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*This post contains affiliate links.  This simply means that should you purchase any products mentioned I may receive a discount or incentive at no additional cost to you.

Build your list with this easy to use app

My latest adventure in lead magnet creation has lead me to create quizzes.  For some of my clients, quizzes are the top performing lead magnet on their site.  In fact, even sites like Buzzfeed have found great success using quizzes covering a variety of topics including love & relationships, food, personality, and even Disney princesses.  

Personally, I’m always a sucker for a good personality quiz.  Anyone else?

I recently started poking around on TryInteract.com and created a quiz for myself and a handful of clients. 

As a social media manager, I always encourage my clients to come up lead magnets to build their email list.  Despite my passion for social media marketing, I know that the money is truly in the list. 

Social media is a means to reaching your potential audience while the lead magnet then pulls them onto your site where they exchange their email address for whatever freebie or download, etc that you are offering.

My latest adventure in lead magnet creation has lead me to create quizzes.  For some of my clients, quizzes are the top performing lead magnet on their site.  In fact, even sites like Buzzfeed have found great success using quizzes covering a variety of topics including love & relationships, food, personality, and even Disney princesses.  

Personally, I’m always a sucker for the personality quizzes.  Anyone else?

I recently started poking around on TryInteract.com and created a quiz for my own site and a handful of clients. 

So why did I go down this path with creating quizzes? 

Quizzes are Fun & Interactive

Quizzes allow your user to interact with the content by selecting answers and feel that they are getting a customized response. This is a fun way of getting in touch with that potential client and start building a relationship with them.

Slightly Different Spin on a Freebie

Let’s remember, we want to offer something of value to our idea customer and alot of us do that by offering free downloads and consultations.  A quiz will set you apart from the competition by being an interactive tool that customers can try out at any time, day or night, without you having to engage in real time.

Collect Valuable data from quiz results

When your potential customer provides answers to the quiz, a result is produced at the end.  

Through Interact I was able to link my ESP (email service provider) and not only add quiz takers to my email list, but also tag the new subscribers based on their quiz results (Instagram, Pinterest, etc).  This allows me the opportunity to direct the new subscriber to valuable content on my site relevant to their quiz result. Not only does this help me learn more about my potential client, it also builds a relationship with the customer.  

This tool integrates with all of the usual email and CRM products such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, and more.

The data from the quiz allows me to start nurturing this potential partnership because they begin receiving content that has been curated for users just like them. The alone makes this tool priceless.

quizzes are easy to configure with interact

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I can spend a ton of time brainstorming ideas for downloadable freebies.  And don’t get me started on the amount of time it takes me to create and edit the download before I finally press pause on my perfectionist tendencies and release the freebie to the public.  

With Interact I was able to easily put together my quiz in about an hour.  The setup was quite simple and straightforward, especially considering there are numerous templated quizzes already setup for you to use and customize with your own branding and copy.  

In addition, there are helpful blog posts and tutorials on their site as well to help you through anything snazzy that you’d like to add.

You can create your quiz for free

Interact offers several different packages for you to setup a quiz on your site including a free option.  However, one thing to note on the Free plan, you won’t be able to integrate with your email service provider. 

I feel pretty strongly about using quizzes and other freebies to build your email list, so I’d advise you to purchase the Lite plan or setup your ESP plugin to trigger an email list signup popup form if someone clicks on the link to your quiz.  It won’t be a smooth as an integrated setup, but it would get the job done.

Since implementing my quiz, I’m already seeing positive results from a list building perspective and I expect to see that continue since I have embedded the quiz above the fold on my home page.  And it turns out it’s not just me. Check out some of the case studies from other Interact customers.

Interested in seeing an Interact quiz in action?  Check out my quiz here.

I’ve seen some pretty clever examples of quizzes being used on sites to draw in potential leads.  Are you currently using a quiz on your site? If yes, tell me about it! Or better yet, post a link below.  If you aren’t currently using a quiz on your site, how do you think you could use a quiz in your business to attract your ideal client? Or what might hold you back from creating a quiz?  Comment below and tell me all the things.

