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The holiday season is that time all we see on online are different ads from different companies trying to sell us their products.

One very usual thing about this season is that its so easy for us to buy crap with our hard-earned money.

Am sure almost everyone that shops online has been a victim of buying crap online be it physical goods, digital products, services and so on.

We’ve bought some things just because of the shiny or attractive pictures we saw online, or probably because of the extremely convincing description we read, or just because we read a promising review posted by one user.

As a victim of crap buying, I have developed a mindset to research extremely well before anything online even if I buy stuff worth just a penny so I wouldn’t regret it later

After thoroughly examining hundreds of gift ideas for toddlers on the web, some which are from list posts from several blogs and others from reputable E-commerce websites, I bring the bests of the bests to you.

I promise you will never regret buying any of these gifts even if you are buying all especially for the Christmas which is around the corner.

Top 10 Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers; Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

Baby Bottle Warmer

Child Safety Door Knob Covers

All-Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike Ride On

Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet Toddler Activity Desk

 Let’s Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop! Pretend Play Set

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Christmas is not always about taking your toddlers to visit Santa, there actually some activities you and your toddlers can get involved in, in this joy-filled Christmas that will leave lasting memories in their minds.

I have over 10 Awesome Christmas activities for toddlers, I call these activities boredom busters. Am sure you are really going to enjoy each and every one of these activities because I took my time to select nothing but the best for you.

These craft and activities are not the usual ones you see everywhere they very unique, makes the home smell Christmas like.

10 Awesome Christmas activities for toddlers
  1. Peppermint Twist — Woman’s Day

2Twinkle Lights — Nestofposies blog 

3. Christmas Gift Wrap Sensory Bin —  Pre-kpages

4. Gingerbread Village —  WomansDay

5Scrap Wrapping Paper Stocking —  No Time For Flashcards

6. Paper Plate Baubles — Arty Crafty Kids

7Felt Snowman — Life With My Littles

8. Gingerbread Man — Fun Learning For kids

9. 3d Paper Plate Christmas Tree — Arty Crafty kids

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Do you crave for beautiful and creative Halloween crafts to make with your babies and toddlers? I bring to you over 25 beautiful Halloween crafts that will help have the most memorable Halloween party ever. Go through the post and leave a comment on your best craft on the list.

1. Felt and Foam DIY Jack O Lantern Banner
2. Halloween Fairy Garden
3. Paper Ball Bat Craft
4. Halloween Candy People
6. Spider Sack Decor with the Kids
8. Monster Mobile from Toilet Rolls
9. Paper Bag Monster Hat
13. DIY Corner Bookmarks – Cute Monsters
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While some people consider a child a toddler when he/she starts walking others believe that a toddler begins from the age of one or twelve months. But many accept the twelve-month age as the mark for entry into the toddler otherwise called the preschool stage.

Who is actually a toddler?

A toddler is a child between twelve to thirty-six months (1 to 3 years).

This stage in a child’s life is characterized by significant cognitive, emotional, psychological and social development.

While there are general expectations for a child at every step, one or two delays may not be something to worry about.

A child can exhibit some traits earlier or a little later because every child’s growth process is unique.


This developmental stage has been broken down into related areas approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They include;

Communication and language development simply put; hearing and speech

Physical development which describes the lateral and bilateral increase

Mental development which consists of the ability to see and interpret what they see, ability to understand and respond to what they hear. Ability to speak some words

Social development. Their ability to interact and play with other children and adults. Responding to playful gestures.

Cognitive development which includes the gross motor (walking, running, climbing, jumping) and fine motor (feeding themselves, manipulating objects)

Am going to breakdown the toddler developmental milestones as when the development actually becomes evident;

13 TO 15 MONTHS        

Physical development

At thirteen months a toddler triples birth weight and adds a height of fifty percent of birth length. They have four to eight teeth, and the head circumference equals that of the chest. Most toddlers try to lift heavy objects.

Fisher Price’s activity table comes handy at this stage and I would also recommend Nina’s post on 31 Playful Things to Do with Your One-Year-Old.

Motor Development

They walk on their own confidently and without support. They can go up and down the stairs boldly, kick a ball around, run and be able to stand on the toes.

They are also conveniently climbing on and off sofas, chairs, and tables close by and so will need extra watchful eyes of his/her parents. By this time, they will conveniently squat to pick up objects or play and can stack up blocks.

Many toddlers can drink from a cup. A toddler can open and close and book

Communication and language development

At thirteen months he/she can combine two words effectively. Words such as hello, bye, go. Combine words with gestures to make themselves understood. At this age, they can consistently follow simple instructions.

Social development

Can play peekaboo or hide and seek and is interested in interacting with people. They maintain eye contact with adults or children during a play time.

