished on time correctly answering everything because you were focused.

4. Use the SRSR technique.

This technique is something i have never failed to teach students writing exams that will have to deal with picking options.

See this: How to know the correct answer in Post Utme using the SRSR technique.

This method is effective and it hardly fails if you know how to use it very well.

SRSR is an acronym for; Scan, reflect, solve and Re-read.

Follow this technique will make you answer any school's post utme question on the given time.

Just Scan the question, reflect on it a bit, solve it fast and re-read the question to see if you solved correctly.

You can check the above-linked article for how to use the SRSR technique to know the correct answer in Post Utme.

There are other formulae you will see there too that will help you know the correct answer in post utme.

5. Pretend as if you're the only one in the hall.

Do you know why this is crucial?

It's because, if you are looking at different people, your eye may meet with someone having bad luck.

And sorry for you if you meet those people that use Juju to collect answer from people who look at them.

This is Nigerian for crying out loud.

Anybody can exchange your brain if you look at them.

Please and please don't look at anybody pretend as if you're the only one in the hall.

More pragmatically, you can lose focus if your eye is everywhere at the same time.

Let your eye glue at your question only.

6. Use the idea of the simple questions for the hard ones.

I really love this cheat. It works mostly for questions that have to do with picking between option.


Question 5:

Who killed the Chicken during Christmas?

A. Mark Angel
B. Basket Mouth
C. Ade
D. Broda Shagi

Let assume you don't know it...

Lucky enough you got to another Question.

Question 17:

What did Ade use to kill the Goat during Christmas?

A. Knife
B. Gun
C. Poison
D. Slap

You and I know the answer to Question 17 is Slap.

At the same time, you now know the answer to question 5 is Ade.
It's just another cheat.

7. Look at the ceiling if you forget anything.

If you use this cheat, you will never forget me.

Order than looking at people around you when you are trying to figure at the correct answer, just look at the ceiling for a minute and you will begin to have a clue.

No kidding, I am damn serious.

Just try it.

Thanks for strolling around my blog today, i hope to see more of you.

Check out these guides.

How to Prepare and Pass Uniben Post Utme 2019

How to Prepare and Pass Unilorin Post Utme.

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We are doing our best to provide all the materials that you need to score high in Unilorin Post Utme. Today I am going to share Unilorin Post Utme Past Questions for free.

This Past Question is 100% accurate. They were compiled by Plato team and iThinker of the University of Ilorin and given to us (osasdivineblog) for free publication.

This for the sake of students who are busy preparing with the wrong past question proliferated over the net.

This Free Unilorin Post Utme Past question is for the general paper section only, we are still correlating the one of English Language GNS 111 and Mathematics.

You will find a combination of Current affairs in this Unilorin Post Utme Past Question directed to aspirants preparing for the post utme 2019 screening test

It is accurate - 2012 - 2013.

Before you start solving this question, I would like to inform you that Unilorin is a battleground, you cannot go there and mess up.

Please kindly use this free Unilorin post utme past question-2019 to prepare for the forthcoming war.

If you lose, you will have to wait for another year.

Please Use the following article to prepare yourself for Unilorin Post Utme, outside this past question.

* How to Prepare and Pass Unilorin Post Utme

* What to read for Unilorin Post Utme

* Unilorin Post Utme Syllabus

I know you may want to download the Free Unilorin Post Utme Past Question Pdf also.

Please take note that, once we finish posting all the complete past questions given to us by the school board, we will compile it all together as a Pdf and make it accessible online for free.

Ensure you subscribe in order to get an alert when we post other free past questions for the University of Ilorin Pre-admission Screening Test.

Unilorin Post Utme Likely Question for 2019.Stop searching for Unilorin Post Utme Likely question. If you find such anywhere, it was copied from a past question.

In order words, Unilorin Post Utme likely question is the same as Unilorin post utme past questions.

So please stick your head around this free past question, you can thank us later when you finally make success.

Instruction of Use:

This Past Question is free for distribution as long as credit is passed to the original publisher - Osas Divine Blog.

We do not want to collect money from students by making this original copy of Unilorin post utme past question available for sales.

It's free and effective.

Take note that most of the questions you will see in General paper would be likely questions from this complete Unilorin Post Utme past question.

So study the whole of it very well, we promise to bring the complete version in Pdf soon.

The answers are placed at the end.


1.Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was assassinated on

a. September11th, 2009
b. September11th,2011
c. October 20th,2011
d. October 19th,2011

(2) Muammar Gaddafi beame Head of State of Libya in


3. The Egyptian leader that was forced out of office in 2011. is called

a. Anwar Sadat
b. Ben Ali
c. Mohammed Gadaffi
d. Hosni  Mubarak

 4. Ironsi was all of these EXCEPT

a. He was Nigerian Head of State
b.He was assassinated in 1967
c. He was a General Officer Commanding in The Nigerian Army
d.He was Head of State for about 7months

5. Gen. Murtala Ramat Mohammed was assassinated in


6. General Murtala Ramat Mohammed was responsible for the creation of States in Nigeria from

A. 21 - 36
B. 12 - 19
C. 19 - 21
D. 4 - 12

7. Odemegwu Ojukwu hails from…State of Nigeria

A. Anambra
B. Imo
C. Abia
D. Ebonyi

8.Nigeria is expected to go cashless by the year


9. Which of these is a confluence State

A. Kogi
B. Niger
C. Lagos
D. CrossRiver

10. Which of these is called the State of the caliphate

A. Kebbi
C. Kaduna

11. How many Geopolitical zones do we have in Nigeria

A. 6
B. 36

12. Which of the following is referred to as the State of the LIVING Spring

A. Niger
B. Bayelsa
C. Osun
D. Crossrivers

13. Which of these is the State of the food Basket

A. Lagos
B. Benue
C. Osun
D. Niger

14. The author of the book,Things Fall Apart is?

A. Chinua Achebe
B. Ola Rotimi
C. Wole Soyinka
D. Enechi Amachi

15. Centre of Excellence is to Lagos State as, ---------------is to Ondo Sate

A. Land of the living spring
B. Centre of Knowledge
C. Food basket
D. Sunshine State

16. The most populous State in Nigeria is

A. Oyo
B. Niger
C. Kano
D. Sokoto

17. The State with the largest land mass in Nigeria is

A. Kano
B. Niger
C. Oyo
D. Lagos

18. The Federal Capital (Abuja) was created in


19. Which of these leaders created Katsina and Akwa Ibom States to make 21 States in Nigeria

A. Gen Murtala Mohammed
B. Gen. Sanni Abacha
C. Gen. Badamasi Babangida
D. General Yakubu Gowon


21. Which of these countries have NOT won the world cup before

B. Brazil
D. England

22. All of these have been FIFA president at one time or the other EXCEPT

A. Jules Rumel
B. Joseph Sepp Blaffor
C. Clement Wester hoff
D.Authur Drewry

23. Which of these is not a correct mode of address of the office

A. Judges = Your Worship
B. Deputy Governor= His Excellency
C. Queen = Your majesty
D. Kings = Royal Highness

24. Which of these was an Inspector General of Police in Nigeria

A. Mr W.C. King
B. Mr T.V. Friday
C. Mr H. Ringim
D. Sir Ivor Stourton

25. Which of these is not a planet

A. Earth
B. Neptune
C. Jupita
D. Pluto

26. Which of these is the most populous County?

A. Russia
B. Nigeria
C. India

27. Which of these are in the same geo–political zone in Nigeria

A. Kwara, Plateau, Nassarawa,Niger

B. Nassarawa, Borno, Yobe,Plateau

C.Kaduna, Kastina, Nassarawa,FCT

D. Sokoto, Kano, Borno,Yobe

28. The idea of “government for the people” was proposed by

A. George Bush
B. Barak Obama
C. Abraham Lincoln
D.George Washsington

29. Which of these is not a manifestation of National identity

A. National Youth serviceBCorp
B. National Pledge
C. National Electric
D. Power Authourity
E. National Theatre

30. He failed many times but never gave up,  he eventually became a president in the United States

A. George Bush
B. Abraham Lincoln
C. George Washington
D. Barak Obama

31. Which of these does not belong to the group?

A. Tam David West
B. Allison–Madueke
C. Rukkayyatu Ruffai
D.Lukman Ridwan

32. Which of these was President of Zimbabwe?

B. Robert Mugabe
C. Saddam Hussein
D. Oliver Tambo

33. The capital of Mali is

D. Tripoli

34. Which of these is odd?

B. Uganda
C. Niger
D. Mali

35. The capital of Guinea is

D. Conakry

36. Largest country in Africa is …

B. Sudan
C. Egypt
D. Namibia

37. The saying “a man who makes trouble for others is also making trouble for himself” can be accredited to

A. Wole Soyinka
B. Ola Rotimi
C. Chinua Achebe
D. Elechi Amadi

38. The official money spent in Austrialia is

B. Euro
C. Cedi
D. Pound

39. Which of these is the smallest continent?

A. Asia
D. Africa

40. Chukwuemeka Ojukwu was born in

D. Kaduna

41. WAUG stands for

A. West Africa University Games
B. West African Universities Game
C. West African University Games
D. West African Universities Game