Until next time.


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We all know there are a lot of decisions to make when you are starting a new business.  One of the biggest questions new business owners face is “How do I market my new business on a small budget?”  

Enter Pinterest.  

What is Pinterest?

I feel compelled to answer this question simply because there are so many people that still refer to Pinterest as a social media platform.  But really, it’s a search engine. A visual search engine.

Imagine if Google only presented search results to you in the form of images and allowed you to save your search results (images/pins) to a virtual board.  The best example of this is using pushpins to pin magazine pages and pictures to a corkboard.

Isn't Pinterest Just for Recipes?

Sure, there are alot of recipes on Pinterest.  

However, Pinners all over the world create or save Pins (images that point to websites) for decor ideas, how to’s, fashion & makeup tips, workouts, products, articles etc. that they are interested in.   

Why Would I market my business on Pinterest?

#1 Did you know there are approximately 250 million users on Pinterest per month?  

That’s 250 million people actively looking for ideas on things to do or buy.  

Pinners come to Pinterest wanting businesses, bloggers and other pinners to tell them all about their amazing brands, cool products, recipes, and clever ideas.  

According to Wiselytics.com the halflife of a post on Facebook is 90 minutes and only 24 minutes for a Tweet on Twitter.  That’s a pretty short lifespan, right? What if I told you that the life of a Pin on Pinterest is 1600 times that of a Facebook post?  Just with that information alone, I think it might be worth your time to create a Pinterest Business Profile.

Unlike social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter where the goal is to keep users scrolling through the content on their platforms, Pinterest is exactly the opposite.  Pinterest serves to direct traffic (Pinners) to other websites to further check out the product, article or service that they viewed a Pin for.

This platform thrives on new links and pins being saved to boards every minute of the day.  With search engines (like Pinterest) your target audience can find your Pins when they perform a search that contains keywords that you’ve included on your Pin Descriptions, Board Descriptions, etc.  

Simply put, with effective use of keywords, you will see an increasing amount of monthly viewers (i.e. a bigger audience for your Pins).  And by the way, more monthly views lead to possibly expanding your audience which leads to the increased potential for sales.

#2 Your target clients are on Pinterest planning projects, looking for inspiration, or researching future purchases.  No matter what Pinners are looking for, there’s a wide array of pins circulating on Pinterest just waiting to scroll across the screen of your next customer.  

I’ve seen many different clients from various industries find success (read: conversions and email list subscribers) by creating a presence for their business on Pinterest.  

Are you a wedding photographer?  Awesome. Pinterest is right where I went to pin all.the.things wedding related during my bestie’s engagement.  Have you ever searched “backyard wedding” on Pinterest? You can fall down the rabbit hole pretty quickly. Do you make organic dog food?  Super. We love pins telling us how we can better care for our pets. Oh, you are a writer and don’t think anyone is on Pinterest searching for pins related to Writing?  Think again. I know of several authors who use Pinterest to create a storyboard of sorts for their characters or pin articles related to their subject matter.

Personally, before launching Clever, I had primarily used Pinterest to create vision boards for my home and upcoming parties as well as wardrobe ideas and recipes.  How many of you have searched “easy dinner recipe” or “chicken recipe”? However, as I became more interested in freelancing, I expanded my searches to include content related to my work as a virtual assistant and blogger.  I even ended up purchasing a course (or three…) as a result of Pins that lead me to some really great resources. Are you paying attention course creators? Yes. Every course I purchased in 2017 started with a pin on Pinterest.

#3 Pinterest is  free  to setup and increase the organic traffic to your site.  Once you have it set up, it’s a breeze to maintain especially with tools like Tailwind that allow you to schedule your pins.  Sure you can pay to promote your pins to a wider audience or pay for a tool to schedule your pins. But, if you want to keep it all basic, you can totally manage your own Pinterest account and build a following without any of the bells and whistles.

