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This BedJet review looks at what it’s like from a person buying it from the UK.

Do you get lots of sweaty hot uncomfortable summer nights? Once the heat wakes you up do you find it difficult to get back to sleep?

Most people rely on an air conditioner to get them through this (since standing fans simply re-circulate hot air).

However, what happens if you can’t install an air conditioner?

What happens if you need the room colder but your partner needs it hot?

These are problems that the BedJet proposes to solve.

“This review is my personal experience of buying, installing and using it, this is NOT a sponsored post so I’m free to tell the complete truth.”

The bottom line of this BedJet review is that overall my experience with the product is very good, however, there are serious problems for anyone purchasing it outside of the US.

BedJet History

The BedJet is the creation from a former NASA engineer. The vision came into fruition after its appearance on the popular Shark Tank tv show in 2015. Today, the BedJet is a popular investment product in the sleep industry.

My personal interactions with the company were extremely positive.

The customer care team are helpful and go above and beyond to help answer the questions that I had.

Why Do You Need The BedJet?

The average adult will needs between 7 – 9 of good quality uninterrupted sleep to have optimum health outcomes.

Not getting enough sleep can have serious physical and psychological health effects.

This can include things like lack of concentration and diminished memory functions.

Over a longer period of time, being severely sleep deprived can increase the risk of health issues. For instance, health issues like strokes, cardiovascular problems and so on.

What is one of the biggest causes of sleep problems? Fluctuating body temperature.

Your body will typically go low while you’re asleep in order to improve blood circulation and healing as well as helping your body to sleep more naturally.This is where the BedJet comes in.

It is an electronic device that allows both cooling and heating at the press of the button. This means that it works for all seasons. Whether in winter or summer, you can control the climate of your bed wirelessly via a remote control or through the special app available for smartphones.

How the BedJet Heats and Cools

Yes, the BedJet allows both heating and cooling. It does without the need to constantly add water (like the ChiliPad). And once installed there is little to no on-going maintenance.

It works by drawing in ambient air from the base unit. Just note that it is not the unit that creates cool air.

It is simply the movement of cooler air near the floor that blows against your skin providing cooling through convection and evaporation.

It is simply the force of the air blowing against your skin that makes it lose body heat.

However, this means that it might not be effective if the room temperature is 80 degrees or more. Also note that it’s not going to be as cold as an AC device.

But having used it myself, I felt that it was sufficiently cold enough to cure my night sweats.

Key BedJet Features

The base of the BedJet is 6.75 inches tall and will only need 7 inches of space despite how big the delivery box looks.

If there is no space under your bed then you can buy a side holder and place it beside your bed. It is vertical mounting bracket that you can buy direct from BedJet. Using this will keep the unit from needing space under your bed. The unit also looks pretty good so something worth showing off.

Adjustable Mattress Mount

You can put the BedJet on any side of the bed or even at the end of the bed. Either way the mount for the air flow is adjustable. You simply have to remove one of the individual stacks to make it shorter and replace it to make it taller.

The configuration is quite simple, as you can see.

My mattress is very deep at around 13 inch buy only needed 2 stacks and removed all the others. This created a perfect fit for the air hose and nozzle.

The BedJet Air Hose and Nozzle

Like the mount, the air hose is also adjustable. The air tube can be up to 4 feet long. This allows you to easily adjust the BedJet base to the preferred nozzle position.

The company recommends that you should not make it lean over 90 degrees so that you can get maximum airflow. Ideally, the mouthpiece gently rests on your bed so as to direct the air flow under the duvet (quilt or blanket) or over the fitted sheet.

Simple BedJet Settings

There are only 7 settings on the wireless remote that comes with the machine and you will only need to use 4 of them most of the time. The most options that you will use are the “heat”, “cool”, “up” and “down”.

It is also possible to time it so that it turns itself off and another setting means you can turn off the beeping sound.

You can access more settings by downloading the app. Getting the app means a lot more control and many more options.

Is The BedJet App Worth It?

It is very easy to find the BedJet app on the App store and install it for free.

Once set up, make sure your device is on and the app will connect with the device. It took me less than 3 minutes to get set up and connected.

However, although the app works very well, I personally found it to be overkill and the remote is sufficient.

This application is free and available for both Andriod and iPhone applications. If you are running two devices at the same time, you should configure them with less power to avoid overloading the switch. Do this by plugging them separately in different plugs.


The first time you turn on the device it beeps and every time you change the setting, you’ll hear a beep also. These are not loud beeps and actually reassuring because it’s difficult to know if the device is responding otherwise.

However, if the beeps annoy you then you can turn them off.

The other part of the sound is how loud the machine is. I used this device in an apartment so have neighbours on both sides as well as below me downstairs.

“But I was so happy that the BedJet is quiet. Very very quiet.”

You can barely hear it. Sometime it’s so quiet (especially when it’s on a lower flow setting) that you have to put your hand against it to see if it’s working or not.

Therefore, you can do this with the lowest setting without experiencing fan noise and no cooling loss.

Wireless Remote

Since the unit is under or beside your bed it’s pretty hard to reach in the middle of the night not to mention the room being pitch black. The wireless remote is a lifesaver and makes this device enjoyable to use. 

You need the remote control to use the system and it needs a A23 alkaline battery (included with the set).

The downside is that you can not operate the machine without using this remote control or the Bluetooth app. There are no buttons on the machine itself.

The only thing I would suggest to the manufacturers (if they are reading this) is to make the remote buttons light up in the night.

The BedJet Air Flow

The air flow is the way the device cools and heats so this is not for you if you don’t like sleeping with covers. It will not be effective without bed covers.

This is also best suited for bed covers that have a 250 or more thread count sheet. Otherwise you’ll lose all of the air through the sheets and it will not be as effective.

I personally experience an equal amount of air filling under my sheets whether the air flow is set to high or low settings. Also it only takes a few seconds to completely fill up with air and you start to fill the positive effects against your skin.

Bedjet Pros & Cons

As with any product, despite high ratings and positive reviews, there are some concerns. Although these are generally easy to live with or solve, they exist. Below are some of the most notable and standout pros and cons that I think are worth highlighting.


The cooling takes place only by the air movement, this means there are certain situations where it will not be effective. For instance, if your room is over 80 degrees.

The air hose is a bit bulky and will stick out of the side of the bed – there is no way around this.

Because the device gets air from the bottom of the bed, if can mean you get “cold” feet.


The benefits of BedJet are so many but the biggest benefit is that it does what it promises. It keeps you both hot and cold it the press of a button – when you need it most. For the average consumer, this is an easy-to-use cooling and heating airflow system. It helps you sleep more comfortably in any weather. Here are some more pros:

Easy configuration. It literally took me a few minutes to set up and there are not plenty of unnecessary parts.

Stops night-sweats because it helps you avoid body moisture.

Complete control of body temperature, while sleeping in every season.

You can get x2 BedJets and have it hot on one-side and cold on the other to suit the different temperature needs of two people sharing a bed.

Extremely quiet and unlikely to be heard in the next room.

Easy to program, configure, set up, set specific time for it to turn off.

It can work with your own bed sheets and you don’t have to buy the BedJet comforter.

Comes with a sponge and clip so you can sprinkle your favorite essential oil and clip it inside the air flow unit so that the air smells nice. I personally love the smell of lavender and believe that it has some sleep enhancing properties.

Does not add a significant amount to your electricity bill, I haven’t noticed any change at all.

BedJet Warranty, Guarantee and Customer Service

Like most modern..

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What is the importance of water during exercise?

Staying healthy becomes more challenging as you age. Without a good diet and routine exercise, you run the risk of gaining weight. The more weight you gain, the higher your risk for high blood pressure  and heart disease becomes.

Going to the gym on a regular basis will require a great deal of motivation. As you get further along in your fitness journey, you will need to find ways to optimize your performance in the gym.

Investing in nootropic supplements and drinking plenty of water are just a few of the things you need to think about doing. Be sure to check out this nootropic review article by Happy Body Formula to find out how these supplements can make you more focused throughout your day.

Drinking plenty of water is also important when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Read below to find out how drinking water can help boost your gym performance.

1. Water and Muscle Recovery

Did you realize that only around 5 percent of American adults engage in 30 minutes of physical activity each day? If you are tired of living a sedentary lifestyle, now is the time to get in the gym.