They are always ready to imitate others or try out what he sees someone doing.

A toddler responds to the mention of his/her name by turning the head or making an affirmative sound.

Many enjoy being thrown in the air, playground swings and new toys are a next best thing for them. They enjoy musical toys; Playing, banging and hitting them.

Mental development

Enjoys watching his/her own reflection. Can roll a ball back and forth and throw it with his hands.

Most toddlers usually participate in dressing and undressing of himself/herself and some enjoy bath time especially when play toys or plenty of water is available to play with.

Usually, they are well coordinated and calm in car rides, can push himself/herself around in a car ride.

Diaper changing time is without fuzz and may enjoy the changing period.

By now, they eat a variety of food and are open to trying new ones. They can calm themselves to sleep. They can easily pick up objects with fingertips, you can try some of these finger foods with your toddler.


Physical development

At sixteen months, it seems most of them just discover what fun there is to climb. Switch from taking two to three long naps to one during the day.

They can squat and get up easily without help. Pushing toys around is a fun game because they have the stability and strength for it.

You can try out this push toy and activity walker it will do more to encourage your toddler to want to walk at the same making working fun for him/her.

Motor Development

A toddler can turn pages of a book conveniently. Throwing tantrums when frustrated or not being understood is their way of showing that their temper has gotten in their way especially because they lack self-control at this stage.

Kelly wrote a wonderful post on how to deal with toddler tantrums.

Communication and language development

Can get fussy about food especially one they don’t want. At seventeen months, they can combine more words and talk more clearly.

Toddlers respond to directions such as “come here”, “sit down”, “bring the car keys”.


Mental development

Most of them demonstrate the ability to stack three blocks. At sixteen months, they can take off their clothes and so you want to make sure it is well buttoned if it’s a buttoned shirt.

A few toddlers can sort toys according to shapes, colors, and size as they choose

They can dance to music and choose what music to listen to. At eighteen months, some will read board books on their own and scribble well. Some toddlers can brush teeth with help

Social development

At sixteen months, they can demonstrate attachment to toys or other objects. Most toddlers enjoy pretend games a lot, enjoys riding toys.


Physical development

They are happy when they are not tired, bored or hungry. They find it easy to get calm when rocked or touched or sang to. By this time, they have established a consistent sleep schedule and doesn’t require much routine to settle into sleep or be calm.

They are able to enjoy varieties of sound, smell, and taste and can soothe themselves when hurt or upset. By this time, mom or dad can drop them with familiar family members and friends without any or much fuss, and they stay away from their parents even for days.

This makes the transition to a new environment and activity easy for them, and they are not usually disturbed if this happens.

Motor Development

They are always changing positions and are busy crawling, walking, climbing and jumping to explore, scatter and rearrange. They are able to coordinate all the movement needed to explore and play effectively. Endurance, strength, and vigor are usually available adequately for them to play with peers.

They would enjoy walking on the heel-toe pattern. Because they enjoy playing, they will seek out various ways to play.

They possess the ability to maintain balance to prevent fall when bumped into by peers or when catching a ball. Can effectively use both hands to play and catch the ball and can play football without losing balance.

Communication and language development

At twenty-one month

They use a minimum of fifty words and are continuously imitating new words and are capable of naming specific objects and pictures. The average toddler identifies some body parts when named; usually mouth, hands, legs, stomach. They understand the use of some simple pronouns such as me, you, my.

At Twenty-four months

He/she begins to use two-word phrases and uses simple pronouns effectively. Action words are very well understood and used by them.

They understand and follow simple directions. E.g. pick up your book from the floor, take your plate to the kitchen. He/she can use words and gestures in pretend play.

They enjoy listening to stories, therefore, reading to them could be so much fun and bond-forming time. At twenty-four months, naming at least six body parts of a doll is as easy as it comes. Half of their speech can be understood by caregivers or parents, and they can quickly make short sentences.

Mental development

Toddlers at this stage can put a name to common animals like dog or cat when shown pictures. Short sentences like, “you come, I am fine” are a frequent use for them and they understand words and their opposite.

Walking up and down the stairs instead of crawling is common among toddlers of this age.

They can remove clothes on their own so you want to make sure their shirts are adequately buttoned up and shorts well held on their waist.

If your toddler is not already on a big bed, now is the time they show readiness for getting into one and out of their cot.

Toddlers can point to where they are hurt. Half of the toddlers start talking about himself and can arrange things in categories.

Some more advanced skills in a few toddlers enable them to understand specific abstract concepts like sooner, later and become conscious of gender differences.

Social development

They are able to join in small play groups of children. They enjoy listening to and looking at books.

