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Craziest Bets Ever Made


There are so many crazy bets recorded throughout history that one cannot even begin naming them, let alone explain them. Some are legendary, some are funny, some are risky and some are absolutely insane. With no further ado, let’s have fun and check them out!

The Red 7

This is the story of Ashley Revell, a 32-year-old pro gambler who sold all of his belongings, went to Vegas and put all of his money at a roulette table, a total of $136,000, on the red 7. The ball landed exactly there and he doubled his money, tipped the dealer $600, packed his backs and flew back to England.

Red or Black? - Betting your whole life on one roulette spin - YouTube

Number 17

Sean Connery, your favourite James Bond, once wagered for the number 17 and while in the first two spins the ball missed the pocket, in the third one it came in. He won but re-wagered the money twice more and left the table with £10,000. Later on in one of his most famous Bond movies, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, the spy wagered on the same number.

The Best James Bond Casino Scenes Ever - YouTube

The Niagara Falls

Back in 1875, a record was set by Michael Webb who became the first man that managed to swim the English Channel. Ready for the next challenge, he took a bet of $10,000, an insane sum of money at that time, that he will swim the Niagara Falls’ Whirlpool Rapids. He, of course, couldn’t make it and lost the bet.

Frankie Dettori’s Magnificent 7

The Italian jockey Frankie Dettori managed to win at all seven of his races at the prestigious horse race of Ascot. This was a great win for Dettori, but for a few lucky punters as well. One of them backed Dettori and wagered that he will win all 7 races. The odds were 25.000/1. When Dettori delivered, the lucky guy won £500,000! One other punter betted £0.50 on each of the 7 races without the accumulator and although she could’ve won £15.000, she walked away with £25.

27 Frankie Dettori's Magnificent Seven - YouTube


A hot French weather-woman jokingly took on a bet to go live au naturel if France made it to the 2014 World Cup. The unforeseen qualifications that lead Les Bleus to Brazil made a lot of French men happy, as Doria Tillier kept the promise and presented the forecast completely naked. Thank God for the team’s achievements!

Doria Tillier French Weather girl Does Weather Forecast NAKED - YouTube

Andy Murray’s Face

Can you imagine seeing Andy Murray’s face on someone’s butt cheek? Well, Will Hirons made that happen. How? Well, he bet on Andy winning the 2013 Wimbledon, and in return for his wagered money, he received a nice, left butt cheek tattoo of Andy Murray’s face.

Worst Tattoo Ever? - Andy Murray Wimbledon Ink - YouTube

The Wife Bet

Betting you wife on a poker game screams ‘I hate my wife’, right? Whether it was a hate or desperation thing we will never know, but what we know for sure is that Andrei Karpov put his wife Tatiana up for a stake in a game against Sergey Brodov. As you have probably assumed, he lost his wife, but what you didn’t expect is that the wife eventually married Brodov and they stayed together happily ever after.

10 OF The Most Bizarre Bets Ever Made - YouTube

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PPPoker Team Member Borge Dypvik Making Some Noise

The PPPoker Team may be fairly young but it contains some serious potential in its ranks as proven by Norwegian Borge Dypvik, who’s made a couple of noticeable scores on the live circuit just lately and we fully expect the Norwegian will keep going strong in the months to come.

The King of Open Face Chinese

Open Face Chinese Poker may not be as popular as Texas Hold’em or Omaha but it is definitely a game with some following and some players simply enjoy it a lot. Borge Dypvik is one of those players, who’s had some very notable OFC tournament results.

Borge doesn’t like to miss out on any OFC events if he can help it and he usually places quite high. His best result as of late came at the Coolbet Open in Tallinn, Estonia, where Dypvik went all the way and claimed the title in a €220 OFC Pineapple event earlier in October. He outlasted the field of 32 players, earning €3,490 for his efforts.

Interestingly enough, he finished the runner-up in the very same event just a few months earlier, netting just over €2,000.

Great Run in Malta

At the start of November, Dypvik decided to try his luck in the €550 Grand Event of Malta Poker Festival and ended up creating some serious fuss on the island. The Norwegian managed to finish the Day 2 of the event as a strong chip leader and it seemed like he was poised to go all the way.