Once you are in the gym pumping a little iron, you need to stay well-hydrated. Most people fail to realize that water can help to energize their muscles during a workout. In order to function at optimal levels, your muscles need the right balance. The key to maintaining this balance is plenty of electrolytes. 

If you are not hydrating during your time at the gym, the number of electrolytes in your system will get reduced significantly. This will result in your muscles getting weaker. Drinking plenty of water at the gym will allow you to perform at higher levels while giving your muscles a workout.

2. Drinking Water and Joint Lubrication

Having aching joints is something most older Americans are familiar with. This aching usually comes as a result of low synovial fluid levels in the body. Replenishing the amount of synovial fluid in your system is easy when consuming enough water during a workout.

Without proper lubrication, your joints will have a lot of added stress put on them when you are lifting weights or performing other exercises at the gym. The more stress you put on your joints, the higher the risk of injuries occurring will become. This is why properly hydrating is essential when trying to avoid joint-related injuries.

3. Drinking Water Pain Relief

When you first start working out in the gym, your body will need to acclimate to this increase in physical activity.

In some instances, these changes can cause lots of muscle and joint aches and pains. While these aches and pains are normal, they can take you out of the game if you are not careful.

Are you looking for a way to increase your endurance and pain tolerance while in the gym? If you answered yes, then drinking plenty of water is essential. When muscles are left in a dehydrated state, it will increase their sensitivity to pain. By increasing your water intake, you can workout hard and for a longer amount of time.

4. Water Decrease Your Recovery Time

If your aches and pains get too bad, it may prohibit you from going to the gym on a regular basis. The best way to decrease your recovery time following a vigorous workout is by drinking enough water.

Drinking water will also help to flush toxins out of your body. Ignoring your body’s need for plenty of water will lead to lots of problems when trying to make progress in your fitness journey. The last thing you want to do is to be doubled over in pain after a particularly rigorous workout. This is why you need to take providing your body with plenty of water seriously.

5. Water Hydrates Your Brain

As most workout enthusiasts know, going to the gym and seeing progress is also a mental game.

If you are not feeling 100 percent mentally, chances are you will not want to give your all during a rigorous workout.

The longer you wait to get a handle on your issue with mental fog, the harder you will find it to achieve your physical fitness goals.

One of the first things you need to try when dealing with mental focus problems in the gym is increasing your water intake. Most people fail to realize their brain is composed of 73 percent water. So it makes sense that drinking more water can help with concentration and alertness.

The biggest misconception most people have regarding their body is that dehydration is immediately detectable. In reality, a 2 percent dehydration can affect memory and assessment skills. This is why drinking plenty of water inside and outside of the gym is a good idea.

6. Water is a Great Way to Promote Weight Loss

Going to the gym is something most people do to lose weight. An overwhelming number of Americans are considered obese.

Remaining obese will usually lead to the development of health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and even high blood pressure. By getting active and staying active, you can win the battle of the bulge once and for all.

When going on a diet, drinking more water is a crucial part of the success you have. Removing fat by-products is just one of the ways water can help you lose weight. If you increase your intake of water, you will feel fuller. This means you are far less likely to overeat on a consistent basis.

Studies show that water can also have a positive effect on your metabolism. While you need to focus on drinking plenty of water while working out, you also need to drink plenty before meals. This will help you eat less and feel better in the long run.

7. Water Rids Your Body of Toxins

If you are like most Americans, you fail to realize just how many toxins are in the food and drinks you consume on a daily basis. Even when going to a healthy diet, you will still be faced with the problem of toxin build up in the body.

Having too many bad toxins in your body can affect your performance in the gym, as well as vital organs like your liver and kidneys.

Are you looking for a way to flush these harmful toxins from your body? Drinking more water is a great way to accomplish this task. By drinking more water, you can flush out your body via sweat and urination. Doing this can help you prevent health issues like urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Waiting to get a handle on this problem will lead to serious health consequences. With a bit of motivation and a heaping helping of water, you can rid your body of toxins in a hurry.

8. Drinking Water For Skin Glow

Going to the gym is mostly about getting in shape and feeling better. However, you will meet a lot of people in this setting, which is why making sure you look presentable is essential. Since the body is composed of 60 percent water, not drinking enough can lead to skin problems over time.

The skin is an organ that requires lots of care to stay problem-free. Failing to get enough water in your daily diet can lead to your skin getting flaky, tight and extremely dry. Also, dry skin is more prone to wrinkling, which should be all the motivation you need to drink more water starting today. 

Not only does moisturizing your skin help keep it youthful and wrinkle free, proper hydration can help as well. While drinking more water will be hard at first, your body will acclimate quickly and it will grow easier with each passing day.

9. Water Helps in Digestion

People who take the time to go to the gym are usually interested in taking care of every part of their body. For most people, keeping their bowel movements regular is a constant challenge. Instead of dealing with the pain and discomfort of irregular bowel movements, you need to focus on drinking more water.

By drinking more water, you can break your food down better. This also helps your body absorb more of the nutrients from your food. Breaking your food down better can also help you avoid bouts with constipation.

Some people rely on laxatives and other over-the-counter medicines to keep their digestive system regular. Doing this can actually hurt your body in the long run. Rather than risking your level of wellness by relying on these unnatural methods, you need to focus on getting more water in your system.

10. Drinking Water When Sick

Drinking more water can help you boost the power of your body’s immune system. The better your immune system is, the easier you will find it to fend off sickness throughout the course of your year. Drinking water strengthens your immune system by increasing the amount of oxygen your body cells receive.

As mentioned previously, increasing water intake is a great way to flush toxins from your body. Gradually increasing your water intake over time is the best way to avoid getting overwhelmed. This also allows your body to acclimate to this process, which is extremely beneficial as well.

Going to the gym a few times a week is essential when trying to sculpt and tone your body. As you get used to spending time at the gym, you will find it is a very important part of your day. This is why you need to do all you can to prevent missing a workout. If you are particularly prone to catching common colds or even the flu, drinking more water is essential.

11. Back Pain Relieved By Drinking Water 

If you are going to be doing weight training in the gym, then focusing on keeping your back and neck in good shape is a must.

Putting more strain on these parts of your body via weightlifting can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. While there are a number of creams and over the counter pain medicine you can take for these pains, you can also increase your intake of water.

Most people fail to realize that the nucleus of their vertebrae is made of water. This means that without the right amount of water intake, the discs in your back will not get the support they need. If your back pain is persistent and excruciating, visiting a chiropractor is a good idea.

These professionals can perform a number of tests to determine exactly what the cause of your problem is. However, it never hurts to keep your level of water intake high to provide relief to your vertebrae.

12. Get to The Gym After a Night Out (Water Hangover Help)

One of the best ways to blow off a bit of steam and reduce stress is by going out with friends for a few adult drinks.

If you consume a bit too much alcohol on your night out, going to the gym the next morning may be difficult to say the least.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the pain that accompanies a hangover, then drinking more water is the answer. The more alcohol you consume. the more dehydrated your body will inevitably become.

This is why you need to match each alcoholic drink you have with a glass of water. This will be hard at first, but your body will definitely thank you in the morning.

Getting the Right Amount of Water

The biggest problem most people have when drinking water throughout their day is knowing exactly how much they need.

If you are looking for a way to make this decision easier, then be sure to use this helpful daily water calculator. It features a water consumption calculator that will help to remove the guesswork regarding how much h2o you need to be drinking on a daily basis.

The post Here Are 12 Ways Water Helps You Boost Gym Performance appeared first on Mr Water Geek.

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Alkaline water filter machines have received a lot of press lately. There are lots of information highlighting some impressive health benefits of alkaline water. This includes everything from losing weight to curing cancer.

Is there any truth to this? Especially when alkaline water machines can cost up to $4000 USD.

Aside from the magnificent health claims alkaline water has lots of raving fans. You only have to look at the reviews on places like Amazon to see how happy people are to hand over $3500 for a water machine.

Tyent UCE-11 gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from verified customers.

This article will look behind all the claims and hype and get to the core of what is real.

By the end of this article you will know which is the best alkaline water filter machine and whether or not it’s worth it.

What Are Alkaline Water Machines?

In very simple terms an alkaline machine both filters and changes the pH level of the water so that it becomes alkaline.

The most sophisticated alkaline machines will convert water direct from your tap and even boost it with hydrogen. In fact, the pH water level can actually represent the hydrogen potential.