They are able to point to objects of interest and can locate objects an adult is pointing to. They enjoy swinging on playground swings.

They are able to play with toys without putting them in the mouth. Being quite inquisitive, they will explore a new environment and toys.


Physical development

Toddlers learn how to jump at this stage. First from low structures then,  from a standing position.

They can climb kitchen tables, central tables and chairs to jump off because they have acquired more bilateral skills. You will notice your toddler growing taller and adding weight.  

Motor Development

Toddlers within this age group can name many parts of the body, they are able to put on and take off some basic wears.

They can throw a ball over their arms and jump off the ground when playing, they are able to wash their hands, but they need help with drying of the hands, they are able to brush their teeth with support, they can draw vertical lines, but the line will not be straight.

They also can maintain their balance on one foot, and they are able to walk up and down on the stairs with their two feet on one step at a time.

Communication and language development

Within this age range, toddlers are able to pick words and say it clearly, they use “self-centered” pronouns such as my, I and you, they can answer simple questions like; what is your name? They enjoy talking about pictures in books, and they can also sing some parts of songs.

Mental development

On mental development, toddler at this stage will be able to build a tower using three or four building bricks, they can identify one color and name it, they are able to remember and name one friend, they are able to engage in basic and straightforward pretend play with other toddlers and they can understand similarities or differences in shapes.

Some of the toddlers can also demonstrate a few emerging skills such as sorting of items into sets, understand simple riddles, they will begin to understand the meaning of future time like; tomorrow, soon etc.

 They are also able to distinguish one to one action like; one cup per person. 

Social development

Toddlers within this age range are able to participate and enjoy small groups with other children in their age group. Because they are quite sociable at this age, they are able to maintain eye contact with others and are very much aware and interested in doing so.

They not only turn in response to their name being called, but they can also answer verbally.

They can locate any object that catches their interest and to play with musical toys along with other variety of toys. They get involved in messy activities on their own or with other children getting their hands and clothes all messy.


Physical Development

Most toddlers are ready for potty training by this time, while it could come earlier for some for others it could be later. But yes, most parents look forward to time there would be no need for diapers again.

Your child begins to look down at his or diapers, grabbing and trying to take them off especially when it’s wet, or he/she has pooped.

Your toddler squats when it’s time to poop. All these are signs that your toddler is physically ready for the potty.

I wrote a guide on how to potty train a toddler in 3 days, you might want to check it out.

Motor Development

Toddlers within this 30 to 36 months of age are able to hold a pencil in a writing position, they like to imitate drawing things like a cross, circles and line that are similar.

They are usually fun of using scissors to cut papers though they may not be able to cut straight. They also are able to open book page by page and turn rotating handles.

Communication and language development

Communication skills of toddlers within this age range include the ability to say two-word and straightforward sentences. They are able to provide answers to simple questions and carry out simple tasks when they are asked to do.

They can participate more actively in conversations and stories, they are also able to provide more information such as gender and age about themselves.

They can recite some nursery rhymes, and they tend to generally put many words in plural form; for example, “tooths and not teeth”.

Mental development

Toddlers within this age range are able to differentiate various sizes with the use of words such as little, more significant, more etc. they can dramatize thoughts and ideas, they are able to count like three objects, they are also able to identify similar objects or pictures and sort the ones that are different.

Toddlers at this stage enjoy original motion, and they are able to use words related to an understanding of time (e.g. playing time).

Social development

Toddlers within this age range are able to express their affection openly. Their social development skill has grown to the point that they can use social conventions such as thank you, please and greetings.

They are able to play along with others; happily, they are able to recognize and respond to others’ feelings, and they are able to cooperate with their friends in playing games.

At this stage, they start to imitate adult behaviors such as make-up and dressing style and they are also able to create and talk to imaginary friends.


Sometimes some parents suspect a developmental delay in their toddler. A development delay is identified most times when a toddler does not reach or demonstrate their development milestone as expected.

This development delay ranges from minor to major. Majority of the developmental delays are not, and they generally correct themselves. Some of them do not have known cause.

There are things to do to help toddlers that have the developmental delay.


Sign of Development Delay in Toddlers

There are several types of possible developmental delay in toddlers this includes Language and communication, speech, vision, motor skills and movement, intellectual or mental skills among others.

For first-time parents, it may be hard to differentiate a simple lagging behind from a correct developmental delay in their child.


Signs of different types of developmental delays are discussed below:

Language and Speech Delay

Language and Speech delay is very common in toddlers. As a matter of fact, they are the most common development delay in children. This is usually detected when a toddler is unable to speak at the same or similar frequency compare with his/her peers within the same age group.

The language delay causes could include potential hearing loss, learning disability.