42. The 1st WAUG was in the year

D. 1987

43. The first female African president was elected in the year


44. The first female African president is in

A. Serria -Leone
B. Gambia
D. Liberia

45. The first female African president is

A. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
B.Helen Johnson Sherrif
C. Elizabeth Johnson Sherifield
D. Dianna Johnson Sherfield

46. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu died in

A. November 26,2011
B. March 3,2012
D. June 11,2011

47.The first WAUG was hosted in

A. Nigeria
B. BurkinaFaso
C. Ghana
D. BeninRepublic

48. The 35TH president of United States of America was/is

A. MubarakObama
B. AbrahamLincoln
C. John Kennedy
D. George Clinton

49. John Kennedy was assassinated in


50. Idi Amin was from

A. Niger
C. Uganda
D. Mali

51. A person who suffers a loss of memory is said to have

A. Amnesia
B. Amnesty
C. Anaemia
D. Anemia

52. The toad belong to the class of animals named

A. Pisces
B. Aves
C. Amphibian
D. Mammal

53. The largest living non-venomous snake that lives near the water or in trees

A. Cobra
B. Anaconda
C. Ribbon
D. Garter

54.Battery operated electrical device that regulates heart beat is called

A. Pacemaker
B. Pump
D. Ventricular machine

55. Post script is a short message added to the end of a letter,

A. As a signature
B. After the signature
C. Before a signature
D. Within a signature

56. Somebody acting as a diplomat on behalf of a country is

A. Anamazon
B. Anactor
D. Anenvoy

57. Which of the following components of air has the highest percentage composition by volume?

A. Nitrogen
B. CarbonDioxide
C. Oxygen
D. Hydrogen

58. The main source of energy in the world is

A. Gas
B. Petrol
C. Sun
D. Coal

59. London is on the Prime Meridian. If the time in London is Noon, what is the time at a point on Longitude 16°West?

A. 11am
B. 11.15 am
C. 1pm
D. 1.15pm

60. Into how many time zones is the world divided?

A. 12
B. 15
C. 24
D. 36

61. How wide is a time zone?

A. 15 Longitude
B. 15 Latitude
C. 24 Longitude
D. 24 Latitude

62. Which of the following is not a leap year?

D. 1924

63. Which of the following countries does not have a common boundary with Nigeria?

A. Chad
B. Niger
D. Ghana

64. How many states have a common boundary with KwaraState?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

65. How many states have a common boundary with the Federal Capital Territory?

A. 3
B. 5
C. 6
D. 4

66.The following is not a Nigerian Sea port or harbour

A. Sapele
B. Warri
C. Lagos
D. Jebba

67. Where is the confluence of the rivers Niger and Benue?

A. Jebba
B. Okene
C. Lokoja
D. Benin

68. What is the name given to a volcanic eruption under the sea?

A. Earthquake
B. Ocean Wave
C Tsunami
D. Seism

69. WAUG stands for

A. West Africa University Games
B. West Africa Universities Games
C.West African Universities Games
D. West African UniversityGames

70. The term Student Personnel Services is the same thing as:

A. Student Fairs Services
B. Student Development Services
C. Student Affairs Services
D. Student Personnel Services

71. Which of the following would you describe as the big change for fresh university students?

A. A new dependence
B. A newVstatus
C. A new world
D. A new situation

72. In what major way is formal education different from traditional informaleducation?

A. It is the development of an enriched emotional capacity, social competence, and physicalwell-being

B.It is the development of mature judgement and sound ethical values

C.It is the training of the mind

D. It includes a broader perspective than simply the training of the mind orthe intellect

73. The purpose of a university is:

a. To educate
b. To entrust
c. To instruct
d. To construct

74. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about a university?

a. A university is a corporation
b. A university has a legal entity
c. A university is a fundamental mission of its founders
d. A university may have been created by a charter

75. People with disabilities would rather have

A. Sympathy and pity
B. Sympathy and acceptance
C.Respect and acceptance
D. Respect and sympathy

76. NIREC is the acronym for

a. Nigerian Export Commission
b. Nigerian Inter-Religious Council
c. National Inter-Religious Council
d. Naira International Regulating Commission

77.NUC stands for

a. National Union of Counsellors
b. National Universities Commission
c. National University Council
d.Nigerian Universities Commission

78. TRCN is the acronym for

a. Teaching Registrars’ Commission of Nigeria
b. Teacher’s Registration Commission for Nigeria
c. Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria
d. Teacher’s Registration Commission of Nigeria

79. Poor listening makes good communication almost............

a. Impossible
b. Possible
c. Credible
d. None of the above

80. TUC is the acronym for

a. Trade Union Council
b. Trade Union Congress
c.Trade Union Committee
d. Transporters’ Union Congress

81. University of Ilorin was established in

a. 1978
b. 1977
c. 1976
d. 1975

82. INEC is the acronym for

a. Independence National Electoral Commission
b. Independent National Electoral Commission
c. Independence Nigerian Electoral Commission
d. Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission

83. IMF stands for

a. Intercontinental Monetary Fund
b. International Money Fund
c. International Monetary Fond
d. International Monetary Fund

84. Nigerian’s time zone is

a. G.M.T + 1 hour
b. G.M.T + 2 hours
c. G.M.T. + 3 hours
d. G.M.T. - 1 hour

85. Which day is designated as democracy day in Nigeria?

a. 1st October
b. 1st May
c. 29th May
d. 27thMay

86........... is the most populous black nation in the world

a. Brazil
b. Nigeria
c.  South Africa
d. Ghana

87. The acronym NLC stands for

a. National Labour Congress
b. Nigerian Labour Congress
c. Nigeria Labour Congress
d. Nations Labour Congress

88. Before the use of calculators, the first machine used for counting and calculating was known as the

a. Abacus
b. Amacus
c. Calcus
d. Councus

89. Nigerian flag was designed by

a. Lord Lugard
b. Taiwo Akinkunmi
c. Mary Slessor
d. Benedict Odiase

90. The Nigerian flag was designed in


91. The current Nigerian National anthem “Arise O Compatriots ” was adopted in

b. 1960
c. 1978
d. 1979

92. Arise O Compatriots music was composed by

a. Lady Lugard
b. Taiwo Akinkunmi
c. Mary Slessor
d. Benedict Odiase

93. The Naira and Kobo replaced the Pound and Shilling as Nigerian currencies in

a. 1963
c. 1973
d. 1979

94. The outer parts of the Nigerian flag represent

a. Agriculture
b. Commerce
c.  Industry
d. Peace and Unity

95. Yankari Game Reserve is found in

a. Borno State
b. Bauchi State
c. Yobe State
d. Katsina State

96. Obudu Cattle Ranch is found in

a. Benue State
b. Cross-River State
c. Akwa-Ibom State
d.  Rivers State

97. Lagos is the Centre of Excellence as Benue is the

a. Big Heart
b. Food Basket of the Nation
c. State of the Living Spring
d. God’s own State

98. An Octogenarian is an ......................... man/woman

a.80 year old
b. 90 year old
c. 100 year old
d. 70 year old

99. The newly approved retirement age for University Professors is ......................

a. 65years
b. 75years
c. 70years
d. 72years

100. Nigeria’s Centre of Unityis.............................

a. PortHarcourt
b. Abuja
c. Lagos
d. Enugu

101.Obi is to Onitsha as.................... is to Calabar

a. Dein
b. Oba
c. Obong
d. Emir

102. The highest mountain in the world is foundin.........................


103. The acronym UTME standsfor .............................

a. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination
b. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Education
c. Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations
d. Unified Tertiary Matriculations Examination

104. Which is not a West Africancountry?

a. Mali
b. Burkina Faso
c. Ghana

105. The highest policy making body on education in Nigeria is.......................

a. Nigerian Education Council
b. Nigerian Education Committee
c. National Council on Education
d.National Counselling on Education

106. A Non agenarian is someone whose age ranges from...........to..........

a. 9 to 19years
b. 79 to 89years
c. 90 to 99years
d. 59 to 69years

107. The acronym NANS standsfor

a. National Association of Nigerian Students
b. Nigerian Association of Nomadic Students
c. National Association of Nigeria Student
d.National Association of Nomadic Students

108. NLNG stands for

a. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas
b. Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas
c. National Liquefied Natural Gas
d. Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas

109. The acronym NDIC stands for

a. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Council
b. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Company
c. Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation
d.Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation

110. SEC standsfor

a.Securities and Exchange Council
b. Securities and Exchange  Corporation
c. Securities and Exchange Company
d. Securities and Exchange Commission