Water with higher pH has less free hydrogen ions and pH values go from 0 to 14. Numbers below 7 are acidic, above 7 is alkaline and 7 is a neutral pH. J

ust remember that water that is less than 7 will most likely taste sour and above seven will taste softer. For reference regular everyday milk is a pH. 7.0. Juice and sodas have a pH of around 3.

How Do Alkaline Water Machines Work?

The regular alkaline water filter machine changes the waters’ pH balance by passing the water through a process called electrolysis. This process divides hydrogen ions and minerals in the water. The machine produces alkaline water converted through its water jets.

The best alkaline water filter machines connect directly to your tap faucet and change the pH level of your water on contact.

A top of the range alkaline water filter machine like the UCE-11 from Tyent will filter the water before turning it alkaline. It has 2 powerful water filters that will remove almost all contaminants and impurities from the water.

Alkaline Water Filter Benefits

New research is showing more and more alkaline water filter benefits. The body generally works best with a non-acidic environment. So it won’t surprise you to know that the worst foods and liquids are also very acidic e.g. sweets, sodas, processed foods and some dairy products.

Consuming more alkaline products has many health benefits including:

Alkaline water is oxygen rich and can help increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in your blood.

High levels of antioxidants present in alkaline water can help to neutralize free radicals in your body. Free radicals are responsible for some cell and DNA damage.

Can help relieve acid reflux. In fact, there are some doctors prescribing drinking water with a higher alkaline level to treat reflux.

Alkaline water can be mineral rich, especially if the alkaline water machine that you choose can create higher concentrations of alkaline minerals.

Drinking almost any type of water contributes to your body being able to flush out toxins and acidic waste present in your body.

It may encourage you to drink more water because of the nice, pleasant, refreshing alkaline taste.

The Best Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer

The table below is a quick alkaline water pitcher ionizer buying guide. It represents the highest rated alkaline machines available on the market today.

Since the models can be more than $3000, I’ve also added some coupon codes and special offers that you might want to consider using to get more for your money.

The Best Alkaline Water MachineBest FeaturespH RangePriceIncludes Filter? 
Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Plate
- 7 different healthy water settings.
- Easy set up (just add water!)
- Very good customer satisfaction.
3.0 to 11.5$$$YES - (Active carbon water filters)
Jupiter Science Venus Water Ionizer JP107
- 7 healthy water options.
- Comes with water filters.
- Most affordable option.
5.0 to 11.0$$YES - (Biostone Filter)
Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
- Connects to the faucet OR water line below the sink.
- Has 2 very powerful water filters.
2.0 to 12.0$$$YES - (2 powerful water filters)
Tyent UCE-11 (Under counter with above counter faucet touch screen)- Works under the counter so saves space.
- Both alkaline and acidic settings.
- The HIGHEST specs of any alkaline machine.
SPECIAL OFFER: Use coupon code WaterGeek for the biggest discount and lots of FREE upgrades.
YES - (2 ultra filters with 0.01 micron active carbon)
Common Alkaline Water Filter Buying MISTAKES Don’t assume that a cheaper alkaline water filter is better value.

There are lots of different types of alkaline water machines that come in at very different price points. It might be tempting to go for the cheapest alkaline pitcher that you can find but creating genuine alkaline water is a difficult and complicated process. So the cheaper filters are not always as effective as the more premium ionizer machines.

Instead of focusing on the price, you should be looking for the features and the pH range of alkaline water that it can produce.

“Alkaline water ionizers” are the SAME thing as “alkaline water filter machines”.

Don’t get confused by the names as many manufacturers use these two terms interchangeably or sometimes even combine both names in the same product.

However, the main differences to be aware of are the two main categories you will find with big price differences.

  • Countertop models: This is a big alkaline water machine that sits on the counter and connects directly to your tap faucet. It’s great if you want to show off the machine and want something that is easier to install.
  • Under the cabinet models with electronic tap faucet. The upper unit is essentially a high tech faucet with a touch screen interface for you to choose the type of alkaline water that you want. The alkaline machine sits under the counter and connects directly to the tap.

The price of the machine will depend on the materials used in the water ionizer (the cheaper machines are usually made from plastic), number of plates and level of functionality.

More plates will mean a higher quality of alkaline water but also corresponds to a higher price.

“Reverse Osmosis Systems” do NOT produce alkaline water.

A reverse osmosis system is a type of water purification that produces very clean filtered drinkable water but does not produce alkaline water.

Unlike alkaline water machines, a reverse osmosis unit passes the water through several fine filters. Each filter has a very specific purpose. For instance, it may remove things like trace elements, impurities and sediments. Other filters might add calcium and magnesium to the minerals. The end result is very clean water that is free of impurities.

While an alkaline machine, on the other hand, uses both filters AND plates to not only purify but to also change the pH composition of your water.

This is why a home reverse osmosis filter machine has a much lower starting price of around $350.

Alkaline water filter pitchers are the CHEAPEST way to get alkaline water BUT they are very INCONVENIENT and HARD WORK.

Yes, alkaline water filter pitchers are far more cheaper than the electronic alkaline water machine. However, they are not usually as effective in producing high quality alkaline water.

There is also the added hassle of constantly buying new expensive cartridge filters which is part of why the upfront cost is so cheap.

Which Is The Best Alkaline Water Filter For Sink?

By favorite model by far is the UCE-11 by Tyent.

It is not the cheapest in fact, quite the opposite. However, if your intention is to get the best quality alkaline water machine made from durable long lasting materials with a lifelong warranty then this is for you.

The features are head and shoulders above all the competition and it’s made with high quality stainless materials (not plastic).

All of this comes with a FOREVER LIFETIME GUARANTEE (so long as you use coupon code: WaterGeek). This alone means that the high price is worth it because you know that it will last a lifetime.

Tyent UCE-11 Problems.

Very expensive.

You may need some DIY skills or professional plumber to install it for you. But this is the case with ALL alkaline water machines.

The lifetime warranty ONLY applies if you buy directly from Tyent (NOT Amazon, etc.).

Tyent UCE-11 Best Features

Easy to install under your counter with high tech tap faucet. This makes it a space option saving for your countertop unlike other bulky alkaline machines.

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Before discussing structured water, let’s go back to the basics.

When it comes to human survival, water is still the highest on the list. This is ordinary, clean mineral drinking water.

As you know, water is a substance that gives life and that we should all be putting into our body every day for the best health outcomes. Without water, chronic dehydration sets in (especially in hot weather) and we would be dead in a week. Some living organisms are up to 90% total body weight in water, while it’s about 60% of the human body.

The fact that we need a healthy amount of water each day is not debatable. The question is are some types of water better than others?

Enter “structured water”. This type of water is gaining more and more interest and popularity. But what exactly is structured water? Is it good for you and are all the amazing health claims true?

What Is Structured Water?

According to the emerging definitions of “structured water,” structured, magnetized or hexagonal water is water that has been filtered, mechanically cleaned and processed in a way for it to contain more “energy.” This configuration of water is supposed to be better for your body.

The structured water definition is sometimes called “Hexagonal Water” and is essentially sold as water that contains more energy and configured to better health.

How To Make Structured Water?

There are lots of different pseudo science explanations for this but the best I can work out is the following:

The theory is that the structured water molecules in our cells can have a higher electrical charge in a specific order in which our cells function. The functioning of our muscles and tissues is much better when the water molecules in our cells are optimally charged. This process is enhanced with water like structured water, which is set up to do this.

But Wait… Our Body Already Contains Structured Water?

Yes, this is true.

But the argument is that structured water is like a battery that needs to be charged constantly. This means that consuming lots of structured water is like charging the energy liquid “battery” of the body. When the body has enough of this “charge”, it will allow and enhance cells and metabolic function not to mention promote hydration and detoxification.

Structured Water Research?

Most of the academic research in this area is by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington. For many, he is the leading authority in structured water studies and has a decade track record of studying these types of water technologies.

His work indicates that water is strongly influenced by the naturally occurring sources of light and heat. His argument is that this can alter the molecular composition of the water and therefore has a different effect on our body.

While it is important to note that the whole academic field around structured water is still very inconclusive and limited.

A quick check of the available literature argues that this type of water can have an optimal pH that is vital to your health. Aside from hydration structured water can provide a lot of health benefits because of its composition. This includes:

  • Enzymes that help in the absorption of nutrients.
  • Better energy levels.
  • Weight control.
  • Better digestion.
  • Cholesterol level blood pressure benefits.
  • Joint health.