When you notice any of the signs listed below it is advisable to consult your pediatrician.

The child will not babble or react to loud noises by 3 to 4 months

Does not make an effort to imitate sounds by 4 months

Does not react to sounds at all by 7 months

Find it difficult to use any single words by age 1

Unable to speak at least 15 words, but can only imitate speech, or does not use a statement to communicate by age 2.

Motor Skills or Movement Delay

This is usually detected if a toddler is unable to demonstrate basic motor movement like crawling, walking, difficulty grasping. The signs of motor movement delay are:

The toddler does not reach for, grasp, or hold substances by 3 or 4 months old

Unable to roll over in either direction by 5 months

Cannot sit up without help by 6 months

Unable to actively reach for objects by 7 months

cannot crawl or unable to stand while being supported by age 1

Cannot walk or push a wheeled toy by 18 months

Still walks on toes by age 2


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It’s been a whole fun-filled summer and kids are so excited to go back to school to meet their playmates and start up some activities they really missed doing.

Here are over 20 minutes 20 toddler recipes to help make life easy for moms preparing to send their tots to school.

These recipes are so enticing and even your pickiest toddler will surely don’t want to resist them, from yummy breakfast meals that go well with the whole family and best launch pack meals your tot wouldn’t want to share with anyone, to the set and forget dinner recipes everyone comes back to.

The good news about these whole recipes is, it only takes 20 mins to prep plus they are so easy and really delicious.


1.  Silver Dollar Pancake Sandwiches

Really a good make ahead breakfast sandwich recipe, can be prepared and freeze for later, everyone is going to appreciate every bite of it.

2.  Homemade Pancake Mix

Good for times when mom wakes up late and still need to give the Fam a worthy breakfast, only takes 10 mins of active time, boom breakfast is ready.

What you 'll need:  Pancake mix (Amazon.com)

3.  Tuna & Avocado Sandwich

Justin did a great job coming up with this yummy sandwich, the taste alone can help brighten a dull day, Most importantly it is easy to make and takes about 15 mins.

What you 'll need: Avocado (Amazon.com), Extra Virgin Oil (Amazon.com)

4.  Egg Breakfast Sandwich

What about a delicious egg sandwich covered with muffin? Try Tyler's sandwich its really a great deal.

What you 'll need: Ketchup (Amazon.com), Silicone Spatula (Amazon.com), Saucepan (Amazon.com)

5.  Baked Cheddar Eggs & Potatoes

Really! Really! Really! delicious, you might want to make this recipe in large quantity cause everyone is going to request for more. You can substitute garlic for onions if you allergic to garlic.

What you'll need: Kraft Cheddar Cheese Powder (Amazon.com), Fresh Parsely (Amazon.com), Skillet Pan (Amazon.com)

6.  English Muffin Pizzas

A very good option for busy morning. Easy to make and can be make ahead or frozen for later. The fact that you can derive a pizza taste without actually using pizza sauce makes the muffin unique. Kudos to Christy for the creativity.

What you'll need:   Thomas English muffins, alternatively; Bays Sourdough English Muffins (Amazon.com), Libbey Small Glass Bowl Set with Lids (Amazon.com)


These sausage is going to turn your toddler and the whole family to an alfredo fan. A good source of protein and can be conveniently styled with different spice like mushrooms, bell papers and so on.

What You'll Need: Cavatappi Pasta (Amazon.com), Baking Dish (Amazon.com), Skillet Pan (Amazon.com), Hamilton Beach broiler, (Amazon.com)

8.  Steak Sandwich

You might want to make this Michael Schlow’s Steak Sandwich one of your goto meals for your kids take to school for lunch, takes little time to prepare and it got a great and irresistible taste. 

What You'll Need: Round grill pan (Amazon.com​​), Multi Grain Bread (Amazon.com​​)​​​

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Traveling with your kid is meant to be fun, but things can go haywire – out of control- when your baby becomes energetic and starts running around making you chase him and eventually yelling or smacking him.

Another way your kid can so kill your travel vibes is when he hit you with that word “carry me”, especially when you are having fun exploring new things.

Having a baby doesn’t have to discourage you from you traveling, all you need is just the necessary tools to help overcome the challenges attached to traveling with your toddler which Is where the baby travel stroller comes handy.

Strollers can make life easier for you because It makes your kid stay within your reach and you can easily watch over him and control his activities at all times.

Not only that strollers are perfect for holding your baby, most strollers come with a storage compartment that can hold baby essentials like a diaper bag, food, and so on depending on the storage size.

Due to loads of strollers out there on the market, it has become a tough row to hoe – a very difficult task – buying that one stroller that will help solve your travel challenge.