With some ups and downs during Day 3, Borge did make it to the final table of the tournament and although he had some catching up to do with bigger stacks seated around, he was in with a decent shot at the title.

Unfortunately, poker gods seem to have abandoned him at the final table as he couldn’t find the much needed double up. His pocket Sixes were no match for pocket Jacks of Fabian Gumz and the board provided no assistance, either. So, Borge’s great run in Malta Poker Festival was brought to an abrupt end, but he did pocket €20,600 for his efforts, which is nothing to sneeze at.

More Success from PPPoker Members to Come

With the PPPoker Team being so young, there will certainly be many more successes down the road and plenty more final tables and big titles in the books. Players like Borge Dypvik are the ones who know what it takes to go all the way in a big tournament so with just a bit of positive variance, there is no doubt, he has a very bright poker future ahead of him.

After all, with more than $380,000 in live tournament cashes, Borge has already proven he’s got what it takes and he’s the master of lesser-known games like OFC, where he’ll definitely be looking for his chance.

Borge isn’t the only team member with an impressive track-record. Jon Kyte, another Norwegian, is another PPPoker ambassador who has had some notable successes during his career. With a total of $463,000 in live cashes and his biggest cash coming from the victory in Nordic Poker Championships to the tune of €240,000, Kyte has been around the block.

Apart from his tournament success, the Norwegian has also made his mark in London last year, during the 2017 Cash Game Festival. He took home a trophy for winning most big blinds during the feature table play alongside a few grand for his great performance. Kyte will be joining PPPoker Team in Copenhagen, looking to continue his successful run.

We are looking forward to more news like this, involving members of PPPoker Team in the near future. This is really the best way of actually seeing our vision of making poker dreams come true become a reality!

The post PPPoker Team Member Borge Dypvik Making Some Noise appeared first on OnlineCasinoMonsters.

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Lucky Swede Wins Record-Breaking Joker Millions Jackpot on Mobile Casino

A couple of weeks ago, a lucky Swedish player proved (once again) that big jackpots aren’t reserved for players playing on their computers. Namely, he took down a massive progressive of €7,831,310 spinning away on LeoVegas on his mobile phone.

The lucky win came the Joker Millions Jackpot on LeoVegas`Mobile Casino. This is one of two progressive slots produced by Yggdrasil and it is the biggest paid to date by the company. The previous record was set at just over €5 million. So this is quite an increase and a challenging new target to beat.

Celebrations All Over the Place

Not surprisingly, the lucky punter was over the moon with his win. To be able to win such a life-changing amount, playing on a mobile casino no less, is truly stuff dreams are made of. He was happy to share his joy with the casino representative later on. Presumably before he got to the fun part – spending his winnings.

Folks over at LeoVegas were equally as excited. The Head of the Casino there explained they were closely watching the jackpot as it kept increasing week over week. They knew that it was likely to come in soon and were excited to see it land on their casino, making one of their players a fresh millionaire.

For Yggdrasil, this big jackpot, which was paid out promptly, clearly shows they are in the major league in terms of game providers. Only the biggest companies out there are capable of paying multi-million jackpots with no fuss and this is another big moment for the company that’s been seizing the market lately.

Plenty More Jackpots Up for Grabs

Yggdrasil’s Joker Millions jackpot was actually won again only a few days ago. This time to the tune of €2.2 million. While we don’t know if this one was also won on a mobile casino, we wouldn’t bet against it. The popularity of mobile casinos has been on the rise lately. We’ve seen quite a few big jackpots won by players playing on their phones.

Everyone can easily get involved as most online operators offer a mobile casino version of their site as well. Simply grab an app or go over to their mobile site to get started. With dozens of different progressives up for grabs, there is no telling who’s going to be the next big winner. All we know is that someone must eventually win every single one of them.

The post Lucky Swede Wins Record-Breaking Joker Millions Jackpot on Mobile Casino appeared first on OnlineCasinoMonsters.

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Biggest Casino Heists of All Time

Casino heists is a plot featured in countless movies, and many find it fascinating. Some even get so hung up on it that actually try to mimic it in real life. The truth is, many of the heists portrayed on movies happened in real life and are true stories. That being said, before you try and do something of the sort, you better know that casinos will most likely notice it.