The infographic below comes from Dr Axe and highlights some of the benefits that people associate with hexagonal, structured or magnetized water.

Given that the science is still inconclusive (at best) most devices are simply not to be trusted.

While they can generate structured water, not all specialist structured water devices are the same. This is not helped by the fact that there is no government legislation or industry standards in this area.

There are also lots of manufacturers taking advantage of the confusion and misunderstanding of the science.

The other issue is that regular everyday drinking water adequately supplies the body with energy. So if your main objective is to get more energy through hydration then just drink water. The science on that is conclusive at least.

Is Structured Water a SCAM?

It is difficult to say because the data is both limited and generic. In general, we need a lot more research and academic studies to identify the actual benefits of structured water.

Until we know more, spend more time in the sun.


Well, the concept of structured water is similar to the theory of “grounding”. This is because it is fundamentally trying to explain how the exposure of our body to nature (e.g light and heat sources) can affect health in many positive ways.

All of the benefits that you hope to get from this type of water can come from being exposed to direct sunlight. Do this with no sunscreen (be careful with this and ideally only do this with refreshing early morning sun).

Doing this creates many energy and health benefits linked to vitamin D. Getting more natural vitamin D helps restore circadian rhythms meaning that it helps you get a regular sleep pattern. Another benefit of gentle and limited solar radiation is that it may help you to relieve stress, increases your immune function and gives you more energy.

Structured Water vs Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is water that has undergone a process of ionization that turns its pH alkaline. The theory behind alkaline water is that alkaline (ionized) water is a powerful antioxidant with excess electrons that can “kill” dangerous free radicals.

Structured water is a type of water that is thought to contain a greater amount of energy and is referred to as “optimally charged.”. The benefit of this is that it makes our cells work more efficiently.

Why is Alkaline Water Better?

In simple terms, alkaline water is more academically established and has findings that are more conclusive.

An acidic environment in the body is a thriving ground for all sorts of illnesses.

Alkaline water and alkaline foods are good for those that want to optimize their health outcomes by enhancing an alkaline body. There are also new models of alkaline water machines that include an extra hydrogen boost.

The best alkaline water machines are not cheap. However, they are a lot more established then the newer types of water machines. This means that they have lots of positive customer reviews that you can read before buying.

Coupon code: WaterGeek

Scientific Research

Rand, R. P., and V. A. Parsegian. 1989. Hydration forces. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 988:351–376.

H. Bennett K. Turner. Precious water: Clean water science in context with classroom activities. Education in Chemistry. January 2018.

Seong G.H., Lee H.S., Lee B.C. and Bahng G.W. (2017) International Journal of Cell Biology, 75-79.

Antognozzi, M., A. D. Humphris, and M. J. Miles. 2001. Observation of molecular layering in a confined water film and study of the layers viscoelastic properties. App. Phys. Lett. 78:300–302.

Pandit, S. A., D. Bostick, and M. L. Berkowitz. 2003. An algorithm to describe molecular scale rugged surfaces and its application to the study of a water/lipid bilayer interface. J. Chem. Phys. 119:2199–2205.

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Kube water filter is growing in popularity because it is promoted as being certified to filter more contaminants than almost all other filters.

One of its biggest selling points is that Kube is WQA certified. Its certification and awards means that it meets NSF / ANSI standards to remove many contaminants from your water.

This includes the ability to remove lead by up to 99%.

The Kube water filter works without taking too much space as it easily hooks up under any sink. This means that it doesn’t take up any counter top space.

Apart from drinking better water that is contaminant free, it means that you can cook without chemicals, fill up your water bottle with impurity-free water. Using high quality purified filtered water can also enhance and improve the taste of hot beverages like tea and coffee.

The Kube filter marketing material promises that the filters will last for 6,300 liters before you need to replace the cartridges.

This review will look at all the big claims made by Kube and determine if the Kube water filter is worth it or not.

Kube Water Filter

You probably use your tap everyday without even thinking about it. Everything from cooking, watering your plants, filling your pet’s bowl, washing dishes, filling up the kettle to drinking. All of these activities will be improved if you have access to the best quality water. The Kube water filter promises to do this as well as providing you with a number of other benefits:

Compact space saving design. The Kube filter is small enough to fit under your sink and therefore leaves your countertop with more space.

Comes with a flat top which you can possibly use for storage.

Tracks the filter life with an indicator.

Both filters have a user friendly twist and lock design. This also means that the filters wil always be properly connected without any leaks. 

No power outlets or electricity required because it’s a 100% hydraulic system.

Its smooth surface means that it’s easy to clean.

Kube Water Filter System Review

If you have ever had a reverse osmosis system and think that it works too slow, then you might consider getting something like a Kube. The marketers behind this product highlight that it’s much faster than regular reverse osmosis.

If you are tired of waiting for the starter to fill up and you have opted out of a reverse osmosis system, take a look at Kube. Kube is WQA certified to meet NSF / ANSI standards to remove many contaminants from your water. Including the removal of up to 99% of the lead from your drinking water.

It can be easily and conveniently installed under almost any sink so that filtered water is released from your existing faucet. Kube promises to improve the quality, taste and the smell of your drinking water and gives you the confidence that you have done more to improve the water quality.

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System Highlights

Fast and easy installation that takes around 15 minutes.

Good level of elimination of contaminants including lead.

The compact Kube system design is specially create to easily fit in with most sinks and connects directly to the faucet.

Cost efficient operation as it only costs around 4 cents per gallon in terms of the Kube cartridge filter.

It will also tell you when to replace the cartridge through its display.

The rotate and lock design of the Kube filter cartridge makes changing filters quick, secure and easy.

H: 13.1 inches.

W: 6.2 inches.

Fitting Size: .375 inches.

Weight: 9.2 pounds.

Kube Water Filter Product Details
Max Feed Pressure125 psi
Max Feed Temp120°F
Min Feed Pressure35 psi
Number of Filters2 (included)
Filter Stages1
Filter TypeSpecialty Carbon Media Composite.
Filter Life1,665 gallons (approximately).
What Does Kube Filter?
Heavy MetalsMercury, Lead
Odor and taste.Chlorine
Gasoline AdditivesToluene, MTBE (Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether), Benzene, Xylene, Benzene
PharmaceuticalsTranquilizers, Antidepressants, Antibiotics, Birth Control, Pain Killers
Herbicides and PesticidesSimazine, Lindane, Carbofuran, Methoxychlor, Atrazine, Endrin, Alachlor
ParticulatesRust, Silt, Sand
Microbial CystsGiardia, Cryptosporidium
Industrial PollutantsEthylene Dibromide (EDB), Chlorobenzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Tetrachloroethylene (TCE), Styrene
Disinfection By-productsDibromochloromethane, Bromodichloromethane, Bromoform, Tribromoacetic Acid, TTHMs (Total Trihalomethanes), Chloroform
Kube Water Filter Installation

The following video shows how relatively easy it is to install. It goes under your kitchen sink and you will need to know how to turn off the water from the mains. You may also need some basic DIY equipment like a wire cutter.

If you are unsure, then hire a professional plumber that will be happy to do this for you at a low cost.

Installing Your Kube - YouTube

Is Kube Water Filter WORTH It?

Based on the numerous positive customer reviews, it seems that Kube is worth it. However, it’s not available on other eCommerce platforms like Amazon. You’ll need to go directly to the Kube website or try to get it cheaper on eBay.

Best Kube Water Filter Alternative?

Although the Kube seems to do a reasonably good job there are better options out there.

Especially if you want to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water with a hydrogen boost.

New academic research is showing these new types of water can have significant and interesting health benefits.

If this is of interest then the Tyent UCE-11 offers one of the best options available today. This is in terms of an under counter alkaline machine connected to a high tech tap faucet.

Tyent (UCE) Under Counter Filter and Alkaline Machine Benefits:

You can select the exact alkaline water settings via the touch screen faucet.

Offers a very large range of water alkaline pH levels between 2.0 pH to 12.0 pH.

Similar to the Kube, the Tyent comes with 2 filters. This means that your alkaline water is also filtered clean.

It comes with a hydrogen boost.

The Tyent UCE-11 has many different levels of both acidic and alkaline water. This means that you can be very precise about the type of water you want.