111. Military rule in Nigeria ended in ........................ a.1976
b. 1998
c.  1979
d. 1999

112. Otukpo is in ............................ state

a. Kogi
c. Ebonyi
d. Bayelsa

113. ATM standsfor

a.Automatic Teller Machine
b. Automatic Teller Machinery
c. Automated Teller Machine
d.  Automatic Teller Machinery

114. On what date was Osama Bin Laden killed by U.S forces?

a. 17th November 2011
b. 1st May 2011
c. 1st January 2012
d. 14th May 2011

115. Hip-hop Legend Micheal Jackson died on

a. June 1, 2011
b. June 25, 2009
c. September 28, 2011
d.May 21, 2010

116.The Ikemba of Nnewi, Chief Chukwu emeka Odumegu Ojukwu died on

a. July 16, 2011
b. November 26, 2011
c. January 14, 2012
d. April 4, 2011

117. Which of the following Nigerian States does not have a common boundary with the Federal CapitalTerritory?

a. NigerState
b. KwaraState
c. KadunaState
d. KogiState

118. Which of the following Nigerian States does not have a common boundary with Cameroon?

a. AkwaIbom
b. CrossRiver
d. BornoState

119. Which of the following Nigerian States does not share boundary with Benin Republic?

a. KwaraState
b. NigerState
c. OyoState
d. SokotoState

120. The closest Nigerian State to Lake Chad is………………………

a. Adamawa
b. Yobe
c. Borno
d. Gombe

121. The Benue River flows into Nigeria through………………….State.

a. Borno
b. Adamawa
c. Taraba
d. Benue

122. River Niger flows into Nigeria through……………………..State..

a. Kogi
b. Sokoto
c. Kwara
d. Kebbi

123. The country that shares the longes tstretch of land boundary with Nigeria is…………………….

a. Benin Republic
b. Chad Republic
c. Niger Republic
d.Republic of Cameroon

124. The only State in Nigeria that shares its entire boundary with one other State and the Atlantic Ocean is………………………….

a. Rivers State
b. Bayelsa State
c. Ondo State
d. Lagos State

125. The following States of Nigeria were formerly one State:

a. Plateau, Nasarawa and Benue
b. Sokoto, Kebbi andNiger
c. Kaduna, Katsina andKano
d. Oyo, Lagos andOsun

126. The major railway junction in Nigeria is located at………………………..

a. Lagos
b. Oshogbo
c. Enugu
d. Kaduna

127. The most busy airport in Nigeria is located at

a. PortHarcourt
b. Lagos
c. Abuja
d. Kano

128. The first regime under the presidential system in Nigeria was headed by

a. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
b. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
c. Chief Ernest Sonekan
d. Alhaji Shehu Shagari

129. opted out

130. Which of the following countries is NOT in Central Africa:

a. Rwanda
b. Burundi
c. Sudan
d. Democratic Republic of Congo

131. Which of the following countries is NOT..
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 I kid you not: When it comes to any examination that has to do with selecting the right option you can easily get confused and pick the wrong answer. But today I am going to show you how to know the correct answer in Post Utme.

Before we start, let me ask you a question; Have you written post utme exam before?

Or is this your first time?

If this is your first time writing post utme exam for your desired school, I am sure you would be so nervous.

If this is not your first time, I am cocksure you wouldn't want to write this exam again, it's time to crush it under your feet.

Either way, guess what?

I am going to give you give the formula to know the correct answer in post utme.

Some time ago, I shared a very comprehensive article that covers all the basics steps of preparing for post utme.

Oh! If your main aim is to make this year your final year of writing post utme exam, then I have good news.

Even if you're just an average learner, trust me with the blink of an eye, you can guess the exact answer.

It's a sure secret formula that works like Black magic.

At Osas Divine Blog, our goal is to ensure every student succeed, and if post utme is that little tiny witch that keeps disturbing your sleep, then worry no more.

It cannot measure half of the end benefit this formula or come against you if you properly use this trick I am about to teach you.

Alright before I get down on this strategic way of knowing the correct answer in post utme; let me make things easier.

We have a very comprehensive guide for one of the two most competitive universities in Nigeria.

I couldn't help think of the number of people who fear these schools post utme exam.

Guess what schools?

Of course, it's Unilorin and Uniben.

Check out these comprehensive guides.

* How to Prepare and Pass Uniben Post Utme 2019

* How to Prepare and Pass Unilorin Post Utme.

However, I am going to share more salient information here that I haven't shared before, even though those post I linked above contained thousands of secrets, that would help you.

Trust me, this strategy works.

Okay, I think I should spill the bean.

Have you heard of the SRSR technique?

Oh my goodness! the SRSR technique is a technique that works for any examination that has to do with choosing between options.

I understand how difficult post utme is in most Nigerian Universities, and Unibadan does not take an exception.

The SRSR technique was created from a point of rationalism, if you can deploy it, you will definitely know the right answer in Post Utme.

Let's take a look at it.

FORMULAS ON HOW TO KNOW THE CORRECT ANSWER IN POST UTME EXAMThere are four formulas to know the correct answer in post utme examination in any school,  which are; SRSR technique, Elimination formula, Intuitive formula, and Physical formula.

These Formulae have been tested and confirmed to be effective.

Although you have to be smart when using them or you will use them wrongly.

Here are the four Formulas to know the right answer in Post Utme.

#1 - The SRSR technique
There is one formula I love so much, it is called the SRSR technique.

The SRSR technique has been tested and confirmed to be very effective.

I am going to draw all the steps to take when using the SRSR technique.

But first, what does the SRSR technique mean.

What is the meaning of SRSR technique?

SRSR technique is a tool to crush any difficult exam. SRSR is an acronym for - Scan, Reflect, Solve and Re-read.

Now you get where the gist is going.

Let us look deeply on how to know the right answer in Post Utme using the SRSR technique.

It's a great formula.

STEP 1: Scan through the question first.

The first step you should take when you come across a question is not to start solving.

No! No! It's quite easier if you scan through the question first.

That doesn't suggest you should send One-hour scanning the question.

The major reason for scanning is to know exactly what the question says.

Just get the basic idea out of it.

Okay here is an example.

Question loading.......


Now here we go!

What is the most incredible skill in the game of football?

(a) Scoring
(b) Keeping
(c) Dribbling
(d) Coaching.

Now I have to scan this.

Okay, I am scanning...


5 seconds gone...

Just 2 more seconds

Now am done with the scanning.

The main idea of the question is the best skill I need when playing football.

You see, i have got an idea it's getting easier.

Let's move to the next step.

STEP 2: Reflect on the idea of the question.

It's very wrong to rush into answering the question after reading.

You must first reflect on the idea of the question.

So, I am reflecting...


Still reflecting.....

15 Seconds gone....

Now I think i know something, in a football game the kind of skills i need is dribbling, tackling and heading.

The benefit of using a skill is to score a goal.

You see, we are processing the question fast.

Let's move to the nesxt step.

STEP 3: The next thing to do is Solve.

 I have to look back at the question again.

What is the most incredible skill in the game of football?

(a) Scoring
(b) Keeping
(c) Dribbling
(d) Coaching.

Hoo la la! I think I have found the correct answer.

The correct answer is "Dribbling"

I just solved a question correct.

Hip! Hip! Hip!

But, how do I know I am correct anyway?

STEP 4: Re-read the question and see if it makes sense to you based on your answer.

So, I have to re-read the question again to myself.

The question says the most incredible skills.

Is Dribbling a skill?

Is scoring a skill?

Is coaching a skill?

Is keeping a skill?

Which of them is incredible?

Obviously, dribbling is a skill and it's the most incredible.

That is how to use the SRSR technique to know the correct answer in Post Utme.

As funny as it looks! It really works.

Get a past question and try it and you will be surprised to see how it works.

That's not all

The SRSR technique works, but I prefer teaching you many formulae so you don't end up stuck in the exam trying to figure out the correct answer in the post utme.

However, I cannot guarantee any of these formulae will work if you don't prepare before the exam.

Please ensure you are prepared before going to write an exam or you will fail with flying colors.

The next formula to know the correct answer in Post Utme is called the Elimination formula.

#2 USING ELIMINATION FORMULA I know you may have heard about "Elimination" as a way of knowing the right answer in post utme, but I guess you don't know how it's down.

Relax, I am going to show you how to use Elimination to know the right answer in post utme.

I use this formula for virtually every exam I participate in, Jamb post utme and even my semester exams.

As long as, options are involved.

And i really can't help but say it works and I do not have to struggle with an exam.

Sometimes even without looking at the question, you will know which of the answers looks incorrect.

So let's down on it.

Here is what to do.

Look through the options and highlight the meaning of each option.

When you come across a question, all you simply do is look through the options you have in the question carefully.

Do you know the meaning of either of the options?

Sometimes you will but sometimes you won't.