However, choosing the perfect stroller for your trip is not meant to be a rocket science all you need is a set guideline to help you out.

Guidelines For Choosing The Best Baby Travel Stroller

Below I have highlighted some basic guidelines and considerations for choosing the best travel stroller for your next trip;

• One very important thing to put into consideration is the size of the stroller, you might want to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Can the stroller hold my baby comfortably?
  • Won’t the stroller be too bulky for my trip?
  • What extra price am I going to pay to convey the stroller considering the weight?

• Another important thing to consider is the cost of the stroller; Do you think the stroller is actually worth the price you are paying? What is your travel budget and how much can you spare to buy the stroller?

• The age and weight of your baby are keys to choosing the perfect stroller for your trips, you wouldn’t want to spend your money on a stroller that can only be used ones, rather, choose the stroller that can withstand the test of times.

• And the last but not the least is the quality of the stroller, you don’t want to buy a stroller that you wouldn’t be able to use on more than one trip.

With these guidelines in mind the size, price, weight, and quality I have handpicked the best 5 baby travel strollers. All you need is just one out this 5 and you are good to go.

Pockit Lightweight Baby Stroller

If your number one consideration is the weight and not the price, this stroller is your best bet.

Tagged as the world smallest strollers by the Guinness book of records, the stroller comes with several features like an overhead canopy, lockable front swivel wheels, rear wheel parking brake, and padded handlebars.

Built with high quality and durable materials the stroller can hold a child from 6 months up to 55 pounds comfortably and can be easily adjusted to fit plane overhead cabin.

The stroller can be easily folded down to a size 11.8” x 7” x 13.8” and weigh up to 9.5 pounds when folded, which does not really add to the bulkiness of your travel bag.

Features We Admire
  • No stroller folds as easy as the Pockit, it only takes a few seconds to fold it down to the minimum size.
  • The G Pockit is incredibly light and can be tossed into any plane or train compartment or seat effortlessly.
  • You can carry the stroller with one hand effortlessly while you do a million thing with the other hand.
Major Drawbacks
  • It has small sunshade since its very compact.
  • It is not so good for terrain environment.
  • A bit expensive but worth the price.
  • You cannot easily maneuver the Pockit stroller.
  • It has no recline function.
Inglesina Net Stroller

The Inglesina weighs just a few pounds more than the Pockit stroller – 11pounds- with a big storage compartment which can easily fit your diaper bag and other baby essentials easily.

When compared with the Pockit stroller, the Ingelesina has a bigger canopy with UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to protect the baby from direct sun rays and other harmful substance.

The stroller can be folded down without hitch, though not to the extent of the Pockit, it comes with a shoulder strap that can make transporting it easy.

Features We Admire
  • The stroller can hold a baby that weighs up to 55 pounds conveniently.
  • Removable and washable seat pad.
  • Shoulder strap for easy conveyance.
  • Can be easily folded and with a self-stand ability.
  • Made with mesh to keep the baby warm throughout the trip.
Major Drawbacks
  • It lacks a leg support.
  • Easily pushed on a flat surface but not ideal for an uneven terrain.
  • The 2-position recline might not be enough.
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini 3W Single Stroller 

Apart from measuring just 5lbs when folded, one very thing that has made this stroller won rave reviews from urban moms and likewise celebrity moms is the quick-fold feature.

The City Mini 3w stroller is a lightweight and compact stroller that can be folded easily just by pulling up the handle on the seat, and you don’t have to care about it unfolding because it has an auto lock features which makes the stroller stays folded.

Though made by Baby Jogger, the stroller is not necessarily made for jogging but rather just for exploring the city with your baby effortlessly.

The reclining feature makes your baby comfortable throughout the trip and the peek-a-boo window makes sure you can smile at your baby while on the trip.

The Large adjustable UV 50+ sun canopy protects your baby from sunshine and rainfall throughout your journey

Features We Admire
  • Lightweight stroller weighs just 17lbs.
  • Large uv50+ canopy to fully cover your baby against air hazards.
  • A good reclining feature that slides to the lowest to make baby comfortable.
  • Quick-fold feature.
Major Drawbacks
  • A non-adjustable feature which might make it too uncomfortable for the shorter parent.
  • Though it has a medium size stroller it becomes challenging to get things in and out of the stroller.
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Considered as one of the cheapest lightweight strollers on the market, the Kolcraft cloud is made with quality material to convey your baby from 6 months up to 50 lbs.

Together with a 2-cup port for the parent and single baby port with a tray, the stroller has a large storage bin for holding up baby essentials to save you from carrying an extra bag for your trip.