If you choose to buy it then you should buy direct from the Tyent website. This is the ONLY guaranteed way to get the LIFETIME WARRANTY – just add coupon code: WaterGeek.

** UPDATE – This offer may be ending soon ** Tyent are offering you the chance to get $1600+ of FREE extras, upgrades and lifetime warranty.

Promo code: WaterGeek

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This Tyent Water Ionizer review will take a closer look at this popular machine and decide if it’s worth it or not.

Alkaline water is trending now more than ever, but why is alkaline water so impressive?

Well many people believe that a high level of acidity in the body is the cause of chronic illness and serves as a breeding ground for unhealthiness. The idea is that eating high alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water restores acidity and neutralizes the body.

Alkaline water is also rich in antioxidants. This is because it causes oxidation that can help prevent the destruction of cells. And it does all this without calories unlike alkaline foods.

Tyent produces some of the most advanced ionizer’s available on the market today. However, they are very expensive so this article will review them in order to decide whether they are worth it or not.

Who are Tyent?

It is an Asian-based company established more than a quarter of a century ago but widely available in the US market through Tyent USA dealers. They produce high tech equipment for producing alkaline water. They particularly specialize in water that is said to provide health and wellness benefits. This is why they have a fan base that includes many athletes and celebrities.

Do Tyent Water Ionizer’s ALSO filter the water?

Yes, they do.

Tyent ionizer’s use multi-stage filtration processes to remove hundreds of poisonous toxins. This includes things like pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides and much more.

Under Counter Water Ionizer

Unlike many other water alkaline machines the Tyent UCE-11 is a water filter and alkaline machine that fits easily under your kitchen sink. This under sink alkaline water ionizer 30/mo means that you will not see it most of the time but instead left with a high tech touch tap that allows you to program the device.

Made from high quality stainless steel and connects directly to your water pipes meaning that it treats your water on contact.

This is probably the only touch screen water ionizer tap available today. The user interface is user friendly and colorful. In fact the interface looks more like a smartphone.

Water Filter

As already discussed in the previous sections, the Tyent ionizer uses a double filter. This system can eliminate 99.9% of water contaminants. This includes the types of things that typically appear in tap water. For instance, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury and lead.


One of the best things about the Tyent is how there is almost no risk in buying it because of the generous warranty

First of all, you effectively get a 75 day trial because you can easily return it in this period.

In addition to this, you get what the company calls the “Platinum Lifetime Warranty”. This essentially protects you from any future system errors and a life long protection from the machine breaking.

Tyent Offer – FREE Gifts (over the value of $1600) + FREE US Shipping with Promo Code: WaterGeek ENDS SOON Tynet Under Counter Water Ionizer Installation

The first concern that anyone will have when looking at this as a possibility for their home is how easy is it to install?

The video below shows that you don’t necessarily need a plumber or electrician to do it. Simply having some basic plumbing skills (and knowing where to turn off your water at source) means you can install it yourself.

However, Amazon now offer highly rated and competitively priced professional plumbing services. This means that you can easily hire a plumber to install this under sink filter knowing that you have the world famous reliable customer support from Amazon if anything goes wrong.

Tyent UCE-9000T Under Counter Installation - YouTube

Tyent Water Ionizer Review

More and more people are thinking about water quality now more than ever before. Especially now as tap water seems to have so many potential problems – despite still being relatively safe in most Western countries.

New reports show that it’s possible for tap water to be contaminated with a number of different impurities, hormones and chemicals.

Water ionizers like the one from Tyent provide a sophisticated solution to this problem.

They not only filter and purify your water, they also offer options to create water full of antioxidants.

Tyent UCE-11 Operational Video - YouTube

Tyent vs Kangen

What is “Kangen Water”?

In Japanese, the word Kangen means “return to origin”.

However, the most important thing about Kangen Water is that it’s not just another alkaline water machine but an MLM business. Multi-level marketing businesses are often criticized as “pyramid schemes”.

Although many people don’t specifically complain about the Kangen machines themselves, however, the business model means that the prices are vastly inflated.

Tyent, on other hand, just produce ionizer’s and do not work off any multi-level based business models. This means their prices are typically cheaper than Kangen.

Why Kangen is Problematic?

Aside from being an MLM company that is geared towards recruiting and enriching more sales people, there are other business problems too.

For instance, the Japanese consumer protection agency once closed down the company Enagic (the company behind Kangen) for 9 months. This is after the company was convicted of deceptive and unethical business practices.

One of the biggest problems are lower value machines sold for unreasonably higher prices. Enagic Japan government scandals revolve around advertising campaigns and scientific claims that are not based on evidence.

Tyent on the other hand is an accredited member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) that comes with an A + rating. Unlike Kangen, Tyent offers first-time customers a 75 day trial and a lifetime guarantee on all water ionizers.

Tyent UCE-11 Reviews

The Tyent UCE-11 is a water filter that also creates alkaline water on tap. All of this is done through a very sophisticated high tech touch interface.

It offers three performance levels for the production of both acidic and alkaline water. Each of these levels has 99 pre-set settings that allow you to configure the ionizer as needed. You can set your preferred water selection at the touch of a button.

It is capable of generating alkaline water with an ORP of -1050.

This level of antioxidant is the best you can find with water ionizers. Combine this with the wide range of pH levels, and you will have one of the most powerful alkaline machine’s available today.

Another good thing about the Tyent UCE-11 is that it only weighs less than 6 kilograms and has a variable voltage between 100 and 240 volts. This results in an adjustable energy consumption, making it cheaper to run so that your electricity bill is not crazy high. This also allows the generation of water with a pH range between 1.7 and 12.0.

The device measures 385 square inches, so it should fit well with most types of kitchen countertops. This is important since the Tyent UCE-11 is an under-the-counter solution so will not use up precious space on your countertop.


The manufacture’s warranty and guarantee ONLY applies if you buy direct from Tyent (NOT through Amazon etc.)

Needs installation to get it to work.

Very expensive but competitively priced when compared to other water ionizer’s.

Tyent 11-Plate Water Ionizer Best Features

Fast flow rate.

Forever lifetime warranty.

Dual ultra filter that removes 99.9% many contaminants.

The large unit fits under the counter so it doesn’t take up precious countertop space.

BPA free, lead free and only makes use of FDA approved plastics.

Fits in with the design of high end kitchens.

As the name suggests, it comes with 11 huge platinum plates, which means superior effectiveness.

Rated “Water Ionizer of the Year” in 2012, ’13, ’14, ’15 (source: waterionizer.com).

Best Water Ionizer?

Yes, this is the best water ionizer that I’ve seen on the market today.

The Tyent UCE-11 is better than my previous favorite water ionizer (the Bawell Platinum) because it can be kept under the counter and the user friendly touch screen tap.

I would like to say that this system is not cheap.

But then again the prices are similar to high end alkaline water machines and the others don’t come as under counter units or work directly from the pipe (instead of just connecting to the tap).

The Tyent also has a lot of different levels of alkaline and acidic water which means that you can be very picky about getting the exact level that you want.

It’s water filters are powerful enough to treat heavy metals like lead and mercury so you really get the best drinking water possible. But like I said, it’s not cheap.

If you decide to buy, make sure you buy direct to enjoy the full guarantee and warranty – as well as other discounts and gifts.

Tyent Coupon Code: WaterGeek gives you 7 FREE extras + FREE US Shipping. EXTRAS INCLUDE: Tyent Shower Lux White Massage Head + Tyent Lifestyle Kit + Mesh/Solid Hybrid Plates Upgrade  +  Ultra Filters Upgrade +  pH Test Kit Pouch +  Tyent Hydrogen Tablets + Lifetime Warranty w/Forever Guarantee Certificate.

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This article will provide you with water softener reviews Canada and I’ve written extensively about UK and Australia.

I been testing and writing about water softeners since 2015-2016 and this site has over 300 articles. This has come from well over 700 hours of research and consulting with product manufactures.

What might surprise you to know is that different locations have different issues when it comes to water contamination and how their water system works. This means that water softener manufacturers will often slightly modify their offerings in different countries. For instance, the water softeners in the UK are usually smaller and compact because homes are typically smaller.

This article will consider the unique issues that face the Canadian water supply and the best products to address these problems.

Water Softener Canada

Water softeners are the most effective way to fix hard water issues that cause limescale.

Softeners turn hard water “soft” by removing high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. It does this by using sodium (salt) through a process called ion exchange.