Don't panic much if you don't think you see any wrong answer.

Let assume your question looks like this;

Which of these words best Interprets this sentence

All his plans fell through

(a) Failed
(b) were accomplished
(c) had to be reviewed
(d) were rejected.

From mare looking at this question.

I can pick out some odd answers.

First, it cannot be (c)

Fell through cannot mean to be reviewed


I am still thinking......

What do you think?...

Don't you think it cannot be (D)
fell through cannot mean to be rejected......

I think so...

So we are left with A and B.

Now I am going to use the first formula, S.R.S.R technique.

This is just an example.

At the end of the day, if you carefully eliminate the wrong answer you will arrive at the correct answer, I am quite sure of that.

#3 INTUITIVE AND PSYCHE FORMULA.I can bet you've never heard about any such thing as intuitive and psyche formula.

Sure, you will continue to learn a lot of new things here at Osas Divine Blog so ensure you subscribe to our feed or you will miss more of it.

Right now I am going to show you just how to know the correct answer in any post utme exam.

Unfortunately, it works so hotly if you don't misuse it and have what it takes to use it.

Before you will understand how to use, the intuitive and psyche formula it's important to know the meaning.

Intuitive means the knowledge from an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings.

Psyche, on the other hand, is another word for the place where your thoughts come from, sometimes not actually your brain.

If we really look at both definitions they mean the same thing.

Okay, so how can I use the so-called psyche and intuitive formula.

Very simple but technical.

As a human, we all have an intuition, the intuition speaks the right answer to us through our psyche, but mostdon't listen.

Meanwhile, most people cannot tell when their intuition speaks.

Have you ever been a position whereby, you will feel one answer is the right one and another mind tells you, No it's the other options.

As a matter of fact, you get frustrated sometimes trying to get the correct answer.

See, it's your psyche in play.

Base on what you have learned and taught yourself, your psyche will always connect with you when such a thing comes in play.

All you have to do is try to listen to your emotions.

Sometimes, your brain can fail you, but if you understand how to listen to your intuition, you will be seeing spiritual answers deep in your head and mind.

See no kidding, I have tried this a lot of times and it works.

For real, it works.

The first day I tried it was a mathematics competition.

I didn't know any of the answers not even one, but I decided to use this formula.

I just listened to my heart and chose.

Guess what, I came out 6th out of 20th in the mathematics competition during my high school.

I didn't know anything about psyche then, but after that experience, I went to research and since then I have adopted that formula and it always works.

The caveat: This formula works, but look it is not meant for everyone.

And if you're the type that has doubts, it won't work for you.

So be very careful.

#4 PHYSICAL FORMULA.Finally, this is the last formula to know which answer is correct in post utme.

When I mean physical formulas, you may be like "Osas...Are there any spiritual formula?"

Well, think whatever you like.

What I mean by Physical formula is this; I mean the ordinary formula that you know.

English language has a formula.

Mathematics has a formula for solving any question.

Physics has a formula for solving any question.

Most topics in Economics have a formula.

Chemistry has a formula for solving any question.

In fact, you can adapt your own formula for any topic if you're the smart type.

When you see any question, think of any possible formula you remember.

Apply it to the question and you will get the correct answer.
Good luck! I hope you excel.
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Now and then, I see how Nigerian students choose a course to study, but later end up regretting. Today I am going to show you a strategic surefire formula to choose a course that fits you in Nigeria University, college, and Polytechnic.

Quiet introspection can be extremely valuable when it comes to choosing a course since your future will be based on that.

Spending 3 years or more to study a course at the University, Mmhhh!

Sit and think; does the course you have chosen worth it.

  I can actually bet that in the same three years or four that you will spend in the University or college, I will achieve something big outside going to school that might as well play a huge role in my life.

Here is my point, wasting three years or whatever years you will spend in school on a course that wouldn't bring any end benefit but leave you walking from one place to the other in Job hunt is just one part of the caveat.

We also have to look at the part that the course you choose will determine your career in life, and your career will determine what life you end up living.

Apparently, it is good that you have started doing your research and you came across this content.

In this article, I will focus on two basic points.

Here they are;

(a) How to choose a Course that fits you while studying in Nigeria

(b) In a way that your chosen course will be lucrative and give you the best life.

I am awed by the great mistake young folks make. Choosing a course is the very first step of your career success; Unfortunately, it's done in the wrong way.

It has created a sense of urgency that cannot be overlooked by the Osas Divine Blog team.

Guess what? The way most youngsters choose a course to study at the University gives me Malaria.

Obviously, no need to protest about being right when you're wrong.

Yeah! I am talking about you; Did you choose a course that fits you?

Very well then, what factors did you scrutinize when choosing a course to study in Nigeria.

It's not your fault, I understand your dream to live a big life.

But look, it doesn't work that way.

Choosing a course that fits you is more like finding out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

There are a variety of factors and formula for choosing a course that fits you which I am going to share with you right away.

So without further ado, let's dive in.

7 STEPS FOR CHOOSING A COURSE THAT FITS YOUOften, I am reverential to the attitude of most brave students who know the merit of choosing the right course to study while schooling in Nigeria under the circumstance of the Nigeria Labor Market impenetrable nature.

Equivalence to the ideal fact that most careers in Nigeria are complicated and impossible to earn a good living from.

It's wise to check the nature of the economy even if you have to choose a course that fits you.

Of course, your means of livelihood mustn't be joked with.

Nobody wants to end up as a jerk, certainly not you!

Get it right for once! It's worth it if you have to spend one year evaluating the right course that fits you of which will make you the person you dream to be.

Five years from now, who do you see yourself as?

In order not to sound like a motivational speaker let me get down to business.

These 7 steps must be put in check while choosing the right course if you want to end up living an adorable life.

  • Evaluate your pain and note them in a paper
  • Evaluate your outermost joy, and what makes you feel like a boss
  • Analyze the needs of the people around you, far and wide
  • Choose a Course that you can easily seek a Job. (lucrative)
  • Ask the people close to you what they think you do best.
  • Look at your whole existence and pick the most meaningful thing.
  • Ask your intuitive or hear from your spiritual guidance.

#1. Evaluate your pain and note them in a paper.The last thing anyone will tell you is to live your life for anyone.

Who gives a fu*k about anyone's pain?

Exactly, that was the very reason most people fell through in their career.

Decision making is hard, I know, but I want you to see things on a different perspective here.

C'mon tell me, what is a Job?

(a) Solving people's problem for money as an end reward

(b) Solving your money problem.

No! No! Don't tell me, you picked 'B' if you did you would be wrong.

A Job is all about solving a problem or presenting a need for the people.

Here is the bottom line, when you are to consider the right course which will obviously fit you, you need to start by asking yourself what pain people feel and how do you feel about it.

If you can have a list of pains and problems people feel, hence you will know what course to study in school.

In case I have to remind you, your existence is all about purpose, and your best purpose would be solving an existing problem.

It's doesn't necessarily have to be a huge problem, you can start from the least down to the big ones.

Now you have a task.

Start making researches on the issue people encounter.

Let me draw a big picture for you.

James Karnol, (one of my mentors) according to him, he is someone I will say was once upon a time, curious as you're searching for the right course to choose that would fit him and later make a living out of it.

In quest of the right course to choose, James Karnol started by looking around him for the pain people feel and issues encountered.

At last, he got a bunch of related problems and pain people feel.

Here is how the list he made looked like.
Of course, there was more to his list apart from marriage issues.

But the sincerest pain he felt on the way things went around him made his top five which was the challenges encountered in Marriages and families.

Out of the pain and the passion felt to solve that problem, James Karnol decided to study Social Psychology at the University.

According to the pain felt, he did his best, got admission into the University and earned a Bsc. Degree in Psychology.

James Karnol is now one of the most popular 'Marriage and family counselors' in South Africa.

"When you take away People's pain, Money will take away your pain" Never forget that.

So back to you, what pain do you feel from the issue people around you face?

  Choosing a course that will fit you is all about that!

#2. Evaluate your outermost joy, and what makes you feel like a boss.Do you know what it means to be a boss?

What makes you feel like a boss?

Do you dream to be a boss?

Well, sorry to say; Bosses are not made, Bosses are created in all aspects of Life.

Here is exactly what I mean.

You cannot be a Boss in a field where you don't belong.

There has to be a sense of belonging for success to come; Else it would be a waste of time all the way.

Look here, don't ever think of living anyone's dream. We will talk deeply on that later.

For now, here is what I want you to get. There must be something special and specific about you that makes you feel like the best.

Yeah! That is where you belong.

You cannot find success, where it doesn't exist.

What makes you look like a boss?

Think! Think! Think!

What do you get praises for?

Why do people always seek your attention?

Now, write it down in the next page after the list you made in step one.

Eventually, before we get to step 7, you will know exactly what course suits you.