Now let's get started

So after reading all of these reasons why you need to setup a Pinterest for Business profile, what are you waiting for? 

Need some tips on how to get started?  

Read this post for a step by step plan and download your free Pinterest Business Profile Checklist.

Happy pinning!

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Why it's not beneficial to have thousands of followers

Whenever I see social media accounts with thousands of followers, I immediately wonder how many of those followers are “real”.  How many of those followers are potential clients?  Current clients?  Bots?  Paid followers?

The follower count on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can often be very misleading.  From the outside looking in, it may seem like the account has a massive amount of raving fans.  But, I’m here to tell you, that often is not the case.  

Who cares if you have thousands of followers if you end up with zero prospective clients?  Wouldn’t it be better to have 500 followers who are genuinely interested in working with you or purchasing your products than to have 3,000 followers who scroll on by your posts (and don’t buy anything)?  Of course it would!  You created your business accounts to find YOUR customers; not a bunch of random people who have zero interest in what you have to offer.

To all of my small business owners and solopreneurs, I implore you, please stop worrying about how many followers you have.  Instead, focus on growing an engaged, targeted audience on your social media accounts.  Find the people that are in your target niche and engage with them; like their posts, leave comments, and build the relationship.  That is the follower you care about.  That person is in your tribe.  That person will potentially work with or buy from you.  

So the next time you scroll through someone’s profile with complete envy of their follower account, remind yourself of what matters…growing your social media account to appeal and engage with YOUR target audience.  Keep up your efforts to engage your tribe and build relationships.  

Speak to your tribe and they will come.

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So you keep hearing that you *need* to be on Pinterest and that without it, you are missing out on a ton of potential customers.  You want to exist on Pinterest but the concept confuses you or you don’t fully understand how to get your business, brand or products on Pinterest.

You are in the right place.  This simple guide will walk you through creating a Pinterest Business Profile rich in keywords to drive traffic to your pins and your site.

Ready to get started?  Great!  Let’s go…

Step 1:  Create a Business Profile on Pinterest

Sign up for a free Business Profile on Pinterest by going here and clicking on “Create a business account” at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Credit:  Pinterest.com

Enter your name and business email address.  Click “Create Account” and Boom. You have a Pinterest for Business profile.  But…this is where the work begins.

Step 2:  Complete Your Business Profile

Next, confirm your Language and Country.

Once you’ve selected this information, you need to pick a profile name.  It would be wise to select a name that is consistent with your branding on social media.  For instance, my social media profiles for Twitter and Instagram are MyCleverVA, therefore my Pinterest Business profile is…you guessed it, MyCleverVA.  

This consistency makes it easier for your followers from other platforms find you more easily on Pinterest.

Now, you are ready to populate the rest of your profile:  update your Location, type of business, etc. 

You’ll also be asked what types of content are you planning on pinning to your profile by clicking on topics relevant to your profile…Cat Memes, Photography, Prom Dresses, Nail Art, Woodworking, Gardening…you get the point.  The topics list is interesting but it helps Pinterest get an idea of the type of content to place in your Smart Feed.

As part of this step, you have a very important detail to fill out.  The Profile Description. This is your opportunity to tell Pinners what type of content they can expect on you if they follow you.  This also helps people find you if they search for topics related to your niche. Use keywords for your niche but don’t go overboard.  Be as precise as possible to accurately describe your brand and how you serve your audience.

Example:  MyCleverVA helps small businesses increase their Pinterest presence and grow their audience.  

Or here’s another example:  Columbus, OH bridal gown boutique. Grab our free guide:  Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress insertlinktoyourfreeguidehere.net

Step 3:  Confirm Your Website

Claim your website.  This helps you improve your visibility across Pinterest. 