There are different types of water softeners but it’s best to get a twin tank system if you want soft water 24-7. This is because one will be working while the other one is off-line.

There are also other types of softeners like a compact softener, single tank softener and even alternative “salt-free” devices. All of these models will be discussed in the following sections.

Compact Water Softener Canada

The best solutions for people looking for a compact water softener in Canada is to get an RV softener.

Just make sure you check if it will be compatible and able to work in your home by speaking with a professional plumber first. 

Once you get a go ahead from a professional plumber then a good option to consider is the RV-PRO 10,000 from Flow-Pur.

This model is by far the most compact, easy-to-use, portable and competitively priced softener on the market today. Despite its small size it’s still effective at providing soft water and therefore needs softener salt.

However, using it means that you can extend the life of all expensive equipment and machines while also stopping the discoloration caused by hard water. The small size also means that it costs only a few cents per operation and requires little maintenance.

Watts RV PRO-1000 (OR M7002 10000) Grains Portable Water Softener
  • The built-in flow limiter provides more effective regeneration and increases capacity by up to 55%.
  • Here are some of the best features and benefits that you should know before you buy:
  • You can use ordinary table salt.
  • High flow rates up to 4 GPM with low pressure drop.
  • Customized flow valves allows regeneration without having to connect or disconnect the system.
Fleck Water Softener Canada

Fleck is by far the best selling and most popular softener in North America, especially in the US. The most common unit is the Fleck 5600SXT that has a 48,000 grain capacity. This type of capacity is suitable for medium to large households.

The electronic valve has a fuse that can last for 48 hours in case of power failure. It has a backlit LCD screen and an intuitive user interface. The LCD shows the time and the amount of soft water remaining.

Yes, this model is a bit more expensive than generic softeners. However it also has the advantage of a full kit and the digital valve that you can program to make soft water on demand.

The unit can handle water flows of up to 12 gallons per minute. This should be enough for houses with multiple bathrooms. However, Fleck also offer a higher capacity model if you have a bigger home for instance, the 9100SXT or 7000SXT.

Another selling point of this water softener brand is its generous warranty. This includes up to 5 years on the digital valve and 10 years on the tank.

The 5600SXT does not have the best looking tank when compared to the other models, but it is hard to beat when it comes to things like performance.

The bottom line is that this Fleck is an easy to maintain machine, effective, well designed and one of the best systems of water softeners available in Canada today.

Key Features:

  • Digital valve with LCD screen.
  • 48,000 grain capacity.
  • Automatic meter based regeneration cycle.
  • 5-year valve warranty, 10-year tank warranty.
  • Price: $$$
GE Water Softener Canada

If the Fleck has too much capacity (at 48,000 grain) and you only need a softener for 1-2 people then you should consider the GE 30,000 grain water softener system.

GE is a trusted brand and this softener unit is a smaller single tank unit. Despite its smaller capacity it is still effective at removing hard water at a 95 grain per gallon (maximum hardness).

It is also capable of removing up to 7 ppm of iron, which makes it a great choice for people with lightly iron-polluted well water.

Here are specific removal capacities that comes with the machine:

  • Salt capacity (200 lbs).
  • Maximum iron removal (7 ppm).
  • Maximum hardness elimination (95 gpg).

The machine comes with a number of practical features. For instance, it includes a permanent storage and programmable operation that kicks in if there is ever a power failure.

One of the smartest things about the GE Water Softener Canada is that it can adapt to your usage habits and level of water consumption. This means that even though it doesn’t come with twin tanks, it will ensure that you are supplied with soft water when you need it. This is called the ” SmartSoft technology” that learns your water usage patterns.

GE promote this machine as one that helps you use up to 50% less dishwasher soap and detergent. This information is based on a Water Softener Benefits Study, 2011 and Water Quality Association (WQA) research.

This information is something that is not usually easy to find if want to buy a water softener in places like Costco Canada or Lowes in Canada.


  • Width: 14,438″ 
  • Depth: 22,438″
  • Alarm: Yes
  • Mounting height: 43.25″
  • Installation kit: Yes.
  • Warranty: 7 Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Operating Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty.
The WORST Problems With Water Softeners?

By far the biggest issues with water softeners are the need for constant use of salt and the need for professional installation.

Both of these are unavoidable because softeners need professional installation and salt is the only way to effectively remove hard ions like magnesium, iron and calcium.

Also, most water softeners don’t use regular table salt (unless otherwise stated). This is because regular table salt is too grainy and thin. The result is that it does not quickly dissolve in the brine tank, thereby reducing effectiveness. Overtime this can cause damage to your water softener machine.

So you really can’t avoid the extra costs of specially designed softener salt. This can be salt in the form of large granules or block salt, which means they do not quickly dissolve.

 Traditional Salt Water SoftenerSalt-Free Water Descaler / Conditioner
Does it require salt?YES
It is a salt based water softener
Scale prevention efficiency?99+% efficient.41-98.9% effective
Depends on which method you use.
Whiter whites, brighter clothes?YES
Whites don't yellow and colors look vivid.
Depending on which model you use.
Slick slippery feel of water?YESNO
Impact on skin?Eliminates calcium and magnesium which is bad for dry skin.Calcium and magnesium remain in the water.
Environmental impactCreates wastewater and puts more sodium (salt) in to the environment.Doesn't create any wastewater.
Price range?$$$-$$$$$-$$$$
Exactly how much does it cost?
Water Softener Alternatives

The only way to avoid the problems mentioned in the previous section is to get a salt free water conditioner. These types of devices will provide you with water that is effectively “soft” in that they don’t create hard water issues like limescale.

This is why many people prefer “water softeners” that do not use salt.

The benefits of this is that it’s easy to add on a water filter because regular water softeners need lots of on-going maintenance.

This is why most of the best water softener and water filter combinations are made with salt free conditioners. Because salt free softeners don’t use, the minerals in water are essentially neutralized. The result is that all the hard minerals don’t stick to any of your surfaces or equipment.

Water softeners like Aquasana salt-free softener and filter combinations and the Pelican water system, can perform all tasks without using salt.

Salt-based systems vs Salt-free systems

Sometimes it’s just easier to get information in small chunks. Here’s how salt-based and salt-free systems compare.

Traditional Salt Water SoftenerSalt-Free Water Descaler / Conditioner
Higher capacity for larger homes.Cheaper in the long run because you don't need salt.
Still the most effective way to treat hard water.A lot more environmentally friendly when compared to water softeners.
Actually softens water (does not just condition it).It’s essentially a tankless water softener (very compact and small).
Does not remove healthy minerals from your water.
Much easier to add / upgrade to include a filter so that you can drink the water after it's treated (unlike soft water which you can not drink).
Can remove healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water.Does not actually produce soft water, only conditions water.
Using salt is not necessarily good for the environment.
Usually needs continuous maintenance when compared to whole house filters.
You should not drink soft water, so you will probably need another filter method.
The Best Water Softener Canada?

The real answer is that the best water softener in Canada is the one that is the right one for your needs.

This article on “water softener Canada reviews” has outlined some of the best water softeners available on the Canadian market today.

I have evaluated the best selling softeners based on cost, expected useful life, efficiency, how easy it is to use and maintain.

If you are still unsure then check the feedback and reviews left by verified customers on places like Amazon before you buy.

If you are looking for a regular salt based water softener then it’s very hard to do better than a Fleck SXT water softener.

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Do you get your water from a well and need to get an iron water filter because well water usually contains large amounts of iron?

This is an issue because iron will usually change both the taste and smell of your water.

The result of iron in your water are reddish ugly spots. You will usually find this on almost all surfaces that the well water comes in contact with. It can also lead to equipment damage.

This article is for you if iron is a concern.

It will explain what iron is, how to treat it naturally and suggest some machines that can help with this process.

This will include looking at the biggest brands with the best customer feedback. It is for this reason that I will not be discussing the Culligan iron filter, the iron filter from Lowes, Menards or the iron filter Home Depot.

Iron in Drinking Water – Is It DANGEROUS?

Iron (with the symbol Fe) is a natural mineral. It is dissolved in your groundwater and consequently high iron values are the second most common problem (after water hardness) for people that use well water.

The bad news is that iron is a lot more difficult to treat than minerals of hardness that cause white limescale.

