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I use castor oil for dry eye relief. I’m prone to red itchy eyes, Blepharitis and crusty specks on my eyelashes when I wake up. I had my eye doctor check for erosion of the cornea or bacterial infection, then I began using increased EPA/DHA, warm compresses, eye massage (see below) and castor oil for my dry eyes. This also works for Demodex lash infection. 

What is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye is insufficient tears, poor quality tears, or clogging of the eye’s oil glands. Symptoms include a gritty feeling, redness, stinging, excess tears, crusts on the eyelids, dryness of the eye, itching and more. Tears protect the surface of the eye, the cornea and the lining of the eyelid. Don’t ignore dry eye!

What is Blepharitis?

Inflammation of the eyelids due to clogged Meibomian oil glands in the eyelids. It can also be bacterial or mites.

Castor Oil for Dry Eye Relief

Castor Oil comes from the seed of the castor shrub. It contains unique fats (ricinoleiec acid) and anti-oxidants and is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Massaging it onto eyelids, brows and lashes will help unclog eye glands and get circulation in the ducts. Use Castor Oil eye drops that are Hexane Free and organic such as this one I use on my face and/or eyes. (For larger areas I use this one or add cotton flannel to make castor oil packs for the liver or abdomen).

Warm Compress and Castor Oil Massage for Dry Eye

Start with a clean, unmoisturized face. Heat a cup of filtered water (soft water burns my eyes) and pour some on a Microfiber Wash Cloth (softer than a washcloth). Hold gently on closed eyes, contacting the eyelashes and tear ducts. Do this for 4 minutes, keeping the cloth warm but not hot.  Then, gently (GENTLY) massage the eyelids at the bone just under the eyebrow and against the bone just under the eye. 

Finally, put a drop or two of castor oil on a fingertip and gently massage the eyelids, lashes, brows and skin around the eyes. Castor oil is an excellent moisturizer as well as a therapy.

Castor Oil Drops in the Eye

In addition to the above, try a drop of pure castor oil in each eye. Your vision will be cloudy for about 15 minutes. Meditate or sleep…..

Vitamin A for Dry Eye

Vitamin A is not Beta-Carotene from carrots. Retinol comes only from animal products. Many people do not convert Beta-Carotene to Vitamin A, especially if hypothyroid. Eating liver several times a month will supply Vitamin A. Try my gluten-free Secret Ingredient Meatballs and Gravy. It has a little liver and uses cauliflower instead of bread crumbs. Or my famous “Illegal” Pate.  Our Rosita Cod Oil gelcaps or liquid have natural Vitamin A too. Use Rosita daily for life along with K2 from Walkabout Emu Oil or a K2 supplement

Causes of Dry Eye or Blepharitis

Fat Deficiency: Most of us need extra DHA from cod liver oil or fish oil. (Here’s the difference). My clinic’s top-selling Rosita Cod Liver Oil has more DHA than EPA (that’s unusual) and naturally occurring Vitamins A and D. (Always take Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D. ALWAYS). Regular fish oil provides EPA/DHA (more EPA than DHA) but no Vitamin A. I prefer this high DHA fish oil with antioxidants if you aren’t on Rosita.

Medical: Dry Eye can be a symptom of autoimmune disorders or thyroid issues. Many meds list dry eye as a side effect. Ask your doc to change to another.

Environmental: Wind, smoke, pollen, dry air. Staring at screens makes us blink less. Learn to constantly moisten your eyes – close for a few seconds, blink a few times and look to the distance. Hard, soft or chlorinated water can all cause eye irritation. Here’s info on blinking and dry eye relief.  

Cosmetics: Makeup, cleansers, hair and body care can all irritate the eyes. Find out which are doing this and replace them. False eyelashes and contact lenses often cause eye inflammation. Eye makeup can be really hard on your eyes. Only wear it when/if you “have to”.

Is it Allergies or Dry Eye?

If it’s pollen season try D-HIST. We sell a ton of it (cheaper than Amazon). Take as many or as few as you need. Similasan Dry Eye Drops can be useful but will not fix the underlying cause. Fixing the cause – not just the symptom – is what natural health is all about!

Your Eye Doctor Can Help

Your doctor can clean the eyelids’ Meibomian glands and test a tear sample. They have drops and ointments but won’t know about castor oil for dry eye or Blepharitis relief. Check for erosion of the cornea and other issues that go beyond simple dry eye but don’t let them plug your tear ducts unless you’ve tried everything else. That may fix the symptom but not the cause of your fat deficiency and eating hydrogenated oils that clog ducts.