In Pinterest’s own words “Claiming ensures that your name and profile picture will appear on every Pin with your content, whether you created the Pin yourself or someone else created it from one of your sites.”  

Click here for instructions on how to Claim Your Website for Pinterest

Step 4:  Create Boards

Create boards for each topic that you will cover with your saved pins.  These topics should be related to blog posts or services that you offer in your own business.  Just like your Profile Description, you will need to add relevant descriptions to each board you’ve created.  The description should include keywords that let other pinners know what type of content (pins) to expect from each board.  No one wants to follow a board titled “Mosaic Tile” and find a pin for “Funny Cat Memes” on it. Be clear about the intent of the board and stick to it.  Use relevant keywords such as “Healthy Dinner Recipes” not “Yummies for My Tummy”. Literally, no one is searching for “Yummies for my Tummy”. Ever. But they are searching for “healthy dinner recipes” and “low carb slow cooker meals”.  Got it? No “Yummies”.

Also, one thing to note, pay attention to the suggested board names that pop up when you click Create Board.  This is Pinterest’s way of communicating to you what board topics are trending. Take the hint and run with it.

So how many boards should you create?

It is recommended that users create 10 boards when first creating a Pinterest Business Profile.  Ideally, you’d create one board that is strictly content from your own site. However, if you don’t have enough existing content yet for a board dedicated to your own content, this isn’t a big deal.  Create it later, once you have more content to pin. Assign a Board Cover for each board once you’ve added pins. You can use the images from existing pins on your board or you can create custom board cover images.  

You’ll see many business profiles that have branded board covers for each of their boards.  This is not a necessity. Does it look pretty? Yep. Is it necessary to have board covers get any traction on Pinterest?  Nope. While I do recommend creating at least one branded board cover for your profile (remember that board I mentioned earlier for your content only), it’s not at all required.  If you do decide to create your own custom board covers, the dimensions for the images used on board covers should be 800 x 800.

Step 5:  Pin All the Things

Now you need to create some pins and save pins from other pinners.  

Credit:  Pinterest.com

Each board should have 10 Pins saved to it.  Before you panic and say “but Moriah, I don’t have 100 pieces of original content to pin at one time!”  

Relax girlfriend. 

Create pins for content from your website (obviously) but fill in the gaps by pinning related content from other sources.  

Some suggestions for “other sources” could include vendors that you work with that you’d like to promote, products or services that you use frequently in your business, blog posts you’ve found helpful from related niches and more.  These are all great sources of relevant content for you to save to your shiny new Pinterest boards. The important thing to remember is to make sure each pin is relevant to the topic of the board that you’ve created.

Step 6:  Follow Other Pinners

Now you are ready to start finding other pinners to follow.  This will not only help Pinterest figure out what type of content to put in your Main Feed, but it also helps you engage with other pinners.  You may even get a few pinners to follow you back. Win-win.

Once you completed these steps, you are now Pinterest for Business official.  Congratulations.

At this point, you must continue to pin frequently enough to increase your reach (Monthly Viewers, Re-pins/Saves, and Clicks).  And don’t forget to re-pin your own content in addition to content from other sources.

Happy pinning!

P.S.  Have questions about how to create your Pinterest Business Profile?  Drop them in the comments below.

Summary of How-to Create Your Pinterest for Business Profile:

Step 1: Go to to the Pinterest for business page and select Create a business account

Step 2: Complete your Profile.

Step 3: Confirm your Website.

Step 4: Create boards.

Step 5: Start Pinning.

Step 6: Follow ideal clients or other Pinners from your niche.


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The Benefits of Enlisting Help to Grow Your Business

Solopreneurs like to run their businesses light and tight. If you’re like most small business owners, that means you don’t have many (or any) employees and you wear many hats throughout the day. You’re the CEO, the bookkeeper, the web designer, the social media specialist, the marketing department, the affiliate recruiter and even the janitor.