Weigh just 12 pounds, this stroller also has one-fold feature but unlike the baby jogger this stroller can’t stand on its own

The 5-point harness can hold baby comfortably and the reclining seat makes your baby lie conveniently in the stroller without feeling the crooked road likewise the mesh panel behind the seat provides an enclosure and air flow.

Features We Admire
  • Large canopy size with a peek-a-boo feature.
  • Front swivel wheels with front-end suspension.
  • Cloud Plus has double shock-absorbing front swivel wheels.
  • Large storage that can hold up to medium size diaper bag
Major Drawbacks
  • The brake pedals are located on each side requiring both pedals to initiate a break, and also the pedals are not sandal friendly.
  • It lacks an adjustable leg rest.
  • The canopy does not have a cover over the peek-a-boo window to fully cover the baby from sunlight.
Babyzen YoYo+ Plus Stroller

This is actually the most expensive stroller on the list and really it is worth the price.

The stroller is considered to be one of the best lightweight strollers for travel because the way it fits perfectly in the airplane overhead cabin is unimaginable.

Despite being lightweight and compact, the baby Zen is made with sturdy material which makes it work wonders on a harsher terrain.

The way the stroller folds up is magic, just simply pull out the strap and pull the iron under the seat, bam! it folds up

The Babyzen stroller weighs just 13.6lbs and with the strap, you can easily transport the stroller on your shoulder while carrying your baby with the other hand.

Though not so big, the canopy comes with u50 sf+ which protects the baby from harmful substances and together with a small peek-a-boo that can make you sight your baby

The stroller comes with a perfect recline option for baby 40lb toddler to make your baby relax really well.

With a bigger stroller basket, you can store up to 11lbs of baby essentials

The stroller has a wider pedal which is a bit far from the wheel making it easy to use and easy access.

The seat is roomy enough to contain your tall toddler and can be removed and washed.

Features We Admire
  • Lightweight and compact for easy travel.
  • Comes with a travel bag for effortless transport.
  • Best placed brake pad.
  • One-hand fold option.
Major Drawbacks
  • Un-adjustable handle difficult for shorter moms.
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Self-feeding is not only fun for your toddler, but also, a great way to help him develop fine motor skills and self-dependence.

As soon as your kid graduates from the infanthood to the toddlerhood it becomes more imperative to help him develop some certain skills set to make life easier for him and you as the mama. Skills set like; self-dressing, potty training, proper sleeping habit, self-feeding amongst others.

Self-feeding plays a huge role in a baby’s development, as it encourages him to explore several kinds of foods, thereby, developing his sense of touch, taste, sight, and smell.

Curious about where to start your toddler self-feeding journey?

A proven way to teach your baby self-feeding is by introducing finger foods to him.

I have compiled a wonderful list of yummy finger foods for a toddler.

  • Carrot, Apple & Oat Breakfast Cookies

I can't just imagine how difficult it will be, trying to make a picky eater self-feed. With mixture of carrot, apple and veggies, Ciara was able to come up with this recipe which her fussy eater fell in love with.

The cookies are also packed full of grated carrot and apple, making them a great way to sneak in some fruits and veggies for picky eaters! They are sweetened with honey and a ripe mashed banana. The chocolate chips are of course optional so please feel free to leave these out if you wish.


Total Fat 4.5g |  Sodium 23.7mg | Total Carbohydrate 19g |  Protein 2.7g

  • Apple Banana and Carrot Muffin

Stacey made this finger snack without sugar or sweetener, instead the baby led weaning muffin derives it sweetness from apple banana and carrot.

These apple carrot and banana muffins are the perfect baby led weaning muffins. They are soft and spongy, easy to make and contain no sugar or salt. Making them the perfect first muffin for babies.


Total Fat 4.5g |  Sodium 23.7mg | Total Carbohydrate 19g |  Protein 2.7g

  • “Fried” Chicken Fingers

One very creative way you can bake your chicken and make it look fried. Not only appealing but also yummy, your tot wont stop until the bowl is empty.

You don't have to feel guilty about these tender chicken fingers. They've got the satisfying flavour of fried, but are baked in the oven.


Calories 431 | Protein 57 G | Carbohydrates 34 G | Fat 6 G | Fibre 1 G | Sodium 682 Mg

  • Double Decker Taco Cupcakes

Mexican cupcakes packed with lot of ingredients, this finger recipe will help your tot develop some sorting skills.

Wonton wrappers make for perfectly sized pasta squares that can be layered in muffin tins with taco meat, beans, cheese, and crushed chips.


  • Antipasti Pizza

” To add more flavor and flair to these mini pizzas, top them with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, or salami after baking


  • Antipasti Pizza

Awesome finger chips recipes perfectly fit for self-feeding begniners

Cut into small pieces and coated in crispy panko, mild white fish might just work as a stand-in for chicken fingers.