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The Gut-Adrenal connection with Michael Ruscio. The #1 cause of adrenal fatigue may be poor gut health, as Cortisol levels and fatigue may be unrelated if gut inflammation is present.

Dr. Ruscio spoke with me about other surprising areas where gut health affects us. Hormones, immune, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, depression and bacterial imbalances are all affected by inflammation in the gut. Fiber and Probiotics may not be right for us and we talk about why.

Ruscio’s well-researched and comprehensive gut book “Healthy Gut, Health You” is a must-have for all health advocates. Lots of info I have not seen anywhere else, with studies to back it up.

We talk about types of fiber and what types are often poorly digested, causing gas, bloat, and silent inflammation. Are these causing adrenal fatigue and other issues? To understand more about the Specific Carbohydrate or Low-Fodmaps diets, listen in to this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast.

The Gut-Adrenal Connection with Michael Ruscio

“Healthy Gut, Healthy You” includes specific steps to changing your diet, how to challenge foods, supplements for the Microbiome, and more. A key point is how you FEEL eating certain foods, even Gluten. My own health interests took me to the chapter on the Adrenals but there is new info here on many issues.

I am on Ruscio’s popular podcast, Dr. Ruscio Radio, in summer 2018. Tune in for my ideas on Neurotransmitters and Vitamin K2. 

Find Dr. Ruscio here.  Find some of my own articles and podcasts on the gut including this one on Leaky Gut Symptoms and Tests, and this on Treating IBS with Food. Here’s one on Adrenal Repair and my own story. Thanks for reading and for listening. 

The post The Gut-Adrenal Connection with Michael Ruscio appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Serve freeze dried foods for healthier cats, reduce vet bills and have happier cats. Freeze-dried cat foods cost more per serving but can change your cat’s life. Don’t let them suffer kidney failure, UTI’s, obesity and scruffy coats. 

What Should Cats Eat?

Cats are “obligate carnivores”. They evolved to eat meat, organs and bones from lizards, birds, mice and rabbits. Why feed them corn, “poultry by-products”, colors, additives and chemicals? You’re working to give up grains, sugars and processed foods, right? Cats don’t need these either. 

The whole point of the Paleo Diet, whether for people or animals, is to eat what you evolved to eat, not what you’ve eaten just the last 5000 years.  The Leading Causes of Cat Death

Kidney failure is the leading cause of non-accidental death. I believe it’s from eating dry kibble. Even “good quality” grain-free kibble will dehydrate a cat and can cause stones, infections and toxic kidneys. And most cats won’t drink water since they prefer to get fluids from prey (and the occasional dripping faucet).

Most senior cats die from kidney failure or cancer. They can suffer from viruses, skin issues, asthma, gut problems, hyperthyroidism and allergies too. And bad teeth and gums…  What you feed them can change this.

The best food is freeze-dried raw meat, organs and bones with some extra vitamins added. Add water and you’re done. Some people use homemade raw food but that can be tricky and you don’t want to gamble on a mineral deficiency…

Step #1) Stop Feeding Grain Based Kibble!

Start today! No more cheap kibble full of corn and “by-products”. Start grain-free kibble – there are many to choose from. Cats don’t eat corn, rice or wheat in the wild! They eat prey and the contents of the prey’s stomach.

Step #2) Transition to Canned (Wet) Food

If you can’t afford freeze-dried just yet, switch to canned GRAIN-FREE food and forget about changing their kibble. Donate it to a shelter and buy better food! Note that canned Grain-Free dog food is the same as canned grain-free cat food but much cheaper. Compare labels and see! Start by adding 1/3 or 1/2 the meal as wet food mixed with the kibble. Try to match the flavor profile to make it less of a taste overload. Chicken with Chicken, etc. With freeze dried foods, buy CAT food, not dog.  

Step #3) Transition to Freeze Dried Foods for Healthier Cats

Many cats transition straight from kibble to rehydrated dried food without going to canned foods first. Mix the food with a little water (I use the same Reverse Osmosis water I drink) and use half and half (or less) with your kibble. Once accepted, and you can afford it, use just freeze-dried cat food.

Step #4) Few Vet Bills 

Better health means fewer vet bills. Good food pays for itself!

What About Taurine?