You handle every part of your business yourself. Flying solo can be a good thing and it’s certainly fun. But if you want your business to grow, you’ll need to enlist help at some point. Not only will this help your business thrive, it can also make you happier and healthier, too. Here are four quick benefits of outsourcing:  


Increased Clarity

It’s hard to look at the big picture when you’re using a microscope. Often, solopreneurs and bloggers get so focused on the daily details, they fail to step back and examine whether their business is heading in the right direction.

When you have other people handling routine details, your vision gets clear. You’ll be able to see which strategies and ideas are growing your business and which ones aren’t.  


For many solopreneurs and coaches, there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Often, the first thing you remove from your to-do list when it’s full is self-care. Although you may not realize it, this is foolish. You can’t serve your clients and be there for your loved ones if you’re always run-down.

When you have more help, you’ll have extra time that you can invest in yourself. You can use this time to get a manicure, book a massage, stop by the hair salon, prepare nutritious meals, or take a nap in the middle of the day. These self-care activities will motivate you so you’ll have more energy to invest in your business and in your relationships.


Another advantage of hiring help is that you can focus on the projects that only you can do. This is the important work that your brand is known for. For example, if you’re a coach, then only you can coach your clients. But updating your Instagram account with inspirational quotes? That’s something you can outsource to another service provider.

You get a unicorn!! (AKA: WORK/LIFE BALANCE)

Okay, okay….so you won’t actually get a unicorn, but finding and maintaining a positive work/life balance is a pretty close second. This was a top priority for me this year; and I have enlisted help with tasks that I dislike or take too much of my time. There might be times when all you want to do is finish a project, so you spend days in front of your laptop or there might be times when you avoid your inbox or blog in the hopes that you won’t have to deal with anything work-related.

Choosing a balanced lifestyle is easier when you have talented helpers you trust working for you. With the right people in place, you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled.

Just because you’re a solopreneur, doesn’t mean you have to manage every aspect of your business yourself. You can outsource tasks you don’t enjoy or that you struggle so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

Not sure where to start….take a look at this post and maybe this one too.
In the meantime, consider your day to day routine and upcoming projects and ask yourself these questions:

1. Which tasks do I frequently put off?
2. Which tasks take me a lot of time to complete?
3. Which tasks do I dislike?

All of us have tasks that fall into one or more of these categories. So what are yours? What do you have to gain from enlisting help?

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Small business owners are facing more pressure than ever to juggle more and more administrative and marketing tasks on top of providing the goods and services offered by their business.  Invoices, newsletters, Facebook ads, Pinterest, click funnels, customer appointments, meetings, website updates, SEO, flyers, commercials, booking travel, attending conferences, networking with clients, etc.  Get the picture?  With all of these tasks on a business owner’s plate, who has time to actually do the things that make your business, well….a business?  This is where a virtual assistant comes in to save the day.

   1.  No Overhead Expenses

Virtual assistants aren’t hired as employees of your company.  They work as independent contractors who work from another location (most work from home) and utilize their own resources to complete most tasks (computer/internet/phone, etc).  Therefore, you will not be required to create tax documents, provide health insurance, or train a virtual assistant.  You don’t even give them a place to sit in your office or store!  

   2.  Only pay for the time spent on YOUR projects

Depending on the project and the contract agreement between the client and their virtual assistant, clients will either pay a flat amount for a project or for the actual hours used to complete the work.  Why is this a big deal?  You only contract with the virtual assistant when you need them.  For example, let’s say you know in based on past years performance that the summer months are the busiest for your business. It would make perfect sense for you to hire extra help in the form of a virtual assistant to help with an assortment of tasks that can become overwhelming during peak business periods, such as: invoicing, customer follow-up, file organization, creating job postings, scheduling appointments, answering phones, and project management.  But on the flip side of that, what if you have periods of time when business is slower?  That would be the perfect time to contract with a virtual assistant to assist with stepping up your email or social media campaign to expand your audience of potential customers.  Or, this would be a period of time where you wouldn’t contract with a virtual assistant at all.  Either way, that’s the beauty of hiring a VA.  There’s no one size fits all plan.  It’s up to you to decide how often you would need the extra set of hands and what tasks you need help with.