There are many well-known casino scams throughout history that happened to the best casinos, and of course, didn’t go unpunished. Yet, some lucky hustlers managed to get away with it. If you’re interested to know which the biggest heists in casino history were, sit back, grab some popcorn and get ready for some real action!

The Crown Casino Inside Job

The Crown Casino has always been a symbol of a successful casino, yet, some managed to rob it, and rob it good. The heist was an inside job, a plan made by a security operator and a player on a high-roller table. The security operator used his job position to monitor the cameras that were put over high-roller tables and shared insights of other high-rollers’ cards to his partner in crime. The player placed bets accordingly and they managed to swipe $32 million.

Although their plan was successful for a period of time, the succession of high paying hands became suspicious. But, believe it or not, though they were caught, they managed to return the money and go free without serving time for their crime.

And The Crown Casino has been involved in some shady people:

Crown casino & Melbourne's gangsters - YouTube

The Bill Brennan’s Stardust Perfect Crime

We’ve learned from movies that the perfect crimes and especially perfect casino heists require an elaborate planning. But after you read about this one, your opinion will change for good. A simple casino employee Bill Brennan. He devoted many years to the Stardust Casino and seemed modest and hard-working. Bill managed to pull off the simplest heist in the casino history.

The unforeseen act happened on a normal working day when Bill decided to walk away from his shift with pockets full of chips and cash. No one has heard of him ever since and he still remains on the Most Wanted FBI list.

Laser Eyes at the Ritz

3 Eastern European players, 2 male Serbians and one Hungarian female managed to organize the most technologically advanced heist ever, in the Ritz Casino in London. They embedded a laser scanner in their mobile phones in order to calculate the roulette wheel’s speed and predict where the ball will land.

They went into the casino one night, won £100.000, used their laser scanning technology and returned next night. This time, they won £1.2 million. This triggered suspicion, so the casino checked the cameras and was convinced there was a foul play. They ended up arrested under suspicion, however, as there were no laws against cheating in a casino, the judge stated that they have done nothing illegal, ruled in their favor and let them go along with the £1.3 million.

Ritz Casino £1.3 milion won with roulette computers! - YouTube

Here is some other casino “heists” that you might enjoy.

Mindblowing $12,000,000 scam at Casino (Roulette) - YouTube

Las Vegas Heist - The Covert BlackJack Computer That Beat Las Vegas - Full Documentary - YouTube

The post Biggest Casino Heists of All Time appeared first on OnlineCasinoMonsters.

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10 Most Amazing Gambling Records


People are constantly trying to leave their mark on the world, doing the craziest and most extreme things just so that their name can go down in history, along with the deed. Considering the fact that gambling enthusiasts are naturally inclined to rely on chance and luck just as much as on skill, they are bound to have their fair share of contributions to the Guinness Book of World Records.

While not all of these made the honorary status of said entries, they are still some of the most amazing gambling facts, events and accomplishments.

  1. Synchronized slot machines

The highest number of synchronized slot machines running, i.e. spinning the same game at the same time was 1610. This was achieved by slot machines from Bally Technologies, in the Mohegan Sun Montville, Connecticut, USA, back on April 27, 2013.

Guinness World Record Slot Tournament at Mohegan Sun - YouTube

  1. The oldest croupier

Joanna Dodd, born January 15, 1936 in the USA, was still employed at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada about a month after her birthday, back in 2015, meaning that she was still dealing cards at the ripe age of 79 years and 36 days.

Worlds oldest poker dealer - YouTube

  1. The Largest Roulette Wheel

The Casino Du Liban in Lebanon features the world’s biggest roulette wheel, measuring a massive 8.75 meters in diameter. However, it is only used for aesthetic purposes and currently decorates the dome ceiling of the casino.

Lebanon Breaks Guinness Record with World’s Biggest Interactive Ceiling Roulette - YouTube

  1. The Largest Blackjack Table

Since massive gambling equipment seems to be on the roll, the world’s biggest blackjack table definitely deserves a mention. With a surface expanding to 2226 square feet, and massive chips and cards to match the size, it was made especially for the 21st anniversary of the Viejas Casino, where it is still part of the property nowadays.