Cats on a meat based diet DO NOT need Taurine. They only need Taurine when fed corn, wheat, rice, sugars, beaks and feathers (Poultry By-Products) and other non-feline foods. These “foods” are low in digestible nutrients such as the Amino Acid Taurine. Real meat and fish already have Taurine in abundance. 

Buying Freeze Dried Foods for Healthier Cats

There’s more on the market every year! Invest in 1 small bag each of several choices and make notes how the cats like them. Give them time to change. They won’t starve if they get picky for a few days… Brands I’ve used include:

Primal Freeze Dried; Stella and Chewy’s; Northwest Naturals and Feline Natural. Here’s my cat’s favorite Primal Freeze Dried and this one is her second favorite. Here’s one of the Stella and Chewy’s options. There are others. Watch out for the ounce sizing when price comparing.  

Here’s one from Northwest Naturals to try.  And here’s Feline Natural. It’s more expensive than the others but I like variety in my food and figure the cats do too!

The larger bags are much more economical than the small ones, but you can try small ones first for your taste testing. Remember to get Cat, not Dog, and make sure it’s raw and freeze-dried. All are easy to mix with a bit of water and serve to happy cats. 

Want more info?

This article has more details on feeding your cat. This one has health tips for cats and dogs, as well as just food ideas. 

The post Freeze Dried Foods for Healthier Cats appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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In “The Dental Diet“, Dr. Steven Lin writes on dental health for babies and the wonders of the oral Microbiome. Lin gives terrific info on the health of your airway, tongue, jaws and gut. In this fast-moving Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast we talk about the role of Vitamin K2, how Weston A . Price changed nutrition and dentistry, and how to help your kids grow better jaws to hold straight teeth with fewer braces and extractions.

And more….

The Oral Microbiome and Gut Health

Every part of the body has its own colony of bacteria. Hundreds of species populate the mouth, throat and airway and play a big role in gut health. Who knew? If you’re working on your gut with food, stool tests and probiotics, listen in and read this book for eye-opening insights. 

Babies, Nursing, Tongues and Chewing

Moms? What you do before birth and for the next few years will determine the shape of your child’s face. Vitamin K2 is the first key, as I talk about so often on my blog and my podcasts. K2 (totally different from K1 and blood clotting) determines where Vitamin D places calcium. If deficient in BOTH of these, smaller cheek and jaw bones will grow crowded teeth and cause airway restriction that can bother you for life. I know as I have the classic harrow face and pointy chin. And airway issues…. That means I don’t breathe well day or night.

Why are Sugars and Fructose Bad For Your Mouth?

Yes they cause cavities but there’s more to it. They feed bad bacteria that then get swallowed and populate the gut. This chapter alone is worth buying the book. (Along with most of the other chapters). Listen in and nurture your gut and oral Microbiome.

The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin

There is so much unique information here. I loved reading this! The work of Dr. Weston Price inspired Dr. Lin to change his dental practice to prevent dental problems in his patients and to improve the health of the gut and oral Microbiome.  

Keep Your Mouth Closed

Never breathe through your mouth. Ever…. Have your baby’s tongue checked early in life to ensure they can nurse and breathe properly, and observe kids for signs of mouth breathing. There’s much more on that in this podcast and book. And in my blog post on why I tape my mouth at night

Sources of Vitamin K2

Sources of Vitamin K2 include Walkabout Emu Oil (no other), synthetic K2 supplements, certain fermented foods and others noted in the book. I have a terrific podcast with the importer of Walkabout Emu Oil you might enjoy. Their Emu Oil is the richest source of natural K2 next to eating Natto – stinky stuff that it is… I sell Emu Oil as well as a Vitamin K2 capsule or a combo of A, D and K2 here. Take them daily for life. 

More Info on all of this

Find Dr. Lin’s website here, Facebook page here at Dr Steven Lin, and on twitter at drstevenlin. 

Here’s my previous blog post and podcast on “Vitamin K2 for Better Teeth and Prettier Cheekbones” and my interview on The Primal Blueprint Podcast on K2.

Get the book – really interesting reading! “The Dental Diet” is here on Amazon

The post The Oral Microbiome and Dental Health for Babies appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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“Lies My Doctor Told Me” – book review and podcast with Dr. Ken Berry. This helpful book covers 17 “Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health”. Berry questioned his conventional medical training when he tried to lose weight. He cut saturated fats, started jogging, ate more whole grains and promptly gained 10 more pounds. 

He found Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution” and Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Blueprint” and hasn’t looked back.