    3.  Marketing Your Business via Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and (although it’s not technically considered social media) Pinterest are all popular avenues to take when trying to market your business and ideas.  However, unless you have hours of time available to learn the ins and outs of SEO, funnels, and web copy, you are probably not fully utilizing the power of strategic social media marketing.  A virtual assistant with social media management skills can create and/or schedule social media posts, manage email lists, moderate and respond to comments, develop eye-catching graphics, and keep your customers engaged.

   4.  VA’s actually enjoy performing the tasks that you loathe

Do you hate invoicing?  Or maybe you really loathe sending out cold pitches to potential clients via email?   Is managing staff schedules and booking customer appointments taking up too much of your day? Do spreadsheets and inventory make you want to pull your hair out?  If you answered yes to any of these, guess what?  There is someone out there who would love to take over these tasks for you.  You will find that virtual assistants are the master of many of these daily administrative tasks.

5.  Free Up More Time To Spend on Your Actual Business

Starting and maintaining your own business can be exhausting.  There’s always something that needs to be done, questions to get answered, and new skills to learn.  How many times have you spent countless hours of your free time trying to figure out invoicing, file organization, coordinating employee schedules, and trying to come up with fresh and engaging content for your Newsletter?  You can offload many (if not all) of these tasks on a virtual assistant.  Or you might hire a virtual assistant to help you figure out how to streamline these processes to allow you more time to manage your day to day business tasks…you know…like focusing on providing the goods and services that that make your business…a successful, profitable business.

So, go ahead, think long and hard about the tasks that are really causing you the most grief in your day to day business and consider how a virtual assistant may be able to help.  

Share in the comments below…What is the number one tasks that you put off every week?

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Browsing the web can inspire you but sometimes, it’s hard to know exactly how a designer created a specific element. What color did they use? What font is that? Wonder no more with these cool design tools.

Create Beautiful Designs with These Chrome Extensions


Colorzilla is an extension that allows you to pull the color from any element on a web page. That means if you love a shade of green you see on a website, you can click the color picker and discover exactly what color it is.

Another handy feature of Colorzilla is that it stores your previous color selections. That means you can easily find other colors you’ve clicked on and used so you don’t have to worry about losing one of your favorites.

Font Finder

Am I the only one that occasionally visits other web pages and immediately have font or color scheme envy? I often find myself spending way too much time scrolling through various fonts trying to find “that font I saw on that site the other day”. Needless to say, those are hours that I’ll never get back. I was thrilled to discover Font Finder. This extension will help you (and me) determine what font a web page is using. Once you’ve installed the extension, all you have to do is right click and select “Inspect Font”. Then you’ll be shown the name of the font.

But Font Finder doesn’t stop there. You’ll also see other helpful information like the color, size and spacing of the font you selected.

Window Resizer

Window Resizer lets you test what a web page will look across various devices. You can open a website and click on the extension to pick from a range of devices like iPhone, Windows Desktop, and more.

Once you select the format, the page will reload and appear as it would on that layout. This can be particularly helpful when you need to make sure your pages are loading correctly across different platforms.


Yes, this is another Font extension, however, TypeWonder differs slightly from Font Finder in that it allows you to preview the content of your choosing in different fonts without actually having to commit the changes to your site. Simply type in the URL that you wish to preview, choose a font, and take a sneak peek at how it looks. Personally, I love this option when playing around with designing new landing pages or after discovering new fonts. I can give it a test drive without having to commit.

So what extensions are you using in your day to day routine that help boost your creativity? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Stay tuned for my next post “Chrome Extensions that Can Boost your Productivity”.

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My Cleverva by Mycleverva - 3M ago
A Quick Start Guide to Setting SMART goals.