#3 Analyze the needs of the people around you, far and widePrior to the step you learned in step one, it's time to learn something new but quite similar.

'Needs' this very word, I wish I could really expatiate more on it.

I know I am not that of an economist but I will do my best to buttress my point here.

As an economist, when making a choice, the list is ordered in a scale of Preference.

What is needed the most must come first.

It is not the other way round.

In Economics, when you are trying to analyze things, it's done in order of the most important down to the least.

The knowledge of a scale of preference is very powerful when you are trying to come up with the best course for you to study that will make a good career.

  Start by analyzing the most important needs of the people around you.

E.g. Let's say people are always in demand of cheap primary school assuming the ones around are all expensive.

You could weigh things and decide to feel up that space.

It really depends on what you think people lack.

What service can you provide that is in high demand?

Can you do it better than the people around you? Trust me, it will make a great course for you.

I know of a lady in Lagos, into haircut business.

She gets nothing less than 27 customers a day.

Every once in a while, I go there to cut my hair.

Yes, you heard me right! I mean to cut my hair.

Oh! no, she doesn't plait Hair, she cuts hair even for a male.

Now I have gotten your attention.
Actually, it was a need no one could have thought of and many people have gotten idea from her.

If there is any way to be successful in life quickly, it's by satisfying needs.

Once you have analyzed the needs, put them on your note and analyze what Course will fit you while providing those needs.

Though, I am not suggesting you should be a female Barber too!

I just used that to site an example.

#4. Choose a Course that you can easily seek a Job. (lucrative)There is a beauty in the Nigerian Economic system. In fact, Nigerians are the best.

But with the look of the corrupt leaders who cover and block every major job opportunity, you must overlook the so-called beauty and reconsider if there would be a Job for you once you graduate.

If not, O.Y.O " You're on your own"

You must have carefully analyzed if what you choose will have a ground to stand on, in the Nigeria Labor Market.

Is there Job availability in Government sectors?

What does the Private sector look like?

How lucrative would it be if you choose to become a Solopreneur?

However, I also like you to know that it's not wise to choose a course just for the sake of becoming rich?

But to simply put! One has to feed and take care of one's need.

In order words, there has to be a source of income to make ends meet.

So this step entails you looking at the job availability before choosing a course to study in school.

But I should warn you, don't jump ahead and say;

 " Ha-ha-ha! Doctor's get high to pay so, I am going to become a doctor too"

It is not the right way to success.

Before you consider checking how lucrative your career will be and chose a course, make sure you check other factors and follow other steps I have shared in the career advice.

#5 Ask the people close to you what they think you do best.Let me believe that at this stage if you have been reading through all the steps I have shared, you should know some key things about choosing a course in Nigeria before you seek admission in Universities, polytechnics, and colleges.

Here is another interesting step on how to know what course fits you.

The people around you, who might have felt your presence will know what you do best.

I have met so many people and I never forget to ask what them what they think I do best.

Believe me, You will not have to read this if I did not seek for peoples opinion but followed my own intuition.

I certainly ask those people that know me better, maybe not my parents, but friends and siblings.

14 out of 20 people told me " You're a great writer"

Then, I wasn't that of a good writer and maybe I was still learning.

If you were reading through carefully you may discover few typos.

But that is not what matters, what matters is this; I actually love writing and it is what I do best.

Imagine that you are reading an article that is over 4000 words long now.

I was happy, comfortable and flowing when writing this, it took me just 4 hours with a little break.

Indeed, I had no choice than to choose a career in blogging.

Apart from the fact that I am always happy writing; most people who had read my article will always say that I am a good writer.

I deemed it as true and I started learning just how to be better when writing.

Maybe the next article you will be reading here will be more super awesome.

I don't have to waste my time looking for something else.

I could have decided to follow my idea then, to become a Doctor, so that I would be rich, but I have learned the right way to succeed in life, and it is more to that.

So, you too, go ahead and do the same.

Ask people what they think you do best. From the answer, you get Jot it down in your note.

We are eventually progressing.

Also see: How to gain Admission no matter what
#6. Look at your whole existence and pick the most meaningful thing.You don't know what the real meaning of existence means. Do you?

Well, I will bet that you don't.

Are you existing for your own cause? Think deep!

Okay! Here is where I have to drop the bomb.

If you have been living for 18 years and more and you still don't find any meaning to your life or know why you're existing, then something is wrong!

I mean it! What did you do with 18 years?

Hanging around with guys?
Flirting with girls?

Ha-ha-ha! Someone will have to tell me what S/he has been doing for over 18 years?
Literally, I discovered a lot about my existence after the first 18 years of my life.

Yeah! I had to make some few mistakes which are fine, inevitable and natural.

But the first 18 years showed me a lot about life, and when I decided to study computer science I knew it was the course that fits me.

If you can look back at the years you have spent right from the day you first breathed, down to this day.

You should able to say this is where I belong.

Also See: 15 Laws to study in Unilag and graduate with a First Class
#7. Ask your intuitive or hear from your spiritual guidance.This step, 70% of students will ignore it.

Sometimes, we only remember that we need to pray for direction when we have failed frequent times.

The best time to seek spiritual guidance is before you make a choice.

Don't choose until you hear from your intuitive.

Seek guidance and you will never have to take the wrong route.

Ignore spiritual advice and you will take the wrong route, and then come back to ask for spiritual guidance.

I do not want to sound that religious here, but you can hear from your intuitive or your subconscious mind.

It's very important in career choice.

Get deep in thought right now and seek spiritual guidance.

Ask for the best course to study at the University that will yield a good future.

You will discover that your intuition will take you to the right place.

These 7 steps will definitely put the exact course to study at the University that is meant for you.

So key to it.

But that's not all

You still need to learn some more. Remember we are talking about your end success.

Also see: How to succeed with a first class with Unilorin

So stick around a bit and ensure that by the time you finish this article, even if I wake you from sleep up at night 50 consecutive times, you will keep telling just one thing that you know is the right course for you.

Factors to consider before choosing a Course to Study in Nigeria.Before deciding to study a course in school, ensure you put these 7 things in check.

1. Do not choose a Course for the sake of choosing, choose a course you love.

8 years from now, I want you to be able to look at your career and say you're in the right place.

Choose a course you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life when you finally get a Job.

2. Do not choose a course because you want to become popular:

If all you want is to become the world star tomorrow with providing any good value you are taking a wrong path.

Before you become a star, the first is to plan what you will do to solve a problem, only until then will you become a real star.

Choose a course where you know you can address life issue and enjoy the rewards.

3. Do not choose a Course you're being forced to.

Okay, I know mum puts pressures on you to study that course.

Or wait, was it Dad?

I guess we don't have to be forced to study a course.

Also see: How to succeed in the University

Whoever asks you to study a course not of your interest, even if they were your sponsors does not want your success.

Do not, I repeat; Do not choose to study a course that doesn't originate from your passion.

4. Do not choose a course that is too complicated for you.

Yes, I know you want to eat a big fish, but remember to sew your cat according to your size.

You sure know how daunting it would be in school if you're to study a course that is way bigger than your capacity.

Most people go mad, all in the name of education.

Let's not say mad, maybe frustrated.

Take a bite according to the size of your mouth.

5. Do not choose a course you cannot defend when you're being asked.

Why do you want to study course?

What makes you think you chose the right course?

How do you plan to change the world with that course?

Come on, be ready to defend the course you choose if you know it really fits you and it is actually meant for you.

6. Do not leave anyone's dream or mimic anyone's life.

It is okay to learn from those that inspire you, but choosing a course that fits you is not about picturing someone else's life who is successful.

It's about picturing your own life and become successful too.

7. Do you have the qualification to study the right course that fits you?

If you don't have the Basic qualification to gain admission into the University to study the course you want to.

Spare one year to get it, do not rush into something else.

3 more things to Know about Choosing A good course to study in school.1. Do not Settle for less Fight till you get the best:A co-blogger of mine shared some life nuggets about for University and polytechnic freshers, but a line didn't seem right with me.

He outlined something like this "If you didn't get your dream course, dream in your given course".

It's a cliche, and I am sorry I have to disagree.

Let's slide out some useful elements of that sentence and really take another picture.

In the first phrase here is the key element = YOUR DREAM COURSE.

In the second phrase here is the key element = YOUR GIVEN COURSE.

Dream Course Vs. Given Course which of them can give you a comfortable life you will not regret?

  My dear friend it is your dream Course and not your given course.

Accepting a course you have no plan for at an initial stage; To me, it is like settling for nothing.

You cannot force yourself to dream in a course that was given to you, you can only achieve a dream that came from your subconscious mind.

That is why I said, do not settle for less, but settle for the best even if it takes years.
Delay is not Denial, failing does not mean you don't belong there.
My mentor will always say to me " Osas, most times failure is just a test to see if what you want is actually dear to you"

If you give up after failing, it means what you choose in the first place was not dear to you.