“Lies My Doctor Told Me” covers 17 topics. We discuss 8 in this Primal Diet – Modern Health Podcast. (Find over 135 of my other podcasts here or on my website). Thanks for listening and find Dr. Berry’s book here on Amazon

“Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health”

Lies #1 and #3: Fats (especially Saturated Fats) lead to high cholesterol, obesity and Heart Disease. We talk about Ancel Keys 1950’s studies on diet in 22 countries. His publication only showed data from 7 of those countries however. The ones that fit his conclusion that (Saturated) Fat is Bad. And what we’re still being taught. 

Lie #2: Drinking milk is good for your bones. Hey, where’s the research on that?

Lies #6 and #12: Exercise more to lose weight. We talk about the “chronic cardio” myth and the “calorie deficit myth” that more exercise and fewer calories is the path to weight loss. Lots of good info here.

Lie #11: Salt increases blood pressure and your risk of heart attack or stroke. If you still believe this, this chapter is worth the (small) cost of the book. Himalayan Salt is a health tonic in my clinic! 

Lie #14: TSH is all you need to monitor Thyroid health. Dr. Berry gives a good summary on this important topic. Educate yourself on thyroid medications and the correct blood tests. I write a lot about this topic on my blog too.

Lie #16: Breast Milk is deficient in Vitamin D. Studies show mothers with adequate D levels do pass Vitamin D in breast milk. Most of us are deficient in D! I add a note here and in many articles and podcasts on my blog the importance of taking Vitamin K2 with any form of D. There are two in my online store.

Find Dr. Ken Berry:

His Facebook page is here at Dr. Ken Berry MD; YouTube collection here; Instagram here. The book is on Amazon here. Enjoy!

Book Review “Lies My Doctor Told Me”

If you’re new to Paleo or Primal wellness you’ll learn a lot to help make swift changes in your health. If you’re more advanced, you’ll find info to expand what you know. A nice $10.95 gift for those who still think fats are bad and that hard work on the treadmill is the way to lose weight. 

The post Lies my Doctor Told Me | Podcast with Ken Berry, MD appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome with food, and go for a lasting resolution.  If you have diarrhea, oily stools, gas or gut pain, my version of the Elimination Diet and Low Fodmaps Diet for IBS is worth a try.


IBS at its simplest is just two things: incomplete digestion and improper absorption of food (they’re different). Inflammation of the gut and yeast or bacterial overgrowth are part of IBS. They may have started after antibiotics. Or from a lifetime of grains and sugars…

Elimination diets such as Low FODMAPS, GAPS, Paleo and The Specific Carbohydrate Diet all help but I never found any of them to achieve the permanent improvement you need. My diet combines parts from all four. Try it on whatever digestive or bowel issue you have.  (See below for exceptions).  

Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Food

The Plan: Eliminate ALL possible trigger foods as fast as possible – add things back in a controlled order to find your personal triggers. Only the SCD diet does this mandatory reboot as the first step, but it allows homemade yogurt which I do not.

Theory #1: Animal protein is the easiest food to digest. Plain meats, eggs and seafood are broken down by stomach acids. They don’t require a lot of enzymatic work in the small intestine (where “irritation” takes place).

Theory #2: Carbohydrates are the hardest foods to digest, requiring a lot of enzymatic work. 

Theory #3: Some carbs are easier than others. See my list below.

Theory #4: No processed or pre-made food is allowed. You’re going to be cooking plain foods at home – that’s THE only way to get well.

Carbohydrate Structure is Everything 

Digestion breaks food down to the smallest possible units. A banana is a simple carbohydrate structure. Digestion (enzymes) dissolves banana’s bonds easily.  

The more complex the carbohydrate structure, the more likely larger food fragments will be left unbroken. It is these undigested food fragments that cause gut problems (including gas, bacteria and yeast).

Starter Steps to Stop Irritable Bowel

STEP#1: Eliminate the worst complex carbs: all grains and pseudo grains (rice, wheat, corn, gluten, oats, quinoa) and beans (Pinto beans, Soy). Most people going Whole 30 or Paleo are astounded at how fast their gut and bowels improve off grains and beans! Yet this is just the first step not the full road to recovery.

 STEP #2: Stop all dairy except Ghee (clarified butter). Dairy is a common trigger food even if you never suspected it. You can try Butter, Cream and aged Cheese again later….