You’ve heard of SMART goals, right?  I think we all have.

Do we follow it?  Not usually. We get distracted. Or tired.  Or we set goals that were not defined well enough to put together an actionable plan.   Then we feel defeated or unmotivated to keep pushing forward and open ourselves up to yet another failed attempt at achieving our goals.

Let’s change that in 2019 and actually stick to a plan and CRUSH our goals.

Set SMART Goals. But what makes our goals and resolutions SMART?


If your goals are generic, your progress toward achieving them will be too.

Your goals should be very specific and leave no question as to where to start.

Personally, every year I say:  “I want to lose weight.” Great.  But HOW am I going to try to lose weight?  WHEN do I want to lose the weight by? WHY do I want to lose weight?  Sadly, I seem to never really write these things out and it fizzles and I do what I did last year.  I maintain my current weight and say “meh, this is fine”. Fortunately, when it comes to my business goals, I know that I  have to be SMART in my goal planning if I want to see growth.

So let’s say that you want to increase the revenue generated by your blog for 2019?  Is that a very specific goal? Not really. By how much do you want to increase? When do you (realistically) expect to start seeing increases in revenue?  How can you change what you are doing today to improve revenue? Will you add affiliate marketing to your passive income strategies?  Will you write more sponsored posts? All of these are great questions to have answered BEFORE you give up on your goal or resolution.


I’m going to stick with the idea that your main goal is “to increase blog revenue by 10% by July 2019”.  How will you measure this growth? You need something to compare to, right? Revenue is easily measurable.   You could maybe start the new year by collecting benchmark data from the prior year. This will give you your starting point.  These are the numbers that you want to beat. Keep this data handy so you can measure your growth monthly or quarterly.


This is where we figure out whether or not your goal was realistic for YOUR blog or business.  Increasing revenue by 10% is totally doable IF you commit to putting in the work to make that happen.  Your goal should be challenging, but achievable.


If your goal is to increase blog revenue in 2019 by 10%, but you really just want to focus on selling your handmade jewelry line.  Or let’s say you don’t currently have or really know how to blog. Or you hate writing. Well….then you may want to rethink this goal.  Maybe you can instead focus on generating income by making updates to your marketing plan for your online shop instead. Regardless, make sure the goals that you are setting are relevant to YOUR business and represent your values.


By now you should have spelled out most of the important details of your goal and refined it into a specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant goal.  Now you have to determine when you want to achieve your goals by. There has to be a deadline. Without a defined end date, you will set yourself up for a year of procrastination.  Set a date or time frame (June 1 or End of Spring) and be firm.

At this point you have your goal refined.  Write it down. Share it with someone close to you or with a supportive peer group.  Take some time to visualize your goal. Focus on it and commit to executing it.

Now go on.  CRUSH YOUR GOALS in 2019!

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Until next time.

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Bloggers juggle many tasks. I’m not sure that the average person realizes how much work goes into managing the blogs that they follow. Between managing social media posts, creating new content, editing photos, and marketing your blog, it oftentimes becomes too much for one person to handle. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the tasks that bloggers can easily outsource to a virtual assistant so they can get back to doing what they do best….blogging.

Virtual assistants can help bloggers get back to doing what they do best…blogging. 1. Social Media Management

It can be a real pain sometimes to deal with staying current and engaging your followers on SO many social media platforms when you are already busy trying to create killer content for your blog as well as managing your website.  And let’s face it, there’s a lot of pressure to interact with your social media followers daily.

2. Keeping Your Website Fresh

Have you ever landed on a blogger’s site and couldn’t click x out of there fast enough?  Was it because it was a mess of posts and ads with no real organization? Or maybe it was because most of the url’s were broken (or spammy).  Most virtual assistants have some experience with updating websites; which platform they have experience with, however, varies. Regardless, a good VA will be able to assist with minor tweaks such as testing URL’s to look for any broken links, 404 errors, or outdated content.  In addition, VA’s can assist with updating images, social media links, menus, reorganize posts, or help you give your site a small makeover. All of these tasks help bloggers keep their website in tip top shape and their readers coming back for more.