Calories 463 | Protein 42 G | Carbohydrates 47 G | Fat 11 G | Fibre 4 G | Sodium 189 Mg

  • Chocolate-Pretzel Granola Bars

It takes less than an hour to get the recipe ready and it can be refrigerated to be served again and again

Sure, you could keep buying granola bars. But with this seriously simple, sweet-salty recipe, why would you?


Calories 109 | Protein 2 G | Carbohydrates 16 G | Fat 5 G | Fibre 1 G | Sodium 51 Mg

  • zesty chipotle black bean cakes

I came up with Zesty Chipotle Black Bean Cakes as a healthy appetizer for all of you to try. If you’re thinking, “Meghan, will everyone like this?” I’d answer, “Yes! Of course!!”


Calories 109 | Protein 2 G | Carbohydrates 16 G | Fat 5 G | Fibre 1 G | Sodium 51 Mg

  • Sweet Potato Bites with Avocado and Bacon

Sweet potatoes appetizer recipes not only a perfect finger food for toddlers also great for the whole family for a game day.

The recipe has a few simple ingredients and spices that, while separately delicious, truly have been meant to be together all along: avocado, bacon, and sweet potatoes.

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Kmart offering $10 Free cash in points to their loyal customers.

All you need to do is just to fill a short survey to claim your  Kmart free cash promo.

To use your cash promo you have to make a purchase up to $10.

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The post Kmart Free $10 Cash appeared first on Momscareplusfreebies.

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As one of the simplest and easiest DIY craft, slime as manage to gain massive popularity among kids and teens, even moms, not just because of its simplicity but because of the fun one derives from making it.

Though slime has been around for a few years now and that lot of kids has made slime countless times, it is still considered as a go-to boredom buster for kids any time any day, and I think it’s totally worth.

Not only because slime is gooey and glittery has made it a fun-filled activity, rather, slime can be made in different ways depending on how creative you are and the ingredients you have at hand.

Getting the perfect ingredients for slime in local stores can be challenging for some (even for me), but thanks to Amazon we can all get it delivered to our doorstep. Below is the list of the ingredients I would recommend to make some of the slime recipes in this post.

Moms are encouraged to make slime with their kids not only that it’s fun and they enjoyed it, but rather, it’s a sensory activity that develops the 5 sense organs of the kids.

And since slime is what you want to make again and again with your kids, you might in no time run out of creative ideas which can make the boredom buster turn boredom itself.

In this post have got different recipes of edible slime, fluffy slime, and magnetic slime, rainbow slime and even slime that sparkles in the dark, borax and borax-free slime for you.

Below are 20 Creative and Stress-Free Slime Recipes Moms Can Make with Your Kids in Few Minutes
  • Best Ocean Slime
Bring the sea-like feeling to your home with this wonderful slime. Very appealing to the eye and fluffy to create unimaginable fun.

Only that you can’t try it with your little baby just because it contains borax but you can make it with your older children and even make it for yourself.

  • Google Eye Monster Slime Recipe

Now your kids don’t have to only see monsters on screens, they can now create them with slime. Though not the usual sticky slime but stretchy and the fact that you can make it in different shades makes it fun.  Seriously this slime recipe is really cool.

  • Simple Lego Slime

For the Lego lovers, you can make more fun out of your Lego with this awesome slime recipes. Bringing together tiny pieces of dots, flat circles, Lego heads and even Legoman you can create your own perfect stretchy, fluffy and gooey borax slime.

  • Rainbow Slime Recipe

This rainbow slime recipe only requires 3 ingredients and they can be reused over and over again. To get a perfect result you have to carefully mix up the ingredients in equal measure, interestingly, this rainbow slime recipe can last for weeks if not months.

  • Golden Glitter Slime

Not anymore should you be making boring single-color slime, now you can add more creativity to your slime with beautiful gold glitters your kids will definitely love. Even your kids can make this slime recipes without your supervision since its borax free and the gold glitters is safe for children.

  • Edible Slime or Gak (Chemical and Borax Free!)

Those days are over where you always have to sideline your little toddler when making slime with their older siblings just because of one ingredient – borax – with series of trials and errors this researcher was eventually able to make a completely edible slime recipe without chemicals and borax which almost anyone can play with.

  • Glitter Rainbow Slime Recipe

Another awesome rainbow slime recipe and just like I said earlier creating slime requires creativity, to make this slime come out unique, glitters in different shades were added to it and the result is awesome.  You can make it with your older children almost all the year round.