 STEP #3: Stop tubers and roots such as Potato, Sweet Potato, Cassava and Plantain. Their carbohydrate structures are very complex, leaving those undigested food fragments that cause bacteria, yeast and leaky gut.

Next, Avoid Sugars

If it takes you a few weeks to complete Steps #1, #2 and #3 that’s OK. This is your new normal! Enjoy improvements so far in pain, weight, gas, heartburn and bowels. Or, get it done in a week. Then….

STEP #4: Stop sugars. Corn Syrup, Sugar, Agave, Coconut/Date/Palm Sugar, Honey and sugar substitutes.  Some trigger one person. Some trigger others. 

Vegetables and Fruits are the Key Now

Everything you’ve done so far is to get to this point.

Your gut is happier now, but to drive out inflammation and infection and start to balance your Microbiome, digestible veggies are the key. The problem with Low FODMAPS lists is they don’t get you first to the safe place. You simply play around with a long list of veggies and never get to the starting point where you can test your triggers. 

The Starter Veggies…

Do this in this order. It won’t work if you skip steps! Keep DETAILED food dairies recording WHAT you ate, HOW MUCH of it you ate and when, and all symptoms. NOTE: Himalayan Salt is your only condiment. Avoid herbs and spices for now. You can eat all the plain meats and seafood you like, grilled, broiled or stewed plain. Eggs are fine for most people (but not if you’ve lost your Gall Bladder). Fats? Stick with Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Ghee and Avocado Oil in moderation. 

EASY STARTER CARBS: Cooked Spinach, Winter Squash, Summer Squash, Green Beans, Cooked Peeled Carrot. Ripe Banana (with spots), peeled homemade cooked Apples and Pears, and pure Grape Juice. If this does not stop loose stool, start over with only 2 of these at a time. 

1 to 3 WEEKS LATER IF GUT IS HAPPY: Add cooked Lettuces, Watercress, Mushrooms. No raw foods! 

2 to 5 WEEKS LATER: if your symptoms are gone, really gone, start adding harder foods one at a time. One food every 2 to 5 days. If you’re gassy or get loose stool, stop and go back to Start for a bit. Then try a different new food….. 

Avocado (1/4); Bok Choy; Peeled Cooked Beet; Swiss Chard; Cooked Peppers; Snow Peas, Olives; Celery; Parsley; Peas; Lemon and Lime Juice; Fruit and Vegetable Juices where all fiber has been extracted can be tried in small amounts (diluted); Nut Butters can be cautiously tried.

If anything triggers any symptom, leave out for now and retry in a few months. Or eat less of it. Avocado is a trigger for me if I eat more than 2 bites a day… If most of these trigger you, then go back and stay on the Starter foods longer.

1 to 3 WEEKS LATER: If you feel great, tackle these biggies (cooked) one at a time. Slowly.

Kale; Collard; Cabbage; Broccoli; Cauliflower; Onions; Garlic; Daikon; Raw Fruits

Quantity Matters!

When trying a new food, add only 1/4 serving at a time, and not too much in one day. 

Why this Works to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Food

Most bowel problems start with antibiotics, grain and dairy-based diets and sugar. Candida, Leaky Gut and inflammation will be reduced by eating clean unprocessed food you can actually digest. No undigested foods the gut wants to expel – hence the diarrhea and gas. Once you’re feeling better you can try different types of Probiotics and Fermented Foods. Not at first. 

Don’t Use this Diet If…..

If you have Cancer, serious infections, Anorexia, OCD or other diagnosed or undiagnosed medical issues such as Fibroids or Endometriosis causing pain. If you are severely constipated, this diet may help you but do what you need to do to keep the gut moving daily. Exercise and water help too!

DO Use this Diet If….

You have bloating, gas, oily stools, frequent stools, suspect SIBO, Low FODMAPS/SCD/GAPS didn’t work well enough or you want to lose some weight. Reducing inflammation and absorbing what you eat will provide more nutrition and start to heal gut damage and infection. 

For More Info on SCD and FODMAPS

Go here for one look at the SCD Diet and here for FODMAPS. There are many other pages and sites too…. Notice I put foods in at different stages, like Onions which are the WORST Fodmaps food but SCD suggests them earlier on. I put them at the end as I have seen them be a key. On the other hand, Fodmaps allows potato, rice and tofu.

The post How to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Food appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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This Latin American Paleo Cooking book review explores authentic Latin foods with Paleo substitutes for flour, sugar and dairy. You’ll find plantains, cassava flour, potato, coconut flour, tapioca starch and more.