Life is not about what you achieve, it's about what you overcome.

Thomas Edison failed 1,000 before he invented the light bulb, actually he learned 1,000 ways that don't work.

Good things take long to achieve so do not expect the right result to come at once.

If you get so lucky good for you.

I hope you understand this.

2. Your course choice must not be rooted in the fact that it will yield a high pay profession.80 out of 100 Nigerian students choose a course out of the mindset that, the course will bring them more money.

In order to build a house, buy cars and start living rich.

Permit me to say, if you're one of those, you have taken a wrong step.

Living your cause of life to make money for yourself and just yourself with no other person apart from yourself and your family, is the craziest decision you have ever made.

You cannot be successful if all that is involved is you.

The real meaning of success is mostly misinterpreted.

Your goal should be to solve a problem and the end result is your success.

Anything apart from that should not be termed a success.

3. Always Think outside the Box.Answer this question, "if you leave this world ( not a wish for you, but what our fate as humans) What do you think people will remember about you?"
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Uniben post utme is the lifeblood of admission, you ain't going to be admitted if you fall short of the requirements. The exact questions every aspiring candidate ask are "How do I prepare for Uniben post utme" and "How do I pass Uniben Post Utme"

Today I am going to assume you are here to hear my own part of the answer, conclusively I am going to show the exact strategies that work for performing great in Uniben Post Utme.

After successfully publishing an article on How to prepare and pass unilorin post utme, I have decided to come to this side of the country, the south (Prestigious University of Benin).

I could have given a simple answer to pass Uniben post utme; Perhaps, read and pray.

But that is not our tradition of success, here at Osas Divine Blog, we are ready to go beyond the Ocean to provide the best guide for our audience.

Of course, I want you to come back after strolling around my blog with me on this topic for the more future educational guide.

You see, a student who knows the equivalence of gaining admission into the University of Benin should be ready to dig deep the web for the most significant resource.

Undoubtedly, the most crucial condition of admission these days in Nigeria to gain admission into the University is to meet the basic requirement just after successfully passing jamb; or probably after earning a direct entry qualification which lies on the shore of scoring high in Uniben Post Utme.

So, without further ado let's get down to business.

Why are we here?

Apparently, we are going to be having a two section tutorial which are;

(a) How to Prepare for Uniben Post Utme.
(b) How to Pass Uniben Post Utme (with a few subtopics )

Eventually, I am going to need you to stick around with me for a couple of minutes and hopefully, we should end this note on a positive one, as in; by the end of this tutorial, you should boldly hit your chest that you are ready for Uniben Post Utme.

If you cannot give me the look of 80% above then i will be forced to subject you to a spiritual solution.

Here is what I mean, even an average student, should be able to use the information therein to score high in Uniben post utme at least 80%.

Does that sound interesting? If so why don't we get started!

Steps to Prepare for Uniben Post UtmeOnce upon a time, a student will have to sit for the most straining aptitude test as a stage of determining qualification for the University of Benin admission programme.

I sit and watch fear creep into the mind of the hopeful candidate, who are curious about passing Uniben Post Utme.

I can't say Uniben post-Utme is difficult, and yet I cannot say it is easy.

It all depends on you, you, and you.

Are you willing to commit to all that is required to succeed?

Always remember this; Success is hereditary and failure is not genetic.

To pass Uniben post utme it all depends on how much interest you will have in the basic preparation level.

Your amount of preparation for Uniben post utme will determine your end factor.

Less preparation, less Score.

Right now, you don't have to figure out how to prepare for Uniben Post Utme on your own.

We have taken our time to craft out all the necessary preparation techniques, it's just a matter of application.

Don't let anyone tell you what to believe.

If most students say Uniben Post Utme is hard, it is of their own opinion, not yours.

If some say it is simple, so be it.

The most important factor that will reassure your success is your belief and how much effort could be put on the ground.

If you share this question on Quora, Nairaland or any forum.

Everyone is going to give you one advice exaggerated in a number of words.

That very answer is "You must Prepare".

It is not as if I have an opposing answer, but I want to show you the exact steps to prepare for Uniben Post Utme and not just tell you to prepare.

Here are the basic steps to prepare for Uniben Post Utme that actually works.

  • Dream about Success all the way
  •  Plan a strategy for preparation
  •  Discover Your weakness
  • Use Your planned strategy to overcome your weakness
  •  Learn From others who have written the exam
  •  Know the structure of the exam
  •  Get Uniben Post Utme CBT or online tutorial
  •  Get Uniben Post Utme Past Question
  •  Practice how to Efficiently Use the time
  •  Cut off  Social Life  and distraction

Now in details

1. Dream About Success.The very beginning of success is to dream about it.

I mean thinking about what you actually wish to achieve.

There is actually a Psychology behind dreaming about success.

It is something only a few people will understand.

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
C'mon read that again and you will find meaning in it.

There is a great need to dream about success.

Grab a chair, sit down and dream about your near future success, do not dream about your post utme.

I want you to dream of seeing yourself on a matriculation gown.

Dream about yourself graduating happily taking photos with family and friends.

While you do this, you're inviting the angels of dreams and wishes to come and grant your dreams and make it a reality.

There is power in dreaming. It is a great step towards success, but this seldom known.

How many times have you sat to think about those things you want to achieve?

I know you would not understand this, as much as I want you to.

But here is the reason dreaming about long-term success will make you pass Uniben Post Utme.

When you have a strong dream that really inspires you, you will definitely be ready to do what it takes to make that dream come true even if what it takes is to kill a Lion.

Having a dream will be your motivating spirit to keep working hard.

So the first step to prepare for Uniben Post Utme is to dream about your Success.

When you finally have a dream, always remember that you have a great task to achieve.

If you fail, I will be the first to call out on your Bullshit.

2. Plan a strategy for preparation;A plan always paves the way for success.

The difference between those that succeed and those that don't is this, those that succeed always plans.

However, I am awed when i see the steps most students take towards preparing for an exam.

How effective is a fortnight preparation?

But that is what most students do.

Few weeks' preparations cannot yield a great result if you want to pass Uniben post utme.

Three months is the perfect time frame to prepare for Uniben post utme and i guarantee you will score high.

So much so, if you are curious about scoring high in Uniben post utme then you should be ready to plan a strategy that you will use to achieve that purpose.

If time-table is your thing do not hesitate to create one.

If you love studying with past questions rather than textbooks then use it as a means of preparation.

Do not sit and wait for the exam to come.

Plans fuel your preparation.

In a nutshell, you need to have a strategy of reading towards the exam.

If you think attending lectures will suffice, then look around for any Post Utme tutorial. Just have a good strategy that will help you prepare.

Don't forget to start preparing far before the exam registration begins.

3. Discover Your weakness:I know you do not know everything! But anything can be learned.

You need to see where you have weaknesses (topics you don't know very well and need to improve in )

Get a past question, solve them and see where you fall short.

Everyone has a weakness, admit it.

You must trace those areas where you need to improve your knowledge on.

The goal is to pass with at least 80%, achieving that would not be very easy.

I hope you have this installed in your mind; Success is all about you, you and you.

I won't be there to write the exam for you, it's up to you if you make use of this advice to blast Uniben post utme.

It is important you don't forget that.

You need to wake up if you are still sleeping, start testing yourself and see which area you know best or which area you need to work on.

Jot down those weaknesses, the whole time you will have to prepare for Uniben Post Utme is to deal with those weaknesses and ensure you have covered enough topics.

Remember that you must start preparing in time.

The earlier you start preparing the more topics you will cover.

4. Use Your planned strategy to overcome your weakness.That being said and done, the next thing to do is deal with your weaknesses.

I believe you will use step two of this guide to plan a reading strategy that you will use to prepare for Uniben post Utme.

When you have those strategies, then you will use step three to discover those areas you need to improve your knowledge on.

Now we are progressing!

Use step four to deal with your weakness.

Do not leave anything left out.

If you have a weakness in English then patch it up.

If you have a weakness in Mathematics then patch it up.

If you have a weakness in physics then patch it up.

If you have a weakness in Economics then patch it up.

But if your weakness comes from a specific topic under these subjects, then locate them and patch it up.

5. Learn from others who have written the exam.
I cannot actually say that every information in this guide will be enough for you.

But i am cocksure that learning from those who have written the exam is a great step to prepare for Uniben post utme.

If you do not know anyone, do not be shy to meet someone on the campus. Politely ask for a minute or two and ask for advice or information about Uniben post utme.

As long as you don't approach them ill-mannered, they will seemingly give you more information about Uniben Post Utme and some steps to take to score high in Uniben Post Utme.

They will tell you the exact areas to prepare more on.

You should have something substantial to hold along with the advice you are reading now from this guide.

6. Know the structure of the exam.If you want to pass uniben post utme you must know the structure of the exam.

Knowing it will ace your preparation for Uniben post utme.