  • Glitter Nebula Slime

Gorgeous and amazing, this Nebula slime recipe brought back memories of a recent film I saw about galaxies and UFO’s, really there are a lot of wonders yet to be explored. Let your kids try their hands on this, it’s a way to bring science to life.

  • Polka Dot Slime

After several hours of trials, this slime recipes came out successful. Hmmm, do I also have to spend hours making this? Hell no, follow the step-by-step tutorial and you will come out with your own gooey stretchy wonderful polka dot slime.

  • Rainbow Unicorn Fluffy Slime

You can make this rainbow unicorn slime recipes in just a few easy to follow steps, and the fact the explainer video was made by a kid, I will also encourage you to allow your kids try making this slime recipe by themselves.

You can substitute the borax with a saline solution if your kid is allergic to borax.

  • Fluffy Slime Recipe

Another unicorn rainbow slime recipes but in different shades of color, the shaving powder ingredients do a great deal of wonder to this slime by making it extraordinarily fluffy.

Your kids will find it really fun, but your supervision is highly needed in the process of the making.

  • Homemade Glitter Gak Recipe

We have seen a lot of slime recipes with glitters, but this awesome flow slime recipe brings to us glitters in different shapes like stars and hearts. Since the slime can stretch really thin it can be considered for making bubble slime.

  • Elmer’s Clear Glue Slime Recipe

Am sure you are stunned by the picture above, believe me, I was also. And I said to myself only with in-depth research on can come up with this, guess what, I was right.

This crystal glass slime recipe was made by mixing up ELMER’S CLEAR GLUE with some other important slime ingredients.

  • 3-Ingredient Butter Slime!

Another astonishing creative slime recipe. Only made with 3 ingredients, meanwhile, the king of the ingredients in the butter slime recipe is the soft clay.

It might be a bit challenging to lay hands on the perfect soft clay for this recipe but Amazon got you covered.

  • Birthday Cake Confetti Slime

Believe me when I say this is one of the most beautiful slimes have ever seen on the web. Absolutely wonderful, you might be tempted to make it your kid next birthday cake but unfortunately, it isn’t edible.

  • Cotton Candy Slime

I almost called it a candy when I stumbled upon the picture on Pinterest not until I saw the title reading slime. Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil added to the cotton candy slime makes it smell good and I think it is worth a trial.

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While cooking with toddlers can be very tasking except you add recipes that can make cooking fun for them; recipes that involve stirring.

Because cooking involves all five senses, the sensory input of the toddlers is helped and developed when they get involved in cooking. But there are certain points to note before you allow your toddler get into the kitchen with you ready to whip and mix all the mixable.

Make sure your toddler is not tired or exhausted. Choose a time when he is active. In the morning or after naptime would be fine.

  • Don’t pick difficult or time-consuming recipes.
  • Measure out all the ingredients separately and have them ready for your toddler to mix in a bowl.
  • Make sure there is mixing and stirring in the cooking routine because those are their favorite aspect of cooking
  • Have your toddler clean the mess he would sure create after the mixing process and you can be certain he would love to do that.
Here are some recipes you and your toddler will enjoy cooking together
  • Chocolate Pudding

Just because it is sweet and fun to lick, your kids will enjoy cooking this with you in the kitchen; especially since it involves a lot of stirring. Get your kids to help you with the stirring while you add the ingredients and do other things.

  • Space rock cakes

These can be really fun mixing these cakes using only two ingredients. When you ask your toddler to join you in mixing and chanting nursery rhymes, cooking becomes more fun.

  • Thai Green Turkey Balls

If you have a child that is a fan of cooking, then this should be your first recipe.

Cheese Puffs are simple snacks to make. They are also sweet so your kid would be much interested in helping you mix it.

  • Chin-chin

This is another recipe your toddler would enjoy doing with you. Join in the mixing and then in the cutting

  • Pizza making

Pizza making is highly interactive making the process more fun for your toddler. It is also a great way to get your children positively engaged.

  • Snail scrolls

This is another fun recipe for your toddler. Lay out the pastry and leave the ingredients for your toddler to sprinkle all over it.

Two ingredients scones

Your toddler will definitely love whipping this and you both will have fun

  • Anzac biscuit

This recipe has its root in history and is perfectly fine for an educational and fun coking. Your little one will not mind trying something that his grandparents have eaten.

  • Weet-Bix Slice

With simple ingredients off your kitchen cupboard, you and your kids will have a great time mixing and cooking any time any day.

The joy moms derived from carrying out some exciting activities with their toddlers cannot over-estimated. Leave a comment on the recipes you have joyfully cooked with your toddler and I will have it featured in my next article.

The post Super-Simple Ways You Can Make Cooking with Toddlers Fun appeared first on Momscareplusfreebies.

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