Author Amanda Torres adapted her Puerto Rican mother-in-law’s recipes to Paleo. Now we get to try some new dishes!

Enjoy this podcast with Amanda (The Curious Coconut) and Beverly on this Primal Diet – Modern Health episode. We talk about Amanda’s health journey and some tasty specifics on using foods you may be new to you. And the challenge of making a substitute for Queso Blanco.

Amanda holds a Masters in Neuroscience and used Paleo foods and lifestyle principles to lose 80 pounds and recover from IBS and the auto-immune skin disorder H.S. Having found Tara Grant’s wonderful book on this disorder (“The Hidden Plague”) Amanda was inspired years ago to go Keto, heal her Leaky Gut and get her immune system under control. But she missed those Latin foods! (Listen to my podcast with Tara Grant on healing HS and other autoimmune disorders with diet here). 

Latin American Paleo Cooking” has 80 recipes without grains or dairy and most are Autoimmune Paleo adapted. It’s here on Amazon for just $14.95.  

Starchy roots, tubers, and fruits make dough for fritters, pancakes and turnovers featured here. There are desserts too but go easy on all the starches and sugars… They’re high in calories and may not digest well if you have issues with starchy carbs. 

Try some of these: Garlic Lime Shredded Chicken; Fried Plantain Sandwich on page 72, Queso Blanco on page 170 – white “cheese” made from Amanda’s secret ingredients. It melts and stretches like regular Latin Queso! It’s used in 9 recipes.

For dessert, try the Coconut Milk Pudding or the “Rice” Pudding made from Yucca.  Chapters include Quick and Easy; Fiesta Foods; Family Dinners; The Essentials, and more. 

Ingredients are available in Latin Grocery stores as well as online. Enjoy!

The post Latin American Paleo Cooking Book Review appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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Can eggs cause Gallbladder Problems? Yes! I have seen many client’s digestive and Gallbladder symptoms improve after eliminating eggs.

What Does the Gallbladder Do?

The liver makes bile and sends it to the Gallbladder tucked under the liver. It concentrates and stores bile until needed to digest fats in your food.

The Gallbladder is connected to the top of the small intestine (the Duodenum) by a bile duct. As you eat, the gallbladder pumps bile through the duct and into the intestine, emulsifying fats for digestion by the enzyme Lipase. These fats carry the fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, K and E throughout the body. 

Gallbladder/Biliary Dysfunction

There are ducts in the liver bringing bile to the Gallbladder as well as the duct going from the Gallbladder to the Small Intestine. All of this can become inflamed and congested with bacteria, cholesterol, stones, and other waxy substances (“sludge”). This is often overlooked by patients and doctors who don’t monitor the biliary system until a gall bladder attack sets off a crisis. It may be too late to save the Gallbladder if the blockage or number of stones is too great. Doctors often remove the Gallbladder even when the blockage is not that bad, and will say you don’t really need your Gallbladder and can eat whatever you want once it’s gone. 

If possible, take it as a warning, get the facts, and change your diet ASAP. You need that Gallbladder! Removing the Gallbladder may not remove the actual cause of the problem. It may not be the Gallbladder’s fault it became congested.

Symptoms of Inadequate Bile Flow
  • Elevated Bilirubin lab test (best at .3 to .8 but medical ranges are higher)
  • Burping or digestive distress after eating fat
  • Pain under the right rib, in your neck or under the scapula (the “wing” under your shoulder)
  • Constipation, Diarrhea, light-colored stools
  • Nausea, mild Vertigo, headaches
  • Feeling too full after eating
What Causes Biliary Stones or Congestion?

We’re not sure! Why is the Gallbladder emptying too slowly? Why are stones being formed? Is the problem in the Gallbladder or in the ducts?

Bacteria, food additives, food intolerances like eggs and gluten, hydrogenated oils and poor Liver and Thyroid function all contribute to Biliary “Sludge”.

In my research (see my blog posts and podcasts on this, including those with Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson) I find Vitamin K2 commonly deficient. Without K2 we can form calcium deposits in the joints and arteries, and stones in the Gallbladder and Kidneys. I have all my clients on K2 either from this Walkabout Emu Oil (the highest natural source of K2 in the world) or from these K2 capsules. 

NOTE: Never take Vitamin D without K2. Ever! Find a D3 Complex like this one or this one in my online store that have A, D and K2 together. Take K2 or Emu Oil with Rosita Cod Liver Oil too – it contains Vitamin D but not K2.