But only a few people care about the structure of the post utme aptitude test.

How many questions are set in Uniben post utme?

What is the nature of Uniben post utme?

How many subjects are set in Uniben post utme?

What is the time given to answer Uniben post utme questions?

How is Uniben post utme marked and graded?

How often is Uniben post utme repeated?

Without knowing the answer to these then no matter what you do, you are only 50% prepared.

You needn't have to worry.

You can always count on us here at Osas Divine Blog for genuine Information.

All the information you need about Uniben post utme and all the questions above will be shared on this guide, keep reading!

7. Get Uniben Post Utme CBT or online practice.It would be evidently a success if you can find a reliable post utme app designed for the test or an online CBT practice.

Trust me, it really helps a lot if you desire to make something out of your preparation for Uniben Post Utme, then the greatest tool to use is a CBT app or online practice.

If all you have is a past question, it's pretty fine.

But, you will benefit more and prepare faster if these tools are available.

You can search on Google if any of these are available.

It will help you improve your knowledge and make you more prepared for the University of Benin (Uniben) post Utme Exam.

8. Get Uniben Post Utme Past Question.Eventually, there is no way you can prepare for Uniben post utme without a past question.

You will find a lot of Uniben post utme past question online for free.

Just search diligently. Even if you have to pay to access it, it's worth it.

Reading textbooks alone do not count.

Past questions will help you understand where questions are sent from and the nature of the question.

9. Practice How to efficiently use time.In Uniben Post Utme, time is the strongest factor that will determine your success or failure.

Solving difficult questions in 1 your would be quite daunting.

You need to practice how to be fast when answering questions.

I will still recommend you search for a post utme apk or online CBT with a timer.

If you do not find one, you can use past questions and time yourself.

The key is to answer questions as quick as possible.

Practice makes perfect if you have a means of preparing yourself to ve fast then it would improve your efficiency in the exam.

10. Cut from any form of social life or distractions.This makes the list of the steps to take while preparing for Unilorin post utme.

A serious candidate who wants to score high should be ready to drop distractions.

Often, most candidates get carried away and prepare occasionally.

Do not let anything steal your focus in order to actually score high in Unilorin Post Utme

Drop phones directions
Drop the party lifestyle
Don't go looking for friends.

During this period your friend is your Book.

Follow these 10 steps and you should be ready for Uniben Post utme 2019.

How to Pass Uniben Post Utme

Now, we have taken the first step of success which involves preparation.

Assuming you follow the 10 steps, I have shared above, the next thing is to sit for the exam.

This section of this guide will show the exact practical steps you need to take to pass Uniben Post Utme, and here there are.

  • 2 weeks before the exam, lunch a revision based exercise.
  • A night before the exam, do not read. Recall what you have been reading.
  •  On the day of the exam, remember the success you have dreamed about.
  • Once you get to the hall remember to relax your mind and recall the things you read.
  • Start by answering the ones you know first.
  • At each stage of the exam breath in and breath out when your heart starts beating.
  • Be focused and do not think outside.
  • Use the SRSR technique.
  • You can also use the elimination technique
  • Answer according to fact and don't guess.

1. 2 weeks before the exam, lunch a revision based exercise.Lest i forget, if you are a mathematics student, ensure you know how to calculate important things without the calculator.

2 weeks to your exam must be dedicated to revising what you have read.

Do not do much of fresh reading so that you don't give your brain too much to remember.

That means you must have read enough two weeks amid the exam.

Revise a lot of what you have been reading and ensure you master them.

2. A night before the exam, do not read. Recall what you have been reading.
A night before the exam, take time and start recalling important formulae and definition without opening your note, it should help you know how prepared you are.

If you forget anything, grab your book and refill that gap.

But ensure you focus more on recalling what you have read, and revised.

3. On the day of the exam, remember the success you have dreamed about.
I once told you that dreaming about yourself in school will gravitate your motivation.

Do it once more, do not forget where you have planned to be.

While you dream about success, build your strength on it.

When you get to the hall, look around you, you will see a lot of people fighting for that same admission as you.

Once again, build your will of hard work upon that.

Do not let anything stop you from praying if you believe in the existence of a supernatural force.

Let your instinct align your emotions and physical presence.

Don't relent, don't compare, don't give up, do your best, and that dream will become a reality.

4. Once you get to the hall remember to relax your mind and recall the things you read.
Once more, the recalling stage is still vital when you get to the hall.

But do not base on recalling one thing, recall as much as you can.

What are the formulae you have learned?

How many definitions do you still remember?

Are there any dates to remember?

Remember as much as you can.

5. Start by answering the ones you know first:
Once the exam starts, answer those you know first.

Remember you don't have all the time you have.

Don't start with the difficult ones, let those come last.

You can use the idea of the simple ones to answer the difficult ones.

If you get stuck, move on.

6. At each stage of the exam breath in and breath out when your heart starts beating.
I learned this from a therapist who deals with the mind.

Unfortunately, it worked. I use this formula in any exam I write and I think it helps me clear my mind.

At a time, your heart will start pondering as you take the exam.

Maybe you will be encompassed by the mindset of, "what if I fail"
If you find yourself in this situation, breath in and out, and pause for a moment repeat this once more and think about success only not a failure.

Then continue in faith.

7. Be focused and do not think outside.Sometimes, your mind will wave outside the bracket.

It's very crucial that you focus only on the now, and forget the past or later.

Be entirely focused, all you have to see is the exam you're currently writing.

Let your mind be present and ensure it works accordingly.

8. Use the SRSR technique.The SRSR technique is something that works and I will never stop teaching my students.

You can score high in Uniben Post utme if you can use the SRSR technique.

What does SRSR technique mean?

S means => Scan
R means => Reflect
S means => Solve
R means => Re-read.

Here is how to use this technique.

When you get to any question mostly the difficult ones, first scan through the question. While you scan, collect the important element in the question and understand what the question is talking about.

Then you reflect on that question to see what comes to your mind.

After reflecting, try to solve the question.

If you get it, great! But if you don't; Read the question over again, and check the options, by now it should look like your mind is beginning to understand and reproduce the answer.

9. You can also use the elimination technique:You can still use the other method which is the elimination technique.

Look at the options, you should see one looks odd, eliminate that until you get close to the answer.

10. Answer according to fact and don't guess.Dear Friend, do not guess. Ensure you really know what you're answering.

Guessing doesn't work, answer base on fact and you will definitely make it.

These are exactly the steps to take to prepare and pass Uniben Post Utme.

I just like to add additional information.

Uniben Post Utme Subject Combination.What are the subjects written in Uniben Post Utme?

The subjects you will write in Uniben Post Utme is same subjects you wrote in Jamb.

How many questions are set in Uniben Post Utme?60 questions will be set in Uniben post utme, and it will be shared accordingly to the subjects you did in jamb.

How much time do I have to answer questions in Uniben Post Utme?The time given to answer Uniben post utme is approximately 1 hour for the four subjects.

What is the format of Uniben Post Utme?Uniben does not give everyone the same ratio of subjects in Post Utme.

But the 60 questions will be divided among your jamb subjects.

Although, the amount of English you will see or the number of questions that will be set in each subject are not equal.

It is a lie that in Uniben post utme, everyone will have more of the English language.

I am sorry to say, as of 2019 that is not the system.

Obviously, most students will get more or English inside the 60 questions, but others may get more of other subjects.

That is the way it is.

Uniben Post Utme Syllabus.Most students are asking for Uniben post utme syllabus.

However, it is worthy of note that the University of Benin those not have Post Utme syllabus.

Read your note and past questions and you should be prepared for Uniben post utme.

How is Unilorin Post Utme aggregate calculated?It is simple, First, your total aggregate score is 100%. Which means the total grade is over 100 among all the four subjects.

At the end of the day, your Jamb score will get divided by 8, while your post utme score will be divided by 2.

Always put it at the back of your mind that scoring high in post utme will boost your admission chances.

Now we have covered all there is to know about Uniben post utme.

We wish you luck and happy matriculation in advance!

Also See: How to pass Post Utme in any School

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Eventually, everyone wants to gain admission, this list of 12 competitive courses in Unilorin is meant to guide you when opting for a course at the University of Ilorin.

The Unilorin is the most competitive University in Nigeria as of 2018/2019.

The University Ilorin gets within the range of 80, 000 to 100,000 admission seekers each year.

The difficulty of gaining admission to the University of Ilorin is obviously immeasurable.

We advise admission seekers to make use of this list of 12 most competitive courses in Unilorin, to carefully choose a course that will not be a roadblock for securing admission.

No matter what, these competitive courses demand a lot for a candidate to gain admission into the degree program.

Earlier, we shared a guide on how to gain admission no matter what, the criteria that are currently needed for admission in Nigerian Universities are definitely high where Unilorin emerged first as the most competitive University in Nigeria.