Fox5 - World's Largest Blackjack Table at Viejas Casino - YouTube

  1. The Highest Online Casino Jackpot Win

Mr. Jonathon Heywood of the UK hit the biggest progressive jackpot so far, back on the 6th of October, 2015, when he decided to make a few 0.25p spins on the Mega Moolah slot game. A few minutes into the gameplay, this made the British soldier precisely £13,212,882 richer.

  1. The Highest Baccarat Tournament Payout

In the payout trend, one Baccarat tournament in Macao also had a rather hefty prize pool – 100,000,000 HKD, or about US$ 12,890,500. This prize was cashed out on March 3, 2015, at the Sands Cotai Central Sheraton Ballroom, by the lucky player Mr. Lin Hasain.

  1. The Largest Slot Machine Win

The land-based slot machine win that made it into the Guinness Records amounted to precisely $39,713,982 on the Megabucks slot machine played by a 25-year-old software engineer.

  1. The Biggest Gambling City

The Sin City of Las Vegas seems to be losing the race for largest gambling city to no other but Macao, which only in 2016 managed to accrue $27.8 billion revenue from the industry – 330% more than Vegas.

Macao: Here's a peek into what makes it so unique | First Class - YouTube

  1. The Biggest Casino

Macao takes the lead in the largest casino floor as well – the Venetian Macao opened by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation on August 27, 2007, on a massive 51,100 square meter surface.

The Venetian Macau filmed in 4K UHD with a GoPro Hero4 Black and a Feiyu G4S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal - YouTube

  1. Highest Online Poker Room Traffic

The poker room Poker Stars catered to a record-breaking 307,016 players spread over 42,814 tables all at the same time back on September 6, 2009.

The post 10 Most Amazing Gambling Records appeared first on OnlineCasinoMonsters.

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Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller

Mads Mikkelsen as high-roller Le Chiffre in Casino Royale

High-rollers are the most appreciated players in any casino. Special attention is paid to them by the casino operators and the staff. Of course, the high-rollers have invested a lot of their time and money into the casinos and have deserved that attention.

The accent is on the money. High-rollers are those players that play a game with huge bets and put a lot of risk into it. However, they are the most experienced players as well, or they wouldn’t be so confident to deposit fortunes if they didn’t stand a chance. Casino operators know all of that, but take the risk of investing something in the hopes of gaining a lot. So they allow high-rollers to be the VIP members. Look at all the benefits high-stakes gamblers get in both online and land-based casinos.

Party, Transportation, and Accommodation Perks

High-stake players in big land-based casino resorts get a luxurious room booked and a personal driver. If their choice is to come with their cars, they have a special parking lot in front of the casino. When they get to Las Vegas, they get citywide VIP status and discount in any restaurant, shopping mall or other venues across the city. Also, they get invited to VIP-only parties where they meet celebrities and hang around with the crème de la crème.

VIP Treatment In-House

Regardless of whether you are a high-stakes gambler online or in a brick-and-mortar casino establishment, the in-house VIP treatment is inevitable. You get a personal host or bankroll manager whose duty is to make your stay smooth, problem-free and enjoyable. You also get special access to new games or private tables where you can play without distractions from random tourists or casual players.

Fast Withdrawals

Special players in casinos get a faster withdrawal period than other players. They usually get the benefit of withdrawing their winnings immediately, but also, they have no limits to how much to withdraw. If other players can withdraw, say $1000, the special player can withdraw $10,000 and instantly. Talk about a perk.

Special Bonuses and Promotions

As you may have noticed in high-roller online casinos, VIP players get to enjoy specially designed bonus offers that no one else could be eligible for. For instance, if a casual player can claim 10 Free Spins and $30 cash, the VIP player may get 100 Free Spins and $2,000 free cash, depending on their level. The thing is, these VIP schemes offer all kinds of things to high-rollers: from vacation or jewelry vouchers to huge free cash offers.

Personalized Bet Limits

Usually, each casino table has its bet limits. Average players need to respect these limits, but not high-rollers. High-rollers have the power and ability to deposit as it suits them, regardless of the real bet limit. If an average player can wager $50 a hand, the high-stakes player can wager up to $10,000 a hand. The difference is huge but real. High-rollers express their preferences and expectations on limits, and a limitless casino experience is at their disposal.

The post Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller appeared first on OnlineCasinoMonsters.

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