Iron removal is more difficult because iron compounds are more insoluble. Aside from iron, well water is usually riddled with different compounds that need different treatment methods. There are also other factors such as the pH level of the water that also needs to be considered.

The good news is that most iron filters also treat most common water contaminants, especially if they are dedicated well water treatment machines.

Iron In Water Effects On Skin and Hair

Iron is actually an essential trace element that all living organisms need. This means that iron present in drinking water is not necessarily bad for health. In fact, many people need more iron in their diet and iron-deficiency is a common health issue.

However, you really want to get iron in your diet through nutrients and supplements NOT through well water.

Iron In Water Effects On Skin

Water with extremely high levels of iron minerals can have negative effects on your skin. First of all water and iron do not mix well with soap so this means it can be problematic for people with dry skin. High levels of iron can also damage healthy skin cells. One result of this can be premature wrinkles.

Iron In Water Effects On Hair

High levels of iron in your water can make hair dry, frizzy and weak. Over time this can make hair fall out. Aside from high levels of iron, your hair suffers when there are high levels of other minerals in your water. For instance, minerals such as magnesium, copper, iron and calcium make your water “hard” and this is not good for hair.

How to Test for Iron in Water

So now you probably are wondering what the first step is in being able to filter iron? Well, the answer is to know how high the iron water levels are is to get a iron test kit.

How can you tell if there is too much iron in the water?

Well most iron test results that show yellow or red can indicate iron (but read the instructions).

You should also try to get a full water test kit that shows you everything. Everything from hydrogen sulfide, pH level, hardness and alkalinity. Some tests can also check for things like bacteria.

Iron Levels In Water ppm

If you want to have the most accurate results then you should get a professional laboratory test.

Specifically by sending your well water to an independent laboratory. Getting a full water test kit is obviously cheaper but this comes at the cost of less accuracy.

Of course, you can avoid the need for tests by observing your pipes. For instance, simply noticing the iron corrosion of pipes, machines, fittings, equipment or water heaters.

How to Remove Iron From Well Water Naturally?

Although there are lots of machines and devices that can remove iron as part of a natural process. Note that the approach laid out below can also help tackle the problem of iron pollution

Test the level of iron in the water. First things first, you need to know how much iron you’re dealing with. A good quality water test kit will help you determine the exact level as discussed in the previous section.

Choose the best iron treatment system. This will depend on the level of iron that show up in the test mentioned in the previous section. If your test result show low levels of iron then you may be able to get away with a regular water softener.

Moderate levels of iron may require a water filter and softener combination. While moderate to high levels of iron will require a softener + filter+ iron filter combo.

Install the right device in your home. Most modern devices are easier to install and usually come with the full installation kit. However, I always recommend that people do not try to do it themselves unless they are a softener + filter+ iron filter combo by trade.

Doing it yourself can possibly void the warranty and guarantee that comes with the machine. So it’s always best to hire a professional plumber to install this for you.

Test the water again. Now that you have the right device installed you should check the water again to make sure it works. If it is not working (according to the water test) then chances are that the equipment was not installed properly.

Maintain the device correctly. Now that you’re happy with how the device is working, maintain the results by keeping the device correctly maintained. The best way to do this is to read the manufacturer’s instructions or speak to the professional plumber that installed the device for you. Storing it correctly and checking on it regularly will mean you will continue to get the full benefits of the device.

How to Remove Iron From Well Water?

The table below highlights the best ways to remove iron from well water. The devices that are listed below are specifically designed for well water and are the best rated among customers.

4. Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron FilterSoftener and iron filter only.$$$
(50% OFF with coupon code: AQGEEK50)
1-2 Stage Filtration- Removes a hardness of up to 75 gpg.
- It has a grain capacity of 64,000.
ABCwaters Triple Combo Whole House Fleck 5600SXT No softener, filters manganese and iron.$$$1-2 Stage Filtration- Filters iron, manganese and removes rotten egg odor.
Aquasana 500,000 Gallon Well Water RhinoYES$$$
(50% OFF with coupon code: AQGEEK50)
4-stage filtration (with optional add-ons e.g. UV filters).- Filters iron.
- UV filters remove 99% of viruses, e.coli, cysts, giradia, cryptosporidium and bacteria.
Water Treatment For Iron Removal: Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter Fleck 5600SXT

The Iron Pro 2 is a water softener that also removes iron. The twin tank machine is able to handle water that is very hard (up to 16 GPM).

It works by using a fine mesh and this means that it’s a powerful filter that can last longer. The tank is based on the ever popular Fleck water softener model. Fleck is by far the best selling water softener in the US and has lots of positive customer reviews.

The result is that this Iron Pro 2 is not only a iron filter but can treat very hard water. This means that it also removes hard minerals like calcium and magnesium along with the iron causing you problems.

One of the best features of this machine is that you can program it to regenerate only when you need it.

This means that you can easily increase or reduce the amount of water it regenerates. The result is more money saved due to more efficient use of water and electricity.
The Problems:

This is essentially a water softener model that also treats iron. You should not expect a full water filter that can remove a complex array of contaminants – it mainly deals with minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium.

The System Benefits:
Here are some key specifications and benefits:

Integrated 5600SXT Fleck softener.

Internal backup power.

Touch-screen controls.

Backlit LCD screen.

Meter based regeneration. 

Grains: 64,000.

Dimensions: 12D x 48H.

Air Injection Iron Filter For Well Water With Fleck 2510SXT (For Iron Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg Odor & Manganese)

An air injection iron filter for well water is the most effective solution for dealing with iron and manganese that creates a rotten egg odor.

It is able to do this because of its filter media cartridge in the tank which will trap oxidized sulfur and iron. This is before the water is then flushed into the drain during the back flush cycle. 

Although the filter medium typically last for 5 years they are easy to change if needed.

The SXT softener models are currently the most popular form of water softeners in the US. However, the 2510SXT is not a regular water softener.

This model is in fact an air supply control. So that means you get the SXT digital backwash controller..

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The Scale Blaster is a piece of water conditioning equipment and a registered trademark of Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc.

Clearwater Enviro Technologies is a company that manufactures water softener alternatives like electronic descaling equipment and other water treatment systems. The company was founded in 1989 with headquarters in Largo, Florida.

Using services from this company is ideal for people that want to buy and support the USA as Florida is the location of all the products’ design and assembly.

However, despite being produced in the US, the Scale Blaster is international and available in more than 70 countries.

Part of its popularity is that the owning company is qualified and recognized as A+ by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well as the WQA (Water Quality Association).

This article will review the 2 top selling ScaleBlaster conditioners that are very popular that include:

Scale Blaster Reviews The Scale Blaster SB-75 Review

The ScaleBlaster SB-75 is a small water softener alternative that can serve both big and small houses.

It comes with a maximum water treatment level of 19 grains per gallon. However, note that if you use more than this limit then you might not see the benefits.

How Does It Work?

ScaleBlaster conditioners use technology sound wave frequencies to alter the properties of calcium molecules in water. This means that the minerals that cause white limescale deposits in water will lose their adhesive properties and not stick to any surface.

Possible Issues

Mixed customer ratings and there are some customers who say that they did not see any effect on their limescale.


A reduction in limescale.

It will also reduce limescale deposits that already exist in your pipes and makes them dissolve over time. 

An additional advantage is that existing lime deposits can dissolve over time, which can be determined by an increase in water flow.

Unlike traditional water softeners, the ScaleBlaster does not need any salt or chemicals to reduce hard minerals present in water.

Does not need any on-going maintenance.

Unlike regular water softeners, you will not need a professional plumber to install this for you. Simply connect it to your main water line so that it will treat ALL the water supplied to your home.

Operates quietly.

Compact design and made in the USA.

Doesn’t create any wastewater.

Unlimited water treatment capacity.

Who is it Best For?
  • Small to medium homes dealing with hard water that is up to 19 gpg.
The ScaleBlaster SB-175 Review

The SB-175 works in a similar way to the SB-75 reviewed in the previous section. Using sound wave frequencies mean that hard minerals no longer adhere and stick to pipes and other surfaces. This means that you will no longer see white limescale on your appliances or around your pipes.

Just be aware that using the ScaleBlaster does not affect the TDS (total dissolved solids) of the water or level of water hardness. This means that if you use a water test kit, it will still show up as “hard water” even after using the ScaleBlaster. However, the water will not behave like hard water after it’s been conditioned with the ScaleBlaster.