3. Edit or Create Blog Content

Sometimes a blogger may be managing more than one blog.  Or they have about 30 different posts drafted but really need someone to help edit before you hit publish. Is that you?  Why not offload some of this to someone with more time to focus on these other projects and posts? Also, your VA will be able to help you organize these posts into a content calendar and prioritize what should be edited and published and when.  This helps you get organized and on schedule to deliver content to your readers in a timely manner. So instead of staring at your google drive for twenty minutes trying to figure out which post to edit next (and overlooking a few typos), you might want to get that extra set of arms you’ve been desperately wishing for (except they’ll be attached to your virtual assistant).

4. Research Topics or Products and Services

I get it.  You have a thousand ideas floating around in your head.  Unfortunately 999 of those ideas may require a little research and legwork.  You can totally offload some of that research to a virtual assistant while you focus your energy on your current projects and posts.  Then, when you are ready to put your fingers to the keyboard, you will already have some sources and data lined up to get the ball rolling.  And if you’re really lucky, you may even have an outline or rough draft waiting on you.

5. Comment Moderation or Commenting on OTHER Blogs

It can be time consuming to not only keep up with your own blog comments, let alone go and read a gazillion other blogs and comment on those well.  A great way to extend your reach to other bloggers within your niche is to have a VA follow many of those blogs and comment on new posts.

6. SEO/Keyword Research

SEO and keywords can drive hoards of traffic to your blog…if it’s done right.  But, this is another task that can be time consuming and will take some trial and error.  Finding someone who understands the Google Marketing Platform, keyword tools, and how backlinks work can help you a great deal in driving traffic to your blog (and generating revenue obviously).

7. Transcription of Video Posts

Many bloggers are also hosting Podcasts, posting YouTube tutorials, or scheduling Facebook live sessions with their followers.  Not only do you spend a significant amount of time editing and producing some of this content, it often helps to also provide a transcription of the dialogue from this audio or video content.  In my honest opinion, this is a task that I feel is always best to hand off to a second set of eyes. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to edit or transcribe your own content because you are “too close to it”.   When trying to recapture all that was shared in video content, it helps to have an outside perspective on how to organize and present the print version of the content in the best light.

8. Email follow-up

Bloggers receive a lot of emails.  Email list subscribers often reply to recent newsletters.  They want to interact with bloggers and share ideas, suggestions, or ask questions.  The same happens with anyone who happens to stumble upon the blog and would like to ask more questions.  Here comes another email. And how about when other bloggers reach out to suggest a collaboration or guest posting opportunity?  Email again. While all of this interaction is AMAZING to be a part of (I mean it’s nice to feel wanted, right?), there’s still something to be said for being able to delegate some of this to someone else. Having someone around who can easily act on your behalf in welcoming new subscribers or answering common questions (we all know that you receive at least one question over and over again) could be life changing for a busy blogger like you.

9. Bookkeeping

Accounting not your thing?  Well, find someone who does understand and enjoy accounting.  There are tons of virtual assistants out there that can help you sort out details from your expenses (hosting fees, email list management tools, schedulers, etc) and earnings (affiliate income, e-product income, etc).

10. Pinterest Account Management

If you aren’t promoting your blog on Pinterest….wellllll, let me let you in on a little secret.  Pinterest can become your blog’s best friend if you utilize it to its full potential. However, pinning can become a full time job by itself if you are really serious about it.  A virtual assistant can help you utilize tools like Tailwind to get your blog posts front and center on the Pinterest feeds of your target audience.

Are you a blogger juggling too many things at once?  What tasks have plagued you since starting your blog?  Which tasks would you love to punt to someone else who can get it done (and fast)?

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