Among all odds, it was also clear according to an earlier published article about how to gain admission into Unilorin, that choosing the right course is the most vital part of securing admission.

Unilorin is highly competitive if you're not ready to dance along to the tune of the radio, please do not waste your time in the University of Ilorin, because many will apply but few would be chosen.

In a nutshell, grab a sit and have a rethink of which course you want to study at the University of Ilorin.

Are you ready to pay the sacrifices of these courses, or you do hope to make a change of course or institution?

Whatever may be your plan right now, here is the list of the Top 12 hot courses in Unilorin.

In these courses, it is actually the survival of the fittest, do not bring your head out if you do not have what it takes or your efforts would be in Vain.

This list is accurate as at the time of publishing it, we would do our best to update it frequently.

We used data provided by the school to compile this list.

List of Top 12 Competitive Courses in Unilorin.Below is a list of the most competitive courses in Unilorin as of 2018/2019.

  1. Medicine and Surgery
  2. Accounting 
  3. Mass Communication
  4. Business Administration
  5. Nursing Science
  6. Law
  7. Pharmacy 
  8. Computer Science 
  9. Economics
  10. Medical Engineering
  11. Biochemistry
  12. Electrical engineering.

These 12 courses must not be played with especially the very first five, they have the highest admission seekers and are rated as the top courses with high competition.

That is to say, lots of students are competing to gain admission into these courses each year at the University of Ilorin.

Let's look deep into the reasons why these courses are tough.

1. Medicine and surgery:

 In almost any University in Nigeria, you will always discover that medicine is the most competitive course.

Medicine and surgery is recognized as the most lucrative profession in Nigeria.

It is believed that doctors get the highest pay.

However, there is a diverse career opportunity for medical students.

If you have a degree in Medical science, you can work in clinics, science organizations, or be a piece of the restorative division of some other expert field.

Everything begins with choosing the correct field under medicine and surgery.

Medicine is undoubtedly a unique course, you could get to work on a global range.

Few doctors, I have met always say that there is no other joy than the one you feel when you help a very sick patient recover from ill health or when you are part of a group of scientists who find a new cure for a disease.

So all the benefits of studying medicine and surgery all bring about the answer to why Medicine and surgery is highly competitive in Unilorin.

As of 2018/2019; Unilorin had 12,863 admission seekers according to a statistics by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

The cut-off mark to study Medicine at the University of Ilorin as of 2019 is 260.

A minimum of 65 is needed in Unilorin post utme to gain admission into medicine and surgery in the University of Ilorin.

2. Accounting:

Apparently, there is high competition in this course at the University of Ilorin.

There is no financial institution in the world that exists without an accountant.

Accounting Courses is of high demand at the University of Ilorin.

No industry in Nigeria can operate without an accountant as long as there is a financial institution.

On our day to day life, accounting serves as a huge benefit, and it plays a big role.

Securing a degree in accounting at Unilorin is best means of kick-starting your career.

While studying accounting in Unilorin, you will certainly acquire a wide range of knowledge that deals with the rules governing business, typical business administration schemes and the ethics of accountancy.

As of 2018/2019, Unilorin got a total of 10, 990 admission seekers.

To study accounting in Unilorin, you need to score at least 240 in Jamb and 60 in post utme.

3. Mass Communication:

Mass Communication is also a competitive course in the University of Ilorin.

It is a course I admire.

If you are to study mass communication at the University of Ilorin, then I will tell you it is so broad that you cannot help but peek outside of that specialization.

It has extremely versatile fields attached.

Every business needs an expert to effectively communicate with her audience.

Mass Communication is quite effective, you can work as a journalist/newscaster, customer support agent and more.

Trust me, it's quite engaging and fun.

Unilorin had a total of 9, 489 admission seekers.

In order to gain admission to study mass communication in the University of Ilorin, the least cut-off mark is 220 and 50 in Post Utme.

4. Business Administration:

This again is highly competitive, it actually In the same line of competition with Accountancy.

Earning a Bsc. Degree at the University of Ilorin in Business Administration will obviously open many doors for you.

Simply because there is No life without a business, and administrators is a necessity to keep a company alive.

The profession is very lucrative as it can be a very strong source of a reliable means of livelihood.

Business Administrators are needed in technology fields, marketing, social sectors, Healthcare centers, government sectors N.G. O's and others.

As of 2018/2019, Unilorin had 9, 437 admission seekers every year aspiring for admission.

In order to gain admission into Unilorin, you need at least 220 in Jamb and 55 in post Utme.

Also read: How to pass Unilorin Post Utme.

5. Nursing Science;

Just as it is impossible to exist without Doctors, it is also impossible not to have nurses.

Nursing is conclusively a noble and altruistic profession, that basically deals primarily with the aiding of people who cannot fend for themselves by providing health supports.

Nurses could work anywhere with their skills.

There is a diverse of Job available for nurses.

Nurses are crucially needed in government hospitals and even private clinics to take care of individuals and stabilize health.

Eventually, Unilorin gets a high rate of admission for aspiring hopeful candidates.

As of 2018/2019, Unilorin had a total of 5,893.

The cut-off mark for Nursing science at the University of Ilorin is   220 and 55 in post Utme.

6. Law:

A country without a law to govern it will be lead astray.

A law without lawyers to guide it will be broken.

The importance of studying law cannot be overemphasized.

Law is best for those who want to develop both abstract thinking and practical problem-solving.

Law is the sixth most competitive course in Unilorin.

It is a very active course, and it can secure you a good living.

At a point, everybody needs a lawyer since laws are needed to govern a society.

As of 2019, Law is still in high demand and will always be.

Unilorin got 5, 639 admission seekers hoping to study law.

The cut-off mark for studying Law at the University of Ilorin is 240 and 60 above in post utme.

7. Pharmacy:

Pharmacy happens to be just another hot cake course in Unilorin.

It's in the same family with Medicine and Surgery.

Perhaps you could consider studying pharmacy at the University of Ilorin.

Pharmacists are not only known for giving drug prescriptions.

They likewise engage in advising a patient on side effects of drugs.

They will help you choose the best drug that will work base on different factors.

Pharmacists can work in government sectors or any professional setting, they can also use the freedom of setting up their own pharmacy to dutifully prescribe jobs and medications for patients.

Eventually, a pharmacist has a variety of places to work in such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals etcetera.

In a nutshell, pharmacy if well studied and channeled rightly will earn you a good living.

Unilorin got 3,826 applicants seeking admission.

The cut-off mark to study pharmacy is

8. Computer Science:

We are easily emerging into the technology days in Nigeria.

Apart from the fact that Nigerian is currently developing in technology, you can work in other countries using a computer science degree.

These days companies are in need of computer-literate.

As a matter of fact, computing is part of our everyday lives.

It is hard to imagine the world without the presence of technology.

The digital age is expanding.

A career in computer science is a highly a great choice and a necessity.

About 3,262 candidates applied to study computer science as of 2018/2019 in the University of Ilorin.

The cut-off mark for computer science at Unilorin is 210 and 55 above in post utme.

9. Economics:

Economists have become a high demand in Unilorin as Nigerian continue to grow its Economic system.

There is no way a business or a sector can survive without an economist.

An economist is well respected when it comes to deal with revenues and business planning.

The number of students applied for economics is high but not really high.

As of 2018/2019, Unilorin had 3,245 number of admission seekers.

The cut-off mark to study Economics in Unilorin is 220.

10. Mechanical Engineering:

Engineering has grown over time.

Engineering is quite a competitive field in the sciences simply because a profession in Engineering can be a great source of livelihood.

Apparently, Mechanical Engineering is also known as the Mother of all engineering Because all the engines which you see in the market are developed by them.

I cannot ever emphasize their importance, but mechanical engineering is a great course that could earn you a lot.

Unilorin had a ---number of admission seekers as of 2018/2019.

Quite competitive but not enough to scare you away as compared to others.

The cut-off mark for Mechanical engineering is....in Unilorin.

11. Biochemistry:

Biochemistry is yet another great course.

The relevance of studying biochemistry is immense and indispensable in our day to day affairs.

The biochemist is needed in clinical diagnosis to manufacture various biological products, for the treatment of disease in agricultural products.

A career as a biochemist is very awesome as there are lots of Job opportunity for you as a Biochemist.

Biochemistry is a course that you will enjoy studying at the University of Ilorin.

It's not that competitive but a lot of eyes are still on it.

Unilorin had....admission seekers as of 2018/2019 aiming to study Biochemistry.

12. Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

This becomes the 12th most competitive course in Unilorin.

The second from the Engineering family.

You will also hear of Civil engineering but Electrical engineering is another superb course to study in Unilorin.

Have a bite of the cake and you won't regret it.

Unilorin had --- the number of admissions seekers as of 2018/2019.

The cut-off mark for Electrical Engineering is...
Those are the most competitive courses in Unilorin.

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