Possible Issues

The only issue that I could find is that it can only be used with non-magnetic pipes and tubes. This is down to the way it functions. You should only use it with pipe material like PEX or PVC. Copper can also be a good choice so long it is not iron.


Reduces the effect of limescale in your home.

The conditioner does not require salt to function.

Does not have to undergo frequent regeneration cycles.

No extra costs for things like salt and wastewater sewage.

Unlimited water treatment capacity.

Works silently, is small and compact, and does not affect the water flow rate.

Easy to install by yourself without a plumber and does not need on-going maintenance.

Who is it Best For?
  • Similar to the other model, this device can deal with hard water that is up to 19 gpg (grains per gallon).
ScaleBlaster Consumer Reports: Why Is The Scale Blaster Worth It?

Suitable for well or municipally supplied water: This is the case as long as you are trying to deal with water hardness of up to a maximum of 19 gpg. 

Easy DIY installation: Unlike most other water treatment machines almost anyone can install this and all you need is a screwdriver.

Very small and compact: It hardly takes any space and fits almost any space.

Almost Maintenance-free: This is unlike most other water treatment devices that need constant configuration.

Made in the USA: This means that everything about them are totally US made.

Price: Compared to other water softeners and the cost to professionally install softeners, the SB-175 and SB-75 are both very affordable.

The Best Whole House Water Softener Alternative?

The Scale Blaster is a good option if you don’t suffer from extreme hard water.

However, if you have extremely hard water and don’t want to use salt then you can choose something like the Aquasana SCM SimplySoft technology.

Although they generally work well and soften water effectively, conventional water softeners can be a lot of work, expensive and wasteful. You should also consider the ongoing maintenance costs, like electricity and water.

BUT water softeners are the ONLY way to do this if you have very hard water. You should get a water softener if your water is hard and above 25 GPG.

Anything below 25 GPG is suitable for an alternative like the ScaleBlaster or the Aquasana SCM SimplySoft. The biggest issue with the Aquasana SCM SimplySoft is that it’s far more expensive than the ScaleBlasters however, there are currently special offers that can help.

Use code AQGEEK50 to get an extra 50% OFF and FREE Shipping on some filter products. ENDS SOON.

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This AquaRain review will discuss AquaRain as a water solution because there are many people deciding not to drink municipal water.

People are motivated to do this because there are lots of new reports showing that locally supplied tap water is full of all sorts of things. This includes everything from chlorine, drugs, heavy metals, pesticides.

Sometimes this can be due to pipe failure, flooding or even contamination. Water contamination can be deadly because of organisms like bacteria, E. coli, giardia, cryptospordium and others. Some of these pollutants that routinely appear in public water can cause serious illnesses and even death.

One way to avoid all of these is to use a water filter system like AquaRain.

The AquaRain Model 400, for example, is a two-stage gravity water filter. This consists of an upper and lower chamber, lid and 4 ceramic filters.

This article will review AquaRain and see if all the claims add up. By the end of this review you will be able to decide if this water filter system is worth it.

Aquarain 303 Review

The Aquarain 303 is a water filter system made from polished stainless steel. They work as gravity filters i.e. they work by water going to the bottom of the filter because of gravity. The stainless steel material has hygienic properties which helps inhibit bacterial growth.

How does the Gravity Filter AquaRain 303 work?

The AquaRain 303 removes contaminants through its patented ceramic filter. This 303 Aquarain model works through 2 tanks arranged one above the other.

To use, you simply have to fill up the upper tank with water. That’s it. Gravity pulls the water down through the cartridges. Once the filters have done their work, you simply need to dispense your fresh clean water.

AquaRain 303 Main features:
  • Great for emergency situations and emergency preparedness. This is because the Aqua Rain 303 can filter water from most untreated sources without using electricity.
  • High quality ceramic filters. The patented filter technology is unique in terms of quality, service life and filter performance. Each filter can last for years and are manufactured in a computer-controlled oven that is individually tested.
  • Safe clean and healthy drinking water while the filters last.
  • This is an environmentally friendly device in the sense that it does not use electricity.
  • Better tasting water. This is because the filters don’t just remove contaminants but also eliminate bad taste and weird smells.
  • Filter replacement indicator. Aqua Rain is the only gravity-fed water filter that tells you the ceramic filters need replacing.
  • Made in the USA. This is great for people that want to support US manufacturing and jobs. Especially as each and every part of the Aqua Rain including the ceramic filters, water spout and stainless steel covers are made in the USA.
  • It can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water.

Aquarain Fluoride

No, it’s not certified to remove fluoride but it deals with a lot else.

Yes, there are fluoride reduction elements but it’s not certain by how much.

However, AquaRain ceramic filters are able to eliminate around 99.9% of the three major biological organisms that are typically responsible for causing diseases.

They are viruses, bacteria and cysts.

Aquarain vs Berkey vs Propur 20/mo

AquPure Big BerkeyBerkeyProPure Big
Does it filter fluoride?NoYesNo
filter elements
n/a6 monthsn/a
System1 year 1 yearLifetime
Main filter elements1 year 2 years1 year
AlexPure Water Filter Pros & Cons


As I’ve said several times, these are all excellent water filters. But the Alexapure gets the job done at a fraction of the cost of the other systems.

And to help you run those numbers, below are the current prices on Amazon.


Keep in mind that the Alexapure Pro is nearly always priced to include only ONE filter, the Propur Big is commonly priced with 1 OR 2 filters, and the Big Berkey is usually priced to include TWO filters.

Also the Alexapure filters are usually sold separately, while the others are usually sold in pairs. You’ll have to do some of your own homework here and run the numbers.

Big Berkey Water Filter Pros & Cons


It’s the longest running, has the best reputation, and probably filters water faster than others.


However, it requires much more filter changes than the others. If you do not need or do not want the extra fluoride / arsenic filters, the Alexapure will be highly competitive.

ProPur Water Filter Pros & Cons


The 304 model comes with a lifetime warranty, which is very impressive.


Most expensive water filter on this list.

While the long-term costs are still very low, they are much more expensive than a Alexapure at a regular price.

AquaRain Benefits and Advantages

Here are some reasons why it might be worth getting an AquaRain filter.

Less need to consume water bottles.

If you are like most people and compulsively buy bottled water. This can cost a lot of money over time and create a lot of landfill waste. Yes, buying a water filter like AquaRain can cost a little more upfront. However, it’ll save you money in the long run.

Better than basic standard charcoal filters: Charcoal filters.

It is very good at dealing with a lot. However, these benefits are vastly compounded when you combine this with multiple levels of filtration. Especially as the Aqua Rain comes with patented ceramic filters that meet the USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) standards for the removal of cysts and bacteria.

Water tastes better.

Many people who are interested in moving away from tap water do so because of the taste. Tap water usually tastes horrible. This is especially the case if your tap water is supplied by a local municipal supplier. However, Aqua Rain filters use both silver and granulated activated carbon (GAC). The result of this is that it makes the water taste better. This is important because bad tasting water affects the quality of food and even hot drinks like tea and coffee.

Safe Water.

One of the biggest concerns of people that rely on tap water is the safety of their water.

However, using a high quality filter system like Aqua Rain means you no longer have to worry about contaminated water.

AquaRain can remove everything from cysts to bacteria that is present in your drinking water.

AquaRain For Emergency Preparedness

Unlike many water filters for drinking water, this device doesn’t need or use electricity to filter. This means that you can use it for emergencies and it’s very portable. It is therefore ideal for places where electricity is limited. For instance, RV holidays, going for a picnic, in small houses and even while camping.

It’s also good for emergency situations outdoors. For instance it can filter raw water from streams, lakes, flood water or well water.

Best Ceramic Water Filter?

No, I don’t think the AquaRain is the best ceramic water filter.

Although it’s a great water filter option, there are many other options that offer similar or better value for money.

The most popular and best selling gravity water filter is Berkey.

Another good option is AquaTru that “promises to turn any type of liquid into water”.

Alternatively, brands like Aquasana offer a popular Clean Water Machine. The clean machine is very powerful, works very quickly and has a removable pitcher that can fit on the inside of your fridge.

I also recommend the Clean Water Machine because it’s much cheaper and there is also the opportunity to get it even cheaper with coupon code AQGEEK50. Using this code gives you up to 50% off and FREE shipping on select items.

The post AquaRain Review: Is This Really WORTH It appeared first on Mr Water Geek.

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