Can Gluten and Eggs Cause Gallbladder Problems?

In my experience… YES! Studies report a link between eggs, gluten and biliary inflammation. 

Gluten intolerance is known to contribute to Gallbladder inflammation – but not to gallstones. If you have had your Gallbladder out or have symptoms, ask your doctor to check for Celiac Disease. Even if you don’t have Celiac, I ask my clients and podcast listeners to avoid the gluten grains (and most other grains as well). They’re inflammatory, hard to digest, high in Omega 6 (the bad fat) and have too much Phytic Acid which binds minerals from your food.

But EGGS?? Why are they associated with Gallbladder issues? I first learned this in Jonathan Wright’s 1984 book “Guide to Healing Nutrition”. A top Allergy Association study in 1968 reported eggs were the number one provocative food causing gall bladder attacks after an elimination diet. Dr. Wright worked with this idea in his clinic for many years and found it to be true. Can I Eat Eggs if I Don’t Have a Gallbladder?

In short, no, I don’t recommend it. Eggs are eliminated in Paleo Autoimmune Protocols and Dr. Terry Wahl’s diet as well. Eliminate them 100% (mayo, dressings, baked goods, etc.) for at least 2 to 3 months and observe beneficial changes in digestion, pain and your bowels. Then try 1 to 2 eggs a day. If you’re nauseous, dizzy or in pain, you’ve got your answer. The occasional egg may be fine but not every day. 

Supplements if You Have No Gallbladder

I ask every client without a Gallbladder to take some form of Bile Salts with every meal. Forever…

Here’s a good one on Amazon. 

The Liver will continue to make and “drip” bile into the Small Intestine, but it does this 24 hours a day. You’ll be short when time comes to digest your steak and avocado salad. In addition, bile is an important detoxifier of heavy metals and chemicals. This Liver formula in my online store can help with that.

Beets are an excellent food for the Gallbladder. This product contains dried beet, or eat a small amount of raw or cooked beets regularly. Neither Kvass or Pickled Beets will work for this purpose.

I don’t recommend Gallbladder flushes by the way….  eat right and fix or prevent the problem. But do get an Ultrasound or other Gallbladder tests to see what the situation is. If you lose it, you’ll be ok with the diet and supplements such as these.

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Prevent adrenal fatigue, heat stroke and heat exhaustion with real salt to keep you hydrated. Himalayan or Sun-Dried Solar salts are essential to electrolyte balance. (See my Electrolyte Hydration Drink below). Water alone will not hydrate you. In fact….

Too much plain water can flush away your minerals 

With adrenal fatigue we tend to excrete salt and be somewhat dehydrated since the cells can’t hold water without salt.  If you then become overheated, you can experience heat exhaustion or, even worse, heat stroke from the dehydration.

The reverse is true too. If you have had heat exhaustion, it can damage your adrenals and lead to chronic fatigue.

I know this — it happened to me.

Heat never bothered me until I did the 6-Day Course – similar to the old Outward Bound program. Spend a few days conquering your fears by jumping off cliffs with a zip-line, running uphill, and various physical and mental exertions. Crowded bunk cabins had no A/C and bathrooms were far away. Water was not encouraged nor was salt.

The Adirondacks were in a heat wave that summer but there was no reduction in activities. I got severely dehydrated, overheated from exercise and hot cabins, and stopped sweating. I began to hallucinate and had to leave the Course. 

Over the next 2 weeks my Adrenals crashed. I lost 13 pounds of muscle which I never got back. (Cortisol is strongly connected with muscle function). I have struggled with low Cortisol and chronic fatigue ever since. I still can’t sweat and must restrict many outdoor activities.

My Electrolyte ReHydration Drink 

Fill a bottle 2/3 rd’s full of Spring or Mineral water, or reverse-osmosis water (NO alkalized water). Top with 100% Organic Juice. 

Add 3 large pinches of Himalayan Salt, about a tsp., or some Salt Sole. 

Shake and drink after sweating.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
  • A change in sweating is a key symptom. If you are hot and stop sweating you are headed for heat stroke
  • You feel overheated or disoriented
  • Flushed red skin
  • Throbbing head or nausea
  • Your temperature elevates as high as 105 

Heat Exhaustion can wipe you out for weeks. Heat Stroke can kill you.

What to do if you suspect Heat Stroke 
  1. Quickly get body temperature down. Find shade and drench with water, or get into water.
  2. Drink water slowly, with 2 tsps. added salt and some kind of sugar such as fruit juice or actual sugar (see below).
  3. Call 911 for an IV saline solution and cooling body packs.
  4. Find a fan!
Who is susceptible to Adrenal Fatigue and Heat Stroke?

Everyone! Playing sports, hiking, gardening, sitting in saunas or by the pool can all cause critical overheating. The elderly, ill and those on diuretics are less able to handle heat.

Swimming is a common cause of dehydration. Hot sun, active play… You’re sweating even though you don’t realize it. 

Preventing Heat Exhaustion and Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenals regulate sodium, potassium , calcium and magnesium – the 4 key electrolytes. If you’re overheated, the adrenals burn out trying to keep sodium and potassium in balance. Supporting your adrenals now can prevent heat exhaustion. I have many articles on the adrenals and adrenal support products in my online store such as this one and this one. Test and treat your adrenals!

A craving for salt is a common symptom of low adrenal function. I use fine ground Himalayan Salt like this one generously on my food and add it to my water in the Texas summer – maybe 1/4 tsp. several times a day. Or make a salt sole (So-Lay) – the briny liquid mixes quickly in water.

Avoid commercial white salt. It is highly processed and contains additives that make it hard to absorb. Choose Himalayan or Sun-Dried Sea Salt. And stay cool!

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The correct supplements for adrenal fatigue changed my life more than once. First diagnosed with low cortisol after a heat stroke in 1987, I fell to almost complete adrenal failure in 2001 after severe Epstein Barr Virus.

My goal has always been to repair the adrenals, not just take things for fatigue. I never went on the steroids I was told I’d need. I took rebuilding supplements and made changes in my life.    

Want more energy? REPAIR the Adrenals and Thyroid. Don’t overcome “fatigue” with coffee or other stimulants. Here’s some very personal tips and supplements for adrenal fatigue repair.  

5 Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue 
  1. Passion Flower calms body and mind to help you sleep, focus, and overcome anxiety. To repair the adrenals you have to fix the “wired” before you fix the “tired”.
  2. Licorice makes Cortisol last longer. You want this kind from Amazon, not this one with Glycyrrhizzin removed. That works for reflux and ulcers. Or get Licorice tincture to add to your water during the day (don’t take it after 5 PM). 
  3. Adrenal Cortex is different from Adrenal Glandulars. I sell this one in my online store. It’s derived only from the inner Adrenal Cortex and no outer Adrenal Medulla like regular glandulars have. The Medulla makes Epinephrine, so regular glandulars can make you speedy. 
  4. Systemic Formulas Ga – Adrenal is the #2 product in my clinic and online store (after D3 Complete with K2). This 40 year old product was designed by a master Herbalist. It worked for me in the 80’s and still works today. It’s ideal at 3 PM – or take as desired. It’s not a stimulant but will lift you gently out of fatigue.
  5. B Vitamins may help. Try a mix of Phosphorylated B’s plus MTHF like this one.
5 Tips for Adrenal Fatigue Repair
  1. Sleep. Nap. Meditate. You cannot fix fatigue until you stop overwork, worry and lack of sleep. Calming yourself is the best way to have more energy. In addition to the Passion Flower above, add some Systemic Formulas N3 – Relaxa day and/or night. Try both before bed, during the night if you’re restless, or take in the daytime to stay calm.
  2. Stop Caffeine. Beating up the adrenals will not help them repair!
  3. Keep blood sugar stable. The adrenals play a huge role in blood sugar management. Give them a break with more proteins, fats and vegetables and a lot less starchy carbs or sugar. Eat on a schedule. Here’s my DVD on “The Diet For Human Beings”. 
  4. Get lab facts! Test both the thyroid and the adrenals to know which (or both) need help. Test – don’t guess. This article has tons more about saliva testing. This has some quick tests you can do at home. Here’s how to test your thyroid properly, even when your doctor thinks TSH is sufficient.
  5. Acknowledge it’s your responsibility to take charge of your life. No one else can make your life calmer and happier. Trust me – I worked myself into the Hospital twice before I learned to “Grow Up”!

Blog Posts with more info

What I do for Chronic Adrenal Fatigue here

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The Hidden Link Between Thyroid and Adrenal Problems here

Test Adrenal Function at Home here

The post 10 Tips and Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue Repair appeared first on Gluten Free Paleo Health Advice | Beverly Meyer | Podcast & Resources.

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